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I spend my day bouncing ideas for posts off my co-workers…..they can be extremely helpful…..

Anyone that has friends of the canine persuasion knows that they can be a bit smarter than many humans……but a recent study helps explain why they act as they do……

Dogs might be better than humans at ignoring bad advice, suggests a new study out of Yale. In the experiment, researchers trained dogs to get a treat out of a box by moving a lever and then lifting the lid. Then they left the dogs on their own, and a significant number of them soon figured out the truth: There was no need to move that lever; they merely needed to lift the lid and get their treat. That’s interesting in and of itself, notes a post at New York, but it’s far more interesting when contrasted with a similar experiment conducted several years ago with kids. In that one, the human subjects went right on pulling that lever, because they had been instructed to do so.

“Humans often fall prey to the bad advice of others,” says lead author Laurie Santos of Yale’s Canine Cognition Center in a release. “Children tend to copy all of a teacher’s actions, regardless of whether they are necessary or not.” The dogs, however, were all about ruthless efficiency. Don’t be too hard on the humans, though: The researchers behind the study in Development Science say it’s vital kids follow seemingly useless commands. As Time explains, “for a species with as elaborate a social system as ours, efficiency in learning is not necessarily a good thing.” For instance, a child who learns to wash his hands before eating is delaying his meal, but for good reason. (Dogs seem to be clued in to false praise as well.)

What can I say…..most times they are a lot more helpful than many people…..even if they can be a bit stubborn…..

That be it for day……everyone thanx for the week’s visits and please go out and enjoy the early Autumn weather…..

Back tomorrow with more STUFF!

Peace my friends.

Can CRS Be A Good Thing

15 years ago we were attacked…please take a moment in your busy day and pause and remember those who died that day….I had written a post that included a couple of conspiracy theories about the attacks…..but after careful consideration I decided to trash it…..I will not help feed the bullshit.

The thousands that died that day deserve a few moments of silence in their honor…….

Once again the weekend has arrived and I look forward to a little relaxation and possibly a little fun with my granddaughter…..

CRS?  Yep….Can’t Remeber Sh*t!  An affliction of us old farts.

We also suffer from Mental Pause and Brain Farts……

Some think that forgetting is a bad thing…especially if you are a bit aged…..but is it really?

Stop trying to improve your memory. You don’t need to remember everything.

We are obsessed with remembering. We keep to-do lists, make photo albums, and furiously record the details of our lives on Facebook and Instagram, all with the purpose of savoring every little memory for fear of letting one slip. This fear, while irrational, is understandable given our circumstances. The reality that five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease has made us hyper-aware of memory loss — and a steady stream of studies and articles are ready to appeal to our anxieties. They tell us that seemingly random things can fortify our memories: Eat more berries! Down that chocolate. Get more caffeine in your diet. Add cinnamon to everything! Exercise. Lift weights and run barefoot. Get hearing aids. Lose weight. Play video games.

But, alongside the studies telling us how to keep our memories intact, an enormous body of research has led to another conclusion: In many cases, it’s okay (and in fact, beneficial) to forget. Human memory is not only unreliable, but often partially or wholly false. And certain kinds of forgetting is actually really good for us.

Source: Why forgetting is actually good for you

It is good news to us old farts…..whether anyone else cares is up to them….but using all my capabilities…..I cannot for the life of remember why I should care.

Peace out and enjoy your weekend…..


Where No Miner Has Gone Before

That is Miner not Minor……quote from Galaxy Quest…..

A lazy Sunday…too damn hot to be outside for long….so I will sit in the a/c and do what I do best….NOTHING!

I am always looking for a far thinking investment that could prove to be very lucrative…..I have gone with nano technology and quantum computing and now…….I’m think asteroid mining…..

It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for asteroid prospectors.

On September 8, NASA is embarking on a new mission to investigate the origins of the universe. Launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, a small spacecraft, the OSIRIS-REx, will journey 509 million miles to an asteroid called Bennu. Named for an Egyptian deity linked to the sun and creation, Bennu has likely gone untouched for the past four billion years, offering us a valuable glimpse into the early days of our solar system.

The spacecraft will orbit the asteroid for approximately 19 months. Once it has mapped Bennu’s surface, the Osiris-rex will inch closer to the asteroid. Then its eleven-foot robotic arm will reach out and collect a two-ounce sample to bring back to Earth in 2023.

A seven-year journey to fetch a candy bar–sized sample of rock hasn’t sparked the kind of global excitement reserved for, say, the prospect of blasting Sir Richard Branson off the planet and into deep space. But there’s a bigger game at play here: The precious minerals and metals in asteroids may be worth billions of dollars to galactic prospectors, and NASA’s mission is paving the way for an outer-space gold rush.

Source: Where No Miner Has Gone Before | New Republic

I may be old…but I am not stupid… of tomorrow will be the thing of the future…..

Disclaimer:  This is NOT financial advice on my part…..check it out at your own RISK!

Me?  I am gonna have more coffee and a scone…..tah tah……

Can We Live On?

Morning my friends….it is a Sunday and my final day of rest and relaxation….I shall spend some time in the orchard and the garden today….a back to nature sort of thing….

We all have seen the movies where our “essence” is downloaded into an android or some such and in the movie things go horribly wrong and the world ends….and then is resurrected as a zombie movie of some sort…..

Some of us scoff at the idea of such a download…..but is it ever going to be a thing?

“Imagine scanning your Grandma’s brain in sufficient detail to build a mental duplicate. When she passes away, the duplicate is turned on and lives in a simulated video-game universe …. herself as the same person that she always was, with the same memories and personality — the same consciousness — transferred to a well regulated nursing home and able to offer her wisdom to her offspring forever after. And why stop with Granny? You could have the same afterlife for yourself in any simulated environment you like. But even if that kind of technology is possible, and even if that digital entity thought of itself as existing in continuity with your previous self, would you really be the same person?” (07/14/16)

Personally, I would like to have my essence downloaded….for no other reason than it would be time spent with my granddaughter and possibly her granddaughter…..

How about you?

That is my post for the day….please go out and enjoy the rest of your weekend….we can return to our normal stuff tomorrow…..

Star Gazing The Old Way

It is a Sunday and I have been spending time with the granddaughter she just got braces and her self-esteem is a bit low….so we are spending time on other stuff to keep her mind off the changes…..

I love history and have always thought about the vast knowledge that the ancients have had about the heavens…..and since the telescope is only about 400 years old what can explain their large amount of knowledge?

Well it seems there may be an answer to that question…….

Telescopes as we think of them date back 400 years to the Enlightenment. But astronomers studying huge tombs in Portugal believe ancient humans were making their own stargazing instruments 6,000 years ago, the Atlantic reports. Researchers, who presented their findings Wednesday at the National Astronomy Meeting in Britain, believe the tombs themselves were a type of massive lensless telescope, according to Live Science. The Guardian reports the long, narrow entrances to the tombs—which were the only source of light—would focus the eye on a single piece of sky, block out the sun’s rays at dawn, and make the eye more sensitive to low light. “This would allow enhanced observing, especially in the twilight hours of dusk and dawn,” astronomer Daniel Brown tells Live Science.

The tombs may “have been the first astronomical tools to support the watching of the skies, millennia before telescopes were invented,” the Royal Astronomical Society says in a statement. Ancient humans admitted inside the tombs may have been seen as having “secret knowledge or foresight” due to being able to see the rise of seasonal stars days before those outside the tombs could see them. They might use that information to declare when it was time to move herds to new grazing areas, for example. Researchers are now experimenting to see what stars might align with the entrances to the tombs.

The ancients were smarter than we thought they were….or I am sure the the wackos with the “Ancient Aliens” will have another wild theory on how they accomplished this feat.

There are so many holes in our knowledge of the “ancients”… any info achieved is a big step forward…..

Go Ahead And Eat It!

I smile….today I begin 3 days of total relaxation…..let the holiday weekend begin!

Before I start….this morning was a good day in the garden…..

As long as we are starting with the food thing……..

Remember back in the day when we were told that everything edible for breakfast was bad for us…eggs, bacon, butter….I always ate those items in moderation so I never worried about eating them.

Finally a study on butter……

We might all owe Paula Deen an apology. A study published this week in PLOS ONE finds no connection between eating butter and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. On the contrary, researchers found eating butter might actually make people slightly healthier by reducing the risk of diabetes. Researchers from Tufts University looked at nine previous studies of more than 636,000 people who ate between one-third a tablespoon of butter and three tablespoons of butter per day, Live Science reports. For the purposes of the study, they called one tablespoon of butter a daily serving. Researchers found that eating butter was in no way associated with a risk of stroke or heart disease and reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 4%.

“Hallelujah,” Gizmodo responds to the study, pointing out that warnings about the dangers of butter have been around since the 1970s. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to eat an entire butter sculpture. Researchers say that while butter may actually be healthier than sugars and starches, it’s probably still worse for you than olive oil or some margarines. “Overall, our results suggest that butter should neither be demonized nor considered ‘back’ as a route to good health,” researcher Dariush Mozaffarian says in a press release. Researchers did find that eating butter led to a 1% higher risk of death, though they chalk that up to the fact that “people who eat more butter generally have worse diets and lifestyles.” (This guy found edible butter dating back to Jesus.)

Two things…, butter is so much better in cooking than margarine and two, I would never apologize to that racist cow Deen……

Now start your holiday…..cook something with butter and eat your fool head off…..have some fun……

Space: The Final Frontier

Today I begin my weekend stuff…..and I apologize for the corny title….I was having a time with one so I just stole one from TV……(I’m a bad boy)…..

I try to catch my readers up on different things on the weekends and today I will do some of that for the science of astronomy……

Is there a 9th planet out there…hiding in plain sight…..

The Solar System could be harbouring far more planets than we currently know about, astronomers have said. After carrying out calculations relating to the hypothetical Planet Nine, the scientists said the presence of even more planets could better explain the unusual orbits of objects at the far reaches of the Solar System.

Evidence for the existence of Planet Nine was presented by Caltech scientists earlier this year. Scientists found six trans-Neptunian objects (ETNOs) with highly unusual orbital paths. However, they said these paths could be explained by the presence of a massive planet (about 10 times the mass of the Earth), the gravity of which was influencing the six objects.

Source: Planet Nine is not alone: More planets predicted to be hiding at edge of Solar System

And it does not stop there…..gravity waves… in any language……

Astronomers say they’ve heard the echoes of two more crashing black holes—a discovery that hints that the unseen violence of the universe may be pretty common, the AP reports. They detected a second gravitational wave. That’s the warp in the fabric in the cosmos that Albert Einstein predicted a century ago and only results only from the most massive space crashes. It’s something that can’t be seen and Einstein thought would never be detected, but scientists have found a way to hear it—first one note, in September 2015, and now two. “This is what we call gravity’s music,” a Louisiana State University physicist says.

With that second, higher pitch chirp, detected Christmas night in the United States, an international team of scientists have switched from reveling in the “aha” of first discovery to the more detailed and telling recording of the historical soundtrack of a chaotic universe. Astronomers announcing the sounds likened that soundtrack to jazz, maybe with a mix of classical music. “This event really does establish that there are quite a few merging black holes in the nearby universe,” a Penn State University physicist says. “The universe is full of these tremendous collisions that are depositing tremendous energy.” The latest sound was from a cosmic crash 1.4 billion light-years away. A light-year is 5.9 trillion miles.

Black hole

Source: Sleeping Black Hole Wakes To Devour Passing Star

Now my readers are caught up with the newest discoveries in astronomy……you can sleep well tonight……but before that please go out and have a little “you” time and some enjoyment…..

Peace out