Let Your Thumbs Do The Talking

Whip out your thumbs and shoot yourself in the other foot!

Awhile back I wrote that Trump was doing more harm to himself and his admin and I suggested that some of his ardent supporters suggest to him that he should shut up and let event progress….

Of course one of his supporters laid into me all about the 1st amendment…that this was still America and we do have rights….on and on and on…..blah blah blah…….

I then pointed out that I was talking about his screwy obsession with Twitter….that every time he goes on one of his tantrums that he was opening himself open to these legal things swirling around him…..

Well I see no one has grown a set of stones yet for he is at it again…..this time it is about Trump’s “travel ban”….his surrogates run to a podium and explain that he does not mean a “ban” per se….and then he takes to Twitter and craps all over his spokespeople…..

While members of the Trump administration have tried to downplay his immigration executive order as simple vetting to keep the country safe, the president himself doubled down Monday on what he considers the order to be, the Hill reports. In an initial tweet Saturday that has since been criticized for politicizing the London terror attacks, Trump noted we need to be “smart, vigilant and tough” and that we need “the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!” The Washington Post notes Trump now wants to expedite a Supreme Court hearing on his executive order, which has already been stymied in both its original and revised forms. Trump is apparently disregarding legal issues that may arise from once again using the term “travel ban,” which partly led various US district court judges to halt his plan to keep nationals from six Muslim-majority nations out of the US.

Trump on Monday showed no sign of retreating from this tack, taking to Twitter to reaffirm his belief in his original immigration strategy. “People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN!” he tweeted. He also said the Justice Department should be pushing for a “much tougher version” of the ban, not the “watered down, politically correct” version that was put before the Supreme Court. “In any event, we are EXTREME VETTING people coming into the U.S. in order to help keep our country safe,” he tweeted. “The courts are slow and political!” The ACLU alluded over the weekend to the possible legal issues Trump may be conjuring by continuing to throw the “travel ban” phrase around after his team tried to walk it back, noting in a tweet: “Glad we both agree the ban is a ban.”

Someone needs to take his phone and break it in half…….they would be doing him and his policies a favor.

Closing Thought–03May17

Why did They Fight?

Before I get to the post there is something that I need to get off my chest……

Have you noticed that the Right wing to insult their detractors call them “apologist”….and then when something derogatory is written about the person they support then they go off making excuses for the failure……and they call me an apologist…..go figure.

Yes I am a history geek….I love doing research that involves historical events to see how they connect with today’s world…..

It is NO secret that our new president is not the sharpest tack in the box when it comes to history…..he did not seem to know much about Fredrick Douglass and recently he made a statement about the American Civil War…..I admit that this part of American history is not that important to me other than to study the conflict…..but at least I know enough not to make a Trumpian statement……

As Day 100 beckoned, President Trump sat for an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito that ran on Sunday. An exchange between the two about the Civil War apparently didn’t make the cut, but it will air on Sirus XM Monday afternoon (this clip has been released), and a bit the president had to say about President Andrew Jackson and the Civil War hasn’t been too well received.

  • It all started with a comparison Trump made between his campaign and Andrew Jackson’s that ended up going here: “He was a swashbuckler. … Had Andrew Jackson been a little bit later you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. .. He saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War, he said there’s no reason for this. People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why? People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War, why couldn’t that one have been worked out?”
  • The Atlantic is succinct in its response to Trump’s “why”: slavery. David A. Graham notes that even with his tony education, Trump, like many Americans, may be “ill-served by his education when it comes to the Civil War. Many Americans are still taught, incorrectly, that the war was essentially a conflict over state’s rights, with abolition as a byproduct of the war. This revisionist view flourished after the war, and though gradually being displaced, is common across the country.”
  • As far as history goes, the AP points out what most reports on the exchange do: Jackson died in 1845, 16 years before the war’s 1861 start. Though Trump rightly points out Jackson would have had to come “later,” some are jumping on Trump saying he “saw what was happening.”
  • And then there’s Jackson himself, whom Slate points out owned 161 slaves and framed abolitionism as a threat to the “safety of our country, commerce, and our revenue.” Slate’s view is that any alterna-history that saw Jackson averting war would have involved the continuation of slavery.
  • As everyone piles on Jackson, referred to by Trump as having a “big heart,” TPM points out he signed an act that paved the way for the Trail of Tears, which led to the deaths of thousands of Native Americans.
  • The Washington Post recalls that just last week Trump said much the same thing about a different conflict, telling Reuters, “There is no reason there’s not peace between Israel and the Palestinians.” What jumps out at Aaron Blake is that such comments sound like that of a “lefty pacifist,” not someone warning of “major, major conflict” with North Korea.
  • It’s not the first time a Civil War-era comment of Trump’s has been picked apart by the media: The president in February said, “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice,” leading to an outcry over his use of the present tense.

So everyone jumped on the bandwagon assisting Trump to get a hold on the causes of the Civil war….which is helpful…..but Trump is in good company, most Americans do not know why the war ended other than a Lee surrender….

People deal with political trauma in different ways. After the 2016 election, yuppies who once scoffed at preppers found themselves stockpiling canned goods. Barack Obama went parasailing. Hillary Clinton hiked in the woods. Hundreds of thousands of people began meeting in small groups—”for the first time in my life,” many told reporters—to organize a resistance. Some people bought bourbon, some people bought dogs, and I found myself reading about Thomas Wentworth Higginson.

In the years before the Civil War, Higginson, the abolitionist scion of a powerful Boston Brahmin family, had run for Congress, dabbled as a Unitarian minister, bankrolled John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry, and even sustained a sword wound to his face while breaking into a Massachusetts jail to rescue a fugitive slave. He prayed for a great cleansing war to rid the nation of slavery and when it came, he cheerfully enlisted. Then, in the fall of 1862, Higginson embarked on one of the most radical projects in American history.

Source: Donald Trump Doesn’t Know Why the Civil War Began. Most Americans Don’t Know How It Ended. | Mother Jones

There you have your small history lesson….hopefully it was some help.

Day’s done…I need some rest…..please enjoy the rest of your day…..I shall return tomorrow…..chuq

Closing Thought–02May17

Since the early days of the 2016 election there has been a plethora of shitty news or shall I call it fake news, running around the typical media outlets….and in all that time there has been a conversation on just how to spot this type of news…..that is considering that someone wants the news and not some bullsh*t that massages their ego……

Is the media being played?

Every other month, a major political event is described as unprecedented, unexpected or unpredictable.

From the election of US President Donald Trump and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, to the growing popularity of the far right and the many outlandish, divisive statements by world leaders, headlines increasingly tend to write themselves.

But should it be this easy? Should journalists rush to cover each and every comment posted to social media? Is the industry playing a role in distracting the public from key issues? Are news organisations handing out platforms? In short, is the media being played?

Here are some views …

Source: Is the media being played? | Journalism | Al Jazeera

Recently the founder of Wikipedia has an idea on how to control the bullsh*t…..

“The news is broken and we can fix it.” That’s the lofty promise of Wikitribune, a new “living, breathing tool” launched by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales that he hopes will combat “fake news” by teaming ace journalists with citizen volunteers. “I’m not sure that anyone’s ever been as radical” in coming up with an idea for “sustainable community journalism,” Wales tells the Guardian, explaining the volunteers will help write, fact-check, and flesh out articles on a range of topics without “chasing clicks.” The site—looking to initially hire 10 or so reporters before its first issue—will be ad-free (and free for readers), and Wales is crowdfunding to raise money to pay reporters. Donors will have a say in its direction, including what articles will appear. “It was when Kellyanne Conway said ‘alternative facts’ and I was just like ‘f— it … we have to do something about this,” Wales tellsWired.

The site uses the Wikipedia model, displaying sources—meaning “you can make up your own mind,” without facts that are tainted by bias, taken out of context, or “just plain … made-up,” per the site. Wales tells the Guardian that Wikipedia itself is “not a perfect place,” but he adds it also hasn’t been overrun by fake news. “If there is any kryptonite to false information, it’s transparency,” Wales recently wrote in the Guardian. A Dutch site has ventured into similar crowdsourcing. An American University professor tells Nieman Lab that Wikitribune could succeed because it’s a hybrid and because of its “narrow domain.” But Nieman Director Joshua Benton tells the BBC that “I have a hard time seeing this scale up” and that “another 10 to 20 people are not going to ‘fix the news.'”

Whatcha think?  Good idea or just a fart in the dark?

Closing Thought–26Apr17

“Benghazi Calling!”

I remember the days when the GOP was jerking off on their desks because of the attack in Benghazi that killed the US ambassador to Libya.  All the investigations that found nothing…all the politicians face time on talk TV…..and all the conspiracy crap from the bowels of the likes of Alex Jones, WND and a wealth of morons from the Right.

Then in 2016 we had candidate Trump that mentioned it whenever it was advantageous…..and he was concerned how lax Clinton was with the security of our diplomats……

As usual the Trump person was full of piss and vinegar….why?

Although President Donald Trump repeatedly railed against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the attacks on the Benghazi consulate, he still has yet to nominate anyone to oversee American embassy security.

As Politico reported, Congressional Democrats are calling the omission hypocritical while Republicans are encouraging Trump to work faster to fill this and other important posts at the State Department.

“The State Department has security professionals who are up to the job, but we do need all hands on deck given the many evolving threats we face,” said Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA). “I hope a nominee for assistant secretary will be put forward soon.”

Source: Trump railed against Benghazi — but he still hasn’t nominated anyone to oversee embassy security

It is okay with those tiny brains of the Trump supporters….that Pres. Trump is nothing like candidate Trump.

But what can you expect from a candidate from the hypocritical party…..but if the unthinkable happens will Trump be held up to the same scrutiny as Clinton….my guess is NOT a chance.

But if you prefer music to bullsh*t then maybe this selection will be a better end of the day………

That closes down the notebook for the day….be well, be safe….tomorrow is another day….chuq

Closing Thought–03Mar17

“Blame The Liberals”!

In recent days Mr. Trump has set about blaming liberals for all the ills of society…..which is nothing new because the Right wing nose pickers have been dong it for decades….

In recent days liberals and especially Obama have been blamed for protests, for hackings, for cemetery attacks, I am sure there is more that I ignored….

if you are unfortunate enough to be exposed to some of the lunatics on the Right then you know of what I speak….there is lots of ink being wasted on blaming others for the new guys shortcomings.

But sadly all this is nothing new…..like I said the Repubs have been blaming liberals have been blaming liberals for decades….everything from the crucifixion to World War Two to today’s problems….they will need to find new material…..

In Trump’s world, progressives are the true racists and white people face endless persecution. None of this is new.

Donald Trump is a professional white victimologist. The examples are legion. Trump never takes responsibility for his actions and appears to believe in numerous fictions: News media outlets are conspiring against him, Barack Obama is trying to sabotage his presidency, the military and not the commander in chief is to blame for the recent botched raid that killed a Navy commando, the women who accused Trump of sexual assault are all lying, millions of “illegal votes” were cast against him, and the tens of millions of people who have protested his regime are all paid operatives.

Source: Donald Trump’s “blame the liberals” talk belongs to a long right-wing tradition of white victimology and conspiracy theory – Salon.com

All this is just silly…..but what can we expect when we elect a reality star?

Time to begin my weekend…..everyone thanx for all the support and participation this past week….now enjoy your weekend….be well, Be safe…..chuq

How to Delegitimize a President

We have had endless rants and opinions and out right bullshit about this hacking thing…..I have said that I do not doubt that they were hacked just that we may never know who or even why….but it makes good fodder for those that have nothing else to write about.

I read an interesting article in the American Conservative about this situation….about the attempts bt some to overturn the election results……..and to be fair I will include it here on IST for it made some excellent points.

Attempts to overturn the results of our election, or to delegitimize a president before he even takes office, are attempts to overturn the system of transfer of power that has served America well. There is no measure of exaggeration here; Americans are questioning the results of a democratic election.

In what in another era would be left for conspiracy theorists, powerful mainstream forces want to prevent the president-elect from entering the White House. They seem to believe he is such a threat that it is necessary to destroy a part of democracy in America to save it.

Source: How to Delegitimize a President | The American Conservative

This is all so silly….it is NO different than when America elected a black man….there will always be some that cannot stand the results and will work to some how nullify those results.

Just GET OVER IT!  Trump will be president and go from there!

If mental midgets want to fight something then maybe a better idea is to fight for the integrity of our country……just a thought.

Anti-Globalists Used to Be Left Wingers

During this past election there was a term bounced around and it has caught on for the Right wing when they are searching for an insult to anyone that disagrees with them….”globalist”.

I tried to cover this situation in an op-ed for my friend at Ace News Room…….

For a decade those people that do not agree with the bean brains on the Right have been labelled…..”apologists“……”elitists“……”socialists“…..”bleeding hearts” and now we are “globalists“…..which is fine but I am not sure that the nose pickers actually knows what the term means….other than a convenient insult.

But as with anything thing its meaning is subjective……subject to the whims and mental farts of idiots.

The “Globalist Agenda“….as defined by a conspiracy site(I would give a link but screw it…find the looney tunes for yourself)……

Source: Warning: The “Globalists” Are Coming | Ace News Room

And now for the part that so many dislike….my historic perspective…..(listen for the moans and groans)……

Not so long ago it was the Left that was spouting the anti-globalist rhetoric……

If the current political narrative pits Donald Trump’s “real Americans” against the “global elites,” in the waning days of the 20th century it was just the reverse. Organized opposition to global “free trade” agreements was overwhelmingly a province of the left (though with a diverse sprinkling of various small-scale traditionalists). Anti-globalization protesters suffered intense police repression and were treated as misfits, oddballs or at best an inscrutable coalition of disparate groups — although polls showed they enjoyed public support. If that earlier, pro-democracy anti-globalist movement had been listened to and engaged with by elites, we might not be facing the kind of much darker anti-globalist backlash we’re seeing today.

Source: Historic Switcheroo: Anti-Globalists Used to Be Left Wingers; Now It is Donald Trump | Alternet