View From Lenin’s Tomb

Recently I had a hospital stay…..well it was a bit more critical than that…..after many years of smoking I had bad circulation in my right leg and when I got a cut on my foot it went gangrenous and I lost 4 toes and I am still recovering from the surgery…..nurses, doctors, therapists, you name it…if it is medical then I am dealing with it.

Let me explain the title.

Many years ago I was in Moscow and visited Lenin’s tomb.  The hero of the Russian Revolution was put in an air tight glass tomb so the masses could get closer to their hero.

Part of the healing process after the amputation was hyperbaric treatments…..40 to be exact.

In case you missed my announcement……because I was a heavy smoker my circulation was impaired in my right leg so when I cut my foot I got gangrene and had four toes removed because of it….eliminated my wearing beach throngs…..and tap dancing is out of the question.

In case you are not sure what this treatment is… are put into a glass chamber and massive amounts of oxygen are pumped into the chamber for 100 minutes per visit.  This is suppose to help amputees heal better……healing is accelerated but anxiety is rampant.

Sounds fairly simple right?

It is not!

Let me stress!

You are stripped naked and placed into a glass tube, very similar to a torpedo tube and you lie there trying to think about anything other than you are trapped for over an hour and a half where you lie perfectly still trying to contemplate the universe…God forbid that you need to pee or take a crap….you are trapped in a glass sarcophagus for all to see your predicament.

Then there is the fact that if you are not claustrophobic when you enter you are by the time you are removed.

To begin with you remove all your clothes, jewelry I was allowed to keep my glasses so that I could see the TV through the tube…..and the TV sucked.

The best thing to do is fall asleep.  That is easier said than done without the help of some sort of aid.


It was soothing to take a Xanax before I entered the tube of torture….most of the time….but not always.

Need more information?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or tube. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-established treatment for decompression sickness, a hazard of scuba diving. Other conditions treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy include serious infections, bubbles of air in your blood vessels, and wounds that won’t heal as a result of diabetes or radiation injury.

Your body’s tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function. When tissue is injured, it requires even more oxygen to survive. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. An increase in blood oxygen temporarily restores normal levels of blood gases and tissue function to promote healing and fight infection.

After 40 treatments you are released to live life without the “Tube”….but after that period you have become use to the routine and are a bit disappointed that you will not be humiliated any longer.

Did the treatment help?

I am saying yes it did….doctor is pleased with the healing of the wound from the removal of four toes… better half is pleased that she no longer has to get up at 4 AM to take me for my treatment…..I am pleased that I am “Tube” free and learning to walk with only 6 toes.

I now have a particular knowledge of what Lenin must see in that glass coffin……

Just a snapshot in the life of the Old Professor.

Thanx for visiting……be well…..chuq



It is the weekend and I try to find something interesting to give my readers and visitors other than the “news of the day”……we all get enough fecal matter in our in-boxes….and sometimes I draw a blank of what to offer my readers… those days I give you a bunch of Random Thoughts… is one of those days.

So random it is!

That iconic Harley “Thump” and the vibration while idling which makes women smile……those are selling points to buy a Harley-Davidson….and now the company has announced another model for their production line……

Harley-Davidson has been toying around with the idea of an electric motorcycle for about four years now, but yesterday the company committed to putting one into production. There are no specs just yet, but Harley executives say to expect it to hit the market “within 18 months.”

The new bike will presumably build on the somewhat meager performance specs of LiveWire, the prototype electric motorcycle Harley-Davidson rolled out back in 2014. That bike was able to go from 0-60 mph in under four seconds, which was impressive, but it was limited to just 55 miles of range in “economy” mode. Electric motorcycles have come a long way in the few years since then, so it’s likely that Harley-Davidson’s first production bike will be far more capable

Really?  No iconic “thump”?  Does not sound like a winner to me.  why?

Most sells are to frustrated professionals, dentist, lawyers, etc, they want to feel like the “baddie” from the movies and TV……most people cannot afford the luxury of a Harley-Davidson these days.

Just my thoughts.

Everybody has a smartphone these days and everyone is snapping “selfies” no matter where they are…..but “selfies” could be “dangerous”……beside walking into walls or falling into  fountain…there is so much more……

Think you look better in your latest selfie than in real life? Then beware of “Snapchat dysmorphia,” a newly dubbed term for people seeking plastic surgery to mimic their appearance in filtered selfies, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. “Sometimes I have patients who say, ‘I want every single spot gone, and I want it gone by this week or I want it gone tomorrow,’ because that’s what this filtered photograph gave them,” dermatologist Neelam Vashi tells the Washington Post. “They check off one thing, and it’s gone. That’s not realistic. I can’t do that.” Researchers say the fixation may be a new version of body dysmorphic disorder (or BDD), a mental ailment that makes people obsess over any perceived flaw in their appearance.

A 2017 survey of plastic surgeons first spotted the trend, which is fueled by photo-filtering and editing technology once available only to celebrities. “This is an alarming trend because those filtered selfies often present an unattainable look and are blurring the line of reality and fantasy for these patients,” according to an article in the JAMA medical journal co-written by Vashi. What’s more, BDD is a serious mental disorder that can require cognitive behavioral therapy and medication—and lead to suicidal thoughts in 80% of sufferers, per a 2007 study. Just seeing an unfiltered image of oneself “can bring feelings of sadness” for some people, says Vashi, “and then if one really develops this disorder, that sadness clearly progresses to something that can be dangerous and alarming.”

Oh there is so much more…….my daughter told me about an app that she across while looking for an app to put on her daughter’s phone (this one was not the one she was looking for)

The App is called “Places I Have Pooped”……Pretty much self-explanatory, this weird app enables you to document all the places where you’ve pooped.

You can easily add a location with a ‘Bomb’s Away!’ button after the thing is done. You can also go back anytime and see every place you have been.

Not just that, you can share your location on Facebook and follow your friends to see where they have pooped. You can attach images and rate every location.

Really?  Does anyone need that much information on what you do or where you do it?

I guess I can leave it there, huh?

I do not believe I could get any weirder.

Have a good day and I will see you guys next w….be well, be safe……chuq

Are They Happy? Sad?

The weekend and another of my attempts to give my readers and visitors knowledge as much as I possibly can……FYI.

It is a Sunday morning and I am sitting here missing my best friend, Jaz….she was my dog that helped me through a mangled leg recovery and later amputation recovery….she made damn sure that I did not sit around feeling sorry for myself…..

“Is that Bacon?”

When you are cool the sun is always shining!

Just a short trip down memory lane for Jaz left us 2 months ago and I miss her every damn day.

Now that you have met Jaz……Are you a dog person?  Have you ever wondered is what a dog’s tail is saying?  Are they happy?  Sad?

Lucky for you there has been research in this area…..

It’s commonly believed that dogs wag their tails to convey that they are happy and friendly, but this isn’t exactly true.

Dogs do use their tails to communicate, though a wagging tail doesn’t always mean, “Come pet me!”

Dogs have a kind of language that’s based on the position and motion of their tails. The position of a dog’s tail reveals its emotional state.

May she rest in peace…..and I miss her so very much my friend.

That ends my posting for the day….may every one have a good day and a better tomorrow….chuq

Closing Thought–08Aug18

You know sometimes the best thing to do is say nothing or in Our Dear Leader’s case….do not Tweet.

But he has done a smart thing……he will not take questions from the press as he stumbles out to Marine One…..

Recently Dear Leader made a Tweet as he always does but this time it was not some mindless rant…it was admitting to collusion (BTW it is not a crime to collude but obstruction is)…..

The White House announced on Monday that President Donald Trump would not take any questions after he admitted on Twitter that his son may have colluded with Russians during the 2016 campaign.

In a tweet over the weekend, Trump reversed course on his explanation of a 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower. The president had originally claimed that the meeting had been about adoptions. But in his Sunday tweet, Trump admitted that the purpose of the meeting had been to get damaging information about Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee.

Ya know… old saying comes to mind….”It is better to be thought of as a moron than opening mouth and proving it” (That may be a paraphrase)

You know wearing your feelings on your sleeve will bite you in the ass every time.

I realize that most politicians hate the media….for not one of them wants to be held accountable for their actions or words….and in a recent study some within the GOP would close down the media…..

According to a new poll, a plurality of Republican voters want President Donald Trump to be able to shut down media outlets if he decides they have engaged in “bad behavior.”

The Ipsos poll, first reported by The Daily Beast, found that 43 percent of Republicans believe “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” Thirty-six percent of Republicans surveyed said that the president should not have the power to silence the press.

Illustrates that the GOP embraces our rights as long as they can control what we get as rights…..I have been calling the GOP liars for decades and now we are seeing just how bad they really are…..

A closing joke……

To confuse a MAGA supporter…..put 3 shovels in a corner and tell them to take their pick.  (rim shot)

Turn The Page!

Saturday Thought–04Aug18

The weekend begins and I will try to give my readers some FYI posts that have nothing to do with the yelling and pouting going on in DC these days…..I said I would try but things do not often go as wanted……

I have had several different visitors to my blog that have been concerned about my use of a couple grammatical techniques….they are up in arms that I am doing it all wrong and they, my visitor, gets all confused that what I has attempting to say.

I first wanted to say “Bite Me”….but decided to act in a more mature way and point out that in a society where emojis and shortened words are king grammar is about as worthless as 8 track tapes…..

And then I happened upon a piece about grammar……

To hear some sticklers talk, you’d think that somewhere, in a classified location, there’s a top-secret grammar law library that houses the voluminous Grammar Penal Code: an official list of all the things you’d be “wrong” to do.

It’s wrong to split an infinitive, some say. It’s wrong to end a sentence with a preposition. It’s wrong to begin a sentence with and. It’s wrong to use take to mean bring. Hang around these people long enough, and you see the list of no-nos is endless.

Their source, conveniently, is never revealed. They know what’s wrong and they’re not telling you how they know—as if they have a copy of the Grammar Penal Code and you don’t, so you’re forever at their mercy. With every word you speak or write, you’re in danger of getting busted for breaking a rule you never knew existed

Any problems with the grammar police my friends?

A Forty Year Mystery

Saturday and I found my first post of the day…..if you are an old fart as I am then you would have watched 2001: A Space Odyssey in a movie theater and quite possibly you we stoned out of your mind…..but for 40+ years there has been a debate raging about the ending of the movie……basically…..what the Hell was that all about?

What do you think the ending scene is all about?

There is now an answer and the mystery can be solved…..but will it end the debate?

Ever wondered what Stanley Kubrick’s classic sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey is all about? Well, keep wondering, but an excerpt from an unreleased Japanese documentary has Kubrick explaining the film’s mysterious ending, BoingBoing reports. “I’ve tried to avoid doing this ever since the picture came out. When you just say the ideas they sound foolish, whereas if they’re dramatized one feels it, but I’ll try,” the famed director of Dr. Strangelove and The Shining tells TV personality Jun’ichi Yaio in a phone call. “The idea was supposed to be that [the astronaut played by actor Keir Dullea] is taken in by god-like entities, creatures of pure energy and intelligence with no shape or form. They put him in what I suppose you could describe as a human zoo to study him, and his whole life passes from that point on in that room. And he has no sense of time.”

After discussing the “deliberately” inaccurate French architecture of the room in the closing scene, Kubrick says that “when they get finished with him, as happens in so many myths of all cultures in the world, he is transformed into some kind of super being and sent back to Earth, transformed and made into some sort of superman. We have to only guess what happens when he goes back. It is the pattern of a great deal of mythology, and that is what we were trying to suggest.” The footage, posted online late last month, was bought on eBay in 2016 and appeared in time for the film’s 50th anniversary, Esquire reports.

Okay we all can sleep a little better having found out what the ending of the film was all about.

Closing Thought #2–24Jul18

Yesterday the White House had its much publicized “Made In America” event……and you just know that something had to go wrong right?

The White House hosted a “Made in America Product Showcase” Monday, and one of the attendees was Matt Roberts, president of the last US manufacturer of forks, spoons, and knives. That his Sherrill Manufacturing from upstate New York snagged an invite to the event wasn’t a surprise—but reports that Roberts soon spotted an anomaly in the State Dining Room. Everybody had just eaten with flatware made from China. The utensils were made by Oneida Ltd., which once manufactured its products in New York, but no more. In fact, Roberts’ company now uses a former Oneida plant.

“With all of the things going on in the world, forks and spoons in your kitchen are not exactly the top priority at the White House,” says Roberts. But the story suggests that might soon change. It notes how New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has been pushing for the White House to make the switch, once even getting an assurance of it from President Trump himself (see the video). While Trump wasn’t at Monday’s event, two of his top economic advisers, Wilbur Ross and Peter Navarro, were in attendance, as was Tenney, who was making sure they knew the full story.

Really?  I cannot make this shit up!

I love this stuff…….and the best part is that these people have NO idea just how imbecilic they look……

Late Night will make use of this idiocy……I mean the comedy writes itself…..

Have a good evening…be well and be safe….chuq