Food News For All

Enough with the politics of everything……why not lighten up the posts a bit?  After all the relaxation of the weekend is approaching…..

We Americans love our fads……fads in politics, entertainment, clothing and especially in our food….Kale comes to mind.

I use to have a food blog but it got no traffic and it was a waste of time so from time to time I will post on food…..I would give recipes but Americans would not know good food if it bit them in the ass…..Kale comes mind.

Me….I am a meat eater….I was born a predator…….and high on my list is steak…..a filet is best….no waste….and then second is a really good burger….meat bread little mayo and brown mustard….period.  The greens are for a salad…..Kale comes to mind.

But I read an article that made me step back and go eeewwww……..

A close look at ground beef reveals some pretty disturbing stuff, a Consumer Reports investigation found. Some 300 packages containing 458 pounds of ground beef were bought at stores of all kinds in 26 cities, and every single one “contained bacteria that signified fecal contamination,” per Consumer Reports. That’s more than just gross: It can cause serious illness when beef isn’t cooked to the recommended 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Any meat can make you sick if not cooked properly, Consumer Reports notes, but ground beef is especially risky because cows raised on crowded feedlots tend to have manure on their skin, which contains bacteria that can end up in the meat during processing—and bacteria from one cow can end up mixed with that of many other cows.

The testing also revealed antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in some of the meat, though they were a lot less prevalent in beef labeled “grass-fed organic,” which tended to have less bacteria overall. Experts advise consumers to buy sustainably raised beef when they can—and always make sure it’s cooked all the way through. “Remember, when it’s ground beef, you’re taking it and grinding the bacteria from the surface of the beef into it,” Consumer Reports‘ director for food safety tells CBS. “So unlike a steak, you’re really moving all that bacteria all around the beef. So it’s especially important for ground beef, to cook it to 160 degrees to be absolutely safe.”

EEEEEWWWW maybe….but will it stop me from my burger……NOT A CHANCE!  I cannot say the same for…….Kale.

Next up….are you a ketchup person?  Some people will put ketchup on just about everything….but it is not made for that….Kale comes to mind.

But there seems to be a controversy brewing in Israel…..and it has nothing to do with the Palestinians…..or even Kale for that matter……

The iconic Heinz tomato ketchup will no longer be called ketchup in Israel after the Ministry of Health there ruled that the product did not contain enough tomato solids to be classified as ketchup.

Instead, it will move a step lower and be sold as tomato seasoning, Ynet News reported, according to the Times of Israel. The ruling however will only affect the Hebrew label version, the newspaper said.

Israeli trade standards require ketchup products to have at least 41% tomato concentrate. Heinz’s competitor in Israel, Osem tested its ketchup and alleged that it contained only 21% concentrate.

The newspaper said the ruling by the ministry was the result of a lobbying campaign by Osem, which controls about two-thirds of the market for ketchup in the country.

In a letter sent to retailers in January, Osem claimed that tests of Heinz ketchup found it only contained 21% tomato concentrate instead of the 61% advertised.

I think it is more to this than the paste content.

I think it is a shot at the Obama administration because it is not as warm to Israel as they would like them to be.

Why do I think this?

You see Obama’s SecState is John Kerry whose wife is a Heinz from the family that the ketchup is named for……come one….Israel could not be that petty, right?  If you think that then you do not know as much as you think about Israel.

So the next time you are in Israel and want some fries (chips) do not forget to ask for “tomato seasoning” if you want the good stuff.

A final thought….is it ketchup or catsup?

Bon Apetite!

Now go and enjoy the start of your weekend….


15 thoughts on “Food News For All

  1. As a retired chef myself, I do know of one good recipe with kale in it; it’s a hearty beef stew, with beef, potatoes, carrots, and the addition of kale, for the high mineral & vitamin content…. It’s not bad if you devein the worst big pieces of kale, and cook it forfuckingever… A bit of a metallic taste, but, with a good cut of meat, not bad…

    As for the ketchup; the only time I use it is to make fake instant 1000 Island dressing when I’m in a hurry, so, who gives a …. what either Kerry, or the Israelis call it!…. LOL…. Just kidding…. sort of. It;s all too typically petty… and not just the Israelis….



      1. I get it; everybody’s chemistry is different. I get a metallic tinge from kale, but, it’s like many foods. A little goes a long way, and most cooks overuse it, whereupon the taste becomes overpowering of whatever it is with…. lightly, lightly is the key with kale…

        Unless its used as garnish; the whole leaf is very pretty as the base of a serving tray with colorful canapes…

        NOT to be eaten raw, for any reason. Tastes like, as you say, and tough as cabbage.

        I’m not fond of it; it’s just useful… and, healthy if taken correctly.

        I like food…. if you couldn’t tell.


      2. Right….kale can be done when picked fresh and it is the best when lightly cooked with a gentle hand.
        if ya know wot I mean…l.

    1. You call yourself a chef ?
      I’ll give you a dressing….ggrrrrr
      A dressing down, more like…….. ggrrrrrrrrrrr

      1. I do… as noted, chemistry, and taste, differs among humans… There is also a possibility we call different plants ‘kale’ than the old country…. If you like kale, I can make it for you, & I’ll even try it your way… Always willing to learn new ways to cook…


  2. If you think beef is a bad ass for bacteria, you ought to read some of the stuff about chicken and it’s abilities to kill people with salmonella.

    Now if all our food is as dangerous as we are led to believe, imagine what it will be like when we start depending on imports where inspection standards are often totally lacking and where farm-raised fish are often raised in water crammed with human waste and heavy metals …..etc., etc., etc.,

    It’s a wonder any of us make it through this world alive.

    You want to survive your contaminated food? Buy a home detection kit and failing that make sure to cook everything thoroughly before eating it.

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