2016: The Song Remains The Same

In recent years the TV and the media has played a valuable service by predicting the winner of the election….this year has been anything but normal but with that said….the closer the election gets the more familiar the reports become….

A clear theme is emerging in political coverage, one that suggests a shift in thinking in DC from a probable Hillary Clinton victory to a certain Clinton victory, with the only question being how big it will be and whether the Democrats take over Congress. Examples:

  • “With Donald Trump’s path to victory so narrow that he appears to be looking beyond the election … the focus of the presidential race is shifting down the ballot. Democrats are making new investments in red states to help party candidates, while Republicans are focusing on salvaging their congressional majorities.” Real Clear Politics.
  • “Trump’s free fall is forcing American Action Network and its sister PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, to also shell out millions in red-leaning districts that weren’t even in play until this month. Their suddenly urgent mission: Build a firewall to prevent a Democratic takeover of the House.” Politico.
  • “The pivot is a sign that Clinton is confident enough in her own prospects to start thinking about what comes after Nov. 8, when she’ll need a friendly Senate to approve her nominees, and would like to help Democrats make inroads in the House. Her advisers feel they’ve made Trump as radioactive as possible, so now is the time to use him against his colleagues.” NBC News.
  • “The maneuvering speaks to the unexpected tension facing Mrs. Clinton as she hurtles toward what aides increasingly believe will be a decisive victory—a pleasant problem, for certain, but one that has nonetheless scrambled the campaign’s strategy weeks before Election Day: Should Mrs. Clinton maximize her own margin, aiming to flip as many red states as possible to run up an electoral landslide, or prioritize the party’s congressional fortunes, redirecting funds and energy down the ballot?” The New York Times.
  • “With Clinton favored to win the presidential election in November, she and other allies are shifting their gaze to the Senate and House races that will determine whether she has a Congress that can help her advance her agenda or one that will be an intransigent roadblock, as Congress has been for President Barack Obama.” Newsweek.
  • “The GOP’s wisest course of action now, with Trump clearly headed for defeat, is to quietly concede the presidential race and spread the message that Republican voters must support their Congressional candidates to block the Clinton agenda. And with Clinton’s poor approval ratings, this is a message that could resonate with independents as well.” Cliston Brown at the Observer, whose publisher is Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.
  • FiveThirtyEight puts Clinton’s current chance of victory at 88%.

Keep in mind that the election of 2012 was predicted to be a nail biter….it was anything but….Romney had his ass handed to him by Obama…..

Just a reminder before you believe everything you read or hear……

“Trump News Network”

There has been lots of verbiage on the treatment Trump is getting in the media….most of his supporters feel they are being unduly targeted for their support…..I can see where they would be feeling thus……I have some stuff uttered on the news that I do not think needs to be said….that is until there is concrete proof.

This brings me to a loyal reader of IST, The Ripening Wanderer, while we may not always agree I cherish his input.  He recently wrote a post that called for a possible “Trump News Network” and I quote:  “I think it is high time for Americans to be able to turn on their radios and their TVs and go to the “Trump News Network.”

Source: THE RIPENING WANDERER | My Personal WordPress.Com Web Log (Blog)

And that is where I pick up this post…..he may very well get his desire…..

Donald Trump said last month he has zero interest in forming a media company, but a short conversation said to have taken place between his son-in-law and the head of an independent investment bank has generated new buzz around that rumor. Per Reuters, three sources “with knowledge of the matter” tell the Financial Times that Jared Kushner, husband to Ivanka Trump and publisher of the weekly New York Observer, met “informally” with LionTree Advisors CEO Aryeh Bourkoff sometime over the last two months to brainstorm about a possible Trump TV network. Vanity Fair notes Bourkoff was the driving force behind Verizon’s 2015 AOL buy and Charter Communications’ takeover of Time Warner Cable earlier this year. Not everyone is surprised at whispers of this new possible mine for Trump to plumb after the election is over, CNNMoney notes.

“Who could have possibly seen this one coming?” was the sarcastic tweet of GOP Sen. Ben Sasse about the possibility of a Trump network, which CNN points out would potentially take on Fox News from the right, and which CNN President Jeff Zucker has said is “harder to do than people think it is.” It’s also not terribly surprising Kushner may be the one putting out feelers for this type of deal, as he’s been instrumental in his father-in-law’s campaign and is a Bourkoff pal. Vanity Fair points out the concept isn’t so outlandish as “the wheels continue to come off” Trump’s campaign for the presidency and notes discussion about a “post-election media goldmine makes a whole lot more sense” than other things Trump’s done of late. Also in his favor: “He’s a billionaire entertainer who shines on reality shows and beauty-pageant stages and tabloid covers.” Neither Kushner nor Bourkoff have commented.

I was skeptical back when Trump announced his candidacy…I said then that he was only trying to build his brand…..even though he has come a long way since he announced I still feel that he is only trying to find a way to make some money off this experience.

Is There An Anti-Trump Media Conspiracy?

I good friend of IST and a supporter of Trump has been writing for awhile about the possibility of the election may be “stolen” from Trump.  He also has been saying that the Lamestream Media, as he calls it, has a decidedly anti-Trump bias….I can see where he could think that, after all he is a Trump supporter and his candidate has had a couple of really shitty weeks…..beyond that I can see where that sort of thinking can come from……

Right now his problems are all “he said, she said”…..and I have a problem with that no matter which side is uttering it.

I also read The American Conservative (is anyone shocked?)….and a recent article in the magazine has asked this very question……

Mollie Hemingway is no fan of Donald Trump. She says he deserves the public roasting that he’s getting for his lecherous behavior. But she finds it more than a little suspicious that despite Trump’s known reputation as an alpha male sexual aggressor, the news media didn’t manage to turn up any of this stuff until right here in the final weeks of the election.

Source: Is There An Anti-Trump Media Conspiracy? | The American Conservative

Regardless of your opinion of the candidate….do you think that the media has an anti-Trump bias?

5 Stories the Media Ignored

Sunday and cooler weather has returned……enjoyable to sit in the orchard and listen…..but enough about me……

This week the world was shaken to its core…..some celebrity was robbed at gun point and lost $10 million worth of jewelry….jewelry that she bragged about on social media….and for days we heard all about this idiot’s problems…..but just what was it that made this pack of crap more important than other news?

One of the saving graces of the ailing corporate media — for the folks setting the agenda, anyhow — is its relentless ability to hyper-focus the public’s attention on altogether meaningless events.

Take, for instance, an armed robbery that sees property stolen but no one harmed. Such an event is unfortunate, yes, but such is life. People get robbed. It certainly isn’t something that should consume the news cycle — particularly when developments of actual importance are unfolding around the world.

Here’s what they should have been talking about instead.

Source: 5 Stories the Media Ignored While Reporting the Kim Kardashian Robbery

I would add one more…..an American soldier died in Afghanistan because of an IED……and that was NOT important enough to mention…..apparently it was not “newsworthy”……..

How pathetic is that?

Fool Me Once, Then Fool Me Twice……

Did anyone out there watch Obama’s speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday?

Yea….me either.

The US has a long history of “fooling” the pubic in favor of war….The Gulf of Tonkin attack 2, Gulf War 1, Iraq 2003, Libya in 2011 and now it is Russia that is getting the full nelson…..

I appears that the UK is suffering from this deception as well……

After the British report exposing falsehoods to justify invading Iraq in 2003, a new U.K. inquiry found similar misconduct in the 2011 attack on Libya, but no lessons are learned for the West’s new propaganda about Russia, writes Robert Parry.

A British parliamentary inquiry into the Libyan fiasco has reported what should have been apparent from the start in 2011 – and was to some of us – that the West’s military intervention to “protect” civilians in Benghazi was a cover for what became another disastrous “regime change” operation.

The report from the U.K.’s Foreign Affairs Committee confirms that the U.S. and other Western governments exaggerated the human rights threat posed by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and then quickly morphed the “humanitarian” mission into a military invasion that overthrew and killed Gaddafi, leaving behind political and social chaos.

Source: Getting Fooled on Iraq, Libya, Now Russia – Consortiumnews

The media is working long and hard with the governments to make the case against Russia…..Russia has been responsible for many things but could they be getting a “bum’s rush” these days?

Check out my past post on how to recognize propaganda and tell me what you think this is all about……

Propaganda 2.0

What Is Propaganda?

The American Pravda

Pravda….does anyone older than a stick of gum know what that word means?

Let me help…it was the official media organ of the Soviet Union…..a propaganda rag….the same as many of our “award winning” newspapers like NYTimes or the WaPo to mention only a few……

Skip forward….have you read any of the conspiracy theories floating around the internet?  You know 9/11 was a false flag, chem-trails or the school shooting was staged….those sort of BS reports.

Ever wonder where all these conspiracy theories got their start?

A year or two ago, I saw the much-touted science fiction film Interstellar, and although the plot wasn’t any good, one early scene was quite amusing. For various reasons, the American government of the future claimed that our Moon Landings of the late 1960s had been faked, a trick aimed at winning the Cold War by bankrupting Russia into fruitless space efforts of its own. This inversion of historical reality was accepted as true by nearly everyone, and those few people who claimed that Neil Armstrong had indeed set foot on the Moon were universally ridiculed as “crazy conspiracy theorists.” This seems a realistic portrayal of human nature to me.

Obviously, a large fraction of everything described by our government leaders or presented in the pages of our most respectable newspapers—from the 9/11 attacks to the most insignificant local case of petty urban corruption—could objectively be categorized as a “conspiracy theory” but such words are never applied. Instead, use of that highly loaded phrase is reserved for those theories, whether plausible or fanciful, that do not possess the endorsement stamp of establishmentarian approval.

Source: American Pravda: How the CIA Invented “Conspiracy Theories” – The Unz Review

This from a site that leans toward the Libertarian side of the political discourse….so take that into consideration…..



America’s Journalistic Hypocrites

The hypocrites are NY Times, WaPo, InfoWars, Drudge, all of them that are more concerned with corporate well being than the news….

ALL MSM are concerned with the spread of the approved message….no matter which side of the aisle they reside……their only intention is to spread the propaganda of the day…..as handed down by government and corporate leaders…..then the American people help spread crap in the name of “the news”…….

Keep in mind the statement….”If it bleeds it leads”…..take Paris….recently the police foiled a terror attack, a massive one, but did you hear about it?  Nope.  Why?  No blood flowed!

How do we know what is propaganda and what is not?

That is simple….a couple of years ago right here on IST I gave my readers all the information they need to determine what is what……few took my advice about printing them out and then check the news to see which category it falls into…..

Source: What Is Propaganda? – In Saner Thought

And later…….

Source: Propaganda 2.0 – In Saner Thought

I suggest it again…..that is unless you are just looking for crap that reinforces what you already want to believe…..then I cannot help a closed mind….

I read an interesting piece in Consortium News by Robert Parry…..

The U.S. news media flip-flops on whether international law is inviolate or can be brushed aside at America’s whim – and similarly whether killing civilians is justified or not depending on who’s doing the killing, says Robert Parry.

Over the past few decades, the U.S. mainstream media has failed the American people in a historic fashion by spinning false or misleading narratives on virtually every important global issue, continuing to this day to guide the nation into destructive and unnecessary conflicts.

To me, a major turning point came with the failure of the major news organizations to get anywhere near the bottom of the Iran-Contra scandal, including its origins in illicit contacts between Republicans and Iranians during the 1980 campaign and the Reagan administration’s collaboration with drug traffickers to support the Contra war in Nicaragua. (Instead, the major U.S. media disparaged reporting on these very real scandals.)

Source: America’s Journalistic Hypocrites – Consortiumnews

The hypocrisy does not end with political stuff……terrorism is another arena that the media is a bit problematic……their evening reports do nothing but feed the fear that they created in the minds of the American viewer…..

Mass media and terrorism have become ever more intertwined in a mutually beneficial relationship often described as ‘symbiotic.’ This column examines that dynamic and outlines the need for news organizations to balance the public’s right to know against the ability of militants to exploit news coverage to promote their beliefs.

On its side, the mass media capitalizes from the confusion and consternation caused by terrorist attacks to produce the kind of dramatic news that draws the attention of its viewers and readers.

Source: The Symbiotic Relationship between Western Media and Terrorism

I try to help my readers discern crap from facts……please feel free to check out this stuff….journalism is dead…..propaganda rules…..and we as a society accept lies over truth…..what does that say about us?