“De-Fund The Police”

Closing Thought–24Jun20

This one term has had a profound effect on the psyche of Americans….from reforms and change to they want to disband the police…..

In my opinion it is the worse possible term to use at this time in our evolving history.

Sorry to my die hard “law and order” readers but the police needs to change……they no long protect and serve but rather look like they are there to “punish and enslave”…..

But is there a way that a my responsive police department can be resurrected from the ruins of their history?

The vague and easily misinterpreted call to Defund the Police has been spreading quickly across the USA. Some may have a knee-jerk reaction to “just say no” to this call, but polls show a vast majority of Americans are concerned about improving the lives of people of color across the country. Reforms such as teaching police to de-escalate conflicts and enforcement of body camera use have support of about 90% of Americans. So, what could solutions to the current situation look like, how could they be paid for, and should relative costs realistically be coming out of police budgets?

Here are some steps you can take to make a difference:

educate yourself about public budgets, and how they can be improved
find out where and when relevant decisions are made, go there and be vocal
influence the media by writing to the press, being active on social media
mobilize your family and friends to take action with you
ensure that alternative solutions are created, proposed, and heard

Why and How to Defund the Police

I wrote about this on my op-ed blog, Gulf South Free Press……https://gulfsouthfreepress.wordpress.com/2020/06/11/what-does-de-fund-mean/

For example……how much has been given to PDs in military stuff?

According to a CNN analysis of federal data, the Department of Defense (DoD) has sent at least $760 million worth of military equipment to local law enforcement agencies since August 2017. This includes $5.3 million of gear used to quell protests, such as riot shields, gas masks, tasers, and other materials local law enforcement requested for “crowd control.”

Across the country, more than 8,000 police departments have been suppled with such equipment, at no cost, through the 1033 program, which allows the DoD to donate surplus combat material to law enforcement agencies.


That needs to cease NOW!

Society cannot wait any longer….police reform is needed now and any postponement will only matter matters worse the next time.

Citizens want reform and change now….and they have taken to the streets….

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research surveyed 1,301 adults between June 11 and 15 and found majorities “overwhelmingly” in favor of a number of proposed reforms to the U.S. policing system. 

Nearly nine in 10 Americans are calling for requirements that police officers use body cameras and 86% say clear standards must be established and enforced regarding the use of force by police. Just five years ago, Americans were far less likely to say police violence was a serious problem facing the country.


Not to be outdone the Dems have offered up a cosmetic bill of reforms…..

The Democrats have offered up their own slate of cosmetic changes largely mirroring Trump’s, including banning chokeholds and creating a national database of abusive officers, while also explicitly rejecting the demand, popular among protestors, to “defund” the police. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee, has called for $300 million in additional federal funding to shore up police departments across the country, while Senator Bernie Sanders has said that cops need to be paid higher salaries.

Such measures will amount to less than nothing. They might as well propose to change the color of police uniforms. Inevitably, “reforms” from these representatives of the ruling class will end up strengthening the police.

If you would like more information on this subject then there are a couple of articles that could assist you…..




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Closing Thought–10Jun20

For two weeks the protests have taken over the news cycle and we are hearing words like tear gas, pepper spray (it is a chemical agent) and rubber bullets used as crowd control.

Rubber bullets is where this post is traveling….

Actually the term “rubber bullets” is far more lethal than the benign term would show…

As protests have taken over the U.S., police officers in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Kansas City, Chicago, and more have opened fire on crowds—bruising, maiming, and even permanently blinding peaceful demonstrators and members of the press. The shots fired have primarily been with what are colloquially called rubber bullets.

The name is a bit of a misnomer. These kinetic energy (KE) rounds are rarely made of rubber these days, and some even have metal components, just like conventional bullets. Most are actually shot from grenade launchers, though shotgun rounds are also popular, and rounds are even made for rifles and pistols. Instead of piercing the skin, the rounds are meant to strike someone with blunt force, incapacitating them like the swing of a baton but from afar.

More than a century in the making, rubber bullets can cause serious injury, and even kill, and it’s taken time for the semantics to catch up. Once called nonlethal weapons, research has demonstrated their dangers, like that up to 15% of people struck with KE rounds are left with a permanent disability. They were renamed “less-than-lethal” for a while in the early aughts, and now much of the world, including the UN, calls them by a more suitable title: “less lethal” rounds.


What about tear gas?

An Ohio county coroner’s office is investigating whether the death of a 22-year-old was the result of police firing tear gas at her during a protest in Columbus, according to preliminary autopsy records obtained by the Dayton Daily News.

The records indicate Sarah Grossman’s father told the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office that she had been “exposed to tear gas and pepper spray” used by police at a May 28 protest. Family members had found Grossman unresponsive May 30. She arrived at a hospital in Miamisburg, Ohio, in cardiac arrest and died shortly after arrival, according to the preliminary records.


But that is an isolated case, right?

Of the studies that have been done, doctors note that most cases of tear gas exposure result in only temporary side effects, though some cases can result in severe complications, including death.

“The most overwhelming aspect of the pain was an intense tightness in my chest. It felt like my heart might burst or collapse into itself and it was so bad I thought I might be having a serious medical issue,” he wrote.

When tear gas and smoke is fired from canisters, there’s also a risk of serious injury if protestors are hit with the canisters.


Just yet another attempt to put a civilized face on brutality.

Work for a more inclusive society and they would not have these problems or need such barbarous tactics.

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Closing Thought–09Jun20

A new retainer fence has been installed around the White House to protect the Donald the Orange while hiding in his bunker from the American people he hates.

After another night of peaceful protests outside Lafayette Square, workers were seen putting up new fencing barriers around the White House complex Thursday morning, adding to the 8-foot fence that was erected around the entrance to Lafayette Square earlier this week.

Reporters arriving at the White House as early as 5:30 a.m. ET Thursday described seeing black fences being put up along the Eisenhower Executive Office Building entrance on 17th Street NW.

This is how you turn Donald’s crap back on him….his new fence has become a source of street/protest art….

This is a classic….it is somewhere between the techniques of a Burma Shave and Banner Drop…..
If you fell like you would like to protest……..If you would like some ideas then maybe my post will help…..https://lobotero.com/2020/06/03/so-you-want-to-protest/
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And The Deaths Keep Rolling

We all know about the deaths of Floyd and Breonna….but they were not alone in this nation….the police just keep on murdering citizens…..the citizens they took an oath to protect….so much for “their word”…..

Just a quick look back……

Stories of police attacking and killing people are cropping up online, including one about a New Mexico cop who’s been charged with killing a man pulled over in a traffic stop. CBS News reports that Officer Christopher Smelser is facing involuntary manslaughter after gripping the man, Antonio Valenzuela, in a neck hold until he died. Police say Valenzuela was pulled over Feb. 29 in Las Cruces, tried running away, was tased twice to no effect, and went for a knife in his pocket when Smelser put him in a neck restraint. Police said on Facebook they fired Smelser after seeing the autopsy report. Valenzuela, 40, had an open warrant for a parole violation at the time, per the Las Cruces Sun News. In other police stories:

  • Tacoma: The mayor of Tacoma, Washington, is calling for the firing and prosecution of four officers after a black man died while crying out “I can’t breathe,” KABC-TV reports. Manuel Ellis died March 3 due to respiratory arrest, lack of oxygen, and physical restraint, per a medical examiner’s report. Police said Ellis had been seen hitting the window of a vehicle when police intervened. Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards said she was “enraged” by video Ellis being restrained on the ground.
  • Denver: Police are investigating an incident caught on video of police firing pepper balls at a black man who’s shouting about a pregnant woman in his car, NBC News reports. What sparked the initial conflict is unclear. “Honestly, I thought I was going to die,” the man, Shaiitarrio Brown, tells KUSA. “I thought I was going to be the next black man shot by police.”
  • Los Angeles: An alliance of homeless advocates and criminal-justice activists have sued LA over police handling of the George Floyd protests, including shooting a homeless man with a rubber bullet, the LA Times reports. The lawsuit includes a horrific photo of the wheelchair-bound man with blood pouring from the bullet wound in his eye.
  • Las Vegas: Four officers who shot and killed a protester in a hail of 19 bullets were not wearing body cameras, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. But Assistant Sheriff Chris Jones said the officers aren’t normally required to wear cameras. Jones said the victim, Jorge Gomez, was wearing body armor, carrying three guns, and raised what looked like a rifle at the officers.
  • Canada: Indigenous leaders are seeking answers and improved police training after an officer killed Chantel Moore, 26, in her British Columbia home during a wellness check, the Globe & Mail reports. Police say they killed her because she carried a knife and made threats.

Sounds like Canada has got as many “bad apples” as the US.

Just this past weekend another incident…..

A man drove into a crowd of Seattle protesters Sunday night during a demonstration at Capitol Hill, shooting one, before the suspect exited the car brandishing a gun. He was ultimately taken into custody, and the 27-year-old man who was shot was in stable condition, the Seattle Times reports. The suspect apparently shot the man while he was still in the car; the victim confronted the driver as he came to a stop, and then was shot as he apparently reached inside the window, Reuters reports. The suspect was walking through the crowd of demonstrators toward a line of police when he apparently gave himself up and was detained. Hundreds of protesters were in the area at the time; no one else was injured.

I have seen where too many blame the group called Antifa for all the violence and destruction….but maybe they should re-think that accusation…

President Donald Trump has characterized those clashing with law enforcement after George Floyd’s death under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer as organized, radical-left thugs engaging in domestic terrorism, an assertion repeated by Attorney General William Barr. Some Democrats, including Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, initially tried to blame out-of-state far-right infiltrators for the unrest before walking back those statements.

There is scant evidence either is true.

The Associated Press analyzed court records, employment histories, social media posts and other sources of information for 217 people arrested last weekend in Minneapolis and the District of Columbia, two cities at the epicenter of the protests across the United States


IST has something for everyone….. for those that want to blame the Racist for the violence…..

Authorities are considering hate crime charges after a man they called a Ku Klux Klan leader drove into a crowd of protesters in Virginia. The number of people struck wasn’t clear, the New York Daily News reports, but police reported no serious injuries. “A vehicle revved their engine and drove through the protesters occupying the roadway” on Sunday in Lakeside, a Richmond suburb, police said. Harry Rogers was denied bail in a court hearing; he’s charged with crimes including attempted malicious wounding and assault and battery. Rogers “is an admitted leader of the Ku Klux Klan and a propagandist for Confederate ideology,” the prosecutor said. “We are investigating whether hate crimes charges are appropriate.”

Authorities said Rogers, 36, told officers when he was arrested that he’s president of the Virginia KKK and the highest-ranking official who’s not in prison. Interviewed in jail Monday, Rogers said he has ties to the KKK, per WTVR, but said he didn’t tell anyone that he’s its president. Rogers said he drove on the median and revved his engine to get away from the protesters. Calling Rogers’ actions “heinous and despicable,” the prosecutor said, “We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.” Rogers’ next court appearance is scheduled for August.

This culture MUST change!

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Another Brick In The Wall

All the protests over deaths has yet another victim to add to the list of black people killed in police custody.

This time it is Tacoma with the bad cops….

The Mayor of Tacoma, Washington, Victoria Woodards, has called for the firing of police officers involved in the death of Manuel Ellis. Ellis, a 33-year-old black man, died on March 3 in handcuffs while being restrained on the ground by police. His death has been ruled a homicide.

“I am demanding tonight that the Pierce County Sheriff review and confirm every action taken by each officer. I demand that the sheriff provide details of the actions of each officer on the scene and I am directing the city manager to fire each officer involved,” Woodards said at a news conference late Thursday night, adding: “The officer who committed this crime should be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Ellis died of respiratory arrest due to hypoxia due to physical restraint, The News Tribune reported. Contributing factors included methamphetamine intoxication and dilated cardiomyopathy, commonly known as an enlarged heart. The Medical Examiner ruled Ellis’ death a homicide.


It was murder…..call it what is is….homicide in the first degree…..

Protesters need to go to Tacoma and make a stink.

More than 10,000 people have been arrested in the US during the protests against police violence as of Thursday, the tenth day of demonstrations in a row since George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day.

In a tally taken of recorded arrests across the country, the Associated Press reported that the number of protesters arrested has grown by the hundreds each day. The news agency reported that one quarter of the arrests have been made in Los Angeles followed by New York City, which has 2,000 arrests, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

The AP analysis also showed that the majority of the arrests are for “low-level offenses such as curfew violations and failure to disperse.” Exposing as false the claims by President Donald Trump and Democratic politicians such as Minnesota Governor Tim Walz that the majority of the protesters are outside agitators, AP reported that, during a 24-hour period over the weekend in Minneapolis, “41 of the 52 people cited with protest-related arrests had Minnesota driver’s licenses.”


Time to make a stand!

Be Well…..Be Safe…..Be Heard…..

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Good News For South Mississippi

Our area has not been the hot spot for the Covid-19 but we have had many cases and deaths….but yesterday we got some good news….

Live updates June 1: New COVID-19 cases in Harrison County, no Coast deaths for 5 days

Total cases for South Mississippi are:

George — 25 (0 new cases for three days)

Hancock — 91 (0 new cases for two days)

Harrison — 261 (3 new cases)

Jackson — 307 (1 fewer cases)

Pearl River — 209 (0 new cases for three days)

Let’s hope we are as lucky for longer.
Be Well….Be Safe….Be Careful…..
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Both Sides Of Floyd

I am sure that there is a wealth of opinions about these protests that have ignited across the global……my favorite was that George Floyd had been a porn star….now what the f*ck does that have to do with his death? To me it sounded like a white persons excuse.

All that aside…there is like I said a wealth of opinions and these are just a few of the published ones.

Did you see George Floyd’s death on TV and mutter “Oh, my God” in horror? To Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, that sounds pretty white. But “if you’re black, you probably leapt to your feet, cursed, maybe threw something (certainly wanted wanted to throw something), while shouting, ‘Not @#$%! again!'” he writes in the LA Times. Bottom line, he doesn’t want to see storefronts destroyed, “but African Americans have been living in a burning building for many years, choking on the smoke as the flames burn closer and closer.” Blacks have been pushed to the edge by murder upon murder of innocent people like Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, so let’s try to empathize: “What I want to see is not a rush to judgment, but a rush to justice,” he writes. For more opinions:

  • Deroy Murdock: “What do smoke, scorched aluminum and shards of glass have to do with George Floyd’s needless, wasteful and hideous killing? Nothing,” writes the political commentator at Fox News. “Will this destruction help unify Americans in pursuit of justice for George Floyd? No.”
  • Christopher Mah: “The most important idea I learned from my students—many of whom have been personally affected by police violence—is that rioting is the language of grief,” the Minneapolis teacher writes at MinnPost. “There is anger, yes, but underneath it, people are grieving.”
  • Philip V. McHarris and Thenjiwe McHarris want funding redirected away from police to emergency response programs “that don’t kill” African Americans. “Now more than ever is the time to divest not only from police resources, but also the idea that the police keep us safe,” they write in the New York Times.
  • John Matisonn asks how rioting could happen in “liberal Minnesota.” But in the eight years after 1999, “Minneapolis paid $4.8 million in legal settlements related to 122 police misconduct incidents,” he writes at News24. “Police officers and county sheriffs were involved in 29 civilian deaths.” And former prosecutor Amy Klobuchar, now a senator, “chose not to criminally charge any fatalities involving law enforcement.”
  • Michelle Goldberg sees the protests as part of “a dystopian film about a nation come undone”—features nightmares like the pandemic, a frozen national economy, and armed lockdown protesters. “Some of the tropes are familiar, but we haven’t seen this movie before,” she writes at the Times.
  • Zaid Jilani wants people to “demand accountability for George Floyd’s death” without romanticizing rioters. At the National Review, he quotes Martin Luther King Jr: “I’m absolutely convinced that a riot merely intensifies the fears of the white community while relieving the guilt.”

MLK. Jr was right.

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Protests–Week 2

The death of George Floyd has re-ignited the racial tensions that have been smoldering under the radar……and protests have broken out coast to coast……

Tense protests over the death of George Floyd and other police killings of black men grew Saturday from New York to Tulsa to Los Angeles, with police cars set ablaze and reports of injuries mounting on all sides during another night of unrest after months of coronavirus lockdowns. The protests, which began in Minneapolis following Floyd’s death Monday after a police officer pressed a knee on his neck for more than eight minutes, have left parts of the city a grid of broken windows, burned-out buildings, and ransacked stores, the AP reports. The unrest has since become a national phenomenon as protesters decry years of deaths at police hands. More:

  • In Philadelphia, at least 13 officers were injured when peaceful protests turned violent and at least four police vehicles were set on fire. Other fires were set throughout downtown.
  • In the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the site of a 1921 massacre of black people that left as many as 300 dead and the city’s thriving black district in ruins, protesters blocked intersections and chanted the name of Terence Crutcher, a black man killed by a police officer in 2016.
  • In Tallahassee, Florida, a pickup truck drove through a crowd of protesters, sending some running and screaming as the vehicle stopped and started and at one point had a person on its hood, police said, but no serious injuries were reported. Police handcuffed the driver but did not release his name or say whether he would face charges.
  • In Los Angeles, protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter,” some within inches of the face shields of officers. Police used batons to move the crowd back and fired rubber bullets. One man used a skateboard to try to break a police SUV’s windshield. A spray-painted police car burned in the street.
  • In Washington, DC, growing crowds outside the White House chanted, taunted Secret Service agents and other law enforcement officers, and at times pushed against security barriers. President Trump, who spent much of Saturday in Florida for the SpaceX rocket launch, landed on the residence’s lawn in the presidential helicopter at dusk and went inside with speaking to journalists.
  • In New York City, video posted to social media showed officers using batons and shoving protesters down as they made arrests and cleared streets. Another video showed two NYPD cruisers driving into protesters who were pushing a barricade against a police car and pelting it with objects, knocking several to the ground.
  • In Minneapolis,state troopers and National Guard members moved in to break up protests after an 8pm curfew took effect, firing tear gas and rubber bullets to clear streets outside a police precinct and elsewhere. The show of force came after three days where police mostly declined to engage with protesters. It also came after the state poured in more than 4,000 National Guard members and said the number would soon rise to nearly 11,000.

Donald the Orange in true authoritarian fashion has issued warnings to the public……

Donald Trump has threatened people protesting the death of George Floyd with “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons” if they had breached the fence outside the White House, where members of the US Secret Service are “waiting for action”.

In a Twitter thread posted after another night of protests and uprisings against police brutality across the US, the president suggested that US Secret Service members look forward to inflicting violence.

He also appeared to encourage counter protests, promoting “MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE”.


Then Donald is just begging for another Kent State (look it up!)

President Donald Trump’s controversial statement suggesting looters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be shot by National Guard troops drew fire from critics, particularly from congressional leaders with previous battlefield experience.


Then the Orange one goes to his sycophant in the DoD……

the AP reports that the Pentagon has taken the “rare step” of telling the US Army to deploy active-duty US military police units in Minneapolis. Sources say that includes soldiers from Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Drum in New York, Fort Carson in Colorado, and Fort Riley in Kansas. The orders were given verbally Friday after President Trump sought military options from Defense Secretary Mark Esper to curb the protests in Minneapolis.


It gets more like the authoritarian regimes he, Donald, so admires…..

How long before another “accidental” death happens within these protests?

Finally as long as we are talking about this authoritarian regime in the White House…..

A new study, however, suggests that the main threat to our democracy may not be the hardening of political ideology, but rather the hardening of one particular political ideology. Political scientists Steven V. Miller of Clemson and Nicholas T. Davis of Texas A&M have released a working paper titled “White Outgroup Intolerance and Declining Support for American Democracy.” Their study finds a correlation between white American’s intolerance, and support for authoritarian rule. In other words, when intolerant white people fear democracy may benefit marginalized people, they abandon their commitment to democracy.


The future is anything but rosy……

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Amy’s Racist Tendencies

Biden is looking for that perfect candidate to be his VP….and at one time I thought Amy Klobuchar would be that perfect candidate….then the George Floyd debacle happened in Minnesota.

Why would that make a difference?

It seems that Amy had a helluva time attracting people of color to her campaign….and now she has crapped in her chili….

For you see the cop that killed Floyd was the same cop that Amy refused to prosecute in an earlier case of police misconduct.

Klobuchar has not commented publicly on her prospects as a vice presidential candidate. But complicating her appeal to the party’s left flank was the criticism she faced in the closing days of her presidential campaign from Black Lives Matter protesters and others angered by the disputed murder conviction of black teenager Myon Burrell during her days as a prosecutor.

An Associated Press investigation raised questions about the conviction of Burrell in the 2002 killing of an 11-year-old girl. The controversy sparked a protest that shut down the final Minnesota rally of her presidential campaign.

The Floyd case has put the national spotlight back on Klobuchar’s days as a prosecutor, particularly as it became clear Derek Chauvin, the officer involved in Floyd’s death, was involved in the death of another citizen while Klobuchar was prosecutor. Chauvin was one of six officers who fired on and killed Wayne Reyes in 2006 after Reyes reportedly aimed a shotgun at police after stabbing his friend and girlfriend. While the death happened during Klobuchar’s tenure at the helm of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, the case did not go to a grand jury until after she left the office and became a senator.


Choosing her at this time will lose black votes and as it is right now he cannot afford to lose any votes……

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100,000+ Milestone

We have reached a milestone of 100,000 deaths…..and some are asking just how did it come to this?

I would like to give a list of 12 things that Donald the Orange did to make it worse….

  • He didn’t prepare. For the first three years of his administration, he failed to take steps to prepare for a long-expected pandemic by expanding the inventory of critical medical supplies in the Strategic National Stockpile, strengthening the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and bolstering other critical components of our national public health system.
  • He ignored warnings. For several weeks starting in early January, he ignored early warnings about the grave threat posed by the coronavirus outbreak, squandering precious time needed to implement proven measures that would have limited active community spread of the virus.
  • He falsely assured the public. After the first COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the U.S., he repeatedly provided false assurances to the public that the coronavirus was contained and soon would disappear.
  • He failed to mobilize manufacturers. Trump failed to broadly and rapidly invoke his authority under the Defense Production Act to ramp up the manufacturing of:
    • Disposable masks, gowns, face shields and other personal protective equipment needed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to health care workers, first responders, transportation workers and people employed in other essential occupations;
    • Coronavirus test kits and supplies that are essential to detecting infected individuals and performing contact tracing; and
    • Mechanical ventilators and other medical supplies for treating COVID-19 patients.
  • He dragged his feet on curbing the spread of the virus. He delayed the development and implementation of federal social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines until widespread community transmission of COVID-19 was well underway.
  • He failed on testing. He failed to order the development and implementation of a federally funded and coordinated plan for massively scaled-up testing, community tracing and quarantining of all infected individuals and their potentially infected contacts.
  • He muzzled the experts. He sidelined and muzzled CDC staff who are public health experts in the management and containment of infectious disease outbreaks.
  • He blocked reopening guidance. For several weeks, Trump blocked the release of detailed CDC guidance for how to safely reopen businesses.
  • He spewed lies. At daily White House briefing for several weeks, he spewed false and misleading information as well as rosy projections about the spread of the pandemic that confused the public and undermined the efforts of state officials who have been forced to take the lead in responding to the pandemic without adequate federal support and resources.
  • He touted dangerous, unproven drugs and remedies. He repeatedly touted the use of the antimalarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as “game-changing” treatments for COVID-19 despite the risk of potentially fatal adverse effects and the lack of any sound scientific evidence supporting such use. He even suggested crackpot ideas like injecting disinfectants to treat COVID-19.
  • He rushed reopening. Almost immediately after his own task force issued guidelines for a gradual, stepwise approach for reopening businesses and relaxing stay-at-home restrictions, he encouraged governors to reopen businesses and roll back restrictions well before their states met the minimal criteria outlined in the guidelines or had adequate programs for testing and contact tracing. In states that ignored his overtures, he encouraged people to engage in mass protests of stay-at-home orders and restrictions on businesses.
  • He discouraged the use of face masks. By refusing to wear a mask at public events, Trump has set a dangerous example for the rest of the country. The CDC recommends wearing a face mask in public where social distancing is difficult. Trump and other administration officials appear regularly without a mask, standing close to others.

There you go….you asked how so many deaths were possible, especially if you believe the propaganda the GOP spreads about the “best health care system” in the world…..

You may thank the moron in the White House for most of the deaths.

Do not get me wrong…we would have had many deaths but I do not think that it would have been so quick…..

With all these deaths common sense would tell us that the society as a whole would suffer…..but that would be totally wrong…..

Guess what?

Billionaires are doing just fine thanx to the pandemic…..

Statistics released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Labor show that with 2.1 million new unemployment claims filed last week, a staggering 40.7 million Americans have lost their jobs over just the past 10 weeks as mass layoffs induced by the coronavirus pandemic continue.

During that same 10-week period, according to a new analysis by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the combined net worth of America’s billionaires soared by nearly half a trillion dollars, bringing their total wealth to $3.4 trillion.

“Billionaire wealth is surging at the same time that millions face suffering, hardship, and loss of life,” IPS, a progressive think tank, said Thursday, noting that more than 100,000 people have died of Covid-19 in the United States. “This is a grotesque indicator of the deep inequalities in U.S. society.”


Please stay informed….learn stuff….

Be well….Be Safe….Be Informed……

I Read, I Write, You Know

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