Closing Thought–27Apr17

Recently New Orleans starting taking down some of the Civil War monuments….I have mixed emotions….one these should not be destroyed instead move them to a location and build a theme park around them….”How Not To Fight A War”…..believe it or not it is a heritage….a heritage that I think is disgusting but one nonetheless….

I bring this up because of something that your president has done…..but it has little to do with mortar and stone monuments (for now)…….

President Trump will sign an executive order on Wednesday instructing the Department of the Interior to review the designations of national monuments by his predecessors, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Trump’s order reportedly will instruct Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to examine those designations to determine whether they were within the scope of a century-old law that allows presidents to set aside federal lands without congressional approval.

The executive order is mainly geared toward reviewing President Obama’s designation of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah in December, according to the Tribune. The 1.35 million acre site was preserved due to its Native American heritage, but critics say Obama’s designation was an overreach of executive power.

Trump is expected to sign a broader series of executive orders on energy and the environment this week, following an executive order that began undoing Obama’s climate change agenda.

“I am taking an historic step to lift the restrictions on American energy, to reverse government intrusion and to cancel job-killing regulations,” Trump said last month.


This is a con job…the US has enough oil outlets without destroying anything else….but what can we expect from a “businessman” for a president?

Of course this one is more to rape the national parks for the oil than about our other monuments….but will it effect those waiting to be built?  Like the WW1 monument……

The one good thing is that it is an EO and can be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the toilet paper.

A musical interlude to end the day……an excellent album of my generation….Super Session…….

Enjoy the rest of your day…I am off like a dirty shirt….back in the morrow…peace out….chuq

Is It The Downfall Of Western Civilization?

I have seen many TV shows and heard of movies that use the downfall of Western Civilization as their main premise…..I have talked to numerous people that also see mankind as a cancer and that civilization could be short lived…..

Situations are pointing to an end to Western civilization….at least according to some predictors…….including one Davis Brooks……

In his New York Times column Friday, David Brooks is worried about what might be the ultimate big picture: the collapse of Western civilization. He sees the signs all over, particularly in the rise of “strong men” around the world such as Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Recep Erdogan, Kim Jong Un, and, yes, our own president. “While running for office, Donald Trump violated every norm of statesmanship built up over these many centuries, and it turned out many people didn’t notice or didn’t care,” writes Brooks. Modern governments, he adds, are beginning to resemble “premodern mafia states, run by family-based commercial clans.” He’s also worried about the rise of fringe parties, as can be seen in the presence of Marine Le Pen in France, and the “collapse of liberal values at home,” as seen in the shouting down of speakers at college campuses.

“These days, the whole idea of Western civ is assumed to be reactionary and oppressive,” he concludes. “All I can say is, if you think that was reactionary and oppressive, wait until you get a load of the world that comes after it.” At the BBC, Rachel Nuwer paints a similarly dark picture after interviewing scientists and historians about the long-term prospects for Western societies. The two main themes are growing economic and ecological stresses, but she does end with a hint of hope, summing up the view of one of her interviewees: “Western civilization is not a lost cause, however. Using reason and science to guide decisions, paired with extraordinary leadership and exceptional goodwill, human society can progress to higher and higher levels of well-being and development.” Click for Brooks’ column, and for Nuwer’s.

Disclaimer:  I do not use NYT much as a source ut I read this piece and thought it would make good fodder for conversation…….

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

Yes a very heavy subject…..and please let the rest of us in on what you think about the prediction of the downfall of Western civilization.

Closing Thought–26Apr17

“Benghazi Calling!”

I remember the days when the GOP was jerking off on their desks because of the attack in Benghazi that killed the US ambassador to Libya.  All the investigations that found nothing…all the politicians face time on talk TV…..and all the conspiracy crap from the bowels of the likes of Alex Jones, WND and a wealth of morons from the Right.

Then in 2016 we had candidate Trump that mentioned it whenever it was advantageous…..and he was concerned how lax Clinton was with the security of our diplomats……

As usual the Trump person was full of piss and vinegar….why?

Although President Donald Trump repeatedly railed against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the attacks on the Benghazi consulate, he still has yet to nominate anyone to oversee American embassy security.

As Politico reported, Congressional Democrats are calling the omission hypocritical while Republicans are encouraging Trump to work faster to fill this and other important posts at the State Department.

“The State Department has security professionals who are up to the job, but we do need all hands on deck given the many evolving threats we face,” said Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA). “I hope a nominee for assistant secretary will be put forward soon.”

Source: Trump railed against Benghazi — but he still hasn’t nominated anyone to oversee embassy security

It is okay with those tiny brains of the Trump supporters….that Pres. Trump is nothing like candidate Trump.

But what can you expect from a candidate from the hypocritical party…..but if the unthinkable happens will Trump be held up to the same scrutiny as Clinton….my guess is NOT a chance.

But if you prefer music to bullsh*t then maybe this selection will be a better end of the day………

That closes down the notebook for the day….be well, be safe….tomorrow is another day….chuq

Where Have All The Protesters Gone?

As a child of the 60’s and after my stint in Vietnam I came home and started protesting a war I did not agree with…..I have fond memories of those protests and even some of the arrests.

The US has been at war for 25 years….and there has been very little antiwar protests…..only small voices in the wilderness like mine.

And now that we have a whole White House flexing its muscles around the world and even some threats of using nukes (mostly from idiots that have no idea what they are talking about) I would think that there would be more people rising up and joining in protests….I would be mistaken.

Why?  Because of this……

A series of accelerating and interlocking security crises, from the Middle East and southwest Asia to North Korea, makes the first months of 2017 an especially perilous time. Increasing the dangers is the way that domestic politics in the United States are coming to shape the Trump’s administration’s global military adventurism.

To understand what is happening, look back a few months. Trump’s electoral success in November was partly owed to his stance as defender of the ordinary American facing an entrenched Washington establishment. This elite, he proclaimed, was out of touch with and ignorant of the everyday problems of post-industrial and rural middle America.

Source: Trump’s Wars: More to Come | By Paul Rogers | Common Dreams

All does not look promising….but I could be mistaken (probably not)…..

In recent weeks, the people of the world have been treated to yet another display of the kind of nuclear insanity that has broken out periodically ever since 1945 and the dawn of the nuclear era.

On April 11, Donald Trump, irked by North Korea’s continued tests of nuclear weapons and missiles, tweeted that “North Korea is looking for trouble.” If China does not “help,” then “we will solve the problem without them.” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un responded by announcing that, in the event of a U.S. military attack, his country would not scruple at launching a nuclear strike at U.S. forces. In turn, Trump declared: “We are sending an armada, very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. We have the best military people on earth.”

Source: Why Is There So Little Popular Protest Against Today’s Threats of Nuclear War? – LA Progressive

What will it take?  What has to happen to force people to face the possibility?

Where have all the protesters gone?

Art Of Blogging–IST Update

The news of the day is boring and redundant…..I can only stand so much blah-blah before I go into another universe in my head.

My weekend continues and I have nothing of value to contribute today… I will go off the cuff…..

I like to keep my readers up to date on what is happening here on IST…..

I started blogging in 2006 after a nasty fall that crush one of my legs and I needed something to keep my mind busy and off my problem….since I had been a teacher and did lots of writing I figured that I would take up my old vice… and commentary.

Things started off slowly…basically I used my blog to cut and paste news articles that I wanted to keep for reference…..after about a year I started getting comments on the stuff I had written….and then I started adding my thoughts backed up by links and facts and my comments improved and expanded…

Originally the title was Studies And Observations and then it went through a period of trying to find a better title and I finally settled on In Saner Thought…the title of a small book of poetry from my youth.

It was always pretty good at attracting people but few stayed around for long….most of the deserters were from my Twitter account not WP……..and then I installed the translation widget and my readership expanded rather rapidly….I am getting many more international visitors than before….I now have regulars from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Morocco… mention only a few….and I am thankful for their readership and comments.

I have always contended that I am no expert at this blogging thing….but as things have progressed I feel that IST has become a success….not as popular as I would want…but then we all think we are better at it than others….that ego trip we are all on when we write a blog.

Another aspect that I consider a success is in the comments…..they are great and I like to treat them as if I am speaking to the person directly not just throwing stuff at them.  Also those that comment also reply to replies…it strikes up a conversation between visitors……… I like that aspect also.

In the beginning most visitors were from English speaking countries but these days I am getting regulars from all over the globe…..I am also getting multiple re-blogs since the installation of the translation widget and that helps expand the conversation and exchange of thoughts.

Finally, recently I was contacted by Autumn of that asked if they could cross post one of my articles on their site…..I agreed and here is the link……

Source: Is Obama A Socialist?

That pretty much catches everyone up……and thank you guys for all the help to make IST a small success…..I cannot express my gratitude properly other than THANK YOU.

I apologize I just had to toot the IST horn a bit.

So ends another Sunday post….I will go out and work in the garden and get a little exercise in while my leg is feeling better…..may be a little brunch in the garden…..fruit, nuts, cheese and a little wine……enjoy your day, my friends…….

Be well and be safe….chuq

Closing Thought–20Apr17

Today is 4-20 and we know what that means, right?

Less than 100 days in office and poor Trump was having a Hell of a time….his polling numbers were stagnant at about 35% or so……what did he have to do to win the popularity contest with the nation?

See what a couple of well placed missiles and bombs can do.

President Trump retweeted a Drudge Report post Monday morning that announced the commander in chief’s approval rating is back up to 50%, with 50% disapproving of his job performance, per a Monday Rasmussen Reports poll. The daily presidential tracking gauge notes that Trump’s thumbs-up numbers peaked at 59% just after when he took office, stayed in the 50s for a while, and then fell below the halfway mark in early March, where they’ve remained since, with a low of 42%. But Chris Cillizza writes for CNN that one lone poll shouldn’t be considered gospel on how Trump’s doing, citing other recent polls such as Gallup’s April 15 poll (41% approve, 53% disapprove) and Marist’s April 14 poll (39% approve, 49% disapprove).

Cillizza adds there may be reasons not to put too much stock in Rasmussen’s results, although he’s careful not to say that Rasmussen is necessarily wrong. He simply notes that there are some uncertainties surrounding the group’s polling methodology, including how they define “likely voter,” how using automated interview software instead of real people may affect outcomes, and even whether the way the numbers are dialed serves up a truly representative sample. What Cillizza does say correlates: Trump’s numbers jump with his strike on Syria. Meanwhile, another Monday Gallup poll shows 45% of Americans think Trump has been keeping his promises—a sharp drop from 62% in February.

What does that say about us?  That we can be swayed by the dropping of a few bombs and such?

On another path……

Remember back in the day when the GOP and its morons could not shut up about the unpatriotic non-flag pin wearing of some Dems and even the prez….remember?

And yet I have heard NOTHING from these mental midgets about a screw up by Mr. Trump…..

White House Easter Egg Roll started with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

This being the Trump White House, there was a bit of a glitch. Trump apparently forgot to put his hand on his heart during the singing of the national anthem.

Personally I do not care….but I just like to point out the HYPOCRISY of the Trump-ites….these toads cannot smell their own shit!

Day done….keyboard put away…..time to call it a day….tomorrow will be another day….filled with stuff….chuq

Is Obama A Socialist?

Have you noticed that some things never change when it comes to the “Ignorati”?

This is one of my favorite pieces of manure from the Right….Obama is a socialist…or is it Marxist….or ……..what it is is total fabrication from loonies that would not know a socialist if one walked up and bit them in the ass.

Months after Obama has left office the dog whistle idiots on the Right are still going on about Obama as some sort of “socialist”…..I understand why they do it… is because they will not bring themselves to admit that their man in the White House is incompetent fool….so they are still stuck on Obama and anyone that will not agree with them as some sort of “socialist” conspiracy….FYI….do not compare Trump to a fascist or they, the Right, will go batcrap crazy for only they can make shit up about a president past of present.

But let’s look at Obama being a socialist.

The easy answer to the question is NO….but that is not good enough for the chin wagers on the Right… let’s look deeper…..

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, is not a socialist. While varying theories and approaches exist among socialists, all of them advocate for some form of social or state ownership over the means of production. Obama proposes none of this

While Obama has argued for enhanced and even structural regulation of certain industries, including health care, this in no way suggests a move toward all-out socialism. In contrast, Obama received widespread support from Wall Street interests during campaigning and, as of 2014, continues to receive only muted approval of his policy decisions from self-identified American socialists.

The term “socialist,” as applied to Mr. Obama, may have become a fear word or pejorative deployed by some conservatives convinced of its ability to shock the public and create ideological rifts among the electorate, according to CNBC. This, the same source suggests, possibly results from the weakening shock value of words such as “liberal” in American political discourse. While Mr. Obama may support some socialist-inspired policies when applied to social justice issues and public protections, a broad coalition of American statesmen and women have supported similar policies for generations, both Republican and Democrat. Some such policies have become essential features of America’s capitalist democracy, policies such as government regulation of food and workplace safety, social security, Medicaid and Medicare, along with publicly supplied protections for veterans and their families.

With all that said…..cut it anyway you slow mental midgets like…the answer is still….NO!

BTW….being black does NOT make a socialist either….contrary to popular belief.