What’s Wrong With The Democratic Party?

2016 the Democrats lost the election to Donald J. Trump and they have been scratching their heads ever since……plus Trump constantly relives his win….keeping Dems on the defense and what they needs an offense.

Plus Trump’s and the GOP approval ratings are in the crapper….so much so that the prez made an observation…..

“In private conversations,” said the Post, “Trump has told advisers that he doesn’t think the 2018 election has to be as bad as others are predicting. He has referenced the 2002 midterms, when George W. Bush and Republicans fared better after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, these people said.”

Seriously?  I think that people should keep that in mind as the mid-terms draw close…….an attack may be the GOP’s only chance to retain power…..interesting thought…..huh?

Okay enough chit-chat……the Democratic Party…..

Every time the Dems lose an election someone seems to always bring up the party’s loss with McGovern in 1972.  Is your political history a little sketchy?

A specter is haunting the Democratic Party—“McGovernism.” In 1972, President Richard Nixon shellacked his Democratic opponent, George McGovern, by a 23-point margin in the popular vote. Following McGovern’s defeat, Democrats began running towards the center and haven’t looked back, even though that center seems to have moved further and further to the right with each passing election.

For the past 40 years, whenever a Democratic presidential hopeful has given off the slightest whiff of leftish anti-establishmentarianism, party leaders and mainstream pundits have invoked McGovern’s name. In 2004, HowardDeanwasthenewMcGovern. In 2008, Barack Obama becamethenewMcGovern. This year, it’s Bernie Sanders’s turn.


After the ass kicking the Dems took in 1972 the party has been gun shy on any progressive issues….in other words it has been running sacred since ’72.

Do Dems truly want to win elections?

What this country truly needs is a real progressive Democratic Party.

I’ve been less than enthusiastic about the Democratic Party since the days Bill Clinton served as president. That’s an odd admission for a registered Democrat and a kid who grew up supporting the Party. What’s more, my reticence was a gut reaction initially, and nothing more.

Today I know why I reacted as I did. But the underlying reason why I felt that way years ago is still in play. America needs a strongly positioned, mainstream progressive party—a party that’s different in kind—not degree—from the Republicans.

That’s not happening. Worse yet, it hasn’t happened for decades.

Clinton’s policies on incarceration and welfare punished African Americans. Obama’s defense policies were drawn from Bush’s hymnal. And the current “resist and oppose” movement is more about Trump than about advancing progressive policies.


All reports are that things look good for a “Blue Wave” in the mid-terms of 2018.

Personally I do not think it is as inevitable as the pundits seem to envision.  The Dems may win some races but I do not see a massive Dem win.

But to win maybe they should take a page from the DSA……

On a recent Saturday afternoon, 11 aspiring socialists joined together in a public library in Northeast Washington, DC, to try to clog up the city’s eviction machine. The meeting room was yellow, with a clock set at the wrong time and streamers on the wall left over from somebody’s birthday party.

Gathered around me are members of the DC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. DSA membership has skyrocketed from 7,000 to 30,000 members nationwide since Trump’s election, and this meeting was yet more evidence of the new energy in the organization. It was one of the two weekly canvassing meetings for the new Stomp Out Slumlords campaign (SOS), which encourages people facing eviction to get their day in court.


I still o not see  a solid set of stands that will atract more people to vote Dems…..so far they are just regurgitating the high dollar crap from the Clinton years.

I think the Dems may be disappointed with the next election.


Relive The 2016 Election (One More Time)

News Flash!  Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College…thus he became president of the United States.

And ever since his win the Dems have been trying to explain how they lost the election…..the simple explanation that none in the Party wants to hear….you had a crappy candidate.

But you have tools like MSNBC’s Joy Reid and others that blame the progressives for the loss…they say that we were pissed about Bernie’s loss so we work against Hillary…yeah that was it (sarcasm)….you toads defeated yourself!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid all but confirmed as much in a widely shared tweet earlier this week in which she said, “Bernie and his followers are like that college friend who stays at your place for weeks, pays $0, eats your food & trashes your aesthetic.”

She, Reid, is NO better than the Right’s Rush Limbaugh……a tool for propaganda.


Let’s look at the Dem. Party shall we?

The Party ceased representing the worker class when they let Bubba Clinton and his DLC take over control of the Party.  When that occurred the Party went from labor and working class to big business and big money party.

That you jackasses is where your problems began.

The Democratic Party no longer stands for the principles that progressives embrace……The Democratic Party has shifted to the right. It’s not anti-war. It’s not strong on the environment. It’s not strong on civil and human rights. It’s not for universal health care. It’s not strong on cracking down on Wall Street and big banks or corporate fraud…in short a tool of the GOP.

That is right….I said….typical GOP stuff.

With each election the Party is driving more and more voters away…..the candidates are NO way progressive and seldom liberal….no matter what those mental midgets on the Right try to convince you….they are NO better than the slugs they (GOP) nominate.

The Dems lost these elections on their own….blaming others for their stupidity does little to change the trajectory they have programmed for themselves.

They elected a similar toad to run the DNC with promises they cannot deliver.

The latest election in Georgia has proved one thing…the Dems have NO message that the American voter wants to hear.  As per usual the Dems will spin this as a win and they will stay the course on a message that few want to hear.

The only thing that the DNC has accomplished…..is not to increase the number of Dems but rather giving the working people a chance to look for a new leader….a new message…..and possibly a new party.

Source: The American People’s Party

That is what they have accomplished……the search for REAL representation.

Are You Ready For 2020?

Let me be one of the first to come at you with 2020 election news (is that a heavy sigh I hear?)……no need to worry about the Repubes for if Donald makes it 4 years he will want to extend his autocratic rule….that leaves the Dems.

Who will be the man/woman of the hour?  Sanders? NO!  Warren?  She is making a case and extending her exposure…so maybe.  But let’s look outside the “popular” Dems shall we?

One school of thought among Democrats is that they should borrow from the book of Trump and go with more of a celebrity than a traditional politician in 2020. Well, how about a little bit of both? At the National Journal, Josh Kraushaar makes the case for Al Franken as a viable contender. The 65-year-old Saturday Night Live alum seems to be finding his groove in the Senate, having emerged as one of the “most aggressive and effective questioners” of President Trump’s Cabinet nominees. Expect that to continue with Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch. Franken, though, has learned to balance his toughness with levity, and his authentic self is emerging after years of keeping things closer to the vest, writes Kraushaar.

True, his “deeply liberal politics” might not fly with moderate voters, but Franken has done something that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have not: proven he can “win support outside the most progressive precincts.” He easily won re-election in 2014 while other Democrats struggled nationwide, and he did so with the support of working-class residents in rural areas—a group that propelled Trump to victory. In fact, he shares some of the president’s views on trade issues, having fought for tariffs against Chinese steel. “This is Al Franken’s mo­ment in the spot­light,” writes Kraushaar, “and if he chooses, he could par­lay his good for­tune in­to a bid for the pres­id­ency in 2020.” Click for the full column.


Why not?  We have had a former actor and have a reality star….so why not a former comedian?

Only a matter of time before the news cycle starts naming names and bombarding the viewer with endless mind numbing coverage….I just wanted to one of the first…..you may hate me later…LOL

2020 Is About To Begin?

We had the Taiwan “China-Gate” last week…..and now that it is starting to wind down….not much more can be said….not much that would make any sense that is…..what could the MSM find to replace the phone call?

Don’t hurt yourself….they have already found a replacement “story” to analyze and speculate until they have that semi-orgasmic experience…..

The media is expecting a very large field of Dems for the 2020 election…..and they have found a way to start this conversation…the one that NO one else would like to have right now.

The new story is VP Joe Biden…..he made an unofficial official almost statement…..

Fans of Joe Biden memes, rejoice: The vice president has hinted at a 2020 White House run—though he may have been less than 100% serious. After presiding over a Senate session Monday, CNN asked Biden if he plans to run for office again, and he said: “Yeah, I am. I’m going to run in 2020.” Asked what position he was going to run for, the six-term senator said: “For president. What the hell, man.” The AP notes that Biden, who will turn 78 in 2020, had a slight smile when he spoke, and he walked the remarks back a little when asked if he was joking. “I’m not committing not to run. I’m not committing to anything,” he said. “I learned a long time ago, fate has a strange way of intervening.”

How long do you think they will milk this piece of nothing?

The Millennial Revolt

Bernie has lost his position as the head of a progressive movement…he did that the minute he endorsed Clinton and quickly on his coat tails was Warren….all in the name of unity……balderdash….

Millennials come out hard for Bernie….and if the establishment thinks that these endorsements will appease these voters in the name of unity….then I do believe they are mistaken.

There was a hard campaign to discredit Bernie by the neolibs, mostly Clinton supporters who masqueraded as media pundits….but they may have played a dangerous game with these voters….

We have been told a story about the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, a story perpetuated almost exclusively by centrist Democrats vehemently opposed to his progressive agenda.

This story has many variants, but each features a central component: The Sanders campaign, the narrative goes, is merely masquerading as an ambitious political revolt dedicated to improving the material conditions of the public. In reality, contrary to its facade of progressivism, the Sanders campaign has largely served as a vehicle through which angry white males can freely express their fury at the expense of Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the rest of the liberal political class.

Source: The Millennial Revolt Against Neoliberalism | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

These voters may well look for an alternative and I do not mean the Trump camp…..

After decades of silence the young have found their voice….they just need to keep shouting….do not them wear you down…..a better world is possible.

“Selling Past The Close”

For months now we have been bombarded with all sorts of fuzzy and warm anecdotes about Clinton….in 2008 she sold herself as a tough no nonsense politician and that was a losing battle….this time around we are sold on the idea that she is warm and fuzzy where family is everything and that society needs to be more woman friendly…..this time around the “warm and fuzzy” sold her to the voters and now she is the Dems official candidate for president of the United States.

Even through the convention the powers that be keep selling her as this idyllic person all warm and fuzzy….her hubby gave a romance novel of a speech about their meeting and courtship….and most other speakers kept going along the same lines that she has been taunting since the beginning of the primary stuff…..

All that is just great but is it possible that she and her cronies have pushed that fairy tale too far?

Hillary Clinton already can be congratulated on accomplishing a major feat: She’s made it clear that a woman can be president, writes Dilbert creator Scott Adams on his blog. That glass ceiling is gone, whether she wins or loses in November, and “that’s a big, big deal.” But Adams thinks Clinton risks a big strategic mistake related to the concept of “selling past the close.” It’s the idea that “once the sale is made, you need to stop selling, because you have no chance of making things better, but you might give the buyer a reason to change her mind.” She’s already won this argument and thus there’s no need to keep hammering away at it. And yet she keeps doing so, which could alienate undecided male voters in a big way.

Adams contrasts the situation to President Obama’s eight years ago. Generally speaking, once the public was sold on the idea that a black man could be president, he moved on to topics other than race. Clinton, on the other hand, “keeps selling,” he writes. “And that’s an enormous persuasion mistake.” Adams makes the scientific case that the testosterone levels of men watching the convention are surely dropping—literally. The festivities are likely making them unhappy, even if they’re unsure why, and eventually they’ll make the association. After all, they’re observing a celebration of their “permanently diminished” role in society. All of which leaves him “wondering if this will be the first time in history that we see a candidate’s poll numbers plunge after a convention.” Click for the full post.

Maybe now the Dems will lay off the syrupy crap and get down to talking about solutions…..if not she may have turned off the voter….I mean after all she is not that likable….she cannot afford to lose any more likability.

Will Clinton Be Our Next President?

Not with my help!

The conventions are over and it is official we have our two candidates or so they want us to believe……but to answer my question….Damn!  I hope not…but then I am not so thrilled about our other choice (that is if you believe there are only two choices…I do not)…..

I cannot support Clinton for many reasons and I read an article by a Bernie supporter on why he cannot support Clinton……after reading I found that 6 of the reason were my reasons for why I do not support Clinton…..

Based on her foreign policy, Wall Street support and general judgement, this Bernie backer can’t back Hillary

1. The Iraq War. Sanders was on the right side of history. Bernie Sanders voted against the Iraq War, using the same intelligence reports as Clinton and Bush. He also foreshadowed the dire consequences of Iraq. In contrast, Hillary Clinton voted for Iraq and now calls her vote a “mistake.”

Source: I’m a Bernie Sanders voter who will not support Hillary Clinton: Here are 10 reasons why – Salon.com

There are a wide rift between true progressives and Clinton….she can try and spin it anyway she wants….she is NO progressive…..she is a war hawk….a neoliberal.  But why would thinking progressives not support Clinton?

The “lesser-of-evils” argument might not work for independent voters this year.

For those who hope for swift unity in the Democratic Party, there are reasons to believe it won’t happen if Hillary Clinton is the nominee.

While there are serious policy differences between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, a deeper fault line must be acknowledged between their supporters.

Certainly the two candidates remain far apart on issues that matter to progressives and independents — fracking, the TPP, tuition-free public colleges, universal single-payer healthcare, racist policing, militarism in the Middle East — to name just a few. Indeed, based on policy and political strategy, many independents and Democrats see Clinton as more like a traditional Republican. Many even see it as indicative of privilege if one supports Clinton over Sanders, given the current state of the economy and the environment. Many intelligent progressives see the two candidates as representing different social classes.

Source: The Deeper Reason Many Intelligent Progressives and Independents Will Not Support Hillary Clinton — Medium

Then there is all those young people that Sanders brought out to the streets…..the Millennials…..they will be looking for an alternative…..that is if they vote…..best thing Clinton can do is try to keep these people in the vague cloud and hope for the support she needs.