ISIS: The Day After The Day After

An op-ed that I wrote for my friends over at Ace News Room……..they deserve your attention…..give’em a try!

The war on ISIS, the “degrade and destroy” message is not ringing clear…..the US is in the process of re-examining their strategy towards ISIS after a year of a basic stalemate….

I think that is a good idea but all the military action in the world is not going to effect their message and that is where they are winning this conflict……


Source: ISIS: The Day After The Day After


“You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”

Ah….I can hear the Righteous Brothers wailing along as I type……and I can still feel that tingle running up my leg as a dance with Amy “Gypsy” Rosseau……the year is 1965……I had better stop there…..soon there will be TMI.

Since the formation of the state of Israel in 1948 America has had that “special feeling” toward Israel……first because of the run up after World War 2 and the suffering the Jews had endured……then there was the Cold War and the USSR was making great headway with the Arab nations in the Middle East…the US needed a “friend” to try and counter any progress made by the Soviets……..and then money became a big part of our election process and Israel made sure to win friends by passing it around like peanut butter… you realize that about 2/3 of the Congress is financed by Israel in one way or another?

Every president since Truman has had that “special feeling” for Israel although their motivations were somewhat different……then along came Obama and his opponents want to make it look like he has NO love for Israel…….read all about it here…….Does Obama Have the “Special Feeling”.

Americans have come to support Israel mainly because the media only covers positive news from the region as it applies to Israel…..and then there is the Christians that are always in full support of Israel… matter what the news is…..Israel is always right and will always get their support…..but why?

Now that is an easy question to answer…..the Bible!

You see according to the Bible and Christian beliefs there will be an “end of days” and a second coming……but all that is contingent on there being an Israel, a homeland for the Jews.  You see if there is NO Israel then there is No second coming or an end of days…..the predictions will be for naught……and they, Christians, cannot have that now can they?

America needs to wean itself off this blind allegiance to Israel……when that occurs then the possibilities of some sort of resolution in the Middle East will be at hand….lives will be saved and money will be made……could not ask for a better ending.

Meet The Israeli Government

I have been told that I am too hard a critic on Israel that I should cut them some slack for their only crime is their desire to exist…….to those I say….Bite me!  I will give Israel a break when they are forced to come to terms with the killing of Americans sailors….confused?  USS Liberty (Google can help or search In Saner Thought)………

For decades we here in the US have been lied to about that state of Israel.  We are forced fed a lie…that lie is that it is a democracy.

First of all….an election does not make it a democracy.

Its treatment of Palestinians eliminates it as a democracy….at least in my mind.

But all that aside here is the new Israeli government……now you tell me….


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Nothing but racism, bigotry and hate……does that sound at all familiar to Israelis?

They have become the people our parents warned us about.  They have become the horror of their past.

Journalist or ‘unprivileged belligerent’? – Al Jazeera English

There are many of us Americans that remember the images that the journalists gave us of the Vietnam War…..many were of horrendous battles, events and situations and in some way lead to the anti-war movement having such an impact.

The US government was NOT going to allow that to happen again!

That situation was eliminated during the first Gulf War where the military had a close grip on the media and did not allow any of the freedoms that were allowed during the Vietnam era…..and that tight hold has continued today.

Basically it is that the media can have the news that the military wants them to have… other words tight press censorship…..some will not call it that but that is what it is…..information control has another name that we seldom use….Propaganda.  Ask the German people just how effective propaganda can be…..

The new manual by the Pentagon, Law of War, goes a few steps beyond censorship……amazing that the news organizations have not made this issue more of a story……or are the news groups just extensions of the government these days?

Read it and tell me where this is a way for a democracy to function……


Source: Journalist or ‘unprivileged belligerent’? – Al Jazeera English

Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail | Grist

If a blogger writes anything about climate warming then there is a plethora of people that fly into a rage and start posting those damn links that would take a insane person from sanity to sitting in a corner baffled………Everyone has an opinion but especially those the are what we are calling “deniers”

But all there links and their knowledge….the equation is can any of their opposition be scientifically tested?  It can….but can it be verified?

That is a different question with a different answer……

Read on my friends read on!


Source: Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail | Grist

The Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife

It is a Sunday and since I do not post much on religious subjects….what better day to break that streak that on a Sunday?  Amen and pass the news!

In the past 50 years or so there have been many little known “gospels” being located in isolated places around the world…….stuff like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library of scriptures that have all but been forgotten…..

We have found the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Truth and on and on….but the one that has caused the most violent of responses to its content is the one that gives an alternative to the story we are told in Sunday school…….the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife……

Since Harvard University professor Karen King first reported in 2012 her discovery of what appears to be an ancient papyrus in which Jesus is suggested to have a wife, the authenticity of the so-called “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” has been the subject of much claim and counterclaim. Even the very ink is hard to test because the papyrus scrap is so small. But now LiveScience is reporting that new ink research conducted at Columbia University suggests the document is not a forgery and could indeed date back to ancient times, though researchers aren’t revealing more until their peer-reviewed findings are published. King isn’t saying much, either, though she did write in a letter in the Biblical Archaeological Review that “when discussions and research are ongoing, I think it is important, however difficult, to stay open regarding the possible dates of the inscription and other matters of interpretation.”

Meanwhile, new documents have surfaced perhaps countering the argument that the person who sold the Coptic-language papyrus to the anonymous person who passed it on to King wasn’t in fact in possession of it. King said last year that the anonymous owner provided her with a photocopy of the contract for the sale of six “Coptic papyrus fragments, one believed to be a Gospel,” from the German in question, Hans-Ulrich Laukamp, dated Nov. 12, 1999, and signed by both parties. A LiveScience reporter has since found seven signatures on five publicly available and notarized documents belonging to Laukamp, which at least provides the opportunity to verify the authenticity of his signature. The British Museum, meanwhile, is in possession of a Syriac-language manuscript dating from AD570 that is said to be a copy of an older document suggesting Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife, reports (This book claims Jesus had two kids with Mary Magdalene.)

I am sure that this will be debated until the cows come home……with no real accurate conclusion…..personally, I cannot see a Jewish guy in his 30s back in the day that was unmarried…..would have been a source of friction in the society……of course what do I know….I was not there…..and neither was anyone else I know……

Will we ever know the truth?

Katrina: 10 Years On

This past week the media has been focusing on remembering Hurricane Katrina (2005)……for those of us that lived through all 13 hours of that storm we do not need to remember or be reminded…..we live with that day everyday.

For me, I was working as soon as the winds died down and because of the damage Katrina did I was hurt on 26 December 2005 bad enough to be forced to retire.

All I ask is that everyone take a few moments of silence for those that did not make it out of the storm…..and pray that a storm that bad NEVER occurs again.

Thank you.

Atlantis Found (Again)!

A beautiful Saturday and the start of my weekend….days of wine and roses…..relax and enjoy the show……

How many stories have you seen with the title “Atlantis Found”?  Well, there is yet another of those…….

There have been how many references to the location of Atlantis?  SyFy has made movies about it….aliens have created it……books written….historical papers delivered……on and on.

The island has been in the imagination of everyone since it was written about by Plato in those years before Alexander the Great…..people have used every source available to place the exact location of the legendary island……is it in Bimini?  How about in the Aegean Sea… Spain….somewhere in the India Ocean?  Lots of speculation…..little factual information.

And now we have another “discovery” about Atlantis…….

Some say the lost city of Atlantis lies not at the bottom of the ocean but in plain sight off the coast of Italy on the island of Sardinia. Herodotus and Aristotle were two who thought Plato’s description of a land beyond the strait between Sicily and Tunisia, which disappeared beneath the waves, referenced the island. Writer and journalist Sergio Frau is another. After researching the island for a decade, Frau suspects a mysterious disaster that devastated Sardinia 3,200 years ago was in fact a tidal wave, which boosts the theory that Sardinia and Atlantis are one and the same, reports the Guardian. Stefano Tinti, an expert on tidal waves who recently visited the island with Frau along with a dozen other experts, says 350 tidal waves have occurred in the Mediterranean over the last 2,500 years and one might explain why all of Sardinia’s ancient megalithic edifices below 1,640 feet of elevation are hidden beneath dirt.

Frau explains at least 20,000 nuraghi—fortresses with a main tower—can be found across the island, dating between the 16th and 12th centuries BC. But below 1,640 feet in the south, the structures are buried. Excavations in this area have found a jumble of ceramics, cups, pots, oil lamps, sharpening stones, metal implements, knives, chisels, needles, and arrow tips; gold, silver, amber, and rock crystal jewellery have also been found. Tinti notes the 2003 earthquake in Algeria “triggered a shockwave that reached the Balearics and Sardinia an hour later,” but only a comet hitting “very close to the coast and in a very specific direction” could have created a wall of water 1,640 feet high. The Guardian reports researchers could search for evidence of such an impact, including comet fragments, underwater. The initial purpose of the nuraghi, used later for moon worship, is also a subject of interest.

All these people know the location…..and yet there is little proof that they are right in the declarations…….

Will the elusive island of wonder ever truly be pinpointed?  Better yet,,,,did it ever exist?

Food News For All

Enough with the politics of everything……why not lighten up the posts a bit?  After all the relaxation of the weekend is approaching…..

We Americans love our fads……fads in politics, entertainment, clothing and especially in our food….Kale comes to mind.

I use to have a food blog but it got no traffic and it was a waste of time so from time to time I will post on food…..I would give recipes but Americans would not know good food if it bit them in the ass…..Kale comes mind.

Me….I am a meat eater….I was born a predator…….and high on my list is steak…..a filet is best….no waste….and then second is a really good burger….meat bread little mayo and brown mustard….period.  The greens are for a salad…..Kale comes to mind.

But I read an article that made me step back and go eeewwww……..

A close look at ground beef reveals some pretty disturbing stuff, a Consumer Reports investigation found. Some 300 packages containing 458 pounds of ground beef were bought at stores of all kinds in 26 cities, and every single one “contained bacteria that signified fecal contamination,” per Consumer Reports. That’s more than just gross: It can cause serious illness when beef isn’t cooked to the recommended 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Any meat can make you sick if not cooked properly, Consumer Reports notes, but ground beef is especially risky because cows raised on crowded feedlots tend to have manure on their skin, which contains bacteria that can end up in the meat during processing—and bacteria from one cow can end up mixed with that of many other cows.

The testing also revealed antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in some of the meat, though they were a lot less prevalent in beef labeled “grass-fed organic,” which tended to have less bacteria overall. Experts advise consumers to buy sustainably raised beef when they can—and always make sure it’s cooked all the way through. “Remember, when it’s ground beef, you’re taking it and grinding the bacteria from the surface of the beef into it,” Consumer Reports‘ director for food safety tells CBS. “So unlike a steak, you’re really moving all that bacteria all around the beef. So it’s especially important for ground beef, to cook it to 160 degrees to be absolutely safe.”

EEEEEWWWW maybe….but will it stop me from my burger……NOT A CHANCE!  I cannot say the same for…….Kale.

Next up….are you a ketchup person?  Some people will put ketchup on just about everything….but it is not made for that….Kale comes to mind.

But there seems to be a controversy brewing in Israel…..and it has nothing to do with the Palestinians…..or even Kale for that matter……

The iconic Heinz tomato ketchup will no longer be called ketchup in Israel after the Ministry of Health there ruled that the product did not contain enough tomato solids to be classified as ketchup.

Instead, it will move a step lower and be sold as tomato seasoning, Ynet News reported, according to the Times of Israel. The ruling however will only affect the Hebrew label version, the newspaper said.

Israeli trade standards require ketchup products to have at least 41% tomato concentrate. Heinz’s competitor in Israel, Osem tested its ketchup and alleged that it contained only 21% concentrate.

The newspaper said the ruling by the ministry was the result of a lobbying campaign by Osem, which controls about two-thirds of the market for ketchup in the country.

In a letter sent to retailers in January, Osem claimed that tests of Heinz ketchup found it only contained 21% tomato concentrate instead of the 61% advertised.

I think it is more to this than the paste content.

I think it is a shot at the Obama administration because it is not as warm to Israel as they would like them to be.

Why do I think this?

You see Obama’s SecState is John Kerry whose wife is a Heinz from the family that the ketchup is named for……come one….Israel could not be that petty, right?  If you think that then you do not know as much as you think about Israel.

So the next time you are in Israel and want some fries (chips) do not forget to ask for “tomato seasoning” if you want the good stuff.

A final thought….is it ketchup or catsup?

Bon Apetite!

Now go and enjoy the start of your weekend….