Is The Constitution Our National Strategy?

This is a great question.

Ever election has in it several parts but the one part that seem to get the most lip service is the US Constitution.

There are attacks almost daily in our daily lives and yet it has survived…even with all the debate on its content…..

Our new president might do well to get a cram course in the Constitution before he takes office…..that would be best for him…that is if he truly wants what is best for all Americans.  (I will gladly send him my leather bound copy of the document if he would like)

There is an interesting op-ed in the Washington Times…….

Contrary to conventional wisdom (which is invariably wrong), the United States Constitution is the nation’s strategy for greatness. The strategy entails invincible self-defense; peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations; and, entangling alliances with none.

At present, that strategy means returning our troops stationed abroad back to the United States to defend we the people, not foreigners whose loyalties lie elsewhere. It means repositioning all of our air and naval forces to defend we the people, not foreigners whose loyalties lie elsewhere. It means devoting our cyber warfare capabilities to defending we the people, not foreigners whose loyalties lie elsewhere. And it means renouncing all of our treaty commitments to defend other nations militarily without congressional declarations of war.

Source: The Constitution is our national strategy – Washington Times

My thought is if one does not want to live by the Constitution then call for a convention and change it….if not then shut up and live within its parameters.  It is that simple…even a Trump supporter could understand it.

Presidential War Is Unconstitutional

With the latest election I have been rather kind to the Obama admin….I have been busy trying to decide it the Trump admin will be better or worse for American involvement overseas……

But I shall rectify that oversight on my part…..

The wars that were are fighting now have NOT been authorized by Congress… stretches all the way back to the Bush admin…..if you think the Constitution is the law of the land then these wars are unconstitutional….period!

But let us take a look at the Constitution and war……

More generally, after 9/11, rather than following the congressional authorization and focusing like a laser beam on countering the original al Qaeda group and their patrons, the Afghan Taliban, the George W. Bush administration launched a general “war on terror,” which covered all terrorist groups of international scope, regardless of whether or not they focused on attacking US targets. In the end, this massive Bush administration violation of the narrow 2001 authorization led to illegal US drone wars and airstrikes in countries all over the Middle East and Southwest Asia, Somalia (against al-Shabab), Yemen (against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula), Pakistan (against the Pakistani Taliban), and Iraq, Syria, and Libya (against ISIS). The Obama administration then accelerated all these unconstitutional wars. Now Obama is trying shore up the already thin legal fig leaf, so that it can pass such travesties – which actually make Islamist groups more rabid each time the US intervenes – onto the incoming Trump administration. When Obama took office, he complained that he inherited from the Bush administration an economic meltdown and a military quagmire in Iraq, but he in turn is bequeathing a legal quagmire to his successor.

Source: Presidential War Is Unconstitutional – Original by —

Have you noticed that the Congress has refused to do its job and vote on the authorization of war….and since they have not done their job….all these “wars” are unconstitutional and should be halted until such time as the Congress acts on the authorization thing.

Will Pres. Trump uphold the Constitution?  Or is it just a prop like with all other politicians?

Does Freedom Of The Press Have A Future?

This election there has been a lot of talk about one of our basic freedoms….freedom of the press…..lots of talk about this candidate or that will limit our freedoms and press is the one the worry about the most….along with that of speech.

One particular candidate seems to have it in for the press and if elected may be hard on them…..but would it be a violation of the 1st amendment?

“Our press is allowed to say whatever they want and get away with it. And I think we should go to a system where if they do something wrong… I’m a big believer tremendous believer of the freedom of the press. Nobody believes it stronger than me but if they make terrible, terrible mistakes and those mistakes are made on purpose to injure people. I’m not just talking about me I’m talking anybody else then yes, I think you should have the ability to sue them.”

Source: Trump Suggests Curtailing First Amendment: ‘Our Press is Allowed to Say Whatever They Want…’ | Mediaite

I realize that trump is pissed at the way the press is covering him…..I think the press is doing a horrible job also….even though I do not like Trump as a candidate…..but to put limits on the press because you think they are being mean is just a violation of the right……

With that said…..and I know that his supporters are on his side in this….is kinda scary because they are accusing of Dems. Obama and others with crapping on the Constitution….and yet they might support this type to “control”……

One of the feel-good stories that Americans like to tell ourselves is that our freedom of the press (or media), as enshrined in the 1st Amendment, is at the top of the list of things that make us an exceptional nation. But as one of our country’s Nobel-winning authors (no, not that one!) famously expressed it….yes, isn’t it pretty to think so.

The reality is much cruder than we care to admit. The group Reporters Without Borders ranks the United States as a mediocre 41st out of 180 nations for press freedom, behind not just the usual suspects (Canada, the Scandinavian countries) but places like Ghana and Chile. That’s not surprising in a country that honors its government whistleblowers by indicting them or throwing them into jail and where reporters covering Black Lives Matter-style protests have found themselves detained for no good reason. And this was all before Peak Donald Trump.

Source: Why U.S. press freedom may not survive 2016

Funny how so many people like the 1st amendment and in the same breathe talk down on the press…..I agree that the press needs to get their shit together but …..(you fill in the blank).

Freedom of the press will survive….but what will it look like?

2016: The 2nd Amendment (And More)

This election as with all elections the candidate from the Right goes on some rant about the next Dem president will take away our 2nd amendment rights….and right on cue Donald Trump is NO different.

Then there are his supporters and the ones before him….they rant on and on about how our rights to own guns will be suppressed if the country is stupid enough to elect the Dem that is running…..

As usual it is pure bullshit!  Apparently these candidates that the mental midgets that echo the lie have NO concept of what is in the Constitution or how the thing works…….

So let me help the poor mentally deficient sheep out…..a quick constitutional review……

I think the answer to the 2 questions are a little of both……the candidate has NO idea how this works and he really thinks his followers are that STUPID!

This is typical when a party has nothing to offer….send in the fear card about guns or harp on something they have NO chance of doing…repeal Obamacare…..

I expect more out of the Party that wraps itself in the Constitution with every election…..

Here’s an idea….before you jump on the stupid bandwagon take a course on the Constitution….because by trumpeting his BS then you look as STUPID as he plays you to be.

I am not be a constitutional scholar but I know enough to see a outright lie when I see and hear one.

If only there was an educational aspect to the media…..wait!….There is but we cannot fund it because somewhere in the tiny brains of the GOP it has become a no-no to fund education……Smart thinking!

One more thing….since some of you are hot for the GOP…both as president and Congress….then ask a couple of questions to the “saviors” of this country….

Bet you get platitudes and slogans…but NO good answers….

But go ahead vote for these pigs that have promised a lot and delivered NOTHING…they are NO better than a Democrat.

But go ahead and vote in a couple of days….and prolong your agony…..”stupid is as stupid does”… someone once said.

The Right’s Made-up ‘Constitution’

It is election time and as regular as a morning dump the Right is busy using the Constitution as a political prop.

These are the same people that have this leather bound copy that they wipe out every chance they get when trying to make a point.

And yet they will rabidly support such issues as a limit on a freedom like religion or do all they can to limit the vote and let’s not forget their assault on individual freedoms…..

But with all that “concern” over our freedoms and the sanctity of the document they go out of the way to make shit up that they swear is part of this original document……

I recall reading a piece back in 2013 I believe that talks about this faux understanding of the US Constitution…..

America’s right-wingers talk fervently about protecting the Constitution but seem to have little understanding of what the Federalist framers were doing in creating a powerful central government,

The Cato Institute’s Handbook for Policy Makers says, “The American system was established to provide limited government.” The American Enterprise Institute states its purpose to “defend the principles” of “limited government.” The Heritage Foundation claims its mission is to promote “principles of limited government.” A multitude of Tea Party associations follow suit.

At first glance the concept of “limited government” seems like a no-brainer. Everybody believes the power of government should be limited somehow. All those who think totalitarianism is a good idea raise your hand. But there is one problem with the ultra-conservatives’ “limited government” program: it is wrong. It is not just a little bit wrong, but demonstrably false.

Source: The Right’s Made-up ‘Constitution’ – Consortiumnews

The Constitution has become a go to prop for a campaign along with veterans and fake concern about the future of this country.

The problem is that many will believe the lies because their knowledge of the Constitution is limited to a few parts of the Bill of Rights….the rest of the document is a complete mystery to them.

Constitutionally Speaking

Sunday and I thought I would let you have a bit of a history lesson…..and since the election is just around the corner maybe a dose of what the Constitution is about will be helpful……

This election, as with every election, someone has to bring up the Constitution and our rights….this candidate or that will limit our rights and/or destroy the Constitution…..

I recently watched a vid with justice Souter, the ex-Supreme Court justice, about some of the constitutional stuff……watch it and listen to what he has to say…..interesting just how close he predicted this election back then…..I admit it is a bit lengthy but well worth the time investment……enjoy.

The Original Power Grab

The closer the election day we get the more total garbage is being said by the candidates….I chose to ignore the mindless dribble coming from all those opinionated twats in the media and look for something that is at least interesting and informative…..

These days we hear about the power grab that Trump has made over the GOP…..but this is not the only such grab.

In my early days of college I was working on a degree in political history….especially the early days say 1765-1800…..those were fascinating days…..the delegates worked to come up with a government for the colonies….

There is a new book coming out about those early days…..”The Founding Father’s Power Grab”… is written about the Constitution and its meaning and ratification…..

Throughout the hot Philadelphia summer of 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention labored to replace the Articles of Confederation with a new frame of government. While the convention nearly broke down several times over slavery and the apportionment of representation among the states, by late September the delegates had achieved their goal and produced a new constitution—the one Americans still live with. No delegate was completely satisfied with the process or the results; of the 55 who attended the convention only 39 signed the finished document. Overall, though, the signers were pleased with the system they created. James Wilson of Pennsylvania judged it, “The best form of government which has ever been offered to the world.” Next, the Constitution was sent to the states to be debated and, the Framers hoped, ratified.

Few people in the state ratifying conventions shared Wilson’s enthusiasm. The proposed government was less democratic than either the Articles of Confederation or the individual state constitutions.

Source: The Founding Fathers’ Power Grab | New Republic

I have written in the past that those early days were anything but idyllic….there was much dissent and argument……there was not a consensus.