The state of Florida is having a terrible week……after kissing Trump’s ass the governor hurriedly open the state for all sorts of activities……and then the news started rolling in…..and the governor had to back track on his previous BS on how safe the state was during the pandemic.

Florida state deaths and cases are rising…..

On another front…..a brain eating amoeba has been found it Florida…..

The brain-eating amoeba has resurfaced in Florida. The state’s Health Department has confirmed the case, saying only that the patient is in Hillsborough County. Naegleria fowleri usually is found in warm freshwater environments, including ponds, rivers and lakes. The state did not say where the infection was contracted, the Tampa Bay Times reports. More common in the South and usually fatal, the infection can destroy brain tissue. Florida has reported 37 cases since 1962. Symptoms can include fever, nausea, hallucinations, headaches and seizures. Nationally, only four of the 143 people known to have become infected survived.

“Adverse health effects on humans can be prevented by avoiding nasal contact with the waters, since the amoeba enters through nasal passages,” the Health Department said. The agency’s advice included suggesting swimmers pinch their nose when in warm freshwater, per CNN. Bodies of warm freshwater near power plants should be avoided, as should any shallow areas when the water temperature is high. For people rinsing congested sinuses, the state said, a neti pot can be a problem. “Use only boiled and cooled, distilled, or sterile water for making sinus rinse solutions for neti pots or performing ritual ablutions,” the Health Department said.

Sorry but not to worry….the amoeba will go hungry.  (Sorry I could not resit the shot)

On the news front about the pandemic…..just when the news is dire about the next wave we are told that it is airborne…..

The WHO still won’t call the coronavirus airborne, even though evidence increasingly shows it is indeed transmissible that way and experts have been warning for months that more attention needs to be paid to transmission via aerosols. Now, 239 scientists from more than 30 countries have published an open letter to the health agency urging it to reconsider its official stance on the matter, which currently states only that the research is inconclusive. “There is no incontrovertible proof that SARS-CoV-2 travels or is transmitted significantly by aerosols, but there is absolutely no evidence that it’s not,” one doctor tells the New York Times. “So at the moment we have to make a decision in the face of uncertainty, and my goodness, it’s going to be a disastrous decision if we get it wrong. So why not just mask up for a few weeks, just in case?”

The WHO’s official stance is that the virus that causes COVID-19 is transmitted via larger respiratory droplets, which typically can only travel about 6 feet before they fall to the ground. Aerosols, on the other hand, are smaller particles that can travel much longer distances and linger in the air, meaning that if the virus is transmitted that way, crowded indoor spaces, especially those with poor ventilation, are a big risk even when social distancing can be maintained. That means more measures (from masks to upgraded air filters and UV lights) may be necessary for true protection. “WHO’s credibility is being undermined through a steady drip-drip of confusing messages, including asymptomatic spread, the use of masks, and now airborne transmission,” one expert tells the Washington Post. The Times has much more, including how a “dated” definition of airborne transmission might be contributing and why it’s difficult to study aerosols

The news just keeps getting worse…..as opposed to the reports that Donald the Orange is giving his supporters….it will not be long before we reach 3 million cases…..and according to Trump that is something to be proud of these days…

Please someone explain to me how 3 million cases is good news.

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Remember The Days?

Do you remember the start of this pandemic when we all ran out a sucked up all the hand sanitizer, bleach and toilet paper?

That made me think why did we do that….but in case you missed my post on the TP thing……https://lobotero.com/2020/03/18/why-toilet-paper/

I knew that the shrinks in this world would jump on that because the virus did not do much to effect your regularity……and viola! There is a study……

A recent study published in PLOS One examined toilet paper consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic across 22 countries. The findings revealed that the personality traits of Emotionality and Conscientiousness, as well as perceived threat about COVID-19, were related to an increased likelihood of stockpiling toilet paper during the pandemic.

While the coronavirus spread around the globe, disrupting health care systems and causing widespread alarm, an interesting human behavior emerged that caught the attention of media. Around the world, people were reportedly hoarding toilet paper, seemingly prompted by fears that the pandemic would lead to a scarcity of resources. This stockpiling of toilet paper had adverse consequences, ironically leading to toilet paper shortages and causing people to clog their household pipes with material other than toilet paper.


Panic makes us humans do some really weird things…..what is it that makes us overreact?


Be well…..Be Safe…..

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Closing Thought–03Jul20

News from the Deep Deep South–Mississippi.

The Mississippi virus report…..

New Cases and Deaths as of July 1

New Cases


New COVID-19 positive test results reported to MSDH as of 6 p.m. yesterday.

New Deaths


New COVID-19 related deaths reported to MSDH as of 6 p.m. yesterday.

Mississippi’s totals……

  Confirmed Probable Total
Cases 28,573 197 28,770
Deaths 1,074 18 1,092

I was not a supporter of Tate Reeves when he ran for governor…but I will admit that he has done an excellent job handling the pandemic……he has put the opening up of Mississippi on 01Jul20 on hold….for now….

With coronavirus cases in Mississippi on the rise, Governor Tate Reeves announces a pause in the re-opening process.

Governor Tate Reeves took to Facebook yesterday to announce the state will not be ready to fully reopen.

“The plan had been to fully reopen by July 1st. That’s not happening. Our re-opening is paused and we’re considering what we need to do going forward. That was not an easy call,” Governor Tate Reeves said.

He went on to say that things are getting worse, not better.


Mississippi gets lots of revenue from the operations of casinos in the state……Even the money grubbing casinos have issued their demand that masks be worn….

You may listen to the news here…..https://m.magnoliastatelive.com/2020/07/02/mississippi-gamblers-told-to-mask-up-in-casinos-starting-friday-night/

Mississippi also made the news recently by abandoning the rebel flag as the state symbol…..and Reeves signed the law…..

But I want my readers to see how racism is ingrained into the media here…..

We’ve been hearing about racism much more frequently the past several weeks, but it’s not because racism just appeared. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Racism is sewn into the fabric of America and it doesn’t always look like overt racism. In fact, it doesn’t even always look like the microaggressions that we feel or see on a daily basis. The language we use is filled with racism that we don’t even realize or see. I like to call this “sneaky racism.” It’s sneaky because it is spoon fed to every American from birth through death, and if you aren’t made aware so you can look for it, it will pass right by you, creating what’s known as implicit bias.


Any Thoughts?

As this holiday begins please…..be well and be safe…..and above all enjoy your time off and smile…..

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What Is The Cost of Covid-19?

Another doctor’s appointment today…..so I do not know when I will be back……so I thought I would leave out with a post on the pandemic and its treatment.

A quick update…..cases–2.6million  deaths–126,000

More FYI for the masses……..

We have heard so much about this virus….we know how many people have contracted the virus and how many have ultimately died from the sickness…..but what have we heard if you actually catch the virus what will it cost the person/insurance to fight off the pandemic?

First what will it cost the person for the Covid-19 test?

the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced that Medicare will reimburse providers up to $100 per test, depending on the test. Newer COVID-19 tests that give results more quickly may cost providers more than the early tests. A number of private providers, including some that take no insurance, are charging substantially more than $100 for COVID-19 tests.

Five Things to Know about the Cost of COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

You have had your test and dammit it came back positive….now how much will treatment cost?

Gilead Sciences is out with its much-anticipated price for a drug to treat COVID-19 patients: For a five-day treatment course of remdesivir, figure $3,120 for the typical US patient with commercial insurance, reports the Wall Street Journal. That would be the amount the drugmaker would charge the hospital, not the patient’s out-of-pocket expense. The price is lower, $2,340, for those covered by government health care programs such as Medicare. Remdesivir made big headlines in April when a study showed that it could reduce hospital stays for coronavirus patients from 15 days to 11 days. All governments in the developed world, including the US, will be charged $390 per dose, while those in the developing world will receive discounts, per STAT News. The price for US insurers comes out to $520 per dose.

Patients would get two doses on their first day, then one dose on subsequent days. The most common treatment course is five days, though some patients (maybe 5% to 10%) would require a 10-day course. For the longer course, the cost would be $4,290 at the government price and $5,720 for US insurers. Gilead’s price has been highly anticipated because it could set a precedent for other drugs to follow, and STAT notes that the figures generally fall within expectations. On the plus side, it should save hospitals money by allowing them to release patients earlier; on the other hand, it’s not a cure, just a way to shorten hospital stays, and future drugs—perhaps this steroid—could prove more effective and make remdesivir less sought-after.

Better have insurance or the Poor House will await your entry.

Why would it be so expensive?

Remdesivir, the antiviral drug that appears to reduce the recovery time for hospitalized Covid-19 patients, has a price tag: $3,120 for the typical five-day regiment for a patient on private insurance. Gilead, the drug’s manufacturer, announced the news on Monday.

The drug has been one of the most promising treatments, reducing the hospital stay for Covid patients by several days in early trials. Remdesivir has been around for a while, but, as you might recall, drug discovery experts have always thought this was the most promising avenue for an effective treatment to come on the market quickly: repurposing an existing drug to fight Covid-19. The Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of remdesivir in May.

But here in America, where even people who have health insurance coverage can often face high medical bills, the news of the drug’s promise was quickly followed by the question: Yeah, but what’s it going to cost?

Now we have an answer — or the start of one, at least. Let’s get into it.


And people say that Medicare For All is not the answer to adequate health care……they are WRONG!

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Miami Has A Great Idea!

Those darn masks!

There are those Trump supporters that fight wearing the mask tooth (which few have any) and nail…..some say God will protect them….if that is true then why do they need all those goddamn guns?

I mean really?

None of those people are that good looking and the masks are a public service by hiding their faces.

Plus they piss and moan about masks but few have done the same about the massive food price increases…why?  Oh yeah most of these are on the EBT card and do not really care since the government pays their food bill for them.

Okay that rant is done….now on to the Miami thing.

The numbers of Covid-19 cases has skyrocketed in Florida as well as other states….and Miami’s city council has grab the problem by the horns and done something…..

The city of Miami will begin fining repeat offenders up to $500 for not wearing a mask in public, citing the surge in COVID-19 cases across the state of Florida.

A first offense could net a fine of $50; a second, $150. Those who persist in refusing to wear a face-covering could be arrested, as a last resort.

“The only way to ensure compliance in some way shape or form is you have to have a heavy hand,” City Manager Art Noriega said Thursday.

Still, those who refuse to pay their fines will not have to face the wrath of any collection agency, the paper noted, and the emphasis will purportedly be on education, not enforcement


A good idea but why make it a toothless proposal?

For the idiots will just keep doing what they are doing….making things worse for the rest of the population.

I say SCREW THE IDIOTS…make it a full blown fine payable in 10 days or it doubles.

I think that is a better education than what is being offered…..at least Miami is trying to do the healthy thing……https://people.com/health/miami-to-close-beaches-issue-500-fines-to-those-not-wearing-masks-amid-coronavirus-surge/

Now the rest of the damn state needs to follow suit and stop listening to the idiot in the governor’s seat and the moron in DC.



Any Thoughts?

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New Pandemic Records

Today has the totals of Cases at 2.4 million and deaths at 122,000 I am still waiting for this to disappear as my president predicted it would….and if we had not done testing then his prediction would have come true.

Just yesterday we as a nation hit some new highs (from a virus that is not that bad)(sarcasm)…..

The US added 36,358 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday, a single-day high that broke the previous record of 36,285 set on April 26, during what NBC News refers to as the coronavirus pandemic’s first peak. Similarly, Sunday set a new global record with 183,020 new cases, the highest ever reported in a single day, Time reports. On a podcast interview this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that over the course of his career in epidemiology he’s never seen anything like the coronavirus, the Hill reports. “I’ve never seen anything closely resemble the virus in the spectrum of what it can do,” he said. On Tuesday, while testifying before lawmakers, he made a similar comment, per MarketWatch. “I’ve been dealing with viral outbreaks for the last 40 years. I’ve never seen a single virus—that is, one pathogen—have a range where 20% to 40% of the people have no symptoms.”

In the US, California also set a single-day record Wednesday, with 7,149 new cases. As the Northeast has seen cases decline, southern and western states are seeing increases that officials say are tied to Memorial Day weekend, when many states began loosening restrictions. California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesay tied the surge in new infections to the state’s reopening of the economy, which has been gradually ongoing for about a month, as well as continuing social justice protests. Adopting what NBC 4 calls “an almost fatherly tone,” he said, among other things, “Washing your hands isn’t just putting your damn hands, forgive my language, under the faucet for two seconds and calling it a day. We’ve all seen that. Many have done that. But in this pandemic, come on. We can do a little more and a little bit better.”

News from the front lines in the Covid-19 fight……

9 out of 10 people polled thinks Pharma will raise prices during this pandemic….

Nearly 9 in 10 U.S. adults are “very” (55%) or “somewhat” (33%) concerned that the pharmaceutical industry will leverage the COVID-19 pandemic to raise drug prices. Similarly, 84% are very or somewhat concerned that the general cost of care will rise, and 79% are very or somewhat concerned their health insurance premiums will go up in response to the pandemic. In each of the latter two scenarios, 41% of Americans are very concerned.

The new findings, released today by the nonprofit West Health and Gallup as part of ongoing research on the rising cost of healthcare in the U.S., come from a nationally representative survey of 1,016 U.S. adults. Amid a mounting death toll, the results underline the knife-edge fears associated with paying for care in the U.S.


Dems saw the polls and decided to act……to try and stop any price gouging…..

On the heels of polling that showed 88% of Americans worry Big Pharma will exploit the ongoing pandemic to hike drug prices, House Democrats on Monday introduced two bipartisan bills to prevent price-gouging for Covid-19 treatments and vaccines and to strengthen oversight of federal spending on coronavirus research and development.


Nice try but how many see this going anywhere?  Most Dems are owned by lobbyists and that includes Big Pharma……do you really think this was anything but a piece of theater?

Be Well…..Be Safe……

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Another Taxpayer Bailout

This pandemic has seen the loss of revenue (profit) for many firms and the Congress has put together several stim plans to help business weather this viral storm……

The latest industry to get lots of taxpayer money is Military-Industrial Complex……

The Pentagon has begun to bail out U.S. companies that have seen large parts of their business dry up amid the coronavirus pandemic, in a bid to make sure they can still build weapons. 

On Wednesday, officials announced that five mid-tier defense companies had received a total of $135 million to “help sustain defense-critical workforce capabilities in body armor, aircraft manufacturing, and shipbuilding,” according to a Defense Department statement.“These actions will help to retain critical workforce capabilities throughout the disruption caused by COVID-19 and to restore some jobs lost because of the pandemic,” Lt. Col. Mike Andrews, a Defense Department spokesman, said in the statement


How will this effect the industry and the DoD?

First of all we cannot afford the weapon systems that the DoD is drooling over…..will the Pentagon be capable of choosing what system to get over another?

The Pentagon cannot afford all of the new weapons it wants to buy and will be forced to choose winners and losers, absent an influx of cash, a new assessment from data and analytics firm Govini.

More cash is unlikely, experts say, regardless of whether President Trump wins a second term or is defeated by his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Moreover, they predict the Pentagon will face increased competition for dollars as the United States tries to dig itself out of a recession brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, which has left more than 30 million American without jobs.

“I don’t see a Biden administration making big, big cuts to defense,” said Robert Work, a deputy defense secretary during the Obama administration who is now chairman of Govini, an artificial intelligence-driven analysis firm. “But what I see a potential Biden administration doing is defining the priorities within defense in a different way.”


I say if it does not protect the homeland from imminent attack then it should be scrapped until better days are here again.  After all that is what families have to do in these days of dwindling funds…if it is not essential then it can wait.


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Remember That Meat Shortage?

About a month ago we were seeing the news that meat packing plants were shutting down and that our meat supply was dwindling and would soon be possibly gone….

We saw news after news report about the coming shortage and bloggers like myself also jumped on that bandwagon echoing the news that we could soon be out of meat….

Remember any of that?

Well it was a FAKE!

Say What!

As workers in meat processing plants around the country earlier this year fell ill with the coronavirus, threatening production, industry leaders appealed to the government to allow the facilities to remain open, citing the threat of a catastrophic domestic food shortage. 

It worked—President Donald Trump issued an executive order allowing the plants to stay open as essential businesses even as workers were getting sick and dying. However, according to new reporting from the New York Times and USA Today published Tuesday, the industry was lying about the threat of a shortage in order to maintain large exports to overseas markets.

“It was a fake meat shortage,” tweeted labor journalist Steven Greenhouse.

“The meat companies were saying the sky was falling, and it really wasn’t,” Food & Water Watch senior lobbyist Tony Corbo told the Times. “It wasn’t that there was not enough supply. It was that the supply was being sent abroad.”


The reporting was dire and even the MSM did not research the reports deep enough….and most of us as consumers of the MSM reporting bit into the false narrative of a meat shortage on the horizon….

I am attempting to rectify my part in this hoax….

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Pandemic News That Never Made The News

The weekend and time for the IST ‘famous’ FYI posts……

The updated count…. bad news is….Cases– 2.2 million  Deaths–119,000

Now for the news that never really made the news with everything that is happening by the moment…but some stuff I feel you need to know….

First, for you dog lovers……

The FDA has issued a warning for dog lovers……

The Food and Drug Administration has issued recommendations for pet owners during the coronavirus pandemic, encouraging social distancing practices for cats and dogs.

An FDA fact sheet from April 30 indicates that pets should not interact with people or other animals outside the immediate household. Cats should be kept indoors when possible, and dogs should be kept on a leash that can maintain at least six feet distance from other humans and animals.


This is some sad news for those of us that use a flush toilet…..

According to new research, The New York Times reports, flushing the toilet could kick up a cloud of aerosol droplets that have the potential to carry infectious virus particles including the COVID-causing coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

With the help of computer simulations of bathroom environments, as detailed in the paper published in the journal Physics of Fluids today, the researchers observed a “massive upward transport of virus particles” that reached “above the toilet seat, leading to large-scale virus spread.”

It’s doesn’t come as much of a shock.


Then there are all those treatments for the virus…from untried drugs to consumption of bleach to UV light and now toad vomit therapy….

It seems that the famous Isaac Newton had a recipe for a treatment of the plague that is now on-line as a virus treatment…..

Sir Isaac Newton — famous for developing the three laws of motion and advancing calculus — apparently had a far-out idea for how to treat the plague, also called the black death: toad-vomit lozenges.

In addition to recommending a number of gemstone amulets against the plague, he gave detailed instructions on how to make the putrid toad-vomit treatment, according to two unpublished pages handwritten by Newton that are now on the auction block.

Newton describes in detail how to suspend a toad by its legs in a chimney for three days, until it vomits up “earth with various insects in it.” This vomit must be caught on “a dish of yellow wax,” he added.

(there is more)


One last thought…remember that “miracle drug” that Trump was pushing on the nation?

Well seems that there is a problem now…..

The US now has more hydroxychloroquine than it knows what to do with following a series of studies that concluded the drug is an ineffective and potentially dangerous treatment for COVID-19. The federal government, which started stockpiling the drug in March, now has 63 million surplus doses of the drug, donated by companies including Novartis, and another 2 million doses of chloroquine, the New York Times reports. Some 31 million doses from the Strategic National Stockpile were distributed before the FDA withdrew its emergency authorization of the drug to treat the coronavirus. President Trump championed the drug for months, hailing it as a possible “game-changer” and announcing that he was taking it himself.

“Nationally, we put a great emphasis on one drug, hydroxychloroquine,” David Holtgrave, the dean of the School of Public Health at the University at Albany, tells CNN. “I worry that history will judge this as having over-invested in one treatment pathway as opposed to looking more broadly at a larger number of treatment candidates,” says Holtgrave, co-author of a hydroxychloroquine study. Dr. Rick Bright, the official who says he was ousted for opposing the administration’s push to use hydroxychloroquine, tweeted Monday that the drugs, some of which came from factories overseas that had not been certified by the FDA, “should never have been brought into our country and should be destroyed.”

There is the news that fell through the cracks on this pandemic thing because of the breaking news that will not cease.

Speaking to stupid purchasing how about those useless test tubes that was bought by the Trump administration….

Since May, the Trump administration has paid a fledgling Texas company $7.3 million for test tubes needed in tracking the spread of the coronavirus nationwide. But, instead of the standard vials, Fillakit LLC has supplied plastic tubes made for bottling soda, which state health officials say are unusable.

The state officials say that these “preforms,” which are designed to be expanded with heat and pressure into 2-liter soda bottles, don’t fit the racks used in laboratory analysis of test samples. Even if the bottles were the right size, experts say, the company’s process likely contaminated the tubes and could yield false test results. Fillakit employees, some not wearing masks, gathered the miniature soda bottles with snow shovels and dumped them into plastic bins before squirting saline into them, all in the open air, according to former employees and ProPublica’s observation of the company’s operations.


Be Well….Be Safe…..

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Hydro….Or Is It Dex…..?

Our president has spouted lots of manure and spread the the good things the drug can do……but read it for yourself…..https://lobotero.com/2020/04/23/hydroxychloroquine-part-2/

The drug that Donald the Orange thinks is the bee’s knees is hydroxychloroquine….but he may be the only person that thinks it is adequate for the treatment of Covid-19….but the FDA does not really agree with the president…..

Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine no longer have the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s blessing for use against coronavirus infections when given outside of a clinical trial.

In March, the agency authorized using the malaria drugs for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 who couldn’t participate in clinical trials. But the legal criteria for issuing an emergency use authorization are no longer met, the agency said in a statement June 15.

The FDA has canceled emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

There is a drug that shows promise but only on patients that are already on a ventilator…..

Researchers running the largest randomized, controlled trial of coronavirus treatments are heralding a “major breakthrough”: the first drug shown to reduce deaths from COVID-19. Dexamethasone isn’t new. Rather, it’s a generic steroid widely used to reduce inflammation. But it’s “the only drug that’s so far shown to reduce mortality [for COVID-19]—and it reduces it significantly,” says Oxford University’s Peter Horby, co-leader of the “Recovery” trial, per the Guardian. Around 2,100 hospitalized patients received 6mg of dexamethasone once a day for 10 days, while about 4,300 patients receive the usual care. Dexamethasone didn’t appear to benefit patients whose treatment excluded respiratory intervention. But it was found to reduce deaths by one-third in ventilated patients (saving one person in eight) and by one-fifth in patients receiving oxygen only (saving one in 25).

This could have a huge impact on death rates, as half of all COVID-19 patients who require ventilators later die, per the BBC. “This is a result that shows that if patients who have COVID-19 and are on ventilators or are on oxygen are given dexamethasone, it will save lives, and it will do so at a remarkably low cost,” says trial co-leader Martin Landray, also of Oxford, per Reuters. The cost of the drugs used in the trial was a little over $6 per patient, per the BBC. And dexamethasone is “easily obtainable anywhere in the world,” reports the Guardian. Landray says hospitalized patients at the greatest risk from the disease should be treated with dexamethasone immediately. In a separate study, the Recovery team found hydroxychloroquine, the drug touted and allegedly taken by President Trump, didn’t benefit patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

There is a drug that can help with symptoms once the infection is detected…..

US regulators on Friday allowed emergency use of an experimental drug that appears to help some coronavirus patients recover faster. It is the first drug shown to help fight COVID-19, which has killed more than 230,000 people worldwide. President Trump announced the news at the White House alongside Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn, who said the drug would be available for patients hospitalized with COVID-19, the AP reports. The FDA acted after preliminary results from a government-sponsored study showed that Gilead Sciences’s remdesivir shortened the time to recovery by 31%, or about four days on average, for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The study of 1,063 patients is the largest and most strict test of the drug and included a comparison group that received just usual care so remdesivir’s effects could be rigorously evaluated.

Those given the drug left the hospital in 11 days on average, versus 15 days for the comparison group. The drug also might be reducing deaths, though that’s not certain so far. Dr. Anthony Fauci said the drug would become a new standard of care for severely ill COVID-19 patients. The drug has not been tested on people with a milder illness, and it’s currently given through an IV in a hospital. The FDA invoked its emergency powers to speed experimental drugs to patients. In normal times, the FDA requires “substantial evidence” of a drug’s safety and effectiveness, usually through one or more large patient studies. But during public health emergencies the agency can waive those standards, simply requiring that a drug’s potential benefits outweigh its risks. Gilead has said it would donate its current stock of the drug and is ramping up production. No drugs are approved now for treating the coronavirus, and remdesivir will still need formal approval.

There is the drug news during the time of a pandemic…..

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