Democratic Party Fraud

North Korea is chest thumping…ISIS is being handed their butts in Iraq and Syria…the president is on another international trip……and Twitter is all a bloom with this or that….in other words there is lots in the news but some interesting stuff is not making it into the headlines or the evening news…..

I know that the 2016 election is over and Trump has won….but there is another story about that election other than reliving it or dissecting it ad nauseum…..

The DNC is facing a couple of lawsuits…….

The mainstream media—perhaps not surprisingly—is virtually ignoring three pending lawsuits against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Commission on Presidential Debates, all of which cast a glaring light on the bald corruption eating away at the current political process. But they should not be ignored. More than just footnotes to the tumultuous 2016 election, these are legal battles that could have broader implications on third-party and independent political movements in U.S. elections going forward.

Thanks to disclosures from WikiLeaks, it became obvious late last year that the Democratic National Committee privately colluded to block Bernie Sanders from winning the presidential nomination. These were damning exposures that eventually cost then-DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job. The worst of course, was the revelation that former DNC chair, Donna Brazile, secretly provided Hillary Clinton with the topics ahead of CNN’s televised debates.

Source: Democratic Party Fraud | The American Conservative

Plus the Democratic Party is hitting a dead end in their search for an agenda that will return them to power in the Congress.

By playing for centrist and neoconservative votes, national Democrats have left the party floundering with no coherent political message and creating a daunting challenge for democracy,

The most encouraging trend in the otherwise bleak landscape of Western politics is the success of the “new kind of politics” unveiled by Bernie Sanders in the U.S., Jeremy Corbyn in the U.K., and parallel movements, parties and candidates in other countries.

In their recent campaigns, Sanders and Corbyn laid out specific progressive policies to address the real-life problems facing their constituents and their countries and to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations to fully fund healthcare, education and other vital public services. This represents a dramatic U-turn from the vague, deceptive talking points of “center-left” Democratic, Labour and Socialist politicians of the past generation, under cover of which they quietly sold out their constituents to corporate, plutocratic and military-industrial interests.

Source: The Democratic Party’s Deadly Dead-End – Consortiumnews

The Party need lots of work……maybe the lawsuits will give it a jump start in finding a solution to their electoral problem….


All This “Fake” News

A few months ago we had a raging debate about what is news and what is not…..that debate settled down but every now and then a Tweet appears and we have to have it all over again.

I banged away on the subject for awhile…..(of course there was push back…of course there were those that had to question everything that did not agree with their thoughts)……

Source: The Curious Debate Over “Fake News” – In Saner Thought

Source: The ‘Post-Truth’ Mainstream Media – In Saner Thought

And the argument continues because some will not accept that there are those that will do whatever it takes to mislead the population….and those that prefer a distorted view of the news will attack anyone that does not share their pervert sense of right and wrong.

The debate now is whether we continue down this road that leads NOWHERE or do we step back and return to a saner political climate……my guess is….NOT YET!

Red versus Blue is no longer the divide in this country…..

In Stephen Colbert’s epic performance at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner he ironically stated that “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.” During the George W. Bush era, comedians like Colbert and Jon Stewart tackled what Stewart referred to as “bullshit mountain.” Less clearly a partisan project, the satire of Stewart and Colbert was directly aimed at the way that concepts like truth and reality had become politically polarized.

And they had a lot of work to do. Back in 2008, we learned that the Bush administration made 935 false statements in the lead-up to the Iraq war. In a 2006 interview, Colbert explained how important it was for him in the Bush years to defend the concept of truth:

Source: The right wing war on facts: The new partisan divide that’s destroying our nation –

There is only so much stupidity that a nation can endure…..and ours is being pushed to the limit.

“The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword”

How many times have you heard that one simple statement?

Who is the mastermind behind that statement?

Is it really true?  Is the pen mightier than the sword?

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” This widely used saying, which originated in an 1839 play about Cardinal Richelieu written by novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton, has become so common as to border on platitude. And yet, these simple words reflect a clear and enduring principle: writing, and by association information, is more influential than military might.

To wield the power of the pen effectively one must have power behind it. That power can be in the form of military might but, does not have to be. And as the most powerful nation in the world—not just militarily, but economically, in terms of political influence, soft power, and by virtually any metric—the United States should be in a position to capitalize by wielding information in the service of US national interests. And yet, we’re not very good at it, objectively or compared to other governments. Why?

Source: The Un-Mighty American Pen | RealClearDefense

What say you?

Closing Thought–05Jun17

Extra!  Extra!  Read All About it!

Those damn terrorists have struck again and in England again!

The UK has had 3 attacks in 2 months.

And as typical the MSM has jumped on this with both feet….we have interviews with everyone from a victim to the pizza delivery guy that was in the neighborhood when the attack occurred.

I have been bitching about the coverage of these attacks from day one…the MSM goes straight for the sensational and the speculative and avoids any real news about the attackers or the attack.

The media is doing nothing to inform in the public….all they accomplish is to further the fear and the confusion.

Finally people are starting to see the misguided attempts at news….

This article was originally published on The Conversation.

News coverage of the Manchester terrorist attack was sadly familiar: cellphone videos of screaming victims; details of first responders’ hectic efforts; “Was it terrorism?” guesswork; speculation about the perpetrator. In this case, the horror was amplified by so many of the killed and wounded being young people.

Since the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, covering the type of violence inspired by al-Qaeda or the Islamic State (IS) has become a staple of the news media’s repertoire. Collectively, this reporting increases the public’s sense of vulnerability: An evil is out there, unpredictable and ferocious, sure to strike again.

Source: Mainstream media outlets are dropping the ball with terrorism coverage –

In the end the public has no idea what are the causes other than some simplistic idea of hatred…..the population remains woefully ignorant.

IST–That Was The Week The Was

Your rundown of the past week……no excuses now…….

In case everyone has been bored and refusing to listen to the news….I thought I would try to start a weekly rundown of news, both critical and absurd…..and with a lot of help from The Cipher Brief……

Break it down, Professor.

JARED-GATE: Former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell explained earlier this week in The Cipher Brief why we should not “Over Connect the Dots on Jared Kushner’s Russia Dealings.”  And just about every high visibility talking head has been asked to weigh in with the media on reports that First Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner suggested setting up a secret communications channel with the Russians during the presidential transition period.   We collected a few of the comments:

(there is so much more….read on…..)

Source: Dead Drop: June 2 | The Cipher Brie

Did that help in the understanding of the issues that are flying around the news?

That us if you do not make up your own version of the news…..


I love this stuff….turning crap into a major news story.

“Covfefe”……Now there is a fun word….once it was typed Twitter went batcrap crazy over what was Trump saying…..or should I say “typing”…..

There is a wealth of “definitions”…..none are accurate…..I saw that it was Klingon for “dumbass” and on and on……or that it was some demonic word to invoke the powers of darkness….how about this, it probably it was a typo.  But sense there seems to be a grammar police out there it has been turned into a major news story.

The prez did not catch a break when his spox said that Trump and a small group know what he means by “covfefe”….say what?

It’s the story that started Wednesday’s news cycle, and Sean Spicer added some fuel to the “covfefe” fire in the late afternoon. When asked during Wednesday’s press briefing whether “people should be concerned that the president posted a somewhat incoherent tweet last night, and then it stayed up for hours,” Spicer replied no. USA Today reports the reporter pressed: “Why did it stay up so long after? Is no one watching this?” And then Spicer said this: “No, I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.” The Hill calls Spicer’s answer “cryptic”; CNET jokes that it’s left wondering whether covfefe is “some sort of secret code that might mean: ‘Where’s my KFC?’ or ‘Attack North Korea.'”

Come on morons….admit it was a typo and move the Hell on!

Is it a code word for his Russian handler?  To let them know all is okay?   Or is it a “mistake” like in WW2 when spies would misspell every 5th word in a message to HQ to let the “good guys” know that all was okay?

Is it covert or maybe just overt?

I have had the “grammar police” visit here on IST on a couple of occasions… I have a little sympathy for the prez on this (enjoy it…it will not last long)…..

This is a society that lives in a 140 character society…grammar has long taken a powder from the discourse.

“Covfefe” means what it sounds like it means….NOT A GODDAMN THING!

May we please move on to something a little more important than a misspelled word?

See you on the “covfefe”……

“Loose Lips Sink Ships”

The title is from a poster printed during the WW2 era.

They say that it is the “Ship of State”….and our ship has sprung a leak……

Where does all this tie together?

Well, it seems that Trump and his cronies are concerned about all the leaks that are pouring out of the White House……it is so bad that the Trump White House is said to be the leakiest one in history.

While journalists always like having as many sources as they can, time constraints usually mean each story will rely on only a few (sometimes as few as one). Five is better, 10 is fantastic. But recently we’ve seen lines like this one, from a Washington Post article examining the behind-the-scenes scrambling around the firing of FBI Director James Comey, particularly regarding the utterly implausible line the White House was putting out about how and why Comey was sacked: “But the private accounts of more than 30 officials at the White House, the Justice Department, the FBI, and on Capitol Hill, as well as Trump confidants and other senior Republicans, paint a conflicting narrative centered on the president’s brewing personal animus toward Comey.”

Thirty officials! There are some seriously loose lips in this administration. And for that, we should be thankful.

Source: Why this is the leakiest White House in history

Trump and his cronies, and that includes those freaks that are still his ardent supporters, are all butt hurt because the these leaks.

The endless whining as they dash to the nearest camera to get on the evening news……it is all so humorous…..well according to them it will be the ruination of our society.

I say humorous because if the election had gone the other way these same naysayers would be applauding the leaks and nominating some of the reports for the Pulitzer.

This is all so fascinating to watch…it is truly like the train wreck in slow motion that you cannot look away from……

I love it!