We Have Seen This Bitterness Before

2016 is being billed as the election of bitterness…..the American people, according to some, are unset and yes, even bitter, about the way this country is governed and even the path it is on…..

But it is nothing new!  This is where I insert some sort of historical perspective to the chagrin of many….

Mark Naison: Though some people died, others burned themselves out, and families fractured, the nation survived and we stumbled on without our political system collapsing.

I have many friends, most of them younger than me, who are terrified by the divisions in the country, by the violent acts that periodically add to the tension, and by an election which brings out a level of fear and anger they have never seen before.

Unfortunately, this is not new to me. I have vivid memories of the year 1968 and that Presidential election. We had a terrible war. Assasinations. Riots in every major city. Campus take overs. And a country divided down the middle over race and politics

Source: We Have Seen This Bitterness Before: Reflections on 1968 and Now – LA Progressive

So far this election is nothing new…..we could say that the outsiders were the story but that is yet to be seen…..

Just as the election of 1968 the Dem Party has missed the boat….yet again…..

Barring any unforeseen circumstance, Hillary Clinton will likely become the Democratic nominee during next week’s Democratic Convention. With that nomination, the Democratic Party will have missed the opportunity to win a generation.

It’s no secret that Sen. Bernie Sanders polls well with millennials – during the primaries the candidate won more votes than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined, taking more than 80% of the age group’s vote in some states.

Source: The Democratic Party missed the opportunity to win a generation | TheHill

This election will do harm to this country than anything in the past….no matter who wins the damn election.

Next up is the Dem Convention….let’s see what antics are played out on that stage….

The case for constructive populism

2016 has been billed as many things…one of which was the election of the rise of populism…..Americans are just pissed they would not know a populist from a vegan…….

Many of the issues that the campaigns have used to excite the people are pure populism….the Brookings Institute has issued a paper about populism….

The Brexit vote has unleashed a huge amount of commentary on anti-establishment politics, the failure of experts, the abdication of the left, and much else. Juxtaposed to the presidential campaign in the United States, Brexit is regarded by many as a wake-up call.

In response, former US Treasury Secretary and former president of Harvard Larry Summers is calling for “responsible nationalism” to counter the often chauvinistic, anti-immigrant, and protectionist language of the populist right. It would be “understood that countries are expected to pursue their citizens’ economic welfare as a primary objective but where their ability to harm the interests of citizens elsewhere is circumscribed.” We would judge international agreements “not by how much is harmonized or by how many barriers are torn down but whether citizens are empowered.”

Source: The case for constructive populism

The American people are pissed….but will they actually do anything to change their pissitude?

After watching the political process for 50 years I can safely say….NOPE!

This silly process will continue along the lines that it has traveled for over 240 years…..a worthless waste of time and energy.

What To Do For The Berniecrats

Now that the silly season has terminated and Clinton seems to be cruising to the nomination….Bernie supporters are soul searching to decide which candidate to throw their support behind.

For many it will NOT be Clinton……some are looking at the Green Party and others are considering the Libertarians….that I do not understand…..the Libertarians would be more loose with their restrictions on Wall Street…..

I then read a post about this decision process……

Disappointed Sanders supporters are searching for a candidate they can stomach. Is that candidate Gary Johnson?

Bernie Sanders has admitted he is not going to be the Democratic nominee for president, but his millions of supporters are still going through a very public and painful soul-searching as they survey the choices before them.

The vast majority are backing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Some are clinging to the extremely unlikely hope that hundreds of Democratic delegates will switch their allegiance to Sanders over the next month. A dwindling number are pledging to vote for Donald Trump, who has been actively courting their votes. And some are looking for a third-party candidate who aligns with their values.

Source: Libertarians Can’t Count On Berniecrats This Fall | ThinkProgress

Personally, I am thinking Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein……

Millennials seem to be drawn to Bernie…and now that he may not be the nominee the question is where do they fit?

Few developments have caused as much recent consternation among advocates of free-market capitalism as various findings that millennials, compared to previous generations, are exceptionally receptive to socialism.

recent Reason-Rupe survey found that a majority of Americans under 30 have a more favorable view of socialism than of capitalism. Gallup finds that almost 70 percent of young Americans are ready to vote for a “socialist” president. So it has come as no surprise that 70 to 80 percent of young Americans have been voting for Bernie Sanders, the self-declared democratic socialist. Some pundits have been eager to denounce such surveys as momentary aberrations, stemming from the economic crash, or due to lack of knowledge on the part of millennials about the authoritarianism they say is the inevitable result of socialism. They were too young to have been around for Stalin and Mao, they didn’t experience the Cold War, they don’t know to be grateful to capitalism for saving them from global tyranny. The critics dismiss the millennials’ political leanings by repeating Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan’s mantra, “There is no alternative” (TINA), which prompted the extreme form of capitalism we now know as neoliberalism.

Source: The Millennial Generation Is a Perfect Fit for Socialism | Alternet

Now I ask….what will be the ultimate decision for these voters?  Will they fall prey to the same laziness as most other generations and vote for one of the Theft parties?

Judging ‘the Lesser Evil’

If you are anything like me then you have nothing to look forward to in this election…..basically it is choosing between the lesser of two evils………there is only so much crap the American people can stand….the problem is they have not reached their full capacity as of yet…..

This election will be that election where the voter holds their noses and pulls the lever…….

The mainstream U.S. media rightly criticizes Donald Trump for his bigoted remarks about Mexicans and Muslims – and his know-nothing-ism on global warming – but wrongly ignores Hillary Clinton’s role in futile and bloody wars, Gilbert Doctorow notes.

There are many folks, including the editorial boards of several of our newspapers of record, who insistently tell us that the ongoing American presidential election is one of the most vile in the country’s history considering the venomous attacks that candidates have made on one another’s personal qualifications, morals, family members and — from time to time — even on specific political stands.

How this race really compares to elections past is hard to say. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attacks on the military valor and medals of candidate John Kerry in 2004 were a pretty good marker in the “how low can they go” category of trashing one’s opponents. (Republican operatives, many of whom had ducked war service themselves, even passed out “Purple Heart” Band-Aids at the GOP convention to mock the severity of Kerry’s war wounds.)

Source: Trump v. Clinton: Judging ‘the Lesser Evil’ – Consortiumnews

No matter which way it goes…there will be at least 4 years of total crap….and the voter will have to go through this scenario all over again…..

Is it really that bad?

But why is it an election of “lesser of two evils”?

This year’s presidential primary has left many voters feeling helpless and alienated from their political parties, according to a new poll, which found that Democrats and Republicans alike want to see major changes in the way presidential candidates are chosen

The survey, conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and published Tuesday, reported that a full 90 percent of voters lack confidence in the country’s political system while 40 percent went so far as to say that the two-party structure is “seriously broken.”

Seventy percent of voters, including equal proportions of Democrats and Republicans, said they feel frustrated about the 2016 presidential election and 55 percent reported feeling “helpless.”

Source: Poll: 90 Percent Of Voters Lack Confidence In America’s Political System

This election has the voter, the serious voter, feeling helpless and unheard……they are feeling like the election is rigged….they have felt this way before but there is something about this election that is a knot in their stomach…..

Source: ‘Rigged’ 2016 Election Has Voters Feeling Helpless and Unheard – Truthdig

Lack of confidence by the voter…..and it has been a long time coming….but this election has brought the feelings of helplessness to the American voter.

Trump Voters Rejoice!

Time to look at the latest terrorist attack from the perspective of the upcoming election…..tacky?  Yes it is….but after listening to the candidates speeches after the attack….apparently tacky is the way to go……

What are the chances that the latest attack will rise up as more support for Trump?

For some time, political observers have wondered — or feared — whether a major terror attack on American soil could sweep Donald Trump into the White House.

And now, in the wake of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando — and Trump’s speech in response to it, which was filled with anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric — the question of what effect terror could have on the presidential campaign seems more urgent than ever.

“Clinton wants to allow radical Islamic terrorists to pour into our country,” Trump said in his Monday speech. “If we don’t get tough and if we don’t get smart, and fast, we’re not going to have our country anymore.”

Source: Do terrorist attacks make a Trump win more likely? Here’s what the research suggests. – Vox

Americans always look for a leader that will protect them…..the problem is the leaders they vote into office have terrible policies that make protection necessary….But with some sort of good news….will the attack and the rhetoric following real influence the election?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have already responded to the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, which occurred Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Indeed, the massacre, carried out by a man who swore allegiance to the Islamic State, will reshape the dialog around the presidential election, in the short term at least. But the truth is that we don’t know how the tragedy will affect the race, and we should be careful about making too many conclusions based on the polls too soon.

Trump’s support rose in Republican primary polls in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino in late 2015.

Source: Be Wary Of Claims About How The Orlando Attack Will Affect The Election | FiveThirtyEight

Once again….we have had a horrendous attack and as usual the focus is on bullshit…..what to label or the damn silly notion that they will come for your guns…..

Hey mental midgets….there is NO ONE COMING FOR THE GUNS YOU WORSHIP!

The FBI blew it and now the hunt is on for someone to blame…..here’s a novel idea…lay the blame at the feet of those that blew the investigation…FBI!

Do Clinton Voters Care?

Now that the Dems have the person that will carry the mantle of progressivism into thew battle for the hearts and minds of the American people…..time to ask the important question……

My daughter and I have always had political debates…..she is a chip off the old block…..but does not mean that we agree on stuff…..and this election is no different.

Most of my readers know that I am not a Clinton supporter……I wish I could say that my daughter is the same….she is not…..she is a Clinton supporter. (Oh the horror!)….

My daughter has always championed women’s rights and to her having a woman this close to winning the presidency is a dream come true….I have tried to reason with her and Have had very limited success….

There are a couple of questions that I asked her and now I ask my readers……

In America, we do not lock up our murdering politicians. We rarely prosecute or impeach them. The only scandals that stick are sex ones. Serious voters, writers, pundits, and anyone else who feels as if they have deep principles invariably buckle under the partisan weight of the political system. She hasn’t yet been coronated, but […]

Source: Do Clinton Voters Care About War? – Antiwar.com Original by — Antiwar.com

But with all the stuff, even though they do not care……what will they do if they do not vote for the Hil?

But you’re voting for Hilary, right? Not Trump, are you?” twenty-eight something says, stepping over homeless to get her double vanilla mocha.

“Let me repeat – Both are perverts. Perverted people, perverted thinkers, and a commentary on how blasphemed any semblance of democracy might be.” I am a 59-year-old, with my client, a former meth addicted 59-year-old who once was running the streets of Portland for decades, hundreds of violations of county and city codes, five addiction programs later, a rap sheet as long as Clinton’s illegal and unethical funder list, as deep and lengthy as Trump’s illegal and unethical tax dodging schemes and plain old usury in the Jesus-going-after-Jews-in-the-market sense. I was buying the bloke a coffee and roll for getting a job that day. One big road to recovery, at $10 an hour, after living the life of a dealer with a couple of grand cash in his pocket.…

Source: But If You Don’t Vote for Hillary, Then What…? – LA Progressive

This election no matter which party you are attached at the hip to, will be an interesting one to follow.

Me?  I’m going for a burger and a beer.

Could not resist this one…..

American Democracy Is in Crisis Mode

The two “presumptive” nominees are all the rage now in the media…..and there are some of us trying to explain what has happened to our electoral process…..it is a bit difficult…..

The crisis that has made Trump’s victory a possibility isn’t about Trump. It’s about what’s happening to the American people.

The election news is all about Trump, 24/7, but the crisis that has made his victory a possibility and that would bring tyrannical folly in its wake it isn’t about Trump. It’s about what is happening to the American people.

What is happening to us is something that Trump embodies perfectly, in all his populist vulgarity. But no populist rhetoric of democracy can hide the truth that what’s happening to us is what’s being done to us.

Source: American Democracy Is in Crisis Mode and We’re All Complicit: Here’s What Needs to Happen | Alternet

Regardless who wins in November this country is in serious danger…..and the only ones that will pay the price for this ego trip are the American people.