A Little History Lesson

First of all let me ask…..Is Texas still under civilian control?  Anyone hear the jack boots of “Jade Helm”?

In the last 100 years a lot has happened……2 world wars, trip to moon, rise and fall of the Soviet Union, numerous “minor” wars, smartphones….on and on……

Let me do what I always do….give you, my reader, a little historical perspective……..


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“It’s Heritage Not Hate” (Wink Wink)

How many times have you heard this pile of steaming fecal matter?  Me?  I live in the South, South Mississippi to be exact, and I have heard it a lot in the last 50 years.

Some find it interesting that I rail against this type of lies not because I live in the South but rather because according to family legend I am related to Jefferson Davis through my maternal grandmother (not officially verified)……..people think because I maybe so related that I should be somehow on the side of the heritage thing……..WRONG!  Hatred is hatred no matter how you try to sugar coat it.

I have debated these deniers many times in the past…..not so much these days for being old I have no tolerance for bullshit……..when the heritage thing was pulled out I would say good and take out an old photo of 7 Southern generals and ask the person to identify 3 of them……..so far none have been able to do it…..closest they have come is 2.  For most it is hate not heritage……….

I offer this mini diatribe because of an incident recently……..

Two white men who placed Confederate flags at landmarks linked to Martin Luther King in Atlanta might face serious jail time if caught. Police have surveillance video taken from Ebenezer Baptist Church, and the police chief isn’t ruling out hate-crime charges, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The flags were placed at the church, once led by King, and at the nearby MLK National Historic Site. As it stands, the men could face charges including criminal trespassing and terroristic threats, reports 11 Alive.

“To place Confederate flags on the campus of Ebenezer Baptist Church—after this horrific act in Charleston [and] in the wake of all that’s happening in our country—whatever the message was it clearly was not about heritage,” says the Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor of Ebenezer . “It was about hate.” A maintenance worker found the flags early this morning and alerted the National Park Service, which operates the King historical facility. “We do have images of two white males placing those flags on the campus,” says police chief George Turner. “We’re trying to identify those folk right now.”

I would wager that the person or persons that did this also use the heritage lie as a cover for their hatred and bigotry.  Whatcha think?

Now tell me again about this “heritage” thing.

Palestine: One Sided Reporting As Usual

I have criticized the MSM for years about their disproportionate reporting of incidents in the Holy Land…….for instance a Palestinian person goes on a rampage and stabbs several people…it makes the evening news or a Palestinian taxi driver runs through a crowd and it makes the evening news but when something negative is done about an Israeli there is little said……

Like this situation…….

NABLUS: An 18-month-old Palestinian baby died and its parents were injured in a fire started by Israeli settlers in the West Bank, Palestinian security officials said Friday. Four settlers set a house on fire at the entrance of a Palestinian village and scrawled graffiti on a wall before fleeing to a neighbouring settlement, the sources said. Extreme-right Israeli activists have committed acts of vandalism and violence against Palestinians and Arab Israelis for years, attacking Christian and Muslim places of worship and even Israeli soldiers. The attacks are known “price tag” violence – a euphemism for nationalist-motivated hate crimes by Jewish extremists aimed at Arab property.
I am not saying that Palestinian concerns deserve more reporting than that of the Israelis……just that maybe a better balance of what is reported……
To be honest and to their credit………Way Too Early on MSNBC did report this story……but so far nothing elsewhere.  The headline I saw on Twitter was “Palestinian baby dies in an extremist attack”…..no mention that the extremists were Jewish……
It is time for the media to stop ignoring the Palestinians in favor of reporting for the Jewish cause…….
Everyone is looking for a solution….and the one I have is simple……remove ALL settlers from the West Bank and allow NO more Jewish building in the area.  The Palestinians will not have to look over their shoulder daily waiting for the next attack by an “extremist”…….Israelis would not need to worry about their safety either……
But appears to me that the Israeli government does NOT want a peac3eful settlement to this problem……they prefer confrontation to co-existence…….

Israel’s 2014 Gaza bombardment deemed war crime, Amnesty says | McClatchy DC

This is not a story that you will see in the MSM!

About a year ago Israel decided that it needed to eliminate the people of Gaza who they, Israelis, say were killing them……I have a problem with their story because if it were true then they would have taken out the Command and control of Hamas first……not 3 weeks into the conflict…..

Of course the lie is that Hamas would hide among civilians and that explains why there were so many civilian causalities…..first of all if you have ever been to Gaza then you would know that it is so small that it would be hard not to be around civilians……..

The ICC has been hearing a case for war crimes against Israel and of course the US is doing all it can to see that that never happens….regardless of how many Palestinians died…….Israel is always on the side of right…….BS from the start…..


Israel’s 2014 Gaza bombardment deemed war crime, Amnesty says | McClatchy DC.

Sahrawis’ choice: subjugation or exile in Western Sahara | Middle East Eye

This is a subject that is dear to my heart…….when I was working in the region I got to visit Western Sahara and fell in love with the area….the people have been crapped on by the world but mostly by Morocco…….the US has done little to nothing to help these people get what they desire…..THEIR FREEDOM.

Now in old age I cannot travel the way I did in my youth……I try to do what I can to bring the plight of the Sahrawis to my readers…..


The shooting war between the Sahrawis and the Moroccan government is all but over, some isolated incidents here and there, and the people are trying to be a peaceful force for change………but none of this is helping their plight for the world looks the other way and seems to care less……..

Dakhla — Moroccan police patrols launched Saturday evening in the occupied city of Dakhla an arrest campaign, according to the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Community Abroad.

During this campaign, Moroccan police arrested young Sahrawis Ahmed Yacoub, Mohamed Limam, Fateh Ahmedzain, Ahmed Graimish, Adnan Bouila and Ahmedfal Brehma. They were arrested on the background of their participation in peaceful demonstration in the city demanding the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination.

That happened last weekend…….

Please read this and learn of their plight and the abuse they must endure simply because they want their freedom…….


Sahrawis’ choice: subjugation or exile in Western Sahara | Middle East Eye.

The Great Purge

Opinion from the aging fingers of Chuq

My regular readers (I love you guys) know that from time to time I like to connect today’s news with something historic…….I admit it I love my history….there is so much cool stuff in history that if you do not know it then you are missing so much…….

Recently I did a post about the firings of on-air personalities for MSNBC………I believe that this is a purge of on-air truly progressive voices by ComCast…….what started off as an experiment has turned into an ugly corporate purge…….

And now for that historic perspective……..

Throughout history there have been purges…..that is the elimination of people that are not on the prescribed page…….people that could bring down any given paradigm that is being groomed for the people…….

The first purge I want to use as an example is the Night of the Long Knives…….the year is 1934 and Hitler orders the arrest and deaths of Ernst Rohm the leader of the SA (Brown shirts)…….after he was killed the upper leadership was like arrest and executed…..after that was accomplished Hitler and the SS went after academics, writers, anyone that was in opposition to the Nazi Party……the official total was 85 deaths although the count was much higher…..the killing spree lasted from 30 June through 3 July 1934…….

The next purge was that of Stalin in the USSR……..this purge lasted from 1935 through 1938………

It involved a large-scale purge of the Communist Party and government officials, repression of peasants and the Red Army leadership, and widespread police surveillance, suspicion of “saboteurs”, imprisonment, and arbitrary executions……..It involved a large-scale purge of the Communist Party and government officials, repression of peasants and the Red Army leadership, and widespread police surveillance, suspicion of “saboteurs”, imprisonment, and arbitrary executions……..over a million were imprisoned and about 680,000 were executed…….

These are extremes to what is capable when power mad dicks “clean house”………there is a purge going on now in the MSM……..the leadership at MSNBC is purging all progressive voices from their show line-up……

Recently it was announced that MSNBC would be cancelling the Ed Show and Now with Alex Wagner…..also they have axed the Cycle, their roundtable discussion show that has seldom issued any progressive views, I think that it was just too boring even for the toads at corporate morons at ComCast…….

This is sad for Ed Show was a true voice of the working person and Alex Wagner was a true voice of feminism and progressive thought….sad to see them go…..but I do not think that ComCast is finished…..there is still Rev Al Sharpton whose voice for black America is needed and Chris Hayes who was a writer for the Nation a progressive voice then there is Lawrence O’Donnell, a Left leaning pundit and Melissa Harris-Perry another voice of progressive thought…….

On MSNBC no one with a progressive voice will be safe…..it may take awhile but ComCast will find a way to silence the progressives in favor of psuedo-intelligent thought like Morning Joe and that woman (trying to be nice here) Mika…..

Granted MSNBC’s purge will not be as messy or violent as those of Hitler and Stalin….but the result will be the same……silence dissident voices.

How long will it take MSNBC to make a clean sweep?

With A Broad Brush Of Patriotism

I tire of these mental midgets that paint their idiotic fear and bigotry with the brush of patriotism…….they turn their extreme hatred into something it is not…..Patriotism.

There are too many that use the term to mask their hatred and their ignorance…….these types of people are COWARDS!  You read that correctly…..COWARDS!

The most recent moron to play the patriotism card is some mindless douche in Florida (and that is putting it nicely)………..

The owner of a gun store in Florida who declared his shop to be a “Muslim-free zone” is now the target of a lawsuit. The Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a federal lawsuit calling the policy at Florida Gun Supply discriminatory, reports Reuters. The move comes after owner Andrew Hallinan, 28, posted a video to Facebook announcing his new policy in the wake of the Chattanooga rampage. “I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community,” Hallinan says in the video, as quoted by NBC Miami. “So effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone. I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

But the chief executive of CAIR calls it blatant “Islamophobia” that must be challenged. “Unfortunately, he caved in to a lot of the anti-Muslim pressure and anti-Muslim base that he’s pandering to,” Hassan Shibly tells USA Today. “When he refused to reconsider his position, when he refused to reconsider to be educated, refused to engage this community, refused to respect American law, we had no choice but to bring forward this lawsuit.” Meanwhile, Chris Martin, a US military veteran who converted to Islam, has traveled to Inverness, Florida, from California so he can try to enroll in a training course at the shop to challenge the ban, reports WFTS-TV. Federal agents are reportedly keeping a close eye on the situation.

This a/holes is taking advantage of a situation to try and increase sells by using hatred and bigotry as a marketing tool……and for that reason he is a COWARD!

This dickhead is one of those that fights against gun control and believes that all Americans have the right to buy guns and yet he wants to stop Americans from doing so……..he is either an idiot or……..(thinking)………no that about covers it.

Most Americans Don’t Vote in Elections | Al Jazeera America

Surprise!  2016 election is quickly coming into focus…..the very first GOP debate is only about a week away and then we will be off with a bang…..and with all the interest in the election most Americans will not vote….well at least 40% of them…..why is that?

The biggest problem in American society is that the citizens do not vote.  I have seen many attempts to explain this phenom but so far few have made sense.

In a country that its people dearly love democracy but fail to exercise their duty and voting in the elections is a paradox with little explanation.

Each election the people vote with their feet and stay away from the polls…..and that is giving morons and thieves a free ride into Washington…..but will that ever change?

This is a good piece on the phenom of the lack of voting by Americans…….


Most Americans Don’t Vote in Elections | Al Jazeera America.

Local Governments Increasingly Poking Through Your Garbage

Do you have this feeling of creeping paranoia?  It could be because they ARE out to get you!

We are all concerned with the NSA listening to our phones or sneaking a peek at our e-mails….but garbage?

I am not sure if all this is kosher but this story just make me feel a bit ill at ease…..now I know why I shred every damn thing that enters or leaves my house……

How about you?


Local Governments Increasingly Poking Through Your Garbage.