Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail | Grist

If a blogger writes anything about climate warming then there is a plethora of people that fly into a rage and start posting those damn links that would take a insane person from sanity to sitting in a corner baffled………Everyone has an opinion but especially those the are what we are calling “deniers”

But all there links and their knowledge….the equation is can any of their opposition be scientifically tested?  It can….but can it be verified?

That is a different question with a different answer……

Read on my friends read on!


Source: Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail | Grist


4 thoughts on “Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail | Grist

  1. Here is the problem: If the climate change deniers were ever to start agreeing that there is a climate change problem any attempted solutions would cost sopme big wig with a lot of money millions — perhaps even billions — of dollars to start finding a solution. They are never going to put themselves in the position where climate change will cost them something. They would rather arbirtrage the planet and the populations first.

    Check out how quickly coal mine operators are willing to admit that their sludge causes any problems with local community drinking water supplies if you want to see this defensive syndrome in action. Their reaction to such damage and health claims is about the same as their position toward climate change. They get on their denial horses and ride into the sunset without ever parting with a nickle to clean up the messes they have made.

    The frackers are the same way.

    The Big Money will never accept the idea of climate change as long as it is more profitable to refuse to do so.

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