Cows With Gas

Yipee!  The weekend has finally come over the horizon and I can post some weird and unusual stuff…….

I am sure that you have heard some of the debate on global warming or climate change…..whichever suits your sensibilities…….some of the deniers put the blame not on the human factor but squarely on the backs of…..COWS.

Say what?  yep, some are saying that the reason we are suffering through climate change is that cows fart too much… read it right……fart too much.

In today’s world there has got to be a way to help cows with their gas problem…….short of a gallon of Bean-o…….

Cows are notorious methane gas producers, belching somewhere between 132 and 264 gallons of gas produced by food fermenting in the rumen (one of the four parts of their stomachs) every day. As the Washington Post reports, that’s so significant that ruminant animals—including sheep and goats—actually contribute a quarter of the country’s total methane emissions, which is a top greenhouse gas. So the Dutch life sciences and materials company DSM has partnered with Penn State to develop a powder to add to cow feed that it reports in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences produces a 30% reduction in methane emissions.

DSM says it’s achieved this without harming the animal, its performance (i.e., milk production), or how much food it eats. Here’s how it works. By feeding 3-nitrooxypropanol (a small molecule referred to as 3NOP) to dairy cows, it inhibits an enzyme called methyl-coenzyme M reductase that’s used by cow gut bacteria to digest grass but produces methane in the process, reports Scientific American. It’s not the first to help reduce this methane production, but it’s the first that appears safe for the animal and the environment. It also helps the cows gain weight, since 7% of the energy in their food goes toward methane alone. Whether this weight gain improves milk production needs further study.

There you have it..,..problem solved!

Now will someone please work on a cure for killer farts from my dogs………they could wake the dead!