There is only so much silliness that I can read before I have to break down and call a moron a moron….this time it is the loud mouth Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas…..

He is all butt hurt because the Capital bureaucracy told him he cannot BBQ his “world famous” ribs (his claim not mine)……

Congress last week finally turned to something genuinely important, when Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas blistered the Architect of the Capitol, the caretaker of the government’s buildings on Capitol Hill, for interfering with the preparation of his barbecued ribs.

Getting in the way of authentic barbecue is a crime for which there is no forgiveness. It’s a crime almost as heinous as serving fraudulent barbecue, of which there is, alas, no shortage.

Mr. Gohmert represents a district in East Texas which should give him an understanding of the real thing. When the wind is up and blowing from the east, hickory smoke from Arkansas and Louisiana sometimes reaches Longview, Gladewater and even Gun Barrel City. The deeper a hungry man travels into Texas, however, the greater the risk of ordering barbecue and getting smoked beef, which can be delicious but is not, strictly speaking, barbecue. Only the noble pig, after spending 24 to 36 hours in the smoke house, is the stuff of authentic barbecue.

Source: Capitol bureaucracy interferes with Louie Gohmert’s barbecue ribs – Washington Times

He went running to Paul Ryan with the bottom lip sticking out to make the “bad man” let him burn some meat….

This is why our Congress is about as worthless as tits on a bull……they pick their fights over stupid shit that has NOTHING to do with governing this country.

Here is an idea…..since Congress only works about 150 days a year then let him burn his meat back home on his own time…

This is why this country is so screwed up….we elect screaming morons to run the country…..if he, Gohmert, wants to be a “chef” then go on TV or open a restaurant….if not then let pros do the work of burning meat and he stick to the art of governing….if he knows how (to me…that is debatable)…..

Should We Rid Our Society Of The Electoral College?

The short answer for me is…..YES!

I was recently contacted about writing some articles about the electoral college…I originally declined since I am not an expert on the subject….but the more I thought about it I decided that something needs to be done…..

Apparently Trump won the electoral college and Clinton won the popular vote by some 1+ million votes…..with that has come the call for the elimination of the electoral college…..

Every four years, the Electoral College creeps back into the lives of American voters. In some presidential elections, the strange, indirect system used to select the next U.S. president can feel like a formality that doesn’t seem to matter much.

In other elections, it matters very much indeed. This is one of those years.

On Nov. 8, Donald Trump surpassed the necessary electoral votes to become the nation’s president-elect. But if you look at the popular vote, which is the direct number of votes cast, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by about 1 million votes.

Source: Critics Work To Get Rid Of The Electoral College : NPR

I am sure that the Trump supporters will be fine with the results…but would they if the shoe was on the other foot…..more stuff about a “rigged election” would be flying all over the internet, especially those blogs.

Personally, I have written several times during several elections that the college needs to go away and that the popular vote should be the only decider of an election…..

I have a couple of reasons….why I do not like the electoral college…..

1. The person a majority of Americans favor may not win.
Certain smaller states have a larger percentage of Electoral College votes than their percentage of population of the United States. This is because the minimum number of Electoral College votes for a state is three. Some consider this to not be democratic.

2. It’s complicated and dissuades people from voting.
A popular vote is a simple majority, but the Electoral College consists of redistributing votes every 10 years because of population changes and electing delegates. There are many more steps involved, which may give citizens the feeling that their vote does not matter, encouraging them to stay home instead of visiting the ballot box on election days, according to the U.S. Election Atlas.

3. Small states and swing states get more power.
One man does not equal one vote. California’s 55 Electoral College votes mean there are 705,454 people per vote while there are only 194,717 people for each of Wyoming’s three electoral votes.

I believe that the electoral college cheats democracy completely……

The election commentary now filling the Internet seems distinctly out of touch. Many analysts are castigating Hillary Clinton for all the things she did wrong, her failure to connect with white workers in the Rust Belt, her inability to sufficiently rally blacks, and so on. Or they’re criticizing the American people for falling for a racist, sexist know-nothing like Donald Trump.

But these critics are ignoring the elephant in the parlor. The simple fact is that Americans didn’t elect Trump. An ancient relic known as the Electoral College did. For better or worse, a plurality of the people voted for Hillary Clinton.

Source: How Electoral College Cheats Democracy – Consortiumnews

My dislike has nothing to do with this election…..(contrary to popular belief….I did not care who won the damn thing….NOTHING was gonna change) I have been a verbal critic for decades….only difference now is that people are starting to see what I have been preaching about and have seen the need to eliminate this dinosaur from the 18th century.

Please bear with me….there is one more piece I need to write in this mini-series and it will be done and you can think about who is going to win “Dancing With The Stars”…..

Is The Constitution Our National Strategy?

This is a great question.

Ever election has in it several parts but the one part that seem to get the most lip service is the US Constitution.

There are attacks almost daily in our daily lives and yet it has survived…even with all the debate on its content…..

Our new president might do well to get a cram course in the Constitution before he takes office…..that would be best for him…that is if he truly wants what is best for all Americans.  (I will gladly send him my leather bound copy of the document if he would like)

There is an interesting op-ed in the Washington Times…….

Contrary to conventional wisdom (which is invariably wrong), the United States Constitution is the nation’s strategy for greatness. The strategy entails invincible self-defense; peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations; and, entangling alliances with none.

At present, that strategy means returning our troops stationed abroad back to the United States to defend we the people, not foreigners whose loyalties lie elsewhere. It means repositioning all of our air and naval forces to defend we the people, not foreigners whose loyalties lie elsewhere. It means devoting our cyber warfare capabilities to defending we the people, not foreigners whose loyalties lie elsewhere. And it means renouncing all of our treaty commitments to defend other nations militarily without congressional declarations of war.

Source: The Constitution is our national strategy – Washington Times

My thought is if one does not want to live by the Constitution then call for a convention and change it….if not then shut up and live within its parameters.  It is that simple…even a Trump supporter could understand it.

The “Opiate Of The Masses”

My Saturday begins and I bet you think you will get some diatribe on Marxism….if so then you are WRONG!

But if you truly would like a lesson in Marxism I will gladly help out…..(pause here for reply)….I thought so…..

We begin the month of December….with all its Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays and all the sales and deals on the run up to Christmas….and every year Americans spend more and more on these “deals” and gifts….why?

I am glad you asked….I have written about this phenom in the past……

I have written about our addictions in the past….our addiction to drugs or the addiction to war…..but our real addiction is……. consumerism….

Whatchu talking about professor?

You Are An ADDICT!

Source: The Real American Addiction – In Saner Thought

We as a society are truly addicted too consumerism…..why else would we stand in line to buy a phone that has NO new features?

American consumers have learned NOTHING from the screwing they took in 2008.

That is it for today…I have a tangerine crop that needs pulling…..go out and enjoy your day…..

What Is ‘Ethno-Nationalism’?

For at least a decade there have been accusations thrown around by the two so-called parties about each others agendas…..on the Right they seem to prefer the term “socialist” without knowing exactly what a socialist is all about…..and then on the Left they want to use the term “racist” or Fascist”……In my opinion both are wrong….so wrong….

After his election, Trump made his campaign dude, Bannon, his adviser….which was a smart move for the position does not need Congressional confirmation…..but once he was named the terms started flying around like flies on a turd.

This article appears in The American Conservative (yes I read that publication….surprise….surprise)…..

According to recent reports in the mainstream media, Steve Bannon is a supporter of “ethno-nationalism,” and that is scary. It is also, since everything the left doesn’t like is slapped with this label, “racist.” Sometimes, the word “white” is thrown in the mix of charges to make them extra scary, as in this tweet from the Southern Poverty Law Center. (If Bannon is a “white nationalist,” what work is “ethno” doing in that tweet? Or if he is really an “ethno-nationalist,” why is “white” thrown in except as a propaganda technique?)

To make their point, people are citing quotes from Bannon like this one: “‘When two-thirds or three-quarters of the C.E.O.s in Silicon Valley are from South Asia or from Asia, I think …’ he said, trailing off midsentence before continuing a moment later, ‘a country is more than an economy. We’re a civic society.’”

Source: What Is ‘Ethno-Nationalism’? | The American Conservative

I am not sure that I will agree with their conclusions but I felt that they needed some exposure… still sounds like a code word to me…

If I had heard this piece on audio only I would have sworn that was a piece by Pat Buchanan.

Below is an op-ed, not mine, on some afterthoughts of the Trump victory….

I was in the lobby of a theatre this week after the election, having an honest talk about Donald Trump. A lady came over to me and my friends and whispered, “keep your voice down or you’ll get arrested.” I told her she was being ridiculous and she responded that we all had to be careful. He would arrest his critics. I understand some people are upset. I’m upset. But paranoia leads to isolation. The worst thing we can do is silence ourselves, to act as if the danger is worse than it is. There are real problems. Let’s not pretend to have problems that don’t exist.

So what is the situation that shows itself in the election of Donald Trump?

Source: What Comes After Denial? Thoughts on Donald Trump’s Movement – Amor Mundi – Medium

Why A Professor Watchlist?

In recent news I have seen a disturbing trend starting…and as usual the MSM sees little entertainment value in covering such news…..

It appears that some of the more autocratic conservatives have started a “professor watchlist”….they are afraid of anyone teaching some liberal views to students.

I think this is a dangerous trend in learning….my students are given both sides of a subject, when acceptable, and they make up their own minds….these rabid d/bags want to teach their brand of history, et al…..

Kinda reminds me of a couple of situations in history….1920’s Italy and 1930’s Germany…to me…it is not a rounded education if only one side or idea is taught.

This is an op-ed by a professor about this invasion of “free thought”…..

From a “critique” of my work on the recently launched website Professor Watchlist, I learned that I’m a threat to my students for contending that we won’t end men’s violence against women “if we do not address the toxic notions about masculinity in patriarchy … rooted in control, conquest, aggression.”

Source: Why Professor Watchlist Gets My Teaching Values Completely Wrong | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

This effort is just plain WRONG!  If you believe in a complete education then you should fight this type of slander tooth and nail….or just sit back and see what this will bring….that was done before and ended badly.


Closing Thought–01Dec16

As December begins and Trump is putting together his cabinet…one thing jumps out…..Americans will be attacked on many fronts….health care, education, and quote possibly veterans……his appointees do not fill me with optimism…..

On to “Fake News”……

The “news” has been flooded with stories on the “fake” news that was used during the past election….I wrote a piece as a Closing Thought…..

Media distrust and Fake News…… This past election illustrated just how much social media can play in the election of a president…. Take Facebook for instance…..on a personal…

Source: Closing Thought–18Nov16 – In Saner Thought

Since I wrote that op-ed 10 days ago….more news about the fakes has been published….

No one outside of a few obsessed cranks would’ve noticed it if the Washington Post hadn’t given it front page prominence last week: a formerly obscure web site,, which purports to identify a “Russian active measures” campaign with some very specific goals in mind As Post “reporter” Craig Timberg put it:

“The flood of ‘fake news’ this election season got support from a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign that created and spread misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton, helping Republican Donald Trump and undermining faith in American democracy, say independent researchers who tracked the operation.”

Source: The Witch-Hunters – Original by —

The WaPo is not a site that I use much…..I do not trust them or the NYTimes….too corporate and too much propaganda for the government there.

My friends at the American Conservative have weighed in on this developing story……

“Fake stories” are in the news. The narrative goes something like this: fabricated accounts that misrepresent “the truth” are proliferating on the internet, and once they appear on a social networking site, they are frequently spread far and wide, often doing serious damage along the way to whatever or whomever was the target of the initial posting. Reportedly, Google and Facebook are now alert to the problem and doing their best to monitor and eliminate such material. How exactly that will work is not yet clear, as it would be blatant censorship, and the relative openness of the internet is a major part of its appeal.

Source: The Fake News Fake Story | The American Conservative

In my opinion a lot of the news in the MSM is fake news……and it is just now coming to light….for whatever reason.

There has been a shit storm about the “fake news” around this past election.

There are many opinions on who, what, where and how.

Below is an opinion piece on the situation…..

Consider for a moment the oxymoronic concept of “fake news,” which we have been hearing so much about lately. This isn’t your typical disinformation or misinformation — generated by the government, or foreign adversaries, or corporations — to advance an agenda by confusing the public. It isn’t even the familiar dystopian idea of manipulated fact designed to keep people lobotomized and malleable in some post-human autocracy. Those scenarios assume at least an underlying truth against which nefarious forces can take aim.

Fake news is different. It is an assault on the very principle of truth itself: a way to upend the reference points by which mankind has long operated. You could say, without exaggeration, that fake news is actually an attempt to reverse the Enlightenment. And because a democracy relies on truth — which is why dystopian writers have always described how future oligarchs need to undermine it — fake news is an assault on democracy as well.

Source: Who’s Really to Blame for Fake News? Look in the Mirror, America. | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

That is about enough on this subject….I mean really….NO one cares…now do they?