The 1st Pubic War

Not to be confused with the Punic Wars that Carthage fought with Rome…..(BAM!  Dropped some history on ya)…..

It is the weekend and as usual I try to find subjects that distract my readers from the terrible condition the world is becoming.  I think I found something unusual and strange enough to distract you…..

WE have had our War on Women and it is the time of year that we will be bombarded with the usual bullshit about this War on Christmas….but I found an even better war……



We have waxing(ouch!)……and special lotions to make bare…..and utensils that trim and beautify….but for what?  Is it vanity?  Maybe a “fad” or even for good reason(?).

People who groom their pubic hair regularly are more likely to have a sexually transmitted infection, say researchers in a new study. To be clear, the researchers aren’t saying that the grooming itself helps lead to the STI, reports Live Science. While it’s possible that’s the case—perhaps because shaving causes small tears that lead to vulnerability—it’s also possible that people who groom down there are more sexually active to begin with and thus more likely to pick up an infection. In scientist-speak, this is all about correlation, not causation. Still, the study in Sexually Transmitted Infections found that regular groomers were about four times more likely to report having had an STI. For the study, researchers surveyed 7,580 people ages 18 to 65 and learned that 84% of women and 66% of men had shaved or otherwise trimmed their nether regions.

Of those, 17% fell into the “extreme” category of removing all hair once a month and 22% were in the “high frequency” category of trimming daily or weekly. The greater the frequency, the greater the link to STIs. The upside for groomers: They had fewer reports of lice. For the record, electric razors were the most common method for women and manual razors for men, notes the BBC. Also of note: Of the 7,580 adults, 110 said they were virgins. Given the lack of a definitive link, how might the findings be put to use? “If a clinician were to see evidence of grooming upon physical examination, perhaps that physician should inquire about safer sex practices or a sexual history,” says lead author Charles Osterberg of the University of Texas Dell Medical School, per Time.

In other news…. for those who live the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” lifestyle…..gonorrhea is on track to defeat all known drugs in another five years…

Have a lovely days and for god sake… careful!

This is it for the day…I have a tangerine crop to get off the trees…..please go out and enjoy your day and your family…..I will return tomorrow.

Conquering Fear

You guys know me…I try to give something different than my usual on the weekends…..and today will be No different….

Fear…that is the subject…..

It appears that scientist may have found a way to eliminate fear from us mere mortals……

Why confront your fear in the hopes of overcoming it when scientists could just erase it from your brain? That’s exactly what researchers say they may be able to do in a study published Monday in Nature Human Behavior. Currently, most treatments for phobias and PTSD involve drugs, which can have side effects, or aversion therapy, which requires patients to be exposed to their fears, according to a press release. But the researchers behind the study say their technique—decoded neurofeedback, or DecNef—can “remove specific fears from the brain” using brain scanning technology and artificial intelligence.

Researchers created a fear memory in volunteers by shocking them when they saw a certain color, the Guardian reports. The brain pattern created by that new fear would occasionally reappear subconsciously, without the volunteer being afraid or thinking about it. When that happened, researchers gave the volunteer a reward. Eventually, the fear memory was overwritten. Researchers believe they can substantially reduce phobias and PTSD if they can figure out the brain patterns associated with common fears, such as spiders. Researcher Mitsuo Kawato hopes to start “systematic DecNef therapy” within a few years.

I am for anything that may assist in the treatment of PTSD….God knows that it can be debilitating…..but this has me worried.

This is one of those researches that I can foresee being abused by some…..Making soldiers reckless and unafraid…..not a way to fight a war….fear makes us mortals do crazy things but it also makes us look at situations and make better decisions.

In Space, Does Sh*t Run Downhill?

It is the weekend and my readers know that I try to cover subjects that I overlook during the week….call it a break in routine if you will…..

Last weekend I covered this guy that has the world’s largest collection of poop…..and that got to thinking that there is a lot of concern these days with our bums….we have TP that makes it feel amazing….there are special concoctions that will maintain a regular BM…… we worry about our regularity and there is where I pick up this day’s post…..

Pooping in space “isn’t glamorous, but it is necessary for survival,” an astronaut explains—yet it’s presenting quite a challenge for NASA. See, while the International Space Station has a pretty fancy toilet, an astronaut must wear a diaper during launch and landing activities or while spacewalking. But as NASA looks toward future missions in deep space, it’s also looking for a way for astronauts to relieve themselves while remaining in their space suits for up to six days, reports Time. That’s where you come in. The agency is offering a $30,000 prize in a “space poop challenge” if someone can create “a system inside a space suit that collects human waste for up to 144 hours and routes it away from the body, without the use of hands.”

There are plenty of stipulations. For example, the system “needs to take no more than five minutes [to set up]” as an astronaut might be forced to jump into their suit quickly in an emergency, per While such a challenge might seem humorous, a solution “could be the difference between life and death,” notes the contest website. “You don’t want any of these solids and fluids stuck to your body for six days,” NASA adds in a release. “Given enough time, infection, and even sepsis can set in,” says astronaut Rick Mastracchio in a video. Inventors have until Dec. 20 to submit their entries. NASA plans to test the top entries next year, with a solution executed within three years.

I truly hope this it the last time I need to report on poop in some fashion…..

Enough of this sh*t (pun intended)……Everyone go out and enjoy your weekend…..have some fun while you can.

Stay! Good Boy!

I spend my day bouncing ideas for posts off my co-workers…..they can be extremely helpful…..

Anyone that has friends of the canine persuasion knows that they can be a bit smarter than many humans……but a recent study helps explain why they act as they do……

Dogs might be better than humans at ignoring bad advice, suggests a new study out of Yale. In the experiment, researchers trained dogs to get a treat out of a box by moving a lever and then lifting the lid. Then they left the dogs on their own, and a significant number of them soon figured out the truth: There was no need to move that lever; they merely needed to lift the lid and get their treat. That’s interesting in and of itself, notes a post at New York, but it’s far more interesting when contrasted with a similar experiment conducted several years ago with kids. In that one, the human subjects went right on pulling that lever, because they had been instructed to do so.

“Humans often fall prey to the bad advice of others,” says lead author Laurie Santos of Yale’s Canine Cognition Center in a release. “Children tend to copy all of a teacher’s actions, regardless of whether they are necessary or not.” The dogs, however, were all about ruthless efficiency. Don’t be too hard on the humans, though: The researchers behind the study in Development Science say it’s vital kids follow seemingly useless commands. As Time explains, “for a species with as elaborate a social system as ours, efficiency in learning is not necessarily a good thing.” For instance, a child who learns to wash his hands before eating is delaying his meal, but for good reason. (Dogs seem to be clued in to false praise as well.)

What can I say…..most times they are a lot more helpful than many people…..even if they can be a bit stubborn…..

That be it for day……everyone thanx for the week’s visits and please go out and enjoy the early Autumn weather…..

Back tomorrow with more STUFF!

Peace my friends.

Can CRS Be A Good Thing

15 years ago we were attacked…please take a moment in your busy day and pause and remember those who died that day….I had written a post that included a couple of conspiracy theories about the attacks…..but after careful consideration I decided to trash it…..I will not help feed the bullshit.

The thousands that died that day deserve a few moments of silence in their honor…….

Once again the weekend has arrived and I look forward to a little relaxation and possibly a little fun with my granddaughter…..

CRS?  Yep….Can’t Remeber Sh*t!  An affliction of us old farts.

We also suffer from Mental Pause and Brain Farts……

Some think that forgetting is a bad thing…especially if you are a bit aged…..but is it really?

Stop trying to improve your memory. You don’t need to remember everything.

We are obsessed with remembering. We keep to-do lists, make photo albums, and furiously record the details of our lives on Facebook and Instagram, all with the purpose of savoring every little memory for fear of letting one slip. This fear, while irrational, is understandable given our circumstances. The reality that five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease has made us hyper-aware of memory loss — and a steady stream of studies and articles are ready to appeal to our anxieties. They tell us that seemingly random things can fortify our memories: Eat more berries! Down that chocolate. Get more caffeine in your diet. Add cinnamon to everything! Exercise. Lift weights and run barefoot. Get hearing aids. Lose weight. Play video games.

But, alongside the studies telling us how to keep our memories intact, an enormous body of research has led to another conclusion: In many cases, it’s okay (and in fact, beneficial) to forget. Human memory is not only unreliable, but often partially or wholly false. And certain kinds of forgetting is actually really good for us.

Source: Why forgetting is actually good for you

It is good news to us old farts…..whether anyone else cares is up to them….but using all my capabilities…..I cannot for the life of remember why I should care.

Peace out and enjoy your weekend…..


Where No Miner Has Gone Before

That is Miner not Minor……quote from Galaxy Quest…..

A lazy Sunday…too damn hot to be outside for long….so I will sit in the a/c and do what I do best….NOTHING!

I am always looking for a far thinking investment that could prove to be very lucrative…..I have gone with nano technology and quantum computing and now…….I’m think asteroid mining…..

It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for asteroid prospectors.

On September 8, NASA is embarking on a new mission to investigate the origins of the universe. Launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, a small spacecraft, the OSIRIS-REx, will journey 509 million miles to an asteroid called Bennu. Named for an Egyptian deity linked to the sun and creation, Bennu has likely gone untouched for the past four billion years, offering us a valuable glimpse into the early days of our solar system.

The spacecraft will orbit the asteroid for approximately 19 months. Once it has mapped Bennu’s surface, the Osiris-rex will inch closer to the asteroid. Then its eleven-foot robotic arm will reach out and collect a two-ounce sample to bring back to Earth in 2023.

A seven-year journey to fetch a candy bar–sized sample of rock hasn’t sparked the kind of global excitement reserved for, say, the prospect of blasting Sir Richard Branson off the planet and into deep space. But there’s a bigger game at play here: The precious minerals and metals in asteroids may be worth billions of dollars to galactic prospectors, and NASA’s mission is paving the way for an outer-space gold rush.

Source: Where No Miner Has Gone Before | New Republic

I may be old…but I am not stupid… of tomorrow will be the thing of the future…..

Disclaimer:  This is NOT financial advice on my part…..check it out at your own RISK!

Me?  I am gonna have more coffee and a scone…..tah tah……

Can We Live On?

Morning my friends….it is a Sunday and my final day of rest and relaxation….I shall spend some time in the orchard and the garden today….a back to nature sort of thing….

We all have seen the movies where our “essence” is downloaded into an android or some such and in the movie things go horribly wrong and the world ends….and then is resurrected as a zombie movie of some sort…..

Some of us scoff at the idea of such a download…..but is it ever going to be a thing?

“Imagine scanning your Grandma’s brain in sufficient detail to build a mental duplicate. When she passes away, the duplicate is turned on and lives in a simulated video-game universe …. herself as the same person that she always was, with the same memories and personality — the same consciousness — transferred to a well regulated nursing home and able to offer her wisdom to her offspring forever after. And why stop with Granny? You could have the same afterlife for yourself in any simulated environment you like. But even if that kind of technology is possible, and even if that digital entity thought of itself as existing in continuity with your previous self, would you really be the same person?” (07/14/16)

Personally, I would like to have my essence downloaded….for no other reason than it would be time spent with my granddaughter and possibly her granddaughter…..

How about you?

That is my post for the day….please go out and enjoy the rest of your weekend….we can return to our normal stuff tomorrow…..