The Myth of the ‘War on Terrorism’

After the attacks on 9/11 Pres. Bush us a new “war” that we must fight….the War on Terror……if you recall the speech he made in the ruins of the Towers where we were told that the best way to fight this terror was to go shopping (a paraphrase)……

The one thing that all the terror “experts” neglect to tell the American public is that terrorism is a tactic not an entity…..and another thing is that most Americans do not give crap what is happening a thousand miles from our shores.

The “War On Terrorism” is a slogan….a slogan for simple minds that need molding….

Remember “We’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here”? That was the justification for the worldwide war on terrorism the Bush administration trumpeted in the early days of the post-9/11 era. Keeping in mind that the American people don’t really care about what goes on thousands of miles away, […]

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A war against terrorism cannot be won!  At best it can be managed to the point that there is very little activity….but the tactic will always be handy if needed.

Libya: Here We Go Again

Remember 2011?  It was the year before the election for Obama’s second term and the US used NATO to overthrow and kill Qaddafi….the excuse used to get involved was an age old one….a humanitarian crisis.

Most people will know very little about the country of Libya other than the Benghazi tragedy……that has gotten more press than a Kardashian.

Today there is major fighting going on all over the country…..three separate wars are raging…one against ISIS, one against rebels and one against what is called the “government”.

The recognized government is run by a CIA plant, a general Haftar, so that should help figure out who actually runs the country.

I bring all this up because the US has returned to using air power to help the “government”…..

The Pentagon has announced today that the US has begun conducting military airstrikes against Libya with the stated intent of defeating ISIS in that country. According to the Pentagon spokesman, the Libyan “Government of National Accord” requested that the US begin airstrikes against what they claim is an ISIS stronghold in the Libyan town of Sirte, the birthplace of murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook has indicated that this is the beginning of a more sustained US air campaign against Libya and that each US airstrike is approved by the US Africa Command (AFRICOM).

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While the US set it sights on the “bad guys” there may be a new problem brewing which could start the whole Qaddafi process over again…..

Qaddafi’s son Seif will be released from prison…..will he want to re-do his father’s rule?

Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, the son of late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, has been released from jail in Zintan, a town in western Libya, after spending nearly five years there since his capture in November 2011. After his father was killed on Oct. 20, 2011, by rebel groups that captured his hometown Sirte with NATO help, Seif tried to leave Libya.

In August 2015, the young Gadhafi was sentenced to death by firing squad by a Tripoli-based court. However, the sentence was not carried out and was condemned by Human Rights Watch that accused the self-proclaimed government of politicizing the courts.
Libya will be many things….but it appears to be heading for a much longer and much bloodier future……and the US has started yet another lengthy involvement in yet another country….

Nearly five years after the Libyan city of Sirte was left in ruins following hundreds of NATO bombing raids and heavy fighting in the 2011 campaign to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the Pentagon announced a major new US military escalation on 1 August against Daesh (Isis/Isil) terrorists who have reportedly made Sirte their prime Libyan stronghold.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said that US airstrikes were already underway in the coastal city of Sirte at the request of the Libyan government, and he further raised eyebrows among the press corps by adding that the air campaign did not have “an end point at this particular moment in time”.

Predicting More Terrorist Attacks

Seems we have a horrific terrorist attack every 3 or 4 months…..this gives the paid “experts” something to do with every attack…..the pundits analyze it from almost every possible angle…….sometimes to the point of absurdity.

People are getting rich off of the “expertise” they provide for the MSM…..the thing they do best is help spread the fear that feeds their industry.  Apparently if you get a website and Tweet about terrorism regularly then you may claim the mantle of “Expert”……

At least 41 people were killed in the recent bombing of Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.The day before, suicide bombers killed five people in Qaa, a small village in Lebanon. And while the Saudi-led and U.S.-backed war in Yemen continues to rage, an ISIS affiliate claimed responsibility for attacks in the Yemeni port city of Mukalla that killed at least 12.

As of June 29, ISIS affiliates had claimed responsibility only for the Yemen attacks. But just a few hours after the Istanbul airport attack, Turkish authorities were already blaming ISIS. Since Ankara (unlike the U.S., where many officials blame ISIS for every act of violence) has been eager to blame every attack against Turkish targets on its Kurdish opponents — especially the Kurdish Workers Party, or PKK — the government’s early willingness to blame ISIS implies the likely existence of some convincing evidence.

Importantly, all three attacks took place following a significant defeat of ISIS on the ground.

Source: From Paris to Istanbul, More ‘War on Terror’ Means More Terrorist Attacks | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

And now Nice…….

I know this sounds a bit out there, right?

I have always wrote that a new approach to the threat of a terrorist attack needs to be found…..what that approach is…….very elusive.

Our only chance of an alternative to the stupidity of the system is to change the brains of the operation (insert raucous laughter)….very few people have any idea how to do that….voting is a worthless waste of energy…..for the song will stay the same…..

Is The “Caliphate” Collapsing?

I would like to thank a regular of IST, Ripening Wanderer, for giving me the idea for this post…..stop by his site if you get a chance…..

The good news is that ISIS is steadily losing its footing in the Levant….the bad news is that the terror attacks do not seen to show this loss of territory….if anything they have picked up…….

I read a piece in the WaPo (not a reliable source but I could not find another source for this info) is reporting that ISIS has a new tactic in their bag of dirty tricks, the “Wolf Pack” attacks…..

ISIS, which measures success in the number of people its followers kill in bloody atrocities around the world, says it had a very successful Ramadan. In the latest issue of its al-Naba magazine, the group boasts that it killed or injured 5,200 people in 14 “military operations” during Ramadan, including the Orlando nightclub massacre, the murder of a police officer and his wife near Paris, and a particularly heinous bombing in Baghdad, reports Vocativ. The group also claims attacks in countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Turkey, saying its victims included 285 non-Arab Christians and almost 2,000 Shiite Muslims.

But while ISIS brags about far-flung attacks, its “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria is steadily shrinking, and analysts say the group appears to be bracing for the possible loss of all its territory, the Washington Post reports. A recent al-Naba editorial insists the group would survive as an underground organization even if the physical caliphate collapsed, and an ISIS operative who spoke to the Post on the condition his location was not revealed says the transition has already begun. “We do have, every day, people reaching out and telling us they want to come to the caliphate,” he says. “But we tell them to stay in their countries and rather wait to do something there.” He adds: “There is a message to all members of the coalition against us: We will not forget, and we will come into your countries and hit you.” (Highly organized “wolf pack” attacks are seen as ISIS’ new signature.)

They may lose all the conquered territory but as long as they employ terror as a tactic they will not be defeated….and the world will suffer.

(watch for my upcoming series on terrorism)


Declaring War on “Islamist Extremism” Is Nonsense

Another attack and another round of fights over terminology……most of it is NOTHING new…most of it should be just re-blogged and save what limited mental facilities that some have…I mean the lack of brain power it takes to say the same thing over and over is just amazing…..

But because there is NOTHING new in the words of the illiterate…..they are becoming a one theme post prodigy…….I need to post this piece written in the the National Interests……BTW not a liberal publication….just in case one wants to start the lame name calling… is one of you guys….

What matters is not whether a group is Islamist, but whether it endangers America.

It is news to no one that Congress is filled with cowards.

The Constitution places the power to declare war with the legislative branch. This does not mean simply taking note that the president has bombed or invaded another nation. Congress decides whether there will be a war to fight. Constitutional Convention delegate James Wilson explained: “It will not be in the power of a single man, or a single body of men, to involve us in such distress; for the important power of declaring war is in the legislature at large.”

Source: Declaring War on “Islamist Extremism” Is Nonsense | The National Interest Blog

Arguing and debating over terminology takes valuable time and thought away from eliminating the culprit….but then if we do that then these one trick ponies will have NOTHING to write about…now would they?

Why Hasn’t Congress Authorized Force Against ISIS?

With all the conflicts we are participating in when was the last time any of it was authorized by Congress?  (play Jeopardy music here)…….when was 2001 Alex.

Since then we are fighting in engagement after engagement without a vote…..under the Constitution that makes they illegal wars and are subject to international law.

So why hasn’t Congress done their duty on this issue?  I mean they waste time on stupid votes and it would seem that committing American troops to a life or death situation should take priority over this Obamacare battle……but then I am an apologist so I would ask such a probing question…..

Maybe the American Conservative can help answer this question…..

This coming August, the United States will have been engaged in a war against the Islamic State for two years. Tens of thousands of U.S. airstrikes on ISIS targets will have been conducted, billions of dollars will have been spent, and several thousand advisers and special-operations forces will have been sent to Iraq and Syria to gather intelligence, train local forces, and prepare plans for the final thrust into the cities of Mosul and Raqqa.

All of this will have happened without the U.S. Congress performing its most important job under the Constitution: declaring war or passing an authorization for the use of military force. In a new lawsuit, one professor, one human rights lawyer, and a captain in the U.S. Army aim to force the issue.

Source: Why Hasn’t Congress Authorized Force Against ISIS? | The American Conservative

Read the article and then make your comment……please……

Fighting ISIS With an Algorithm

In the days of my studies of international relations I studied the technique of a Dr. Bueno de Mesquita….he designed an algorithm that can be used to predict international events……he was tested by the CIA and others and his technique was about 90% accurate consistently…human prediction was a 50-50 at best.

I found it fascinating that an algorithm could be employed with such accuracy…..and now it appears that the US is trying this technique to try and predict the possibility of attack from ISIS…….

A new mathematical model aims to track the activity of Islamic State sympathizers online and determine when groups will turn from talk to action.

After Orlando and San Bernardino and Paris, there is new urgency to understand the signs that can precede acts of terrorism. And with the Islamic State’s prolific use of social media, terrorism experts and government agencies continually search for clues in posts and Twitter messages that appear to promote the militants’ cause.

A physicist may not seem like an obvious person to study such activity. But for months, Neil Johnson, a physicist at the University of Miami, led a team that created a mathematical model to sift order from the chaotic pro-terrorism online universe.

Source: Fighting ISIS With an Algorithm, Physicists Try to Predict Attacks – The New York Times

Some may find this a bit mundane and dry….but it is a new field that does show some possibilities…..if it can be as helpful as the algorithm of Dr, de Mesquita then there could be a major break through in the fight against ISIS.