Israel’s $38 Billion Scam

We all by now have heard about the obscene amount of aid that the US will send to Israel……all $38 billion…….but that may not be the end……

You see Israel wants more…always more….and the sad thing they will probably get their wish for the cowards in Congress will do whatever Israel wants.

I read an article in the Unz Review….keep in mind that it has a traditional Libertarian lean to it…….

As an American it is difficult to imagine a more unseemly bit of political theater playing out than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appearance before his cabinet to claim that he had gotten every last dollar of military assistance out of the Obama Administration. Netanyahu argued that he had obtained all that was on the table, adding that his bad blood with President Barack Obama had not proven to be detrimental in the bilateral negotiations that had been ongoing for more than a year. The Prime Minister was on the defensive because some of his critics claimed that he might have gotten $100 million more per annum, admittedly chump change on top of the $38 billion over ten years that the Memorandum of Understand will provide Netanyahu from the U.S. Treasury.

Source: Israel’s $38 billion Scam – The Unz Review

I say it again…FUCK ISRAEL!

It is time for these bastards to stand on their own or go down swinging…..

And NO I am not an anti-Semite……you can despise Israel without feeling the same about Jews….any debt that the US owes this country has long been paid….if they want our help then time for them to pony up….a tit for tat……

Sabra And Shatila–34 Years On

Today’s news is the all important “one eyed snake” test that Trump had or that some late night host messed his hair up….this is what passes for news these days…your Pulitzer awaits!

30 years ago today the IDF allowed Lebanese militias enter a Palestinian refugees camps and allowed a massacre of woman, children and old people…..

Source: BBC News | PANORAMA | Sabra and Shatila: Dealing with facts

An interview with a person that was there that fateful day…….

On Sunday, the 30th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre was commemorated by people of different nationalities around the world. In Lebanon the commemoration was only observed by Palestinians living in refugee camps; Lebanese people were not concerned.

The massacre carried out by the Phalange, a Christian Maronite militia acting in full cooperation with Israel, was among the most atrocious episodes of recent history. But it is still absent from our collective Lebanese memory.

The Sabra and Shatila massacre is another taboo in Lebanon that needs to be addressed publicly and soberly; maybe admitting the wrongdoing could prevent us from further subjugating the Palestinian refugees who are residing here temporarily until they return to their occupied homeland.

Source: “They shot my father in the head”: interview with survivor of Sabra and Shatila massacre | The Electronic Intifada

Sadly this will not be reported….just like the IDF attack on the USS Liberty….this will be swept under the rug like anything negative about Israel.

How Much More Disgusting Can Israel Become?

I have thought that the state of Israel is disgusting for decades….first they attack an American Naval vessel killing American sailors and gets away with it….next they destroy crops and demolish homes so they can steal the land for their illegal; settlements….all of which I find disgusting…but recently I heard a rumor that organs were being harvested from dead Palestinian protesters…..and then I read an article along those lines…..that confirmed the rumors……

Israel has admitted pathologists harvested organs from dead Palestinians, and others, without the consent of their families – a practice it said ended in the 1990s – it emerged at the weekend.

The admission, by the former head of the country’s forensic institute, followed a furious row prompted by a Swedish newspaper reporting that Israel was killing Palestinians in order to use their organs – a charge that Israel denied and called “antisemitic”.

Source: Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent | World news | The Guardian

This is reprehensible and then I read yet another piece about this situation……

Lawyers for a man who pleaded guilty Thursday in the first ever federal conviction for illegal organ trafficking say he was performing life-saving services for severely ill people.

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, from New York, admitted in a Trenton federal court to brokering three illegal kidney transplants for desperate New Jersey-based customers in exchange for payments of $120,000 or more.

He also pleaded guilty to a conspiracy count for brokering an illegal kidney sale.

Source: Organ trafficker admits buying Israeli kidneys for $10,000 and selling them in U.S. for $120,000… –

When will the Western world stop protecting these pigs from being held accountable for their actions…..

I think this state is more barbaric than people know… if calling these bastards out for their crimes makes me an anti-Semite then I am guilty.

Remembering the U.S.S. Liberty – The Unz Review

This month 49 years ago the US Navy ship, USS Liberty, was attacked by the Israelis…..the incident has been swept under the rug then and is still a little known piece of American Naval history….I am trying to see that it is not forgotten….we as a country MUST remember these brave souls killed by an ally…..we must never forget this attack or the sailors that died!

Last Wednesday at noon at Arlington National Cemetery I attended the annual commemorative gathering of the survivors and friends of the U.S.S. Liberty. The moving service included the ringing of a ship’s bell…….

Source: Remembering the U.S.S. Liberty – The Unz Review

USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi

A letter was sent to Israel’s PM BiBi about the attack so many years ago…..[lease take some time and read the thoughts of those who lived through the attack…..

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,
Usually I write America’s political and military leaders on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  I try to remind them about the men and women who serve this Country and the obligation that they have in protecting them and honoring their sacrifice.  I tell them about protecting our rights and freedoms and not let their ambitions stand in the way of the decisions they make.
I sympathize with the Jewish people with the horrors of World War II.
I also lost relatives during the war to the Nazis.  An uncle and a cousin, and two of my uncles were in slave labor camps.  I realize that the Jewish people need a homeland.  But the size of Israel has changed dramatically since 1948 through the acquisition of lands due to wars.  And this is where my sympathy with Israel ends.

Source: USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi

SAfter you have read this letter take a good look at the signees of said letter…..see anyone you recognize?

In case you were too f*cking lazy or uninterested enough to take a few moments to read then among the names are Obama, Biden, Boehner, Clinton, et al……and yet it is still taboo to mention this attack and the murder of American sailors in public.

Why is that?

USS Liberty–A Day To Remember

Congrats America….you now have your two candidates and the two people that will do whatever it takes to white wash Israeli’s war crimes.

Note:  There is a massive amount of information for the reader to digest…..but please take the time to learn about a forgotten piece of American history……and forgotten American heroes who died doing their duty to their country.

A couple of days ago was the 72 anniversary of the landing of D-Day and I was surprised that there was not more about the “Greatest Generation’s” contribution to the destruction of the Nazi war machine…..

Since few seem to care I feel that the deaths of a handful of Americans on the USS Liberty in 1967 will get even less attention from my fellow Americans…..

I dedicate this day, 08 June to the memory of those American sailors killed aboard the USS Liberty when it was attacked by the Israelis in 1967…..they are all but forgotten…..but not by ME!

How many Americans are pissed off about the Iranian capture of those American sailors a couple months ago?

How many Americans are pissed off at the attacks in Libya that killed Americans?

How many Americans are pissed off about the American sailors deaths when the USS Cole was attacked in Aden, Yemen?

And yet with all that anger over the attacks on Americans we somehow removed an attack from our memories that killed 34 American sailors…..why is that?

08 June, 49 years ago the USS Liberty was attacked and 34 Americans died and 171  were injured in a cowardly attack by the Israeli military on this day in 1967.

Every year I try to bring light to this attack….I want Americans to wake up and protest the deaths of Americans….they do so for 4 killed in Libya but the Liberty means NOTHING to them.  I find that shameful and disgusting…….I do all I can to force the world to recognize the cowardly attack and finally to make those responsible to be held accountable……

I know it is an uphill battle….but these are Americans that died in service to their country……and that country has turned their backs on them and their families……NOTHING is more disgusting and shameful…..

Names of the forgotten…….

Below is the archive that I have built up over the years here on IST….I post them with the hope that my readers will check them out and possibly pass them on so that more people know the dastardly attack was from an “ally” and has NEVER been held accountable for their murders.

The USS Liberty must NEVER be forgotten…….

Source: The USS Liberty Must Not Be Forgotten – The Unz Review

I will continue my crusade on behalf of the USS Liberty until my last breath……though the incident must not be forgotten… has been for almost a half century…….

It is truly unfortunate that Americans care so little for the sailors that died on this day in 1967…..

These are the articles that I wrote along with several other authors as well on the subject of the USS Liberty…..please take some time and learn about this attack……and then join in the crusade to force the country and the world to remember these brave Americans…..

Still Waiting for USS Liberty’s Truth by Ray McGovern —

USS Liberty: End Of The Day

Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind by Ray McGovern —

The case of the USS Liberty: anatomy of an Israeli provocation – World Socialist Web Site

USS Liberty – Israeli Pilot Speaks Up

Dead in the Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty (Must watch) | Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

USS Liberty Incident | In Saner Thought

USS Liberty Incident

I realize that this a lot of information to take in…..but please take the time to learn the story of those Americans that died at the hands of the murderous Israeli military……

PEOPLE!  STOP idolizing Israel….they are no better than the cowards that killed Americans in Libya.

Israel’s chokehold over U.S. politics and politicians has been so powerful for so many decades that this obvious reality is routinely denied, a collective gagging of the truth that is itself a measure of how strong the Israeli grip is. The most potent and poignant example of how much American independence has been surrendered to […]

Source: Still Waiting for USS Liberty’s Truth – Original by —

The deaths of Americans at the hands of cowards is NEVER acceptable in my mind and I refuse to stand by silent while the rest of my country tries so hard to forget these American veterans…….this country is always angry at this country or that, this group or that, when they have attacked and killed Americans…..and yet this incident goes mostly unnoticed and seldom mentioned….I want to correct that!

For you see…I am NOT a “Sunshine Patriot” that remembers our fallen vets once a year or try to use them for my personal goals……I have NO time for these so-called Patriots….they are nothing more than opportunists and flying a flag will change NOTHING!

I will NEVER forget…..and I definitely will NEVER forgive!

And neither should YOU!

Parallels Between Israel and 1930s Germany

The situation in Israel and Palestine is one that most of the Western world has no idea about the events…..the MSM goes out of its way to avoid any news that would put Israel in a bad light…..

But if one searches the media they will see that there is so much more going on and the world needs to take a close look at the situation….

All hell broke loose. What!!! Traces of Nazism in Israel? A resemblance between what the Nazis did to us with what we are doing to the Palestinians?

90 years ago was 1926, one of the last years of the German republic. 80 years ago was 1936, three years after the Nazis came to power. 70 years ago was 1946, on the morrow of Hitler’s suicide and the end of the Nazi Reich.

I feel compelled to write about the general’s speech after all, because I was there.

Source: Parallels Between Israel and 1930s Germany – Original by —

Remember these are comparisons….and yet I am not alone in my suspicion…

Source: Former Officials See ‘Seeds of Fascism’ in New Israeli Govt — News from