The cost of foreign interventionism is immigration [Opinion]

Even the big news these days is not overseas but rather in Philly….the Dem Convention is underway…..while I still a interested in international relations I will be posting more on politics than geopolitics for the next few days….but never fear I will return to my fave subject after that……

You cannot turn on the TV or read a blog these days without the constant drumming of bullsh*t about the refugees……they are all worried about the influx of immigrants for they will spell the doom of the country.  Of course these are same predictions that were given when the Cubans showed up and then there were the Vietnamese and I am sure that there was some of these fabrications with the Chinese or the Irish or the Italians in days past…..

Have any of these semi-literate dullards ever consider that our interventions are causing some of the refugee problems?

Maybe if they work to help stop all the conflicts then they would not need to stroke out over the refugees that they created…..on second thought probably not……they prefer to spread the lies and innuendoes like peanut butter….

I realize to some I am wasting my time….so this press is for the more literate out there….

More than 4 million Syrians have left their war-torn country since civil war began in 2011, and with ISIS on the move that human flood seeking solace is unlikely to recede any time soon. This spate of refugees comes on top of lesser-known but equally desperate migrations from the sites of early entrants into the last 15 years of war in the Mideast: From Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, millions more seek the safety of the Western world.

The United States have been insulated from these migrant crises thanks to a lengthy, stringent refugee vetting process and the natural barrier of two giant moats in the form of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Our allies in Europe, however, have enjoyed no such guarantees of volition. Refugees are coming, whether they like it or not.

Source: The cost of foreign interventionism is immigration [Opinion] – Red Alert Politics

If you worry about the influx of “foreigners” then stop destroying their country…..or pay the price for the destruction.  That is just too easy to bitch and turn a blind eye….we Americans have been doing that for a century or so…..

It is simple…those that create the mass migrations should pay the price for that act……simple and tidy….it will not fly….NO one likes simple and tidy especially the Right wing.

Thomas Paine On War

I have been a real fan of Thomas Paine most of my life… grandfather gave me a copy of “Commonsense” when I was 10 years old(I still have the copy in my library) although it did not mean much to me until I was 14 and I read it cover to cover….from that day on he has been a big influence in my life and my thinking…..I began reading everything the man ever wrote and I finally got a copy of his “Rights of Man” and his views on war changed everything for me…..

The more one reads Paine the more one will see how he predicted a lot of the BS that is happening with this country……especially our unquenchable thirst for war…..

Around the globe, the United States faces more enemies than ever before. American troops are deploying to Syria and Libya, and returning to Iraq to combat maniacal ISIS terrorists, among others. American forces are shipping out to the Baltic States and Ukraine to contain a revanchist despot in Russia. America’s navy is steaming into the […]

The list goes on and on. Never in its history has America confronted so many adversaries at once. It’s unprecedented. Even World War II, with 50 times the number of US military casualties, had only two theaters of operation.

New foes pop up faster than old ones can be dispatched. An entire generation of American soldiers is fighting twice as long to liberate Afghanistan from tyranny as it took their forefathers and mothers to liberate themselves from the tyranny of a British king.

Source: Tom Paine Warned About America’s Perpetual War – Original by —

Our elections are suppose to help keep America safe from our enemies… the last 50 years they have done the opposite…

I know I just had to get my historical perspective so how, right?

And the peasants dance

Turn the page

Professor’s Battlefield Reports

In case anyone is interested….the US lost NO troops in last weeks actions…..

I try to help my readers understand that our troops are being spread thin and that the powers in control just keep finding ways to stretch them even thinner….

The Saudis war on Yemen is over a year old…..and since they, the Saudis, are our greatest ally (not sure why) US troops are being used in the country of Yemen…..

U.S. troops have been on the ground in Yemen for about two weeks, the Pentagon revealed on Friday.

The special operations troops are supporting Yemeni, Emirati and Saudi troops against al Qaeda militants near the city of Mukalla.

Davis said the U.S. is providing a “small number” of military personnel, as well as medical, maritime and intelligence support to the forces, who are fighting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen considered to be the group’s most dangerous.

It’s not the first time U.S. troops have been in Yemen.

Special operations forces operated in the country last year, before they were evaculated after Houthi rebels supported by Iran unseated President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi from the capital in Sana’a in March 2015. Hadi’s government is now based in Aden.

Davis said the troops now in Yemen would help advise the Arab ground forces and assist with operational planning.

(the hill)

The problem is their definition of a “small amount of troops” is different than mine or yours…..yet another place for our noses to show up…….

Just recently Washington has issued a call for more troops for Afghanistan…..but there is more to this report……

The decision to place troops outside the country raises questions about the actual reduction in troop totals, since any number of the hundreds could be moved quickly in and out of the country on any given day.

Army Gen. John Nicholson told reporters that about 400 of the forces deployed outside Afghanistan will be part of the U.S. commitment to the NATO advise-and-assist mission.

“I’m very comfortable with them being where they are and we can call them forward if necessary, and we can reach back for support,” Nicholson told reporters at a briefing during Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s visit to Afghanistan Tuesday. “I’m very comfortable that we’re going to be able to accomplish both of those missions with this level of manning. And it provides me all the capabilities that I need to get the job done.”

(Yahoo News)

We have killed him again!  ISIS Minister of War that is……

His death – purportedly at the hands of the US – was falsely reported in the past but the claim is now being supported by a number of analysts and pro-Isis social media accounts. However, The Independent has not been able to verify the information.

Abu Omar al-Shishani, a high ranking Isis commander, has been confirmed as dead by pro-Isis propaganda outlets.

The Chechen-born, hugely popular ‘minister of war’ was killed in fighting close the the beleaguered Iraqi city of Mosul.

Isis media outlet Amaq announced the news on Wednesday evening, saying al-Shishani was killed in combat in the Iraqi city of Shirqat, south of Mosul.

Shishani, also known as Omar the Chechen, ranked among America’s most wanted militants under a US programme that offered up to $5 million for information to help remove him from the battlefield.

(The Independent)

Who gets the cash?

Finally more news from Iraq……

Just days after announcing another significant deployment of ground troops into Iraq, Pentagon officials are saying they fully expect to seek even more ground troops in future deployments, though they declined to offer any specifics on numbers or timetables.

This is in keeping with what the Pentagon has done throughout the ISIS War, getting a few hundred more troops here and there, and following each deployment up with an almost immediate request for another deployment. It is in this way that the US went from “no boots on the ground” to an official force of about 4,600, and an actual force of about 6,000, in just a couple years.

Pentagon officials insisted that near-term further deployments would be needed to rebuild the Qayara Air Base, which was recently captured by the Iraqi military. The last deployment was also supposed to be to repair the base, which was largely destroyed in US airstrikes over the past two years

Slowly we are returning the massive amounts of troops that we removed just last year….

The Problem With Regime Change

The end result of this conflict in Syria os two-fold….one to rid the landscape of ISIS and two to rid the country of Assad, a regime change…..

I understand the urgency of the defeat of ISIS but then there is the regime thing that takes me aback…….why?

If you will recall that was what we set out to do in Iraq….to put an end to Saddam and bring democracy to the country for a better world…..a regime change.

Let me ask….how has that worked out for Iraq?

I am dubious when politicos start talking about regime change for it is seldom thought out from all scenarios … is more a knee jerk reaction to a situation which has been the program for American foreign policy for 50+ years…..

I have read a good article on the problem of regime change in the American Conservative……

A few weeks ago, more than 50 State Department officials signed an internal memo calling for U.S. airstrikes against the Assad regime in Syria. They claimed this would foment regime change and was the only way to defeat ISIS.

The proposal reflected foreign-policy elite conventional wisdom, and was echoed by a Center for a New American Security (CNAS) report: “Defeating the Islamic State: A Bottom-Up Approach.” Although the report did not explicitly call for regime change, it’s hard not to interpret its recommendation to “reestablish legitimate and acceptable governance and negotiate a political end-state for the conflicts in Iraq and Syria” as anything but. And it is worth noting that the CNAS study group that produced the report is chaired by former Obama administration official Michèle Flournoy—who many consider to the frontrunner for secretary of defense if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

Source: The Problem With Regime Change | The American Conservative

America has been mistaken on so many levels over the years….I am not opposed to a regime change but that decision should be made by the people that such a change would effect.

For too long the decision has been made by people that the change will not effect to any great extent…..the people of said country are the ONLY deciders for this change,,,,not a bunch of money hungry tools of the M-IC.

Were We Truly Prepared?

Do you remember those words?

They are words that most of us try to live by…..especially if you live where I live… the path of a hurricane.  If you do then you are well aware of what “be prepared” means.

But for this post I am not going to go on about a hurricane….nope this time I want to talk about our longest war…..Afghanistan and the Taleban.  Now with the mission extended indefinitely….are we more prepared now?

Were we as a nation ready to fight the Taleban?  Were we prepared?  I mean they, Taleban, are having some amazing successes….why is that?

I know that we, at least to some, have an unbeatable military….but the problem is we were fighting with the tactics of our last war…..Gulf War in 1991.

For instance in the 1960’s when the CIA and the Bolivian government were hunting down Che they made it mandatory that his book on guerilla warfare was “must” reading and they used his tactics against him….he was captured and murdered.

Vietnam is an example where they were employing the wrong strategy….the Viet Cong and the NVA were masters at guerilla warfare….it was a winner against the French….but for some reason we did not take their tactics seriously and look where that lead the country.

If our “leaders” had spent a little time reading the book by Giap, “People’s Army People’s War” then were would have been more successful….for in his book he outlines the best strategies to use against a larger more powerful enemy….

This brings me to our 2001 invasion of Afghanistan……it is true that we routed the Taleban in a very short time….but it was NOT defeated and has been a hit and run pain in the ass for 15 years.

I know hindsight is 20/20 but it also can be very telling of inadequacies….

Are you scratching your head yet?

In 1995 a book was published entitled “the Other Side Of The Mountain” about the Afghan guerilla warfare….it is choked full of tactics used by the Mujahideen fighters against the Russians in the 1980’s…..

The book is full of detailed tactics that were used….the same tactics that are being used today by the Taleban against the forces that are occupying the country.

I believe that we would be having greater success against the Taleban if this had been required reading of those that were leading the fight in Afghanistan….

Remember:  Reading is Fundamental!

Let The Defeat Begin!

To start a little history….today, 14 July, is Bastille Day….the defeat of the French monarchy…..

For a couple of years now we have been told that this country will defeat the menace ISIS…..personally, I believe that we can defeat them…..but so far there have been very few plans put forth…..

I do not know if many realize this one simple fact…to defeat ISIS you must have a PLAN!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post along these lines… included a plan that I had found on the ‘net……

Source: Defeating ISIS – In Saner Thought

Since I wrote that piece I have found a few other thoughts on the techniques that it will take to bring this murderous bunch down……

I read an article that says that using ex-ISIS fighters to help stem the tide of the social media recruiting programs of ISIS…

A new project that compiles testimony from former ISIS members who escaped and fled to Turkey could help stifle the appeal of the group’s propaganda.

Source: Islamic State Defectors Hold Key to Countering Group’s Recruitment

I also read a paper by the US Institute for Peace that puts forth the idea of using a Gandhian technique of non-violence……

The extremist group ISIS exhibits attributes of both an insurgency and a totalitarian regime. Even top U.S. generals acknowledge that military force alone is insufficient to degrade, much less defeat an organization that rules an area larger than the United Kingdom. ISIS will only be weakened through a multifaceted strategy combining diplomatic, economic, political and other means. Organized civilian action that aims to disrupt and deny the group’s key sources of power could be a critical part of that strategy.

Source: Defeating ISIS Through Civil Resistance? | United States Institute of Peace

This one has me skeptical……I just cannot see where the use of non-violent protests will do nay damage to a group that relishes the use of murder, torture and rape as weapons…..

If you have read the Peace Institute paper….what do you think?

Once the caliphate collapses what will be the targets for the military ops?

Keep in mind that terrorism is a tactic not an entity….”lone wolf” attacks are hard to predict and even harder to defeat.


Is The “Caliphate” Collapsing?

I would like to thank a regular of IST, Ripening Wanderer, for giving me the idea for this post…..stop by his site if you get a chance…..

The good news is that ISIS is steadily losing its footing in the Levant….the bad news is that the terror attacks do not seen to show this loss of territory….if anything they have picked up…….

I read a piece in the WaPo (not a reliable source but I could not find another source for this info) is reporting that ISIS has a new tactic in their bag of dirty tricks, the “Wolf Pack” attacks…..

ISIS, which measures success in the number of people its followers kill in bloody atrocities around the world, says it had a very successful Ramadan. In the latest issue of its al-Naba magazine, the group boasts that it killed or injured 5,200 people in 14 “military operations” during Ramadan, including the Orlando nightclub massacre, the murder of a police officer and his wife near Paris, and a particularly heinous bombing in Baghdad, reports Vocativ. The group also claims attacks in countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Turkey, saying its victims included 285 non-Arab Christians and almost 2,000 Shiite Muslims.

But while ISIS brags about far-flung attacks, its “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria is steadily shrinking, and analysts say the group appears to be bracing for the possible loss of all its territory, the Washington Post reports. A recent al-Naba editorial insists the group would survive as an underground organization even if the physical caliphate collapsed, and an ISIS operative who spoke to the Post on the condition his location was not revealed says the transition has already begun. “We do have, every day, people reaching out and telling us they want to come to the caliphate,” he says. “But we tell them to stay in their countries and rather wait to do something there.” He adds: “There is a message to all members of the coalition against us: We will not forget, and we will come into your countries and hit you.” (Highly organized “wolf pack” attacks are seen as ISIS’ new signature.)

They may lose all the conquered territory but as long as they employ terror as a tactic they will not be defeated….and the world will suffer.

(watch for my upcoming series on terrorism)