Is There a 5th Estate?

We have heard all about the 5th column….those traitors that will work behind the scenes to destroy a state and its apparatus…..all those communist agents in the Us back in the 50’s and ’60’s……

Now that communism is dead what are the chances that there are those people working against the country’s best interests….is there any danger?

The questions is… there a 5th estate?

First we have the 3 major estates….the 3 branches of government and then there is the 4th estate, the media…..let me explain a bit better…..

The fourth estate is a term that positions the press (newspapers) as a fourth branch of government and one that is important to a functioning democracy.

The phrase is attributed to Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797), a British politician, as quoted in Thomas Carlyle’s book, “Heros and Hero Worship in History” (1841):

Burke said that there were three Estates in Parliament, but in the Reporters Gallery yonder, there sat a fourth Estate more important far than they all.

We have our 4 estates….is it possible that there could be a 5th estate?

The Constitution provides for three branches of government: the executive, Congress, and the judiciary – but there have been a few additions lately. With the rise of mass communications, common parlance has designated the media as the “Fourth Estate,” because – in theory – it is supposed to act as a “watchdog” on the activities of the other three. (Although in practice, as we have seen, it often doesn’t work out that way.) And as America entered the age of empire, stepping out on the world stage and exerting its power, a development the Founders foresaw – and greatly feared – became a reality: the rise of foreign lobbyists, i.e. the Fifth Estate, as a power in our domestic politics.

Source: The Fifth Estate: Foreign Lobbyists – Original by —

Lobbyists have an inordinate amount of influence over our political process…..and now thanx to the foreign powers of wealth….they are starting to determine what is best for this country through their influence over the legislative process.

Most Americans seem to think that they have some say on the process….while they do vote but it is only “gimme” so that the real power can go on unimpeded.

But don’t worry about that…..worry about those damn things that are in the media… is just easier that way.

Let’s Be Absurd

None of us like to be told what to do by the government…..but then there are those people that will allow it as long as it does not pertain to their lives….

We are having a debate over where someone pees… thought is how will you determine if the person belongs there or not….the only way to do that is by becoming a peeping Tom or the person walks in with genitals a in hand and announces they are there….to me this is a silly debate to be wasting our time on…..

Then there are the people that are pissed about a gay person wanting a cake, among other services,

More than 30 ministers from around the state and nation published an open letter Monday saying the so-called “religious freedom” law goes against Christian teachings to love and respect all people. The group joins major businesses, human rights groups and legal experts in opposing the incoming law, which they say discriminates against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The law lets churches and some private businesses deny services to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people because of religious beliefs. It’s similar to one vetoed by Georgia’s governor in late March. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed the measure into law earlier this month.

Supporters of the law include the American Family Association and the Southern Baptist Convention. They say it protects those who decline services to people whose lifestyles violate religious beliefs that marriage should only be between a man and a woman; that sexual relations should only take place inside such marriages, and that a person’s sex is determined at birth and is unchangeable.

Another Southern state has passed another law……this one centers around therapists but I am sure that it will be expanded……

Mental health therapists and counselors in Tennessee can now turn away gay patients or others whose “goals, outcomes, or behaviors” conflict with their “sincerely held beliefs.” Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed Bill 1556 into law on Wednesday, saying it doesn’t “address a group, issue, or belief system,” though opponents say it’s a troubling attack on gay rights, CNN reports. The bill was created in response to the American Counseling Association’s 2014 change to its ethics code, which required counselors to avoid imposing their own values on clients, the Tennessean reports.

The ACA says the Tennessee legislation, which is the only such law in the country, is an “unprecedented attack” on the profession, the AP reports. ACA spokesman Art Terrazas says the group is “extremely disappointed” that Haslam has ignored the backlash to similar “religious freedom” bills in states like Georgia “and has elected to sign this dangerous bill into law. Plain and simple, this bill codifies discrimination.” The final version of the bill removed references to religion and added requirements for therapists to treat people who are in immediate danger of harming themselves or others, and to refer rejected clients to other therapists or counselors

All this is just absurd….I mean one goes into business to sell services and make money….but yet some money is different from other money?  And then when people retaliate with a boycott these same people start whining about the loss of business.

We got rid of one form of segregation (sort of) and replaced it with another…..where will this type of pure CRAP end?

Maybe this cartoon will show you…….the path of absurdity.

Oh wait there is even more of this conservative absurdities.

Being a single mom in Springfield, Illinois could get a little more difficult if certain GOP lawmakers get their way.

According to the proposed bill HB6064 filed last week by Reps John D. Cavaletto and Keith Wheeler, if a father is not listed on a newborn child’s birth certificate, the birth certificate will not be issued for the child and any future financial assistance will be denied.

Where do these mental midgets draw the line?

What the Hell will be next for the slugs of the American political system?

Daniel Berrigan–R.I.P.

Who?  That will be the reaction from the society we have today…..a voice from a turbulent time……

As an aging “hippie” there are a few people that stand out in my past…..Abby Hoffman, Daniel Ellsberg, Joan Baez (not one of my faves) and Daniel Berrigan…… an staunch anti-war protesters these people are in the Hall of Heroes…..voices from the “Movement”……

Over the weekend a “Hero” has passed away…..Daniel Berrigan….

His defiant protests helped shape Americans’ opposition to the Vietnam War—and they landed the Rev. Daniel Berrigan behind bars. The Roman Catholic priest, writer, and poet, who became a household name in the US in the 1960s after being imprisoned for burning draft files in a protest against the war, died Saturday. He was 94. Berrigan died “peacefully” after a “long illness” at Murray-Weigel Hall, a Jesuit health care community in New York City, according to a spokesman for the Jesuits USA Northeast Province. Berrigan and his younger brother, the Rev. Philip Berrigan, entered a draft board in Catonsville, Maryland, on May 17, 1968, with seven other activists and removed records of young men about to be shipped off to Vietnam. The group took the files outside and burned them in garbage cans.

The “Catonsville Nine” were convicted on federal charges accusing them of destroying US property and interfering with the Selective Service Act of 1967. All were sentenced on Nov. 9, 1968, to prison terms ranging from two to 3.5 years. After the case had been unsuccessfully appealed, the Berrigan brothers and three of their co-defendants went underground. Philip Berrigan turned himself in to authorities in April 1969 at a Manhattan church. Four months later, the FBI arrested Daniel Berrigan at the Rhode Island home of theologian William Stringfellow. Berrigan said in an interview that he became a fugitive to draw more attention to the anti-war movement. He served about two years at the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. When asked in 2009 whether he had any regrets, Berrigan replied: “I could have done sooner the things I did, like Catonsville.”

Source: Father Daniel Berrigan, S.J. May 9, 1921 to April 30, 2016 – LA Progressive

To realize his importance you had to be there……some of us will never forget his contribution…..or his voice…….a person that will stand by their convictions is an odd thing these days…..

Source: The Life and Death of Daniel Berrigan | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

He was a friend and his voice will be missed…..

Rest In Peace… friend.

Spring Has Sprung

Happy May Day everyone!

Sunday and my day in the garden making sure my stuff is doing good….and the best news was…..the first tomato of the season…..

(a little outta focus but I was excited to have my first tomato sandwich of the season)

Most of us will be hitting our local farmer’s market to scoop up some of those “garden fresh” veggies……but we need to be careful….why?

Your fresh veggies from the Farm could be a con…….

NBC Los Angeles’ news team decided to do some checking around at local farmer’s markets, and paid visits to the farms where the vendors claimed they grew the food they were selling. In some cases, they found fields full of weeds or dry, empty fields. The vendors were selling vegetables and fruit they had bought wholesale, and were selling it at premium prices at local farmer’s markets, claiming it was locally grown and organic.

Source: Farmers Markets Aren’t Always The Better Buy: The Pros And Cons Of Eating Local

And there is another aspect of buying this produce…..

With farmers market season upon us, anyone looking for extra incentive to get up early on Saturday to check out the organic offerings from local growers might want to take a gander at the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen,” the organization’s annual roundup of conventionally grown produce most likely to be contaminated with pesticides.

That plural—pesticides—is no joke. Despite growing consumer demand for healthier, more sustainably grown food, many samples of the most contaminated produce tested positive for residues from not one but two or more chemical pesticides. A single sample of strawberries contained residues from a whopping 17 different pesticides.

Source: The 12 Most Pesticide-Contaminated Fruits and Veggies | Alternet

This is why I grow most of my fave veggies…..onions, peppers, tomatoes, asparagus and my fave fruit….figs, pears, plums, peaches and tangerines….that way I know they are not treated with anything harmful……

Sorry to be a bummer on this Sunday but I feel that you guys need to know what is coming your way….go enjoy the rest of your weekend……I will catch up with everyone tomorrow.

Have A Day, My Friends!

“….Lips Are More Like A Rose Petal.”

WARNING:  This post contains sexual information….if you are offended by such topics you might want to skip this post……go straight to enjoying your weekend.

Another weekend begins and I begin a couple of days of mental relaxation.

The quote in the title is from where….I cannot remember but the “Lips” thing will become more clear as I write on….

For last several decades people have been obsessed with their looks, appearance, if you will……I regret to say that women have made cosmetic surgery a lucrative endeavor for some doctors….I mean they change hair color, noses, breast sizes, butt shapes, checks and lips…..

I bring up lips because I read something disturbing…at least to me….and it involves teen girls…….

Adult women can choose to have their labia reshaped as part of a “vaginal rejuvenation” surgery, in which the muscles of the vagina are tightened. Now teenage girls apparently want in on the action, too. Doctors say they’re increasingly getting requests from young girls to have their labia trimmed—sometimes to relieve discomfort or a risk of infection, but more often because they’re unhappy with the way it looks, reports the New York Times. Some 400 girls 18 or under had labiaplasty last year; that’s an 80% increase over 2014, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (that count doesn’t include operations performed by gynecologists). Why the jump? Experts cite the preponderance of young girls who shave or wax their pubic hair, thereby making the flesh there more visible.

What they see might not jibe with their often-skewed expectations regarding size, shape, and color. And when it comes to those characteristics, there’s a huge range of what’s “normal,” reports Health. It cites a study that found length can range from three-quarters of an inch to nearly 4 inches, and width from a quarter of an inch to 2 inches. Teens might also feel self-conscious in tight clothing, per HealthDay. “This age group may be under particular stress regarding these issues because of societal conceptions of the ideal female body,” the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists explains in new guidelines for adolescent labiaplasty. A recent study showed many British women were worried their genitals weren’t normal, per the Huffington Post, and even comedian Nikki Glaser debated labiaplasty as a youth

Seriously?  Are they letting a some arbitrary designation on body type rule their lives?  We are talking about teens here.  What parent would be down with this mutilation of her body?

I mean I could understand a nose job….after all that is out there for all to see…..but this?  Who the Hell will be seeing this on a daily basis?  Maybe that is a question that I do not want to know the answer.

Did I miss something?

What Happened To “Objective” Journalism?

I know I have been going on about the state of the journalistic world…….most of us realize that the news is manipulated by the corporate owned channels for the control of the societal paradigm.

But can there be “objective” journalism?

Every journalist has a political point-of-view and they don’t magically check that at the door the minute they land a job. Many pretend to pursue some noble cause of pure “objectivity,” but it is truly in vain. Every good journalist is informed about what the subjects they cover and it would be near-impossible to be informed and not have an opinion.

Let’s say a conservative commentator spends a whole minute speaking with passion about some issue. Journalists can show their bias by writing it up in two generally different ways: “Conservative commentator ranted about xyz topic” or “conservative commentator spoke passionately about xyz topic.” In the mind of the reader, the former could paint the conservative as a raving lunatic; the latter, an eloquent defender of ideas.

There is also the more indirect form of tipping your hand: selection bias. For example: some would say Fox News’ “hard news” hours spent way too much time harping on the Benghazi attacks over the last month; others would say MSNBC’s “hard news” programming, in addition to all the traditionally “liberal” broadcast network newscasts, outright ignored the story.

So basically….NO….there is no objectivity in the news reporting game.

One of the best examples of this non-objectivity is the Iraq War……news is tightly controlled to allow only the approved paradigm to be presented to the public.

Source: Iraq War Media Reporting, Journalism and Propaganda — Global Issues

Jimmy Carter: A Statesman

For too long Jimmy Carter has been a running joke for the Repubs….I guess because their GOD Reagan won the election and saved the world from reason and logic.

Sadly, Carter may be the last statesman this country will ever have elected.  We pick our leaders now with faulty logic and slogans…..

Even have a party that thinks religion should be doled out by the White House….which means to me that freedom of religion is just a slogan for them not everyone.


Personally, I think Carter was a good president…..that he had a very good outlook on foreign policy, which is sadly missing in today’s plethora of candidates.  He is the only ex-president that is giving back to the country not making money for their self-indulgences…..of all the recent presidents Carter has shown a desire to make America great and not worry about how big his wallet has become…..he should be an example for ALL Americans to emulate……but instead we get this current crop of wannabes…….how sad this has become.