The Federalists’ Revenge

It is common knowledge that I am a bit of a history nut (some say that is an understatement)…..I have been writing for years about the early days of this republic and why certain things were done… the Bill of Rights it was an add on to the Constitution……I focused one such paper on the 2nd amendment….

Source: Why The 2nd? – In Saner Thought

But like my paper their was much debate on the Constitution….the pros and cons…..this was the birth of the state’s rights movement from the anti-Federalist… case you have forgotten about this valuable debate then I give you the two sources so you can see the debate and how valuable it was…..

Source: The Complete Federalist Papers < 1786-1800 < Documents < American History From Revolution To Reconstruction and beyond

And the opposition……

Source: The Anti-Federalist Papers < 1786-1800 < Documents < American History From Revolution To Reconstruction and beyond

I read an interesting article on the subject recently printed in the American Conservative……

America’s Counter-Revolution, dedicated “To the constitutionalists of all parties,” gives new meaning to the word pithy. In 20 short chapters (most of which were previously columns in the Freeman and elsewhere) Sheldon Richman achieves a remarkable thematic coherence, giving the reader a nice window into American constitutional argument and thus into American history.

Building on Arthur E. Ekirch’s Decline of American Liberalism (1955), Richman concludes that the Federalists gave America a vague constitution having the appearance of limited powers but marred by implied ones: a “living constitution” for conservative nationalists. The Federalists, recall, set imperial greatness above liberty and thought real limits on power “impossible”; so-called Anti-Federalists opposed the rule of self-nominated aristocrats and believed in dispersed power.

Source: The Federalists’ Revenge | The American Conservative

This is what is missing today there is NO political discourse….instead we get name calling, platitudes, slogans and one liners…..until we learn to return to the days of political debate this country cannot move forward….NO matter who gets elected or which worthless party is in power.

But apparently this is what the voting public wants…….we keep making the same mistake election after election and we pretend it is because we are angry……anger and ignorance are not the same thing….

No New Deal!

We hear a lot these days about the need for a “New Deal” to bring this economy back into some sort of balance…..we need good paying jobs and new industries that will return this country back to prominence….

But I disagree with that assertion….what we need is a new economic way of thinking…..the days of the 1930’s is dead and gone…..time to think of new ways to do the same thing…..

I do not understand the thinking by some in this country…..they seem to hold a grudge against poor people…..not something you would expect from a supposed “Christian” nation…..

Time to re-think our options……

Forget the New Deal, the 21st century needs a new global model of balanced growth based on cooperative economics.

In today’s global economy, neoliberalism reigns supreme, organized labor is in deep retreat and public debt has shot through the roof. In the face of these crises, is a global 21st century remaking of the 1930s-era New Deal what people on the left should be fighting for?

Contemporary progressive parties, such as Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain, have rallied around the idea of a “new New Deal,” while the European Citizen’s Initiative for a “New Deal 4 Europe” appears to have the backing of both Labor and Green party leaders in several European countries. In the US, Bernie Sanders has also been a strong advocate of this idea as the way out of our troubles.

Source: The 21st Century Doesn’t Need a New Deal — It Needs a New Economic Model

We need more than some neoliberal rehash of the New Deal of FDR.  The US needs a whole new economic model that pits jobs and output over profits.

The race to profits is what has turned the US economy into one similar to some Third World countries…..few at the top and corruption so they can stay at the top……

There can be successful workers as well as successful owners….but not in the model that the two candidates want to preserve.

Time for the American people to start thinking for themselves and ignore party politics……what is best for them and their family.

It Is Always About The Money

Life is strange…but there is one constant…..the pursuit of money……we start wars because of it…..we run for office to gain access to it…..we write books in search of fame and fortune……and that is where I pick up with the news….

A former Navy SEAL who wrote about taking part in the mission that killed Osama bin Laden will have to pay all current and future profits from the book—and possible movie rights—to the government, the AP reports. It’s an amount already exceeding $6.6 million. In addition, Matt Bissonnette, who wrote No Easy Day under a pseudonym in 2012, will have to pay the government $1.3 million to cover its legal fees, according to ABC News. Bissonnette was in trouble for violating non-disclosure agreements he signed when he was a Navy SEAL and not clearing the book with the Defense Department before publishing it. Bissonnette signed the settlement Friday.

As part of the settlement, Bissonnette agreed to make a formal apology. “I acted on the advice of my former attorney, but I now fully recognize that his advice was wrong,” NPR quotes Bissonnette as saying. “It was a serious error that I urge others not to repeat.” In return, the government dismissed other claims against Bissonnette. It also stated what happened “does not discredit Mr. Bissonnette’s military service.” Bissonnette has four years to pay off most of the more than $6.6 million he currently owes the government. But he only has 30 days to pay the government $100,000 he made giving presentations on his experiences.

This douche broke protocol and gets a slap on the wrist……

There are some things that are done by the military that the public just does not need to know… of this situation are apparently still classified…..if that is the case then this is treason and should be punished accordingly.

When I left the military I had to sign the same document….apparently it is not as important as it was in my day….for it was a mandatory jail time and a fine…….

Apparently the lure of lots of cash will make some do anything to achieve it….

I do NOT care who this person is or what he says he has done………This dick should be in prison and ALL cash confiscated.


Round Up Those Muslims

It is Monday and I return to my normal posting schedule….who shall we piss off today?

I do so enjoy throwing a little history at those toads on the Right….a subject that they refuse to acknowledge….they are usually way too busy hating someone to even consider a historical perspective……

You would think that this post will be about the mindless dribble uttered by GOP nominee for president, Donald J. Trump, right?

As usual the nose picking ass scratching pinheads would be not only mistaken…… but dead wrong.

Mr. Trump is not regurgitating something new….oh no… was a plan back in the good old days of the GOP’s God like creature, Ronald Reagan…..

In the ’80s, fear of terror led the government to consider something far more extreme than Donald Trump’s ban.

In the early morning hours of January 26, 1987, federal agents across Los Angeles charged into the homes of seven men and one woman and led them away in handcuffs. More than 100 law enforcement officers—city, state and federal—were involved. “War on Terrorism Hits LA,” read the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.

The defendants were all pro-Palestinian activists, but it wasn’t clear what they’d been arrested for. Soon the government conceded it would not introduce criminal charges, instead seeking to deport the group by alleging material support to a communist organization—an ancient Red Scare statute that would soon be declared unconstitutional. The case quickly became a mess, and in the end, 20 years of legal wrangling would pass before a judge would call the case “an embarrassment to the rule of law.” But in the first days of the defense, the lawyers for the men who would become known as the LA Eight were turning over a greater puzzle: why their clients had been targeted in the first place.

Source: The Forgotten Government Plan to Round Up Muslims – POLITICO Magazine

To me it is humorous to listen to so-called “establishment” Repubs condemn Trump for what he has said about banning Muslims or deporting them….

This is NOTHING new for the GOP….and Trump’s proposal is pale in comparison to the Reagan plan…..

Amusing how soon the forget or should I say TRY to forget their stupidity of the past.  But maybe if we had taken Reagan’s plan to heart we would not be having all these problems today. (wink wink)

Reading Is Fundamental

Another Sunday and I would like to post about a subject that is dear to me…..books and reading.

As I grew up my mother and the family made it clear that the only way to move forward in life is with a good education…..After high school I decided to enter the US Army….my mother was disappointed because she wanted me to go to college…..after Vietnam I took my GI Bill and went to and finished college….everyone in the family was proud and happy, especially my mother…..

I gave my daughter a desire for knowledge and she reads constantly and my granddaughter has the desire also even in this age of electronics.

But then it became some sort of anti-American position to be educated…..we are called “apologist” “bleeding hearts” “elitists”….I find the disturbing….because look at any rise to power of a dictator and what are the first people they take out…..the educated……and intellectuals.  I find it disturbing when an education is a minus in society…..but I kinda expect it now that expanding your knowledge is looked down on by some.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  Franklin

“My Alma mater was books, a good library… I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.”  Malcolm X
“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”  Locke
“A closed mind is a dead mind”  GW Watkins

But enough of that……I read about two books a week…no fiction…I have NO time for bullshit…….but now I am told that reading is a good thing…..

Reading books does more than ward off dementia: It also increases your lifespan, according to Yale researchers. In fact, the more time a person spends reading, the less likely they are to die. Researchers asked 3,635 people over 50 about their reading habits, then checked back in after 12 years. They found reading books for up to 3.5 hours per week—or an average of 30 minutes per day—lowered a person’s risk of death by 17%, reports the New York Times. People who read books for more than 3.5 hours per week enjoyed a 23% lower risk of death. Researchers say books encourage “cognitive engagement” and “promote empathy, social perception, and emotional intelligence, which are cognitive processes that can lead to greater survival,” per the Guardian.

People who read newspapers and magazines also had a “survival advantage” over people who didn’t read at all, but it was significantly less than with book readers, who were predominantly female, college-educated, and earning a high income. “Books engage the reader’s mind more—providing more cognitive benefit, and therefore increasing the lifespan,” a researcher explains. Overall, 33% of non-readers died after 12 years, compared to 27% of book readers. Book readers also lived two years longer than non-readers on average. “These findings suggest that the benefits of reading books include a longer life in which to read them,” researchers say, per UPI, urging people to pick up a book rather than the remote. (This generation is said to read the most.)

Maybe I will start a podcast….Breakfast And a Book……whatcha think?

Maybe all these mentally challenged conspiracy theorists should try reading a book….they might learn something……but somehow I do not think that is their desire….do you?

Enjoy your day my friends and I will return tomorrow to keep you thinking…..

Relying on Millions of Dollars in Food Stamps

How many times have you read something by the nose picking bunch on the Right that makes you feel dirty?  Well….most of it……..

Mostly they go on and on about all those people that are looking for hand-outs…all the freebies the government has to offer….it really gets their goat when a poor family needs food stamps just to feed their children….and of course they say if they weren’t so damn lazy then they would have a good job and not need any government help….ever read this ranting crap?

Remember an attack on one is an attack on all…….

I cannot wait to hear what moronic excuse they have for not showing any interest in this story….

The Department of Defense has shown little concern about food security among active-duty military personnel.

Military service members on active duty spent $24 million in food stamps at military commissary shops from September 2014 to August 2015, and 45 percent of students in schools run by the military are eligible for free or reduced-price meal programs.

For years, the military has been embarrassed by reports showing that some active-duty service members struggle to feed their families and use government benefits to get by. A recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the Department of Defense (DoD) does not fully understand the scope of the problem.

Source: US Soldiers Are Relying on Millions of Dollars in Food Stamps to Survive

Well what does the “Patriotic Right” have to say about this?

I realize that the troops are only important at rally times or during some holiday in their honor…..

We ask out troops to “defend” this country with their lives and yet we cannot see that their families do not have to depend on food stamps to feed their children…..kinda pathetic.

But what can you expect from a country where 98% has no idea what it means to serve?

Our troops and vets deserve so much more than this country is willing to give them and yet their fate depends on the cowards that hide behind them….the American way!

Is Populism is Here to Stay?

This election cycle has seen the rise of a more populist attitude of the American people….Sanders popularity and the nomination of Trump illustrate just hoe deep the ideology runs….

Clinton is the nominee that is more establishment than she would like to admit…..but Trump has tapped into the resentment of the American Right….if he is not successful in defeating Clinton…the question is ….will this populism remain?

The neoliberal consensus that has dominated the globe for the past 40 years is collapsing. As the old dies, two forms of populism are rising in its wake. What are progressives and those of us on the left to do?

Last week was a bad one for Donald Trump. While the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign feeds on media scandals, the last few days have been over the top: fights with the family of a slain Muslim American soldier and top Republican leadership, potential leaks of top-secret information, even removing babies and silent protesters holding up copies of the U.S. Constitution from his rallies.

Pair that with plummeting poll numbers and a series of high-profile defections – including that of Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins late Monday – and some liberal commentators have predicted the full-scale implosion of Trump’s campaign. Others have been speculating that Trump may drop out of the race, and some Republicans have called on him to do just that.

Source: Whatever Happens to Trump in November, Populism is Here to Stay

Do you, my reader, think that this rise in populism is here to stay or even if it is a good thing for the country?  Or is it just a phenom for this election?