Should We Rid Our Society Of The Electoral College?

The short answer for me is…..YES!

I was recently contacted about writing some articles about the electoral college…I originally declined since I am not an expert on the subject….but the more I thought about it I decided that something needs to be done…..

Apparently Trump won the electoral college and Clinton won the popular vote by some 1+ million votes…..with that has come the call for the elimination of the electoral college…..

Every four years, the Electoral College creeps back into the lives of American voters. In some presidential elections, the strange, indirect system used to select the next U.S. president can feel like a formality that doesn’t seem to matter much.

In other elections, it matters very much indeed. This is one of those years.

On Nov. 8, Donald Trump surpassed the necessary electoral votes to become the nation’s president-elect. But if you look at the popular vote, which is the direct number of votes cast, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by about 1 million votes.

Source: Critics Work To Get Rid Of The Electoral College : NPR

I am sure that the Trump supporters will be fine with the results…but would they if the shoe was on the other foot…..more stuff about a “rigged election” would be flying all over the internet, especially those blogs.

Personally, I have written several times during several elections that the college needs to go away and that the popular vote should be the only decider of an election…..

I have a couple of reasons….why I do not like the electoral college…..

1. The person a majority of Americans favor may not win.
Certain smaller states have a larger percentage of Electoral College votes than their percentage of population of the United States. This is because the minimum number of Electoral College votes for a state is three. Some consider this to not be democratic.

2. It’s complicated and dissuades people from voting.
A popular vote is a simple majority, but the Electoral College consists of redistributing votes every 10 years because of population changes and electing delegates. There are many more steps involved, which may give citizens the feeling that their vote does not matter, encouraging them to stay home instead of visiting the ballot box on election days, according to the U.S. Election Atlas.

3. Small states and swing states get more power.
One man does not equal one vote. California’s 55 Electoral College votes mean there are 705,454 people per vote while there are only 194,717 people for each of Wyoming’s three electoral votes.

I believe that the electoral college cheats democracy completely……

The election commentary now filling the Internet seems distinctly out of touch. Many analysts are castigating Hillary Clinton for all the things she did wrong, her failure to connect with white workers in the Rust Belt, her inability to sufficiently rally blacks, and so on. Or they’re criticizing the American people for falling for a racist, sexist know-nothing like Donald Trump.

But these critics are ignoring the elephant in the parlor. The simple fact is that Americans didn’t elect Trump. An ancient relic known as the Electoral College did. For better or worse, a plurality of the people voted for Hillary Clinton.

Source: How Electoral College Cheats Democracy – Consortiumnews

My dislike has nothing to do with this election…..(contrary to popular belief….I did not care who won the damn thing….NOTHING was gonna change) I have been a verbal critic for decades….only difference now is that people are starting to see what I have been preaching about and have seen the need to eliminate this dinosaur from the 18th century.

Please bear with me….there is one more piece I need to write in this mini-series and it will be done and you can think about who is going to win “Dancing With The Stars”…..

The System IS Rigged!

So far the only thing positive, to my mind, that has come up of this past election is the renewed interests on the Electoral College.

My personal opinion, in case you have missed it, is that it should go…..I have been calling for its elimination for 30+ years….few listened then….but they seem to be caring a bit more these days.

This is a piece that explains the EC and the 2016 election…..

Donald Trump was right: the system is rigged! But it is rigged for the Republicans, not the Democrats, for conservatives, not progressives. And the result is the election of an extreme racist, misogynist authoritarian who may change the course of U.S. and even world history.

Source: The System IS Rigged!—The Electoral College and the 2016 Election | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

The question has been asked….if Clinton had won the election would we be having this conversation?  my answer is…..probably not the Dems are just looking for an excuse…but of us Lefties saw this problem coming even before this election or the one in 2000.

Will they listen this time?

Electoral College: Reasons Not To Abolish

There is a debate going on….the same debate that we have after each election especially the ones that are somehow contested, about the Electoral College.

This election has started the usual debate once again…..sad part is both sides are basing their opinions on emotional crap…..nothing can be doe until calmer heads prevail….

I am of the mind, for the past 30 years, that it is time for it to go….this is the 21st century maybe we should move our elections into it.

But once again to be fair….this is a report issued by the Brookings Institute in favor of keeping the system intact.  Keep in mind the Brookings is a status quo think tank…….they benefit from the system staying as it is……

If democracy means the majority rules, the Electoral College is an undemocratic institution. Twice in the last five elections it has delivered the White House to the loser of the popular vote. In 2000 it gave the nation George W. Bush. Two weeks ago it gave us Donald Trump, although Clinton will most likely have a more than two million vote edge among those who cast ballots. Many people, not just liberals, fear that a Donald Trump presidency will threaten core American values. Some of his initial appointments and failure to strongly condemn the racism of some of his followers have done nothing to quiet these fears. If this is not enough to condemn the Electoral College to oblivion, it has long since ceased fulfilling the function for which it was intended: namely, ensuring that the President owed his office to the people and not to the Congress (at the time, allowing the Congress to choose the president was the most likely alternative) while at the same time interposing a deliberative group of wise men (and they were all men back in the day) between a perhaps overzealous populace and the country’s most powerful office.

Source: Two cheers for the Electoral College: Reasons not to abolish it | Brookings Institution

I stand by my belief that the political system would be a better institution without the Electoral College….one person, one vote…is that not how a democracy is suppose to work?

The debate over the EC is getting interesting…..

There’s been talk of “faithless electors” trying to overturn the Electoral College vote on Dec. 19 that presumably will fall in Donald Trump’s favor, but one Texas elector has so much faith that he’s taking a different route, per the Houston Chronicle: He’s resigning his GOP elector’s post entirely. In what Politico calls a “little noticed” blog post from the weekend titled “Conflicted Elector in a Corrupt College,” Art Sisneros of Dayton explains the difference between a republic and a democracy, states that most electors are forced to make pledges that flout both the Bible and the Constitution, and proclaims he’s stepping down as an elector because, although the “vast majority of Republicans” are pleading with him to vote for Trump, “they don’t make the case that Trump is indeed biblically qualified.”

“I believe voting for Trump would bring dishonor to God,” Sisneros adds, comparing electors to parents who are supposed to step in so their kids won’t gorge on Skittles for dinner—but who, in what he says is the conservative view, still go by what the people say. By resigning, he says, another elector can step in, and “the people will get their vote. They will get their Skittles for dinner. I will sleep well at night knowing I neither gave in to their demands nor caved to my convictions. I will also mourn the loss of our republic.” Sisneros also acknowledges that in regard to the “biblical qualifications” he thinks candidates should possess, “most will think I am just clinging to long forgotten principles that, quite frankly, no one cares about anymore.” The Republican Party of Texas didn’t immediately get back to the Chronicle for comment.

I have heard a lot of stuff around the EC….but “biblical qualified”?

Now that is a new one!

I have thought of many reasons to eliminate the EC……..and not once did I ever think of the Bible in my opposition.

What Do You Know About The Electoral College?

After the Right made a big deal out of the calls for the elimination of the Electoral College I decided to do a series on the subject…..I mean some of us have been fighting to rid society of this dinosaur for decades just the Right was too goddamn busy imposing their religious beliefs on everyone to notice…..

The 2016 election is over….and Mr. Trump has won the big enchilada….he won the electoral college and it appears that Clinton may have won the popular vote….and division has started yet another debate about the electoral college.

Lots of pros and cons…personally the only solution is a popular vote….period!

I have been calling for the elimination of the EC since 2008 on this blog….and that was when Obama was elected…I guess the Leftist thing is just wrong (but of course not one person will admit it)…and I invite anyone that knows how to use the archives to do so to check my statement…..if you doubt what I say……

But let’s look at some historic perspective (you knew that was coming) on the issue……

When U.S. citizens go to the polls to “elect” a president, they are in fact voting for a particular slate of electors. In every state but Maine and Nebraska, the candidate who wins the most votes (that is, a plurality) in the state receives all of the state’s electoral votes. The number of electors in each state is the sum of its U.S. senators and its U.S. representatives. (The District of Columbia has three electoral votes, which is the number of senators and representatives it would have if it were permitted representation in Congress.) The electors meet in their respective states 41 days after the popular election. There, they cast a ballot for president and a second for vice president. A candidate must receive a majority of electoral votes to be elected president.

The reason that the Constitution calls for this extra layer, rather than just providing for the direct election of the president, is that most of the nation’s founders were actually rather afraid of democracy. James Madison worried about what he called “factions,” which he defined as groups of citizens who have a common interest in some proposal that would either violate the rights of other citizens or would harm the nation as a whole. Madison’s fear – which Alexis de Tocqueville later dubbed “the tyranny of the majority” – was that a faction could grow to encompass more than 50 percent of the population, at which point it could “sacrifice to its ruling passion or interest both the public good and the rights of other citizens.” Madison has a solution for tyranny of the majority: “A republic, by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect, and promises the cure for which we are seeking.”


A bit more on the history……

Source: The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists | TIME

But could there be more to this issue than a simple pro and con debate?

There always is when it comes to American political system……

To be clear, this critique of the racialized origins of the Electoral College should not be interpreted as the cheap product of disappointment over the most recent election results, but rather as an effort to tap into what will likely be a short-lived public appetite for presidential politics in order to explore how US political institutions are themselves always already racialized. To be sure, race and racism in the US context have long served as some of the most significant guarantors of democratic structures and institutions. In short, US democracy itself is a racial project whose fulcrum hinges on policies of inclusion and exclusion.

Source: Slavery, Democracy and the Racialized Roots of the Electoral College

This debate is a debate that has been had before and has accomplished nothing….I will be covering this a bit more in the days and weeks to come….please if there are any opinions we would love to hear them…..

The Myth Of The Women’s Vote

During the campaign of 2016 the public was bombarded almost daily about the women’s vote… Trump had lost them and they were the way forward for Hillary….

All those polls were a bit off… they always are….only this time the public was more gullible than in the past.

This is a good op-ed on the myth of the women’s vote……

Among the clichés that deserve to be thrown out after the recent presidential election in the US is the idea of “women’s vote.”
It may seem surprising that only 54 percent of the female electorate voted for Hillary Clinton, the first woman nominated for president by a major party. But while gender is a strong marker for how Americans think about certain issues, it is not the best predictor of how they will vote. It turns out that female candidates do not face a single gender gap, but rather multiple gender gaps.

Source: The myth of the women’s vote | Arab News

According to all the surveys Hillary had all the major demographics…..women….Latinos….Asians…..Blacks……Millennials and yet she had her ass handed to her by Mr. Trump……at least in the Electoral College….and that is where it counts (more on that in a later post)……

Secede and Decentralize: An Open Letter to Clinton Supporters

Some think the Dems are in total denial and in a state of confusion on what they need to do to repair their reputation from the caning they took in the last election…..

It is humorous since they have been taking the same caning since 2010 and they did not pay attention……so will they this time?

But since that Clinton supporters are all butt hurt by the results of 2016 they need consoling….

This is an open letter to Clinton supporters from the Mises Institute…..a Libertarian group from the ground up…..

Dear Clinton Voters:

I know this election has been painful for you. Many feel betrayed and even believe yourselves no longer living in the country you thought you were. Reflect on that pain and frustration for a moment. Now recognize how you feel now is how an equally large, possibly larger, number felt for the past eight years. Those who are of a liberty bent feel it all the time, no matter who ends up in office. Reflect on it, feel it, understand it, own it.

Before you get the wrong idea, this is not my attempt at rubbing in your face the loss of your candidate or an endorsement of President-elect Donald Trump. If anything, I share your pain and frustration, just for an entirely different reason. What you’re feeling, this hopelessness, this feeling that you’re no longer represented, this feeling that people other than you are now able to dictate your way of life, this is all a result of the massive expansion of the Federal government. Elections have long ceased being voting for someone you think represents the lifestyle you want to live and are, in practice, an exercise on determining whether or not you get to impose your preferred lifestyle on someone else.

Source: Secede and Decentralize: An Open Letter to Clinton Supporters | Mises Wire

There will be many such “suggestions” in the next couple of years…..but the question really is….will Dems try to change their direction or will they just pray for rain…..the Dems will be as always…they will gloat when they win and whine when they lose…..same as Repubs.

But there is a few suggestions that the Dems should consider……

1. Federal Government, please get your act together. Come up with a plan to reduce the national debt. Enforce the law or make new ones but do not willfully disrespect our laws. Re-engineer your vast array of laws, regulations and bureaucracies to try and deliver efficient accountable government services.

2. Back off in attacking who I am and my family’s values. Get off this social justice, ethnic group obsession. We are all Americans. Please treat us equally and speak to us as one class of people with the same aspirations.

3. Supreme Court, interpret our existing laws. Do not usurp the role of the State legislatures by creating new laws.

There is only so much you can do…..but that is considering if you really want to find a way to regain your standing among the people……

Your idiocracy in this last election made me think of a quote by H.L. Mencken……”On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

Or possibly “you reap what you sow”……”you asked for it….you got it”!

I am sorry….but so far I see nothing that would give me any confidence for the future.

100 Years of Voting for the “Lesser Evil”

While I am trying to focus where this country is going ……..all those rabid Trump-sters so they do not have to hear the facts are fixating on the protests…that way they do not have to look at their candidate they can just continue their blind support…..those protesters have nothing to do with how Trump will govern.

This past election I was given grief from several corners of the internet because I said I would vote my principles and vote Green Party……of course there was the usual crap about I would be handing the election to the other side (whatever side that was)…..that I should just fall into line and vote for a candidate that I did not like or approve of…..something I cannot do and will not do.

Photo published for Proof That 100 Years of Voting for the "Lesser Evil" Gave Us Trump and Hillary

Basically they wanted me to hold my nose and vote for one of the two major parties….in essence I was to vote for the “lesser of evils”……for the good of the country……(I laughed then and laugh now)……

As millions of Americans head to the polls today to “have their voices heard” and “make a difference,” many will likely carry out their voting rituals with the intent of electing the candidate they view as the lesser evil. They will vote for Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump or vote for Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton — at least, that’s what they tell themselves.

Every four years, Americans tacitly accept evil, morally content to accept authority from the candidate they subjectively designate the least harmful. They view this as the practical solution to America’s corruption and inevitable path to destruction. They often mock and chastise those who refuse to compromise their consciences for the sake of participating in a broken system.

Source: Proof That 100 Years of Voting for the “Lesser Evil” Gave Us Trump and Hillary

That’s right…..after about a century of voting for crap candidates and this is where the country has come…..

It is early in a soon to be Trump administration… the wise ones say….we will have to wait and see if his election is the seismic switch they think it will be…..