May I Introduce “Mojave”

I have great news!

It is the beginning of the weekend and as usual I will post on just about anything but the silliness we call the news.

First, we have some cooler weather and I will plant some veggies this weekend…radishes, carrots and bunching onions…..after all those months of 95+ weather this is lovely…..and well needed.

I have been devastated with the loss of my best friend Jaz back in June… better half saw what shape I was in and decided that I needed a friend….and off we went to the Humane Society….I walked around and got trapped by a sand colored puppy.

I have been adopted by a lovely young lady by the name of Mojave……we call her “Mo”….she chose me out of a room full of others….she is 5 months old and just a bag of mischief.

She has found her perch….the day bed that looks out into the outside world……her new domain.

Is that the postman?

This is her with all the SCOTUS mash-up…..I agree all that crap about some drunkard is all too tiring…..

BTW, that toy in the photo has been shredded already….

Mo is a retriever mix…..she has more energy than she needs and her and I have become fast friends….although as an old fart I tire more easily than her.

Mo is a joy to train she is very alert and eager to get to business…..she has no problem letting me know that outside is a must….if you know what I mean……

I seem to be better in the exercise department now that I have a friend to walk with…….she is saving me from myself.

I’ve spent $30 on toys and a piece of plastic will send her into a running fit…she makes her own fun…..LOL

Have a good Sunday….we will…see you guys Monday Morn bright and early……chuq


Those Were The Days

I admit it….I was a acid rock fan….those were the days….Bennies, Dex, Yellow Jackets, Acid, Weed, ‘shrooms, etc…..

But recent scientific research has shown that some of the magic drugs of my youth can be beneficial in treating PTSD……

Those magic mushrooms that grow liberally in cow dung could indeed have properties that could help those suffering from PTSD……

Want to quit smoking or alleviate depression? In a few years you might be taking the psychedelic “magic” in magic mushrooms—if the FDA ever agrees, the New York Times reports. Researchers from John Hopkins University suggest the FDA should reclassify psilocybin—the psychedelic drug in hallucinogenic mushrooms—to a Schedule IV drug, meaning it can serve a medical use and isn’t likely to trigger addiction or abuse. It would be like sleeping pills, but not a simple prescription: “We believe that the conditions should be tightly controlled and that when taken for a clinical reason, it should be administered in a health care setting” under professional guidance, study co-author Matthew Johnson tells Fortune.

Published in Neuropharmacology, the study looks at psilocybin data going back to the 1940s. “In the 1960s, they were on the cutting edge of neuroscience research and understanding how the brain worked,” says Johnson. “But then it got out of the lab.” Research stopped partly because the hippie counterculture embraced mind-altering drugs like mushrooms and LSD, but a recent cultural shift has seen professionals adopt “microdosing” to increase productivity, and consumers—particularly women—use psychedelics to alleviate anxiety and depression. And while psilocybin poses some health risks, Johnson says in a press release it’s safer than other surveyed drugs. But don’t hold your breath: FDA approval could take more than five years.

Another drug of choice in those days was the sugar cubed “ACID”…LSD…..and yes they are finding it useful in moderation……go figure (we could have told them that but no one would listen)….

Microdosing” on psychedelic substances like LSD—ingesting just enough to heighten cognitive faculties, enhance creativity, improve concentration and alleviate depression—is currently back in vogue among people not normally associated with anything remotely ‘countercultural’ in the USA.

The term psychedelic was coined in 1958 by British psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond and is derived from the Greek words psyche (“soul, mind”) and delein(“to manifest”), hence “soul-manifesting,” the implication being that psychedelics can access the soul and develop unused potentials in the human mind. It’s a contention that’s gaining increased acceptance in mainstream universities.

Fascinating stuff, eh?

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For your musical enjoyment…..

We Will Survive!

With less than 30 days before the mid-terms the Dems are looking good for the House…..

There has been so much doom and gloom around the election of a president……and no this does not necessarily mean Dear Leader… could be a reference to all the trash and noise that was muttered and printed when the US elected its first black dude as president.

Now we are just days away from the Mid-Terms and the Dems are confident that there will be a Blue Wave…..and the president is saying there will be a Red Wave….and the voter is in the middle of these dueling entities totally confused.

My take is that there will be significant Dem gains….not because they have a better message…they do not… is that more and more voter no longer trusts the GOP to stick to traditional message.

I mean really?  Does this Dem message sound like a winner or maybe pizza ad?

“A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”

That’s right this is the new and improved Dem message for the elections to come.

I have heard of some crappy political slogans….but this one is by far the biggest pile of bovine fecal matter……I am sorry but this is a cop out of the old “New Deal” slogans from 75 years ago…..

The Dems have no clue what to do as far as approaching elections are concerned….this has been written by myself……

Then there is the BS of eliminating ICE….really?  This is a NO starter for the election……I would like to see a good foreign policy (after all I am a Foreign policy wonk)….but so far I have nothing that would excite me to voting for a Dem……the best they can do in the more radical corners of the party is condemn Israel and the occupation of Gaza……

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already slayed some dragons. On foreign policy, however, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 14th congressional district is wielding a dull sword. On a recent episode of PBS’ Firing Line, Ocasio-Cortez failed to explain comments she’d previously made about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Asked what she meant by “the occupation of Palestine,” she dodged the question, saying: “I am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue.” As one of the most prominent self-identified democratic socialists in American politics, her stumble seems at odds with the political affiliation she’s publicly claimed. The website of the Democratic Socialists of America, of which she is a member, says it views “the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and its inhumane siege of Gaza as the major barrier” to peace in the region.

It’s reasonable to assume that Ocasio-Cortez would be able to defend this relatively common position. But it’s become common in recent years for left-wing politicians to either botch or dodge foreign policy issues. During 2016’s Democratic presidential primary, Senator Bernie Sanders initially failed to articulate much of a foreign policy platform—a strange oversight given that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, was a former secretary of state and a former senator who’d supported the invasion of Iraq. Sanders didn’t put forward a clearer foreign policy vision until 2017. “Foreign policy must take into account the outrageous income and wealth inequality that exists globally and in our own country,” he said during a 2017 speech at Westminster College.

In conclusion….the Dems will win in the mid-terms but not because they have a superior message….to the contrary……their wins will be because of a divisive Dear Leader.

And then the Dems will revert back to their corporate roots and do nothing to improve the lives of the voters.

Regardless of the mid-term outcomes this country will survive….but the question should be ….in what form?

So I have written!

Turn The Page!

Sunday– 07Oct2018

It is Sunday…let’s have some fun!

Back when I was younger and managing a bar I use to spend lots of time listening to musicians trying to find ones that would be a good fit for the club.

Back in those days “Folk Music” was all the rage and there were a couple of songs that were standard fair if you were a folk singer….one was about a restaurant and a dashboard fixture for your car……

Since today is a Sunday and a day of relaxation I will give the two songs as my musical interlude……

And second is a plastic dashboard fixture……

Hope you guys enjoyed the music….a couple of dittys from the past….being an old fart I spend a lot of time there…..

To further your entertainment……In closing the best comic routine EVER!

In Living Color came close to topping but fell a little short…..a bit more political than the original….be warned…..

I hope these small offerings made your day….and that everyone has a terrific Sunday……see you Monday with more stuff….chuq

Slow Down! Big Brother Is Watching!

Weary of the news…then maybe I can help you out…..

I love weekends….I use to go for a drive on weekends….take off and drive until you feel a stop is needed.  My usual stopping point was when I saw a diner or eatery or a pub….

As usual we were out for a drive and one of those signs  came into view….you know the ones….the ones that tell you how fast you are going…..and you then adjust your gas peddle to come into the legal limit… do know the ones I mean, right?

In these days when you are under the magnifying glass from everyone…..I mean we are spied upon constantly…our buying trends, our travel trends, etc etc etc…….

I dined in some cool places….Do Drop Inn, the Coffee Pot, Hot Coffee’s (name of a town on the back roads) Greet and Eat and a spot called “the Pour house”…..just to mention a few.

But back to those speed limit signs… what do those “speed limit” signs have to do with domestic spying?

If you’ve been a driver in the United States for any length of time, you have most likely passed at least one of those interactive road signs that show you how fast you’re driving. It turns out, those signs may be doing more than you think they are.

You can now add digital speed signs to the list of known automated license plate readers (ALPRs). According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), ALPRs can be found on “street poles, street lights, highway overpasses, mobile trailers, or attached to police squad cars.”

Thanks to a special notice released in August, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will be using RU2 Systems trailer-mounted speed displays “retrofitted as mobile LPR [License Plate Reader] platforms.” RU2 Systems Inc. is a private Mesa, Arizona company.

They are watching you!

Are you paranoid yet?

May you weekend begin with some joy and end with a little adventure…..chuq

The Age Of Lazy

Another Saturday and we should look into our society for a few interesting pieces of knowledge…..

I would bet that the most used kitchen appliance these days is the microwave….am I right?

It is all so simple you take something out of the “Frig” and in just minutes you have a meal….how much simpler could it get?

WE are in the age of Google, Echo, Alexa, yada yada……you can turn over any function to a piece of technology…start your car, turn on your lights, lock your door and play music all by simply telling the air around you what you want to happen.

Got some amazing news the other day….about a microwave and a potato…..

Running out of things to do with Alexa? Don’t despair. Soon, you’ll be able to tell your Amazon personal assistant to heat a mug of water, defrost a chicken, or prepare some popcorn. It’s all thanks to the new AmazonBasics microwave that connects to Amazon’s Echo device so you can give it voice commands. The microwave was unveiled Thursday in Seattle, Engadget reports. The appliance will sell for $59.99 and will ship starting Nov. 14th, per The Verge, which calls it “a pretty dead-ahead 700W microwave.” It features many of the standard microwave buttons, but most of the cooking presets are voice activated (such as “Alexa, one potato,” a command used by Amazon’s David Limp a demonstration). You can also set it up to automatically order products from Amazon.

“What this microwave does is keep track of how many times you cook popcorn and make sure you never run out,” Amazon VP Daniel Rausch tells the Wall Street Journal. Also debuted on Thursday were other smart devices, such as an Echo for cars and a home security system, as well as improvements to Alexa like the abilities to whisper and hold conversations. It all adds up to Amazon’s push to “unite a scattered industry,” the WSJ notes. Through products like the new AmazonBasics microwave, the company hopes to get big manufacturers to use its Alexa-enabled chips affordable household appliances. As The Verge puts it: “The point is to wow gadget makers with how simple, secure, and easy it is to integrate its Alexa Connection Kit.”

But if I must choose my potato and put it into the Microwave why not hit the start button….that way I do not have to involve yet another piece of technology in the process of cooking a potato.

I am retired and have become extremely lazy after the broken leg and then the loss of toes….but as lazy as I am I am still capable of cooking a potato in the microwave without involving too many pieces of technology.

I may be old put I can still muster the energy to push a start button.

Is it any wonder that we are so obese?  I mean we have to spend many dollars to get fit….when it is free to learn to do so much of this stuff for yourself.

Just a thought!

That Political Argument

As the week begins I would like to write about something that if you are a political blogger then you have had a political debate or if you will argument with someone who shows up on your blog.

Do you think you have ever won the debate with this person?  In your mind of course you have but in the other’s mind you have not…..

Let’s take a look at that political argument…….

We’ve all been sufficiently frustrated by the gap between the values someone espouses and the policies they support that we’ve gotten into political arguments to help them see their error. Perhaps, if we’re more honest about our own motivation, we just reacted to get rid of that visceral dissonant feeling that “something that wrong just can’t be allowed to stand.”

And, no doubt, whenever you do that, you lay out a clear, fact-based, logically consistent case for the correct view.

You’ve probably done it many times—and, if you’re like most people, you’ve changed next-to-no minds at all.

In fact, you may have often come away even more convinced of your opponent’s wrong-headedness than when you started, and likely gave your opponent the exact same view of you.

But you keep doing it—even though it does very little good indeed.

Given all the practice everyone is getting, why are millions of decent arguments made by clearly thinking individuals almost all utterly useless when it comes to enlightening others—let alone changing their minds?

This article will give you the answer. Understanding it may change your life.

Let me say about here… matter how well you give the facts to support your side of the argument…you will NEVER get through a closed mind……and thanx to the ear of social media a closed mind is the way of the world.

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