The Monroe Doctrine

Over the weekend my daughter and granddaughter stopped by for a visit…..and we did what we always do….schmooze……I asked my granddaughter how school was going and she said that she was studying the Monroe Doctrine in her American History class……..I asked her what her lessons said about the document…..after she gave the whole thing I told her that it was very simplistic and she asked about more info for she had to do a report…..

After our talk I thought since I like to torture my readers with historic perspectives that this subject would be a good post here on IST….

After some thought I realized that few Americans realize what the document is all about….I mean it was quoted during the Cuban missile crisis as a reason for the US response….

Shall we look at the Doctrine?

In his December 2, 1823, address to Congress, President James Monroe articulated United States’ policy on the new political order developing in the rest of the Americas and the role of Europe in the Western Hemisphere.

The statement, known as the Monroe Doctrine, was little noted by the Great Powers of Europe, but eventually became a longstanding tenet of U.S. foreign policy. Monroe and his Secretary of State John Quincy Adams drew upon a foundation of American diplomatic ideals such as disentanglement from European affairs and defense of neutral rights as expressed in Washington’s Farewell Address and Madison’s stated rationale for waging the War of 1812. The three main concepts of the doctrine—separate spheres of influence for the Americas and Europe, non-colonization, and non-intervention—were designed to signify a clear break between the New World and the autocratic realm of Europe. Monroe’s administration forewarned the imperial European powers against interfering in the affairs of the newly independent Latin American states or potential United States territories. While Americans generally objected to European colonies in the New World, they also desired to increase United States influence and trading ties throughout the region to their south. European mercantilism posed the greatest obstacle to economic expansion. In particular, Americans feared that Spain and France might reassert colonialism over the Latin American peoples who had just overthrown European rule. Signs that Russia was expanding its presence southward from Alaska toward the Oregon Territory were also disconcerting.

I then found an article…an updated look, if you will at the document.

Revealing his “deal making” chops, the Donald started, even before the election, by giving Czar Vlad a greenlight for his conquest of Crimea and the Ukraine, getting, in return, Czar Vlad’s help in the election.

Source: Old Whine, New Orange Bottle – LA Progressive

Soon we will have brand new spanking president….will he use the doctrine in his sweep of international relations?

Class dismissed!

The Abolition of Foreign Policy

God knows that I love me some historical perspectives here and there…….this article is a good piece of history about the Cold War and the “fight” against communism….

What explains the behavior of nations on the world stage? There is no science to guide us, no psychology of nation-states to elucidate the secrets of the national Ego, Super-Ego, and Id. Oh, there are theories galore: the realists, the structuralists, the Marxists, and more. Yet these are thin gruel these days, when all claims of predictability are open to challenge, and one cannot tell the exceptions from the rule. In today’s world, it often seems that there are no rules.

Or are there?

Let us look at the current madness, and its antecedents, and see if we can discern a pattern.

Source: The Abolition of Foreign Policy by —

This is an excellent look at the Cold War and the decisions made…..if you like history then this is the article for you…..enjoy

When Is History Not History?

So begins the first full weekend in a new year…..and it is colder than a well diggers ass in Idaho…..I will hunker down drink coffee and make home-made corn chowder (grandma’s recipe) and enjoy the time AFK (away from keyboard)……

My only post today will be about my fave subject….HISTORY.

All that know me know that I am history buff…..and for my readers a bit of a pain in the butt with all my historical perspectives……(tee hee).  For sometime I have been bitching about the History Channel that airs very little history.  Most Hitler stuff….I think most everyone knows what a dick he was and since we are in the middle of the 100 year anniversary of World War One it would make good sense to air some shows about that horrible war….inform the public that the world we know today started with that war.

But NO!  We have new series on….you guessed….Adolf Hitler.

But instead they air shows about modern day dumpster divers, assholes that cut down old growth trees, trucks driving in Canada and other such “historic” happenings.

And then there is the Military Channel that was re-named the American Heroes Channel (AHC)…but yet they air shows about gangsters, outlaws, gunslingers, family feuds and the rest of the total bullshit from our history…..and even some….you guessed it….Hitler.  Not a hero in the bunch.

Okay I have rattled on a bit much…the reason I am posting this is because it seems that a GOPer whom I have had NOTHING nice to say about agrees with my bitching about the History Channel…..

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) railed against the History Channel’s original programming, on Thursday, suggesting “if you don’t like history” you should watch one of the channel’s top rated shows, “Pawn Stars.”

Source: GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley rails against ‘no history’ History Channel

Go figure the old professor agreeing with someone in the GOP….a miracle of miracles…..(that should be historic)

Reality bullshit has invaded history….Hell reality bullshit has invade all aspects of life……how sad for this society and the world.

Stay warm and have a good Saturday…..Peace out my friends.

Is It Just Paranoia?

I apologize it seems that I am beating you about the brain with historical perspectives today….but it is a new year so why not learn something, right?

With all the stuff about Russia coming to the forefront…the hacking…the military build-up….the political rhetoric… there reason for them to be paranoid?

Keep in mind this is a historic perspective and not some endorsement of anything….just a short history lesson is all.

Russia has had two major invasion in history…..the first was Napoleon in 1812 and then in 1941 by Germany and each time the invaders came in through Poland and Central Europe….so at the end of WW2 Russia kept the invasion route under their control so it could not ever happen again.

Then the US…..Russia worried about the US and its new weapon, the A-bomb…..they, the US, had used it twice and would they use it again?  Yes they were worried about a possible invasion by the US.  Now you ask why would the US consider such a thing?

But first a little background…..I recently watched a History Channel program that was entitled “America’s First War on Communism”….it was a look at the Korean War.

Being a history nut I quickly sent an email to the Channel and then wrote a piece here on IST….I worked to dispel a misconception…that was not the first War on Communism…..

Source: America’s First War On Communism – In Saner Thought

That is correct the US sent troops into Russia in 1919 in support of the Whites, the loyalist that were fighting the Communists in the Civil War that ensued after the revolution…..but for more info read on……

It was a war few Americans knew about then or now. Orchestrated behind closed doors, inspired by panic, and plagued by futility, America’s military intervention in Siberia during the First World War continued long after the Armistice sent the doughboys in France home.President Woodrow Wilson considered the order to send American troops to Siberia, a region besieged by civil war, lawlessness, and murder, one of the most difficult decisions of his presidency. Despite Russia’s separate peace treaty with Germany ending the war on the Eastern Front early in 1918, Wilson hesitated to get involved in Russia’s civil war even at the Allies insistence. By Summer 1918 things changed. The mounting Japanese occupation of Siberia threatened American business interests in the East. Piles of Allied military goods amassing to over 600,000 tons of war materials laid vulnerable around the crowded city.[1] The plight of the stranded Czech Legion vulnerable to the merciless Red Army gave Wilson a much needed moral foundation for intervention. Intervention, Wilson realized, could be used later to pressure the Allies into adopting his ideas for a League of Nations.

Source: AEF Siberia

NATO is building up on Russia’s western border…I would say ….There is good reason for Russia to have these feelings of paranoia….as they say….old habits die hard..

The Russian “Hack” Report

Okay we have a report issued by the Intel people and the FBI on the hacking of the DNC and Podesta’s email account…..

Do you believe or do you join with your new “messiah” in the story of the hack?

In case you have an open mind (this is for people other than a GOPer)……

The 13-page report provides technical details regarding tools and infrastructure used by Russian civilian and military intelligence services to “compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities.” (See the entire report below.)

Source: FBI, DHS release report on Russia hacking | TheHill

There is not much more in this released report that one could not have found on-line…..but in case you would like to read the report for yourself…..

Source: JAR-16-20296: GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity – JAR_16-20296A_GRIZZLY STEPPE-2016-1229.pdf

Personally, I would like to see the finished report when it comes out, probably next year….that is if it is not squashed by the new guy.

I cannot leave you guys without a little history……94 years ago, 1922, the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, the USSR, was established…..

Closing Thought–28Dec16

Games People Play…..

Recently I was surprised to see that one of my followers, w1nt3l, knew of Henry George and the land value tax……it is an economic theory that I think would solve a lot of problems…..but few know of his theory these days of runaway greed….

When you were a kid or maybe just yesterday…did you ever play Monopoly?  Did you get a monopoly game for Christmas?

Did you know that Henry George was the inspiration for the original Monopoly……..BAM!  Drop the history bomb!

This is a little something to explain the game and its origins…..

A brief history of America’s favorite board game……(you just knew there would be a historic perspective in there somewhere, right?)

Source: Monopoly’s Radical, Anticapitalist, Feminist Origins – by Andy Warner

Back in the 80’s I studied at the Henry George Institute…..and to this day I firmly believe that his land value tax would be an excellent policy for this country to follow.

The Ghost Of The USS Pueblo

Early Saturday morning I was having a hard time sleeping so I decided to watch some news……I found the Rachel Maddow Show…..she is so cute but she is just too damn redundant for me to watch often.

The show was about basically about the moves the China has made in recent years when we have a new president…..(oh Hell I hate typing this early…watch it for yourself)…..

As usual she was very through in her research but I took a different tack off of the piece……I remember on 23Jan68 the North Koreans captured a US Naval vessel, USS Pueblo……which was operating in international waters, according to the US…… anyone old enough to remember this?

the USS Pueblo, a Navy intelligence vessel, is engaged in a routine surveillance of the North Korean coast when it is intercepted by North Korean patrol boats. According to U.S. reports, the Pueblo was in international waters almost 16 miles from shore, but the North Koreans turned their guns on the lightly armed vessel and demanded its surrender. The Americans attempted to escape, and the North Koreans opened fire, wounding the commander and two others. With capture inevitable, the Americans stalled for time, destroying the classified information aboard while taking further fire. Several more crew members were wounded.

Finally, the Pueblo was boarded and taken to Wonson. There, the 83-man crew was bound and blindfolded and transported to Pyongyang, where they were charged with spying within North Korea’s 12-mile territorial limit and imprisoned. It was the biggest crisis in two years of increased tension and minor skirmishes between the United States and North Korea.

All this was a continuing battle of intel between US and PRNK…..what does this have to do with Maddow’s talk?

Shen mentioned a couple of ships, US Navy ships, that were crewed by civilians….the Bowditch and the Impeccable….but they are research ships…..they are intel ships and I bet that half the crew are agents with some real scientist scattered in to make it appear legit.

The South China Sea is a hot bed of intel activity thanx to those islands that everyone in the region lays claim to….then there is the underwater  drone that China has lifted….

Pentagon officials are accusing the Chinese Navy of theft today after one of their ships made off with a US underwater surveillance drone, which officials described as “lawfully conducting a military survey” in the South China Sea.

Details on the incident are still emerging. The USNS Bowditch deployed 2 such drones somewhere in the South China Sea. The Pentagon described the incident as occurring “about 100 miles” from Subic Bay, which likely puts it in the vicinity of the Spratly Islands.

The Bowditch was being followed by a Chinese Navy vessel, the ASR-510, a Dalang-III class rescue and salvage ship. The Bowditch had its drones deployed about 500 meters from itself, and while Pentagon officials described the Bowditch itself as being in international waters, they weren’t clear whether the drones were. Obvious the US and China also have different concepts of whose maritime waters are whose in the South China Sea as well.


Maddow said in her report that you can buy this drone on the market for about $155,000…but I bet that mine will not have the electronics in it that the one the Chinese scooped up has….wahtcha think?

This is all the same games that we have played for 60 years… is just a Game Of Spies……