The Multi-Domain Battle

Unless you spend time on sites that deal with war and responses you probably have not heard the term multi-domain used much…but the term is quite popular with war gamers, analysts and defense contractors…….

Most people are knowledgeable about conventional warfare……good guys here, bad guys there….bang bang….one side overpowers the other and declares victory.

The there is asymmetrical warfare…..good guys here, bad guys everywhere else…bang bang and years of bang bang and no one wins….just keep fighting…..

Then we talk about a two prong domain battle plan….air to land…boom then sea to land another boom….but as this world progresses a multi-domain battle comes to light…..

The Army is looking beyond ground warfare as it prepares to fight on an increasingly complex and unpredictable battlefield, the senior commander of Training and Doctrine Command said.

“The world I grew up in, during the Cold War, you would have ground forces fighting ground forces, air forces fighting air forces. Cyber didn’t even exist when I was a lieutenant,” said Gen. David Perkins. “What’s happening now is those lines are blurring between those domains.”

Whether it’s the current threat from the Islamic State terror group or Russia’s actions in Ukraine, the Army, along with the other services, must prepare to fight in all domains, Perkins said.

Source: The Multi-Domain Battle

History has taught us that one dimensional thinking is okay but nothing in today’s world is one dimensional with the exception of some of our citizens thought processes.

The US military is trying to develop a way to handle a multi-Domain strategy…..but can they succeed?

Just after dawn on September 4, 1943, Australian soldiers of the 9th Division came ashore near Lae, Papua in the Australian Army’s first major amphibious operation since Gallipoli. Supporting them were U.S. naval forces from VII Amphibious Force. The next day, the 503rd U.S. Parachute Regiment seized the airfield at Nadzab to the West of Lae, which allowed the follow-on landing of the 7th Australian Division.  The Japanese defenders offered some resistance on the land, token resistance in the air, and no resistance at sea. Terrain was the main obstacle to Lae’s capture.

From the beginning, the allied plan for Lae was a joint one. The allies were able to get their forces across the approaches to the enemy’s position, establish secure points of entry, build up strength, and defeat the enemy because they dominated the three domains of war relevant at the time — land, sea, and air.

Unfortunately, today’s commanders cannot have the same degree of confidence in the joint fight that their predecessors had at Lae. Changes in the character of war threaten to undermine the ability of commanders to wage a joint fight effectively, if at all. The development of anti-access and area-denial (A2/AD) weapons and systems means that the joint force may struggle to close with and defeat some adversaries.

Source: Multi-Domain Battle: A New Concept for Land Forces

I fear that our military commanders may have a grasp but the commander in chief may have NO idea what to do or how to handle all the situations coming his way.

This is ma concern that more people need to be aware of for the coming events will test this country….maybe to its limits…..and if our “leaders” are clueless we could be in for some pretty dark days.

Ominous sounding?  Yes it is and just as damn serious as I can be.

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Whatever Generals Want Will Generals Get?

Since few in the American blogosphere care little about our adventurism overseas….it falls on my shoulders to keep the focus where it belongs…..war is never the answer.

With a new president we will have new goals especially in the field of international relations and war…..we already fight on just about every section of the globe and much taxpayer money goes to extending those wars…..but what do the generals want?

US African Commander Gen. Thomas Waldhauser today confirmed that he is still seeking increased authority to carry out attacks in Somalia, seeking President Trump’s permission for more “flexibility” in carrying out airstrikes and using ground troops in the country.

It was reported last month that the Pentagon was looking to expand involvement in Somalia, though Waldhauser today confirmed that the White House has not granted them the permission that they were seeking, leaving unclear what the holdup is, as the Trump Administration is sending more and more forces across Africa.

According to Waldhauser, the changes would not just open up an increase in operations in Somalia, but also allow the pentagon to provide increased direct aid to the Somali National Army, including potentially putting embedded troops in with them in areas close to combat forces.

It seems that Africa is getting a lot of attention…..

In a press briefing at the Pentagon today, African Command leader Gen. Thomas Waldhauser announced that the US intends to keep ground troops in Libya for the foreseeable future to support “friendly forces,” and to “degrade” the ISIS forces that remain in the country.

Waldhauser did not specify how many US troops are in Libya now, or how many will stay, but did estimate that there were less than 200 ISIS fighters left in Libya. The US had announced the end of the anti-ISIS campaign in Libya back in December, but never fully withdrew from the country.

The US forces were in Libya trying to help the “unity” government defeat ISIS in the city of Sirte. US officials repeatedly claimed the city was totally surrounded, and that no ISIS fighters would get away, though when the fighting finally ended, a substantial number of ISIS fighters did in fact get away.

Waldhauser hinted that the US operations in Libya would primarily be airstrikes going forward, saying that the US needs to have troops on the ground for “precision airstrikes” and “close-air support operations.” He added that the last US airstrikes, in January, involved US troops meeting face-to-face with allies on coordinating the strikes.


Seems warmongering runs deep in the Trump administration….will this escalate beyond their capabilities to handle?

Well let’s look at Trump’s Wars…..

President Donald Trump is no stranger to conflict escalation. In his short time in office, he has managed to successfully escalate disputes against the media, immigrants and the intelligence community. Yet Trump’s most important escalation has been in the War on Terror, substantially increasing the U.S. commitment to wars in Yemen, Syria and elsewhere. Unfortunately, these steps are likely only to draw America deeper into some of the world’s most intractable conflicts

Source: Trump’s Wars | Cato Institute

What are the chances that this will become a hydra, a monster with many heads?

Closing Thought–27Mar17

The Coming Warbot Revolution!

Seems the word “BOT” is making a daily visit to the headlines…..

It appears that my major focus today is on war…then this should fit right in….

Our society has embraced the “robots” in manufacturing…..they save lives and work more efficiently and they are nor demanding a raise once a year….plus our military is using these “soldiers” more and more in our endless war scenarios….

As this military technology expands the more we will depend on these machines to do more in our fights in the future.

What will the future of this type of asymmetrical war?

But will it save lives?

We are now on the cusp of a similar revolution in warfare with the opportunity to integrate several current and near term technologies into our concept of how we will conduct military operations in the not-to-distant future. The winner of the next conflict will not likely be determined primarily by the state of their technologies, but by how well a nation’s military thinkers conceptualize future warfare in an integrated manner and then apply robotic systems, or warbots, appropriately to our way of fighting. For purposes of this discussion, warbots can be defined as robotic combat systems that can detect, identify, and apply lethal force to enemy combatants within prescribed parameters and without immediate human intervention. Using the historical lens of the blitzkrieg, we will examine two key trends that can help inform our concept of future warfare and our ability to wage it. They include: the rise of lethal warbots as primary combatants and adapting current leadership methods to a future era of manned-unmanned, or Centaur, teaming.

Source: Blitzkrieg Redux: The Coming Warbot Revolution | RealClearDefense

The idea of losing less soldiers is appealing….but what of all those that are caught between the two warring “bots”?

The lights are off and the staff is headed outside for some fresh air…..IST will return tomorrow with more “shiny” objects….chuq

US Troops Update

Since what the troops are doing around the world is of no importance to the media I guess it falls on me to keep the world abreast of all the adventurism….

First Iraq and the battle for Mosul……

Iraqi officials had previously predicted they’d have western Mosul fully “liberated” by the end of March. With just a few days left, the offensive remains largely stalled however, with the offensive moving at a snail’s pace. Hoping to speed things up, the US has announced another escalation, sending more combat troops into the city.

The size of this escalation is as yet unknown, with the Pentagon only announcing that the deployment was being ordered, putting more combat troops into the city for “advise and assist” operations. These appear to be some of the troops previously tapped to go to Kuwait.

The only clue officials would give to the size of the new deployment is that it would not “reunite the entire brigade,” which means that the new deployment is at least less than 2,500. The troops are being considered “temporary,” like many of the troops in Iraq, which means they aren’t part of the official count.


The battle raging for control of the capital of ISIS, Raqqa, continues and US troops are ass deep in this fight……this would be in Syria……

With Kurdish YPG forces taking part in the battle, US troops recently airlifted into the area west of the ISIS capital city of Raqqa captured a Syrian military airport near the city of Tabqa, a site which had been held by ISIS forces for some time.

The airport’s capture is being presented as part of the ongoing effort by the US and YPG to surround Raqqa before invading the city. Kurdish forces surround the city’s north, and now have some presence in the northeast and northwest, though the city still appears far from totally surrounded.


For a couple of years a war has been fought on the Arabian Peninsula, the Saudis are killing Yemenis but the US was not directly involved just mostly behind the scenes….but that could change real soon…..

Defense Secretary James Mattis is said to be pushing for the White House to remove all restrictions, placed during the waning months of President Obama’s presidency, on US military support for the Saudi invasion of Yemen, seeking deeper direct US involvement in fighting the Yemeni Shi’ites.

Mattis is said to be pushing National Security Adviser HR McMaster to agree that US support would combat the “common threat” the US and Saudi Arabia face in Yemen, which appears to be continued Shi’ite autonomy in the northern half of the country.


Do not forget our longest war ever…that would be Afghanistan and yes there is more troops needed in that country also…..

Gen. Nicholson now says he wants another 5,000 US and NATO troops, saying he believes the US needs that many to “break the stalemate” in the war. Nicholson has repeatedly labeled the conflict a “stalemate” in recent weeks, which appears to be an overestimation of the situation, with the Taliban continuing to gain ground against Afghan security forces.

Nicholson argued that because 9/11 involved Afghanistan, a loss in the country would embolden terrorists globally. At the same time, throwing an addition 5,000 “US and NATO troops,” which would likely end up being almost exclusively US troops, at the war 16 years later doesn’t seem like it’s going to resolve the conflict, but rather just extend it once again.


At what point does all this escalation of war become enough?

The media glosses over much of this and the American people do NOT care one whit about these wars or the problems they cause…..

All in all….money well spent. (Sarcasm)

Don’t be foolish…Pay Attention!

To The Wildfire Of War

Before I begin let me say….I know that these types of posts are not popular…I say that by the number of visitors that do NOT come to them.  But that matters not for I may be butting my head against a wall but I would hope that if one US soldier reads my posts they will see that there is at least one American that cares what happens to them.  Sad I am sure they are well aware that the country cares nothing about their plight….but they do have a friend in IST.

I see the modern day Nero is Tweeting (fiddle was replaced in the 21st century) while the world is burning….and war becomes the only answer to problems and situations.

Trump keeps adding US troops to the world’s conflicts……

Reports from earlier this month that Pentagon has been increasing deployments of special forces around the Middle East and Africa appears to be continuing apace, with the most recent reports suggesting that President Trump has expanded the deployments into Central Africa, and is continuing the policy across the region.

The use of small-scale special forces as an alternative to larger deployments of regular combat soldiers became popular in the Obama Administration as a way to keep official troop levels comparatively low while getting into more and more military operations around the world.

While President Trump has been deploying larger numbers of regular ground troops into Syria and Iraq, the special force deployments have continued apace, and those familiar with the situation say he is likely to remove current restrictions on the special forces carrying out raids into Somalia.


All of our time, money and work into building the Afghan army so that it may defend itself and stand on its own is not worth the 16 year investment…why?

It’s been nearly 16 years since the United States and its NATO allies invaded and occupied Afghanistan, and US commander Gen. John Nicholson, the latest in a long line of commanders who’ve been charged with getting a handle on the conflict, is seeking an increase in US ground troops in the country.

The Afghan government is all for that, with Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani “welcoming” the call for several thousand more US troops, a move which comes as the Afghan government continues to lose territory to the Taliban, and after recent reports suggesting that the Taliban holds more territory now than at any time since 2001.


All this has been a waste in resources and treasure…..and yet these toads see NO other option than to throw more at the situation….

After 16 years of our “advisement” on the finer details of war the Pentagon is starting to see a problem…..

Just a couple of months out from inauguration, President Trump has been pushing for some pretty substantial escalations of America’s involvement in the ISIS war. This is true the world over, with special forces being deployed in growing numbers, but nowhere is it more obvious than in Syria, where the US has gone from a few hundred troops to a few thousand.

As those troops increase, so do the military goals being set out for Pentagon commanders, which has many of them concerned that they are facing large-scale mission creep, and are being pushed in the direction of scrapping previous efforts to make sure local forces were doing all the heavy lifting on the ground, and that US troops were just facilitators.


None of this chest thumping bids well for our military…..and truly pathetic part is there is not anyone in the population that gives a f*ck.

I weep for our troops.

Syria: A Drop In The Bucket

As a combat veteran I feel it is my duty to keep an eye on our many conflicts and especially the ones that involve our troops in the thick of the fighting.

Word came down last week that more troops will be sent to Syria in the final push to the ISIS capital of Raqqa.  This time the Marines got the call of arms….

US forces in Syria have begun airdropping troops behind ISIS lines near the town of al-Tabqa, and near the important Tabqa Dam. The exact details of the airdrop are still emerging but they are said to include some US Marines as well as a number of Kurdish forces.

The area around Tabqa is just the latest in a series of targets for the Kurdish YPG as they attempt to surround the ISIS capital of Raqqa. Tabqa is about 25 miles west of the capital, and Kurdish YPG forces mostly control the area north of the city, though they’ve also made some efforts to take the northeast.

The airdrops, which began on Tuesday, were the first US airdrops of Kurdish forces so far in Syria, and the deployment of US Marines with them points to the continued escalation of direct US military involvement on the ground by the Trump Administration.

In recent weeks, the US has also deployed hundreds of other US Marines with howitzers into the area north of Raqqa, aiming to provide support for advances toward the city. While the Pentagon officially labeled the howitzer Marines “advisers,” there appears to be little doubt that they, along with the new airdropped troops, will be involved in combat in the course of this deployment.


Is this the beginning of the end for ISIS in Syria?  Or will it be the end of the beginning of US troop involvement in Syria?

Of course as usual this mean NOTHING to most Americans…but it worries me for the future.

Escalate……Escalate……Dance To The Music

Afghanistan–America’s forgotten war!

Afghanistan is seldom in the news these day unless someone goes batcrap crazy and has violent breakdown.

Just a few facts about this conflict……opium production is at an all time high…..the Taleban takes in more and more territory…..USA troops are still doing what they have been doing for a decade…..surviving….making do as it were.

Plus three U.S. soldiers were wounded when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in eastern Afghanistan on Monday, U.S. officials said.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the blast in Nangarhar province, where loyalists to the group have been operating since 2015.

We have a new president and it seems he has the same plan as his predecessor….keep on keeping on…..with one small difference……his generals want to escalate……

As a candidate, Trump was critical of America’s land wars but his generals and GOP hawks want to send more troops into Afghanistan, 16 years after 9/11.

“We made a terrible mistake getting involved in the first place,” he told CNN in October, referring to the war in Afghanistan, which he called a “mess.” “I would leave the troops there begrudgingly,” the then-presidential candidate added. “Believe me, I’m not happy about it.”

Source: Trump Has Called the Afghan War a “Mess.” His Generals Want to Escalate It.

More troops to Syria a desire to escalate in Afghanistan……and so it begins.

Given America is constantly expanding its military footprint around the world—most recently into Syria and the Central African Republic—one can be forgiven for forgetting about the longest war in the history of the United States: the war in Afghanistan. But a new column by retired colonel and professor Andrew Bacevich pulls the war back into focus, and the picture is not pretty.

Despite over 15 years of support, the government in Kabul currently controls only 63% of the country. It is likely to lose control of more territory with serious advances by Taliban forces in the last year [PDF]. The government has been rife with corruption primarily related to stealing U.S. development funds and facilitating heroin smuggling. Afghanistan remains the world capital for opium production, and is even hitting new highs.

Source: Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace In Afghanistan

This field of conflict is getting pathetic…time to declare a win and come home.

In case anyone actually cares and I doubt they do……

It’s being called an “insider attack” in some reports, but an incident today in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand Province, in which three US soldiers were shot and wounded by an Afghan soldier, does not appear to have involved an infiltrator, as most previous incidents have.

Col. Mohammad Rasool Zazai, an Afghan Army spokesman, insisted the soldier “made a mistake” and had not deliberately fired his gun. The soldier, as yet unidentified in public statements, was apparently killed in the incident.

Because of the size of the Afghan military and its low pay, recruiting standards are very low, and this has allowed a number of Taliban to infiltrate, stealing weapons or using their access as “soldiers” to carry out attacks on the rest of the Afghan security forces.


And the song continues.