Will There Be Political Civil Wars?

This election has seen just about everything possible when it comes to political theory and action.  We have huge differences within the Democratic Party…..and the GOP has not fared too well either….both parties have deep divides  and depending on the outcome of this election could erupt in a political civil war within the parties……

First the GOP….since Trump became the nominee there have been widening chasm in the different factions within the party…….and it looks as if a long predicted interior revolt is simmering……

Whom among us, upon hearing of the grave and perhaps existential threats now facing the Republican Party, is entirely immune to the siren song of schadenfreude? Who from the liberal classes can entirely resist the temptation, when reading about the bitter divisions now rending the GOP, to mutter, “Now that’s a god damn shame,” and then issue forth with a soft and mordant chuckle?

And as Donald Trump spirals down ever further, his descent into humiliation propelled by his own pheromonal and lubricious self-regard, what right-thinking human being can resist whispering a quaint saying of yesteryear? You know the one:

Source: The Republicans’ Civil War – And Everyone Else’s – LA Progressive

But what about the Dems?

The primaries showed the 2 wings within the party and even though Bernie lost and then endorsed Clinton there still a wide divide in the people within the party…..to the point that they also could be looking at an interior struggle…….

As I peruse the receipts of corruption & betrayal otherwise known as the Podesta email leaks, it seems clear as day that there never was & there will never be a place for young people, progressives, socialists, environmentalists or anti-war activists in the democratic party — in fact, it seems the democrats have earned their place beside our wealthy rulers by subverting & incrementalizing[note¹] people’s movements for social, racial, environmental, & economic justice. With every new leak, the evidence of the party’s corruption becomes harder for even their co-conspirators in the corporate media to spin or ignore — but when will their voters abandon them?

Source: The Democrats Must Be Destroyed to Build a Peoples’ Party – The Writing of John Laurits

Personally I think that an internal struggle within the parties could be good for the system…..and since I am still a radical deep down……I like the thought of this possible civil war.

Any thoughts?

Is Donald Dead(Politically)?

That is a metaphoric question…..so do not start some silly bullshit…..try reading before you jump to conclusions….just a suggestion.

I need to state for the record that I am in NO way a supporter of this person and this is NOT an endorsement……..

Do not start to count him out….there is much not known, Horatio.

Last week there surfaced a tape with Mr. Trump being a macho dick….and the media went batcrap crazy…..and the polls are showing he is losing support (regardless what the toads in his campaign want you to believe)……but is he dead for the election(politically)?

But first…..I have been getting a bit of grief because I am leaning toward Stein in this election….and they all drag out the old 2000 example….if I vote for a third party I will be giving the White House to Trump…..a little too simplistic for my thoughts…..the Clinton people are already looking for a scapegoat in case they somehow fuck up and lose the election…..not that the Trump camp is not doing the same thing……..looking for those scapegoats.

I think the hardcore Dems need to worry about something else….a little closer to home…..lazy voters!

A Reuters analysis suggests an odd problem for Hillary Clinton: overconfidence among her supporters may lead them to skip Election Day altogether. With Donald Trump dealing with GOP defections and slipping poll numbers in the wake of his hot mic scandal, the prospect of depressed Democratic turnout is a real one, writes James Oliphant. He phrases the matter this way: “Opinion polls show that many voters are backing Clinton primarily to stop Trump, the Republican nominee, from getting into the White House. If they believe he has no hope of winning, then what would their motivation be to turn up at the polls?”

The issue could be a problem for Democrats in crucial swing states, and it could haunt Clinton even if she wins the election—a small margin of victory would make her ability to govern that much harder, writes Oliphant. A post at conservative PJ Media sees “a kernel of validity” in the theory, but says it highlights a much bigger problem for Clinton: “She’s not inspiring even Democrats. The media is focusing on dissension within the GOP ranks and electorate, but they completely ignore the fact that the other side isn’t exactly singing in the streets over its nominee.”

That is right….overconfident Dem voters may not vote…….but I will catch Hell from the mindless for my vote……….

Me?  I am still thinking Green.

Donald Trump’s And Hillary Clinton’s Supporters

I am sooooooo Borrrrrrrred with the election process so I think I will go off track and ask some questions…..not that I would get any answers…..does anyone have a “real” reason for voting for their fave candidate?  Is anyone taking either of the two seriously?  Really?  Why?

I have for a long time now tried to figure out just what it is about the candidates that make the people like them over the other.

To me they are just babbling twats that are trying to lie their way into the presidency….

Like I say I cannot see what makes one favorable over the other…..that is until I read this article……and now it is perfectly clear…..(not really but it is a good start)…….

A new Pew Research Center study finds that a third of Clinton and Trump supporters are most strongly motivated by opposition to Trump and Clinton.

The biggest reason supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton support their candidate is because they’re not the other.

That’s the finding from a Pew Research Center study of a month’s worth of survey data. Pew found, from more than 4,000 interviews conducted online and by mail, that the “main reason” supporters of both candidates were voting for their candidate was because “he is not Clinton,” and “she is not Trump.” Almost one out of every three people said so.

Source: Donald Trump’s And Hillary Clinton’s Supporters Are Motivated By Opposition To The Other : NPR

It makes sense now!

It is a contest of personalities…..issue and solutions be damn!

And Americans wonder what has gone wrong with their “near perfect” system……(The obvious always alludes them)…..

All I can do is laugh at the ignorance (used that for stupidity has already been used)…..

A billion…that is billion with a “B” wasted on this Reality show featuring “Dumb and Dumber”…….and you think wasting money on hungry kids is worthless…..

2016: Slip Sliding Away

In a little over 50 days we will have a new president and then the finger pointing will begin…..all searching for excuses for their candidates loss.

May I see a show of hands…..how many think that GW Bush won in 2000 because Nader sucked votes away from Gore?

If you voted yes then you have voted for the common excuse that the Dems use to explain the defeat of Gore.  The diatribe is that Nader sucked off votes from people that would have probably voted for Gore had he not been opposed by Nader……

I think that is a cowardly statement…..Gore lost because he was a horrible candidate that progressive Dems did not like and did not vote for him.  It is just that simple….a terrible candidate.

Fast forward to this year’s election…..Clinton began the Summer leading Trump by double digits in many regions and slowly but slowly that lead has eroded to the point that the election is close to a toss up….either Trump or Clinton could win.

Personally I think that the two major parties are presenting the worst candidates possible.  Only 2000 had candidates that were this suck ass.

Voters that actually think see the weakness of the candidates and have begun looking for an alternative (smells like 2000 all over again)……We have the candidate of the old angry white men and the candidate of the 1%….neither represent the bulk of the voting public.

The Repubs are setting up the scenario it they lose the election….it will be voter fraud…..and the Dems it will be the same as 2000 people wasted their vote on a third party candidate.

The wasted vote premise is a myth….

The biggest objection by allies to voting for a Third Party is the “wasted vote” argument — the idea that if you vote for someone who will not win, then the vote does not count.

Join any third party and merely suggest that another person consider voting for a third party candidate and you will hear, ad nauseum, “I don’t want to waste my vote.”

What is a Wasted Vote?

An unprincipled vote is the only wasted vote.

Voting for a third party, contrary to popular belief, is not a wasted vote.

What is voting? It’s a chance to tell the country — and perhaps even the world — what your vision of government and society really is.

Source: The wasted vote myth | Freepress.org

I have already covered this in a previous post….(for your reading delight)…..

Source: Why Your Third-Party Vote Is Not Wasted – In Saner Thought

I refuse to fall the giant shell game the major parties play om the voters….for 100 years talk has been cheap and yet we keep settling for the same promises every election.

If you do not vote for principles then YOUR vote is the wasted vote….NOT MINE!

Are voters really fed up with the status quo?

There is lots of talk of the “status quo” on the campaign trail these days…..as well in many blogs….it seems everybody is talking about the subject.

But the more important question is….are they really fed up?

I say no they are not.

I say that because as much as they bitch and moan about it….they will vote for a candidate that will keep it in place…..no matter the promises and the applause lines…..none of the major party candidates will do anything to change the status quo.

Americans really, really dislike their politicians. Just not enough to actually replace them, apparently.

Even as Democrat Hillary Clinton plummeted to Donald Trump-like depths of unpopularity this week, the quintessential Washington insider could take solace from a string of victories by establishment candidates who triumphed over voter ire. The results are likely to reinforce Clinton’s preference for a careful, boring campaign at stark odds with her Republican rival’s wild swings between presidential gravitas and red meat rhetoric.

RealClearPolitics’ average polling doesn’t show much change from last week and still has Clinton ahead of Trump, 46.1% to 42%. But one thing that has dramatically changed over the past three weeks is Clinton’s unfavorable rating, which according to a recent ABC/Washington Post poll now stands at 59% — neck-and-neck with Trump’s 60%.

Source: US election 2016: Are US voters really that fed up with the status quo?

It makes for good campaign fodder….but in reality there is NO one that will change a thing……campaign promises are just lies….the sooner the voter realizes this one simple fact the sooner real change can be found.

But first they would have to admit that their candidate is flawed…..something that most voters will not consider….once they have made up their minds they will do, say and repeat as if their candidate is the second coming…..they are perfect….they have NO flaws…a bit pathetic in my mind.

Hate to inform you but NO one is the perfect candidate…just some are better liars and actors than others.

But for now it is just the same song with different singers….any vote for the two major candidates is a wasted vote.

Me?  I’m thinking Green!

Why Millennials Have Less Faith in Democracy

This election has something that no other election has had in 40 years….the youth vote.

In the past Black voters have held the key or Hispanic or women….etc etc……but this year the young could be the deciding vote for who will get the nod to run this country…..

Believe it or not there is a pretty good article in The American Conservative on the youth vote or not…..

The latest media shock from the polls is that millennials have given up on democracy.
A quarter century ago only one-sixth of those between 16 and 24 years of age said democracy was  “fairly bad” or “very bad.” But today that has increased to almost one-quarter among millennials, according to the World Values Survey as reported by Roberto Stefan Foa and Yascha Mounk in a recent edition of the Journal of Democracy.
The main reason was that millennials do not think they can influence policy under democracy.

Source: Why Millennials Have Less Faith in Democracy | The American Conservative

I know…what is old professor doing reading a conservative rag like TAC?

Actually I give all comers a shot at trying to help the reader understand this world a little better and believe it or not….there are some pretty good writers in the magazine….

I may not always agree but I am willing to hear them out….so should anybody that truly cares about the direction of this country….

Primer For The US Presidential Election

As Summer drags on I find myself nostalgic for some cooler temps……lots of rain recently but still damn hot……sorry enough bitching’ on my part…..onward!

My Sunday and I thought since my granddaughter seems a bit interested in the political process I would let her see this article I found on-line…..we have talked about what is being said by the candidates and she wanted to understand the process a bit better…..

I wanted to help her but without getting into a deep philosophical dissertation…..

This is a bit simplistic but it does shed some light of the process…especially for a young mind that is coping with a complex issue…..

See the Republican. Voters are angry. He feeds off their anger. Voters are scared. He feeds off their fear. He watches himself on television. This would make a good television show.

See the Democrat. She is not the Republican. When she wakes up in the morning, she is not the Republican. At bedtime, she is not the Republican. She takes a knife and cuts a juicy steak for dinner. It oozes. Would the steak ooze like that for a Republican?

See the presidential candidates, who are not Republican or Democrat. They wait in line at grocery stores. They park their own cars. They give speeches on sidewalks near train stations. Passengers walk by without noticing them. “Vote for me.” Sorry, I don’t know you, one man replies.

Source: A Child’s Primer For The US Presidential Election

I printed it out for her to keep with her….it seems there are some in her 8th grade class that think they are political geniuses…..I just wanted her to be armed for any BS that may come her way…..

My granddaughter talked about all the back and forth between the two camps….she said that they seem to be “butt hurt”…..meaning feelings are fragile with both these two….even she sees how ridiculous the candidates are acting…..then she asked…”how did we end up with only 2 parties?”

How Did The U.S. End Up With A Two-Party System?

The last thing she said was….”can’t fix stupid”….smart girl.

That be it for today my friends….gotta bounce……Enjoy the rest of your day….I will return to my regular posting schedule tomorrow…..Peace Out……