Closing Thought–29Dec16

Karma Is a Bitch!

Listen up!

The year is winding down and a new one awaits its birth…so why not get serious?

The election is over….Donald Trump has won and will become the 45th president of these United States.  PERIOD!

To Dems…get over yourself….you lost for good reasons.  You had a horrible candidate and you did not talk to the people about there concerns.  You see dummies…you believed your own hype and you got your ass handed to you.  We know…you are butt hurt from the loss…just get some Beaudreaux’s Butt Balm and let it go!

To Repubs…..stop whining!  You won let it go!  Stop worrying about what is being said by those on the “Left”…it does not matter!  You won the election now go and try to get through to the American people.  You should had expected everything that is being said…after all you twats spent 8 years doing the same thing with Obama.  You created the atmosphere for all this whining and crying….

Karma is truly a bitch!

All this pathetic whining on both sides is just disgusting….a waste of time that accomplishes nothing but headlines for the MSM.

Try starting a new year with the mindset that the American people, all American people, need our help and for once try and make a government work to that end.

I know…I know…that would be a novel approach that has not been tried for decades…but who knows…it might just work out for the better.

Closing Thought–02Dec16

GOP–When It Was A “Big Tent” Party……..

My grandfather, a man that I found to be an astute individual, was a Republican in his voting prime.  He always said that he could get behind their platform for it would strengthen the country and make it a much better place for ALL Americans.

The last time he voted was 1956…..

The years before Reagan and his assault on any one not privileged…aka “Welfare Queens”…..

If the GOP were still a party of ideas then I would be a Republican…but sadly they have long since vanished….replaced with a party of division, wealth and privilege……nothing they propose anymore will “make America great again”…..

Sadly there are no moderate or liberal Repubs left…..they have been replaced by the twats on the far Right….and that will be a worthless situation….very little if anything will be done in DC…..

Together, Donald Trump and his GOP cohorts who won on November 8 represent some of the worst tendencies in the country. Trump personifies our economic and social contradictions front and center, loud and clear. The mainstream media recognizes that Donald Trump certainly won, but few seem willing to discuss how the far right wrangled a significant victory on Election Day.

This should not be surprising. While members of the intelligentsia are now scrambling to vindicate our democratic system and call for unity, they spent years ignoring the cracks in its economic foundation. No doubt they would ignore the growing fissures now manifest, oblivious to the system poised to crash upon us. Their belief in the American status quo ushered Trump into the presidency.

Source: Let’s Face It: There Is No Moderate GOP

It took about 30 years for the GOP to go from a party of ideas to a party of immature BS…….The GOP will remain a stagnant party as long as they keep purging the Moderates and Liberals….the party will remain a party in name ONLY!


The Power Of Words!

Please forgive me if I do not comment soon as usual….today I am playing tag with my doctors….always a real joy (sarcasm)……I will get back as soon as possible please bear with me…..

Have you noticed that in the conversation about Islam and such…all the Western experts are named Smith, Jackson, Hightower, Strickland or Rosenbaum?  I guess the more Anglo-Saxon you are the more of an expert you become.

When I was young my grandfather told me there was power in words…that the pen was mightier than the sword…….(not his saying)……but I never knew just how powerful some words were…..(I have been schooled)…..

Since the conventions are in full swing has anyone noticed that the Right wingers have not used the term “Radical Islam” for awhile now?  But I am sure that will change any day now.

For a couple of years most notably since ISIS has been on its barbarous rampage there has been a bunch of mental deficient that are ate up with the term “Radical Islam….it seems that they are more concerned that the president will not use the term (basically because they want him to) and for that reason we cannot defeat a bunch of terrorists.

Personally, I think it is more that without his use of the term then they would have very little to write about…..can you think of any other subject more contentious than the use of terminology?

The recent verbal attacks by the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump and his supporters on President Barack Obama for avoiding the phrase “radical Islam” in his public pronouncements are simplistic, racially inflammatory — and flatly misinformed.

Settling upon accurate and strategically nuanced terms to describe the post-9/11 enemy is not the product of “political correctness” (contra Trump) or a failure to understand the enemy (contra a much-discussed Atlantic cover story). Nor are objections to using overly broad terms like “Islamic radicalism” limited to Democrats. The Bush administration understood the power of words, too. It concluded that distinctions that may seem small to Christian-American ears make a big difference to the mainstream Muslims we need on our side.

Source: I worked in the CIA under Bush. Obama is right to not say “radical Islam.” – Vox

But never fear (this is for my Right turd readers)…..Donald has a plan (makes about as much sense as any of his other issue solutions)… defeat those pesky bastards, ISIS……

Does anyone believe that ISIS can be defeated through terminology?

I guess they do or the terminology would not be such an issue….maybe we should just find some ram horns and blow them at the enemy…..if it can destroy walls then it damn sure should be able to defeat a person or persons, right?

It took simpletons to find the answer to defeating this barbarous group….words!

Who knew?

2016 And Foreign Policy

I have been saying from the very beginning of this silly election season…..that foreign policy would be the defining issue of the 2016 election….now that there are 2 presumptive nominees I believe that it is more important than ever….

First, let’s look at the foreign policy of Donald J. Trump….for decades the neocons have run rough shod over the GOP but this election they are beginning to run scared over the policies spouted by the Donald……(article in the WaPo…not one of my fave sources but a good read anyhow)…..

Most of my former colleagues at the State Department will be appalled by the assertion, but much of the media-fed angst about Donald Trump’s dearth of foreign policy expertise is contrived.

Our cadre of neoconservative foreign policy experts, unhumbled after marching us into a reckless war in Iraq and a poorly conceived one in Afghanistan, who applauded as we bombed Libya and bitterly resent our having failed to bomb Bashar al-Assad in Syria, are frightened. Wisely, they often focus on comments that Trump has made on issues that are of less genuine interest to them — from his strident stance on immigration to his “threat” to our liberties to his sometimes deplorable commentary about women and some minorities. But what really troubles them is his generally level-headed and unmessianic attitude toward foreign affairs. Trump has no desire to make the rest of the world in our image; he is concerned only about the world not making America in its image.

Source: Here’s why Trump’s foreign policy terrifies neocons – The Washington Post

While the neocons are worried about Trunp’s policies they can take heart for the Dem nominee is a true neocon…….Clinton has nothing progressive in her foreign policy….she is a true red blooded neocon…..

Now that Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination, her June 2 foreign-policy speech is looking more and more important. The reason is simple: Clinton is going to be all over Donald Trump in the coming months, punching away at his racism and xenophobia, his thinly veiled appeals to violence, and his fraudulent business practices.

But what she’ll no doubt hit him hardest on is his general unfitness to be anywhere near the nuclear button. As she put it in San Diego: “This is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes – because it’s not hard to imagine Donald Trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin.”

Source: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Entangled’ Foreign Policy – Consortiumnews

Voters need to educate themselves on the candidate’s foreign policy stances……before they vote and before it is TOO DAMN LATE!

He Doesn’t Believe in “American Exceptionalism”

American Exceptionalism is a term that many Americans grasp eagerly……I have written a couple of times on the subject in the past…….most heartily embraced by the Right as a leading characteristic of their neocon movement….

But to refresh your memory about those that I posted….

Those were a few presses with my on-going commentary…..

Most Americans have no idea where the term originated…..was it just always so or was there a point where it became the “in term”?

American Exceptionalism was widely used during the administration of Woodrow Wilson……

Wilson’s idealism was firmly grounded in the belief that the United States was a nation set apart by its values and principles from the rest of the world. He believed strongly that the “force of America is the force of moral principle” and that the “idea of America is to serve humanity.” Long before he became president, Wilson wrote of his conviction that the United States had a “plain destiny [to] serve [rather than] subdue the world.” Later, as president, he would contend that this destiny to serve was the only possible motivation for American actions in the world. Wilson held that “morality not expediency” must be the guiding principle of all American policy. He applied this principle to the use of American military force. As Frederick Calhoun argues, Wilson “showed no aversion to fighting if the end justified the means.” As Wilson stated, he believed that while other nations used force “for the oppression of mankind and their own aggrandizement,” the United States would use force only “for the elevation of the spirit of the human race.”

(You may thank me for the historical perspective by sending a donation to your local humane society)

Not many people were thrilled when I disputed the term….and now it seems that Trump is not a big fan of the term either…..will be interesting to see if the Right will buck him on this……

“I don’t think it’s a very nice term.

2012, the Republican Party was so hot to hype its love of “American exceptionalism” that it devoted one of the party platform’s seven sections to this notion. In this document, the GOP proclaimed that it embraced “American exceptionalism—the conviction that our country holds a unique place in human history.” But with Donald Trump now the Republicans’ presumptive presidential nominee, the party may have to delete this doctrine from the platform it will be constructing at its upcoming convention in Cleveland, because Trump has explicitly declared that he does not believe in American exceptionalism.

Source: Donald Trump Says He Doesn’t Believe in “American Exceptionalism” | Mother Jones

I cannot wait to see if there is any blow back….or if the Right wimps out and just rides along on the coattails of Trump….my guess is that they will just ignore it and keep fondling the Trump ego.

What do you think the outcome will be?

The Right: Home of the Domesticated Intellectual

As we creep closer to the beginning of the general election….there has been a wealth of backstabbing and out right confrontations…..

The Left is reeling from the Sanders challenge to the fave of the Wall Street crowd and mainstream Dems, Clinton……but on the Right is where things have gotten damn right nuts.

Big tent Repubs are really pissed at the success that Trump has had and they are striking back with different attempts to keep him from the nomination….(good luck with that)……

Most of the Mainstream Right is doing what the RNC wants it to do…..oppose the candidacy of Trump…..most are acting like trained seals…..

I read a good analysis of this situation on the site Unz Review…….

These are unusual political times but especially bizarre is the treatment of Donald Trump in many of today’s “conservative” magazines. I have not read them all, but of the three I do follow—The National Review, The Weekly Standard and Commentary, the treatment of The Donald can only be described as totally one-sided, sky-is-falling hysterical. Not the slightest semblance of balance, not even a tiny “horrible but the best we can do.” Everything is just pure, unadulterated vitriol.

Hating Trump per se is not the issue here (disclosure: I support Trump); the point is the ubiquity of the two-minute hate, and if each of these countless rants were an autonomous event, the odds of this uniformity occurring naturally must exceed a billion to one. Clearly, more is involved than just unmitigated aversion.

Source: The Right: Home of the Domesticated Intellectual – The Unz Review

How far will these trained baboons go to sabotage the Trump candidacy?

Will the voting public go along with this blatant act of sabotage?

Will they do as they are told?

Or is this just an exercise in futility?

Moderate Democrat Versus Extremist Republican

If the two “presumptive” nominees are the two candidates that the American people will have to choose from this November then we have a repeat of the 1964 election…….when the moderate Dem, Johnson was facing off against the extremist Repub, Goldwater….

Larry Wines: “They told me if I voted for Goldwater in 1964 that there would be racial violence in the streets and a major war in Southeast Asia. And you know what? I did, and they were right!” Goldwater-Johnson Election

The popular perception of GOP nominee Barry Goldwater as a right-wing extremist who would drop nukes in Vietnam and undo the hard-fought gains of civil rights. LBJ, the ruthless political hack with every kind of insider connection, including big money, running as “the experienced moderate” who talks diplomacy but has a record favoring military incursion.

Trump, the internationally dangerous xenophobe who threatens to use nukes and courts violence at his rallies. Hillary, the ruthless political hack with every kind of insider connection including big money, running as “the experienced moderate” who talks diplomacy but has a record favoring military incursion.

Source: Moderate Democrat Versus Extremist Republican: 1964 All Over Again? – LA Progressive

As usual I have to give that damn historical perspective… can curse or thank me….but you did learn something from the experience.

You are welcome!