Are You “Never Trump”?

This is another of those slogans and insults that I find offensive and totally pathetic.  It is nothing more than mental midgets insulting because they are not sharp enough to argue the point.

I have been told that I am a “Never Trump” person and to that I just tell them to visit IST and see what I have written about the president.

For those lazy people and you know who you are I will summarize for your merger mind…..I have been criticizing the president on many issues…immigration, environment, governing style, taxes but I have also come down on his side on several other issues like ending our endless wars…..Trump has made an effort but he needs to go much further but for the most part his foreign policy needs some work and some people that will care for the country and not worry about massaging the genitals of the man.

So to call me a “Never Trump” person is just flat out wrong……I prefer to label myself as “America First” person….everything a president does should be to move this country forward not to the lap of luxury…..

I am not alone there are many GOPers that have left the GOP behind because of the twisting of the conservative faith into a pretzel that benefits NO one but the man at the top (The Man In The High Castle)…..

The phrase “Never Trump” doesn’t do justice to Republicans, or former Republicans, or any non-Democrat who speaks out against the lies, immorality, and nefarious activities of Trump’s Republican Party. It’s an intellectually lazy label born of the clickbait media culture. I guess that’s the reason why the Trump cult loves it, and maybe partially why journalists use it.

But you ask, why is it intellectually lazy?

Because every time Trump, or his sycophants use the term Never Trump, they imply that those Republicans who oppose Trump are corrupt and those who are apolitical are part of some sort of conspiracy. And the truth is, there’s nothing of the sort. David Frum and George Will and Rick Wilson all come to their antipathy toward Trump for different reasons, none of which was for self-gain. The unifying thread is that these people and others, believe that Trump represents such a danger to the Republic that it is important to sublimate their careers, their policy preferences, their tribal identities, in an effort to oppose him.

It’s Not “Never Trump.” It’s “Country First.”

I would never vote for Trump I have better things in mind for my country than what Trump offers.

Plus his reaction and response to the Covid-19 pandemic is just another reason I could not vote for Trump….even though he is trying to buy votes with the peon stim plan…..

WAIT!  I guess I am a “Never Trumper”……who knew?

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Remember Benghazi!

Closing Thought–18Feb20

It was just a couple of years ago…..I know that is a lifetime thanks to social media….and the GOP was chest thumping and looking for blood from the Obama administration because of the death of the American ambassador in an attack in Benghazi, Libya.

We had months and months and lots of insulting words uttered by those dim witted Repubes….and in the end there was not much that could be done except bitch and moan…..

So I found this story interesting from the Trump administration……

The Trump administration has left an organization created in honor of Chris Stevens, the US ambassador killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack, out of its next budget. The fiscal 2021 budget proposal eliminates the $5 million requested for the nonprofit Stevens Initiative, part of the $420 million cut from the State Department’s cultural and educational programs, the Washington Post reports. The Stevens Initiative funding has been cut for the past two years, but Congress put it back in both times. A State Department official said it’s possible the $5 million for the program—the same amount it has received the past two years—could show up elsewhere in the budget before the final version is approved. The organization advocates online exchanges among US, Middle East, and North Africa students.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made his name investigating the Benghazi attack, Foreign Policy points out, and blaming Hillary Clinton, his predecessor, and other Democrats for the deaths of four Americans. Pompeo was a second-term congressman from Kansas at the time. Donald Trump said the same things in campaigning on the issue in 2016. “By the way, with Benghazi and with our ambassador—remember? That’s all Hillary Clinton, folks,” Trump said. The Stevens Initiative says it’s helped tens of thousands of students with virtual cultural exchanges. A colleague of the ambassador to Libya said Stevens’ interest “was in communities we couldn’t otherwise reach.”

If you thought the Repubes would be up in arms after using the deaths as a political tool….then you will be hearing the sound of crickets.

Typical from the cowardly Repubes…..but not to worry since all money issues originate in the House then I believe it will be put back in…..

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Closing Thought–02Dec19

I remember the days of the 2016 campaign and the time of the run up when candidate Trump bitched about the number of times Obama had been playing golf…..let us not forget all those mindless Right wing bloggers that echied the sentiment on Obama’s golfing trips……but you know I have heard NOTHING out of these mental midgets about the news…..

President Donald Trump’s golf hobby has now cost Americans an estimated $115 million in travel and security expenses ― the equivalent of 287 years of the presidential salary he frequently boasts about not taking.

Of that amount, many hundreds of thousands ― perhaps millions ― of dollars have gone into his own cash registers, as Secret Service agents, White House staff and other administration officials stay and eat at his hotels and golf courses.

The exact amount cannot be determined because the White House refuses to reveal how many Trump aides have been staying at his properties when he visits them and will not turn over receipts for the charges incurred.

What a guy!  Trump donates his salary but spends millions more on his constant golfing with his buds….

Plus he had a virtual golf screen installed in the White House…..does he as president supposedly the busiest man on the planet need a golf game when he goes every other weekend to golf?

I say NO!  I say give him one weekend game per 3 months….anything over that then he pays and pays at the time of the game to avoid having to sue the bastard for unpaid bills…..which is his stock and trade.

But not to worry this to can be justified because others have played golf as well……so no need to comment on that….

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All That Noise About Obama

In 2008 the US elected a black man, a Dem, and the noise about socialism and Marxian economics were everywhere especially on the Right and their official news source, FOX News……

As an aged socialist I tried to tamp down the BS and set the record straight but the mental midgets like a slogan and an insult over facts……I tried to point out that the way Obama let the corporations run rampant and make the laws…….. makes Obama a lot of things but a socialist is just wishful thinking by the mentally slow.

Then in one fell swoop Obama opens his mouth and craps on the stupidity spread by the Right…..(he made my point for me….thanx)……

Barack Obama is very unlikely to give his official endorsement to one of the Democratic candidates running for president until the primary is over, but he is offering words of advice that seem aimed at the more left-leaning ones. On Friday, the former president offered what the New York Times calls an “unusual warning” before the Democracy Alliance, a group of wealthy liberal donors, cautioning candidates against pushing progressive ideas that may still be a hard sell for many citizens, like mandatory firearm buybacks, erasure of student debt, and decriminalizing border crossings, per the Washington Post. “This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement,” Obama said. “[Americans] like seeing things improved. But the average American doesn’t think that we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. And I think it’s important for us not to lose sight of that.”

While he didn’t name names, both papers point out he’s likely referring to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who’ve called for “political revolution” and “big, structural change.” The recent late entry into the race by Deval Patrick, and an apparent run by Mike Bloomberg, both of whom are considered more centrist, is a sign that some Dems are wary of their chances against Trump with increasingly left-leaning ideas. Not that No. 44 is against innovating—he just appears to want to move incrementally and strike a balance. “Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality and the fact that voters, including Democratic voters and certainly persuadable independents or even moderate Republicans, are not driven by the same views that are reflected on certain, you know, left-leaning Twitter feeds or the activist wing of our party,” he told the crowd.

With this one statement Obama proves everything I said when he was elected….change was NOT coming….he is a Centrist…..he is just a black big business Dem like Clinton the only difference is Obama is truly black and Clinton was just wishful thinking……

Obama A Progressive….. my ass!

All I can say now is….I TOLD YOU SO!

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A Cabinet Meeting From Political Hell

I remember one of Trump’s first cabinet meetings when they all got together and spent their allotted time massaging Trump’s genitals….it was embarrassing to anyone that holds our system in awe.

But Trump has topped that embarrassing moment with a further and more embarrassing moment……Trump wet on an hour plus rant against the Dems and the media…..

This is 6 of the most bonkers statements in the meeting….

President Donald Trump held a press availability during a Cabinet meeting on Monday, during which he went on a number of tangents and rants. Here are six of the wildest moments:

Schiff Is The Whistleblower’s Informant

6 Bonkers Moments From Trump’s Cabinet Meeting

The time was a rambling ranting mess….I wish that the above 6 were the only falsehoods spoken by our Dear Supreme Monarch…..but they were not…..

President Donald Trump delivered a blistering and rambling monologue to the journalists he allowed into his Cabinet meeting for more than 70 minutes on Monday. His press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, later tweeted, “I hope we see honest reporting from today’s mtg.”

We can honestly tell you that Trump’s remarks were highly dishonest.
We’re still looking into some of the President’s claims. We can report that at least 20 of them were false:
I wish that I could say that there was anything accurate in the words thrown out by the president…..I wish I could but alas I cannot….
But for doubters….please watch all 1 hour and 12 minutes of this presser……and then make up your own mind….it is a long video but illustrates just how badly Trump is going off the rails……
Yet more proof…..if you do not see his delusion then you do not want to see it for whatever reason…..and yes it is a long one but the rambling is very telling……
They say, the MSM, that the country is getting weary of all this silliness by our president and his toadies…..

You know, I’m old enough to remember when Republicans in Congress called down fire and brimstone on the Obama administration for not cooperating with Congressional oversight in the Benghazi probe. Here’s a 2012 clip of Congressman Trey Gowdy blasting executive branch members at an oversight hearing. Gowdy has just joined Team Trump, to help Build The Stonewall.

This ought to be a big deal to conservatives: to protect the right of Congress to do oversight on the imperial executive. I don’t respect the administration’s contempt for Congress. We all know Adam Schiff gonna Adam Schiff, but Trump brought this entire mess onto himself, and he can’t bluster his way out of it.

People — including Republican voters — are getting fed up with it. These numbers are not moving in the way the president needs them to:

Trump Fatigue

Personally I think that is good news….but sadly I am not buying it at all……I think that his falsehoods and BS is just making him stronger with the Alt Right and the bigots in our nation.

I mean I have a problem with our representatives that should be above reproach should ever use the language this president does…..

President Trump turned his fire on members of his own party Wednesday—and they did not take kindly to being called “human scum.” “The Never Trumper Republicans, though on respirators with not many left, are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our Country than the Do Nothing Democrats,” the president tweeted. “Watch out for them, they are human scum!” Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said it was time for lawmakers to talk to each other “as grownups,” the Hill reports. “To call anybody human scum is beneath the office of the presidency. You can’t say that, right? You’re the president,” he told CNN. “You have different standards.”

Peter Wehner, a Trump critic who served in the previous three Republican administrations, said he considers the insult a “badge of honor,” USA Today reports. “What those of us who are ‘human scum’ … particularly appreciate is how you’ve more than validated our concerns about you-psychologically, morally/ethically and in terms of temperament/judgment,” he tweeted. “You turned out to be at least as bad as we warned you’d be.” Trump, in other tweets,criticized William Taylor, the former top diplomat to Ukraine who testified at an impeachment hearing this week. “It would be really great,” Trump said, if people in his administration “could stop hiring Never Trumpers.”

Never thought I would live to see the day when an American would be called an enemy for disagreeing with another American….is this what you Americans really want?

That is NOT the nation I took an oath to protect.

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Closing Thought–29Jul19

I know that this dude in the White House has made many many racist comments…..but when he uses terms like “infested” it smacks of Germany in the 1930s…….

Once again Trump has let his bigotry and racism come to the forefront…..

President Trump on Saturday denigrated a majority-black district represented by a congressional nemesis as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess,” broadening a campaign against prominent critics of his administration that has exacerbated racial tensions, the AP reports. Trump lashed out in tweets against Rep. Elijah Cummings, the powerful House Oversight Committee chairman, claiming his Baltimore-area district is “considered the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States.” It was the president’s latest assault on a prominent lawmaker, and the people he represents, two weeks after he sparked nationwide controversy with racist tweets directed at four congresswomen of color.

His comments against Cummings, who leads multiple investigations of the president’s governmental dealings, drew swift condemnation from Democrats, including would-be presidential rivals. Trump called Cummings a “brutal bully” after his public tongue-lashing of top Homeland Security officials over conditions for migrants detained along the southern border. “As proven last week during a Congressional tour, the Border is clean, efficient & well run, just very crowded,” Trump tweeted. “Cumming District is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place.” Cummings replied directly to Trump on Twitter, saying, “Mr. President, I go home to my district daily … It is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch. But, it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents.”

This rhetoric has allowed the worthless lumps of manure that are the racists get more exposure than they deserve…..

Even the racism Trump embraces makes it into the world of retail sales……

Shoppers at a New Jersey store will no longer find black dolls with eye-popping instructions waiting on the shelves, reports. The One Dollar Zone in Bayonne pulled the “Feel Better Doll” Monday after Assembleywoman Angela McKnight visited to confirm what she’d seen on social media. A description on the product—which is made from black fabric with multi-colored yarn hair, white smile, and white eyes—tells buyers to “find a wall to slam the doll.” McKnight didn’t hold back: “This doll is offensive and disturbing on so many levels,” she says. “It is clearly made in an inappropriate representation of a black person and instructs people to ‘slam’ and ‘whack’ her. Racism has no place in the world and I will not tolerate it, especially not in this district.”

A message written on the dolls tells buyers that “Whenever things don’t go well / and you want to hit the wall and yell … Just grab it firmly by the legs and find a / wall to small the doll, and as you wack / the ‘feel good doll’ do not forget to yell / I FEEL GOOD, I FEEL GOOD.” One Dollar Zone President Ricky Shah expressed remorse for selling the product and says it arrived with a big shipment of merchandise, largely with “I Love NY” labels, the AP reports. “This somehow slipped through the cracks,” he says. Reporters couldn’t reach the doll’s manufacturer, the Harvey Hutter Co., which is located in Croton-on-Hudson, about 30 miles north of New York City. A supplier says the company has gone out of business

This is NO way for a country to behave……it is definitely NO way for the leader of the so-called “Free World” to behave……but then I expect this from a small petty man that is prone to insults and bullying.

Not to be outdone His Majesty Trump took to Twitter again…this time calling Cummings a racist…..seriously……

Upping a feud with an influential black lawmaker, President Trump on Sunday assailed Rep. Elijah Cummings as a “racist” over the “rodent-infested mess” in his district while White House aides sought to downplay his comments as frustration over Democrats’ unrelenting investigations, the AP reports. In a series of tweets, Trump insisted that his comments Saturday referring to Cummings’ majority-black district as a disgusting mess where “no human being would want to live” were not racist. On the contrary, Trump argued, “if racist Elijah Cummings would focus more of his energy on helping the good people of his district, and Baltimore itself, perhaps progress could be made in fixing the mess that he has helped to create over many years of incompetent leadership.” Trump added, “His radical ‘oversight’ is a joke!”

His comments capped a weekend of attacks on Cummings, the latest rhetorical shots against non-white lawmakers since Trump posted racist tweets directed at four Democratic congresswomen of color two weeks ago. Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney insisted in two national television interviews Sunday that Trump was not making racist comments. Mulvaney said Trump’s words were exaggerated for effect—”Does the president speak hyperbolically? Absolutely”—and meant to draw attention to Democratic-backed investigations of the Republican president and his team in Washington. “Instead of helping people back home, they’re focusing on scandal in Washington, DC, which is the exact opposite of what they said they would do when they ran for election in 2018,” Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney then stated that Trump was just fact checking Cummings….really!  That would be a first.

Trump lies and then has toadies like Mulvaney to add more manure to the pile left by His Majesty.

Trump has spoken!  Thus spake the Clown Prince Of Idiocracy…

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Welfare Fraud

Closing Thought–20Jun19

I hear a lot about all the fraud committed by these illegal immigrants that are sucking off the Food Stamp program and other programs for the poor…..I think that most of it is just noise from haters.

But I will admit that there are some fraud within the programs for the poor….like this one from the state of New York…….

13 arrested in record welfare fraud sweep

Damn! And not one Hispanic among them….not even an African-American who use to take the brunt of the rhetoric……

I am not say there is no fraud by immigrants…..this story like the ones the idiots read is one case….but since they can make the leap to accuse everyone of the immigrant class…..why can I not do the same?

USS John McCain

One of the big stories this past week is the one about the Beloved Supreme Leader’s recent visit to Japan and a US Naval ship, the USS McCain…..

It would appear that Trump still has a hard on for Sen. McCain….if this report is true……

President Trump has made no secret of the fact that he isn’t, and never was, an admirer of the late John McCain. But that story took a strange turn this week with a report that the White House ordered the Navy essentially to conceal a destroyer named for McCain’s father and grandfather, both Navy admirals, while Trump visited Japan. By all accounts, Trump himself did not make any such order, but he said Thursday that he understands the rationale. Details and developments:

  • The president: “I don’t know what happened. I was not involved. I would not have done that,” Trump told reporters Thursday, reports Politico. “I was not a big fan of John McCain in any shape or form,” Trump added, before ticking off some of their differences. “Now, somebody did it because they thought I didn’t like him, OK? And they were well-meaning.” But “I would never have done that.”
  • Meghan McCain: She initially criticized Trump on Twitter Thursday morning over the report and later amplified on The View. “The president’s actions have consequences,” she said, per CNN. “And when you repeatedly are attacking my father and war heroes, it creates a culture in the military where people are clearly fearful to show my father’s name in one way or another. And that, I think, is what has started this chain of events and actions.”
  • The allegations: The first report of the White House order came from the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post and the New York Times later confirmed the broad strokes, though with different details. The USS John McCain is docked at Yokosuku Naval Base, and the White House reportedly asked that it be “out of sight” when Trump visited. The ship, however, can’t be moved because of ongoing repairs.
  • A tarp, a barge: The most tangible move to obscure the ship came when a tarp was used to cover its name, per the Journal and Post. Photos of that emerged on Friday, but Navy officials caught wind of what was happening and ordered the tarp removed on Saturday, before Trump’s visit. The Journal also says a barge was positioned in front of the McCain ship, though it was moved before the president arrived.
  • The sailors: The Times reports that sailors from the ship were singled out and not invited to hear the president speak, and that those who showed up wearing the ship’s insignia were turned away. However, the Post downplays this, reporting that the ship’s crew was not invited because they had the day off for the Memorial Day weekend, along with sailors from another ship.
  • Different controversy: Some of the sailors who did hear Trump speak wore patches with an image of the president reading “Make Aircrew Great Again,” as seen in this tweet from the Times. The Navy is looking into whether any uniform regulations were violated, reports Stars and Stripes.
  • Investigation: The Navy also is investigating whether anyone acted inappropriately in regard to the McCain ship, reports UPI. Acting Navy chief Patrick Shanahan says his chief of staff is looking into the reports.  (How far will that go?)
  • A critic: In the Atlantic, Eliot Cohen writes that any Navy officials who agreed to the requests to cover up the ship “disgraced themselves and disgraced the oaths they took when they joined the service or became public officials.” It’s not only a matter of principle, he writes. “A service that tolerates sycophancy will get America’s sons and daughters killed.”

This is news and it should not be so….this is a juvenile act regardless who ordered it…….or was this to take away from any bad news on the horizon for the day?

Sorry whoever ordered this slight to Sen. McCain is a childish attempt and is not as clever as they think it is…..

McCain and I agreed on little but he deserves more respect than this.

Political Insanity

I could be writing about a fellow blogger whose site, “Finding Political Sanity”….but in this case it is more about political rhetoric.

This is an observation on the use of different terms to describe things we see and read……

A constant thread running through all of these “politicals” is that they are fraudulent. They are concepts that subvert, displace, and weaponize that which they profess to represent.

“Political Islam” is anti-Islamic. “Political Christianity” is anti-Christian. “Political Humanitarianism” is anti-humanitarian, and “political feminism” is anti-feminism.

“Political Islam” as represented by Wahhabism is an anti-Islamic extremist ideology that is grown nurtured and sustained by US imperialism which imposes mass murder, destruction, chaos and sectarianism on prey nations such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria.

Keep in  mind that social media plays a large roll in politics these days….as long as a leader can use 35% of the populace to help spread his brand of lies and misinformation……anything is possible.

Talking Trash!

For a whole year now our leaders have been talking trash… trash I mean lies on top of lies…..these twats cannot help themselves they just cannot stop once they started lying and when confronted with their lies they claim “fake news”……

Some of their biggest trash talking is on the field of international relations…..first it was the VP when talking about Afghanistan……

Having made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Thursday to meet with Afghan leaders and US troops, Vice President Mike Pence is talking up “progress” in the 16+ year Afghan War, crediting the new strategy.

Back in August, President Trump set out a “new” strategy, which was just a general escalation of the conflict, with an unspecified number of additional ground troops deployed, and a substantial increase in US airstrikes.

Pence said the situation is “promising” now, saying that the Taliban have been put “on the defensive,” though of course the Taliban have been in defensive situations several times during the protracted war.

US officials have many times during the course of the war claimed progress against the Taliban, but the Trump Administration’s ever-increasing secrecy about the strategy, troop levels, and day-to-day operations, it is very difficult to gauge by what measure they think things are improving at all, with Taliban territorial holdings still near their highest level since the 2001 invasion.


Great progress?  The opium crop is biggest ever….ISIS is making in-roads in the north of the country…..Taleban is in control of numerous provinces in the South…yeah “great progress”

Then there is Fearless Fosdick of a president……

One day after a massive Thursday loss at the UN General Assembly on the Jerusalem issue, President Trump complained on Twitter that the US “foolishly spent $7 trillion in the Middle East,” suggesting the focus needed to shift to US infrastructure.

This comment was perceived by some reporters as being about Trump’s threat to withdraw foreign aid from countries that voted against him at the UN, as well as lamenting how little influence the US had actually bought.

Of course, the $7 trillion is mostly not foreign aid, but military spending, and as President Trump is always eager to remind people, he is particularly supportive of massive military increases, and has continued and escalated overseas operations, largely in the Middle East, since taking office.

Really?  And yet he has expanded the scope of the US involvement in the region….

I agree with him that the US foolishly wasted these funds in a war that cannot be won….but he was just spouting trash and does not mean a word of what he has said……

These people are doing what they do best….fill the people with propaganda and then blame everyone else when it all goes wrong.

These guys are NO longer amusing….now they are just pathetic liars.