2020 Dem Candidates–This Is The End!

The last challenge to the centrists has decided thanks to the pandemic that it would be better to just let it all go.

Bernie has suspended his campaign for the 2020 Dem nomination…..leave us stuck with a bumbling centrist…..Biden.

Bernie Sanders, who saw his once strong lead in the Democratic primary evaporate as the party’s establishment swiftly lined up behind rival Joe Biden, ended his presidential bid on Wednesday. It’s an acknowledgment that after wins in places like South Carolina, Michigan, and Florida, the former vice president is too far ahead for Sanders to have any reasonable hope of catching up, reports the AP. The Vermont senator’s announcement makes Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge President Trump in November. Axios acknowledges the damage done by fellow Democratic hopefuls who dropped out and subsequently endorsed Biden, but it adds that the coronavirus “has been smothering” what was a very challenging comeback attempt.

“The Bernie movement” was fueled by huge rallies and canvassing efforts, relics of a pre-COVID-19 time. He also struggled to find space on TV and social media, which have been focusing largely on the epidemic. In its campaign post-mortem, the New York Times hails Sanders as a candidate whose “quest for the White House … began five years ago in relative obscurity but ultimately elevated him as a champion of the working class, a standard-bearer of American liberalism, and the leader of a self-styled political revolution.” But it, like many other outlets, points out that the lack of black support he encountered in his 2016 run was repeated the second time around. The Times adds that his exit is distinct from that in 2016, “when he stayed in an increasingly acrimonious race against Hillary Clinton even after it became clear she would be the eventual nominee.”

This was the last chance for progressive politics to carry the day….we are left with business as usual…..crappy health care, shitty politics that benefit the wealthy and the Middle Class continues to disappear.

I cannot support Biden so now the hunt will be for an alternate candidate that best reflects my principles and desires for our nation.

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2020 Dems–Another One Bites The Dust #21

And then there were two!

My candidate of choice has decided to bag it in and drop out of the race….Tulsi Gabbard leaves the campaign trail…..

Tulsi Gabbard is out. The Hawaii congresswoman dropped from the 2020 race on Thursday and endorsed Joe Biden, reports USA Today. Gabbard had barely been registering in the polls, and she had failed to qualify for any of the recent debates. She did, however, manage to win two delegates from American Samoa, where she was born, on Super Tuesday. “I know Vice President Biden and his wife and am grateful to have called his son Beau, who also served in the National Guard, a friend,” said Gabbard, per Axios. “Although I may not agree with the vice president on every issue, I know that he has a good heart and is motivated by his love for our country and the American people.”

The 38-year-old, who served in the Iraq War, is known for her “progressive economics and noninterventionist foreign policy,” per the New York Times. However, her campaign never caught on beyond her fervent base. Axios notes she became a favorite for “fringe voices on the right” among Democratic candidates, and the Times adds that she sometimes seemed to be campaigning against her own party. “Our Democratic Party, unfortunately, is not the party that is of, by and for the people,” she said at a November debate. “It is a party that has been and continues to be influenced by the foreign policy establishment in Washington, represented by Hillary Clinton and others’ foreign policy, by the military industrial complex and other greedy corporate interests.”

She endorses Joe Biden….sorry Tulsi but I will look elsewhere……

In the tradition of IST….we will show Tulsi the exit to the tunes of Queen….

If my choices are the two candidates in the field now….then I need to re-think where to put my support…..I will NOT hold my nose and vote……time to start looking elsewhere.

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Biden Is In!

Sadly it looks like the nation will have two candidates in November…..Joe Biden and Donald Trump…..and the nation should weep.

When will the Dems learn that the country does not want a centrist Dem?

The Democrats lost about 1,000 seats in state legislatures over the course of the Obama years. In 2016, they lost the presidency to a cartoonishly racist and widely despised reality television personality. Something hasn’t been working for the brand. This appears lost on the sector of the party that hopes to woo voters in 2020 with the same old centrist agenda. This time, it’s dressed up in the down-home package of Joe Biden— “Middle-Class Joe,” as he calls himself.

At The Democratic Strategist (a website managed by Ed Kilgore, former vice president for policy at the corporate-oriented Democratic Leadership Council), a post argues that Biden’s March visit to Pennsylvania, in which he stumped for House Democratic candidate Conor Lamb, “amped up the buzz for Biden’s possible 2020 campaign, and provided Democrats with an eloquent, heartfelt rhetorical template for appealing to white working–class voters.”


Now all you voters think back to 2016…..and just how Trump got the election called in his favor…..

As the Democratic Party’s “moderate” (or shall we say “establishment”) wing coalesces around Joe Biden to stop Bernie, the primary contest is starting to look a lot like 2016, when the same wing rallied around Hillary Clinton. 

Today, Mike Bloomberg quit the race and endorsed Biden—as has Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg. As the New York Times’ David Leonhardt put it, “if you’re a Democrat who doesn’t want Bernie Sanders to be the party’s nominee, your choice is now clear: you should vote for Joe Biden.”

But suppose you’re a Democrat who doesn’t want Donald Trump to have a second term? Suppose you’re a Democrat who suspects that Trump got elected in the first place because he exploited a deep sense of betrayal felt by tens of millions of Americans whose wages haven’t budged in 40 years and who know the system is rigged for the benefit of those at the top? Do you really vote for Joe Biden?


Oh God!  We have 4 years of NOTHING changing…..either we keep the fool on the hill or we elect a bigger fool from downtown Wall Street.

And in a series to follow I will explain my thinking on Biden.

Please Be Smart!

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2020 Latest Abbreviated Primary

In these days of virus panic and we are still exercising our right to vote (while we still have it)…..3 more 2020 primaries were settled yesterday.

The MSM can be proud of their efforts to make the corporate stooge Biden the nominee…..Florida, Illinois and Arizona…..

Polls have closed in the three states that went ahead with their primaries Tuesday, and the result is another dominating night for Joe Biden. The former VP cemented his lead over Bernie Sanders in the delegate race by sweeping all three contests—Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, as called by the AP. Despite Ohio’s decision to postpone its own primary Tuesday, the night still has a large number of delegates at stake, 441, and margins of victory will be important. In incomplete results, Biden led 61% to 22% in Florida, 59% to 36% in Illinois, and 42% to 29% in Arizona. Tulsi Gabbard was registering at less than 1% in all three states. Florida was the biggest prize of the night, with 219 delegates up for grabs.

Generally speaking, missing poll workers, reshuffled voting locations, and a lack of disinfectant supplies made for a “chaotic” day of voting, notes the Washington Post. On Tuesday night, both candidates addressed the COVID-19 crisis. “You know, it’s in moments like these we realize we need to put politics aside and work together as Americans,” Biden said. “The coronavirus doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican.” Sanders, for his part, said “this is an unprecedented moment that will require an unprecedented amount of money,” via livestream from DC, per CNN. He estimated it would take “$2 trillion to prevent deaths, job losses and to avoid an economic catastrophe.”

The countdown to the convention has started and Biden is looking like the nominee….

Looks like another “hold your nose and vote” election.

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2020 Dem Candidates Debate–#11

Will this one be popular since there will be no March Madness bracket crap…….and we are down to 2 candidates….well 3 but only 2 participating…….

But first I think that the whole process of debates should be repaired for as it is now….it is badly broken.

We must break ourselves from the (relatively) new phenomenon of these mass-debates. After all, we’re now almost in the third decade of the new century. There is absolutely no need to remain in the framework of setting a mass debate (or, God-forbid, a two-tiered set of mass debates).

It starts with this straightforward concept: over the months leading up to the first primary, each candidate will debate every other candidate in the field once, for one hour, in a traditional political debate. This means that if there are twenty candidates in the Democratic Primary field, once a week in the six months between June 2019 and January 2020, each candidate will match up against another.

With a one-minute introduction from the moderator, this debate clocks-in at sixty-one minutes, giving each candidate a full twenty-nine minutes per debate to make their case!

This should help those on the fence (if there are truly anyone left with that much integrity) decide who will be the man….will it be Biden….or maybe Bernie?

The night was eventful……no audience to cheer or boo or moan or……..

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are taking part in a very unusual Democratic debate: Because of the coronavirus crisis, there is no live studio audience at the debate, which was shifted from Phoenix to Washington DC. Before their first head-to-head matchup, the two candidates greeted each other by bumping elbows. In accordance with CDC guidelines, the podiums a the CNN-hosted debate are 6 feet apart. Moderators confirmed that the debate’s main focus would be the COVID-19 pandemic. Some highlights:

  • “This is bigger than any one of us.” Biden, asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper what he would tell Americans affected by the closure of schools and businesses, said “This is bigger than any one of us” and called for a “national rallying” to fight the virus, reports the Guardian, which notes that he coughed several times during his response.
  • Medicare for All. Biden and Sanders clashed over whether Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan would have improved the situation, the AP reports. “One of the reasons that we are unprepared, and have been unprepared, is we don’t have a system. We’ve got thousands of private insurance plans,” Sanders said. “With all due respect to ‘Medicare for All,’ you have a single-payer system in Italy,” Biden said. “It doesn’t work there.”
  • Protecting themselves. The candidates were asked how they were protecting themselves from infection, with moderator Dana Bash noting that Sanders, 78, had a heart attack last fall. Both candidates said they had stopped holding rallies and were washing their hands frequently. “Fortunately I don’t have any of the underlying conditions you talked about that I have to worry about,” said Biden, 77.
  • Bank bailouts. The candidates clashed over the value of bank bailouts during the 2008 financial crisis, with Sanders arguing they should have been paid for by a tax on the wealthy. “We can’t repeat what we did in 2008. Joe voted for that. I voted against it,” he said.
  • Biden would mobilize military. Biden said he would call out the military to deal with the crisis, the Hill reports. “They have the ability to provide this surge that hospitals need,” he said. “They have the capacity to build 500 hospital beds and tents that are completely safe and secure.” Sanders said calling out the National Guard is something that “has to be done.”
  • Sanders targets Trump on China. Sanders, asked about China’s downplaying of the outbreak when it was in its early stages, slammed the way Trump had spoken about the country, the Washington Post reports. “What bothers me very much is you have a president of the United States today, Mr. Trump, who was praising China for the good work that they are doing when in fact, as you indicated, they were lying to their own people and allowing that virus to move much more aggressively than should have been the case,” he said.
  • Bailout for families. Biden said the country needs a “major, major, major bailout package” to help families that have taken a financial hit from the crisis. “We do not “reward corporations, we reward individuals who in fact are really put to the test here,” he said.
  • A pledge to support each other. Asked how he would attract Sanders supporters, Biden said “he’s making it hard for me right now” with attacks on his voting record in the Senate, CBS reports. But he vowed to campaign for Sanders if he becomes the nominee, and Sanders said he would do “everything humanly possible” to defeat Trump.
  • Agreement on immigration. Both candidates agreed on the need for immigration reform, with Sanders pointing out that he is the son of an immigrant, ABC reports. “Kids are scared to death when they come from school, their mom or dad may not be there,” Sanders said. “I will end this on day one, the ICE raids, that have been so harmful to so many people.”
  • Promise on female running mates. Biden promised to pick a woman to be his vice president, saying “There are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow.” Sanders decline to make the same promise, but that said “in all likelihood” he will choose a female running mate.
  • Biden’s Iraq vote. Asked by Tapper what he learned from his 2003 vote for the Iraq war, Biden said he “learned I can’t take the word of a president when in fact they assured me that they would not use force,” the New York Times reports.
  • Cuba comments resurface. Sanders was once again asked about remarks he made praising some of Fidel Castro’s programs. the Guardian reports. “I have opposed authoritarianism—whether it’s in it’s in Cuba, whether it’s in Saudi Arabia, whether it’s in China or whether it is in Russia,” Sanders said. “That is my life record.”
  • Final coronavirus question. In the final question of the night, the candidates were asked how they would reassure Americans about the outbreak. the Post reports. Sanders said it was an opportunity to “rethink America and create a country where we care for each other.” Biden said it was an “all-hands-on-deck” situation. “This is about America. This is about the world. This is about how we bring people together and make the kind of sacrifices we need to make to get this done,” he said.

Not as interesting as I had hoped…..be thankful you have someone to break it down and you can read a good book.

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Closing Thought –11Mar20

You may not like Biden’s idea for health care (I one do not) but you should know that the industry loves him and his industry control plans.

Why would I say that?

Look at what happened after Biden’s Super Tuesday wins….

Health insurance industry stocks surged Wednesday morning in the wake of former Vice President Joe Biden’s strong showing in the Democratic presidential primary’s Super Tuesday contests, opening up 600 points after traders appeared to bet the candidate’s resurgence would box out any chance of single-payer universal healthcare.

Sanders has made Medicare for All a centerpiece of his campaign. The healthcare industry has poured millions in ad buys against Sanders after the Vermont senator won primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. 

“The industry has long seen Biden as their white knight,” said Dr. Adam Gaffney, the president of Physicians for a National Health Program and an outspoken Medicare for All advocate.


I support Medicare For All……so I see that this turn illustrates what I have been saying since Biden uttered that he was interested in running……

Biden is the status quo……NOTHING will change with his election…..just the person on top.

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May We Call It A Mini Super Tuesday?

Yesterday the 2020 election moved to 6 other states……among which is Michigan….an almost must win for the nominee….

Without more editorializing let’s go to the result.

Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the Democratic nomination just got much more difficult. The AP called all-important Michigan (125 delegates) for Joe Biden Tuesday night. Sanders won the state in 2016 in a stunning upset over Hillary Clinton, but he could not repeat the magic. He trailed Biden by 12 percentage points with more than half the results counted, per CNN. The former VP earlier won in Mississippi (36) and Missouri (68) by wide margins. Polls also have closed in North Dakota (14), Idaho (20) and Washington state (89), but those races have not been called.

The Washington Post reports that Biden has won the Idaho caucuses with around 49% of the vote. In 2016, Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in Idaho with 78% of the vote. In Washington, which was also Sanders country in 2016, Biden and Sanders were in a “virtual tie” early Wednesday, with 32.7% for Sanders and 32.5% for Biden, with only 2,000 out of 1 million votes counted separating the candidates, reports the Seattle Times. In what may be his only win of the night, Sanders has a big lead in North Dakota’s caucuses, though the state’s 14 delegates may end up being split evenly between him and Biden.

Exit polls from the early states show that Biden got strong support from African-American voters, reports the Washington Post. Late deciders and older white voters also tended to go Biden’s way. Sanders won Washington state in 2016, and he had a decent chance of winning there again on Tuesday, per Politico. Still, the loss in battleground Michigan is seen as a serious blow to his chances of winning the nomination. A total of 352 delegates were up for grabs Tuesday, which means that nearly half of all delegates in the 2020 primary will have been awarded when the latest results are tallied.

Just one month into the election and we now have an idea who will be the Dem nominee (as if there was much doubt if you listen to the media form the last year)

And the election drags on.

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