Big Moves On Inflation

We are suffering from rising inflation….gas, food, housing, etc……and back in February Biden promised to do something to ease the monetary suffering of the American people…..

Biden To Attack Inflation

And then in May more promises and BS…..

Biden On Inflation

And now Biden has ‘big’ plans for inflation….

Amid sky-high inflation and a reeling stock market, the Biden administration is looking for remedies, and two are making headlines. However, neither is seen as being able to make a substantive dent in the problems:

  • Tariffs: The White House may roll back some or all of the tariffs imposed on China by former President Trump, reports the New York Times. If all such penalties were removed, it might save US households about $800 a year. However, given the fraught politics of the issue, it’s highly unlikely President Biden would wipe out all the tariffs, making any resulting benefits even more modest, per the Times. One estimate is that Biden’s rollbacks might shave, at best, a quarter of a percentage point off inflation, now running at a red-hot 8.6%.
  • Oil companies: President Biden on Wednesday sent a letter to major oil refiners, including Exxon Mobil, BP, and Shell, and urged them to ramp up production as a way to bring down gas prices, reports the AP. “At a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable,” he wrote, per NPR. A post at CNBC is skeptical about what this might actually achieve: “Refiners can’t just ramp up output, and utilization rates are already above 90%. Additionally, some refiners are now being reconfigured to make alternate products like biofuel.”


This ‘big’ plan will do little to solve the problems of the average American….just what I anticipated from a politician of any stripe…..

Where will this be of immediate assistance to us mere mortals?

Do you really believe that agri-business cares about you or your family?

Or the shipping industry?

Then there is Congress that is more interested in the brides that can rake in ‘legally’ than your and your family’s well-being.

All this is so much bullsh*t….and yet we fall of these antics every election….the only real help is drastic measures not these half handed crap piles that actually aids NO ONE.

Let me know just how any of Biden’s ‘big’ plans will help you tomorrow.

I will wait!

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Is It A ‘Gaffe’ Or Dementia?

I know that many conservs want the answer to Biden’s recent comments to be dementia because of his advanced age…..and others are saying that ‘Uncle Joe’ is doing what he does best….gaffs……

I am talking about his most recent statement about his desire to protect Taiwan from any incursion by China….

In case you live under a ignorance rock…….

So has US policy toward Taiwan changed or not? “No,” President Biden declared Tuesday when asked that specific question, reports the AP. But Biden’s comments the previous day still seem to have muddied the water on what the US would do if China were to invade the self-governing island.

  • The comments: In his prepared remarks on Monday, Biden was sufficiently vague on how the US would react to a Chinese takeover of Taiwan, in sync with the decades-long policy that has come to be known as “strategic ambiguity.” But when asked by a reporter if the US was “willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that,” Biden replied, “Yes.”
  • A pattern: His comments had White House officials scrambling to clarify that US policy has not changed, and Peter Baker at the New York Times notes this appears to be a regular feature of the current White House—as when Biden ad-libbed that Vladimir Putin should not remain in power. “Each time he says what he really thinks, there is the ritual cleanup brigade dispatched by the White House to pretend that he did not really say what he clearly articulated—or that even if he did, it did not really amount to a change in policy,” writes Baker. “But then Mr. Biden, unperturbed and unapologetic, goes out and does it all over again.” This is, in fact, the third time Biden has made such remarks on Taiwan.
  • Dead or no? Views are split on what Biden’s comments mean. “Strategic ambiguity is over,” writes Georgetown professor Matthew Kroenig. “Strategic clarity is here. This is the third time Biden has said this. Good. China should welcome this. Washington is helping Beijing to not miscalculate.” On the other hand, Harvard’s Lev Nachman doesn’t see a reversal. “Strategic ambiguity is about under what conditions the US would intervene in a war over Taiwan, not a flat out refusal to answer if it would intervene,” he writes. Biden’s language, however, was “sloppy,” he adds.
  • In the middle? An analysis at the Washington Post by Adam Taylor looks at whether this might simply be a gaffe by a president long known for making them or a deliberate shift in policy, but also floats the idea of a something in between those two things: “Perhaps the most persuasive idea about Biden’s comments is that this is still ‘strategic ambiguity,’ just with a new, harder spin.”
  • One fear: An assessment by Phelim Kine at Politico notes that some fear Biden’s seemingly more aggressive stance might provoke China into making a preemptive move on Taiwan. On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin warned that Beijing “will take firm actions to safeguard its sovereignty and security interests.” The analysis also notes that nothing currently on the books, including the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act and the 1982 Six Assurances, “specifically obligate” the US to intervene militarily.
  • A gripe: “Does anyone at the #WhiteHouse actually respect the words of @POTUS?” tweeted GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger after staffers clarified Biden’s Monday comments. “Biden said we would defend #Taiwan, and the staff AGAIN walks back the Presidents own words! He needs to fire everyone who does this.”

It is neither….dementia or a gaff….it is Biden signaling the defense industry that the cash will continue to be thrown in their direction.

Ukraine well is running dry so a new excuse to piss away money is needed quickly….and Biden provided that excuse.

9/11 provided the perfect excuse for the wasting of taxpayer cash…national security…..

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Biden On Inflation

Inflation is roaring to new heights daily…..high gas prices….runaway food prices….everything is making life difficult for most Americans…..

With an election approaching Biden has decided to sound more in control than he is…….

How about those gas prices?

About a month ago, President Biden ordered the release of a million barrels of oil a day from national reserves to help curb steep gas prices. On Tuesday, however, those gas prices reached their steepest point on record—an average of $4.37 across the US, reports the Hill. No state has gas for less than $3.90, and drivers in California are paying $5.84. When adjusted for inflation, Americans paid more in 2008, the equivalent of an average of $5.37 a gallon in today’s dollars. But Biden himself on Tuesday acknowledged the hit to people’s wallets from rising prices in general.

“I know that families all across America are hurting because of inflation,” he said in a White House speech Tuesday, per Reuters. “I want every American to know that I am taking inflation very seriously and it is my top domestic priority.” Biden, apparently trying to head off voter resentment before the midterms, sought to blame Republicans for holding up his agenda and contrasted his plans with one floated by GOP Gov. Rick Scott of Florida for a minimum federal income tax, reports the Washington Post.

“The bottom line is this: Americans have a choice right now between two paths reflecting two very different sets of values,” Biden said. “My plan attacks inflation and lowers the deficit. … The other path is the ultra MAGA plan.” Emma Vaughn, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, counters: “Voters know that Republican-led states are leading in economic recovery and job creation, and will vote for Republicans and our proven agenda come November.”

This is all so much bullsh*t!

How will he work ‘lower deficits”?

I mean we are throwing money at Ukraine in a shocking amounts….money that is needed here….but no somebody somewhere has decided war is more important (read profitable) than the people of this country.

I want to see this ‘plan’ more in detail….but what little information I have it is nothing more than election posturing that is no help to those Americans struggling with their monetary lives.

But what the big story is that inflation may be slowing before the plan is announced…

Inflation slowed in April after seven months of relentless gains, a tentative sign that price increases may be peaking while still imposing a financial strain on American households. Consumer prices jumped 8.3% last month from 12 months earlier, the Labor Department said Wednesday. That was below the 8.5% year-over-year surge in March, which was the highest rate since 1981, reports the AP. On a month-to-month basis, prices rose 0.3% from March to April, a still-elevated rate but the smallest increase in eight months. Consumer prices had spiked 1.2% from February to March, mostly because of a sudden jump in gas prices triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Still, the Wall Street Journal points out that the so-called core-price index—which drops some volatile categories, like food and energy—was up 0.6%, a “sharp pickup” from March’s 0.3% rise. Nationally, the price of a gallon of regular gas has reached a record $4.40, according to AAA, though that figure isn’t adjusted for inflation. Gas had fallen to about $4.10 a gallon in April, after reaching $4.32 in March. The April report “suggests that the deceleration is going to be painstakingly slow,” Principal Global Investors chief strategist Seema Shah tells CNBC.

New disruptions overseas or other unforeseen problems could always send US inflation back up to new highs. If the European Union decides, for example, to cut off Russian oil, gas prices in the United States would likely accelerate. China’s COVID lockdowns are also worsening supply problems and hurting growth in the world’s second-biggest economy.

My question now is…did Biden make his announcement because he saw the news for political gain?

I guess it did not matter for the inflation news was worse than the media had pretended otherwise….

Stocks fell on Wall Street Wednesday, led by more drops in technology companies, after a report on inflation came in worse than feared. The S&P 500 fell 65.87 points, or 1.6%, to 3,935.18. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 326.63 points, or 1%, to 31,834.11. The Nasdaq fell 373.44 points, or 3.2%, to 11,364.24. Wednesday’s report from the US Labor Department showed inflation slowed a touch in April, down to 8.3% from 8.5% in March. Investors also found some glass-half-full signals in the data that inflation may be peaking and set to ease further. Nevertheless, the numbers were still higher than economists forecast.

They also showed a bigger increase than expected in prices outside food and gasoline, something economists call “core inflation” and which can be more predictive of future trends. Economists said the inflation report will keep the Fed on track for rapid and potentially sharp increases in interest rates in upcoming months, the AP reports. “Core inflation came in hot, and that’s what really matters to the Fed at this point,” said Brian Jacobsen, senior investment strategist at Allspring Global Investments.

Where will this American nightmare end?

I will be watching!

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It’s Putin’s Fault (Why Not?)

Inflation is soaring in this country, maybe the world, and now we have a brand new excuse…..It is Putin’s fault.

Just Stop It!

Let’s be honest…..2021 was a banner year for the oil industry alone…..

While millions of working people have been hurt by surging gas prices, a new analysis out Tuesday shows that 25 of the world’s biggest fossil fuel corporations collectively pulled in an “eye-popping” $205 billion in profits last year—and Big Oil is exploiting Russia’s war on Ukraine to charge even more at the pump in 2022 and advance its financial interests.


We here in the US blame so many others for our growing problems…..for the GOP it is Biden’s fault or Clinton or Dems…..the Dems along with Biden are blaming the Ukrainian conflict and Putin as the culprit….

“Today’s inflation report,” US president Joe Biden told us on March 10, “is a reminder that Americans’ budgets are being stretched by price increases and families are starting to feel the impacts of Putin’s price hike.”

It’s the latest in a long line of dodges on the causes of US inflation, which took a dive in early 2020, then began its steady climb toward the current official rate of 7.9%.

The first explanation was that inflation increases were “transitory.” That explanation made sense. Or would have, anyway, if Congress and the Biden administration had brought government borrowing and spending levels back to pre-COVID-19 levels. Instead, they decided to go bigger. When the causes aren’t “transitory,” the effects won’t be either.

Because Biden and Congress were unwilling to rein in borrowing and spending (requiring the Federal Reserve to continue flooding the economy with newly created money), new excuses were required.

Next came “well, if you really think about it, inflation is GOOD – look, higher wages!” And, the US Labor Department did report an average pay increase 4.7% in 2021. But since prices jumped by at least 7%, those “higher wages” actually amounted to significant pay cuts.


Inflation is caused by increasing the money supply faster than society increases its production of goods and services for sale. Everything else is an effect, not a cause.

Vladimir Putin came to Biden’s rescue and gave him yet another lame excuse to draw out pain instead of facing, and acting on, the truth.

Keep in mind that inflation was high before the invasion of Ukraine….and now Biden has an excuse he can use to the benefit of the greed of corporations.

All this ‘found’ cash over a $1 billion to send to Ukraine will just add to the deficit and give the GOP a weapon to be used in campaigns…..and the next Congress will have to face this question and the debate to cut social services will be the game of the day.

In other words the people of the US will pay the price for all our ‘support’ for Ukraine and their struggle against Russia.

For Christ sake…..stop worrying about a world away and start caring about your neighbors for they are far more important.

Sadly most of this will fall on deaf ears for few Americans actually care about their neighbors or their countrymen.

It is pathetic!

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It’s Gonna Hurt!

Our dear president made his daily speech on the reactions to the invasion of Ukraine by ‘Vlad the Invader’……he explained the newest round of sanctions against Russia…..

The idea had been percolating for days, and it became reality on Tuesday: “We’re banning all imports of Russian oil and gas and energy,” President Biden said Tuesday at the White House, per CNN. “Russian oil will no longer be acceptable at US ports, and the American people will deal another powerful blow to Putin’s war machine,” he said. Bloomberg had reported the news before the official announcement, and the Wall Street Journaland the AP were among the early ones to confirm. Coverage:

  • The ban: The ban affects Russian oil, natural gas, and coal, per Bloomberg. Russia accounts for about 10% of US energy imports, notes the Hill. Allies in Europe, which are far more dependent on Russian oil than the US, have so far ruled out taking this step, notes Axios. The move is “one of America’s most far-reaching actions to penalize Moscow” since the invasion of Ukraine started, per the Washington Post.
  • Congress: The White House had been under pressure to act because Congress is already considering legislation, reports Politico. “I’d love for President Biden to do it on his own,” said Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, who has put forward a bipartisan proposal with GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski. “It needs to happen.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also has voiced support for such a ban, and the White House risked being seen as lenient toward Vladimir Putin if it didn’t move first.
  • Political risks: All of this carries risks for Democrats and Biden, according to the Hill. A ban is expected to contribute to record-high gas prices going even higher, and it could give Republicans a boost in efforts to open up protected areas for drilling.
  • US wallets: Biden acknowledged the hit to American wallets. “The decision today is not without cost here at home,” he said. “Putin’s war is already hurting American families at the gas pump,” said Biden, adding that “with this action (the price of gas) is going to go up further.” But “I’m going to do everything I can to minimize Putin’s price hike here at home.” The US has been reaching out to Venezuela as a potential source of extra oil. Other options include Saudi Arabia and even Iran, per Bloomberg.
  • On the conflict: In regard to the invasion, Biden declared: “Ukraine will never be a victory for Putin. Putin may be able to take a city, but he’ll never be able to hold the country.”

You think food prices are high now….you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Not to worry us peasants will be paying more for everything and yet the CEOs will still enjoy their cold champagne and multi-million dollar bonuses while the rest of us struggle daily.

There is a reason that oil companies buy Congresspeople and this is one of those times.

Sorry to pee on your parade but this so-called ‘free market economy’ is killing the middle class.

When will the American people wake up to the oligarchs in this country?

JUst wondering.

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Biden On Ukraine

The Ukraine situation has illustrated that there is a wealth of mindless rhetoric and armchair generals most of which shows me that there is little understanding of how this whole conflict is working.

Just how will the American people feel on the handling of Biden over the invasion of Ukraine by Vlad the Invader?

I read that over 50% of the American people want Biden to do more on the Ukraine situation…..

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have far more serious repercussions around the world than on U.S. domestic politics. We at FiveThirtyEight are experts on the latter, though, so here’s a look at how the conflict might affect President Biden’s political standing. (With war breaking out only this week, it’s too early to say anything for sure, so consider this a scene-setter of sorts.)

First, Biden starts off this crisis with low marks from the American public on foreign policy. In five polls conducted this month,1 between 52 percent and 58 percent of respondents said they disapproved of Biden’s handling of foreign policy; only 35-44 percent said they approved.

How Will Americans Grade Biden’s Handling Of The Crisis In Ukraine?

I agree that Biden’s foreign policy sucks…..but what could he do better?  My thought is make diplomacy the primary aim of the State Dept. not war as a knee jerk reaction.

Interesting that a majority disapproves or has no opinion on Ukraine aid……

One-third of Americans say they approve of President Biden’s handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to a new poll released on Friday.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 33 percent of Americans say they approve of the president’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine situation, while 47 percent say they disapprove and 20 percent say they have no opinion.

Close to half of Americans polled — 48 percent — also said that they believed America’s leadership in the world had gotten weaker under Biden. Meanwhile, 23 percent said they believed it had gotten stronger and 26 percent said they believed it had stayed the same.


Americans want Biden to do more on Ukraine….what would that be?

Crippling sanctions in place, aid to Ukraine both lethal and humanitarian, rallied the world,….basically all that is left to do is commit troops.  Are these uninformed trolls really ready for that?

After twenty years of wasted lives and money and now some want it to happen again….what are they thinking?
These polls just illustrate just how uninformed the American people have become….they depend on ignorance to cloud their thinking.
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Last night the president trotted his butt out and addressed a joint session of Congress to give his State of the Union speech… is my take for those that had rather watch paint dry.

Ukraine was front and center of this speech…..

Here is a short list of the proverbial promises…..

President Biden began his first State of the Union address Tuesday night with a focus on Ukraine, and he got a bipartisan standing ovation with his condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s invasion. That big line early: “Freedom will always triumph over tyranny,” he said, per CNN. Members of both parties were holding Ukrainian flags.

  • Putin: “Six days ago, Russia’s Vladimir Putin sought to shake the foundations of the free world thinking he could make it bend to his menacing ways,” Biden said. “But he badly miscalculated.”
  • US airspace: Biden also delivered a tangible piece of news, announcing that Russian airlines are banned from flying in US airspace. The US follows Canada, Britain, and the European Union in making the move. The main effect is that the Russian airline Aeroflot can no longer travel to or from the US, or even travel over the country en route to somewhere else, reports the New York Times. The Washington Post notes the ban also is expected to affect Volga-Dnepr Airlines, a Russian cargo carrier used by Boeing to move aircraft parts in the US.
  • Inflation: Biden pledged to get inflation under control. “We have a choice,” Biden said, per the AP. “One way to fight inflation is to drive down wages and make Americans poorer. I have a better plan to fight inflation. Lower your costs, not your wages.” Among other things, he urged investment in US manufacturing so the US would be less dependent on foreign supply chains. “Economists call it ‘increasing the productive capacity of our economy,'” said Biden. “I call it building a better America.”
  • Tax reform: “I may be wrong, but my guess is if we took a secret ballot on this floor, that we would all agree that the present tax system ain’t fair,” said Biden. He called for reform, adding that his policies would not raise taxes on those who make less than $400,000 a year. “I’m not looking to punish anybody. But let’s make corporations and wealthy Americans start paying their fair share.”
  • More on Ukraine: “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he will never gain the hearts and souls of the Ukrainian people,” Biden said. “He will never extinguish their love of freedom. He will never weaken the resolve of the free world.” He said Russia would emerge from all this a weaker nation.

All in all a pretty standard and boring speech.

Now aren’t you glad you had better things to do than watch this worthless waste of time?

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Biden Speaks

The ‘leaders’ of the ‘Free World” all walked to the cameras and spoke to the unwashed masses about the situation in Ukraine….

Biden Spoke…..

President Biden imposed more sanctions on Russia Thursday, including on major banks and individuals with ties to the Kremlin, reports the Hill. Vladimir Putin “chose this war, and now he and his country will bear the consequences,” said Biden at an afternoon news conference about the Ukraine invasion, per the New York Times. Some other key lines and points, from outlets including the Washington Post, the AP, and Axios.

  • The aim: Putin “has much larger ambitions than Ukraine,” said Biden. “He wants to, in fact, re-establish the former Soviet Union. That what this is about.”
  • US troops: Biden said he was authorizing more US troops to deploy to Europe but reiterated a key point: “Let me say it again: Our forces are not and will not be engaged in a conflict with Russia in Ukraine. Our forces are not going to Europe to fight in Ukraine, but to defend our NATO allies and reassure those allies in the east. As I made crystal clear, the United States will defend every inch of NATO territory with the full force of American power.”
  • Sanctions’ pain: The new sanctions “are going to impose severe costs on the Russian economy both immediately and over time,” said the president. “We have purposely designed these sanctions to maximize a long-term impact on Russia and to minimize the impact on the United States and our allies.” In response to a question, he said the impact on Americans would be short-lived “as long as we continue to stay resolved.” He also pledged the sanctions would not disrupt the oil markets, though oil prices were surging.
  • From the AP: “Biden, for now, held off imposing some of the most severe sanctions, including cutting Russia out of the SWIFT payment system, which allows for the transfers of money from bank to bank around the globe, or Russia’s energy sector.”
  • No bullies: “This aggression cannot go unanswered and if it did the consequences for America would be much worse,” said Biden. “America stands up to bullies. We stand up to freedom.”
  • China: Is he urging China to rein in Putin? Biden said he was “not prepared to comment” on that for now.

My question is if the US saw this coming months ago then why was Ukraine caught flat footed after all the aid sent their way just 650 million just recently?  90 tons of military aid was sent just this year and yet that made little difference.

Just wondering.

I see Biden and the Boyz are watching the polls…..most Americans do not want a major role for the US in this conflict….

Just 26% say the U.S. should have a major role in the conflict, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Fifty-two percent say a minor role; 20% say none at all.

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to think the U.S. should have a major role in the conflict, 32% to 22%. Overall, the poll shows 43% of Americans now approve of Biden’s handling of the U.S. relationship with Russia, a downtick from 49% in June of last year.

These stats show very well what I have been saying for years….that the Dems are just as pro-war as the GOP… well spent by the M-IC.

I listened earlier to Boris Johnson’s speech…..basically the same speech… everyone is on the same page here.


If these new sanctions will be effective then why not impose them earlier and avoid the loss of life?

I think Putin will giggle at these attempts…..if they do not work….what then?

Finally the ex-prez made a statement on the Ukraine situation…..

“[Putin] was going to be satisfied with the peace and now he sees the weakness and the incompetence and the stupidity of this administration. And as an American, I’m angry about it and I’m saddened by it, and it all happened because of a rigged election. This would have never happened, and that includes inflation, and that includes millions of people pouring in on a monthly basis. Far more than 3 million people, and they’re coming from 129 different countries. We have no idea what’s happening, and they’re destroying our country.”

Of course that statement was made on the Trump cheer leading media outlet….which seems to be saying that the destruction of a nation is okay with them.

A word to the wise…..since Russia and China have signed a few agreements it would behoove the US to keep an eye on the actions of China in the next few days or weeks.

I am sure there is much more to be said by all players…..

I will be watching and listening so you do not have to…..

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Biden To Attack Inflation

In a recent news conference Biden addressed our growing inflation…..

The administration is going after rising prices by trying to solve the problems in the supply chain, Biden said, per the Washington Post. “We’ve been able to make progress on speeding up the access to materials,”


Let’s say Biden solves the supply thing….does anyone think prices will come down?

I do not!

It has not solved the problem yet so why would it now?

Food is not calculated in the inflation stats….so will we continue to pay outrageous prices for the stables?

So just how will Biden solve the inflation problem?

Tax cuts for corporations?

That has never worked in the past and in this age of corporate greed it will be no better than a fart in the wind.

Biden big idea was to consult so-called experts….

iberal CNN political analyst Bakari Sellers slammed President Biden Friday for responding to a question about the worsening inflation crisis gripping the U.S by referring to what “Nobel laureates” and “corporate leaders” told him about the issue rather than offering a solution to the American people.

During an appearance on “New Day,” Sellers called Biden’s response “terrible,” argued Americans weren’t concerned about the input of Nobel laureates, and declared that the problem was now Biden’s to fix.

Pundits always have answers but have no actual solutions just their hearsay…..

Dems will pay the price for this in the mid terms……as I have said many times there is a easy solution but NO one in DC has the guts to propose…..

The term “price controls” refers to the legal minimum or maximum prices set for specified goods. Price controls are normally mandated by the government in the free market. They are usually implemented as a means of direct economic intervention to manage the affordability of certain goods and services, including rent, gasoline, and food.

The American people do not need talk or promises of a solution….they need action and politicians are not capable of giving that solution.

Interest rates by the Fed will not help anyone today…..when hamburger cost $5+ a pound the interest rate will not effect whether I get a grilled sandwich or not.

Biden is doing what all presidents do….let think tanks decide…..instead of asking a cross-section of average Americans what would benefit them the most.

The solution will preserve corporation high profits and not worry about whether I can afford a steak once a  month.

So as usual…..we will not benefit from Biden’s limp ass solution.

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All That Military Gear

Closing Thought–10Feb22

For years there has been a push to limit the amount of military gear that is given to the local police departments….and as one would think there has been a significant amount of pressure to continue the militarization of our police forces.

Biden in the beginning of his days as president tried to keep a political promise….but as usual he was a failure at this……and as usual it will not be a sweeping effort and riddled with loopholes (like all American bills)……

Since his efforts for a bill to stop this militarization he will resort to a tried and true…..executive order (EO)……

After more than a year in office, Joe Biden may finally take action on police militarization. A leaked draft of an executive order obtained by The Federalist contains a provision that would place restrictions on the federal government’s provision of military equipment to state and local police. Some powerful police interest groups have already publicly expressed opposition to the prospective measure.

Police unions successfully compelled the Biden White House to retract a similar measure a year ago. During the president’s first days in office, the White House announced that he  would sign an executive order that would recall a range of military equipment acquired by police through federal channels. But after a successful lobbying effort by law enforcement interest groups, the order was never issued.

A similar lobbying effort appears to be in the works this time around, too, so there is a chance that Biden will once again cave to the whims of police interest groups. However, there is more pressure for Biden to act now than there was last January. Biden’s signature police reform bill, the Justice in Policing Act, passed the House in March but stalled out in the Senate. By September, negotiations over the bill had collapsed entirely.

With no prospect for legislative action, the bill’s lead negotiators, Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Karen Bass, have called on Biden to resort to executive orders to ensure that key parts of the Act take effect — among them, a provision that would place strict restrictions on the Pentagon’s 1033 program. Local police forces have acquired at least $1.8 billion worth of excess military equipment through the 1033 program since its inception during the War on Drugs. This influx of combat gear to local communities has contributed to increased police violence and inflated law enforcement budgets

Biden’s clamp-down on military gear to local police has giant loophole

In other words to put a simpler point on this issue….very little will change and the police will continue to use military equipment against its own people.

It is sad that the police need armored cars to deal with local disputes….all we are missing are jack boots…..

My disappointment with Biden continues to grow.

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