Welcome To Agadez

Where the Hell or Who the Hell is Agadez?

It is a small town in the West African nation of Niger.  Remember Niger?  That is where some of our Special Ops troops were ambushed and killed and a major story circulated about the disrespect some felt the president gave family members.

Well we appreciated the attacks on our troops so much we are opening a new drone base…..

Agadez is 4,000 miles from Aghanistan, where the Global War on Terrorism began. It’s 2,500 miles from Iraq, our next destination in the war. It’s 2,000 miles from Syria and 1,500 miles from Benghazi. This is where we’re building a $110 million drone base that will host nearly a thousand American troops, double the number of a few years ago. Here is Eric Schmitt:


Just another target for the global terror network and more troops are exposed to the possibility of violence.


Closing Thought–19Apr18

We have military serving in many countries around the world and now their numbers are a state “secret”…..

The Pentagon has removed all data related to troop numbers in their assorted wars from their primary data website, as of a newly released quarterly report. This means there is no longer publicly available official data on US troop  levels in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan.

President Trump has made it a stated policy not to give up-to-date, accurate troop numbers on any of these wars. Despite this, the Defense Manpower Data Center has, through its most recent report, kept publishing figures. This data was admittedly often out of date or deliberately inaccurate, but it was an official baseline for the scope of the wars.

The Defense Manpower Data Center now has no manpower data at all. Pentagon officials say that the data is not on the new report because the policy is in the process of being updated. They did not, however, explain why they retroactively removed the troop figures from their previous two reports, from September and December.


It seems that we the people do not have the right to information anymore….next I think Trump will try to get rid of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)……

Have a good evening to all my friends…..back atcha later…..chuq

Afghanistan In The News

WE do not get much news from Afghanistan while the Lawyer-fest is in full bloom…..so I feel that we need to keep abreast of where our troops are asked to die.

This region has been calm for awhile…well at least in the news but otherwise it remains the same……..

The short video begins by showing the jihadists preparing for the military raid and driving through a remote Afghan village. A clash with Afghan forces, the majority which occurred at night, is featured. During the aftermath of the assault, a fighter is seen climbing a tower to place the Taliban’s white flag. Fighters are then seen parading and celebrating with captured equipment. This includes several captured US-made Humvees.


In recent months the Taleban has made great strides in Afghanistan and now the Marines are trying to turn back those successes…..

US Marines have been operating in Helmand Province nearly through the entire Afghan War. This area was the center of the capture-and-hold strategy for years. But Taliban gains are mounting in recent years, and they control more territory than any other time in the war.

US Marines are being sent back to Helmand and the surrounding area with a familiar goal, retake all those Helmand districts they used to hold. That may not be as easy as it used to be for US troops.

Afghan forces around Helmand are more and more limited, and under growing pressure. Much of the Marines’ focus is defending those allies. Officials are trying to put a positive spin on that, saying they can improve intelligence sharing from the Afghans.

But those Afghans are always under pressure, and that means that a lot of Marines will be stuck dealing with that, with few left to try to retake territory. The soaring amount of territory the Taliban is contesting also means that, while trying to reclaim districts, the Marines are racing to try to gain more than the Afghans lose.


I will try to keep my reader up-to-date on our troops and they are asked to do in the name of freedom.

1917–Why US Went To War

For about 4 years I have been writing about the one war that most Americans have tried to put out of their memories….The Great War…..World War One.

First just what made the US feel that fighting in World War One was a necessity?

History books would have pupils believe that it was the sinking of the Lusitania which killed 128 Americans…..

A whole lot of sources say that the main reason for the US joining WWI was the attack on the British ocean liner, RMS Lusitania on May 7, 1915, which left 1,200 people―including 128 Americans―dead. That, however, is not the case. The sinking of Lusitania is one of the many reasons that eventually led to the US joining this war. The attack on Lusitania took place in 1915, but the US declared war on Germany only in 1917.

Many of us history wonks point to the Zimmerman Telegram as the cause that lead to the US entering to WW1…….

This ploy came to light when the British naval intelligence, on January 19, 1917, intercepted a telegram sent by the German Foreign Minister, Arthur Zimmermann to the German Ambassador in Mexico City. In return, the Germans were to help the government of Mexico to recover the territories of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona that they had ceded to the US in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War.

After a brief hesitation fearing that the Germans would come to know that they had broken their code, the Brits handed this telegram to the United States on February 24. The same was eventually published in the newspapers, and that played a crucial role in changing the public opinion in the US.

Is that the reason Wilson felt the need to fight in an European war?

(i) Some say that too much was at stake for the US on the economic front. They had already invested over $2 billion in the war, and the chances of recovering this money would have become bleak, in the event of a loss for the Allied Forces.

(ii) Some argue that by then, it had started to look like the Germans were going to be defeated, and the US didn’t want to miss the opportunity to pitch itself as the savior of democracy.

(iii) Then there is a third lot who believe that it was Britain who manipulated the US into joining the war by strategically timing the Zimmermann telegraph revelation.

Nevertheless, we often state that the US joined WW1 on April 6, 1917 after a nod from Congress. That, however, was the moment when the US had officially joined the war. Unofficially, it had become a part of the conflict the moment President Wilson placed the US navy personnel on civilian ships to protect them from the German attacks, citing an archaic anti-piracy law. In accordance to the International law, this step in itself constituted an act of war.

Whatever the true reason for our entry the result was to change the US and the world forever…..

Part Two of this post will be the debate on whether to fight or to stay neutral…..(coming soon to  blog near you)……

This Is How To Stop The US Spread

The US spreads its military might a little thin sometimes…..we have so many troops deployed around the world and we need to stop looking for a fight and return to diplomacy.

Recently when news of the arrival of US troops.in the West African nation of Ghana the people took to the streets in protest…..

On March 28, 2018 thousands of Ghanaians took to the streets of the capital Accra to protest a deal their government recently inked with US diplomats. Demonstrators came to show their objections to a multi-million-dollar agreement to strengthen military ties between the United States and Ghana. While the agreement is multi-faceted, a dominant theme is opening the door for a strong US military presence in the country. The deal allows American forces to use Ghana as a geographical asset in operations in the region, such as utilizing runways, and also permits the use of Ghanaian radio channels.

Also highlighted in the agreement is more joint exercises with American units. Officials in the country tried to play down the significance of the recent deal, presenting it as merely an extension of a two-decades-long relationship between the United States and Ghana, a West African country that has frequently been a host for bilateral military drills for a variety of nations.


More countries should try this and say NO to more US troops on their soil.

Afghanistan–News And Views

17 years and counting and in all that time not one word of how long this will continue to effect the country.

The Trump Pentagon is searching desperately for some success that they can hold up to the nation and claim that we are definitely winning this war.

As the US continues to escalate the war in Afghanistan, the official position is that there are no timetables anymore, no deadlines. 17+ years into the conflict, any pretense of a quick ending has long since evaporated.

That does not, however, mean that the Pentagon isn’t feeling pressure, as preposterous claims of “progress” ring as hollow today as they did in 2004, or 2013, or any other time in the war. The US may feel comfortable committing to decades more of the same, but NATO allies that keep getting dragged in for a new escalation are increasingly skeptical that there is a real endgame.

Pentagon leaders are desperate to show that something is different this time around, and that they aren’t just spinning their wheels in Afghanistan, even though that’s really what’s happening. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Joe Dunford insists that this year will be “fundamentally different” from the last 17 years of US war in Afghanistan.


Finding some success that could be taunted as a win is getting harder and harder o fine….and now the US has an old problem made new……

The Trump Administration is supportive of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s call for talks with the Taliban in order to bring peace to Afghanistan. Russia, Iran and China have also reached out to the group The interest in talking to the Taliban is partly the result of concerns about the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

Calling itself Wilayat Khorasan, the Islamic State’s South Asian branch is more commonly referred in Western media as ISIS-K or ISKP (Islamic State Khorasan Province). ISKP lays claim to an emirate comprising parts of Iran, three Central Asian republics, Afghanistan, Pakistan and in some maps parts of Kashmir in India and Xinjiang in western China. The group has sworn loyalty to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi even though most analysts agree that at least in the early years there was little or no connection between this group and the Islamic State in the Middle East.


Just when Trump is pushing the death of ISIS they are rearing their ugly mugs more and more in Afghanistan.

I want to see Trump address this rising problem and stop soft soaping the wars of intervention.

Closing Thought–05Apr18

Trump has a new plan to control the flow of immigrants across our border all coming for free stuff.  His brilliant plan is to use the National Guard as a deterrent….

Since Congress has not authorized their use what will their deployment entail?

Pesident Donald Trump and border-state governors are working to “irmmediately” deploy the National Guard to the US-Mexico border to fight illegal immigration, with some troops potentially arriving later Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said. “The threat is real,” Nielsen said at an afternoon briefing, adding that Trump was signing a proclamation to put the deployment into effect. “It’s time to act.” The announcement came hours after Trump pledged “strong action today” on immigration and a day after he said he wants to use the military to secure the southern border until his “big, beautiful wall” is erected, the AP reports. In a tweet early Wednesday, Trump said that “Our Border Laws are very weak” and that Democrats “stand in our way” of new laws. He added, “We will be taking strong action today.”

Federal law prohibits the use of active-duty service members for law enforcement inside the US, unless specifically authorized by Congress. But over the past 12 years, presidents have twice sent National Guard troops to the border to bolster security and assist with surveillance and other support. The White House counsel’s office has been working on the idea for several weeks, according to a senior official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal plans. Nielsen said the administration was considering a model similar to a 2006 operation in which President George W. Bush deployed National Guard troops to the southern border, with a focus on assisting US Customs and Border Protection personnel. “We are anxious to have the support,” she said.

This could be a violation of the “Posse Comitatus Act”…..the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. This act, passed in response to the use of federal troops to enforce reconstruction policies in the southern states, prohibited the use of the U.S. Army to enforce laws unless the Constitution or an act of Congress explicitly authorized such use. This act was amended five times in the 1980s, largely to allow for the use of military resources to combat trafficking in illicit narcotics.

But each time Congress has had to vote on the use of US military personnel.  But as usual this president seems to think that he is above the Constitution.

How much further can this president push before the Congress grows a spine and pushes back?