It’s The Blame Game

All the media circus around the latest terrorist attack has the media salivating….and it has provided the politicians a chance to do what they do best….bullsh*t.

And as usual… with everything international……this attack is Obama’s fault…..not much is said about the sick bastard driving the truck…..

Gingrich went on to blame the attack on President Obama, saying it was “the fault of Western elites who lack the guts to do what is right, to do what is necessary, and to tell us the truth, and that starts with Barack Obama,” the AP reports. He predicted that Obama will give a press conference “in which he’ll explain that the problem is too many trucks.” Gingrich, who had been in the running to become Trump’s VP choice, told Hannity that it now appears that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has gotten the nod, “but I’ve not been officially told yet.” Trump, who spoke to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, didn’t go as far as Gingrich, but he said as president, he would ask Congress to declare war on global terrorism, reports the New York Times. “If you look at it, this is war. Coming from all different parts,” he said. “And frankly it’s war, and we’re dealing with people without uniforms.” (Trump has delayed his VP announcement, which had been scheduled for Friday morning.)

First Trump postponed his announcement not out of respect but rather he would not be the center of attention with this attack…..he is waiting for a lean time where he can once again be the center of the universe….

Next, so far these attacks have been carried out by citizens of the country where they occur….not outsiders…..

Finally, there were at least 100+ uniformed officers at the scene for crowd control for the fireworks display….if 100 cops could not stop this attack then Obama sure as Hell could not…Blaming him does nothing to solve the problem of these attacks.

Again the media is allowing the political toads to control the cycle….all the blame except for the a/hole that was driving the truck….

This will be my last post on this horrific attack unless something new is reported and I feel it needs more attention…..

Something Nice About Saddam Hussein?

Last week in the news the media was all choked up on something that Mr. Trump said.  The MSM got lots of speculation in over his words.  Did he really say something nice about Saddam?

Trump’s stupid comments reveal a larger problem with how we talk about Iraq.

It’s possible that playing a game of gotcha with Donald Trump for the sin of saying that Saddam Hussein was good at killing terrorists is the most boring thing ever. Over 250 Iraqis were killed in Baghdad on Sunday when a lorry exploded in a busy shopping area of the city. The area is mostly Shiite and the Sunni extremist group Islamic State took responsibility. Believe it or not, this was the single worst loss of life since the invasion in 2003. Here’s how Jermey Bowen of the BBC put it:

Saddam Hussein’s regime was harsh, and it could be murderous. He led the country into a series of disastrous wars and brought crippling international sanctions down on their heads.

But with the benefit of 13 years of hindsight, the world that existed before 9 April 2003 seems to be a calmer, more secure place. They have not had a proper day of peace since the old regime fell.

As for democracy, many I have spoken to believe the hopelessly sectarian political system is broken. At least, they say, law and order existed under Saddam.

We need to reckon with this reality. It does no good to keep going back to the old rhetoric about what a tyrant Saddam Hussein was to his own people. What Trump is trying to say in his own awkward way is that Hussein kept the lid on and what we’ve gotten in his place is far worse. And, if he stuck to making that limited point, he’d be on solid footing, which means that it’s just a perpetuation of our national stupidity and infinite capacity to avoid self-reflection to go out and say, “Ooh, ooh, Trump said something halfway complimentary about Saddam Hussein!”

Source: Washington Monthly | Did Trump Say Something Nice About Saddam Hussein?

I may not agree with Mr. Trump on too much but I too believe that Iraq was a safer more secure nation when Saddam was its ruler…..

What is amazing is that all this debate, the back and forth, and not once has anyone in the media asked the Iraqi people what they think…..especially about Saddam….why is that?

BAGHDAD: The Iraqi man who was filmed attacking Saddam Hussein’s statue with a sledgehammer when US troops stormed into Baghdad in 2003 said Iraq was in a better shape under his rule and George W. Bush and Tony Blair should be put on trial “for ruining” it.Kadhim Hassan Al-Jabouri was speaking on Wednesday as British former civil servant John Chilcot released a long-awaited report criticizing Britain’s role in the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Source: Iraqi who hammered Saddam statue: ‘I wish he would return’ | Arab News

I still have a couple of friends in Iraq and they confirm that this is a popular talking point that is when people can actually go out and schmooze with their neighbors…..

Language Wars Flare Again

From time to time this country goes batcrap crazy over the language used to describe a situation…..some falsely attribute it to being “politically correct” an overused term for the last 8 years…..and then some of the mentally challenged will always lose their minds over what to call this situation or that…..a waste of time.

We are ass deep in another one of these silly debates……especially after the horrendous attack in Orlando…..the debate is what do we call the reason for the act……

(this article is in the Wall St. Journal….not one of my normal sources for accurate opinion pieces)……

Donald Trump says the Orlando attack is an example of “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Hillary Clinton said she’s willing to blame “radical Islamism” or “radical jihadism,” but doesn’t think that’s the point.

And President Barack Obama? He typically won’t use “Islam,” “Islamic” or “Islamism” as part of his description of terrorists.

The Orlando shooting has revived the long-running debate over how to refer to Islamist terrorists. The administration and allies have shied away from using the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” saying it serves no purpose but to alienate Muslims and fuel terrorists’ propaganda. But critics say the refusal to use the phrase is political correctness run amok, and gives the impression that the White House isn’t sure about who the enemy is.

Source: Radical Islamic Terrorism? Language Wars Flare Again – Washington Wire – WSJ

Sorry but this is a waste to time….the argument is lame and does it really matter what it is termed as…..I mean the people that died could not care less…..should not the discussion be on the act not the terminology?

But I understand if one has no idea of what they talk about then I guess a debate on terminology would make sense after all….

Will Change Be Coming?

Trump has many supporters and people that just like his style…..many also like his open speech and his grasp of the issues that most Americans are struggling with daily….personally, I do not see any of that but what the Hell…….people will vote for him because of his unique style of campaigning… I right?

But “what if” he decided to change his “style” and try to get more people on his side for the election and the convention….will his support dwindle?

Over the weekend I read a piece that may be good news to some and bad news to others……

No more Mr. Trump Guy? At a Republican National Committee meeting in Florida Thursday, senior Donald Trump advisers told worried GOP leaders that the brash persona the candidate has projected for as long as anybody can remember is about to be replaced by something more electable. “The part that he’s been playing is now evolving into the part that you’ve been expecting. The negatives will come down, the image is going to change,” top aide Paul Manafort said, according to a recording heard by Reuters. “You’ll start to see more depth of the person, the real person. You’ll see a real different guy,” Manafort promised, adding that Trump plans to start focusing on “crooked Hillary.” He explained that Trump “had to first feed the first phase” before softening his image.

“When he’s sitting in a room, he’s talking business, he’s talking politics in a private room, it’s a different persona,” Manafort said, per NBC News. “When he’s out on the stage, when he’s talking about the kinds of things he’s talking about on the stump, he’s projecting an image that’s for that purpose.” ABC News reports that at a rally in Harrisburg, Pa., on Thursday, Trump seemed unready to start projecting the image his advisers promised. “I just don’t know if I want to do it yet,” he said, adding: “At some point, I’m going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored.” Ted Cruz, meanwhile, said he was glad Trump had admitted that it’s “all an act, a show,” the AP reports.

Let’s say he alters his style or positions….will that be his death throe?

…..waiting for a answer…….

NOPE!  Psyche!  Did you really think anything would change?

After say that Mr. Trump had this to say……

So much for a changed Donald Trump. He told supporters on Saturday that he’s not changing his pitch to voters, a day after his chief adviser assured Republican officials their party’s front-runner would show more restraint while campaigning, reports the AP. “I sort of don’t like toning it down,” he said at a rally in Connecticut, per the New York Times. “Isn’t it nice that I’m not one of these teleprompter guys?” Trump also declared to the crowd that he has no intention of reversing any of his provocative policy plans, including building a wall along the length of the Southern border. “Everything I say I’m going to do, folks, I’ll do,” he said.

Trump’s new chief adviser, Paul Manafort, met Thursday with top Republican officials and told them his candidate has been “projecting an image.” The “part that he’s been playing is now evolving,” Manafort said. At a rally in Waterbury, Trump joked about acting presidential, making a series of faux somber faces……

This ought to drive the media into a home for the criminally stupid……now you see it….now you don’t…….type of thing.

Side Note:  Trump will be giving a foreign policy speech this week in DC…..since that is kinda my thing I will be watching and analyzing what he has to say.

American crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the devil down south

Last night was the big Dem debate…..and it was what I expected….total crap!  If you are looking for more than that….buy a newspaper!

After the Civil Rights thing the Dems lost the South to the Repubs……ever since those days the GOP has used a wide variety of dog whistle slogans and campaigns to be sure that the South stays in their column……with each election the covert bigotry gets worse and worse…..the people change but the song remains the same.

How the Republican party’s dog-whistle appeal to racism, refined by Richard Nixon and perfected by Ronald Reagan, led inexorably to Donald Trump

Source: American crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the devil down south | US news | The Guardian

All this rhetoric smacks of racist overtones…..whether intentional or not……and this type of thinking plays well….especially in the South….please NO one tell me I am wrong….all you have to do is take a trip South and see for yourself……regardless of what you think….reality will surprise you.

The Myth of the Reagan Democrat

I am an old fart so I can remember the 1980 election when it was Carter versus Reagan……I also can recall some of the dirty tricks and some of the media slogans that accompanied the election……it was a vote for either a true statesman and a movie star hardliner that worked closely with HUAC to “uncover” Commies in Hollywood….

But the election was about Carter….all the events that took place under his guidance of the country…..the hostage thing was the most pronounced….but there were economics involved and of course the ever present energy crisis….back in those days the media had to explain the popularity of Reagan and his eventual win and in doing so they came up with the term “Reagan Democrats”…..

The easiest definition of a Reagan Democrat…….A media term referring to blue collar voters who are thought to vote for Democratic presidential candidates but who actually vote for Republicans due to their conservative social views.

The problem is that the media has never let the term die a natural death…..every election they attempt to resurrect the term to explain a candidates popularity…..but is the situation as simple as the MSM wants it to be?

Of course it is not as simple as the media would like it to be….and in most cases there is NO validity to the claim…….

Reagan Democrats originally described blue collar white men who left their traditional allegiance to the Democratic Party to back Reagan over Democrat Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election. The phenomenon was vastly overstated from the start, as many blue collar Democrats began voting Republican in presidential elections in 1968 when they backed Richard Nixon. These so-called Reagan Democrats supported Nixon again in 1972, and were Democrats in registration only by the time of Reagan’s 1980 election.

Source: The Myth of the Reagan Democrat – LA Progressive

Blue Dog Democrats were these same voters but since they voted for Bill Clinton a new term had to be found….it was Dems voting for Dems……and then in 2010 the Blue Dogs lost their butts in the mid-term and the media needed to find a way to explain it… re-enter the term “Reagan Democrats”……

The term is still in use today by the pundits in the MSM……

It is as silly now as it was in 1980……

Next time you are listening to the media analyze the vote….listen closely and you will find the “Reagan Democrats” are back……

Here’s another thought to keep in your mind……

Clinton’s the only candidate left who holds faith with the platform that’s guided the U.S. since WWII: classic liberal interventionism, more familiar as the globocop policy that fueled both Bush presidencies.

Source: Hillary Clinton Trumps the Republicans on Foreign Policy – Haaretz – Israeli News Source

It seems that Clinton is the only Republican left in the election race of 2016……

Is Trump a Fascist?

I am sure that this post will chap the butts of some readers…..but please read before you go off on some mindless babbling……

Before I begin let me say…..CALM DOWN!

I know….since I am not a Trump supporter I must be trying to defame him in some way or another… are WRONG!

I got to thinking about this when I heard the all the diatribes about Bernie being a socialist and then the ones that call him a Marxist….first that shows me that these people have NO idea what a Marxist is or what they believe…..

Then I have heard the “F” word batted around when some write about Donald  Trump….

There have been many attempts to equate Trump with Fascism….his xenophobia, his speeches on religion or his world overview….while I admit that some of his rhetoric is somewhat nationalistic and, at least to me, a bit disturbing….I do not think he is a fascist……mainly because I do not think he understands the label to begin with……I am not writing about the insult but rather the political ideology…….

I will admit in my younger days as a radical and a protester I had used the term liberally to describe many within our government…but that was when I was young, dumb and full of hate…..these days I have a more laid back approach to analyzing the crap we call government……

Many of Trump’s opponents both Right and Left have tried to make the jump to calling him a fascist……I do not think they use the term for no other reason than a way to try and stop his rise to the nomination…..

I bring this up because I read a good piece in the LA Progressive recently and wanted to press it to see what types of comments I would get……

Source: Is Trump a Fascist? – LA Progressive

Again I AM NOT accusing Trump of being a fascist…..I pressed this article purely as an FYI of what is being said about the candidate….so please read it before you jump to moronic conclusions……

But for the sake of argument let us say that he is a Fascist…..could anything be worse?

God yes!  A Cruz presidency!

The Texas senator is a conniving, fanatical, power-hungry demagogue whose policies would serve America’s 1 percent

Source: Donald Trump may be an actual fascist. Ted Cruz is still more dangerous –

Fascism is about the most powerful epithet one can use — but it fits with Donald Trump. A historian explains why

Source: Trump’s not Hitler, he’s Mussolini: How GOP anti-intellectualism created a modern fascist movement in America –

Again!  I am NOT accusing anyone of anything….I am just passing on some thoughts others have had on this subject……but as an analyst I can see lots of similarities between 2016 and the 1930’s Europe…..especially the rhetoric….

If you would like to comment….then now would be the perfect time……