It’s Yemen Again

The news is out!

The US has returned to ops in Yemen…the last reported one did not go so well…it cost an American his life…..with several others wounded……

US troops have return to action in Yemen again attacking AQAP…..

US helicopters airlifted soldiers to a central Yemeni province where they targeted an al-Qaeda compound and killed at least seven militants Tuesday, reports the AP. Central Command said US forces killed the militants using “a combination of small-arms fire and precision airstrikes,” with the primary goal being the collection of intelligence, reports the BBC. It was unclear what was retrieved on that front. The Defense Department, which did not mention any US casualties, said the operation was conducted with the support of Yemen’s government. The raid in Marib province is the second publicly known US ground deployment in Yemen this year against al-Qaeda. The first, in January, resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL.

The United States also has stepped up airstrikes as part of a sustained assault on al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in areas of Yemen where it is most active. Washington considers AQAP one of the most dangerous branches of the terror network. The January raid killed 25 civilians, including women and children, and sparked outrage in Yemen. For its part, al-Qaeda has used the chaos of Yemen’s civil war to expand its footprint and recruitment efforts in the region.

The good news is that there is no report of troops death on this mission…however there were some injuries to Americans…..

Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis reported that multiple of the US troops involved in the raid were wounded in the course  of the operation. He declined to say how many were wounded, but insisted none of them were considered particularly serious.

Davis said this was the first time the US had carried out a ground raid inside Maarib Province, and the deepest that US ground forces had yet gone into Yemen. Local tribesmen offered a different account of the US attack, saying five were killed in the raid and six wounded, and that all the casualties were from a single family.

And as the song says….”The Beat Goes On”……

Closing Thought–24May17

This Is Your Brain On Drugs!

In wartime the use, official use, of drugs goes up…..the Germans kept their soldiers high on meth so they would fight longer and stronger……during Vietnam War troops that were on long missions were given Black Mollies, if I need to explain them then you are too young, kept them alert and ready for the actions to come.

Apparently not much has changed over the years……

Tampa Bay is hosting the Special Operation Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) this week and the floor of the marketplace is an impressive place to see. Some of the best manufacturers of weapons and equipment are there with their latest wares and it is a maze of cool gear for the cool guys and a ton of other must-have items.  Walking around the market place I was searching for a pitchman that looked like Ivan Drago.

In an interview with Defense News, Ben Chitty, Senior Project Manager for Biomedical, Human Performance and Canine Portfolios in the Science and Technology office at USSOCOM said that the command is looking for ways to increase Special Operations troops performance with diet, nutritional supplements and even performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Source: Special Operations Forces and Performance Enhancing Drugs: A Slippery Slope | SOFREP

Is the military created “junkies” yet again…..and you thought the Vietnam days were behind us…….think again!

Time for me to go and take some time away from the keyboard…a nice cup of tea would be helpful…..see everyone tomorrow with more stuff…..chuq

Afghanistan And The World Of Tomorrow

New president and a new plan for Afghanistan?

The news coming out of the country, especially the intel reports, is not a good one…..

The security situation in Afghanistan will further deteriorate even if there is a modest increase in U.S. military support for the war-torn country, the top U.S. intelligence official said on Thursday, as President Donald Trump’s administration weighs sending more forces to Afghanistan.

Afghan army units are pulling back, and in some cases have been forced to abandon more scattered and rural bases, and the government can claim to control or influence only 57 percent of the country, according to U.S. military estimates from earlier this year.

“The intelligence community assesses that the political and security situation in Afghanistan will almost certainly deteriorate through 2018, even with a modest increase in (the)military assistance by the United States and its partners,” Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said in a Senate hearing.

Source: Security situation in Afghanistan likely to get worse: U.S. intel chief | Reuters

So if the prediction is that things will get worse in the coming months…..what has the decision by the president done to stave off disaster?

Previous reports on the Pentagon’s Afghan War plans, then yet to be presented to President Trump, presented them as uniformly in favor of escalation, with the plans varying from a 3,000 troop buildup to one with upwards of 5,000 more US ground troops sent to the country.

Today, reports are suggesting that the actual plans presented are down to two basic options, one which is the escalatory plan that involves around 3,000 troops, and a “less kinetic” option that involves keeping troop levels in the country flat, and limiting direct US involvement to “high-value” targets.

Officials in favor of the second option say the US “don’t fight other people’s wars,” and want to focus on preparing the Afghan military to fight ISIS itself.  They also note this plan is considerably cheaper than launching yet another surge into Afghanistan.


But like Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan seems to be an open ended war…meaning a war without end……will Trump keep on keeping on?

It remains to be seen whether President Donald Trump will approve the proposals that Mattis and McMaster have pushed in recent weeks.

Judging from his position during the campaign and his recent remarks, Trump may well baulk at the plans now being pushed by his advisers.

The plans for the three countries now being developed within the Trump administration encompass long-term stationing of troops, access to bases and the authority to wage war in these three countries.

These are the primordial interest of the Pentagon and the US military leadership, and they have pursued those interests more successfully in the Middle East than anywhere else on the globe.

US military officials aren’t talking about “permanent” stationing of troops and bases in these countries, referring instead to the “open-ended commitment” of troops. But they clearly want precisely that in all three.

Source: Will Trump Agree to the Pentagon’s Permanent War in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria? | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

My thought is the later…..don’t fight other people’s wars…..declare success and leave them to their fate.

And thoughts from the “Peanut Gallery”?

Update:  Since I wrote this draft more news about Afghanistan has come to light….

While publicly US strategy in the Afghan War has been based around the conceit that the conflict is in a “stalemate,” despite mounting losses by the Afghan government. Advisers have offered a classified assessment on the conflict recently, however, conceding that the Ghani government’s survival is at risk, and that the war is being “slowly” lost.

Their solution, as with everyone else, is even bigger escalation, with reports from those familiar with the plan saying that the US needs “more than 50,000” ground troops in Afghanistan to ensure Ghani’s survival, with an eye toward eventually defeating the Taliban.

That’s a big escalation, and a much bigger one than has been suggested in previous reports, which initially presented the proposed escalation as 3,000 to 5,000, and most recently made it a choice between 3,000 or keeping troop levels flat. The Pentagon is evasive about troop levels in recent months, but around 8,400 troops are believed to presently be in Afghanistan.


Speechless?  All I can think of at this time is….”Here we go again!”

OMG! It’s Somalia (Again)

I am sure that every American is aware of the tragedy in Somalia if for no other reason than they have watched the movie, “Blackhawk Down”.

There seems to be a slow trickle of US troops back into the country of Somalia to fight terror…I recently gave my thoughts on this…….

Source: Somalia–Take A Right At Ethiopia – In Saner Thought

The Trump plan is to return special ops operatives into the country to fight the growing ISIS presence in East Africa…..the first encounter for our troops did not end so well….

The death of Navy SEAL Kyle Milliken and the wounding of two more U.S. troops in Somalia this month marked the first deadly engagement for American forces in the country since the Battle of Mogadishu of October 1993. The two events differ in notable respects, not least in their magnitude—the battle of October 3-4, 1993, resulted in 18 Americans killed and 79 wounded. But both operations reflect the adverse conditions that U.S. special-operations forces, and the United States more broadly, face in the world’s most dysfunctional states.

Back in the summer of 1993, warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid bedeviled an international coalition that was trying to restore order and build democracy in the midst of a vicious civil war in Somalia. A ruthless clan leader known for firing artillery into civilian neighborhoods and starving opposing clans into submission, Aidid had made himself the chief obstacle to the nation-building project. The Clinton administration had removed a large U.S. Marine force months earlier and transferred authority over the remaining international troops to the United Nations. Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s UN ambassador, declared at the time, “[W]e will embark on an unprecedented enterprise aimed at nothing less than the restoration of an entire country as a proud, functioning and viable member of the community of nations.”

Source: How American Special Operators Gradually Returned to Somalia – The Atlantic

There seems to be a push to insert American troops into every corner of the globe all with the intention of armed conflict.

The dangers of this type of foreign policy, if we can call it that, are too numerous to count.  And yet the American people are perfectly fine with this world-wide escalation…..and apparently the deaths that will go with it.


Iraq And The Troops

The year is 2009 and we had a new president that had promised to bring our troops home from Iraq by Christmas……

Well troops came home and from the get go there has been a steady deployment of US troops back to Iraq.  There are talks these days about after the defeat of ISIS how many American troops would remain in Iraq……

With Mosul the last major city to be invaded, ISIS is expected to soon have little to no remaining territory. US officials have made clear that this won’t impact their deployment to Iraq, and talks are now said to be ongoing to cement that as a reality.

After the last US occupation, Iraq was eager to be rid of as many of the occupation troops as possible. This time, the US is arguing that any situation which doesn’t include an open-ended US military presence will end up with a new insurgency cropping up, and US officials are insisting that the Iraqis agree.

Of course, the expectation is that as soon as ISIS loses all its territory it will just go back to being an insurgency anyhow, and the presence of US troops isn’t going to impact that at any rate, beyond whatever agreements are made to have them involved in defending sensitive targets.

Ongoing talks are mostly centered on what form the permanent US deployment will take, and if the Bush-era talks are to be any indicator, the focus is likely to be on ensuring that US forces have absolute legal immunity for anything they do in Iraq.


It appears that the Iraqis are telling a different tale about the days after the defeat of ISIS…….

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been forced to deny that US combat troops will remain in his country following the final defeat of the Islamic State group.

The denial followed comments by US and Iraq officials in the Associated Press which said that US secretary of defence James Mattis was currently in talks with Abadi to maintain a “modest” US military presence in Mosul after the defeat of IS.

Source: US troops won’t stay in Iraq after Islamic State is defeated, says PM | Middle East Eye

There seems to be of a bit of confusion about what will happen if and when ISIS is defeated….will the US retain troops in Iraq or is that just wishful thinking?

Personally I say bring them home they have done enough to secure Iraq for Iraqis…now let them stand up and do this fighting for themselves.

Troop Deaths Update

Before I move on to the meat of the post……I recently reported that 2 more Americans have died in the operations in Afghanistan….I have an update on those deaths…..

Pentagon officials continue to play up the “sacrifice” of a pair of US Army Rangers who were killed earlier this week in fighting in eastern Afghanistan. Yet the circumstances surrounding their deaths remain uncertain, with indications they may have been killed by “friendly fire.”

The Rangers were participating in an anti-ISIS raid at the time when they were killed with small arms fire, but officials concede they have no idea who actually shot them, and that they might well have been shot either by other US troops in the area, or by Afghan commandos participating in the raid.

The two slain Rangers were shot almost immediately after they started the attack, and while there was some limited ISIS fire from fortified tunnels during the operation, there seems to be suspicion that the fact that US troops and Afghan commandos approached from opposite directions, and both came in firing, left the Rangers in a crossfire situation.

Iraq is next and we lost another US soldier over the weekend….

A U.S. service member in Iraq was killed Saturday by an explosive device outside Mosul, according to a statement released by the Pentagon.

The Pentagon said the service member died from wounds sustained in an “explosive device blast,” stating further information would be released as appropriate.

The service member killed Saturday is the fifth combat death in Iraq since the U.S. launched military operations against IS in August 2014. IS fighters began growing in power in Iraq in early 2014 in the country’s west and in the summer of 2014 swept across much of the country’s north.

There are now more U.S. forces in Iraq than any time since the 2011 U.S. withdrawal, marking an intensifying war as Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led coalition work to push IS out of the last pockets of territory the extremists control in Iraq.


Time for this to end.

Time to bring our troops home and give them a rest from the constant warfare we force them to fight.

The Bodies Continue To Mount Up

I feel like I am alone here on the blogosphere hen it comes to our troops fighting so many wars it is almost uncountable.  But I continue to follow the sites that keep me up to date on the conflicts and most of all the soldiers that are killed in service to their country.

I will admit the these deaths made the news….15 seconds of coverage…..

We can add two more to the ever expanding number of combat dead….this time it is in Afghanistan…….

The Pentagon says two US service members were killed in Afghanistan overnight Wednesday, reports the AP. Navy Capt. Jeff Davis says they were killed during an operation against the Islamic State in Nangahar Province in the eastern part of the country, the same area in which the US dropped the “mother of all bombs” on an ISIS complex two weeks ago. That bomb killed several dozen militants just days after a US Army special forces soldier was killed in the region. Davis says the US is still gathering details on Wednesday’s incident. The US estimates that the group has about 800 fighters in Afghanistan.

It amazes me that these people mean NOTHING to the average American….instead they had rather worry about the freshness of their breath or what the bathroom smells like after a dump or how fresh their ass is after a TP use……

This is pathetic….that is right I called all you PATHETIC!