Humor Is Where You Find It

And friends, this is beyond humorous!

Ever read something that makes you chuckle….and then there are stories that make you laugh out loud…..

The polls show that Obama is sliding in the approval polls…….you know that worthless momentary snapshot we get everyday from the media?  Then the pundits build the story of the day around the polls….that is what they do….make up as much crap as they possibly can and use polls to justify their analysis…..this one just makes me smile with disgust…..

(Newser) – Just how bad are things for President Obama a year into his second term? So bad that if the American people got a mulligan on the 2012 election, there’s a good shot we’d be looking at a President Romney. A Washington PostABC News poll reveals that if the election were held today, Obama would lose the popular vote 45% to 49%. While the Post reminds us that the Electoral College, not the popular vote, is the ultimate decider, it notes that spread roughly mirrors the 4 points Obama actually won by, and reflects plummeting support from his key demographics:

  • Obama won women by 11 points; now, his edge is down to one point.
  • He won voters aged 18-39 by 18 points; that’s down to two.
  • He won voters earning less than $50,000 by 22 points; it’s down to three.
  • He’s now nine points in the hole with voters without a college degree, after winning them by four points.
  • While he’d still win 59% of liberals, that’s down from 75%—and 20% now say they’d vote for Romney.

Obama’s approval rating has fallen 13 points this year to 42%, tying its lowest mark ever in the poll. The culprit, as you might suspect, is at least in part the Affordable Care Act rollout, which 63% think has been handled poorly. The public now opposes the law itself 57%-40%, its worst numbers yet, and 71% favor delaying the individual mandate.

(AP photo)

Mitt could not beat Obama in November of 2012…..and regardless what the mental midgets say….he could NOT beat him today…….hindsight is 20/20……wishful thinking knows NO bounds!

Anyone who uses the daily snapshots they call polls as a fact of reality is NOT playing with a full deck……not the sharpest tack in the box….not…..well you get the point.

How About Those Independents?

Election is over and for a year, maybe longer, we heard from the MSM all about the independents……daily we were told all about the need for the independent vote to win the election….remember those days?

Just in case you are not at all sure what an independent voter is all about…….

More recently, scholars focused on self-identification as a good measure of a person’s political independence. The value of self-identification as a measure of a person’s political independence or partisanship is that it is seen as a proxy for the behavior which should be exhibited by the independent voter. Additionally, self-identification could be easily captured either with a nominal question “Do you self-identify with an existing political party?”, a question which is answered with a “yes” or a “no”, or by a structured ordinal question “Generally speaking, do you consider yourself a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or what?”. The first analyses of this measure of political independence found that there were significant differences between those individuals who self-identified as “independent” and those who listed “no preference” as to party identification. Individuals who expressed “no preference” usually exhibited low levels of interest in politics, low levels of knowledge about the candidates and issues, low frequency of voting, and less confidence in their ability to influence politics.

Although some scholars continue to conclude that self-description is the best measure of partisanship or independence, Even the nature of a survey instrument as a measure of partisanship and independence has been called into question.

Yes, I have never thought the independent vote was gonna be all that…..of course the partisans made it all about these voters, especially in Ohio and Florida…..these voters were going to be the make or break sector………

Hate to tell you guys this…IT IS ALL SO MUCH CRAP!

in 2004, the so called independents broke for John Kerry and he lost the election…….now in 2012 the independents broke for Mitt 50% to 45%…..and he lost (in case you missed it)…..

This is just another illustration of how the media wants to drive the news….they are the ones that made this group a whole lot more important than they were….they were NOT the deciders of the 20122 election……..

Keep this in mind for we will hear about these voters again and again…..and they will be painted as the sole decider of a future election….at least the media will want them to be…….

Who Can Explain Mitt’s Loss?

I know….I know…….enough already!

This will be my last (hopefully) post on the 2012 election…….there have been so many reasons given for the GOP loss in the past election…..some say “fact checkers” cost them the election, some say it was the MSM….other blame pollsters……I have even heard the it was Newt’s fault for his stinging attacks during the primaries……..But I am sure you have heard some that I have not…..but what can explain the loss?

The best analysis that I have seen was that of Gov. Barbour.

Gov. Haley Barbour, former governor of Mississippi, former lobbyist, former chairman of the RNC, former head of the Repub governors assn……former….well you get the idea….this guy is Mr. GOP.  I live in his state and have never been a supporter of his……but I will say that there is not a more astute politician than Barbour.  No matter what you man think of the man…he is smarter than the average GOP strategist…….and his analysis of why the GOP lost so badly is summed up in a few words…..

This is a direct quote from Gov. Barbour……..

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) had a simple explanation for why Republicans didn’t do better in U.S. Senate races, Ben Smith reports.

And it wasn’t about the party being too conservative.

Said Barbour: “We had some shitty candidates. We pissed away two seats.”

Let us emphasize his analysis for effect…….

“We (GOP) had some shitty candidates.  We pissed away two seats.”

Enough said!