When You Let Morons Talk

After the last off season election and this twit from Arkansas was elected I said then that he was a flaming moron…..his time in the military did nothing for his outlook on international situations……

You probably remember this idiot…….he was the one that wrote a letter to Iran after the nuke deal was announced and tried his damnedest to incite their wrath…..of course he was not alone he brought about 40 other GOPers with him into the pit of stupidity…..and since he got “famous” because of that letter he has not shut up about things he has NO idea of what he speaks…..most namely international relations.

Most recently in an interview he went that one step further…….

Tom Cotton is trying to unilaterally get us into war with Iran again, and this time he’s putting actual U.S. soldiers in danger.

Source: ‘Tehran’ Tom Cotton Insults U.S. Troops, Tries To Spark War With Iran In Disgraceful Interview (VIDEO) «

He is a paid agent for the state of Israel……working in some cases against the well being of the country he swore to protect and defend…..nothing about this person says “statesman”…..and yet the media will give him an open mic to babble his way into the hearts and minds of the morons that buys his crap……

Cotton is a dangerous person and he is in Congress where he could possible do a lot of damage…….

Time for some leadership…..someone in his party needs to put a muzzle of this moron….before he goes too far….he should leave foreign policy to people with half a brain……

(BTW a copy of this post will be sent to his office and if he would like to defend anything I will gladly post his defense and comment heavily)…..

Time For A Senate BBQ

I have said numerous times that the US Senate is a worthless body of egocentric toads…..they are elected to do NOTHING but raise money and slow the legislative process down to a crawl (if that fast)……

Recently I wrote about the intel that NSA had uncovered in their intel gathering on Israel……(in case you need to refresh your memory)…..

Source: NSA: Did You Read The News? | In Saner Thought

It seems that the info may be spot on……especially against the idiot freshman Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton…….you remember him….he was the loudest opponent of the new Iranian nuke deal….he even wrote a letter (although with the big words in it someone else had to write it for him)……

“I’m pretty sure Bill Kristol (the owner of the Emergency Committee for Israel) did write this letter,” American geopolitical commentator Dean Henderson told Press TV at the time.

Any way when I read the report about the intel I said then that anyone working as an agent for Israel needed to be BBQed as a foreign agent….and it looks like we need to start with Tom Cotton…….

A Republican lawmaker at the US Senate was bribed one million dollars by Israel to try sabotaging negotiations between Tehran and the world powers, including the United States.

Source: PressTV-‘$1m from Israel to sabotage Iran deal’

If all this is true then the American people need to demand that he and any of his buddies that participated in the sabotage of American foreign policy be prosecuted after they are forced to resign in public….these people are COWARDS that work against the best interests of their country for money…..and they condemn Benedict Arnold….they are NO better!

What Happens When Idiots Are Elected?

Since his election to the US Senate from the state of Arkansas I have been anything but supportive of this moron…..I am speaking of Tom Cotton…..

This babbling buffoon came of the public eye because he took it upon himself to write a letter on the Iran nuke deal….and he even got more of his GOP butt buddies to go along with his break of esprit de corps……

All GOP d/bags love to use the Constitution as a political prop and then spend every waking hour trying to find ways to violate the document……Cotton is NO different!

Sen. Cotton has stolen Jeb’s thunder with his bill…….

 “I will fight to restore the Patriot Act’s metadata program to ensure we have the ability to connect the dots between known foreign terrorists and potential operatives here in the United States,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), another White House contender, said in a speech at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., on Wednesday.

Jeb will have to find a new tagline to show his chops.

Do you like your privacy?  Kiss it good-bye if this mental midget gets his way….

The freshman senator runs roughshod over the Constitution after a horrific terror attack. Sound familiar?

Source: Tom Cotton’s repugnant Paris fear-mongering: Why his new surveillance legislation should have you outraged – Salon.com

It will be interesting to see how many on the Right that were upset at past attempts to infringe on our privacy will support his idiots lame attempt to look relevant…….

Balls To (Sen.) Cotton!

On any normal news day what would you think would be a bigger story?  1) Iranian nuke deal bill clears Senate or 2) the amount of air in  a football or it could be a story about the UK’s labor leader, Balls……….I will pause here for you to consider the two choices……..(insert music from Jeopardy here)………

You are right!  Of course the air in footballs takes precedent over any other news of the day.  But while you were totally consumed by the amount of air in Brady’s balls….the world may have become a bit more safe.

The Senate bill was voted on yesterday…….it was approved 98-1……..

In a 98-1 vote, the Senate has passed a bill which will give them veto power over the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. The lone “no” vote was from ultrahawkish Sen. Tom Cotton (R – AR), who was angry his amendments weren’t approved.

Senate hawks are expressing hope that even this watered down bill will effectively do that anyhow, saying they believe that Congress would not approve the deal as presently written, and will insist on “improvements” that will themselves almost certainly be unacceptable to the rest of the nations involved.

The lone dissenting vote was naturally the mouthy freshman senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton….he voted against it because none of his outrageous amendments made it into the bill…..acting like a kid on the playground that will not get his way so he stomps off and refuses to play any more (we should be so lucky)…….But wait there is more!

Sen. Cotton in his rush to squash the Iranian nuke deal has sided with an Iranian “terrorist” group named…………Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC), a front group for the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK or MKO).

An interesting sounding group right that pretends to be the “democratic” voice of Iran in search of regime change……but a closer look at the history of the MEK……..

The MEK, which has worked hard – and spent a lot of money — to gain respectability in Washington since its armed units surrendered to U.S. forces in Iraq in 2003, is believed to have been responsible for the killing of six Americans in Iran between 1973 and 1976. Exiled following a power struggle in the early years of the Islamic Republic, the group fought alongside Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war. Following a lengthy lobbying and legal campaign that included the payment of substantial honoraria to prominent U.S. politicians and retired national-security officials, the MEK was removed from the State Department’s terrorism list in 2012.

“It appears that Cotton, who has quickly displaced Lindsey Graham as the Senate’s most hawkish member, has decided that it is necessary – perhaps even politically desirable – to make common cause with a group that has committed serious human rights abuses, allied itself for some two decades with Saddam Hussein, and carried out terrorist acts, including against U.S. citizens and servicemen – all in the interests of sabotaging an Iran nuclear agreement.”  (quoted from Lobelog)

In his desire, Cotton, to crap on any chance of a peaceful conclusion of the Iranian nuke situation…..he will chum up with ‘terrorist’ who had , in the past, killed Americans and more recently fought US troops in Iraq just to make his handlers happy…….

Is this someone you want speaking for you?  Seriously!  Is this a person who has the best interests of the country at heart or an opportunistic twat?

I now return you to the mind numbing saga of the grip on Brady’s balls.


The Iran Nuclear Deal: From Both Sides

By now the media is all drooling over the deal struck in the US Senate……they are smiling and jerking off because it is a bi-partisan deal, something sadly missing in today’s DC……

The media is laser focused on this deal and its contents…..this gives them something to fixate on for weeks to come….ad nauseum.  The American people will turn to their fave propaganda outlet to get all the important news on this deal.  They will then make their site the “must go to” site for all the truths and the lies about the deal…..But sadly most Americans will have NO independent opinion of what is happening……all the know is that they hate/love the deal and that is where the opinion will cease.

What do you know about the nuke deal between Iran and the US?  I mean really kno0w….not what some TV personality tells you you need to know…..then may I suggest that you read it for yourself….then form an opinion…..

The Iran nuclear deal: full text – CNN.com.

That is the full text of the agreement we have with Iran….do you see any problems?

Now I ask….what do you know about the bi-partisan deal reached in the Senate?  We know what the talking heads have to say….but is it a good deal or is it just a smoke screen?

If you want answers…..may I suggest that you take the time to read the text of the bill….then form an opinion…..(probably wishful thinking but I keep hoping that the people will educate themselves)……..


That is what the bill says….now if you have spent some time on this…..what do you think of the deal, the bi-partisan deal?

Is there any way that it can be used to scuttle any of the deal with Iran?

You betcha!  Try Section under Semi- Annual Report….paragraph I……..

“(I) An assessment of—

“(i) whether, and the extent to which, Iran supported acts of terrorism; and

“(ii) whether Iran directly supported, financed, planned, or carried out an act of terrorism against the United States or a United States person anywhere in the world.

There you have it….the smoking gun!  Who will decide the answers to the questions……where will the proof come from?  The US has labeled Iran as a sponsor of terrorism for decades…..that will be the go to section for nullifying the deal……

This is how they can scuttle the deal and still look like they were somehow cooperating…..it is all a game……a dangerous game….but a game nonetheless……and to expect his deal will have a fighting chance is being very optimistic.

Even if it survives in its original form there will be endless hearings and accusations until the deal collapses……..let’s not forget that Israel will be calling in all its favors to the Congress to fight ratification.

Iran: Let’s Make A Deal

Since the US and Iran started negotiating a deal on the nuke production the GOP and their masters Israel have been trying to kill that deal…..never forgot the letter written by the mental midget, Sen. Cotton of Arkansas……then there is the Congress that will do anything to keep the Obama admin from accomplishing anything……especially something as important as a nuke deal with Iran…..

Sen. Corker, who I do not trust as far as I can spit him and traitor Dems like Schumer and Menendez have been working together to find a way to look relevant in this deal…….and after a couple of days of jerking each others privates they have what could be called a deal….

“We have reached a bipartisan agreement that keeps the congressional review process absolutely intact, full of integrity.” So said Sen. Bob Corker this morning in revealing that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Republicans and Democrats have arrived at a compromise on a bill that would give Congress the chance to review any Iran nuke deal—setting the stage for a possible veto … and veto override. The White House has long maintained Obama would stop such a bill, but the New York Times reports that Senate Democrats hope an “overwhelming vote” this afternoon leads him to re-examine that decision. The committee will vote on the bill at 2:15pm, reports Politico, and it’s expected to have no trouble passing.

The compromise bill whittles down the congressional review period: Instead of 60 days, there would be a 30-day initial review, plus up to another 22 days, which the Times reports would be divided as follows: 12 days for Obama to decide whether to veto “a resolution of disapproval” should that occur, and 10 days for Congress to decide whether to override his veto. Final agreement on an Iran deal is slated to come by June 30, but if the deal is submitted to Congress after July 9, then the review period would balloon to 60 days.

Since the majority of the people want a deal with Iran over the nukes…..something 60% want a deal…….the Congress had to look like they are doing somethging……and the breath of fresh air with a little bi-partisanship should make these dudes look like they are actually doing something…..

When was the last time that we say this much working together for a common goal?  Now ask….why now?  To what end?

To say that I am skeptical is an understatement…….there is more to this “deal” than some wishful thinking of bi-partisanship…….NOPE!  Do not trust these people to act responsibly.  There is another shoe to fall…..I am just waiting on the thump!

The 47 Republican Samurai – FPIF

Has anyone heard the story of the 47 Ronin?  It is a Japanese legend of dedication, loyalty and revenge……47 samurai lost their lord in a palace coup and they decided that they could not let this affront go…..they waited and then attacked the opposition lords castle and exacted revenge by cutting off his head……they then turned themselves in and faced their punishment……

The story made me think of another 47 people that are motivated by revenge……US Senate……


The 47 Republican Samurai – FPIF.