History For a Sunday

Let me begin my day with a wish that all my fathers have a great Father’s Day……..

It has been awhile since I gave a history lesson and this Sunday seems like a good time to do so…….(I hear those heavy sighs and eye rolling)……

It is written that Hitler saw himself as a reincarnation of German Emperor Barbarossa…..seriously? That is who you want to emulate?

It is June 1190 and the leader of the Third Crusade dies…..this great warrior king did not even make it to the fight in the Holy Land…..he drowns crossing a river in Turkey on the way to the fight…..

On June 10, 1190, during the Third Crusade, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (r. 1155-1190) drowned in the river Saleph while leading an army to Jerusalem.

Frederick I Barbarossa (known as “red beard”) is generally considered one of Medieval Europe’s greatest emperors.  He had a long reign as not only Holy Roman Emperor but also as King of Italy, King of Germany (which at the time also meant King of the Romans), and King of Burgundy, ruling some of these realms from 1152 until his death in 1190, or nearly forty years!

Death peed on his dreams of glory in the Holy Land….I guess Hitler overlooked that part of the legend of “Red Beard” Barbarossa…..drowned while crossing a river (maybe someone should have told him that swimming in armor never ends well)
Ain’t history grand?
Plus it was fairly painless.
Be Smart!
Learn Stuff!
Class Dismissed!

Remember The USS Liberty!

Today my Saturday will be in remembrance of the American deaths from the bastards that attacked the US Naval ship, the USS Liberty…..since I am giving so much information for my reader to digest this will be my only post today.

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Every year on the day of the attack, 08 June, I do a post on the USS Liberty in honor of those killed and wounded by the cowardly attack by Israel on a US Naval ship….There are many articles and papers written about this attack and I try to give my reader a library of work on the situation…..so they can better understand what happened on that fateful day.

And yes it was a fateful day…34 American sailors were murdered by a supposed ally, Israel and the US allowed the cowardly attack to go unanswered.

Source: Remembering the U.S.S. Liberty – The Unz Review

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Source: Two important lessons from Israeli attack on the USS Liberty – In Saner Thought

Source: USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi – In Saner Thought

Source: Liberty Survivors Say US Still Downplays Israel’s Attack on Ship – In Saner Thought

As they say….it’s a small world…..look at how all these situations are intertwine…..

And we have been protecting Israel from paying for their crimes and the list is substantial ever since that attack.

These Americans should NEVER have been forgotten….and they have for most of the society….I hopefully can help their memory endure.

For those that need visuals……

Please help a country remember their dead…..sailors they have mostly forgotten.


Please Pass it On!

Learn Stuff!

Allow me to reiterate…..That is a lot of information to be digested so this will be my only post for the day……..

Have a good start to the weekend and may your day be filled with joy and love…..

Peace Out!

Defeated Ideology Isn’t Dead

On the day after the DDay celebrations I would like to point out a few things most notably the ideology of hate of the Nazis was soundly defeated by the forces of “good”……it was defeated but not eliminated…..

The threats that caused WW2, Facism and rabid nationalism, are only dormant……and as it awakes it MUST be confronted and put down in its place……When these threats to freedom do re-emerge; where this ideology becomes resurgent; let us be clear. It won’t be defeated by aping or appeasing it. We will defeat it only by confronting it.

75 years ago to this day, the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France was delayed one final time. Appropriately, it was in the face of the British weather that General Eisenhower pushed back the beginning of Operation Overlord – this time by just 24 hours – and on June 6, 1944, D-Day began.

Pilots and aircrew from 12 different nations led a 1200-plane airborne assault, preceding the largest seaborne invasion in history with nearly 7,000 vessels carrying 160,000 troops across the English Channel.

The historian Anthony Beevor records that General Eisenhower, without telling even his closest advisors, had prepared a brief statement to be made in the event of failure. It read: “the landings have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold, and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based on the best information available. The troops, the air and the navy did all that bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it was mine alone.”


We see the ugliness of rabid nationalism once again…..and as we did in the past we must step up and put it in its place….in the dust bin of history.

This is not an ideology that can be totally defeated…..but sanity usually returns and this rabid hatred is once again in check….for another generation until we forget the devastation the hatred wrought….then the cycle will begin again….ad nauseum.

The Day After

I waited to post this until after the DDay celebrations because I did not want some low life trying to equate this with my personal beliefs…..I post it as a historic thingy and the opinions of others.

I read a piece where the Russians are pushing the info that the DDay celebrations are nothing more than “fake news” ………

Ahead of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of France, Russia’s foreign minister has written an article arguing that the commemorations of the event are part of a “false” history that belittles the contributions of the Soviet Union toward defeating Nazi Germany.

Sergey Lavrov chastised Western powers in an article published in Russia’s International Affairs magazine on Tuesday, ahead of events in Europe to mark the D-Day landings on the Nazi-occupied Normandy coast.

“False interpretations of history are being introduced into the Western education system with mystifications and pseudo-historical theories designed to belittle the feat of our ancestors,” Lavrov wrote.


Geez! The Russian Federation is sounding a lot like the USSR these days.

I can see their “anger” if you will, that they had wanted a 2nd front for a couple of years to give the Red Army some relief which at the time was ass deep in fighting the Nazis back…..but to attack the celebration of DDay as fake news is a pail too far. Keep in mind that about 30 million Soviets died during WW2 (a fact that the West seems to overlook)

My uncle use to get miffed when this day came around for he felt slighted….he had fought across North Africa then up Italy and then into Southern France….Operation Dragoon……he felt that America had forgotten their contributions in blood and treasure……

So in his honor I give this in tribute……

The Allied invasion of southern France in the late summer of 1944, an operation first code-named ANVIL and later DRAGOON, marked the beginning of one of the most successful but controversial campaigns of World War II. However, because it fell both geographically and chronologically between two much larger Allied efforts in northern France and Italy, both its conduct and its contributions have been largely ignored. Planned originally as a simultaneous complement to OVERLORD, the cross-Channel attack on Normandy, ANVIL actually took place over two months later, on 15 August 1944, making it appear almost an afterthought to the main Allied offensive in northern Europe. Yet the success of ANVIL and the ensuing capture of the great southern French ports of Toulon and Marseilles, together with the subsequent drive north up the Rhone River valley to Lyon and Dijon, were ultimately to provide critical support to the Normandy-based armies finally moving east toward the German border.



Least We Forget!

Closing Thought–06Jun19

Today we remember the invasion of Europe by the allies that lead the way to victory over the Nazi war machine…….but France was not the only invasion…..ever hear of Operation Forager?

Most people recognize 6 June 1944 as D-Day, when Americans, British, and Canadians, with assistance from the forces of 17 other nations, assaulted northern France in Operation Neptune, the initial phase of the invasion of Normandy, Operation Overlord. Fewer people remember that June 1944 had another D-Day, when on the 15th, the United States conducted a massive amphibious landing on the Japanese-held Mariana Islands. Known as Operation Forager, this D-Day equaled Neptune in some respects and exceeded it in others.

The nature and geography of the objectives, the threats faced, and even the political environment presented each landing with surprisingly different challenges that are interesting to contrast; in fact, the biggest thing the two operations had in common was their immense size. As historian Samuel Morison wrote, “Added together, ‘Neptune’ in Europe and ‘Forager’ in the Pacific made the greatest military effort ever put forth by the United States or any other nation at one time.”1

Today we spend some time remembering what has been called our “Greatest Generation”…..those brave souls that help bring the end of Nazi domination of Europe….and the Japanese domination of Asia.
Find a moment to silently say “thank you” to all those that made their sacrifice to preserve freedom.

June 06, 1944

75 years ago in the early hours of the morning of 6th of June a massive armada made its way to the North coast of France, Normandy and the begin the end game for the Nazis in World War Two.

There are several myths about the invasion that need to be corrected…….

Anniversaries are useful moments to pause and reflect. For the 75th anniversary of D-Day and subsequent campaign in northern France, it is also an opportunity to look at the past in detail and ask how much of what we think we know is true and how much is well-entrenched myth. Not only is it more interesting, it is also of greater worth as we plan for the future and pray there will never be a conflict like World War II again.


1943 was the year that was suppose to be the start of the Allies push against the Nazis……

In April 1942, General George C. Marshall, the U.S. Army’s Chief of Staff, went to London with a set of plans to bring about the defeat of Germany in northwestern Europe. Operation Bolero detailed a rapid buildup of U.S. forces in England, and Operation Sledgehammer foresaw an emergency 1942 landing in France should the Soviet Union be on the verge of collapse. But the star of the show was Operation Roundup, a large cross-Channel landing in April 1943, to be followed by a drive through northern France and into the Reich. In essence, Roundup was similar to what the Western Allies finally adopted—Operation Overlord—but they executed the latter more than a year later, starting on 6 June 1944.


Further Reading:


I agree with John Kerry…”Today is not a day for anything political”.

Remember For Least We Forget!

Remembering D-Day

75 years ago today the brave soldiers of many countries go ashore in Northern France to begin the fight for Europe……and rid themselves of the Nazis once and for all……

For those interested….this is a wealth of photos from the day….

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Image result for d-day images

More photos of the day to remember…….


Do not let these men and women be forgotten……as we do with other wars…..