Why Millennials Have Less Faith in Democracy

This election has something that no other election has had in 40 years….the youth vote.

In the past Black voters have held the key or Hispanic or women….etc etc……but this year the young could be the deciding vote for who will get the nod to run this country…..

Believe it or not there is a pretty good article in The American Conservative on the youth vote or not…..

The latest media shock from the polls is that millennials have given up on democracy.
A quarter century ago only one-sixth of those between 16 and 24 years of age said democracy was  “fairly bad” or “very bad.” But today that has increased to almost one-quarter among millennials, according to the World Values Survey as reported by Roberto Stefan Foa and Yascha Mounk in a recent edition of the Journal of Democracy.
The main reason was that millennials do not think they can influence policy under democracy.

Source: Why Millennials Have Less Faith in Democracy | The American Conservative

I know…what is old professor doing reading a conservative rag like TAC?

Actually I give all comers a shot at trying to help the reader understand this world a little better and believe it or not….there are some pretty good writers in the magazine….

I may not always agree but I am willing to hear them out….so should anybody that truly cares about the direction of this country….

Primer For The US Presidential Election

As Summer drags on I find myself nostalgic for some cooler temps……lots of rain recently but still damn hot……sorry enough bitching’ on my part…..onward!

My Sunday and I thought since my granddaughter seems a bit interested in the political process I would let her see this article I found on-line…..we have talked about what is being said by the candidates and she wanted to understand the process a bit better…..

I wanted to help her but without getting into a deep philosophical dissertation…..

This is a bit simplistic but it does shed some light of the process…especially for a young mind that is coping with a complex issue…..

See the Republican. Voters are angry. He feeds off their anger. Voters are scared. He feeds off their fear. He watches himself on television. This would make a good television show.

See the Democrat. She is not the Republican. When she wakes up in the morning, she is not the Republican. At bedtime, she is not the Republican. She takes a knife and cuts a juicy steak for dinner. It oozes. Would the steak ooze like that for a Republican?

See the presidential candidates, who are not Republican or Democrat. They wait in line at grocery stores. They park their own cars. They give speeches on sidewalks near train stations. Passengers walk by without noticing them. “Vote for me.” Sorry, I don’t know you, one man replies.

Source: A Child’s Primer For The US Presidential Election

I printed it out for her to keep with her….it seems there are some in her 8th grade class that think they are political geniuses…..I just wanted her to be armed for any BS that may come her way…..

My granddaughter talked about all the back and forth between the two camps….she said that they seem to be “butt hurt”…..meaning feelings are fragile with both these two….even she sees how ridiculous the candidates are acting…..then she asked…”how did we end up with only 2 parties?”

How Did The U.S. End Up With A Two-Party System?

The last thing she said was….”can’t fix stupid”….smart girl.

That be it for today my friends….gotta bounce……Enjoy the rest of your day….I will return to my regular posting schedule tomorrow…..Peace Out……

Why Is He So Damn Popular?

With the rise of Donald Trump I have been asking myself that very question……I mean I am not real clear on his policies other than the wall thing or the Muslim ban or the ban of refugees…..all of which I cannot agree with….but what is his specific economic policy?  And there are similar questions about other important issues…at least in my mind….I am an apologist (so I have been told) but if that means educated and inquisitive then I accept that characterization….

But the question still remains….just why is he so damn popular?

So far the people that support him undying are what I call low information voters….these voters fall for diatribes and slogans that have NOTHING to do with the actual act of governing…..(I could be a lot more cruel but I am trying to keep my cool on this subject)…..

Just who are the people that swear by the Bible that they will vote for Trump?

I found an article that bases the answer on statistics…..

The latest Huffington Post Poll of Polls shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 47.1 percent to 39.7 percent. Many political observers feel that Trump’s voter “ceiling” is 40 percent of the electorate. Who are these voters?

Two years ago, Pew Research Center released a typology of American politics. The typology distinguished between three classes of voters: the general public, registered voters, and the “politically engaged.” In the category “politically engaged” there were three categories of Republicans: “Steadfast Conservatives: socially conservative populists” at 19 percent; “Business Conservatives: Pro-Wall street, pro-immigrant” at 17 percent; “Young Outsiders: conservative views on government, not on social issues” at 11 percent.

Source: Who Are Trump Voters?

So basically it is the voters that are the most angry at the government and the system that will vote for this person…..no matter what he says or does….they will vote for the man……

Three placards were waved prominently and defiantly in front of the podium before Donald Trump addressed a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday. “Veterans for Trump.”

They were an indication that, despite what pundits have described as the worst campaign week for any presidential candidate in living memory, the Republican nominee still has a solid core of supporters who either do not know or do not care – even as Republicans in Congress who served in the military struggle with their candidate.

Source: ‘I’m still for him’: Trump fans undaunted by string of campaign blunders | US news | The Guardian

His, Trump’s, rhetoric has got Americans, some Americans, lathered up to the point of anger for the first time……is that what you are thinking?

Anti-immigrant rage? Warnings that the America we know and love is dying? We’ve seen this before………

On a stormy Monday afternoon in the spring of 1844, a stout, well-built, 35-year-old Philadelphia newspaper editor ascended a makeshift podium assembled from a stack of packing boxes. Surrounded by some three thousand of his fervent supporters — butchers, grocers, carpenters and craftsman, many armed for this occasion — Lewis Charles Levin had come to the main market in Philly’s heavily Irish-Catholic neighborhood of Kensington. He was there to rail against the rising tide of Catholic immigrants taking jobs from proud Pennsylvania-born Protestants, and the resulting “consequence upon American liberty” he vowed would surely come of admitting even more foreigners.

Unsurprisingly, Kensington’s Irish residents did not take kindly to Levin’s provocation and within minutes he had more to dodge than the water pouring down from the heavens. Vegetables were hurled his way, followed by bricks and stones. Levin’s livid supporters responded in kind, sending the Irish streaming into the streets, guns soon blazing on both sides. By the time they were run out of the neighborhood later that week, Levin’s acolytes had set fire to some thirty homes throughout the neighborhood, even burning two Catholic churches to the ground. At least seven people were killed, with dozens injured on both sides.

Source: Meet the Donald Trump of the 1840s: Lewis Charles Levin rode the wave of righteous anger – Salon.com

I know that some of my more Right leaning nose pickers do not appreciate a history lesson….but tough it out…….ya see this yutz is NOTHING new.


To Vote Or Not To Vote?

This election cycle has been crazy brutal….name calling, insults, lies, confusion and most all just plain theatrics……many young voters were turned on by Sanders but since his endorsement of Clinton they are even more confused and angry.

I recent did a post about the anger and confusion of the so-called Millennials….

Bernie has lost his position as the head of a progressive movement…he did that the minute he endorsed Clinton and quickly on his coat tails was Warren….all in the name of unity…&#…

Source: The Millennial Revolt – In Saner Thought

These voters are being turned off by the policies and issues of modern neoliberalism….aka Clinton…..

Their confusion and anger are reflected in a recent poll…..

Most young Americans say the Republican and Democratic parties don’t represent them, a critical data point after a year of ferocious presidential primaries that forced partisans on both sides to confront what — and whom — they stand for.

Source: Poll: Most young Americans say parties don’t represent them

My question is….will this anger and confusion lead to a true viable third party run?

Whatcha think?

Think Green!


We Have Seen This Bitterness Before

2016 is being billed as the election of bitterness…..the American people, according to some, are unset and yes, even bitter, about the way this country is governed and even the path it is on…..

But it is nothing new!  This is where I insert some sort of historical perspective to the chagrin of many….

Mark Naison: Though some people died, others burned themselves out, and families fractured, the nation survived and we stumbled on without our political system collapsing.

I have many friends, most of them younger than me, who are terrified by the divisions in the country, by the violent acts that periodically add to the tension, and by an election which brings out a level of fear and anger they have never seen before.

Unfortunately, this is not new to me. I have vivid memories of the year 1968 and that Presidential election. We had a terrible war. Assasinations. Riots in every major city. Campus take overs. And a country divided down the middle over race and politics

Source: We Have Seen This Bitterness Before: Reflections on 1968 and Now – LA Progressive

So far this election is nothing new…..we could say that the outsiders were the story but that is yet to be seen…..

Just as the election of 1968 the Dem Party has missed the boat….yet again…..

Barring any unforeseen circumstance, Hillary Clinton will likely become the Democratic nominee during next week’s Democratic Convention. With that nomination, the Democratic Party will have missed the opportunity to win a generation.

It’s no secret that Sen. Bernie Sanders polls well with millennials – during the primaries the candidate won more votes than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined, taking more than 80% of the age group’s vote in some states.

Source: The Democratic Party missed the opportunity to win a generation | TheHill

This election will do harm to this country than anything in the past….no matter who wins the damn election.

Next up is the Dem Convention….let’s see what antics are played out on that stage….

The case for constructive populism

2016 has been billed as many things…one of which was the election of the rise of populism…..Americans are just pissed they would not know a populist from a vegan…….

Many of the issues that the campaigns have used to excite the people are pure populism….the Brookings Institute has issued a paper about populism….

The Brexit vote has unleashed a huge amount of commentary on anti-establishment politics, the failure of experts, the abdication of the left, and much else. Juxtaposed to the presidential campaign in the United States, Brexit is regarded by many as a wake-up call.

In response, former US Treasury Secretary and former president of Harvard Larry Summers is calling for “responsible nationalism” to counter the often chauvinistic, anti-immigrant, and protectionist language of the populist right. It would be “understood that countries are expected to pursue their citizens’ economic welfare as a primary objective but where their ability to harm the interests of citizens elsewhere is circumscribed.” We would judge international agreements “not by how much is harmonized or by how many barriers are torn down but whether citizens are empowered.”

Source: The case for constructive populism

The American people are pissed….but will they actually do anything to change their pissitude?

After watching the political process for 50 years I can safely say….NOPE!

This silly process will continue along the lines that it has traveled for over 240 years…..a worthless waste of time and energy.

What To Do For The Berniecrats

Now that the silly season has terminated and Clinton seems to be cruising to the nomination….Bernie supporters are soul searching to decide which candidate to throw their support behind.

For many it will NOT be Clinton……some are looking at the Green Party and others are considering the Libertarians….that I do not understand…..the Libertarians would be more loose with their restrictions on Wall Street…..

I then read a post about this decision process……

Disappointed Sanders supporters are searching for a candidate they can stomach. Is that candidate Gary Johnson?

Bernie Sanders has admitted he is not going to be the Democratic nominee for president, but his millions of supporters are still going through a very public and painful soul-searching as they survey the choices before them.

The vast majority are backing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Some are clinging to the extremely unlikely hope that hundreds of Democratic delegates will switch their allegiance to Sanders over the next month. A dwindling number are pledging to vote for Donald Trump, who has been actively courting their votes. And some are looking for a third-party candidate who aligns with their values.

Source: Libertarians Can’t Count On Berniecrats This Fall | ThinkProgress

Personally, I am thinking Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein……

Millennials seem to be drawn to Bernie…and now that he may not be the nominee the question is where do they fit?

Few developments have caused as much recent consternation among advocates of free-market capitalism as various findings that millennials, compared to previous generations, are exceptionally receptive to socialism.

recent Reason-Rupe survey found that a majority of Americans under 30 have a more favorable view of socialism than of capitalism. Gallup finds that almost 70 percent of young Americans are ready to vote for a “socialist” president. So it has come as no surprise that 70 to 80 percent of young Americans have been voting for Bernie Sanders, the self-declared democratic socialist. Some pundits have been eager to denounce such surveys as momentary aberrations, stemming from the economic crash, or due to lack of knowledge on the part of millennials about the authoritarianism they say is the inevitable result of socialism. They were too young to have been around for Stalin and Mao, they didn’t experience the Cold War, they don’t know to be grateful to capitalism for saving them from global tyranny. The critics dismiss the millennials’ political leanings by repeating Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan’s mantra, “There is no alternative” (TINA), which prompted the extreme form of capitalism we now know as neoliberalism.

Source: The Millennial Generation Is a Perfect Fit for Socialism | Alternet

Now I ask….what will be the ultimate decision for these voters?  Will they fall prey to the same laziness as most other generations and vote for one of the Theft parties?