2019 Psi Phi Society–Winter Session

It’s a bummer!

A new year and a new session of our discussion group, the Psi Phi (ΨΦ) Society….our Winter Session…..we usually meet at a steakhouse owned by a friend and have a good dinner and then a meeting of the Psi Phi Society to discuss the topics picked out of a stainless steel bed pan by our waitress….we set about to discuss the approved topis.

There are 11 members and we decided that we  need  at least 7 members to appear to make the evening “official”……sad this session only 4 members could attend……I was not in attendance had this battle with the health and decided I could not chance it……they decided to have a few after dinner drinks and call it an early evening…..

Only the second time that no discussion had been had…..15 years and only two…not bad….

So since we cannot discuss….I will try to give my readers some stuff to think about on this Sunday….

2018 has passed and we are already settling in 2019, but even as we move forward it’s never a bad time to remind people about the incredible things that happened this past year that have gone unnoticed. Even though there were many groundbreaking events that most of us have already heard about, there were some incredible discoveries made that might have flown under your radar. With this list we have decided to shed some light on the most incredible archeological discoveries made in 2018, that might change our understanding of history forever.


So enjoy your Sunday and hopefully I will return to normal by Monday and can resume irritating as many people as possible…LOL

Thanx for all your concern and best wishes…..they are much appreciated they brought joy while I was torured in the hospital……HUGZ

Be well, Be safe……..


As The Story Goes!


Here we go with the story so far……

One day I am playing in the 40 foot wood with MoMO and I get thrist and after 2 weeks of extreme thirst I go to the ER and BLAM! sugar over 800 and until then I was not a diabetic……and now I are one!

How’s that for a kick in the ass?

So after coming home from a restless rest in the hospital I must redesign my life…..oh goody….that is what every 72 year old would aspire to in their reclining years.

Today I am posting live from my office which was allowed under protest from Sue…..she wants me to take a few days to reconcile my “new” life plus she wants me to live longer (silly girl?)

I appreciate the pouring out of kind words from my readers…..that always makes me feel better……so to one and all…..THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

I must rest now…..Sue has limited my time on the PC to 2-3 hours a day for now ………please bear with me and I promise to return to full power soon…… I pray that all have a safe and good Saturday.

With love …..chuq

SHHHHH!  Don’t tell Sue but I was a sneaky SOB and got back on while she was occupied……just wanted to let you know that researching and trying to print out useful nutritional information on the interweb can make your BP go up and you eventually die of old age………tee hee….peace out!

Her Name Is Mojave–The Atomic Dog

Baby It’s Cold Outside……the 1949 song……enjoy….

I usually have something set aside for the weekends…..sometimes it is an FYI…..and then maybe entertaining……or just a good shot of humor. But this weekend this Sunday I have very little set aside….so I would like to introduce everyone to my friend and companion, Mojave….we just call her MoMo.

She is an ATOMIC DOG!

She spends these wintry days looking out the window……mostly looking for intruders into her front yard that she can bitch at…..her domain is sacred and protected.

She also has the vanquish those monsters from the back 40……the short videos are a hit on Twitter  (by hit meaning I like them)……

After the monsters at hand have been driven from the realm…she hides and waits for new ones…..ever vigilant….

Then after all the adventures she must relax and a her reward is a short nap…… sleep…….is just a moments lull.

MoMo…..She is our Atomic Dog!

Now hear from George Clinton……

My Sunday is a cold light rain….perfect for hot cocoa and maybe a hot toddy a little later….enjoy your day and……….MoMo has decided that her routine can wait for warmer days…..
MoMo and I bid you farewell for now…..be well, be safe.

Life Will Have No Meaning!

It is another dismal Saturday….rain and cold…so time to kick back and have a cup of coffee and enjoy writing…..

Life on this planet is limited…the dinosaurs had their meteor…the Cold War had its constant threat of a nuke attack wiping life off this planet…..then there are those naysayers (I am one) that fears technology and what it could do to society if it goes wild.

But I read an article the other day that points to all human life is doomed and soon….

Savor that cup of coffee while you can. New research shows 60% of coffee species found in the wild could soon go extinct.Researchers at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in the UK warn that climate change, deforestation, droughts and plant diseases are putting the future of coffee at risk.

“The important thing to remember is that coffee requires a forest habitat for its survival,” senior researcher Aaron P. Davis told CNN. “With so much deforestation going on around the world, wild coffee species are being impacted at an alarming rate.”

Life has NO meaning without coffee!
Makes me a bit happy that I am an old fart…..I probably will not see the planet get worse because of the stupid of some…..and besides without coffee why go on?

Shivering now! 

Even MoMo has gone inside and found a warm comfy spot…usually my side of the bed….I will return tomorrow with more stuff.

Be Well, Be Safe

IST Space News Round-Up

It is another weekend of another year and I am keeping the lines open so that my readers can be updated on the news from space.

First the prediction on alien contact……

Avi Loeb, the chair of the Harvard Astronomy Department, has long been preoccupied with the question of whether humans are alone in the universe. He’s speculated that fast radio bursts could be messages from extraterrestrials, theorized about alien megastrucutres, and suggested that an interstellar object that cruised through our solar system could be a probe from another civilization.

Now, in a new interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel, Loeb opened up further about his thoughts about the hunt for alien life — and what First Contact would mean for human civilization.


Next that contact could come from a near-by planet……….

A planet near our own could support primitive life, scientists have announced.

The nearby world – orbiting around Barnard’s Star, the second closest star system to our own – is known as a super-Earth and has the potential to serve as a home for simple alien life, researchers have said.

The planet is probably very cold, at minus 170 degrees centigrade. But it could be a better home than we had realised when it was discovered: if it has a big iron and nickle core and geothermal activity, as scientists predict, it might be able to harbour primitive life.


The big news last week was that the Chinese had landed a vehicle on the dark side of the moon and sent back some amazing pics…….but the big news was to come…..

For the first time anybody is aware of, seeds have sprouted on a celestial body beyond Earth. The China National Space Administration released a photo Tuesday showing that cotton seeds brought to the far side of the moon by the country’s Chang’e 4 lander had germinated, the South China Morning Post reports. Liu Hanlong, chief of the first biological growth experiments on the moon, said rapeseed and potato seeds have also sprouted, but cotton was first. The lander also brought rock cress, fruit fly eggs, and yeast to the moon, all chosen because they were small, hardy organisms that could thrive in a confined space.

Chinese authorities say the seeds, dormant during the 20-day journey to the moon, started growing after ground control activated the watering system in the probe’s “mini biosphere,” which contains air and soil. Fred Watson, the Australian Astronomical Observatory’s astronomer-at-large, tells the BBC that the growth could represent a big leap for mankind. The sprout “suggests that there might not be insurmountable problems for astronauts in future trying to grow their own crops on the moon in a controlled environment,” he says. “I think there’s certainly a great deal of interest in using the moon as staging post, particularly for flights to Mars, because it’s relatively near the Earth.” (China has released a panorama of the moon’s far side.)

Remember your history?  Steam power locomotives, cotton gins, etc etc…..but what about a steam powered spaceship?

Come one, come all and behold the future of space travel: steam power!

No, seriously; half a century after the world’s first manned space mission, it seems that interplanetary travel has finally entered the steam age. Scientists at the University of Central Florida have teamed up with Honeybee Robotics, a private space and mining tech company based in California, to develop a small, steam-powered spacecraft capable of sucking its fuel right out of the asteroids, planets and moons it’s exploring.


Speaking of alien life……then there is the Harvard dude that thinks we have been contacted……

On October 19, 2017, astronomers at the University of Hawaii spotted a strange object travelling through our solar system, which they later described as “a red and extremely elongated asteroid.” It was the first interstellar object to be detected within our solar system; the scientists named it ‘Oumuamua, the Hawaiian word for a scout or messenger. The following October, Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard’s astronomy department, co-wrote a paper (with a Harvard postdoctoral fellow, Shmuel Bialy) that examined ‘Oumuamua’s “peculiar acceleration” and suggested that the object “may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth’s vicinity by an alien civilization.” Loeb has long been interested in the search for extraterrestrial life, and he recently made further headlines by suggesting that we might communicate with the civilization that sent the probe. “If these beings are peaceful, we could learn a lot from them,” he told Der Spiegel.


Stay tuned for updates on space as we come across them…..

Now I feel I need a taste of some wine and some snacks and watch MoMo attack a tree limb.

Have a day my friends.

“Pho Keene Great”

I like clever people…..for instance that Navy pilot that used his vapor trail to draw a penis in the sky (of course he took it on the chin for his creativity) but that took talent to get the proportion properly align so that it came out perfectly…

Twitter post by @livgrantier: the clouds in omak today😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Then I found another clever person……this time it is the name of an eatery…..Pho Keene Great Restaurant…….

A New Hampshire restaurant that’s preparing to open has removed a sign advertising its name over concerns that it sounded like profanity, the AP reports. The name of the Vietnamese restaurant in a public building next to City Hall in Keene is a play on a type of soup, which is spelled P-H-O, but is pronounced “fuh.” The restaurant calls itself by the name of the soup, followed by the words “Keene Great.” City Manager Elizabeth Dragon said it’s intended to sound like profanity and that owner Isabelle Jolie didn’t get permission to hang any sign. Jolie said she doesn’t think the name is offensive. Dragon tells New Hampshire Public Radio the city wants Jolie to be successful, but that it has to strike a balance. Both sides plan to meet soon.

Sorry but I would eat there…I appreciate a sense of humor….try it they might like it……screw what the “Dragon Lady” thinks (sorry had to use that reference…old farts will understand)

I think there are more important issue facing this city than to worry about the name of some small eatery…..but as usual those no humor busy bodies will pee on everyone’s parade because they just don’t get it.

I am finished for the day….More wine and relaxation…..TTFN!

But It’s Stuck!

Maybe pun intended….not sure……

The first weekend of the new year and the issue of  medical one……I try to be informative if not entertaining…..

The TV show “Scrubs” had an excellent and very funny episode about some guy that comes to the ER with an unusual problem….there seems to be a light bulb stuck in his colon.  (The best part of the episode was when the doctors were looking at the x-ray and one said we either have a real problem or his colon has the helluva idea)

What got me thinking of that episode was an article I read about what we Americans have gotten stuck up our butts in the last year……I am serious!

It’s here! It’s finally here! Every year it seems like the big day will never come, but it’s here. It’s the day to gather with your family and friends ‘round the hearth, warm beverages and sweet treats at the ready, and have a hearty chortle over the things America stuck inside itself and couldn’t remove without the help of trained medical personnel.

All reports are taken from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database of emergency room visits, all descriptions are verbatim, and none of those things belong in there.

As always, objects are sorted by orifice, working south:



…and the list goes on…


I am always amazed on just how stupid we humans can be…….and getting stuff stuck somewhere in our bodies is the height of stupid.

That does it for me today…..a nice white Bordeaux is in order…..Brie, nuts and bread…..

Enjoy your day…..I shall….chuq