Humor That Was The “Red Wave”

I admit it I was on the side that the Dems would f*ck up a wet dream and lose their control of Congress….although the final count is not in it seems they may just squeak by with a win…..

The publication, The Week, has put together the best cartoons about the non-existent ‘Red Wave’…..

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Did the American choose the country over some aging personality?

We still wait for the announcement of the control of the House….and we wait.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


What Is An Arab?

Most Americans have a very simplistic idea of what an Arab is all about…..

A friend (electronically) from Lebanon sent me this cartoon via Twitter and it sums up what Americans think when they hear the word ARAB……most people have this caricature of what an Arab is….

My friend added to the ‘toon…”and the wife is in the kitchen”……

Being “Arab” is more complex than the limited knowledge of most Westerners have….which according to them makes them an “expert”…..

Nothing about the ‘toon is accurate……but why let accuracy get in the way of hatred?

Let’s Be Absurd

None of us like to be told what to do by the government…..but then there are those people that will allow it as long as it does not pertain to their lives….

We are having a debate over where someone pees… thought is how will you determine if the person belongs there or not….the only way to do that is by becoming a peeping Tom or the person walks in with genitals a in hand and announces they are there….to me this is a silly debate to be wasting our time on…..

Then there are the people that are pissed about a gay person wanting a cake, among other services,

More than 30 ministers from around the state and nation published an open letter Monday saying the so-called “religious freedom” law goes against Christian teachings to love and respect all people. The group joins major businesses, human rights groups and legal experts in opposing the incoming law, which they say discriminates against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The law lets churches and some private businesses deny services to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people because of religious beliefs. It’s similar to one vetoed by Georgia’s governor in late March. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed the measure into law earlier this month.

Supporters of the law include the American Family Association and the Southern Baptist Convention. They say it protects those who decline services to people whose lifestyles violate religious beliefs that marriage should only be between a man and a woman; that sexual relations should only take place inside such marriages, and that a person’s sex is determined at birth and is unchangeable.

Another Southern state has passed another law……this one centers around therapists but I am sure that it will be expanded……

Mental health therapists and counselors in Tennessee can now turn away gay patients or others whose “goals, outcomes, or behaviors” conflict with their “sincerely held beliefs.” Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed Bill 1556 into law on Wednesday, saying it doesn’t “address a group, issue, or belief system,” though opponents say it’s a troubling attack on gay rights, CNN reports. The bill was created in response to the American Counseling Association’s 2014 change to its ethics code, which required counselors to avoid imposing their own values on clients, the Tennessean reports.

The ACA says the Tennessee legislation, which is the only such law in the country, is an “unprecedented attack” on the profession, the AP reports. ACA spokesman Art Terrazas says the group is “extremely disappointed” that Haslam has ignored the backlash to similar “religious freedom” bills in states like Georgia “and has elected to sign this dangerous bill into law. Plain and simple, this bill codifies discrimination.” The final version of the bill removed references to religion and added requirements for therapists to treat people who are in immediate danger of harming themselves or others, and to refer rejected clients to other therapists or counselors

All this is just absurd….I mean one goes into business to sell services and make money….but yet some money is different from other money?  And then when people retaliate with a boycott these same people start whining about the loss of business.

We got rid of one form of segregation (sort of) and replaced it with another…..where will this type of pure CRAP end?

Maybe this cartoon will show you…….the path of absurdity.

Oh wait there is even more of this conservative absurdities.

Being a single mom in Springfield, Illinois could get a little more difficult if certain GOP lawmakers get their way.

According to the proposed bill HB6064 filed last week by Reps John D. Cavaletto and Keith Wheeler, if a father is not listed on a newborn child’s birth certificate, the birth certificate will not be issued for the child and any future financial assistance will be denied.

Where do these mental midgets draw the line?

What the Hell will be next for the slugs of the American political system?

Can You Explain The Media?

I have not had much good to say about our MSM….personally, I would trust a 5 year old at the playground for more accurate information……with that said I saw a good cartoon on Twitter and just had to grab it….it explains a lot….at least to me.


Works for me… about you?

Who’s Gonna Beat Trump?

I would like to apologize to my readers for my absence on Sunday….I was having a major internet problem that lasted most of the day……I normally only post one article on weekends so I can spend time with family….but I do check IST and respond to comments…..could not do so yesterday…..just wanted to let everyone know what was what…….now let’s get busy!

Who won the Oscars?  DON’T tell me I really could care less!

I see the media is gleeful that Clinton won big in South Carolina……today they will start their assault on Bernie…..they will be selling him short at every opportunity……

This is not something important……but a goddamn good cartoon….my readers know that I am supporter of Bernie…….I just felt that this was a humorous ‘toon and wanted to share it to start a new week……..


Tomorrow will be a big day for the media….Super Tuesday……prepare yourself for the puke-fest.

Corporate News

It is NO secret that I think that the MSM…….. all news organizations…….. no longer report the news but rather the mundane crap that has no informative content to it… feeling is that these institutions are nothing more than the extension of the greed of the upper class…..that the “news” is more propaganda than news……and that it is a brilliant technique to control what the people are thinking and believing…..


Sadly the American people cannot be bothered to try and learn the truth of a situation instead they defer to hacks and liars for their “news”……I would say that it is corporate money well spent….how about you?


I was planning to avoid this latest gimmick by those idiots in the Tea Party……but since NO one will ignore these twats I might as well join in……..

By now the whole country has heard or see or read about the militia stand-off in Oregon… I can deduce is that they are worried about the Constitution…..and yet I have heard NOTHING rational that would explain their fear….have you?

Personally, the fear I have is morons taking their grievances to an armed level……for years we were warned about blacks with guns and then the Hispanics with guns….but so far these idiots are the only ones that have threatened then acted on any violence…….

Yep there is a history lesson in all of this…..

Think Shay’s Rebellion (1786)……Traditionally depicted as a revolt of poor farmers embittered by land seizures and bankruptcies, recent research into the lives of Shays Rebellion’s participants suggests that Shaysites came from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, and from different professions and states.   Research shows that the Shaysites’ grievances extended beyond the specifics of Massachusetts’ economic situation to issues like: rule by a faraway elite; cronyism and corruption in government; and regressive tax policy……sound familiar?

Can you recall what happened in that “Rebellion”?

Think about it and think about this…….


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The government will handle this situation with kid gloves…..they have a rep to live down….think Ruby Ridge and Waco……this cowboy mentality is a dead issue for a society of laws…..


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Your Illusion Of Choice

Readers know what I think of the MSM…..that it controls every aspect of our lives….instead of news it force feeds its consumers with speculation and sensationalism…….

So the question is……do we as consumers of news have a real choice?


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Reporters no longer search for the truth in the news……the best we can say is that they are mercenary….sell themselves to the highest bidder…….

Can you dig it?