News Round-Up

If you are old enough to remember black and white movies then you must remember those newsreels before the movies began.

These brought to the audiences news from around the world that was not readily available……as part of my FYI Saturday I would like to try and do the same type of thing for my readers.

Think you have read or heard just about all the news about our present pandemic?

Think again.

If you must get the virus then go to Uzbekistan, in Central Asia…..why?

(Getty Photo)

The government of Uzbekistan is so sure of the hygiene and safety measures it’s put in place to protect tourists against getting COVID-19 that “the president is prepared to put money where his mouth is.” That’s per a statement from the country’s tourism ambassador to the UK, announcing an unusual approach to boost tourism within its borders during the pandemic: an offer of $3,000 to any visitor who contracts the coronavirus there, Vice reports. “We want to reassure tourists they can come to Uzbekistan,” adds Sophie Ibbotson in the statement. The $3,000 figure was arrived at because that’s about the cost of the medical care that Uzbekistan citizens get for free get if they’re infected. It’s all part of the nation’s “Safe Travel Guaranteed” campaign, given the OK by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to coax travelers back.

The compensation is conditional: The tourist must have been exploring Uzbekistan with a local tour guide who’s been certified in safety and hygiene guidelines. There’s a reason why the country is making this investment: Insider notes it’s the fourth fastest-growing tourism market, according to UN stats. Currently Uzbekistan is welcoming back visitors from low-risk nations like Japan and South Korea; those coming from elsewhere will have to self-quarantine for 14 days when they get there. The Telegraph notes Cyprus has taken a similar tack, offering to pay vacation costs for any tourists infected while visiting. Uzbekistan has had just 88 deaths since the pandemic started, with about 17,000 cases overall out of a country of 33 million. The country was one of the first to implement strict lockdowns and border closings in March when the virus started taking hold worldwide.

Ever heard of “pornification”?

Are women more sexually liberated than ever before? So suggests the burgeoning sexual marketplace. From vibrators and erotica to bondage and beyond, the marketplace has transformed transgressive sexual practices into everyday household affairs. But is this sexual freedom truly liberating, or does it transform women from sexual objects of male desire to sexual subjects in their own right?

These were the questions we sought to explore in our study investigating young women’s sexual and intimate lives through a series of in-depth interviews. In the course of these interviews, which took place in a southern state in the United States, we were struck by how the women’s sexual and intimate relationships reflect current trends in pornography, particularly in relation to themes of dominance and submission.

Could there be an anti-aging solution on the horizon?

Gérard Karsenty was a young scientist trying to make a name for himself in the early 1990s when he first stumbled upon a finding that would go on to transform our understanding of bone, and the role it plays in our body.

Karsenty had become interested in osteocalcin, one of the most abundant proteins in bone. He suspected that it played a crucial role in bone remodelling – the process by which our bones continuously remove and create new tissue – which enables us to grow during childhood and adolescence, and also recover from injuries.

Intending to study this, he conducted a genetic knockout experiment, removing the gene responsible for osteocalcin from mice. However to his dismay, his mutant mice did not appear to have any obvious bone defects at all. “For him, it was initially a total failure,” says Mathieu Ferron, a former colleague of Karsenty who now heads a research lab studying bone biology at IRCM in Montreal. “In those days it was super-expensive to do modification in the mouse genome.”

The hot item for journalists and for discussion these days is that of racism…….

Organisations globally are facing pressure from staff to do more to confront racism amid global protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody in the United States.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation asked 24 non-government organisations (NGOs), charities and United Nations agencies how many racism complaints they received in the past year, and if staff had faced disciplinary action in the past five years.

Seven would not respond to questions or share data, a further eight said they had received no reports of racism against employees over the last year, while four said it was not possible to obtain clear data.

Only five organisations confirmed they had dealt with racism complaints and provided numbers.

This report is indicative of how the world is handling the issue of racism…..not well at all.

Do you “nuke” hot dogs and such?

Well that may not be such a good idea…..

If you’ve ever been tempted to nuke a hot dog or a few strips of bacon in the microwave instead of firing up the grill or dirtying a frying pan, we get it. The convenience of a microwave is unrivaled in the kitchen. But using one to cook processed meats isn’t doing you any favors. The problem comes in the form of three little letters: COP, which stands for Cholesterol Oxidation Product. What are COPs and why should they get in the way of you enjoying tasty microwaved breakfast sausage?

According to BioMed Central, when foods derived from animals are heated, the cholesterol in these foods oxidizes and degrades, forming Cholesterol Oxidation Products. COPs can contribute to conditions such as atherosclerosis, which The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute describes as a hardening of the arteries that restricts the flow of oxygen-rich blood to other parts of your body. COPs are a necessary evil if you eat meat, eggs, and other animal products since most of these things need to be cooked before they can be consumed. But the combo of the hot, fast heat of a microwave and some ingredients commonly found in processed meat makes the situation worse. Here’s why.

News from around the world…..for this Saturday…..

Stay Safe……Stay Well

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Closing Thought–15Jul20

I apologize for the limited posts today but this is the day I start my eye surgeries…..please when visiting spend a little time and look around and I promise to return as soon as I can.

I have been planning for this and have several drafts in waiting for just such an occasion…..for I may be out of commission for two weeks or more.

I have prided myself with the fact that I have posted at least one article a day and I do not want my incapacitation to ruin that record….and drafts are the way I can keep my streak alive and kicking.

Thanx for your understanding and your support…..

Thanx for all your visits and comments….it is what makes blogging so worthwhile and my followers so valued.

I shall return!

Be Well….Be Safe….My Friends.

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The Weekend’s Useless News

Most of us have had enough of the pandemic chaos…..and more than enough of president’s claims and that of his sycophants…..and after all it is the weekend and I want to do something different….and news you cannot use is that difference…..

Trump has said that we will return to the Moon and those billionaires are slobbering all over the place at the riches that can be made from a return trip to the Moon…..what riches?

Using a small device called the Miniature Radio Frequency (Mini-RF) instrument attached to NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft, a team of scientists found that there may be vastly more subsurface metals beneath the Moon’s surface than previously thought.

The discovery could force us to rethink the evolution of the Moon itself. The dominant theory is currently that a collision between a Mars-sized space object and the Earth sheered off the Moon as a result of collapsing gravitational forces clumping dust and debris together.

There is lots of talk these days about a manned mission to Mars in the coming decade….now there may be a faster and cheaper way of getting there…..

A crewed mission to Mars is still many years out — if not decades.

But as rocket technology makes massive strides, scientists are starting to wonder what the best way to get there could be. And one new idea, reports, involves a side trip to another of our star system’s planetary bodies.

To make visits to the Red Planet cheaper and faster, scientists are arguing that making a Venus flyby could make a lot of sense.

Keeping with the space thingy……we have a new branch of the military…….the Space Force and now states are competing for the dollars that will come with the establishment of this branch….but this is the US Space Command….as I read it is part of the Air Force….

The Department of the Air Force has received nominations from 26 states that want to host U.S. Space Command headquarters, the service announced July 5.

“We were pleased with the strong response the Air Force received from across the country,” Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said in a statement.

The Air Force did not disclose which 26 states have submitted bids. The service plans to choose a location for U.S. Space Command headquarters in January 2021.

Air Force says 26 states have submitted bids to host U.S. Space Command

Scramble for those taxpayer dollars to be wasted…..

If you are a botanist then this is amazing news…..

Thanks to the work of squirrels, researchers in Siberia were able to grow viable Silene stenophylla plants from 32,000-year-old seeds. This incredible event, which happened in 2012, is still having a dramatic event on the scientific community and now Austrian researchers are trying to sequence the plant’s DNA to find out how it was able to survive so long.

The story starts over 10 years ago, when a team of Russian, Hungarian, and American scientists recovered the frozen seeds in 2007. They were buried 125 feet underground, deep in the Siberian permafrost. The team was investigating the burrows of ancient squirrels when they made the discovery. Fruit and seeds had been perfectly sealed from the elements thanks to the squirrels’ burrowing techniques.

Researchers Examine Plants Brought Back to Life From 32,000-Year-Old Seeds

The mind is a terrible thing…… waste.

How do you view reality?

Psychologists have only begun to unravel the concept of “personality,” that all-important but nebulous feature of individual identity. Recent studies suggest that personality traits don’t simply affect your outlook on life, but the way you perceive reality.

One study published in 2017 in the Journal of Research in Personality goes so far as to suggest that openness to experience changes what people see in the world. It makes them more likely to experience certain visual perceptions. In the study, researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia recruited 123 volunteers and gave them the big five personality test, which measures extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience. That last personality trait involves creativity, imagination, and a willingness to try new things.

There you have the most absolutely useless news for this Saturday.

Learn Stuff!

Have A Day!

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Weekend News Round-Up

It is a Sunday and keeping with what I do…..there is news that you may be unaware of or news that does not mean a thing….but nonetheless I will report on it.

The most important news that did not make the news…..we hear all the time from Christians on just how much of a friend Israel is…..and yet they say NOTHING about this type of stuff…

An Israeli court last month denied a petition by the Greek Orthodox Church to overturn the sale of leases on Jerusalem properties to an extremist Israeli settler organization.

The ruling again gives Ateret Cohanim, a right-wing group involved in colonizing Palestinian land in the city, the green light to take over the three properties.

The Jerusalem district court ruled in favor of the settler group last August, which seeks to ensure a Jewish majority in the Old City of Jerusalem through settlement and forcibly displacing native Palestinians.

Israel is a friend to NO ONE…they take and use….PERIOD!

The most watch video this past week was that of a flying snake…..

A Flying Snake?

There is an explanation……

Certain species of tree snakes can glide through the air, undulating their bodies as they soar from tree to tree. That wriggling isn’t an attempt to replicate how the reptiles slither across land or swim through water. The contortions are essential for stable gliding, mechanical engineer Isaac Yeaton and colleagues report June 29 in Nature Physics.

“They have evolved this ability to glide, and it’s pretty spectacular,” says Yeaton, of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. Paradise tree snakes (Chrysopelea paradisi) fling themselves from branches, leaping distances of 10 meters or more (SN: 8/7/02). To record the snakes’ twists and turns, Yeaton, then at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, and colleagues affixed reflective tape on the snakes’ backs and used high-speed cameras to capture the motion.

Here’s how flying snakes stay aloft

Admit it!  That is just cool!

King Midas have been found in Turkey…..

It was said that all he touched turned to gold. But destiny eventually caught up with the legendary King Midas, and a long-lost chronicle of his ancient downfall appears to have literally surfaced in Turkey.

Last year, archaeologists were investigating an ancient mound site in central Turkey called Türkmen-Karahöyük. The greater region, the Konya Plain, abounds with lost metropolises, but even so, researchers couldn’t have been prepared for what they were about to find.

A local farmer told the group that a nearby canal, recently dredged, revealed the existence of a large strange stone, marked with some kind of unknown inscription.

“We could see it still sticking out of the water, so we jumped right down into the canal – up to our waists wading around,” said archaeologist James Osborne from the University of Chicago earlier this year.

“Right away it was clear it was ancient, and we recognised the script it was written in: Luwian, the language used in the Bronze and Iron ages in the area.”

Finally….they say that in space no one will hear you scream…..but can you smell out there?

It seems some company has made a perfume that smells like outer space….while you think about that….

You’ll never get a whiff of it directly — but astronauts have long said that space leaves a distinctive residual smell on their suits. Though it varies with the teller, some say it evokes gunpowder, burned meat, and even raspberries.

“At first I couldn’t quite place it,” former ISS science officer Don Pettit wrote in a 2002 NASA blog post. “It must have come from the air ducts that re-pressed the compartment. Then I noticed that this smell was on their suit, helmet, gloves, and tools. It was more pronounced on fabrics than on metal or plastic surfaces.”

Now, that smell is coming down to Earth. Omega Ingredients, a UK-based natural flavors company for the food and beverages industry, has created a fragrance that it claims smells like space.

After reading this headline…..I thought Stupidity would be my guess….

Well that is your news round-up for this Sunday after the Fourth…

It is gonna be a good year for my peppers….


First peppers …..


Be well…..Be Safe…..

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News, Not Pandemic News

Weekend again and my FYI attempts are running hot and cold today….I got some pretty cool stuff and one that needs an explanation….

First, there is a debate going on among space geeks that Pluto has a massive ocean under the ice and maybe even life….

According to new research, the frozen dwarf planet Pluto may have started its life as a hot world with a massive underground ocean of liquid water — suggesting, tantalizingly, that it could have harbored life.

Until now, Pluto was widely believed to be a giant boulder of ice, shielded from the Sun’s radiation thanks to the sheer distance from its star. But new evidence, scientists say, suggests that it once had a liquid ocean — and that it may still be there, under its frozen surface.

“Even in this cold environment so far from the Sun, all these worlds might have formed fast and hot, with liquid oceans,” Carver Bierson, UC Santa Cruz graduate student and first author of a new paper about the work published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience, said in a statement.

That is pretty cool considering that Pluto is billions of miles from the heat source, the Sun……

Remember New Horizons space probe?  Not to worry few will remember it…….

An extremely-distant NASA spacecraft is giving us the ability to look at the universe from a new perspective.

New Horizons is a NASA probe that was launched in the beginning of 2006. Since then, Popular Science reports, it’s traveled 4.2 billion miles from Earth. It’s so far away that when it looks out at the sky, nearby stars appear to be in different places than they do when seen from Earth.

New Horizons captured images of two nearby stars, Proxima Centauri and Wolf 359, in April. Precise instruments measure the position of distant stars relying on slight shifts in perception called parallax, Popular Science reports. But this is the first time that such a shift is visible to the eye.

One last space thingy…the US Space Force…the service not the series……

The United States “must be capable of winning wars that extend into space,” asserts a just-released “Defense Space Strategy” report. It is the first space strategy document issued by the U.S. since President Donald Trump, after declaring that the U.S. must achieve “dominance in space,” signed a measure this past December authorizing establishment of a Space Force.

The U.S. space strategy is highly aggressive.

“The Department of Defense is embarking on the most significant transformation in the history of the U.S. national security space program,” the report says. “Space is now a distinct warfighting domain, demanding enterprise-wide-changes to polices, strategies, operations, investments, capabilities, and expertise for a new strategic environment.”

Masters of Space: Deep Space Strategy in the Age of Trump

Finally we go to Merry Old England…well in this case Scotland sorry for the error.  Maybe my friends in the UK can shed some light on this hoax?

People think a tourist’s incredible photographs have captured the Loch Ness Monster with some claiming it is ‘the best picture ever’ of all the sightings. 

Steve Challice, from Southampton, photographed a creature from the shore opposite to Urquhart Castle on the banks of the Lock Ness when on holiday in Scotland. 

Steve said he saw a ripple in the water and assumed it was a big fish that he estimated was eight feet long.

There you have it…nothing you can actually use but maybe a little entertaining…..

I know I said there was no pandemic news….but I just had to share this cartoon…..


And this one as well….

This one is for the idiot in the White House…..Image

This one is for the idiot in the White House…..



Be Well…..Be Safe……

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Closing Thought–26Jun20

Today in history….

1917–General Pershing arrives in France with the American Expeditionary Force.

1924–After eight years of occupation, American troops leave the Dominican Republic.

1945–The U.N. Charter is signed by 50 nations in San Francisco, California.  (could explain my interest in foreign affairs)

1951–The Soviet Union proposes a cease-fire in the Korean War.

1963–President John Kennedy announces “Ich bin ein Berliner” at the Berlin Wall.

1971–The U.S. Justice Department issues a warrant for Daniel Ellsberg, accusing him of giving away the Pentagon Papers.

A quick look at historical events for this day……

A quick pandemic update for the day…..

Cases–2.4 million


Here is an interesting thought……


Meanwhile in the Congress…..

Amendments Bernie filed today to the defense bill: – Cut the Pentagon by $74 billion & use that money to reduce poverty in the U.S. with Markey – Audit the Pentagon with Grassley, Wyden and Lee – End the War in Yemen with Murphy and Lee – Manufacture & Distribute masks to all.

Plus the “Police Reform” bill is passed…..

The lower house of the US Congress approved a sweeping police reform bill following the death of George Floyd.

The Democrat-controlled US House of Representative passed the bill broadly along party lines, but the bill stands little chance of becoming law as it required a majority in the Republican-controlled upper house, known as the Senate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gathered with members of the Congressional Black Caucus on the Capitol steps, challenging opponents not to allow the deaths of black Americans to have been in vain or the outpouring of public support for changes to go unmatched.

Sadly when it gets to the Senate it will hit a wall of inaction.

On the upside of the news…..

Holy Crap!

Yesterday we hit 1000 degrees…..

Today is my birthday and I am 73 years old.

That could explain the bad eyesight…..the noisy bones….and the intolerance for stupid.

Just a few cards from friends…..

Funny 80Th Birthday Greeting Cards - CafePress

But I am not 80 (yet)….feel like 101 although….

I have been blogging for 15 years…..and I have about 1500 books not including what is on my Kindle and not one of them is a work of fiction….and better yet I have read all of them but 5.

More cards…..

The 50 Best Funny Birthday Ecards Of All Time

Free funny birthday ecards, electronic, email, animated cards ...

Be Well…..Be Safe……

Thanx for spending time with me here on IST….your readership is much appreciated.

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I’m Sick Of It!

Before I begin this rant….I want wish all my fathers a Happy Father’s Day….and thanx for your time these many years…..

Happy Fathers Day 2020 Clipart New Images Of 2020

Now a rant of a few of my hated things……stuff I am truly ‘sick’ of…..

Pretentious sanctimonious dick wads….the virus has bought them out in numbers.

First, those people that say they lost 25 lbs and they got their life back…..seriously those extra pounds made them lie down a wait for death?

Second, those people mostly women that are proud of the healthy lifestyle and wear their yoga pants for they think their butts look good….it does not… their healthy lifestyle does not include a mask in this time of pandemic….so they want to look all that and endanger people around them….

I am sick of Reality TV invading all aspects of my TV enjoyment….game shows on the cooking networks…..ghost hunters that never find a ghost….for 10 seasons!  There is some hope for a couple of cop reality shows have been cancelled….Live PD and Cops…..and the IQ of the view public has increased by 10 points.

Sick of people that let their cats run free…..I get penalized if my pup is out and about without a leash and yet Garfield can run free.  That is racism!

I am sick to the d/bags that have to heap their rubbish on the sidewalks because they do not want it in their yards….never mind that sidewalks are in the public domain…..and do not get me started on the slobs that feel they should park their expensive cars on the sidewalk because there is no room in their driveways and garages….so the public is suffering for their selfish BS.


Thanx I needed that!

Happy Father’s Day……


Be Well….Be Safe…..

Rappin' Father's Day Ecard (Fun Song) | American Greetings

Repent–The End Is Near

Most of us remember the date the world was suppose to end, 21 December 2012, and on the morning of 22 December and we were still here….so that prediction was about as accurate as all those before it that have predicted the end of this sinful world.

Now some are saying the texts by the Maya were misread….and now we have a new date….

The reading of the Mayan calendar was wrong, according to a conspiracy theory on Twitter, and while the world didn’t end on Dec. 21, 2012, as originally prophesied by calendar readers, Mayan doomsday is sometime this week or next.

“Following the Julian Calendar, we are technically in 2012 … The number of days lost in a year due to the shift into Gregorian Calendar is 11 days … For 268 years using the Gregorian Calendar (1752-2020) times 11 days = 2,948 days. 2,948 days / 365 days (per year) = 8 years,” scientist Paolo Tagaloguin tweeted last week, according to the Sun. The series of tweets has since been deleted.

If Tagaloguin is correct, adding up all the missed days, then the Mayan doomsday date is … this week.

I will be looking for my followers come Monday, 22 June 2020…..let me know if you made it.

Not to worry even if our civilization ends this weekend there are 36 more out there in space…..

According to a new study in The Astrophysical Journal, there could be dozens of intelligent alien civilizations hiding in our galaxy, all capable of communicating.

“There should be at least a few dozen active civilizations in our Galaxy under the assumption that it takes 5 billion years for intelligent life to form on other planets, as on Earth,” Christopher Conselice, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Nottingham and lead author of the study, said in a statement.


Our doomed society has seen a decrease in students wanting to study history……but why?

In all those institutions, the number of history faculty increased, while the total number of students they taught fell.

I believe that the main reason for the decline in history is that students don’t care for the product the faculty is offering. Most history courses are now too specialized and often politically slanted to interest them.

The roots of what has happened to history go back to the 1960s, when the Vietnam War convinced a critical mass of college students that they could safely ignore whatever the older generation said. That war was indeed a catastrophe, but that single strategic mistake did not, as so many of my contemporaries thought, discredit the entire government, society, and intellectual tradition within which it took place.

Why Students Have Turned Away from History

Finally, I now have been told that racism no longer exist in the United States…..according to Trump’s economic adviser……

During an interview on CNBC, Kudlow said that Obama’s two successful presidential campaigns are part of the reason why he doesn’t believe in “systemic racism.”

“President Obama, the first black president, was elected twice, and he got 79 million white votes,” he said. “Therefore, I find it hard to understand something called systemic racism.”

Larry Kudlow’s claim that white people voting for Obama is evidence that systemic racism isn’t real is laughable. It’s also completely on-brand for him and the administration for which he works.

Larry Kudlow Declares Racism Extinct Because Some White People Voted For Barack Obama

How many idiotic things can be said/done in a weeks time?

I Read, I Write, You Know

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When In Doubt Assign Blame…..

What id really detest about some some on the Right… that they will not say they were wrong and take responsibility for their stupidity.

My first example is the idiot that Floridians elected governor. He is a “Ball Boy” for Trump when Donald ordered the country to re-open DeSantis was the first on his knees to do what he was told….and now that the cases of Covid-19 are on the rise he blames others for his death warrants….

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pointed to clusters of “overwhelmingly Hispanic” day laborers and agriculture workers driving the state’s recent coronavirus spike — but farmworkers and industry associations argue that resources and testing came too late to those communities, according to new reports.

The Republican governor told reporters Tuesday that cramped living and working conditions for migrant workers and Hispanic construction workers are partly to blame, according to WFOR-TV.

“Some of these guys go to work in a school bus, and they are all just packed there like sardines, going across Palm Beach County or some of these other places, and there’s all these opportunities to have transmission,” DeSantis said during a press conference in Tallahassee.

Example number 2…..remember when some kid did something stupid and your grandmother would say “the apple does not fall far from the tree”?

It is true!

By now most Americans see what has been told to them over the last 3 and half years….Trump is a liar and now son proves what your grandmother use to say…..

Donald Trump claimed Osama Bin Laden backed Joe Biden’s presidential bid and said he was withholding “very interesting” information about aliens in a recorded interview with his eldest son.

The president’s comments came in a Father’s Day-themed interview streamed on the president’s election campaign website, with Don Trump Jr, who hosts the podcast, ‘Triggered’.

Trump Jr. put some politics questions to the president and some others that were billed as those “any son would ask their dad.”

Then there is Donald the Orange and his total lack of knowledge…..knowledge that any president should have at his finger tips….

This week it was revealed that Trump apparently thought Finland was a part of Russia, which… isn’t an easy mistake to make.

Despite his many scandals, if history is anything to go by, Trump probably doesn’t even know where Ukraine is. In fact, he doesn’t seem to know where many countries are.

George Conway, the husband of Trump’s counsellor, Kellyanne Conway, who is a rampant critic of the president has compiled a Twitter thread of all the countries and places that the POTUS has almost zero insight of.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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75,000–Thank You

Closing Thought–17Jun20

Back in September 2011 I got my 5,000th comment and I was so pleased I even wrote a special thank you to all my readers and commenters…..

Well 9 years later and I want to send another “special thank you” to my readers and comments…We have gone over 75,000 comments together….granted I am not breaking records here but those that comment are cherished and much appreciated.

I am so pleased with those that choose to comment on my many posts….I have many new commenters and I am supremely thankful for all of them….and I have also lost a few regulars along the way….some have stopped blogging for various reasons and others have decided to stop visiting for I am an opinionated SOB and some did not like the comments they got for me. For that I am sorry….but like I tell many I follow the advice my grandfather gave me many years ago…”If you smell sh*t then say so”………

I hope we continue to have a good back and forth….and we add many more by the next time I feel I need to issue a formal “thank you”….

Once again…thank all of you for your time and your readership….may we have many more comments and time ahead of us.

Be well and be safe…..

“lego ergo scribo”