American Democracy Is in Crisis Mode

The two “presumptive” nominees are all the rage now in the media…..and there are some of us trying to explain what has happened to our electoral process… is a bit difficult…..

The crisis that has made Trump’s victory a possibility isn’t about Trump. It’s about what’s happening to the American people.

The election news is all about Trump, 24/7, but the crisis that has made his victory a possibility and that would bring tyrannical folly in its wake it isn’t about Trump. It’s about what is happening to the American people.

What is happening to us is something that Trump embodies perfectly, in all his populist vulgarity. But no populist rhetoric of democracy can hide the truth that what’s happening to us is what’s being done to us.

Source: American Democracy Is in Crisis Mode and We’re All Complicit: Here’s What Needs to Happen | Alternet

Regardless who wins in November this country is in serious danger…..and the only ones that will pay the price for this ego trip are the American people.

With Superdelegates, Who Needs Voters?

If you partake in the American political system by voting for your favorite candidate then you should be commended…..but if you look beyond the thrill of participation then you will see that the voter is not really needed at all.

About now some will think that I have flipped my ever-loving mind, right?

If you are a Dem voter then there are delegates called the “superdelegates” these are people that are pledged to one candidate or another….the problem is this election most of these pledged themselves to Clinton before she had any opposition and they are staying there….

The number is large enough that voters are not needed after a certain point in the primaries….but check out what I am going on about……

Every election cycle, family members call to ask how they should vote on propositions and for which candidates. Our readers frequently ask the LA Progressive to prepare a “progressive slate.” They know we work hard to stay on top of issues while also keeping tabs on the positions candidates have taken. That requires a lot of effort but staying informed is essential for democracy to work. Thomas Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”

We agree. We like freedom. So using our energy to educate ourselves and others seemed like a worthwhile expenditure of time and money.

Well, turns out, that expended energy may have all been for naught. In other words, keeping tabs on the goings on in the political sphere could have been a big waste of time, especially in light of the transcripts uncovered by Branko Marcetic, an investigative journalist from In These Times. Marcetic has uncovered documents that reveal the true reason that the Democratic Party instituted the superdelegate system. It appears that the intention, all along, was to take power away from “the people” and put it into the hands of a concentrated few.

Source: With Superdelegates, Who Needs Voters? – LA Progressive

This is NOT a democratic way to pick a nominee……it is what is always being done…..the system is gamed in favor of a certain candidate……

Time for this stupid practice to end….let the voter decide who the nominee should be….PERIOD!

How to Choose a President

It is 2016 and all eyes are on the election….I have been railing for months about the voters ignorance…..that they settle for slogans and applause lines over the real issues that face this country.

I have tried to help my readers understand that they need to vet their candidates before they support…….because they have some cute marketing scheme to convince you that they are the best for the job is neither smart or accurate.

To save myself some more grief I found an article in The Hill about this very subject…..I reproduce it here because it is sage advice and I do not want o depend on the clicking of a link…..

Nineteenth-century Prussian Gen. Helmuth von Moltke the Elder once opined “No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.” Napoleon followed no strategy: “I have never had a plan of operations.” And pugilistic theorist Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth.” Their collective point is that theories of action only go so far; the most likely actions in crucial times must emanate from instinct.

These thoughts are relevant as voters consider choosing the next president.

What is it that a person’s — candidate’s — known instincts, demonstrate? Whatever they say in debates and proposals mean less than what they did in key crises through their decisions during times in power. War choices are first on my list of issues — and second and third as well. What nations do in wars defines what else is possible in domestic matters, the crucial reforms at home to make our lives better.

Technical issues of economics and appointments choices are important, no doubt; but they too are subject to the vicissitudes of the times, shifting from primaries to elections, and have far less consequences in real times.

The issues that President Obama debated with his opponents, Democratic and Republican, when he ran for office in 2008 were not the ones that greeted him in 2009 when he was sworn in as president. How he handled the daunting economic crisis he faced was not the agenda in his campaign. In hindsight, it is clear that his personal character and approaches to pressing issues were what guided his actions. Nothing he promised during his campaigns were hints of what he would do; but his approaches to solving problems were lifelong, and continue to this day.

Presidential candidates have often argued who would best respond during a late-night emergency. It is a very good question because all the campaign papers and promises can’t answer that question. The candidate’s past record on controversial matters is the best predictive guide. What is his or her inherent laser beam, the one that predicts his or her direction when pressed to act? There are no surprises, really; people have patterns to their actions.

Tell me about one’s record on wars, and assess their instincts on all critical issues, and we will know what kind of president they will be. Proven instincts say more than game plans.

Like I said….sage advice….hopefully people will take heed.  Fortunately for me I will not hold my breath.

Politics of disillusionment and the rise of Trump

Since the Summer I have watched Donald Trump rise in the ranks as a “viable” GOP candidate…..many have found this sort of an enigma because he was written off by many pundits as nothing more than a “joke-ster”…….boy did they blow that analysis!

But if these same pundits had been on the street talking with people or even listening to them they would have quickly realized that the American people, from both sides of the spectrum, are fed up with the antics and the games being played by our elected representatives…

After much has been written about the phenom that is Trump….most still struggle with an adequate reason why he is doing so well in the polls as well as in the voting…..

While the US pundits struggle some of the rest of the world has been more accurate in their analyses on the Trump phenom…..maybe because they do not work under the same news filter as the American MSM…..

I have found some really excellent op-eds on this situation in an unlikely place…..AJE…..

………when I was in the United States, I asked a number of senior Republican Party figures about the possibility of Donald Trump winning the presidential nomination. All laughed out loud. It simply won’t happen, they told me. The Republican Party machine would take care of him.

I doubt if they are laughing now. On “Super Tuesday” this week Trump won seven out of eleven states. The likelihood of Trump challenging for the White House seems less of a joke by the week.

Source: Politics of disillusionment and the rise of Trump – Al Jazeera English

While I was researching this situation I ran across another op-ed that helps explain this turn of events….

Many American pundits try to explain it a way with all sorts of lame and purely speculative answers……but the truth is much simpler and not as biased as the MSM here in this country….

These same toads are also amazed at the rise of the Dems candidate Bernie Sanders and they have struggled with his successes also…..but that also can explain what these people keep missing…..what chaps their butts is that even without the proper reporting by the MSM Bernie keeps winning….that part I like!

Source: US elections: It’s the system, stupid – Al Jazeera English

I think it is an accurate analysis….disillusionment is the one cause that many have been overlooking for the past 6 months…..the problem is that feeling by the American voter could be disastrous for the country in the long run…..

Trying to create a buzz for the media some of Trump detractors are claiming that he will soon peak and they are throwing money at their prediction…..

Ted Cruz’s relatively strong performance in Saturday’s GOP contests has raised a host of questions about the Republican race going forward, much of them centering on Donald Trump. Some highlights:

  • The New York Times details how anti-Trump groups are pouring millions into TV ads in key states amid “nascent signs that he may be peaking with voters.”
  • NBC News lays out why Trump’s lead of 87 delegates is weaker than it appears.
  • A post at Hot Air explains that a closer look at Saturday’s results shows that Trump didn’t under-perform at all; the key is that Cruz surged largely at the expense of Marco Rubio.
  • One thing for sure: Trump is scrambling an Electoral College map that has been stable over the past four presidential elections. Politico digs in.
  • On a similar note, the AP says that if Trump is the nominee, his path to a general election win “would be a GOP map unlike any in recent years.” Think working class, white voters in traditionally blue states.
  • Cruz says multiple media outlets have told him they’ve got big exposés ready on Trump, but don’t plan to run them until June or July, reports Talking Points Memo.
  • In the arena of Trump rivals, a Cruz super PAC is going after Rubio aggressively in the senator’s home state of Florida, hoping to secure a potentially campaign-crippling defeat, reports Politico.

Why not?  The media create the Clinton front runner status….why not try to make Trump a loser and spend, spend, spend on the candidacy of Ted Cruz?

Personally, I think Trump can weather the barrage from the opponents….but if the media joins the pile on then he may have a hard uphill battle….but then it all depends on how gullible the American voter chooses to be.

Super Tuesday Arrives! (If You Really Care)

The SEC Primary is here…..BTW that is what the media wants all of us bloggers to call Super Tuesday……but what if anything will change after today’s vote?

If you are interested then this what you will need to know if you are looking for something to write about……

Super Tuesday is upon us—and it could be the day that changes the Republican Party forever. With 11 states holding GOP primaries and caucuses, rival candidates are doing their best to dent Donald Trump, but the party establishment fears that the time when his candidacy could be stopped is already in the past. On the Democratic side, meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will battle for 11 states plus American Samoa, and analysts say it will require victory in a few close-run contests for Sanders to keep his candidacy afloat. A roundup of coverage:

  • FiveThirtyEight has a detailed guide to every state voting in the Republican and Democratic contests, including poll numbers—which suggest both front-runners are headed toward huge wins.
  • With Trump poised to win up to 10 states, Politico looks at how his momentum has split Republican leaders, and at what Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz plan to do in the days ahead.
  • The Wall Street Journal looks at why Massachusetts will be a must-win for Bernie Sanders.
  • The AP has a guide to when results will start rolling in. Caucus states Minnesota, Colorado, and Alaska may experience more hiccups than others.
  • Fox News takes a closer look at the states where victory will be most important, including Texas, the biggest prize and possibly Cruz’s only win.
  • It’s also primary day for Democrats living overseas. The AP talks to voters in New Zealand, where Super Tuesday arrived first.
  • Politico breaks down five numbers it says will define Super Tuesday, including Rubio’s share of the vote in northern Virginia.
  • The Washington Post reports on Sanders’ jabs at Clinton on the eve of Super Tuesday. He has vowed to stay in the race until all 50 states have voted.
  • Peter Beinart at the Atlantic has three reasons why liberals in states that allow non-Republicans to vote in GOP primaries should give up their chance to vote for Sanders or Clinton and cast a ballot for Marco Rubio.
  • Today is do or die for Cruz, according to the National Review, which explains how he managed to paint himself into this corner.
  • The New York Times looks at the GOP’s revamped delegate selection, designed to “turbocharge the campaign of a front-runner”—and at how it could help Trump wrap things up very quickly.

There you are…..everything you never wanted to know about today’s circus we call voting…….

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2016: Today’s A Big Day For Candidates

Today is Saturday and I usually turn to subject matter that has nothing to do with politics, foreign policy or war…..but today is a big day that deserves a few insights…….

We have the SC primary for the GOP and the Nevada Caucus……there  are a couple of candidates for both parties that need to win and win …..BIG!

Saturday is a big day for the presidential hopefuls from both parties, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders facing off in the Nevada Democratic caucuses and Donald Trump taking on all challengers in the South Carolina Republican primary. How both of those events play out could have major impacts on the rest of the race. Here are six things you need to know:

  • Both Clinton and Sanders have a lot to lose in Nevada, NBC News reports. A Clinton loss “would launch another week’s worth of negative headlines for her campaign,” while “a Sanders loss could even be more impactful because it would set up Hillary Clinton to start running the table” in the south.
  • The Washington Post believes the GOP side is turning into a three-man race in South Carolina and beyond. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have been “attempting to position themselves as the main alternative to Trump,” but “Trump is still the biggest attraction of all, dominating the polls and attracting huge crowds wherever he goes.”
  • Clinton made a serious mistake when “she failed to take Bernie Sanders serious enough,” allowing him to close the gap in Nevada, the Los Angeles Times reports. Now even a narrow victory over Sanders in Nevada “could raise strong doubts about [her] candidacy.”
  • NBC notes that while Trump has had the lead in South Carolina polls for months, its no longer looking insurmountable. His 16-point lead from last month has crumbled to 5 points in one recent poll.
  • USA Today highlights five questions, the answers to which will determine the way the Nevada caucuses go. One of the major questions is whether turnout will be small enough and—especially—diverse enough to deliver a win for Clinton. “If she loses Nevada because—horror of horrors—the caucus voters looked more like New Hampshire and Iowa, Clinton will have to look in the mirror. Or at her field operatives.”
  • Finally, things aren’t looking good for Jeb Bush (not to mention John Kasich and Ben Carson), according to Politico. Morale is down in the Bush camp, with even his biggest supporters believing “Saturday might be the end.” Donors are reportedly ready “to intervene and tell Bush, depending on his finish here Saturday night, that his time is up” after a week one describes as “a kick in the balls.”

With luck two things will occur…..Jeb! gets his ass handed to him and Clinton hits a Bernie wall……both events would go a long way to making this a more interesting election process…..

What say you?

Now I shall go watch paint dry…….

The Iowa Caucus (Yawn!)

The dumbest idea for picking a candidate (my opinion)……the big news, at least for the media, will be who emerges from Iowa the front runner…..a very smart dude, Nate Silver, has some thoughts for the GOP……

If you are a supporter of the GOP in this election then maybe you should watch the caucus….it is possible that it could be a telling tale…..

The Iowa caucuses are here and Nate Silver, who wasn’t expecting Donald Trump to still be leading the GOP field at this stage, still thinks he could be knocked off his perch. At, the predictions whiz outlines four possible results in Iowa—and four ways the media is likely to spin them.

  1. Marco Rubio as the GOP’s Savior. If Trump beats Ted Cruz and Rubio does well, expect the GOP elites to rally behind Rubio, Silver predicts, adding that in what was “possibly an idiotic strategy,” the GOP establishment may have had this outcome in mind when it launched recent attacks on Cruz.
  1. A Trump Blowout. If Trump beats Cruz and Rubio flops, Monday “will be one of the most famous days in American political history,” according to Silver, who predicts that a blowout Trump win would make him the odds-on favorite for the nomination—and leave the GOP without a clear alternative.
  2. Cruz in Control. If Cruz beats Trump and Rubio has a bad night, “Cruz will look Teflon” and it will be a nightmare for the GOP elites who opposed him, Silver writes. He predicts that a post-Iowa Cruz bounce could open up chances for Jeb Bush or John Kasich in New Hampshire.
  3. A Trump Bust. If Cruz beats Trump and Rubio has a strong night, the story will be all about a Trump bust, whether or not his New Hampshire chances still look good, Silver predicts. He notes that a Trump collapse would leave the GOP primary looking relatively normal, which “might be the biggest surprise of all.”

Click for Silver’s full column.

Or to save yourself some aggravation…..maybe take a look at the Dems……just a thought……

But if you are a glutton for punishment then check out this……..

The eyes of the world are once again on Iowa for caucus day—and this time, they’re waiting to see whether all the Donald Trump hype translates into actual votes, and what will happen in the tightening Democratic race. Some coverage highlights:

  • The Des Moines Register has a refresher on how the state’s caucus system actually works—and on the big difference between the Democratic and Republican procedures.
  • For Trump and Bernie Sanders alike, the most important factors will be turnout, turnout, and turnout, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • AccuWeather is keeping an eye on a winter storm that could affect voting Monday evening, potentially changing the results.
  • Several other Election 2016 questions to be answered Monday include how either Trump or Ted Cruz handles losing, reports the Christian Science Monitor.
  • CNN reports on how potential kingmaker Martin O’Malley “is the most important Democrat in Iowa.”
  • O’Malley will probably stay in the race at least until New Hampshire, but Iowa could be the end of the road for several GOP candidates who are “running on fumes,” the Hill reports.
  • The Des Moines Register has some tips on how to follow results live as they come in Monday night—and a look at how the candidates stand on 27 different issues.

And in the end….if you are not part of the lamestream media………who f*cking cares?