Poetic Justice

Back to my normal posting schedule for weekends……..

Saturday and the world is all right by me…..time for me to kick back and enjoy the time away from the silliness we can civilization……

We all have an idea of what karma is, right?

What about the thing called “poetic justice”?

I think I found the perfect example for my readers……

A man believed to be illegally hunting lions in South Africa ended up being the prey himself. Authorities found the remains of the man in a private game park near the renowned Kruger National Park, and a police spokesman provides the grisly details to AFP: “It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions,” he says. “They ate his body, nearly all of it, and just left his head and some remains.” Police still haven’t identified the man, and the hunch that he was a poacher comes from the discovery of a rifle near the remains, reports the Sowetan.

The game park is in Limpopo province, where poaching has been on the increase in recent years. Body parts from lions and other big-game animals are in demand for use in traditional medicine in both Africa and Asia, reports the BBC. Last year, for example, multiple lions were found near a farm in Limpopo with their heads and paws cut off. (A rhino hunter in Namibia also learned the hard way about the dangers of his trade.)

Buy that lion a side of beef!  Just one less prick that murders animals for profit……

Time to take my leave…peace out my friends…..chuq


Closing Thought–14Feb18

The 23rd Olympics is in full swing and I am sure that each reader is following their favorite country/sport….but since I am not your typical blogger I will give you some news that your local station has probably missed…..

  • First doping bust. Japanese short track speedskater Kei Saito has become the first athlete kicked out of Pyeongchang for a doping violation, NBC reports. Authorities say the 21-year-old voluntarily accepted a provisional suspension after he tested positive for Acetazolamide, a diuretic sometimes taken to mask the use of performance-enhancing substances. He told Japanese media he is “extremely shocked” and plans to clear his name.
  • Lady Liberty hockey masks. USA Hockey says that after discussions with the International Olympic Committee, which had requested that American goalkeepers remove Statue of Liberty logos from their masks, the logos will be allowed to stay, ESPN reports.  (I would have thought the Right wing bozos would have lost their minds over this story…..where has all the right wing patriotic pride?  we will see if any bother to read the post)
  • Going for the record. American Shaun White took top spot in qualifying for Wednesday’s halfpipe event, where he will seek a record third gold medal in snowboarding. “I knew I had it in me, I watched these young guys putting these amazing runs in and it fired me up. I just wanted to show that this is what I have been doing my entire life,” he said, per Reuters.
  • Meanwhile, in North Korea. Kim Jong Un has expressed “satisfaction” over the “very impressive” efforts made by Seoul during a visit from his sister and other high-level North Koreans, the Guardian reports. “It is important to continue making good results by further livening up the warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue created by the strong desire and common will of the North and the South with the Winter Olympics as a momentum,” the North Korean leader said, per state media.
  • Condom record. The BBC reports that Winter Olympics athletes have been handed a record 110,000 condoms, which works out to 38 each. The manufacturer says it doesn’t expect the athletes to use them all over the 16 days of the Games, though Tinder says there has definitely been an increase in matches.

Speaking of  penis…….

Even the bright red lighthouse in the tiny South Korean port of Sinnam is shaped like a penis.

The port is home to Haesindang Park, better known as “Penis Park”, a monument to fertility, born from a legend about a virgin and fish. A normally obscure attraction, it is drawing curious crowds of visitors from the nearby Winter Olympics.

There are penis totem poles, penis benches and penis wind chimes. There is even a penis-shaped cannon, with a warning to tourists that it should not be mounted.


All the Olympic news you cannot possibly use……back tomorrow with more stuff….chuq

It Is Like Arguing With Yourself

Saturday and a day to stop worrying about the crap of the day and relax…..I had an epiphany while watching the Olympics…..the Trump government is less interesting than curling ……

Almost all stores have the self-checkout for your convenience…..which is a lie….. it is to save on the payroll expense nothing else.

I dislike these things because I will inevitably arguer with the damn thing…..I like most of us do….but did you know that people are using them to commit shoplifting?

Beneath the bland veneer of supermarket automation lurks an ugly truth: There’s a lot of shoplifting going on in the self-scanning checkout lane. But don’t call it shoplifting. The guys in loss prevention prefer “external shrinkage.”

Self-checkout theft has become so widespread that a whole lingo has sprung up to describe its tactics. Ringing up a T-bone ($13.99/lb) with a code for a cheap ($0.49/lb) variety of produce is “the banana trick.” If a can of Illy espresso leaves the conveyor belt without being scanned, that’s called “the pass around.” “The switcheroo” is more labor-intensive: Peel the sticker off something inexpensive and place it over the bar code of something pricey. Just make sure both items are about the same weight, to avoid triggering that pesky “unexpected item” alert in the bagging area.


You know I never considered using this damn contraption to steal…..but I guess if you think like that then you will find a way….”where there is a will there is a way”…..

I guess I have done enough damage today so I will take my leave…..be well, be safe…..enjoy your day.  chuq

Under The Knife

I am a political wonk….I truly love keeping up with current events…..but I am so weary of this president and his supporters that I scheduled a surgical procedure on the day of the SOTU speech so I do not have to listen to Trump’s silly words.

But of course I will have something to say even if I do not appreciate the president much……

Now to flesh out this post…….

Back in October of 2017 I had surgery that left me with 4 toes short of a full set.  After the torture of hyperbarics for a month they tell me that I need yet another surgery….they say it is minor but I feel that if I am under the influence and laid out on a table then it is not all that minor.

So sadly I will not be posted as much as I usually do plus I will be posted from my Smartphone which is a major pain in the ass.

Just wanted to let my readers know that small amount of posts is not me losing interest in my blog but rather a medical necessity at least according to my doctor.

Please bear with me and keep your fingers crossed and I shall return to full form as soon as possible.

Hopefully everyone will have a good day.

Telling Good Guys From Bad Guys

Another Sunday and we see the sun for the first time in about a week…..I think I will go outside for awhile and enjoy a mild day……

AS per my tradition I try to post on something that has little to do with the horrid news of the day….in case you missed it…..the government has been shut down and the blame game abounds…it is all so much crap especially from the GOP but do not count the Dems out they are capable of being worthless as well.

Not much more will have legs in the MSM for awhile……


Have you ever noticed that in kids cartoons the bad guys seem to always have an accent…..why is that?

When the sociolinguist Calvin Gidney saw The Lion King in theaters two decades ago, he was struck by the differences between Mufasa and Scar. The characters don’t have much in common: Mufasa is heroic and steadfast, while Scar is cynical and power-hungry. But what Gidney noticed most was how they each spoke: Mufasa has an American accent, while Scar, the lion of the dark side, roars in British English. In a climactic scene in which Scar accuses Simba of being the “murderer!” responsible for Mufasa’s death, the final “r” in his declaration floats up into a sky bursting with lightning, and it’s hard to imagine it sounding quite as monstrous in another tone.

Gidney, an associate professor in child study and human development at Tufts University who specializes in sociolinguistics, saw Scar’s accent as part of a disturbing pattern in the film: Foreign accents and non-standard dialects were being used to voice all of the “bad” characters. Gidney also noticed that Scar’s minions, the hyenas, spoke in either African American English or English with a Spanish accent. Gidney found this trend concerning, especially since the theme of the movie could be described as “the ‘natural order of things,’” he said. “I thought it was really disturbing that it was necessary to ‘take back the jungle’ from the British-sounding evil lion, plus the African American-sounding and Latino-sounding hyenas.”


Enough of the worthless stuff…..I’m off like a dirty shirt….see you guys tomorrow….chuq

Merry Christmas–2017

Or if you prefer Happy Holidays……

It is that time again……a time for family, friends and food.

I would like to thank all my regulars for their time and their comments and I hope all have a very merry Christmas.

We all have lofty desires for a Christmas gift and I am NO different.

Mine as a combat vet is that I want an end to wars…..I spend a lot of my time writing posts that point out the absurdness and obscenity of war…..I read an op-ed that sums it up nicely…..

All I want for Christmas is for the US to only fight the wars it has to and to stay out of all the others. The lives of young Americans are too high a price to pay for wars driven by threat inflation, ego, or foolhardy social experiments.

First, we’re Americans. Enough of the hand-wringing. Islamist-inspired terrorists do not hide around every corner. Instead, we have been and continue to be quite safe. The threat from groups operating within failed states like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and so on pales in comparison to Hitler’s armies marching across Europe and our nuclear Cold War with the Soviet Union, despite President Trump’s attempts to equate the three.


May you have the peace and joy of the season…..and I hope all enjoys food, family and fun during this day of days……chuq