Clean Power Plan Hailed as Ambitious, Insufficient | Al Jazeera America

A few days ago the Prez made his big climate change speech…….it was hailed as an impressive speech and it was belittled by the deniers as a “chicken Little” moment…….but was the speech all that or was there holes in it?

We all know that something must be done…..well anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size…….but is this going to be the cure all that we all search for?

Personally, I think not……anytime you look for reform then the opponents have won…….you either do it or go home!


Clean Power Plan Hailed as Ambitious, Insufficient | Al Jazeera America.


The GOP Debate: Big Day Comes A Callin’

In a couple of days the long awaited first GOP debate of the election season will commence…….and there has been much written about the format that FOX News will use… seems only the 10 top candidates in the national polls will be allowed on stage at this first attempt to find a candidate….

The problem most people have is that it is not a good representation of quality candidates but rather who has the biggest mouth and the most absurd stands…….

It appears that some of the pollsters are coming to their senses……..(reported in Political Wire)………

“The Marist Institute of Public Opinion has suspended its polling of the GOP primary field in protest of how polls are being used to determine debate participants,” Politico reports.

“The poll, which is done in conjunction with McClatchy, is one of the more well-respected national polls regularly conducted. But Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist Institute, told McClatchy that they’re suspending their poll for this week because the debate criteria assumes the polls are more precise than they are in reality.”

I think they are right in their conclusions…..but I question the timing.  If this is truly what they feel then why wait until a couple days before the debate to withhold their polls?  Why not a month ago?  Or 2 or 3?

What purpose does it serve to pull it now?  Or a better question is what is their benefit of pulling the polls?  Was this a genuine concern or was it simply a marketing ploy?

Tell me what you think is behind this move…….

Huckabee: Driving The Clown Car (For Now)

There are 17 GOP candidates for the party nomination……and it looks like a few of them want to be in the drivers seat……at least for the first couple of debates……and the biggest GOP blow hard of the week has got to be Huckabee……..

First he rattled on about the Iran nuke deal…….first he said that if it was approved it would be leading Israel to the oven door…….poor taste at best….then he had to go further on the deal……he then stated that it the deal is approved there would be a mushroom cloud over Israel…….that has NO taste….just plain bullshit!  Is there not something in his religion about “bearing false witness”?

But one of his best came just the other day…..he has moved on from Israel and Iran… he is harping on abortion……..

Donald Trump isn’t the only candidate to raise eyebrows with his comments. Mike Huckabee this week promised to get aggressive against abortion as president, and he didn’t rule out using federal troops or the FBI to do so, reports the Topeka Capital-Journal. The remarks came in two public appearances: At the first, he said he would “invoke the Fifth and 14th Amendments for the protection of every human being,” including unborn babies. At the second event, a reporter asked if that meant using troops or the FBI, and he said, “We’ll see, if get to be president.”

Salon notes that the reporter was none other than Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, who tweetedabout the exchange. And what about Roe v. Wade? Huckabee told the crowd that Abraham Lincoln defied the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision, which denied African-Americans the right to citizenship, when he freed the slaves. The Topeka newspaper, though, quotes a Berkeley law professor who thinks Huckabee is “off base,” adding, “I think he’d better more carefully examine what he’s saying, because it is totally unprecedented.”

Does this mental midget know anything about “federal law”?  Does this “person” mean that he would prevent Americans from having the freedom of choice?  And these types accuse Obama of being a Nazi……..go figure.

This douche bag is doing what ALL politicians do at election time…..tell the voter what they want to hear……no matter whether it is the truth of not……..does this Israeli hooker realize that his BS on religion is NO better than the Muslims that want to force their beliefs on others……..

Is this guy for real?  NO he is not….and he will NEVER be president!

ISIS Child Soldiers

I have been a radical mt whole life……I can sympathize with any movement and any tactic to bring about change……and that includes some violent tactics……..but there is one tactic that goes beyond the pail……the use of children.

But when ANY group uses children to do their dirty work then I have a problem and they do to…..ME!  Only COWARDS use children in war!

ISIS is in the process of training and using child soldiers…….that makes them ALL cowards!

Just like the child soldiers used in Africa…….we watched children forced to commit horrendous crimes…………people would say it was a shame but NO one cared!  NOW The same is happening in the Middle East and as usual……… we all look the other way…….now I ask which is more the COWARD?


ISIS Trains Child Soldiers at Camps for ‘Cubs of the Islamic State’ – NBC News.


ISIS Child Soldiers: Over 50 Children Fighting For Militant Group In Syria Died In 2015.

Ted Cruz: Makin’ Bacon

I was going to ignore this desperate attempt to gain some attention by Ted Cruz….but I had to see if it would go viral of…….of course it did because it has two of the most important things to a dipshit conserv……guns and bacon……..

If you would like to see it again then help yourself and afterwards I will leave you with my closing statement……

In an video published Monday, the Republican presidential candidate wraps an uncooked bacon strip around a machine gun, secures it with foil paper, and shoots a target using four magazines of 5.56 ammo, until the gun is so hot that the bacon is crispy and and browned.

The video is the perfect example of conservative politics……..they spent about $80 for the ammo to cook about $1 worth of bacon…..they wasted time and money………PERFECT!

Piss away cash to accomplish little……..and there is the entire program for conservative politics…….like I said…..PERFECT!

“What They Do Not Know…….”

After 14 years I am sure that most Americans have an opinion on what actually happened on 9/11…….there is a wealth of conspiracies on who was behind it all…….from someone in the government to some world order trying to incite chaos……to the UN……to …..well you have your opinion and I have mine.

Since that faithful day there have been rumblings that Saudi Arabia is somehow behind the attack in one manner or another……many articles have been published on this subject…..but the one publication that has not been allowed for release was a report issued by the government……..28 pages to be exact……

Several people in the Congress have NOT read these pages for what they say will influence policy… ignorance is bliss…..if that is the case then the US Congress is the most blissful place on earth……

Please read and join the call for the release of these 28 pages…….the American people have a right to the truth about the attack of 9/11…

Lindsey Graham’s Admission: “I Have Not Read the 28 Pages” |