Defeating ISIS

Everybody knows who or what ISIS….or is it IS….no wait it is ISIL….no wait…..the subject is so confusing that there are very few that have any idea what this group is other than Muslims……and because they claim to be then ALL Muslims must be in league with this barbarous organization….this group is almost as confusing as using the term Terrorism… is all semantics with little knowledge….mostly regurgitation from lesser informed sources.

That is okay because these lesser informed dolts know how to defeat ISIS and none of their solutions take any thought or planning……just rhetoric for the peasants……

Personally, I would like to hear a plan for this defeat that we hear so much about…..I found one plan……

The islamic state poses a grave danger to the United states and its allies in the
middle east and around the world reports that it is not currently planning an attack against the American homeland are little comfort. its location, the resources it controls, the skill and determination of its leaders and fighters, and its demonstrated lethality distinguish it from other al-Qaeda-like
groups. Its ability to offer safe-haven and support to terrorists planning attacks against us is beyond any terrorist threat we have ever seen. The thousands of American and European citizens who are fighting alongside the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra in Iraq and Syria constitute an unprecedented threat to our security regardless of whether those groups intend to attack us. the
islamic state is a clear and present danger to the security of the United states. it must be defeated. Developing a strategy to accomplish that goal is daunting.
the situation today is so bad and the momentum is so much in the
wrong direction that it is impossible to articulate a direct path to an acceptable endstate in Iraq and Syria. American neglect of the deteriorating situations in both countries has deprived us of the understanding and even basic ground intelligence needed to build a strategy. We must therefore pursue an iterative approach that tests basic assumptions, develops our understanding,
builds partnerships with willing parties on the ground, especially the sunni Arabs in Iraq who will be essential to set conditions
for more decisive operations to follow.

Source: Defeating ISIS_0.pdf

Terrorism: From the Irish Dynamite War to the Islamic State

One of the biggest and most misunderstood subjects these days is that of the act of terrorism.  It has become a stable on the campaign trail…..many promises but little understanding.

One of the first things that someone needs to know is the terrorism is a tactic not an entity that one can go to war with…..a tactic cannot be defeated……limit possibly….defeat…NO!

Unfortunately one of the only ways to get a grip on knowing what terrorism is is through a historical perspective….(heavy sighs and eye rolls)…..

I am writing a series to try and educate my reader on the subject of terrorism……I hope to enlighten some of those that truly want to know……

Bombs explode in a subway. The victims are everyday people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. What follows is outrage: track down the perpetrators. The people who set off the bombs are monsters and inhuman fanatics, thunder the authorities. But the year is not 2016, it is 1883 during […]

Source: Terrorism: From the Irish Dynamite War to the Islamic State – Original by —

Terrorism: What Is To Be Done?

A new attack this time in Belgium and all the cross-eyed idiots have come out of the woodwork to offer some sort of solution to this growing problem…..and that, if implemented, will cause more problems to the problems.

The usual suspects have come out with all the extreme measures to control terrorism, the problem is what they propose will not stop any attacks in the future but it all sounds good when you are talking to mental midgets.

We have candidates promising to defeat terrorism (a promise they cannot guarantee) and others that want to basically wall off “Muslim” neighborhoods and turn them into a reflection of a “ghetto” from WW2…..then there are those that think that bombing someone will create some sort of submission….a delusional art of the thought.

Let’s look at the three suspects that did the dirty deed in Brussels……all three are known for violent attacks in the past and were known by the authorities and yet they could not be stopped from carrying out their attacks of terror.  Should that not question the effectiveness of security measures?

Yes, there needs to be a response to all this violence…..the problem is any emotional outburst or mindless bravado is not the answer needed to stop this thing.  Some solutions would infringe on a persons rights but that is okay….. that is until their rights are infringed upon and then it is the ‘new world order’ taking over.  As usual some people’s rights are more important than others….at least in the US, that is…… Enough about the people (a polite word….I had another in mind but it would have been too insulting to type)…….that would crap on our Constitution because they are afraid and not thinking like an American.

I am sure there are those that have taken offense to what I have typed and will inevitably insert….if you are so damn smart then what is your answer to this problem”?

Fair enough….and until like my detractors that deal in insults, innuendoes and emotional dribble…….I do have an idea on how to combat this growing violence……

To counter the growing threat will take two prongs…..a short term and a long term program.

First, contrary to the popular belief by some so-called Americans….not all Muslims are terrorists…..I know it may be hard to believe but most are not connected to any terrorist thought no more so than say all Christians are terrorist because some whacked out d/bag blew up an abortion clinic.  Accusations are not a plan that will work!

First, do not send in the storm troopers into the communities….this will force them to close ranks and any valuable assistance will be lost.  This has been the reaction for the last couple of months and what has it accomplished?

Next reach out to community leaders….they will want to see to the safety and the security of their people.  Then use these people to reach out to the others within the community for they will be easier for others to communicate with and possibly find out what the strong arm tactics could not.

If a country truly wants to stop these types of attacks then the best way to do so is by using the very people that the terrorists hide among.  Without their cooperation then the police and security forces will have to apply more harsh tactics that will force the people to withdraw even further and in the same time frame help create more extremists from within the ranks of the community.

This would be a beginning that will be appreciated and in so will be rewarding.

Long term…….this is a more difficult program to design……because of the web of multiple agencies that must be involved…..The fundamental dilemmas and contradictions relate to treating domestic terrorism as a law enforcement or a national security issue and the tensions among public safety, privacy, security and civil liberties. Additionally, in a federalist system, with fifty separate states and widely differing laws and regulations, ensuring coordination and integration is a Sisyphean labor. On one hand, obviously intelligence and information are crucial to checking domestic terrorism.

But, on the other hand, with seventeen federal intelligence agencies and many-fold more state and local capabilities from cops on the beat to fusion centers, and liaison capabilities with foreign governments along with huge challenges that relate to security, clearances and information exchanges, integration and coordination present formidable obstacles in improving efficiencies and effectiveness. Clearly, no simple or single formula to balance these often competing and conflicting forces exists or is likely to be invented soon. But without removing or bypassing these obstacles, domestic terror will always remain “a clear and present danger.”…..or is it?

So few Americans have traveled to the Middle East to fight for ISIS that the threat from the even fewer who returned to the U.S. is “low” and “will likely be manageable,” says a new report from the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think tank that maintains a sprawling database on terrorists.

Source: New Study Says U.S. Threat from Returning Jihadis Is Low | TIME

Of course this study will be ignored by those that live in a perpetual state of uncontrollable fear like Alex Jones and about 1000 blogs that have little else to write about daily.

Intel sharing seems to be the most obvious problem.  The intel is shared but is it shared in a timely manner?  For if it does not fit the paradigm then it is wrong.

In case you have not noticed….terrorism is not on the forefront of some people’s minds right now…..they are more concerned with who pees where……I do love the minds of some people……seems they can only cope with a minute amount of info at a time.

Terrorism: Is Bureaucracy The Answer?

There is so much being written right now about who did what and why they did it…….so I will leave that for another day….

The recent attacks in Brussels will probably have wide ranging implications….especially for travelers.  We already know that the naysayers have come out of the cesspool to blame everyone for the despicable acts of a few slimy toads……

But let’s talk about if you will be traveling any time soon.

Security will become tighter and will lead to many other problems….I fear.

Take JFK as an example…..

All of them have something to prove and in the end they prove very little…..each wants to be the “hero”……and in the end nothing is secure.

You see the problem is that since 9/11 there has been a web of agencies that seem to get in each others way and in the end very little is done to make things secure….but don’t take my word for it……

Travelers passing through New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport this week witnessed a show of force following the Brussels airport attack: U.S. Army soldiers in khaki camouflage bearing assault rifles, police officers in black bullet-proof vests and private security guards directing traffic in neon-yellow vests.

Source: Web of agencies at U.S. airports could hinder security overhauls | Reuters

Okay, what have we learned from the most recent attack?

The vicious attack on the Brussels airport and metro underscores the futility of focusing on the Syrian “Caliphate” as the epicenter of terrorism: as I’ve been saying in this space since 2001, the snake has no head. Both al-Qaeda and now ISIS are protean entities with a vast geographical spread, and what the Brussels attack […]

Source: Lessons of Brussels – Original by —

I sorry to inform my readers but the acts of terrorism will not go away with the defeat of ISIS or AQ…..

GOP Candidates Compete

The 2016 election is now in full swing….the candidate pool is diminishing and the rhetoric is heating up……

I have been watching and listening to the GOP candidates when they talk about what they would do to defend the US homeland……I understand the concern over the possibilities of some sort of uncoordinated attacks here and there…..but some of the rhetoric sounds a lot like some sort of crime….

You know of which I speak….especially from the so-called front runners…..statements like “make the sand glow”….”carpet bomb the Hell out of them”……even some more talk about extremes in torture….

Before someone tries to debate me on torture let me say what I always say…..”Try it…then we will talk”….until then you have nothing to say…..

The Republican candidates have seemingly been competing with one another over who would commit the gravest war crimes if elected. In recent months, one candidate or another has promised to waterboard, do a “helluva lot worse than waterboarding,” repopulate Guantánamo, engage in wars of aggressionkill families of suspected terrorists, and “carpet bomb” Middle Eastern countries until we find out if “sand can glow in the dark.”

Source: GOP Candidates Compete Over Who Will Commit Most War Crimes Once Elected

I know we Americans think we are above the law when we are “defending” ourselves…..but going to extremes is not defending in my opinion……

Could It Be Good News? (For A Change?)

Since today looks to be my day to report and wrote on events surrounding our war on ISIS….I thought I would report on some good news…..better news than we normally get out of the battle against the “dogs of war”……that is……

A few days ago I wrote a piece on the news that an US airstrike had destroyed a bunch of cash belonging to ISIS……(as a refresher for my reader)……

Source: Accuracy In Reporting – In Saner Thought

The good news is that it appears that the fighters of ISIS are having their pay cut by the command structure of ISIS…….

Islamic State militants have seen their monthly salaries cut in half down to $400 for foreign fighters and $200 for those in Syria, according to leaked documents out of Raqqa. The internal government documents were released in November or December, reports Time. “Because of the exceptional circumstances that the Islamic State is passing through, a decision was taken to cut the salaries of the mujahedeen in half,” they read, per the Guardian. “No one will be exempt from this decision no matter his position, but the distribution of food assistance will continue twice a month as usual.”

The group doesn’t explain the “exceptional circumstances,” but experts cite bombing campaigns targeting the group’s oil business. Low oil prices may also be a factor. According to the State Department, ISIS now brings in just a fraction of the $40 million a month it made from oil early last year, reports CNN. The slashed wages are still above or level with the minimum wage for public sector employees in Syria, who were paid between $176 and $266 a month in 2011. Experts believe the healthy wages were key for the caliphate’s recruiting purposes. ISIS fighters also received a $50 stipend for wives and $25 for each child.

Not mentioned in that report was the report that US airstrikes destroyed a cache of cash just the other day……

If all this is true then the plan to attack the finances of ISIS and destroying their income stream may be showing some much needed good results…..

This could also put a damper on their (ISIS) recruiting…….the fighters may be fanatics but they still want their pay and any cuts could prove to be a bummer for their recruitment drives…….

Like I said before….if true….then we have finally got some good news for all the efforts to thwart ISIS……we will just have to wait and see if this does have positive results…..

I must leave my readers with those thoughts…..for now I must go and face those eager young minds….back later my friends…….

You Won’t Like It, But Here’s the Answer to ISIS | Alternet

I have been very vocal on my opinion concerning this war we have going on with ISIS……I have very critical of any and all supposed plans that the Obama admin has offered as a solution to the problem of these barbaric toads…..

At one point I said that it is quite possible that ISIS will collapse under its own weight…..that it is stretching itself very thin and that could be its undoing……sad part of that plan is that too many innocent civilians will have to suffer and die before we could know if that is the case….

However, I read this article and thought it would make for some interesting comments and/or debate……

Source: You Won’t Like It, But Here’s the Answer to ISIS | Alternet