Conventions Update–2020

I recent wrote a post about the two political conventions and their chances of cancellation…..just to refresh your memory…….

Since I posted that there has been more information…..

First the Dems……

“There are no plans to cancel the convention and we are not considering a rules change at this time,” Xochitl Hinojosa, the DNC’s communications director, said Monday after news reports that the party is in the process of devising backup plans. “Contingency planning is a routine part of preparations for any convention.”

There are nearly four months until the convention, many Democrats note. But planned walk-throughs of the convention site in Milwaukee have been delayed, according to multiple Democratic sources, and many convention organizing staffers are working from home.

The RNC is also planning to go forward with their convention…..

President Donald Trump insisted Thursday there is “no way” he would cancel the Republican National Convention, which is scheduled for August in Charlotte.

The president made that declaration to Fox TV host Sean Hannity. Trump’s comments came as the novel coronavirus continues its spread in the U.S. and around the world.

“We are definitely planning — it’s toward the end of August,” the president told Hannity. “Somebody was asking today, ‘Will you cancel your convention?’ I said no way I’m going to cancel the convention. We’re going to have the convention, it’s going to be incredible. . . I think we’re going to be in great shape.”

So much more…..
“We are fully committed to holding the Republican convention in Charlotte as planned and re-nominating President Trump. We have not had any substantive conversations about alternative scenarios,” said Richard Walters, the Republican National Committee chief of staff.
So these pigs will pray for the virus to subside they can get their candidate out there and some free press that does not involve the pandemic…..they could possibly be giving this virus another petrie dish, an new incubator, …..sad that politicians still have not grasp the severity of this disease and its consequences.
These “people” are acting irresponsible and should be replaced as soon as possible…..politics should never replace rational thought and the good of the people.
Dems have decided to change their date……
Joe Biden is getting his wish. Democrats on Thursday postponed this summer’s presidential convention by a month, reports Politico and the New York Times. Instead of taking place in July, the party’s four-day event is now scheduled to start August 17 in Milwaukee. The Republican convention is scheduled to start a week later in Charlotte, North Carolina. The challenging party typically holds its convention about a month before the party in power, notes the Hill, but the coronavirus pandemic has made that impossible. At New York magazine, Ed Kilgore notes that buzz is growing that the Democratic convention will “go virtual.” That option is seen as less likely for the Republican gathering, at least for now.
Anything for the dog and pony show……a waste of time and resources.
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A Mandate Of Heaven?

Interested in knowing what I mean?

Mandate of Heaven basically means there can only be one legitimate ruler and this ruler has the blessing of god….this idea started in China back during the Shang Dynasty 1046 BCE…..

That term popped to mind when I read something about the upcoming 2020 election…..

Donald Trump has made what he says are “jokes” claiming that he will not leave office at the end of his term on at least 27 separate occasions, according to one researcher’s count, sparking fears that he will refuse to step down even if he is defeated in the 2020 presidential election. On Saturday, the bestselling author of two investigative books about Trump outlined what he says is Trump’s “step-by-step” plan for holding on to the presidency, even if he loses in November.

According to Seth Abramson, the author of the New York Times bestselling book, Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America, Trump’s plan to remain in office despite an electoral defeat would not involve using the military or law enforcement to stage a “coup.”

Instead, Abramson wrote in a lengthy Twitter essay compiled by Thread Reader, the plot to reject the election results would unfold primarily through the media and the court system.

Author Claims Donald Trump Already Has ‘Step-By-Step’ Plan For Refusal To Leave Office If He Loses Election

Do I think that this will happen?

Probably not…..but that said Trump does think his shit don’t stink and I would not put some silliness like this from him if he loses in November.

What are the chances?

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How About The Conventions?

All this stuff about the virus and the damage it is doing…..during this time very few are thinking ahead to the nominating conventions this Summer…..and yet even with all the horrid news these conventions are still being planned to go forward as usual….for now……

Major summer events including the Olympics have been canceled or postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic—but it’s full steam ahead for the Republican National Convention, according to organizers. The North Carolina Republican Party says they are still planning to hold their statewide convention in May and the Republican National Committee is still planning to hold the national convention in Charlotte Aug. 24-27, Fox 46 reports. “We are fully committed to holding the Republican convention in Charlotte as planned and re-nominating President Trump,” says RNC chief of staff Michael Walters. “We have not had any substantive conversations about alternative scenarios.” Some states, including Texas and Virginia, have delayed party conventions and discussed virtual alternatives.

The Democratic National Committee has said it is going ahead with the July 13-16 convention in Milwaukee, though it said Monday that organizers are “exploring a range of contingency options to ensure we can deliver a successful convention without unnecessary risk to public health,” Politico reports. RNC organizers say the convention is in far better financial shape than the 2016 event and they hope to raise $65 million by the end of June.


Apparently politics takes a backseat to NOTHING….not even a pandemic that is killing the voters.

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Biden And Health Care

We have a full blown pandemic raging across this country…….and yet all the info we get about the 2020 election is dribbles that amount to nothing.

Let me help with what I see from Biden.

Looks like Biden will be the nominee…..and I have been showing my readers why I do not support him……but that aside in this time of national emergency I would like to give my thoughts and such on the presumptive nominee and his health stands.

Let me say here….that I do not want you to think as I do because I tell you so…….I am just pointing to the flaws in his nature that I feel will not do anything to make American’s lives any better than they are now. (2020)

What about Biden and health care…..we hear a lot about what is wrong with Bernie and his policies but Biden gets a free ride because he is anointed to run and beat Trump……well that is crap in my mind.

So let us look at Biden’s health care possibilities…..

Whatever the significance of Joe Biden’s victory in last week’s Super Tuesday primary, it’s not good news for the 28 million Americans who have no health insurance — at least according to Wall Street.

We know this because health insurance stocks surged the day after Tuesday’s vote, for a simple reason: Biden suits the interests of for-profit health insurers better than Bernie Sanders, and what’s good for private insurers has historically proved not good for the uninsured.

The Vermont senator, Biden’s principal competitor last week, supports a healthcare-finance system that would cover everyone, principally by marginalizing private insurers. By contrast, Biden calls merely for expanding and improving the 10-year-old Affordable Care Act (or ACA, aka Obamacare), a marketplace made up of private insurers. Now that Sanders has been demoted from frontrunner, the threat to insurer earnings is a lot less ominous than it might have seemed two weeks ago.

Biden would expand coverage with the so-called public option, allowing anyone to buy insurance from a government provider. That would have “very little effect, if any, on the private insurer’s role,” says James Kahn, emeritus professor of health policy at the University of California, San Francisco. “So they’re happy to see what looks like Biden headed toward the nomination.”

Is Joe Biden Hazardous to Your Health?

As an old fart and retired I am always looking to see just where the candidates are on health care…..especially of us elderly……and Biden gives me NO confidence that I will continue to be cared for…..

oe Biden has surged since the South Carolina primary, and the received wisdom is that this was mainly because of the perception by his voters that he was the most electable candidate against President Donald Trump. But there are some potential pitfalls that have not yet surfaced, and some of them concern voters who are currently among Biden’s strongest base of support: Americans over 65 years old.

Biden has proposed a plan for health care reform that has quite literally left senior citizens out in the cold.

This could become increasingly, and vitally, important as the threat of coronavirus increases exponentially. Older Americans are at a vastly higher risk than the general population; people over 65 have accounted for the vast majority of deaths in other countries.

Biden’s Health Care Plan Abandons Older Americans

Yes before the attacks begin….I support Medicare For All…..but that does not make me a supporter of Bernie… this time…..

I will search for the right candidate for me… see I still vote on principles and refuse to hold my nose and vote.

Plus I know that if for some reason Biden losses his race against Trump it will be my fault for not voting for a candidate that I do not support… Hillary’s loss was my fault not that she was a terrible candidate…..I shall bear with it….for I have been blamed before for a Dems loss……

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Is This The Demise Of Trump?

Trump’s lack of action on this virus thing has done more damage than just health…..he has damaged his chances of being re-elected…….in the last month the markets has lost all the gains it made during the 3 years of a Trump presidency….and the economy was his bright spot to run on and maybe sway voters to give him another four years.

All that positive campaign fodder is gone baby gone.

To be sure, the president isn’t responsible for either the coronavirus or the disease it causes, COVID-19, and he couldn’t have stopped it from hitting our shores even if he had done everything right. Nor is it the case that the president hasn’t done anything right; in fact, his decision to implement a travel ban on China was prudent. And any narrative that attempts to pin all of the blame on Trump for the coronavirus is simply unfair. The temptation among the president’s critics to use the pandemic to get back at Trump for every bad thing he’s done should be resisted, and schadenfreude is never a good look.

That said, the president and his administration are responsible for grave, costly errors, most especially the epic manufacturing failures in diagnostic testing, the decision to test too few people, the delay in expanding testing to labs outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and problems in the supply chain. These mistakes have left us blind and badly behind the curve, and, for a few crucial weeks, they created a false sense of security. What we now know is that the coronavirus silently spread for several weeks, without us being aware of it and while we were doing nothing to stop it. Containment and mitigation efforts could have significantly slowed its spread at an early, critical point, but we frittered away that opportunity.

Trump recently said……that he foresaw this virus coming…..

President Trump has stepped up the administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak—and he is apparently trying to retroactively step up his level of concern. The president claimed Tuesday that he always knew that it was a pandemic, contradicting months of statements downplaying or even mocking the level of risk, reports the New York Times. “This is a pandemic,” Trump said Tuesday. “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” The Times notes that on Jan. 22, when asked if he was worried about a pandemic, Trump said: “No, not at all. We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

In recent weeks, Trump has also attacked Democrats and the media over the outbreak, calling it the rival party’s “new hoax,” the Hill reports. On March 9, he tweeted: “The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party, is doing everything within its semi-considerable power (it used to be greater!) to inflame the CoronaVirus situation, far beyond what the facts would warrant” and quoted the surgeon general as saying “the risk is low to the average American.” When he spoke to reporters Tuesday, the president denied changing his mind about the outbreak. “No, I’ve always viewed it as very serious,” Trump said. “There was no difference yesterday from days before. I feel the tone is similar, but some people said it wasn’t.”

This pandemic and the response has shown the American people what a con man Trump truly is…..and they are starting to realize they have been conned…..and his stupid of idea of “reopen the country” is a perfect illustration of his silliness and making of confusion…..

President Trump is extending federal guidelines recommending people stay home and away from one another for another 30 days as the coronavirus continues to spread across the country, the AP reports. Trump made the announcement during a Rose Garden briefing. The guidelines, originally tagged as “15 days to slow the spread,” had been set to expire Monday. Trump had said last week he hoped to have the country “re-opened” by Easter.

But public health experts sounded the alarm, saying a rollback would speed transmission, making the situation worse. The federal guidelines recommend that older people and those with preexisting conditions stay home and away from other people, and also recommend that all Americans avoid social gatherings, work from home, and steer clear of bars and restaurants.

Knee jerk stupidity.

I believe that we Americans are watching the probable demise of the Trump presidency……a slow burn indeed……but I could be mistaken.

A demise but at what price?

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Biden And Social Security

College of Political Knowledge

I have been told by many people on the blog and in person that if we are to beat Trump then I must fall in behind Biden and get it done.

First of all….Bite Me!  Do you know how many years that same thing has been told to me?

I refuse to hold my nose and vote for someone I know is not what this country needs. (About here I should get some BS about not voting for Biden will assure Trump will win….again Bite Me!)

This series will be why I cannot support or vote for Joe Biden…..(that is my decision…I ask NO one to follow suit….I just want to info why I will not give him my vote)

I seem to be one of the few Americans left that will stand by my principles….and so it shall be.

I am going to do a series of post on the issue that I think Biden is lying to the voters about…..I will start with social security.

The most recent Dem debate brought these issues to the spotlight….

Former Vice President Joe Biden told at least five lies during Sunday night’s one-one-one Democratic presidential debate with his last remaining opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Networks and outlets from CNN to Politico covered the debate as a win for Biden.

Both candidates took fire on their past positions. Sanders hit Biden on Social Security, the 2005 bankruptcy bill, and abortion rights, while the Vermont socialist had to answer for comments on gun rights, foreign policy, and immigration.

Some commentators were left with the feeling that, while Sanders has spent time on the trail discussing his old positions and explaining his evolution,  the former vice president has been able to get away with nonanswers that skirt the truth. Here are a few examples.

Biden is an astute politician…he knows how to give non-answers to questions that seem to be an explanation….when in reality he is just flat lying.

But that is just me.  You make your own decision…but please base that decision on information not some misguided desire.

Be Smart!

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2020 Dems–Another One Bites The Dust #21

And then there were two!

My candidate of choice has decided to bag it in and drop out of the race….Tulsi Gabbard leaves the campaign trail…..

Tulsi Gabbard is out. The Hawaii congresswoman dropped from the 2020 race on Thursday and endorsed Joe Biden, reports USA Today. Gabbard had barely been registering in the polls, and she had failed to qualify for any of the recent debates. She did, however, manage to win two delegates from American Samoa, where she was born, on Super Tuesday. “I know Vice President Biden and his wife and am grateful to have called his son Beau, who also served in the National Guard, a friend,” said Gabbard, per Axios. “Although I may not agree with the vice president on every issue, I know that he has a good heart and is motivated by his love for our country and the American people.”

The 38-year-old, who served in the Iraq War, is known for her “progressive economics and noninterventionist foreign policy,” per the New York Times. However, her campaign never caught on beyond her fervent base. Axios notes she became a favorite for “fringe voices on the right” among Democratic candidates, and the Times adds that she sometimes seemed to be campaigning against her own party. “Our Democratic Party, unfortunately, is not the party that is of, by and for the people,” she said at a November debate. “It is a party that has been and continues to be influenced by the foreign policy establishment in Washington, represented by Hillary Clinton and others’ foreign policy, by the military industrial complex and other greedy corporate interests.”

She endorses Joe Biden….sorry Tulsi but I will look elsewhere……

In the tradition of IST….we will show Tulsi the exit to the tunes of Queen….

If my choices are the two candidates in the field now….then I need to re-think where to put my support…..I will NOT hold my nose and vote……time to start looking elsewhere.

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