This Was The Week That Was (So Far)

Our new president has had a bad week….but according to the alt-Right news and the toads in their blogs it is all a made up agenda by the “liberals’ or is it the “apologist” or maybe “globalists”….oh Hell who knows who they want to blame for the idiot they elected?

Back to the point of this post…..Mr. Trump is having a really shitty week

It wasn’t the best of news cycles on Monday for President Trump, who will presumably be displeased with negative headlines on multiple fronts. The biggest: FBI Chief James Comey told Congress that he sees no evidence to support Trump’s claims that President Obama wiretapped him. Plus, Comey confirmed that the FBI is investigating possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign during the election. Also making news:

  • Low numbers: The daily tracking poll at Gallup has Trump’s job-approval rating at 37%, his lowest mark so far, and his disapproval rating rose to 58%. It’s being chalked up to controversy over his wiretapping comments and opposition to the GOP health care plan, reports CNN.
  • Net worth:Forbes says Trump’s net worth has fallen $200 million since he took office to $3.5 billion. That drops him 220 spots to 544 in its ranking of the world’s richest people. Trump’s decline, however, isn’t about politics but about the New York real estate market.
  • Stephen Hawking: The famed physicist said in an interview that he’s not sure he’d be welcome in America under Trump because of his opposing views on the environment. See story.
  • Billboard: An anti-Trump billboard in Phoenix is making headlines thanks in part to its dollar-shaped swastikas, per Fox News.
  • Loyalty: The Washington Post has an unflattering front-page story about the White House that says it has installed senior aides in Cabinet departments whose main job is to monitor the loyalty of Trump’s secretaries. ProPublica also reported elements of the story here. Presidents Obama, George W. Bush, and Clinton did not use such a system.

Trump recently went on and on about the money owed by Germany for NATO ops…well it seems that his SecDef does not agree with his rant…..

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Wednesday that NATO does not calculate “past money owed” and Germany is on track to meet its alliance commitments, despite President Trump claiming that the country owed money.

“I cannot give you an accounting for past money owed, because that’s not the way we do that in NATO,” Mattis told the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee. “We do it through capabilities. That’s the commitment each nation makes.”

How humiliating to be contradicted by a subordinate…..

There is more… FBI investigation of the Russian thing….I could go on with this subject for many more words….but why?  We all have a good idea what it that is being said…just move on…..

Today is the big day….the House vote on Trumpcare replacement for Obamacare…..but the bad news is there seems to be a lack of votes in favor of it….

  • Reuters explains the stakes: 216 GOP votes are needed, which means the party can suffer only about 20 defections. There are two major camps of concerned GOP parties: centrists who worry an ObamaCare repeal will hurt their constituents, and fierce conservatives who think the replacement isn’t aggressive enough.
  • An $85 billion bone was thrown to moderates, reports Politico, which explains that per the amendment, that amount would be earmarked as tax credits for those ages 50 to 64, whose premiums would soar under the American Health Care Act. For context, it gives this scenario from the Congressional Budget Office: a 64-year-old making $26,500 would see what he pays explode from $1,700 to $14,600.
  • But there’s a twist, observes Matthew Yglesias at Vox: The amendment doesn’t define those tax credits, instead shifting that task to the Senate. His take: “This is a very unusual way to legislate and reflects House Republicans’ desperation to push through basically anything as soon as possible and pass the buck to the Senate.”
  • Also at Vox, Ezra Klein bullets the other substantial changes: The amendment bumps up the repeal of some ObamaCare taxes in a concession to those who want to erase the Affordable Care Act ASAP; prevents the rollover of used tax credit money into a Health Savings Account, ostensibly because anti-abortion activists feared the money could then fund abortions; and gives more wiggle-room around how states handle Medicaid. Klein’s take: the “tweaks” are designed to win over conservatives, but don’t really address the bill’s “flaws.” More here.
  • Axios expects “drama” between now and Thursday night, in part because of what the amendment doesn’t address. More here.
  • As for what’s next, the Washington Post gives context to Trump’s Tuesday meetings: They indicate “GOP leaders and the president consider larger-scale talks with key blocs of House members to be essentially complete. The effort now turns toward persuading individual members to vote for the package.”
  • The AP reports on the message Trump presented: Pass it or there may be hell to pay, essentially. How Rep. Walter Jones framed it: “If you don’t pass the bill there could be political costs,” those costs being lost seats.
  • Will it work? The Wall Street Journal reported Monday night that House Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Mark Meadows says more than 21 members remain a “nay.”

The big question is will the Repubs play ball?  They are a spineless bunch so any guess is as good as another.

This is going down as his worst week ever….and the reign is only 60+ days old……it can get worse…

All In The Family

I wish I was reviewing the old sitcom from the 70’s….but not this time….this time I am talking about nepotism.  Does that term confuse you?

Nepotism is a favoritism that is based on kinship. Nepotism is usually seen to be a negative practice because it implies that the person getting the job, promotion, college admittance, or property is usually not otherwise qualified enough to have it. There are no uniform laws regarding nepotism, but there are many different ways to approach a legal case where nepotism is suspected.

Nepotism can take place in politics where a person with a political position either passes on their position or gets employment for a member of their family.

Pres. Trump seems to appreciate keeping important positions in the family both personal and extended family.


His lordship appointed his son-in-law and his sons and daughter have a run of the White House while still doing business under the “Trump” name… his “sister” Conway has her hubby in a position of power……

Life around the Conway family dinner table is about to get a little more exciting: CNN reports that George Conway, husband of top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, is set to be named to a key Justice Department position by the president. George Conway would head up the civil division, which would put him in line to defend legal challenges to White House policies, which could interestingly include the travel ban. Conway is a longtime lawyer and has a client list that includes the NFL, Philip Morris, and Paula Jones in her sexual harassment suit against former President Clinton.

Putting a “family member” in the DOJ is a sound decision…it is called….Covering Your Ass” (CYA)

This position will be able to keep the prez abreast of the lawsuits and such….and even can be used to make some of the more inconvenient ones go away….plus it will be a great place for anyone that needs to be around when Kellyanne inserts her foot in her mouth.

Another nomination that is for his benefit….not the nation’s.

(Should I Tweet this out?)

The Republican Brain

No that is not an oxymoron!  (Although if it were it would be a damn good one)

These days the actual conservs do not think for themselves instead they out source that function to a think tank, the Heritage Foundation.

Most of my regulars know that I do not think much of so-called think tanks…..the reason is that most of them have a conclusion and then set about making stats and such fit what they want to report to say.

The worst among these fake intellectual endeavors is the Heritage Foundation……this group decides what the GOP will offer as way of policy and they, the politicians, do as they are told…..but to get a better grip on how this “foundation” works…….

The mood was jubilant two days after the November 2016 election at a Washington, D.C., panel co-hosted by two powerhouse conservative thinktanks—the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation.

In his opening remarks, Heritage president Jim DeMint rejoiced that Donald Trump’s election had “preserved our constitutional republic.” Panelist John Yoo, a Berkeley law professor best known as the architect of George W. Bush’s justification for torture, drew laughs with feigned surprise at the audience size. “I thought everyone at Heritage was working over at transition head quarters,” Yoo quipped. “I asked the taxi cab driver to take me to Trump transition headquarters, and he dropped me off here.”

Source: The Right-Wing Machine Behind the Curtain

The radical conservative Heritage Foundation has spent 40 years trying to gut the federal budget. Now Trump is proving to be the perfect tool.

Many of its proposals are lifted straight from the recommendations of an elite ultra-conservative D.C. think tank: the Heritage Foundation.

Trump’s Budget proposal, released on Thursday, echoes none of the populist, anti-establishment themes of candidate Trump’s campaign for higher office. Instead, it calls for a large increase in defense spending while reducing spending for a variety of popular domestic programs.

That’s not surprising considering where those ideas came from. Rather than bringing in new ideas from outside of the Beltway, many of its proposals are lifted straight from the recommendations of an elite ultra-conservative D.C. think tank: the Heritage Foundation.

Source: Trump the Outsider Outsources His Budget to Insider Think Tank

It is disgusting to out source your policies, policies that are not anything promised while luring idiots to his cause, but that is how you do it when a bunch of screaming amateurs are running the Greatest country on the planet.

All the American people can do now is bend over and wait for the insertion….sans Vaseline.

Living And Dying In 140 Characters

This week started off with a bang….the health care replacement is in trouble …the budget is being questioned….North Korea is flexing its muscle…..airstrikes in the Middle East have expanded…..and the crap keeps rolling.

With all the problems in search of solutions the Lord High Trumpy decides to put everything on hold so he could go onto a immature egocentric live Tweet during the “wiretap” hearings……

President Donald Trump produced a running commentary Monday on FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to Congress, the AP reports. Thanks to the length of the hearing and the immediacy of Twitter, Comey was able to comment on the president’s commentary without leaving his seat. It was a nearly real-time exchange that circled back on itself, like a cat chasing its tail. The AP runs through a few tweets, which were posted from the official @POTUS account:

  • TRUMP tweet: “The NSA and FBI tell Congress that Russia did not influence electoral process.”
  • THE FACTS: No such assurance was offered by Comey or his fellow witness at the hearing, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers. They did not offer any conclusions about whether Russia succeeded in influencing the election.
  • COMEY, asked about the tweet while he was still testifying: “I’m sorry, I haven’t been following anybody on Twitter while I’ve been sitting here.” He went on: “We’ve offered no opinion, have no view, have no information on potential impact because it’s never something that we looked at.” He confirmed, though, that the FBI is investigating whether and how Russia tried to shape the election, a probe he says includes any potential coordination between Trump campaign associates and Russia’s government.
  • TRUMP tweet: “FBI Director Comey: fmr. DNI Clapper ‘right’ to say no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump Campaign.”
  • THE FACTS: Trump leaves out an important nuance in this tweet about the former director of national intelligence, James Clapper. Comey agreed there was no evidence of collusion in a report prepared by the US intelligence community under Clapper, but that’s different than saying no such evidence has been discovered. The Jan. 6 report does not take up the question of contacts between Trump associates and Russia. Instead it focuses on Russia’s actions, via cyber operations and propaganda, to try to help Trump’s election chances and hurt Hillary Clinton’s. Clapper indeed said he had seen no evidence of collusion at the time he left government. But he updated that comment Monday with a statement from spokesman Shawn Turner, saying Clapper “could not account for intelligence or evidence that may have been gathered since the inauguration on January 20th.”
  • COMEY, when asked if he was aware of collusion between Trump associates and Russia, beyond the findings of the report: “It’s not something I can comment on.”

Click for more.

I was trying to put this issue to bed….but Trump got all butt hurt and did what is always does….took to Twitter.

It is about time for this person to start acting like the leader of the “free world” and not some juvenile vindictive twat.

By “Wiretapping” He Did Not Mean Wiretapping

By now most Americans are over this wiretapping controversy, especially the “Ignorati”(strong Trump supporters)….but the humorous part is the “spokespeople” Trump allows to go out and make the case…..

Some of my fave quotes from these dolts…..

Kellyanne Conway Suggests That Obama Could Have Used Microwaves to Spy on Trump”

“Yes, Kellyanne Conway just suggested Trump Tower could have been monitored through TVs and microwaves (sad part is this has been picked up and now we are getting all sorts of dire warnings about our appliances).

”The Bergen Record journalist asked her was “do you know that Trump Tower was wiretapped?” — and said she’s “not in the job of having evidence.”

Then there was Spicer….another fave of mine…..

When answering a question about the “taps” he said “He did not mean “wiretapping” (the use of air quotes) when he said wiretapping. (I like this one)

Then the president himself had to add to the idiocy……

“Wiretap covers a lot of different things,” Trump tells Carlson. “I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next 2 weeks.”

They just cannot shut up….they keep trying to explain something that cannot be explained…..

But by all means let there be an investigation…..

The White House is standing by its explosive allegation that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower phones—despite the Senate Intelligence Committee’s finding that there’s no evidence for the claim. “Based on the information available to us, we see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the United States government either before or after Election Day 2016,” committee chief Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican, said in a statement with ranking Democratic Sen. Mark Warner. The statement came the day after a similar statement from the head of the House Intelligence Committee, the New York Times reports.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Thursday that the president stands by the claim. During a testy news conference, Spicer refused to answer questions about the president’s reaction to the congressional statements. Instead, he repeated that the president meant surveillance when he said “wiretapping” and read out news reports he said backed up the claim, becoming annoyed when reporters told him they were based on the “anonymous sources” the White House has often criticized, Politico reports. Spicer repeated Trump’s claim that more information will surface in the weeks ahead. (The Breitbart editor who wrote the story Trump may have based the claim on says it was more of a “potential scenario.”)

Time to end this.  It all began because some juvenile person had to Tweet something that was a “scenario” not a actual program.  You want this to stop then someone grow a pair and cut-off the Twitter button to the president.

If you want this to end then maybe it is time to have a talk with the idiot that began the controversy.

The Foil Hat Patrol

I know that I usually shut it down for the day with my closing thought….but I just could not let this piece of crap go without something said.

You know how all the lovely Right wing defenders of the faith, Trump have been having a field day trying to decide what is fat and not…..especially the “wiretapping” bullsh*t…these micro-cephalics actually believe the silliness their master tells them……and then there is Spicer…this dude is the biggest mental midget of the WH bunch……

Trump’s press dude had to double down on his bosses bullsh*t accusation…..

Then there was this accusation that the Brits helped Obama with his nefarious wiretapping scheme……really I kid you not…..

James Bond was not working with Barack Obama to spy on Donald Trump, or so say British spy chiefs after the White House cited a report that claimed Obama had asked UK intelligence agency GCHQ to carry out surveillance at Trump Tower. The allegations cited by press secretary Sean Spicer are “nonsense. They are utterly ridiculous, and should be ignored,” says a GCHQ spokesman. While defending Trump’s wiretapping allegations Thursday, Spicer mentioned a Fox and Friends report in which Fox judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano claimed three intelligence sources had told him the Obama administration partnered with GCHQ to carry out Trump surveillance so there would be “no American fingerprints on this,” the Guardian reports.

Spicer said the Fox report and others cast “into concern some of the activities that may have occurred during the 2016 election,” BuzzFeed reports. BBC security analyst Gordon Corera says it is highly unusual for GCHQ to comment on its work—and to use the phrase “utterly ridiculous”—but “it’s a sign of just how seriously they take it. The allegations are so sensitive that the agency clearly felt they could not let them go unchallenged.” Tim Farron, leader of Britain’s Liberal Democrats party, accused Trump of “compromising the vital UK-US security relationship to try to cover his own embarrassment.”

It seems the the WH had to do some damage control for the Spicer’s bombshell……

The White House has reportedly apologized to the British government for its allegations that a UK intelligence agency helped then-President Obama to wiretap Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. An anonymous White House official tells CNN that national security adviser HR McMaster talked to his British counterpart Thursday, telling him that Sean Spicer’s comment was “unintentional” and that the UK concerns “were understood and heard and … would be relayed to the White House.” The official also says the British ambassador to the US called Spicer Thursday to discuss the matter. CNN describes the conversations Spicer and McMaster had with British officials as “what amounted to an apology,” while the Telegraph refers to them as formal apologies.

But both CNN and the Telegraph are citing anonymous sources, and the White House has not confirmed. A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Theresa May says, per the BBC, that the British government made it clear to the US that the allegations are “ridiculous and should have been ignored.” The spokesperson says May has “received assurances that these allegations won’t be repeated,” but a former UK foreign secretary tells the BBC that’s not enough: “That’s not the same as saying it was rubbish in the first place.” UK intelligence agency GCHQ had earlier slammed Spicer’s allegations as “nonsense.”

These guys in the WH are too humorous…..but the most funny are those slow speaking and even slower thinking supporters of Trump…

I apologize for the break in tradition…..but this one is just too good to ignore….

Have a good weekend my friends….chuq

Where’s The Trump Doctrine?

I have been a critic of our new master about his ideas and his actions in the field of international relations…..I have been watching what he does and so far I still have no idea what his agenda really is….of course we all know what he has stated as his agenda but actions do not bear out those statements.

I have been reading lots of sources to see if anyone has an idea of the direction our foreign policy will eventually lead…..these two sources that I felt I needed to share for those that are in the same state of confusion as me……

Tomorrow, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet face-to-face with President Trump for the first time, each to take the other’s measure. Mr. Trump has previously criticized Mrs. Merkel for her open-door immigration policy and, by implication in his criticism of NATO, for Germany’s paltry defe…

Source: Where’s the Trump Doctrine? | The American Spectator

Trump has forced many long time bureaucrats, those that actually know what is what, to resign or has fired outright.

The problem is that we have a civilian run government and Trump has replaced many of those civilians with generals……where will this lead?

Here we are, two months into the Trump Administration—that’s approaching 5 percent of his first term—and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis remains the only Trump-tapped Pentagon poobah.

He’s the lone confirmed civilian appointee inside the Defense Department, according to a nifty job tracker from the Washington Post and the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service that’s tracing 53 senior Pentagon positions.

The Army secretary is listed as “WITHDRAWAL PENDING” and the Navy secretary is branded “FAILED.” Last week, reports surfaced that Trump’s choice to oversee the Air Force is in trouble. Forty-eight of the 53 posts carry the label “NO NOMINEE.”

Source: Filling in the Blanks at Trump’s Pentagon | The National Interest Blog

How long can this country’s national security be held in balance without those people that keep it so?  People that have been trained and have the experience of moving through the wheels of government….there is a time when amateurs are not the best way forward…..

There is a good reason that civilians are needed in the mix for foreign policy…..military men were not trained to do so……they are trained for war not avoiding it.

According to retired Army colonel and bestselling author Andrew Bacevich, the American military is today being used to solve problems it was not designed to solve. Current U.S. foreign policy, he said, is “based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the efficacy of military power, particularly American military power,” which leads foreign-policy elites to select objectives that do not align with our frequently misunderstood strategic reality. As a result, Bacevich concludes, “we engage in wars that are unnecessary and counterproductive, notably in large parts of the Islamic world.”

Source: Why America’s Military Shouldn’t Be Managing International Affairs | The National Interest

I know Trump won the election….big f*cking deal!

He needs to buck up and do something to help secure our security and to sure up our foreign policy….slogans are NOT the answer.  Did you understand that?  Solutions need more than some cute slogan on a hat.