Saturday News

The weekend and time for me to present the news that the big news organizations failed to report….these stories were just not that important.

With all the celebs and rich asswipes going to space there has been a renewed interest on that long debated Mars issue…..

Sending humans to the Red Planet has been a long-term ambition of national space agencies, private organizations, and even state governments. Expanding the reach of the Earthlings beyond Earth is now considered to be the next big validation of human ability and cognition. The ongoing COVID-pandemic has even bolstered the urgency to establish humans as multi-planet species. Even though humans have made it to the Moon and back, the belief that Mars could sometimes be transformed to sustain human life makes its colonization a more popular topic. Humans have spared no pains to gradually transform this belief into reality. NASA has successfully sent robots like Perseverance and Curiosity on the surface of the planet (Crouch, 2020). Moreover, SpaceX building and successfully testing fully reusable launch vehicles to cut the cost of space exploration significantly (Drake, 2021). These events bolster the claim that the long-term aim to establish multi-planetary civilization is gradually turning into reality. Given that this progress and continuous success persist, building a colony on the surface of the Red Planet is not even ambitious. While this would be an unprecedented thing that humans could gift to humanity, there are myriad grey areas that need to be developed. As a result, Mars presents an excellent opportunity to investigate the major question of creating a new international order and political system in the contemporary era.

The Possible Martian Order: Extension or Rejection of Earth’s Systems?

Then there is the new theory of the creation of the universe…other than the Big Bang (the theory not the sitcom)…..

A Harvard scientist has an interesting theory as to how our universe was formed: in a laboratory by higher “class” of lifeform.

Avi Loeb, bestselling author and the former chair of Harvard’s astronomy department, penned an op-ed in Scientific American this week positing that the universe could have been formed in a lab by an “advanced technological civilization.” If true, he said the origin story would unify the religious idea of a creator with the secular idea of quantum gravity. 

“Since our universe has a flat geometry with a zero net energy, an advanced civilization could have developed a technology that created a baby universe out of nothing through quantum tunneling,” Loeb wrote.

Enough of the space stuff….moving on…..

Climate change is costing billions and yet there is little done to try to survive the onslaught…..there are some that are trying to make housing more sustainable…..

This idea is to use traditional indigenous housing design to help fight the changing climate…..

The United States has braved a year of multiple billion dollar weather disasters throughout 2021. There have been record-breaking heat waves, a winter storm that shut down cities across Texas, multiple hurricanes, record-breaking wildfires, tornadoes and hail storms. All of which have damaged public and private property and harmed people across the country. 

Part of preparing for even more extreme weather to come as a result of the climate crisis, is investing in resilient infrastructure–something the current administration has already proposed. While building infrastructure may sound like a feat fit for futuristic technology, around the world climate-proofing has been happening already for centuries in the form of vernacular architecture. This form of architecture is defined by the use of traditional materials native to that particular region.

According to a report in Oxford Urbanists, there is a possibility of a resurgence of vernacular architecture. Otherwise known as traditional, cultural design methods unique to a particular region, vernacular architecture is an alternative to the “international style” of Eurocentric homes that took off globally after the first world war. Throughout the 20th century, “identical skyscrapers, airports, malls and gas stations became icons of modern cities,” the report points out. However, those structures are not always made with climate change in mind, and don’t rely on locally sourced materials or local cultural knowledge. Those homes were not made for the entire world’s diverse array of weather events like hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes. Drawing on vernacular architecture could be a way of making our cities more resilient to an ever-changing climate. 

Ancient architecture might be key to creating climate-resilient buildings

Do you drink diet drinks?

Then maybe this will interest you…..

iet soda doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. Its sweeteners like aspartame have been linked to headaches and decreased bone density, and to developing type 2 diabetes. But now, a new study out of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, has found that there may be another effect of drinking diet soda that you’ve probably brushed off as a rumor for years. Read on to find out what your favorite drink could be doing to your body.

You’re doing everything right: You’re eating a low-fat, low-carb diet; you’re exercising; you’ve even given up sugary sodas in exchange for diet drinks. And yet, you still can’t seem to lose weight. That may be because, according to the USC study, of said diet soda.

That is enough of mundane worthless information……

Have a good weekend…..Be Well and Be Safe…..

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Saturday News

My news first…we here on the Gulf Coast are waiting for final word on the landfall of Hurricane Ida….here we go again…..well it is Summer on the Coast where we are always just North of a hurricane…..

The weekend begins and I want to report a few stories that may not have made your local news show….

I am an old fart so I am confused at why so many young people need flavored beverages….like booze, coffee, soft drinks, vitamins and the list goes on and on…….then there are those damn energy drinks that are filled with caffeine and artificial BS…like a fan favorite Mountain Dew (a truly disgusting tasting drink)….now there is a new flavor to tease the idiots….those most easily manipulated….

You can now have your Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and drink them, too.

In perhaps the most bizarre flavor mash-up of 2021, Mountain Dew has introduced a Flamin’ Hot flavor combo that blends “the sweet, citrus DEW with a new spicy goodness.”

“As a brand, DEW has a rich history of experimenting with new flavors our fans love. We certainly had them in mind when we developed the FLAMIN’ HOT beverage,” said Matt Nielsten, senior director of marketing at PepsiCo, in a press release. “This is one of our most provocative beverages yet, and we’re excited for DEW Nation to taste the unique blend of spicy and classic sweet citrus flavor of MTN DEW.”


I am a big fan of a maled milk shake…..different from the MacD’s thin soft swirl they calla milk shake….if you are unsure what it is then this should help…..

First, let’s learn what a chocolate malt is. Because let’s be real, we all know what a milkshake is. A chocolate malt is also a milkshake made with chocolate ice cream. You can even use vanilla ice cream and add chocolate syrup to it to get the chocolate flavor. What makes it different is the extra step. You need to add malted milk powder to round out the drink.

“Malted milk powder was invented by a man named William Horlick in 1873 as a much more manageable means of using malt rather than the very thick malt syrup,” Piedmont Grocery store shared. “Malted milk powder is made by sprouting and drying a grain, typically barley, and mixing it with powdered milk and wheat flour. Sometimes sugar and chocolate flavoring are also added to the powder. While you may not often order a malted milkshake, you may be familiar with the flavor thanks to Whoppers or Ovaltine,” added.

Malted Milkshakes: The Classic Milkshake Add-in Soon To Be Lost to History

If you love the Earth then you are trying to soften your solid waste especially plastic bags, right?  You may have gone to those cotton bags for your shopping to eliminate adding to plastic waste……you may not be doing the Earth a favor with cotton…..

How many cotton tote bags do you have shoved into closets and cabinets and your car trunk? If the answer is too many, but you’ve at least consoled yourself that you’re doing the planet good, bad news. In a piece for the New York Times on our “cotton tote crisis,” Grace Cook cites some disheartening stats: Cotton is a water-intensive crop, and offsetting the environmental impact of creating just one bag is a long road. Per a 2018 study out of Denmark, an organic cotton tote would need to be used 20,000 times to zero out the impact that its production had on the environment. “That equates to daily use for 54 years—for just one bag,” writes Cook. If you have more like 25 bags, that works out to a thousand-plus years.

And to add insult to injury, they’re really tough to recycle, in part because most compost facilities don’t accept textiles, and the scant amount of cotton that does make it to a treatment plant can’t be recycled if it features PVC-based logos, as many bags do. Cook dates the origins of the cotton-bag explosion to 2007 and a British designer and looks at how brands ranging from the New Yorker to the beauty brand Aesop have contributed to the problem. If this has you wondering whether plastic is actually the lesser evil, Cook definitely doesn’t go that far. “Lightweight plastic bags use greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels, never biodegrade, and clog up the oceans,” she cautions. The best bet might be skipping a bag altogether when possible.

Sometimes we just cannot win, right?

Finally…asphalt with a floral smell….

Construction workers know the stench of hot asphalt all too well, and it doesn’t smell like roses. Or does it? Polish construction firm Budimex says it’s teamed up with refiner Lotos to create a floral-scented asphalt more pleasing to road builders. Added to the typical bitumen recipe are natural and synthetic essential oils, some of which neutralize the unpleasant smell, per Reuters. The others give off a floral scent, Budimex says in a news release.


“At times one could smell the scent of flowers, which made working more pleasant,” a Budimex foreman is quoted as saying in the release. It notes the company will look at introducing the compound on a wider scale. However, it’s unclear if the alteration will be any safer for road builders. According to the CDC, exposure to asphalt fumes is associated “with irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat” as well as “acute lower respiratory tract symptoms.”

Now that is something I have always worried about….the smell of asphalt.

Finally with all the hub-bub over pills being taken as a deterrent to the Covid there is some fairly promising news…but first….

DISCLAIMER:  Do not take any medication without first checking with your doctor.

Second–DO NOT for any reason take a drug that is formulated for use on cows and horses….regardless what some overweight pastor or talk show host may tell you…if you do talk their words as fact the  you are proving just how f*cking stupid you truly are.

Since Covid-19 patients started showing up at clinics and hospitals a year and a half ago, doctors and researchers have been hard at work trying to figure out how to treat them. Most drugs and treatments haven’t panned out, producing either no results or small ones in large-scale clinical trials. Many of the few that work are expensive and difficult to administer.

Hydroxychloroquine, enthusiastically endorsed by President Trump last year, has been shown to have no measurable benefits. New drugs like monoclonal antibodies — proteins meant to imitate the immune system’s response to the disease — have been approved by regulators but must be administered by a doctor through an IV or series of injections.

But scientists haven’t stopped searching, and the results of a new massive clinical trial suggest they’re getting somewhere. In a large, randomized clinical trial conducted with thousands of patients over the past six months, researchers at McMaster University tested eight different Covid-19 treatments against a control group to figure out what works.

One drug stood out: fluvoxamine, an antidepressant that the Food and Drug Administration has already found to be safe and that’s cheap to produce as a generic drug.

I am finished with the ‘dump’….have a great Saturday….

Be well and be safe….

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Saturday News Dump

I have been spending time helping Sue with her post surgery recovery….she is healing very well some minor side effects but as a whole it is great….we will know more after her next visitor to her oncologist.

The weekend begins and IST would like to give you the news you probably did not get in your favorite news source…..

I watch the Summer Olympics for two things….Rugby 7s and handball….and in all this time I did not know the handball had a beach component….and there seems to be a bit of a row over the outfits competitors wear…..

After a high-profile rebellion by the women on Norway’s beach handball team, it appears that the rules about women’s uniforms will change. The players objected to wearing bikini bottoms during a European competition last month and donned shorts instead, thus earning the team a fine of about $1,800 for “improper clothing.” Now, amid criticism of the penalty from other teams, as well as the singer Pink, the New York Times reports that the sport’s governing body is about to budge. New rules on uniforms are “very likely” to be enacted, says Hassan Moustafa, president of the International Handball Federation. The Guardian notes that at least seven women’s sports associations around the world have called for the resignation of Moustafa, as well as the head of the sport’s European federation, over the controversy.

“This is a blatantly sexist custom that needs to be eliminated,” says Luisa Rizzitelli of Assist, an Italian group that advocates for female athletes. Critics have frequently pointed out that men who play the sport are allowed to wear shorts in international competition. The Times story calls attention to a situation in American Samoa, where girls ages 15 to 17 won a regional championship, then learned from the IHF they’d have to wear bikini bottoms to advance to the next level of play. “I first had to get permission from the parents,” their male coach tells the newspaper. The girls and their families reluctantly agreed to the rule, but the young players were later embarrassed when photos emerged of the competition. “It doesn’t seem right that the men can wear shorts and a jersey and the women must wear a bikini and sports bra,” says the coach.

What about beach volleyball?

I believe that I have posted on this before but cannot remember the post….anyway for all those Star Wars fans…the question has been asked….are light sabers possible?

A professor of physics weighs in….

If you are searching for your best friend and companion then it may be harder here in the US…..

Longing to give a pooch a forever home? You probably won’t have to wait forever to do so, but you may have to wait awhile—dogs are in short supply right now, and it looks like it might get worse before it gets better. Axios calls it “the great American dog shortage,” spurred by a demand for dogs that the supply chain can’t keep up with: The yearly demand for dogs is about 8 million, but the US imports only a tad more than 1 million of them annually. In June, the American Pet Products Association’s biennial pet owners survey noted that “pet ownership has increased from an estimated 67% of US households that own a pet to an estimated 70%,” with millennials claiming the largest cohort of pet owners. Plus, because more people are getting their dogs spayed and neutered than in the past, as well as keeping them for life, there aren’t as many dogs available in shelters for adoption.

Factors that will likely affect how many dogs are up for grabs in the future: breeders facing increasingly rigid regulations, as well as a US crackdown on illegal dog imports and dogs deemed to be “high risk” due to rabies. In June, the CDC issued a temporary ban on that latter group, suspending the import of dogs from more than 100 nations—including Egypt, China, Russia, and India—said to be at that high-risk level, or even dogs that have simply traveled to those countries over the previous six months. The Healthy Dog Importation Act, a bipartisan bill currently working its way through the legislative pipeline, would mandate every dog brought into the US be up to date on all of its vaccinations and have proof of it from a properly credentialed veterinarian. “Pets aren’t a fad, so we’re still in the beginning phase—and that will stun some people—of this surge of continuing demand for pets,” Mark Cushing of the Animal Policy Group tells Axios.

On the health front…..

A young boy in California has died after becoming infected with a brain-eating amoeba while swimming last month. David Pruitt, 7, contracted primary amoebic meningoencephalitis—PAM—from a lake in Tehama County in Northern California, the Los Angeles Times reports. The specific lake hasn’t been named. The illness is caused by the Naegleria fowleri parasite and is extremely rare. It usually crops up in warmer climates and has only sickened 10 people in California since 1971. How the infection can occur: A freshwater lake will have a population of the amoeba, and a swimmer will ingest some contaminated water through the nose; sometimes, that contamination makes it to the brain.

The parasite is rare, hard to find, and difficult to detect. The infection starts out as a headache and fever and can worsen to stiffness, seizures, and hallucinations, per the CDC. David developed serious symptoms on July 30, then swelling in his brain. He was taken to UC Davis Medical Center and died on Aug. 7. On a GoFundMe fundraiser started to cover David’s care and funeral expenses, the family asked that everyone learn about the signs and symptoms of PAM.

I have heard of ‘brain worms’ but this is just scary.

Finally this is for canine friends…..more recalls of dog food that is killing dogs…..

Midwestern Pet Food has been recalling products since last year due to aflatoxin poisoning and salmonella poisoning, and the problem does not appear to be going anywhere. In a warning letter sent to the company, the FDA says more than 130 dogs may have died and another 220 or more been sickened by the company’s products, NPR reports. The FDA inspected manufacturing plants after Midwestern’s earlier recalls, and those inspections “revealed evidence of significant violations” of food safety regulations, and also found high levels of aflatoxin, a toxic mold that is poisonous and can cause illness or death in animals. It was found in SPORTMiX and other brands produced by the company, CBS 2 reports.

As for salmonella, “Midwestern’s food safety program appears inadequate to significantly minimize or prevent salmonella in its pet food,” the FDA says, per NBC News. Salmonella was found in SPORTMiX and Earthborn varieties. The violations “were shared across multiple plants and were associated with the illness or death of hundreds of pets who had eaten the company’s dry dog food,” an FDA director says in a statement. The company has 15 days to come up with a plan to fix the problems before it faces legal action.

Please check to make sure your dog food is not harming your canine family member….you can check it out at….they try to keep updated on the recalls of dog products….or the FDA….

That is the news you cannot possibly use…..see you next Saturday……

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My Saturday News Dump

It is a Saturday so……News no one could possibly use.

Good news!  Sue is home from the hospital and doing really good….this weekend will be a slow posting for me for I want to spend time with her and help her recovery.

I will start with my local news…..

As of yesterday Word Press tells me that I have 280 day posting streak going….but here is a problem… see in 2012 WP issued a challenge for bloggers to post a writing every day….I jumped on it an have had at least one post a day for 9+ years….so the stats from WP is off by about 3200 posts…so thanx WP for letting me know that my blog is not that important for you to keep up.

Enough bitchin’

01 August to end of October is peak hurricane season….since I live on the Gulf Coast we have prepared for the inevitable.

As of yesterday Mississippi has had 100 new cases of Covid-19……and the state is at about 40% vaccinated……most of our hospitals are reaching capacity with no end insight.

When did athletes start wearing sport bras?

Some are predicting a global collapse before the end of the century…….

Human society is on the verge of collapsing in the next two decades unless there is a major shift in global objectives, according to a recent review of a 1970s research.

A stunning new analysis by a director at one of the world’s largest accounting companies has concluded that a renowned, decades-old warning from Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) about the likelihood of industrial civilisation collapsing looks to be accurate.

Let’s say all that doom and gloom is there anywhere that will survive?

In a recent development, a new study has revealed that New Zealand, Iceland, the UK, Tasmania and Ireland are the places best suited to survive a global collapse of society.

As per the researchers, human civilisation was “in a perilous state” because of the highly interconnected and energy-intensive society and the environmental damage that has been caused.

Not to worry we can replenish the diminishing population….well maybe not so fast…..

In the U.S., nearly 1 in 8 couples struggles with infertility. Unfortunately, physicians like me who specialize in reproductive medicine are unable to determine the cause of male infertility around 30% to 50% of the time. There is almost nothing more disheartening than telling a couple “I don’t know” or “There’s nothing I can do to help.”

Upon getting this news, couple after couple asks me questions that all follow a similar line of thinking. “What about his work, his cellphone, our laptops, all these plastics? Do you think they could have contributed to this?”

What my patients are really asking me is a big question in male reproductive health: Does environmental toxicity contribute to male infertility?

In closing some disturbing news…..about the weather…..

An ocean current that is effectively the engine that drives weather patterns is in danger, a new study suggests. The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is a current that moves surface water north from the tropics, warming seawater and adding salt, bringing warm water to the East Coast and Europe, then sinking and bringing cool water back to the tropics under the surface. It’s been reliable and predictable, probably since the last Ice Age. Scientists, however, say it is now destabilizing. David Thornalley, a paleoceanographer at University College London, has shown that the AMOC is at its weakest point in 1,600 years, the Guardian reports. Without it, what we think of as normal seasons could go away. Researchers published an analysis of more than a hundred years of ocean data in the journal Nature Climate Change Thursday.

That analysis shows major changes in markers that indicate ocean movement and salinity. If the current is weakening, it could mean freakishly cold winters in Europe and parts of the US, plus rising sea levels on the East coast, the Washington Post reports. That could mean catastrophic weather and disruptions of agriculture. Niklas Boers of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany wrote the analysis. “The signs of destabilization being visible already is something that I wouldn’t have expected and that I find scary,” Boers said. Events such as the melting of Greenland’s ice sheets, are speeding the change and slowing the current. Levke Caesar, also a member of the Potsam Institute, said, “We might be closer to an AMOC tipping than we think.”

Maybe I should have lead with that.

Have a good Saturday

Be Well…..Be Safe…..

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Saturday News Dump

The weekend and time for news that did not make the headlines….

First the local news…..

Yesterday the high was 104…it is now mid-night and the temp is 90… air movement so it is damn hot!….and today they say will be at least 4 degrees warmer….oh joy.

Mississippi and in particular the Coastal counties have a large surge in the Delta…..and the state governor…my daughter calls hims “Tater Twat”….. is a foolish leader and his denial….

Gov. Tate Reeves called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent guidance on mask wearing “foolish” during a Thursday speech at the Neshoba County Fair, despite rocketing numbers of COVID-19 cases in the state, according to WAPT reporting.

“It has nothing to do with science,” the governor said in reference to the CDC guidelines, WAPT reported.

The majority of Mississippi is considered a high COVID-19 transmission area because of low vaccination rates causing climbing cases of new infections, according to the CDC data tracker. On Thursday, the one-day count of new COVID-19 infections in Mississippi reached 1,908, with the seven-day total of new cases at 9,999. The state hasn’t seen case counts that high since February.


Why can we NOT hold these ‘leaders’ accountable for the deaths that they cause?  Being stupid and partisan should be a crime.

The big push the the legalization of pot is ever present….but the Danes have found some problems in the research…..

A new study out of Denmark shows a link between increased cases of schizophrenia and cannabis use disorder. The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, notes that both the use and potency of cannabis have gone up in the last 20 years. Cannabis use disorder is not the mere use of the drug, but a pattern of behavior that could include using too much even when there are negative consequences, or difficulty stopping use, per CNN. The study says cases of cannabis use disorder are going up, and it’s turning up in people diagnosed with schizophrenia. “There is, unfortunately, evidence to suggest that cannabis is increasingly seen as a somewhat harmless substance, Carsten Hjorthoj, one of the study’s authors, said.

Other researchers have suggested a link between use of cannabis and risk of schizophrenia. This study says schizophrenia cases have gone up in Denmark. The study used data from people who had already been diagnosed with cannabis use disorder—not people who use the drug more occasionally—and tracked who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, too. “Cannabis use disorder is not responsible for most schizophrenia cases, but it is responsible for a nonnegligible and increasing proportion, Tyler J. VanderWeele, a Harvard professor, wrote in a commentary accompanying the study.

Is this a joke or for real?

There are a few that call themselves “flat earthers”….they seem to believe the Earth is truly flat….

‘Be curious, not judgemental,’ Walt Whitman once said. Alas, when it comes to people who honestly believe the Earth is flat, it’s hard to think of anything but ridicule. It’s a fact that the planet is spherical, ergo round, and you can’t just fall off the side like Captain Jack Sparrow.

In a recent video from Brofessor Megan (@brofessorMegan), she speaks to a pair of ‘flat Earthers’, with one telling an absolutely wild story about their uncle. People still aren’t sure whether it’s all a big ruse.

‘Be curious, not judgemental,’ Walt Whitman once said. Alas, when it comes to people who honestly believe the Earth is flat, it’s hard to think of anything but ridicule. It’s a fact that the planet is spherical, ergo round, and you can’t just fall off the side like Captain Jack Sparrow.

In a recent video from Brofessor Megan (@brofessorMegan), she speaks to a pair of ‘flat Earthers’, with one telling an absolutely wild story about their uncle. People still aren’t sure whether it’s all a big ruse.

The brofessor asks if they’re running with flat Earth theory, sparking one of them to tell a nightmarish, sea-faring story. They explain they’re from Maine and apparently they’re a lobster fisherman.

‘So my uncle one time… he got in his boat, and he went way f*cking past the three-mile line, all the way out towards Canada. I swear to f*cking god, we never saw that motherf*cker again. He went all the way past towards Canada, and I believe personally that he sailed off the edge of the Earth,’ they say.

Do you think people spend too much time staring at there phone screens?

From computers and tablets to smartphones and TV sets, nowadays most people’s days consist of staring at one screen and then moving on to the next. As such, a recent poll of 2,000 British adults reports a whopping 73 percent can’t even imagine going a full 24 hours without at least one screen to stare at.

How glued are we to our devices exactly? On average, researchers report adults spend about six hours daily in front of screens.

Consequently, respondents say their eyes are paying the price. Many told researchers they struggle just to keep their eyes open by around 6 p.m. The survey, which was commissioned by Artelac, also reports 41 percent of adults are experiencing dry eyes more frequently ever since the pandemic started.

Digital daze: 73% of adults ‘can’t imagine’ going a full day without looking at a screen


IMO, yes!

I have never been a big on running….well as they say only if being chased by a jealous husband…..and something I read about distance runners illustrates why…

In 2016, French walker Yohann Diniz soiled himself, and heroically continued, and was able to finish in eighth place, despite fainting several times due to his gastrointestinal distress. Paula Radcliffe stopped by the roadside during the 2005 London Marathon to relieve herself, while cameras caught the whole incident on camera.

Julie Moss – who entered the Hawaii Ironman Triathalon as part of her research for her exercise physiology thesis – unfortunately, lost control of her legs and bowels at roughly the same time during the marathon event, which is as messy as you’d imagine. If you need further help imagining it, she described the incident as the “ultimate, giant, chocolate mess”.

So what is it about the sport that makes so many participants poo-their-pants?

First off, runner’s diarrhea, as it is known, is a real thing. A study published in the National Library of Medicine in 1992 asked 109 long-distance athletes about their bowel movements around their runs. Sixty-two percent reported that they had stopped for a bowel movement during training, 43 percent said that they had “nervous” diarrhea before a race, 51 percent said that they had experienced diarrhea after a race, and 12 percent reported full-on fecal incontinence while running.

Have a great weekend…I will make myself scarce for a couple of days for we are dealing with a family health issue….

Be Well Be Safe

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Saturday News Dump

All the news that fell through the media cracks…..this week is medical/health news and some other stuff for good measure.

But first some really useless news…..birds cannot fart but spiders can…..

On a personal note–my fig tree is producing nicely this year….enough for me to have a midday snack of figs/feta and honey for the last week….

Now on to the important stuff….

There may be some good news for the treatment of breast cancer….something is is effecting my family now…..

One such cancer is metastatic estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. This aggressive form of breast cancer is the most common form of breast cancer, yet some cases are entirely incurable due to various mutations that can make it resistant to treatment. 

However, scientists may have discovered a new weakness – and it’s a big one. 

In a recent study published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign outline a new compound that directly targets human metastatic breast cancer cells and all their metastases (secondary growths around the body as a result of the cancer spreading) in mice, resulting in almost complete tumor regression. 

They hope the new compound opens a new line of inquiry into halting and destroying the aggressive form of cancer, potentially developing a new class of anti-cancer drugs that could finally combat metastasis. 

Metastatic estrogen receptor-positive (ERα) breast cancer is special in that it utilizes estrogen as a means to grow. As such, current therapies aim at depleting estrogen in the bodies of afflicted people – stop the “food” source and the cancer cannot grow out of control. Unfortunately, ERα cancers have a tendency to gain mutations that allow them to bypass this limitation and continue to grow, making it much harder to treat and incredibly deadly.

The news about the treatment of Alzheimer’s is not so good…..

Alzheimer’s disease is, among all the ailments that afflict humanity, perhaps the most terrifying: a disease that robs a person of their identity and disintegrates their relationships; for which there is no proven treatment or cure; and that can last for years, requiring enormous sums of money to ensure that many patients have specialized or round-the-clock care.

And it all leads toward an inevitable destination: death. Because this is also a disease with a 100 percent fatality rate.

That is the reality that millions of Americans and their families are currently confronting, and that millions have before them. They are the people at the center of the fight over the FDA’s controversial approval of Aduhelm, the first new Alzheimer’s drug in decades.

The FDA approved Aduhelm over the objections of its own scientific advisers, who said the mixed evidence of its benefits did not outweigh the known risks. The agency has now called for an independent investigator to probe the approval process. Medicare has begun a months-long process to decide whether it should cover Aduhelm and for whom, and several private health insurers have said they won’t cover the drug, given the limited evidence of its effectiveness. Last week, the Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai, two of the best-known hospital systems in the US, said they wouldn’t administer it for the same reason.

Some of the big news last week was the billionaire’s race to space…..

What about the pollution that those damn rockets throw off?

Burning these propellants provides the energy needed to launch rockets into space while also generating greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Large quantities of water vapour are produced by burning the BE-3 propellant, while combustion of both the VSS Unity and Falcon fuels produces CO₂, soot and some water vapour. The nitrogen-based oxidant used by VSS Unity also generates nitrogen oxides, compounds that contribute to air pollution closer to Earth.

Roughly two-thirds of the propellant exhaust is released into the stratosphere (12 km-50 km) and mesosphere (50 km-85 km), where it can persist for at least two to three years. The very high temperatures during launch and re-entry (when the protective heat shields of the returning crafts burn up) also convert stable nitrogen in the air into reactive nitrogen oxides.

These gases and particles have many negative effects on the atmosphere. In the stratosphere, nitrogen oxides and chemicals formed from the breakdown of water vapour convert ozone into oxygen, depleting the ozone layer which guards life on Earth against harmful UV radiation. Water vapour also produces stratospheric clouds that provide a surface for this reaction to occur at a faster pace than it otherwise would.

My thought is since you guys have massaged your damn egos then how about paying your damn taxes!

Here is another look at the so called race to space……

Finally….did you know BIRDS are not real?

Yes Irene this in the newest stupidity from the conspiracy morons…..birds are not real……

The group “birds aren’t real”, who claim that birds are no longer real, have conducted a rally in the US, in the hope of converting others to their views.

For those uninitiated, the birds aren’t real movement claims that birds were once real but have now been replaced with drones by – you guessed it – none other than Barack Obama, back in 2001. The new robot birds are used to monitor Americans, according to the conspiracy theory.

“After the government killed off the last real bird in 2001, they released the beta versions of the first prototype bird drones, as shown in these tapes. WHAT A COINCIDENCE that on October 27th, 2001, PEARL HARBOR happened. Yet no one seems to draw the correlation. Sheep.

“Call me misinformed, call me stupid, call me under-educated, I don’t care. Just because I didn’t go to ‘high school’ doesn’t mean that I’m any less intelligent. I just haven’t been brainwashed and institutionalized like you all. I know that I am #WOKE and one day you all will see.”

Despite the obvious absurdity of the premise, the movement has a lot of supporters both online and offline. The rally, which took place in Springfield, Missouri, was attended by a large number of people, given that they were there to spread the word that birds are robots.

Please enjoy your weeks… well and be safe….

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Saturday News Dump

News that you may be able to use……

Covid is still the big story in the media…..and the vaccines are making the news….J&j vaccine has some bad news……

Another setback for the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine: The FDA has added a new warning to on the one-shot vaccine after reports of a rare side effect. The CDC says there have been around 100 reports of people contracting Guillain-Barre syndrome after receiving the J&J vaccine. Most of them were hospitalized and one person died, though regulators say it’s not entirely clear whether the shot caused the problem, the AP reports. The CDC says around 12.8 million doses of the vaccine have been administered and there does not appear to be a similar increased risk of the autoimmune disorder with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, the Washington Post reports.

The CDC describes the syndrome as a “rare disorder where the body’s immune system damages nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis.” The CDC says most of the estimated 3,000 to 6,000 people who develop GBS each year in the US recover fully. People sometimes develop the syndrome after the flu or other infections, including COVID-19. The CDC says the cases linked to the J&J vaccine mainly occurred in men over 50 around two weeks after vaccination. Health officials describe the issue as a “small possible risk.” The FDA says people who receive the J&J shot should seek medical attention if they experience symptoms including tingling sensations and double vision.

As a massive coffee drinker I am always reading about the benefits and the side effects of the caffeine I consume…

It seems that I am in a ‘altered state’ because of my love of coffee….

When author Michael Pollan decided to tackle the subject of psychoactive drugs—specifically, opium, mescaline, and caffeine—for his new book, This Is Your Mind On Plants, he consumed the first two in the name of experimental journalism. But he actually stopped using caffeine, just to see what would happen, and it’s that experience he documents in an excerpt published Tuesday in the Guardian. Besides detailing his withdrawal symptoms once that “dark day” of eliminating coffee from his diet arrived, Pollan also takes a look back at the centuries-old use of caffeine found in coffee and tea, with everyone from Buddhist monks trying to stay awake during meditation sessions to writers in English coffeehouses gulping down the drug. Caffeine has even become political at times: England’s King Charles II, worried that said coffeehouses were incubators for political rebellions, kick-started an ill-fated “war on coffee” to shut such foment down.

Pollan delves into both the physical benefits caffeine confers—he cites studies that show the drug has been tied to increased alertness, memory, focus, and even physical performance such as endurance—and its issues, notably the havoc it causes to our sleep cycles. This, he notes, leads to an “insidious” irony: “The drug is not only a leading cause of our sleep deprivation; it is also the principal tool we rely on to remedy the problem.” He also comes to realize how ingrained caffeine is in our daily existence and functioning. “It’s so pervasive that it’s easy to overlook the fact that to be caffeinated is not baseline consciousness but, in fact, an altered state,” he writes. “It just happens to be a state that virtually all of us share, rendering it invisible.” More here on how Pollan fared during his caffeine-free three months—and what happened once he finally allowed himself a double-shot espresso again.

Since I am getting oh so old coffee is one of the last addictions that I have….but I refuse to drink those uber caffeine drinks that the kids are addicted to….I prefer my coffee and black.

You know that the ‘oval office’ (my name for the bathroom) is time of silence and contemplation…but what happens when that ‘me’ time is disturbed?

This report is hilarious and at the same time a bit scary…..

An elderly Austrian man had an unpleasant surprise waiting for him while answering nature’s call early Monday: a python, in his toilet. The man, identified by the BBC as 65-year-old Walter Erhart, tells the broadcaster that he “went to the toilet as usual” in his Graz apartment around 6am on Monday, “switched on the light, turned, sat down as I always did”—and then “suddenly felt a nip” in his genital area. Police in the province of Styria say that nip was from a 5 1/4-foot albino reticulated python hanging out in the bowl, an escapee from the apartment of Erhart’s 24-year-old neighbor, per the AP. A reptile expert retrieved the python from Erhart’s toilet, cleaned it up, and returned it to its owner. Erhart was said to have suffered just minor injuries.

Police think the python may have ended up in the drainpipes of its owner’s apartment and then made its way into Erhart’s bathroom. They note that the neighbor keeps a total of 11 nonvenomous constrictor snakes, as well as a gecko. He’s under investigation on suspicion of causing bodily harm by negligence. Meanwhile, back in the States, the public is breathing a sigh of relief in Baton Rouge after a Burmese python named Cara was found early Thursday, two days after she escaped from her enclosure inside Louisiana’s largest shopping mall, per WPLG. Cara, described as a “nonpoisonous” and “very sweet” snake, slithered out of her home in the Mall of Louisiana’s Blue Zoo on Tuesday; the zoo shut down during the search for Cara, though the mall remained open. She was recaptured just after 4am on Thursday.

I do not know if I would have been so kind as to return the snake to owner.

There is your Saturday news dump….

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Imagine A Country Like This

This is an excellent look at the direct of this country through the pen of Paul Street……

Imagine a nation so reactionary and racist that “Black Lives Matter” is considered a “radical slogan” inside its borders.

Imagine a nation so racially unequal that the median household wealth of its Black households is equal to 7 cents on the dollar of its median white households.

Imagine a nation so sexist that its women make 82 cents for every dollar men make while 15% to 20% of its women have been raped and girls and women are regularly subjected to sexual harassment and domestic violence.

Imagine a nation so sexist that its women’s rights to control their own bodies and reproductive decisions are under constant patriarchal assault.

Imagine a nation so racist that its states pass laws suppressing the votes of non-whites and forbidding honest teaching about the country’s long and ongoing history of racial oppression, including two and a half centuries of Black slavery.

Imagine a nation so classist that it taxes its teachers, secretaries, and waitresses at a higher rate than it taxes its parasitic corporate and financial oligarchs.

Imagine a nation so classist and plutocratic that it lets a lethal pandemic produce an increase in its already obscene over-concentration of wealth while hundreds of thousands of its citizens die from the disease.

Imagine a “democracy” so classist and plutocratic that it can only and barely replace its fascist billionaire president with a conservative corporate toady who promised his wealthy backers in advance that “No one’s standard would change, nothing would fundamentally change” when he became chief executive.

Imagine a nation that claims to be the homeland and headquarters of democracy while its politics and government are structured to render majority public opinion irrelevant beneath the hidden rule of an underlying un-elected class dictatorship of capital.

There is more to think about….read on……

Imagine a Nation Like This

Any thoughts?

Closing with a classic John Lennon tune…..

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Saturday Round-Up

Lots of use less news and I would like to let my readers know stuff they may not be aware of….this is stuff that is not important enough for the MSM to bother reporting…..

Most of us know the saga that an asteroid ended the dinosaurs rein as the supreme creatures of this planet and that may not be the whole story…..

You’ve heard how an asteroid strike 66 million years ago wiped out the dinosaurs. But there’s more to the story, according to a new study, which suggests non-avian dinosaurs weren’t doing so hot before sulfates and dust filled the atmosphere—some 10 million years before, in fact. “The alternative scenario is that dinosaur diversity was … lower just before the asteroid impact than millions of years before,” Fabien Condamine, lead author of the study published in Nature Communications, tells New Scientist. Condamine and colleagues developed a computer model to assess species diversity and extinction rates, factoring in 1,600 fossils from 247 dinosaur species dated from 150 million to 66 million years ago. They determined species were going extinct faster than they were being replaced ahead of the asteroid impact.

The dinosaurs’ “sudden” troubles began 76 million years ago, when “rates of extinction rose and in some cases, the rate of origin of new species dropped off,” Condamine says in a release, per CNN. Co-author Mike Benton notes “the longer-lived dinosaur species were more liable to extinction, perhaps reflecting that they could not adapt to the new conditions on Earth.” This coincided with a cooling of the global climate, says Benton. “Then, the loss of herbivores made the ecosystems unstable and prone to [an] extinction cascade.” In this view, the asteroid impact was “a coup de grâce,” Condamine tells New Scientist. However, some fault the study, which contradicts another that found dinosaurs would’ve thrived had the asteroid missed, for its basis on an incomplete fossil record.

WE are all worried about getting older…..well the military is testing a pill that will preserve the mental process as soldiers get older…..

Special Operations Command expects to move into clinical trials next year of a pill that may inhibit or reduce some of the degenerative affects of aging and injury — part of a broader Pentagon push for “improved human performance.”

The pill “has the potential, if it is successful, to truly delay aging, truly prevent onset of injury — which is just amazingly game changing,” Lisa Sanders, director of science and technology for Special Operations Forces, acquisition, technology & logistics (SOF AT&L), said Friday.

“We have completed pre-clinical safety and dosing studies in anticipation of follow-on performance testing in fiscal year 2022,” Navy Cmdr. Tim Hawkins, a SOCOM spokesperson, said.

Plant a tree and save the planet…..we all have heard this statement in one form or another….but how accurate is it?

Afforestation is an unreliable way of sequestering atmospheric carbon, according to several key figures interviewed by Dezeen as part of our carbon revolution series.


While trees capture huge amounts of carbon, they need to remain growing for a long time to be effective carbon stores, experts say.

In addition, the timber they produce needs to be put to long-term use to prevent the carbon it contains from quickly going back into the atmosphere when it rots or is burned.

“Planting trees is probably the most difficult potential method from a measurement and verification perspective,” said Paul Gambrill, CEO of carbon marketplace Nori in an interview with Dezeen.

“Forests need to have a permanence of 100 years to be effective”

In a hundred years there will not be much left of this planet….more needs doing and now.

This is for all the dog lovers……and the Covid bitch that is raging the planet…..

There’s a “surprisingly high chance” people who contract COVID-19 will pass it on to their pets, according to the author of a yet-to-be-published study, with cats especially susceptible. Researchers searched for antibodies in 48 cats and 54 dogs from 77 households where a prior COVID-19 infection was confirmed and found them in 67% of cats (32) and 43% of dogs (23), per Live Science. Researchers also tested 75 stray cats and 75 dogs and cats in animal shelters, and found they had far lower rates of antibodies. Just 3% of stray cats (2) and 9% of shelter animals overall (7) tested positive. That suggests human-to-animal transmission is at play, because the shelter animals have less contact with people. Indeed, there is no sign of transmission from pets to humans, as noted in a Dutch study that found some 20% of exposed pets were infected, per the BBC.

Owners reported that most pets with antibodies developed only mild symptoms, if any. Some 20% of pet dogs (11) were symptomatic with cough, loss of appetite, and reduced energy levels at the time their owners were sick, but recovered quickly. On the other hand, 27% of pet cats (13) had mild symptoms, including runny nose and difficulty breathing, while 6% (3) had severe symptoms. “Cats, especially those that sleep on their owner’s bed, seem to be particularly vulnerable,” lead author Dorothee Bienzle of Canada’s University of Guelph says in a release. Researchers say the virus may bind more easily to the cell receptors of cats than dogs. But they also say cats may be more likely than dogs to sleep near an owner’s face.

If you do not give a crap about your family at least show some sympathy for the possibility that you could infect your canine companion who depends on you to keep them safe.

Here is a closing thought that was sent to me by my best friend Gene….

Here is the final word on nutrition and health. It’s a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting medical studies.
The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than do the British or Americans.
The French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.

Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what could kill you. 

Have a great weekend…..

Be Well…..Be Safe…..

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Sunday Observations

AS the weekend begins and I stand down from the news of the day….I would like to offer some observations……

Bars and eateries are non-smoking because second hand smoke could be hazardous to your health…..but yet something as infectious as Covid it is perfectly okay to go unprotected and possibly expose people to the virus. Where is that commonsense?

Do eggplants have a gender?


How much is spent every year on those people that are determined to stop that aging clock?

Sorry to say that is money pissed away…..

You can stop looking for the fountain of youth now. It does not exist, according to new research, which finds it’s likely impossible to slow the rate of aging due to biological constraints. While that might seem like a foregone conclusion, an unprecedented study brought together scientists from 42 institutions in 14 countries to test the theory that species face a relatively fixed rate of aging from adulthood. This involved monitoring 30 species of primates over decades so their lifespans could be compared to those of humans. The same general pattern of mortality—a high risk of death in infancy, followed by a rapid decline into early adulthood, then a constant rise with advanced age—appeared across populations of gorillas, baboons, chimpanzees, and guenons in the wild and in zoos, as well as modern and historical human populations, including hunter-gatherers, per the Guardian.

This suggests that “rather than slowing down death, more people are living much longer due to a reduction in mortality at younger ages,” Oxford University researcher José Manuel Aburto says in a release. He notes life expectancy in 17th-century Europe was low because many people died young. “More people get to live much longer now,” thanks to “medical, social, and environmental improvements.” But “the trajectory towards death in old age has not changed.” Indeed, “this study suggests evolutionally biology trumps everything.” Basically “human death is inevitable … no matter how many vitamins we take, how healthy our environment is or how much we exercise,” co-lead author Fernando Colchero of the University of Southern Denmark says in another release. He leaves a little hope for those aiming to live forever, though, noting scientific advances might yet achieve “what evolution could not.”

This should go into the “Can’t Fix Stupid” file….

Of course one of the biggest stupids is FOX’s lead moron, Tucker Carlson…..seems he found a new piece of crap to d a freak out on air…..the shrinking of our children……

Tucker Carlson is freaking out about something a professor said at a conference five years ago, as Tucker Carlson is prone to do. He also used those remarks to insinuate they’re about the future scientists want despite that being false, as Tucker Carlson is prone to do.

In a segment on Tuesday night, the Fox News host played a clip of Matthew Liao, a bioethicist at New York University, speaking at the 2016 World Science Festival. In it, Liao discusses using forms of what he calls “human engineering”—or genetic modification—to curb the climate crisis. The ideas are bad, but they’re utterly fringe. Activists are clamoring for transforming society, not individual humans. You’d never know that from watching the segment, though.

In another clip from the 2016 conference, Liao said that since it takes more energy to transport large people than small ones, we could use human engineering to make people have smaller children. At this suggestion, Carlson went wild.

I cannot let One America Network off the hook….they belong in the “Can’t Fix Stupid” file as swell….

OAN’s Pearson Sharp called for the execution of any “traitor” involved with what he described as a “carrying out a coup against the presidency.”

Sharp opened the essay by claiming “the simple facts point to massive and widespread problems with voting integrity,” suggesting of course that former President Donald Trump lost the election to President Joe Biden solely due to alleged widespread voter fraud. He did not.

This is a baseless and dangerous lie, of course, as Republican and Trump-appointed judges have found no such evidence in dozens of court cases last year, and former Attorney General Bill Barr said that the Justice Department found no evidence either.

OAN Host Calls For Execution of Thousands Who Stole Election From Trump in Shocking Video

Not to worry here is more stupid to be had……

This time it is a senator from Oklahoma on the possibility of statehood for DC…..

Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) does not want the District of Columbia to become a state, no he does not! And in a hearing held by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Tuesday, he laid out his very sound logic on why it’s perfectly reasonable for the 689,000 people who live in the District to go without meaningful representation in Congress. Basically, it boils down to “DC has never had representation in Congress, so that’s how it goes.”

But the details get pretty darn goofy, particularly when Lankford starts talking about the people who actually live in DC. He seems to think maybe they’re all lobbyists, legislators, journalists, and others who “move to” DC, so they know what they’re in for.

Then he moved on to the dubious claim that the founders absolutely never intended the federal district to become a state, insisting the original intent was that the “federal government does not exist under the authority of any state, or try to interact with the state,” which seems to ignore that there actually is a pretty sizeable population there, somehow.

He also noted that DC isn’t even big enough to be a state, and that it’s “literally one-tenth of the size of my hometown of Oklahoma City, which is a fun little distortion. He must mean land area, since METRO Oklahoma City’s population — you know, including the suburbs — was 989,000 in 2020, just 300,000 people more than live in DC. (The city itself is more like 669,000.) So by that standard, perhaps both Dakotas, Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming should lose representation.

DAMN!  The “Can’t Fix Stupid” file just keeps expanding…..