Weekend Thought–16Sep17

Is it just me or is the news so damn boring that it has become monotonous?

It is redundant to a fault.

Every day it is the same….North Korea…..Congressional investigation….Dems doing something to crap on the Repubs…..as far as international relations goes it is North Korea with a smattering of China.

Maybe it is just me…after all I am nursing broke foot that leaves me lots of time to read or watch the news…..since I could care less about celebs….I really do not care about Beyonce and her kids….or the Kardashian clusterfuck…..what some skinny white girl has done to her hair…..on and on…..

The storms made the news a little more interesting but once they hit land they became just an endless string of stupid questions to fill the news block….questions like…you are in Key Largo, what do you see?  A hurricane just went through what do you think they see?

Politics is just as boring…..Dems scheming….GOP pouting…..and Trump pulling a string or two to keep everyone on their toes…..

I heard a weather person tell the nation that the temp in Florida would be 105 and the humidity up around 100%……he stated that it was going to be dangerously hot and that everyone should stay cool top avoid problems……think about that for a moment….there is little power in the state and it is after a hurricane….where will the people find this coolness?

It is getting to be a chore to find stuff to post…..I do not do mundane and that is all this is in the news these days.

Thanx for letting me vent a bit…..I am sure it is not over yet.  Stay tuned!

I would like to say to all IST friends in Florida…..our prayers are with you….stay strong….stay safe…..be well…..chuq


In Defense Of Cigarettes

Sunday’s always come too soon….just one more day of mental clarity before I return to the world of insanity and clowning around.

I know smoking is a disgusting habit…..but so is stupidity.

I still smoke (a gasp went up across the room)…..because of my injuries I had to give up most of my vices….drinking, chasing women, etc….but the one that I refuse to quit is smoking.

Nothing is better than that first cup of coffee and a cigarette….so any time I see an article about smoking that does not offer my brain on drugs or a black lung looming at me from within a jar….I take notice.

This is a op-ed from the Weekly Standard…..

Dear Matt,

I had this thought that America was more civil when everyone smoked. You learned from an early age that people will do something you don’t like but there wasn’t much you could do other than walk away. Then smokers became not just people doing something others don’t like, but bad people whose second hand smoke (allegedly) kills. Nowadays, anyone who disagrees with you isn’t just different or misguided, they are a bad person who must be ostracized/destroyed. Thoughts?

Charles Zambori, Dallas, TX

His response……

Source: In Defense of Cigarettes | The Weekly Standard

There are so many things that I find disgusting….most people that wear yoga pants, wine in a box, the coconut water craze and everything to do with nationalism….if not for cigs I would be in prison as a mass murderer….

I would like to thank all those people that hold their breathing while I smoke…your sacrifice does not go unnoticed.

Enough said for the day…back tomorrow with a bagful of stuff….but today there is a couple of buffalo steaks and baked potato and a great red wine waiting for my dining enjoyment.

Have a day my friends…..chuq

“The Blue Whale Challenge”

Today is Sunday and I would like to post a PSA (Public Service Announcement)…….


I try to be an educational blog as much as I can….and from time to time I will post an FYI article.

Now a days there are all sorts of “challenges” on Youtube……some are harmless fun and others are damn right dangerous…..

The “Blue Whale Challenge ” is one of the dangerous ones……

Because parents don’t have enough to worry about, both in the virtual and real worlds, a warning is now circulating about an online dare that could spur kids to engage in self-harm. Massachusetts’ Sun Chronicle reports that school officials there emailed parents last week about the “Blue Whale Challenge,” a “game” shared through social media that allegedly puts kids in touch with “an anonymous curator,” who then eggs users to complete a series of challenges over 50 days. USA Today documented it in May: It often starts with a fairly innocuous task—watching a horror movie, perhaps—and moves on to increasingly dangerous ones, such as cutting, before finally asking the participants to kill themselves on the 50th day. Per the Washington Post, school districts nationwide are addressing the murky challenge, though some people claim it’s just a hoax to scare parents.

The challenge is said to circulate via popular online mediums such as texting, Snapchat, and Instagram. Although some say deaths caused by the game are just urban legend—the Sun Chronicle says it’s “unclear” if the challenge has been tied to actual deaths—the Post notes the apparent recent suicide of 15-year-old Isaiah Gonzalez, whose family says he was a Blue Whale victim. A teen in Atlanta also took her own life after participating in the challenge, her family tells CNN. Police and school officials say the game preys on vulnerable youth, and some are fighting back by saturating #BlueWhaleChallenge hashtags with warnings. Per the Sun Chronicle, one school superintendent says parents should check out their kids’ social media accounts for related hashtags or pics of blue whales, noting they need to be “policing [their kids’ online] environment.”

If you have children please check and make sure that they are not part of the “challenge”……

My Sunday will be restful….I hope everyone has a good day….thanx for all the visits and comments this past week and I look forward to the next….be well….chuq

Closing Thought–18Jul17

What Do Intelligent People Do?

My daughter is always giving my granddaughter a hard time about staying up late and the condition of her room (if she is anything like her mother then it is a total mess)……granddaughter in retaliation for all the grief her mother was giving her she found this article on-line….

Highly intelligent people often tend to shift their view on the world differently from the average IQ people. This shift includes their unconventional thinking, acting and approaches to situations. What scientists have managed to find

Source: Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go To Bed Late, Leave A Mess Everywhere, And Use Bad Language

Of course her mother had to ring me up and bend my ear…..after letting her rant…I said….”Are you mad because of what your daughter has done or are you mad that it is something you could have used on me?”


Apparently the conversation was over…..that was fun……

Everyone enjoy the rest of your day…..I shall return tomorrow with a whole bag of stuff.  chuq

Long Live The “Crapper”!

A Summer’s Saturday and I am dealing with the heat and the humidity by doing what I do best…..sitting in the A/C sipping wine and thinking about my mortality.

As per my tradition I will post something other than the newsy crap that invades my thoughts during the week.

Today a post on my “Oval Office”….the place I go to think and do a satisfying activity…..better known in vulgar circles as the “Crapper”.

Remember years ago some had the bright idea  to save water by converting all toilets to a 3.5 gallon tank from the traditional 5…the original flushed perfectly and the new models took 2 sometimes 3 flushes to clean it out.  Where was the savings in this idea?

Before I go any further…where did the term “Crapper” originate?

Some say it is from the inventor of the flush toilet….John Crapper.

Well sports fans…that was a LIE!

Thomas Crapper (1836-1910) did exist, and was a plumber, and is, in fact, credited with improving the functionality of the early flush toilet (or “privy,” or “water closet,” as it was then called). But he did not, contrary to popular lore, invent the pseudo-eponymous bathroom appliance from scratch.

Credit for inventing the toilet goes to 16th-century courtier Sir John Harington, who not only came up with the idea but installed an early working prototype in the palace of Queen Elizabeth I, his godmother. Harington, a noted wit, entitled his description of the device “A New Discourse of a Stale Subject.”

It consisted of a large pan (“stools pot”) with a seat, the contents of which could be flushed out, down a pipe and into a cesspool below with water from a cistern or holding tank above. Except for the turning of a handle to initiate the flush, gravity did all the work.

Now that I have given credit where credit is due……

Now on to the meat of the post…..it seems that another inventor has an idea to re-design the toilet……

Traditional flush toilets aren’t an option in many parts of the world, but neither is leaving people with unsafe and unhygenic choices. Now, one company is piloting a new loo that’s waterless, off-grid and able to charge your phone. Lina Zeldovich travels to Madagascar to witness the start of a lavatorial revolution.


As she describes her new toilet in the soft Malagasy language – and Loowatt’s manager Anselme Andriamahavita translates – I discern the word tsara in the string of unfamiliar sounds. By now I’ve learned that tsara means ‘well’, as in wellbeing and healthy. Rartjarasoaniony switched to the new toilet because it’s cleaner and safer than her outhouse. “My family of four uses it, and so do my three tenants who rent the next house over – it’s included in the rent,” she says. “Even my son can use it,” she adds, echoing worries of all Malagasy mothers, terrified that their young children may one day fall into a pit and literally drown in shit.

Source: Reinventing the toilet | Mosaic

At least this one would truly save on water consumption…..not like the last big toilet innovation.

Time to put the PC to sleep and enjoy a restful day and some good wine and cheese….have a good day and see you tomorrow….chuq

Closing Thought–14Jun17

Keep It Flyin’!

Today is the 242nd birthday of the US Army…….

On June 14, 1775, the Continental Congress passed the following resolution:
Resolved, That six companies of expert riflemen [sic], be immediately raised in Pennsylvania, two in Maryland, and two in Virginia; … [and] that each company, as soon as completed [sic], shall march and join the army near Boston, to be there employed as light infantry, under the command of the chief Officer in that army.
With this resolution, the Continental Congress adopted the New England Army of Observation, making it a “continental” army — a united colonial fighting force — that could represent all 13 colonies with the addition of the troops from the three middle colonies. The Continental Army thus became America’s first national institution.

Know the history of the US Army………

Source: The History Reader – A History Blog from St. Martins Press

Today is Flag Day and since none of the “patriotic” toads on the Right will acknowledge the day it falls to me, a no account lib, according to them…..and since most of the “patriots” that fly the flag do not do it properly….I thought I would help with a refresher course…..

The article below has a short vid on the proper display….maybe it would help if it is watched before attempting to show their “patriotism”…….

The first celebration of the U.S. Flag’s birthday was held in 1877 on the 100th anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777. However, it is believed that the first annual recognition of the flag’s birthday dates back to 1885 when school teacher, BJ Cigrand, first organized a group of Wisconsin school children to observe June 14 – the 108th anniversary of the official adoption of The Stars and Stripes as the Flag’s Birthday. Cigrand, now known as the ‘Father of Flag Day,’ continued to publically advocate the observance of June 14 as the flag’s ‘birthday’, or ‘Flag Day’ for years.

Just a few years later the efforts of another school teacher, George Balch, led to the formal observance of ‘Flag Day’ on June 14 by the New York State Board of Education. Over the following years as many as 36 state and local governments began adopted the annual observance. For over 30 years Flag Day remained a state and local celebration.

In 1916, the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 became a nationally observed event by a proclamation by President Woodrow Wilson. However, it was not designated as National Flag Day until August 3rd, 1949, when an Act of Congress designated June 14th of each year as National Flag Day.

Source: Flag Day & Flag Etiquette | Military.com

For the full code please read……

Source: The U.S. Flag Code: Proper Flag Etiquette | Lifescript.com

Have a great day……tomorrow’s stuff is in the making….chuq

Wine: Nectar Of The Gods

Sunday and it is raining cats and dogs outside….how do I know?  I just stepped in a poodle.

I will admit it I am a wine snob.  Very little is as good as a glass of superb wine….maybe with some fruit, nuts and cheese…….or a great steak.

Back in the 70’s I was manger of a pub and wine was becoming popular so I decided the best thing to do was learn all I could….I took several different wine tasting courses which is good because it teaches one how to evaluate the wine you will be drinking…..and I my case serving.

You learn about color, aroma, and taste….not all wines are similar each has distinct characteristics.  First, you hold glass up to light and look at the color….then swirl wine around a half filled glass and then check the aroma and make note…..finally take a sip toll wine around in mouth then either swallow or spit it out now draw air into mouth and taste…..

There is one Australian red wine (name withheld for I am not a paid reviewer) that has good color…aroma is like a barnyard and the taste is soapy…..then there is a Spanish red wine that has excellent color…..aroma is crisp and the taste is smooth and pleasing….

Wine is the perfect beverage.  But red goes with red and white goes with white…..anything different and it is just gosh.  Bubbly wine is for kids not adults…….except for champagne or cava

Wine glasses should be unadorned, no cut glass, and if I had my way (be thankful I do not) wine tasting would be a required course before one buys wine…never buy wine because the label is “pretty” or has a cute name…..and try different wines from different countries and regions.

If you buy wine in a box then chances are you are a wino!

I see disturbing trends in wine….flavored and wine in a box…just a few of things that make me shudder…..and these Millennials are killing the wine experience….a real bummer.

People need to just stop FREAKING OUT over that crazy notion that Millennials are killing wine. Take a deep breath (the downward facing dog pose might help) and think about this for a moment. Millennials are just like every generation before them. The only difference is they are one rung up on the evolutionary ladder. And, oh my god, that is scaring the crap out of people.

The headlines are daunting, I know:

“Millennials Are Changing the Way We Drink Wine”

“Millennials Love Sparkling”

“Millennials, Social Media and the Death of Wine Wisdom”

“Millennials Drive US Wine Consumption”

“Millennials Rewrite Rules for Wine Industry”

Source: Are Millennials Killing Wine? An exposé. | Quench Magazine

What are they…12 years old?

As you can imagine I do NOT agree with the premise of the article……the wine experience is steeped in tradition and it should stay there…..some of their mixtures would be better served in the cauldron of the 3 witches of MacBeth….than put into a glass.

Here’s an idea…..give the Millennials there own section in the store…..stock it with flavored beer, Gummi vitamins and their horrendous wine concoctions….

Time for me to drop everything and get a glass of Bordeaux, it has been breathing for about 30 minutes, and watch the rain.

Have a great day and enjoy your time with family and friends….chuq