It’s Official–Deval Is In For 2020

Speaking of a run to the Center…….

Oh goody!  Another do nothing centrist wanting to step into Obama’s shoes……just what we need another Dem with visions of sugar plums……..

I wrote a post when he said he might enter into the 2020 Dem race to the nomination…..and now I can report that he is in…..and we have yet another corporatist candidate….another wealthy dude wanting to do his thing and massage his own ego……

Deval Patrick joined the Democratic race for the White House Thursday morning, as expected. “In a spirit of profound gratitude for all the country has given to me, with a determination to build a better, more sustainable, more inclusive American dream for the next generation, I am today announcing my candidacy,” Patrick said in a video, per CNN. Patrick, 63, is a former governor of Massachusetts who now works for Bain Capital. But a far more important part of Patrick’s resume is his long friendship with Barack Obama, writes Edward-Isaac Dovere at the Atlantic. The gist of the analysis—and a similar one from Ed Kilgore at Intelligencer—is that Patrick may be a truer ideological heir to Obama than Joe Biden.

Don’t expect Obama to issue any endorsements. But “multiple people who know both men told me that they can’t imagine Patrick moving forward with a presidential campaign without him talking it through with Obama to get a frank assessment of his chances,” writes Dovere. Kilgore agrees: “The question you have to answer is whether Patrick would even be considering a race without Obama’s tacit approval.” But another point both agree on: Patrick’s late entry is a big problem. Obama reportedly urged him to run as early as 2017, but Patrick publicly opted out last year. Things would be much different had he not done so. Now, a successful candidacy “will require magic of Frank Capra–esque proportions,” writes Dovere.

Patrick was working for Bane Capital… …..remember them from the 2012 election?  That is the fund that Mitt started and raped companies….and now we have a Dem millionaire from the same thread as Mitt.

This race has enough centrist/moderate candidates… for the person that can beat Trump is basically saying that you care not about their policies…..change NEVER came from the center of the political spectrum….NEVER!

Patrick is a wealthy centrist so change is NOT in his wheelhouse…..I think people like Patrick do not realize that the DEm voter is tired of these damn centrists that do nothing more than make the wealthy more so…..most want change and sre still waiting for a candidate that can actually bring that about.

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Run Hillary Run!

Closing Thought–13Nov19

What a horror scenario!

The impeachment hearing in the House got fired up today and as predicted the circus is in town….

But there is another story that has been under reported…..that of a statement by failed 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton…….

First it was the media whore Bloomberg wanting to decide who we vote for……then Patrick may be willing to jump for the same reason……and now we have the biggest con job……

She, Hillary, has made news on many levels from making accusations to making promises to out right lying…..

Her newest attempt to stay in the news headlines is a statement about her “peeps”….

With the deadline to register for the New Hampshire primary just a few days away, Hillary Clinton still isn’t ruling out a 2020 White House run. “I, as I say, never, never, never say never,” she told the BBC Tuesday when asked if she was considering a last-minute bid for the Democratic nomination. “I will certainly tell you, I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it.” She added, however, “that as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

Clinton was in London to promote The Book of Gutsy Women, which she co-wrote with daughter Chelsea, Politico reports. “I think all the time about what kind of president I would have been and what I would have done differently and what I think it would have meant to our country and the world,” she told the BBC. “I think about it all the time. Being able to do that, and look, whoever wins next time is going to have a big task trying to fix everything that’s been broken.” A Fox News poll released earlier this month showed Clinton leading President Trump 43 points to 41, although most polls before her 2016 election loss showed her with a bigger lead.

Is that the same many many people that talk to our dear president…..or maybe it is the many many people that politicians claim want this thing of that…..or maybe she is just lying…..(my bet is on the later)……

Please people she lost before do not give her a chance to do it again…..she needs to STFU….and go away.

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Come In The Water’s Fine

That would be the political water…….

Last week it was Bloomberg threatening to enter into the race as a Dem because Biden’s support was waning……god forbid we don’t need another spineless centrist…..

This week we have yet another centrist threatening to enter into the race….Gov. Patrick from Mass…….

After ruling out a White House run late last year, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is now having second thoughts, insiders say. Sources tell the New York Times, among other outlets, that the Democrat believes there is room for a candidate who can unite both the liberal and moderate wings of the party and could make an announcement later this week. A friend tells Politico that top Democratic donors who are “terrified” of Elizabeth Warren and have doubts about Joe Biden have been reaching out to Patrick in recent weeks. “Deval wants this,” the source says. “He regrets not having done it. His wife was ill. But since then, she has gotten better. But the field has gotten worse.”

Patrick—the first black governor in Massachusetts history and the third in US history—served as governor from 2007 to 2015. The Chicago native also served as chief of the Justice Department’s civil rights division under Bill Clinton, the Chicago Tribune reports. If he enters the race at the last minute, it will shake up the February primary in New Hampshire, where the deadline for filing to run is Friday. A Quinnipiac poll released Monday shows Biden at 20% in the state, followed by Warren and 16%, Pete Buttigieg at 15%, and Bernie Sanders at 14%. One of the Times‘ sources says Patrick told Biden last week that he was considering entering the race.

I was hoping that the DNC after spending so much time to protect the centrists and make them the darlings of the MSM would weigh in on later entries……I mean they spend so much time trying to eliminate the “progressives”….so far they just smile and say “the more the merrier”……

The DNC has done all they can to marginalize progressives and protect the centrists…..which to me is crapping on our democracy….

With Bernie Sanders the people’s choice for winner of the Democratic primary in terms of political organizing and campaign contributions, the powers-that-be in the DNC are putting out a call for establishment figures like Hillary Clinton or Michael Bloomberg to join the race. Not being ‘reported’ by the establishment press is that these same kingmakers 1) weighted the Democrat’s choice against Mr. Sander’s and towards Ms. Clinton in 2016 and lost and 2) chose Joe Biden as their ‘heavyweight’ candidate for 2020.

The idea, popular on the American left, that winning against Donald Trump is all that matters, runs up against the fact that these DNC kingmakers have a less than stellar track record when it comes to winning elections. Not only is Ms. Clinton one of the most enthusiastically despised people on the planet— more so than Donald Trump even after his impeachment was announced, but Michael Bloomberg was a Republican for the entirety of the wildly misguided American war against Iraq. Why isn’t he running as a Republican?

The DNC Versus Democracy

I have written and let my readers know just how little I think of the DNC……

And yes I think that the DNC is corrupt it can be bought by the highest bidder…ergo the candidates can be bought…..time for NEW leadership of the Democratic Party.

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Mayor Pete Embraces His Inner ‘Progressive’

(Pause here for laughter)

I am not one of those people that think Mayor Pete is a fresh face and is the face of the coming Democratic Party…I disagree that he is the future….I have written that I think he is the past……

He tries to fit into the title of ‘progressive’ and he has embraced an idea that Bernie has been championing for decades……the college education thing…..

Pete Buttigieg wants to help low-income families with free college tuition, free childcare, and expanded tax credits, according to a $2.1 trillion economic plan announced Friday. The plan includes free tuition at four-year public colleges for families earning up to $100,000, reduced tuition for those earning up to $150,000, and student debt forgiveness for people in “low quality” programs, reports the Washington Post. To help pay for it all, Buttigieg wants the top 1% of earners to pay more in capital gains taxes, per CNBC. “As president, I will measure success not just by the size of the stock market or gross domestic product, but by whether working and middle-class families are succeeding,” says the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind., who’s seen a spike in support in Iowa.

Per the Post, the plan puts Buttigieg left of Joe Biden but not as far left as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who have called for free college tuition for all. Yet Buttigieg’s plan to spend $700 billion on child care and education and $430 billion on affordable housing over the next decade, allowing for 2 million more housing units, is similar to a plan offered by Warren, who NPR reports is neck and neck with Buttigieg in Iowa. The Afghan war veteran also wants to invest $200 billion in job training, $50 billion in historically black colleges, and $5 billion in ensuring every American has access to an apprenticeship within 30 miles. And like Julián Castro, he suggests an expansion of the earned income tax credit. One analysis suggests 35 million US households with earnings under $55,000 would get an average tax credit of $1,000 under the plan.

How nice.

Is this a ‘promise’ not to be kept?

Is it that Mayor Pete is trying to win over the Millennials that are mostly breaking for Bernie right now….or a political ploy not something he would actually consider if elected……

Remember my friends change has NEVER come from the Center and Pete stands dead center.

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2020–A Foreign Policy Awaits

There are a wealth of candidates to choose from in 2020….however the field is thinning down as the weeks roll by…..but so far I know all about their stands on medical stuff, on the climate and on the infrastructure. They all have signed on o the Green New Deal (more or less) but there is NO consensus on what the candidate will do with our tattered foreign policy.

So far the only candidate that I can point to as having a clear foreign policy stand is Tulsi Gabbard (to be upfront she is my candidate for now)…..but the rest of the field is unclear at best……

Foreign policy, the area where a president has the strongest and most unchecked hand to implement an agenda, hasn’t yet come up in this Democratic presidential campaign in a substantive way. In Miami, Detroit, and Houston, the loaded questions, often lobbed toward the end of the congested debate nights, hardly offered enough time to unpack the candidates’ policies. Tonight’s affair in Columbus, Ohio, probably won’t break the trend.

Because President Donald Trump has put so many international alliances and accords in jeopardy, it is incumbent on the Democratic field to explain to the American people the importance of restoring partnerships and rebuilding relationships with allies. Under Trump, the foundations have been rattled, including the very idea that foreign policy is conducted in consultation with country experts and diplomats on the ground. With American power so deeply undermined, there is a temptation to simply advocate for a return to what Democratic foreign policy was before 2016. But given the emergencies facing the country and the planet, there is opportunity for something bolder.

Nevertheless, some foreign-policy stalwarts want to flatten any debate before it begins. “The narrative that the Democratic Party is split over foreign policy—I don’t see strong evidence for that proposition,” Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton’s chief foreign-policy adviser who before that served as national-security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, told me. “There is much more convergence rather than divergence in my view among the candidates, from Senators [Elizabeth] Warren and [Bernie] Sanders to the rest of the field, on the core elements.”

I am a foreign policy wonk and would lovem to see more on the subject in the debates even a debate that focuses on foreign policy….and I am not alone….

The one area any US president has the most control over isn’t tax policy or health care or even the economy.

It’s foreign policy. From launching nuclear weapons to pulling out of important international agreements to forging new alliances and trade deals, the US president often has nearly unchecked authority.

So you’d think more attention would be given to the 2020 presidential candidates’ views on foreign affairs. But so far, foreign policy has barely registered.

We ask our service people to fight these endless wars…at least we can do as have each candidate explain their ideas on foreign policy….but instead we get platitudes to appease the slower of the listeners.

Further Reading:

Our foreign policy sector looks like a 3 stooges episode…..incoherent, disconnected and chaotic.

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Warren And Medicare For All

All the major candidates have offered up their plans for health care….most want either a Medicare For All type of thing or they want to “reform” the ACA to make it better…..

I keep trying to stay ahead of all the BS swirling around the one idea that has the health industry running scared….

One of the last major candidate to offer up her plan for a Medicare For All and how to pay for it is Warren…..and now we have her plan and let the criticism begin…..

Elizabeth Warren promised Friday to spend more than $20 trillion over the next decade to provide government-funded health care to every American without raising middle-class taxes—finally offering ideas about how to implement the massive “Medicare for All” program without taking a larger bite out of most Americans’ salaries. Her plan, posted online, is built on transferring to the government 98% of the $8.8 trillion she estimates that employers would spend on private insurance for their employees, per the AP. Remaining costs would be covered by “taxes on big corporations, Wall Street, and the top 1%—and enforcing the tax laws we have now,” she explains. “My Medicare for All plan gives everyone good insurance and cuts their health care costs to nearly zero—without increasing middle-class taxes one penny,” Warren says.

Companies with fewer than 50 employees would be exempted, and Warren said employers already offering health benefits reached under collective bargaining agreements will be allowed to reduce how much they send to federal coffers—provided they pass those savings on to employees. If the program fails to raise $8.8 trillion, Warren says she’d impose a supplemental contribution requirement for big companies “with extremely high executive compensation and stock buyback rates.” A critical question is how she’d slash the cost of her plan well below what experts have said it would take to implement it. Coming up with lower payment rates for hospitals and doctors that avoid disrupting the system would be a big challenge for a Warren administration and for Congress, where her plan could bog down.

Of course the critics are telling all sorts of consequences for her plan….but here is an industry whistleblower to explain it better…..

Now that we’ve seen Senator Elizabeth Warren’s plan to pay for Medicare for All without raising taxes on the middle class, let me tell you what is happening in Washington.

Forbes Tate, the Washington-based PR firm hired by big insurance, drug and hospital companies to create and run a front group called the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, will already have convened an urgent conference call with its clients to go over Warren’s plan and begin implementing a strategy to attack it. A big part of that strategy will be to reach out to reliable industry allies to do the dirty work.

One of those allies is likely to be the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), a supposedly nonpartisan organization that issued a widely publicized report on October 28 insisting that, as Axios reported in its analysis of the report, “the middle class would be forced to shoulder some of the burden” of financing Medicare for All.

A health insurance whistleblower reveals how the industry will lie and attack Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All plan

Personally, It is time for a true health plan for ever person in this nation regardless of station in the society…..the industry has raped the people longer enough…..time for them to step up and be part of this country.

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2020 Another One Bites The Dust #8

I begin my weekend with some news from the political aisle…. the Dem candidates are starting to drop from the race like flies maced with Raid.

So far 7 candidates have announced that they are closing down their presidential nomination operation and now we can add one more to the number (that makes 8)….Beto has announced his duck and run…..once the “golden Boy” of the media is on his way out….at least for the next 4 years.

Beto O’Rourke, the former Texas congressman, announced Friday that he was ending his Democratic presidential campaign, which failed to recapture the enthusiasm, interest, and fundraising prowess of his 2018 Senate race. In an online post, O’Rourke said, “My service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee.” He planned to address supporters later Friday at an event in Iowa, reports the AP. “Our campaign has been about seeing clearly, speaking honestly and acting decisively in the best interests of America. Though it is difficult to accept, it is clear to me now that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully,” he wrote on Medium. “Acknowledging this now is in the best interests of those in the campaign; it is in the best interests of this party as we seek to unify around a nominee; and it is in the best interests of the country.”

After quickly pulling in $9.4 million during his first two weeks in the race, O’Rourke’s financial situation deteriorated. By the end of June, he was spending more than his campaign was taking in. By the end of September, he had just $3.2 million cash on hand while spending double that over the previous three months, campaign finance records show. Perhaps more significantly, the small-dollar contributions that fueled his Senate bid and the early days of his presidential campaign slowed to a $1.9 million trickle. O’Rourke did not endorse another Democrat for the nomination, saying the country will be well served by any of the other candidates, “and I’m going to be proud to support whoever that nominee is.”

So far my candidate is still in there fight punching her way through the field……

As my tradition here on IST….I will show Beto the exit with the tune from Queen…..

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