Katrina: 10 Years On

This past week the media has been focusing on remembering Hurricane Katrina (2005)……for those of us that lived through all 13 hours of that storm we do not need to remember or be reminded…..we live with that day everyday.

For me, I was working as soon as the winds died down and because of the damage Katrina did I was hurt on 26 December 2005 bad enough to be forced to retire.

All I ask is that everyone take a few moments of silence for those that did not make it out of the storm…..and pray that a storm that bad NEVER occurs again.

Thank you.


Atlantis Found (Again)!

A beautiful Saturday and the start of my weekend….days of wine and roses…..relax and enjoy the show……

How many stories have you seen with the title “Atlantis Found”?  Well, there is yet another of those…….

There have been how many references to the location of Atlantis?  SyFy has made movies about it….aliens have created it……books written….historical papers delivered……on and on.

The island has been in the imagination of everyone since it was written about by Plato in those years before Alexander the Great…..people have used every source available to place the exact location of the legendary island……is it in Bimini?  How about in the Aegean Sea…..off Spain….somewhere in the India Ocean?  Lots of speculation…..little factual information.

And now we have another “discovery” about Atlantis…….

Some say the lost city of Atlantis lies not at the bottom of the ocean but in plain sight off the coast of Italy on the island of Sardinia. Herodotus and Aristotle were two who thought Plato’s description of a land beyond the strait between Sicily and Tunisia, which disappeared beneath the waves, referenced the island. Writer and journalist Sergio Frau is another. After researching the island for a decade, Frau suspects a mysterious disaster that devastated Sardinia 3,200 years ago was in fact a tidal wave, which boosts the theory that Sardinia and Atlantis are one and the same, reports the Guardian. Stefano Tinti, an expert on tidal waves who recently visited the island with Frau along with a dozen other experts, says 350 tidal waves have occurred in the Mediterranean over the last 2,500 years and one might explain why all of Sardinia’s ancient megalithic edifices below 1,640 feet of elevation are hidden beneath dirt.

Frau explains at least 20,000 nuraghi—fortresses with a main tower—can be found across the island, dating between the 16th and 12th centuries BC. But below 1,640 feet in the south, the structures are buried. Excavations in this area have found a jumble of ceramics, cups, pots, oil lamps, sharpening stones, metal implements, knives, chisels, needles, and arrow tips; gold, silver, amber, and rock crystal jewellery have also been found. Tinti notes the 2003 earthquake in Algeria “triggered a shockwave that reached the Balearics and Sardinia an hour later,” but only a comet hitting “very close to the coast and in a very specific direction” could have created a wall of water 1,640 feet high. The Guardian reports researchers could search for evidence of such an impact, including comet fragments, underwater. The initial purpose of the nuraghi, used later for moon worship, is also a subject of interest.

All these people know the location…..and yet there is little proof that they are right in the declarations…….

Will the elusive island of wonder ever truly be pinpointed?  Better yet,,,,did it ever exist?