Declassified But Redacted

For months now the world has been waiting for the release of those damn 28 pages of the 9/11 report which some thought would implicate the Saudis in the attack……

Wait no longer…those damn pages are now in the public domain…..

The House Intelligence Committee on Friday released 28 previously classified pages from a 2002 congressional investigation into the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Some suspected the document contains information linking Saudi Arabia to the attackers.

The Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Abdullah Al-Saud said he welcomed the release of the redacted pages.

“Saudi Arabia has long called for the release of the classified ‘28 Pages,’ We hope the release of these pages will clear up, once and for all, any lingering questions or suspicions about Saudi Arabia’s actions, intentions, or long-term friendship with the United States,” he said in a statement.

“Saudi Arabia is working closely with the United States and other allies to eradicate terrorism and destroy terrorist organizations,” he added.

Here is the link for the pages released…….

Source: declasspart4.pdf

The pages are  redacted…..what part of that is declassified?

If you would like to refresh your memory on the 9/11 Report….the whole report then the link below is your source…..

Source: National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

And after all this we still do NOT have the whole story……

Does something smell fishy to you?  If so then please join the club.

“It is not who you know but rather who you blow”…….says it all for me.

Congress Goes To Work?

Hahaha……sorry could not write that without making myself laugh.

Are you shocked?  Well sort of….did you know that in 2016 the House of representatives will work 111 days total?  And get paid for full time work?  Great job if you could get it….and you cannot….you are not wealthy enough.

We have a new Speaker (Yawn)……and nothing will change…….maybe Ryan will get less time in the gym to work on his bod….but beyond that it will be business as usual….boring and worthless.

The House Foreign Affairs and House Homeland Security panels will hold a joint hearing on Wednesday on the “Rise of Radicalism: Growing Terrorist Sanctuaries and the Threat to the U.S. Homeland.” Witnesses include former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and former National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen, along with New America Director Peter Bergen.

On Tuesday, the Foreign Affairs Committee’s terrorism panel examines terror financing, with a particular focus on kidnapping and antiquities smuggling. The House passed legislation in June to crack down on looting in Syria, but it is stuck in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The House Armed Services Committee meanwhile holds a hearing Tuesday seeking “Outside Views on the Strategy for Iraq and Syria.” Witnesses include John McLaughlin, former acting director of central intelligence, and former Ambassador to Syria and Iraq Ryan Crocker.

The hearing will shed light on this weekend’s meeting of world powers in Vienna concerning the future of Syria. The United States and other countries with a stake in the war’s outcome agreed on a timetable for a transition government in six months and elections in 18 months…….

Hearings….is that not a performing arts course at university?  If you ever watched one of these dramas it is nothing but yahoos performing for the cameras….very little ever comes out of these with the exception of news sound bytes…..

But there is some that have a problem with Obama’s newest announcement of troop deployment…..

In a rare bi-partisan action a group of 35 Congresspeople have decided that there needs to be something done about our newest use of force…..

A bipartisan group of members of the House of Representatives have issued an open letter to Speaker Paul Ryan (R – WI), calling for a vote on an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against ISIS, citing “deepening entanglement” in the conflict by President Obama.

Under the War Powers Act, the president must seek Congressional approval for any overseas military operation within 60 days. The launching of the war against ISIS in summer of 2014 put that vote in the middle of a mid-term election, and most Congressional leaders on both sides simply chose to ignore the law.

The new letter particularly draws attention to the recent White House announcement of ground troops being deployed to Syria, something previous AUMF attempts explicitly ruled out, saying this is a “significant escalation” of the war and proof that Congress needs to at some point vote on the matter.

Though the authors of this letter are in opposition to the ISIS war, some proponents of the war are also seeking an AUMF, believing Congress should at the very least sign off on the matter on offer some guidelines on the scope of the war. At present, however, most of the leadership appears to remain opposed to a vote, and the White House seems comfortable with continuing the war indefinitely without any legal basis at all.

Again a valiant effort or maybe just a part of the play that is now being produced in Washington…..personally this is something that needs attention because I can smell…..”MISSION CREEP”!

I Knew There Was Humor In the Ryan Story….

It is official….Paul Ryan has a new job….Speaker of the House of Representatives….(let the peasants rejoice)……

House Republicans officially nominated Paul Ryan as speaker Wednesday, CNN reports. Er, excuse us, Paul D. Ryan. Also Wednesday, the congressman asked the Clerk of the House to formally change his name on all official documents and offices to Paul D. Ryan, Politico reports. His full name is Paul Davis Ryan. The full House is expected to approve Ryan’s nomination Thursday morning.

This just wasn’t his day…….as exciting as the news is that Ryan will be the next Speaker…..there was something that crapped all over his day…..

A runaway blimp!

Ryan’s big moment was overshadowed on all cable news channels by the daring escape of the military blimp……

A 243-foot military blimp called a JLENS has come free of its tether in Maryland and is now floating out of control somewhere in Pennsylvania.

The JLENS slipped out of Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, an hour outside Baltimore, at 11:54 am Eastern. It is still in the air, trailing 6,700 feet of cable across the Pennsylvania sky. The US military has dispatched two jets from Atlantic City Air Force Base to follow it.

The blimp may be armed and dangerous…..nothing is more dangerous than a blimp on the run!

According to the Baltimore Sun, “Authorities warned anyone who sees the blimp to keep a safe distance and dial 911.”

The Air Force has scrambled two F-16s from the Atlantic City Air National Guard base to track the blimp, which officials say is holding at 16,000 feet. The blimp broke free at 12:20 eastern time. “NORAD officials are working closely with the FAA to ensure air traffic safety, as well as with our other interagency partners to address the safe recovery of the aerostat,” NORAD said in a statement.

An unmanned Army surveillance blimp broke loose from its moorings in Maryland and floated over Pennsylvania for hours Wednesday with two US fighter jets on its tail, triggering blackouts across the countryside as it dragged its cable across power lines. The bulbous, 240-foot helium-filled blimp finally came down near Muncy, a small town about 80 miles north of Harrisburg. The North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado said the blimp detached from its station at the military’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland at about 12:20pm and drifted northward, climbing to about 16,000 feet.

The F-16s were scrambled from a National Guard base at Atlantic City, New Jersey, according to NORAD. At the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Ash Carter did not say what the two fighter jets might be asked to do or whether he considered it a threat to aviation. Witnesses reported seeing the blimp drifting in a sparsely populated area. Its tether was snapping power lines. The local electric utility, PPL, reported about 20,000 customers without power in the area, and Bloomsburg University canceled classes because of the outage. It was not immediately clear how the blimp came loose.

Sorry, my eyes have not been dry since I saw the daring escape……and Ryan is sitting in his office muttering to himself….”I can’t catch a break”….”who do I have to blow to get some press?”

Now I wonder how much this will cost the taxpayer?  To pay for it we will have nix the catheter program…..

Some news is just too good to pass up….and this is just such a story…..



Why, Big Mac, Why?

Okay…one more for the road…….

Let’s be honest shall we?  The contest for Speaker is about as interesting as watching flies mate……but the people that are dashing in the other direction….now that is a story.

By now we all know that the GOP front runner for Speaker has put his tail between his legs and bowed out of the race for the speakership……which is great….for it gives the media something to do trying to explain his decision…..I mean ….come on!

But why would he give up such a prestigious position?

There might be somebody out there who can unite all 247 House Republicans, but Kevin McCarthy says it definitely isn’t him. The House majority leader tells Politico that his shock decision not to seek the nomination for speaker came after friends said to him: “Why do you want to do it during this time? This time will be the worst time. They’re going to eat you and chew you up.” He says that while he could have won the speakership with around 220 votes, he “was never going to be able to get 247,” which would have left him unable to pass crucial measures like the debt ceiling increase. A big factor was the decision of the House Freedom Caucus to back Rep. Daniel Webster for the job, which could have left McCarthy without enough votes, reports the Washington Post.

There could be murkier factors involved: On Wednesday, Rep. Walter Jones called for candidates who’ve committed “misdeeds” to withdraw from the race, and rumors are circulating that he was referring to an alleged affair between McCarthy and fellow GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers, Gawker reports. Her Wikipedia page was edited on Thursday to say she has allegedly been having an affair since 2011. The edit, which came from a Department of Homeland Security IP address, was quickly reversed to remove the claim, Mediaite reports. Jones says he doesn’t have any proof of misconduct involving McCarthy or any other candidates, the Post reports. (McCarthy’s Benghazi comments didn’t help his cause.)

He bowed out because he was thinking of his next election (nothing else)….I mean how would it look to the voters back home if he could not get the required votes to become Speaker?

Back in the day he was one of the “Young Guns” of the GOP….they all had bright futures with the party and slowly but slowly they became persona non grata……first it was cantor….got his ass handed to him in an election.  Next was McCarthy….do I need to say more?  And last was past VP candidate Ryan who is still in the House but trying to keep a low profile….

But speaking of Ryan……

Senior Republicans are trying to draft Paul Ryan for the job that John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy don’t want. Ryan has repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to be House speaker, either—he announced, “I will not be a candidate” within minutes of McCarthy’s bombshell announcement yesterday, reports the Washington Post—but he’s coming under a lot of pressure from fellow Republicans who see him as the only man left for the job, Politico reports. The House Ways and Means Committee chairman may be starting to crack: Toward the end of Thursday, he went from total denial to telling reporters that he had no comment, reports the Post, which notes that the one-on-one pleas included two calls from Boehner.

Another call came from Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. “I have spent more time trying to talk him into running than I did my wife into marrying me,” Gowdy tells the New York Times. “Twenty-six years later, she’s still with me. I am just asking Paul for 14 months.” But Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, has a long-term plan that does not involve moving up in the House, insiders tell the Post, and taking the speaker job now could end up killing off those ambitions. According to the Post, the last person to retire from the role in “good standing” was Tip O’Neill in 1986.

Ryan is also running scared…..I mean this dude wants to be prez and with the chaos in the House….it would play hard on his chances.

Another coward that is more concerned about image than duty…..

Who Dropped The Shoe?

The drama swirling around the election of the Speaker of the House has a new twist for all you political geeks…….

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped a political bombshell on his Republican colleagues Thursday morning by dropping out of the race for House speaker. McCarthy was the heavy favorite to succeed John Boehner at the end of the month, though he faced long-shot challenges from Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Daniel Webster, the latter being the chosen nominee of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, reports the Hill. Republicans were supposed to pick their nominee Thursday, but McCarthy’s announcement forced the vote to be postponed. Even had he won this vote, it was unclear whether McCarthy would be able to get the necessary 218 votes when the full House voted on Oct. 29—thanks to the conservative opposition to him from within his own party.

The GOP cannot do anything without some sort of drama.

Now that big Mac is gone…who oh who will get the leadership roll?

Surely someone has an opinion……here is your chance….take it!

The House Of Drama

At the end of this month (October) the House of Representatives will vote on a new speaker……the present speaker has decided he has had enough of the games and antics of the clowns in the political circus we call the House.

Boehner is out and McCarthy is the heir apparent………or is he?  It seems the Mr. Mac has a problem when speaking into a microphone (and he wants to be speaker….see the irony there?)

Any way Mac has a challenger one sleepy time Rep known as Jason Chaffetz from the state of denial….no wait….Utah, the state of Utah.  After Mac made his now famous comment about Hillary and the Benghazi investigation he got a challenger….I guess the other GOPers are pissed that Mac gave away the secret of the tape…..

But what if Mac is not that popular when the vote comes around and we have a hung trial and the votes go on……

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is the heavy favorite to be the next House speaker, but he’s got a big math problem at the moment: When the full House votes on Oct. 29, he needs 218 ayes—and a group of about 30 conservative Republicans can prevent him from getting there, writes Russell Berman in the Atlantic. That raises the possibility that the House will be unable to elect a speaker and thus could become “institutionally paralyzed” for weeks or even months despite a host of pressing issues. One scenario is that John Boehner will stay on until a new leader is elected, instead of resigning on Oct. 30 as planned, notes the Hill.

That would be a “nightmare scenario” for Republicans and the House, which hasn’t needed multiple ballots to elect a speaker since 1923, writes Berman. Conservative Jason Chaffetz is running a long-shot candidacy against McCarthy, but his prospects of actually winning are all but nil. Berman’s piece suggests a way out of the mess: Conservatives will wring enough concessions out of House leaders—key committee posts, etc.—in exchange for their support of McCarthy’s speakership before the House vote.

(Click to read the full post. McCarthy hasn’t helped his own cause with his Hillary Clinton comments.)

Is it possible that we could get even more drama out of the House?  More entertainment watching the GOPers act like spoiled rug rats?  Will the Freedom Caucus (new name for the Tea Party) be as moronic as they have been in the past?  Will we get much deserved chuckle from the antics of silly little people?


He Said What?

Did I mention the Pope stopped by for a cup of Joe?  Well he said he was the Pope and who am I to dispute a man in a white dress?

This month we will say good-bye to Boehner, Speaker of the House and the Freedom Caucus will not have him to kick around anymore….

Looks like Rep. Kevin McCarthy is vying for the position of Speaker……all I can do is laugh……why?

In the coming years the most daunting task the government will have is in the area of foreign policy…..and McCarthy is about as sharp there as a rotting turnip…..he is a mumbling babbling mess….a typical GOPer these days……

His recent speech on foreign policy should point you in the direction of how he will run the House….

Kevin McCarthy is about to ascend to the highest office in the House of Representatives and become second in line to the presidency.

But there is a problem: The speaker-apparent apparently still can’t speak.

I have been tracking the California Republican’s valiant but often unsuccessful struggles with the English language for some time now, and I was alarmed to watch him lose another round Monday during a foreign policy speech to the John Hay Initiative, a new outfit of the neoconservative bent.

“If I look at history of where we are it seems a lot like 1979,” McCarthy informed his audience in the ballroom of Washington’s St. Regis hotel.

“We must engage this war of radical Islam if our life depended on it because it does,” he opined.

“I have visited Poland, Hungria, Estonia,” he said, and also “visited in our, uh, the allies in the Arab Gulf.”

He has, furthermore, been informed that we “live on the greatest nation that’s ever been on the face of the Earth.”

McCarthy called for “an effective politically strategy to match the military strategy,” and he lamented that “we have isolated Israel while bolding places like Iran.” He blamed President Barack Obama’s White House for “putting us in tough decisions for the future,” but he voiced hope that a “safe zone would create a stem the flow of refugees.” And he scolded the Department of Veterans Affairs for failing to assist returning servicemen “who fought to the death in Ramadi.”

That babbling mess from a Congressperson that has sponsored two bills…..both to rename buildings….does that make him the best person for the job?

He needs to practice before he speaks……after over a year of denying that the Faux investigation into the Benghazi debacle was a Clinton with hunt…..he said this about the investigation…….

“Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee. A select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known that any of that had happened had we not fought to make that happen,” McCarthy said.

This moron has all but admitted that the investigation was nothing more than a witch hunt…..and he wants to be Speaker of the House?  Seriously?

Think about it…if he is that big of an idiot he will be the perfect person to run the House….he can be bullied and control by the Freedom Caucus and every moronic idea will become a bill…..more money down the toilet.

I cannot wait for his next batch of utterances that will make my day…..

Thank you McCarthy!

On A Side Note:  Speaking of the Benghazi investigation……..

as if we didn’t know this was the agenda, we’ve been writing this for years here at Politicus. And just yesterday we discussed the outrageous fact that the Benghazi probe has gone on longer than the Watergate probe.

But the party that sells itself as “fiscally responsible”, in spite of their claim that “deficits don’t matter” when they were in charge, would definitely want to reimburse taxpayers the $4.5 million they have spent on lowering former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers and manufacturing sound bites for free campaign ads against her, which they will all use since Republicans always have to run “against” a person since they can’t run on their own ideas.

The GOP toads owes the American people money…….TIME TO PAY IT BACK!