The Privatization Of Medicare

Since I can remember the GOP has hated the very idea of Medicare and almost every Congress they have worked tirelessly to try and give the health industry a win by privatizing the program.

Every year since the election of Reagan the foundation of Medicare has been chipped a way….then there is Biden……a president that is heavily invested in the chipping……

A Trump-era pilot program that could result in the complete privatization of traditional Medicare in a matter of years is moving ahead under the Biden administration, a development that—despite its potentially massive implications for patients across the U.S.—has received scant attention from the national press or Congress.

a group of physicians from around the nation will try to grab the notice of lawmakers, the Biden White House, and the public by traveling to Washington, D.C. and demanding that the Health and Human Services Department immediately stop the Medicare experiment, which is known as Direct Contracting (DC).

The doctors plan to present HHS with a petition signed by more than 1,500 physicians who believe the DC pilot threatens “the future of Medicare as we know it.”

Advocates have been publicly sounding the alarm about the DC program for months, warning that it could fully hand traditional Medicare over to Wall Street investors and other profit-seekers, resulting in higher costs for patients and lower-quality care.

Once again the Democrats prove that they are NO better than the GOP….their concerns are for the donors NOT the people.

Medicare could be lost in the name of ‘compromise’ and word that does more damage than good.

At what point do the American people start paying attention to their future and stop living on social media for instant gratification?

The ONLY answer to getting proper health care for the people of this country is Medicare For All.

Not only is this country being hollowed out but your well-being is in jeopardy….and yet you prefer to see what moron has posted a cat video on Twitter or Instagram or whatever other mindless stupidity is out there.

Until the voter starts truly paying attention then we deserve all the silliness and mindless stupidity we get.

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Age Of Shaming

WARNING:  This post is a real thing and may be more than some readers want to know….please if talk about the human body disturbs you then this post is not for you.

These days shaming has become an art form…..especially since the invention of social media…..people are shamed for a wide array of issues……like weight, height, fashion, intelligence, etc……but I have to admit that there is one form of shaming I had not heard of or considered…..vaginal shaming.

I admit that I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination and had to do what I always do….go to the internet…..

So in the spirit of FYI I share what I found……

After I first heard of the concept of “vaginal shame,” I found myself flipping through an educational (read: not sexual) slideshow called The Labia Library. It’s exactly what it sounds like—a collection of close-up photos of labias belonging to various women, which made me realize that I’m a cisgender heterosexual woman in her 30s who doesn’t understand the vast diversity of human female anatomy. “Your experience isn’t uncommon,” gynecologist Jen Gunter, MD, assures me.

Many women typically see so few vaginas in their lifetimes that aren’t in porn—where the preferred aesthetic is decidedly narrow—that they’re often vulnerable to suggestions from their male partners around what’s “normal,” or, more critically for a woman’s self-esteem, “not normal.” “I see so few gay women who are vulnerable to [vaginal shame]—in fact, I can remember just one—simply because they see all kinds of vaginas and vulvas,” says Dr. Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible. “And gay women don’t get that horrible destructive messaging of, ‘You’re not wet enough,’ or ‘What do you mean you can’t orgasm with just my penis?’ And so on, that so many straight women do from heterosexual men.”

Vaginal Shame Is Real—so Here’s a Much-Needed Reality Check


Vulva Shaming & Vagina shaming – for real? We need confidence!

This is not the first time that I tried to bring this ‘shaming’ technique to my readers…..

I admit as a male I can understand the concern that can be generated….I mean we males have always worried about our penis….but that was in the days before social media.

How does this sort of shaming begin?  Are pics shared and the shaming begins?  If so why would anyone share such photos?

This post is not suppose to be flippant in any way….the shaming is real….and should be a concern… sole purpose was FYI and nothing else…..

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Closing Thought–29Nov21

I know that Covid has become a passe topic these days…..50 the population think it is all a government ploy and the other half worries about their friends and families……so I thought I would bring my readers up to date on the variants and the international stage……

Almost two years after the first cases were detected in Wuhan, China, the fight against the coronavirus continues—and authorities are worried that a new variant detected in South Africa could be a major setback. The variant, currently known as B.1.1.529, has mutations that could make it more infectious and reduce the effectiveness of vaccines, scientists say. CNBC reports that the World Health Organization has scheduled a meeting on the variant for Friday. It if is declared a variant of interest or a variant of concern, it will be assigned a Greek letter name. The “Mu” variant first detected in Colombia was designated a variant of interest in August, making “Nu” the next letter in line. More:

  • Why scientists are worried. While many COVID variants die out, the latest one has an unusually high number of mutations and believed to be behind a steep rise in infections in South Africa, the AP reports. Joe Phaahla, the country’s health minister, said Thursday that there has been an “exponential” rise in cases over the last four or five days. Cases have also been detected in Botswana, Hong Kong, and Israel.
  • “A big jump in evolution.” The variant was detected after scientists investigated a surge in infections in the Johannesburg area, the New York Times reports. “This variant did surprise us—it has a big jump in evolution, many more mutations than we expected, especially after a very severe third wave of Delta,” said Tulio de Oliveira, director of the KwaZulu-Natal Research and Innovation Sequencing Platform.
  • New travel restrictions. European countries quickly imposed restrictions on travel from southern Africa as news of the variant emerged, the BBC reports. The UK has banned flights from six countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini.
  • “The most worrying we’ve seen.” Dr Susan Hopkins, a top medical adviser to the British government, described the variant as “the most worrying we’ve seen” due to high transmission levels, per the Guardian. South African officials are “saying that their transmission rates, the R value that they have in Gauteng around where this was first found, is now 2, which is really quite high and we’ve not seen levels of transmission like that since right back at the beginning of the pandemic, because of all of the mitigations and steps we’ve taken,” Hopkins said.
  • Stock markets sink. The Financial Times reports that stock markets in Europe and Asia dropped sharply Friday, with airline stocks among the hardest hit. Oil prices are also down and the Dow Jones is set to open down 800 points.

This pandemic is far from over…..and it seems to point to  a long range spread once again.

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Another Variant (Oh Goody)

Just in time for the holiday season.

Here we go again…..another problem with the Covid thing….this time in South Africa

The world got an unwanted new arrival on Friday: Omicron. Here’s the latest on the worrisome new COVID variant:

  • New name: After an emergency review, the World Health Organization on Friday declared the emerging strain of COVID a “variant of concern,” reports the Washington Post. The variant, first detected in South Africa, was dubbed Omicron, named after a Greek letter in keeping with other variants such as Delta.
  • Travel restrictions: The US will restrict travel from South Africa and seven other African nations: Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, and Malawi. The restrictions are to start Monday, reports Politico.
  • ‘Most worrying’: Much is unknown about the strain, but researchers fear its large number of mutations will help it spread easily and perhaps better evade vaccines. For now, the variant is the “most worrying we’ve seen,” says Susan Hopkins, an adviser to Britain’s Health and Security Agency. So far, no cases have been reported in the USFound in Europe: The first case of the new variant has been detected in Europe, adding to worries about how far the strain already has spread. The Guardian reports that Belgium confirmed a case of the variant in an unvaccinated woman with no travel links to South Africa or neighboring countries. Authorities say the woman developed mild symptoms 11 days after traveling from Egypt to Belgium via Turkey. The only other known cases outside southern Africa are in Israel, where a traveler who had returned from Malawi is now in isolation, and Hong Kong, where two travelers tested positive while in hotel quarantine.
  • Seeking answers: Fauci says the variant has more than 30 mutations to its spike protein, which “are raising some concern, particularly with regard to possibly transmissibility increase, and possibly evasion of immune response.” Fauci says officials have arranged talks Friday between American scientists and their South African counterparts. “We want to find out, scientist-to-scientist, exactly what is going on,” he says.

    Restrictions elsewhere: More than a dozen countries in Europe and Asia have halted or restricted travel from countries in southern Africa, and the European Commission has urged all EU members to put an “emergency brake” on travel, the New York Times reports. Earlier Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN that there is “no indication” the variant has arrived in the US, but “we’re rushing now to get that scientific data.”

And just in time for Christmas…..

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Closing Thought–16Nov21

Remember those plagues of Egypt?

You know the ones….the flies and toads and locusts….etc, etc, etc……

Well there seems to be a real-life plague in the fable land of Egypt….the one for myths and legends to be born of……this time it is scorpions.

Heavy storms in Egypt last week washed scorpions into streets and homes, and the resulting attacks from the dangerous arachnids left three dead and more than 500 others injured, 9 News reports. Egypt’s fat-tailed scorpions are among the world’s deadliest; after a sting from one’s tail, the venom can kill a person in less than an hour. Hospitals have been given extra doses of anti-venom and locals are being advised to avoid areas with lots of trees, the BBC reports.

Per the St. Louis Zoo, this is not the first time human deaths have been attributed to the fat-tailed scorpion, which typically hides during the day and uses its stinger to subdue prey and defend itself. But venom from this and other types of scorpions is also being used to fight an aggressive type of brain cancer. Chlorotoxin, a component of the venom, has been used in something called chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy to kill tumor cells, City of Hope explains. Glioblastoma is among the deadliest cancers and is also the most common type of brain tumor in humans. “Much like a scorpion uses toxin components of its venom to target and kill its prey, we’re using chlorotoxin to direct the T cells to target the tumor cells,” a researcher says.

When this story is told later in history will it be about some pissed off deity raining Hell onto the people…..or will it be written as an freaky situation caused by a weather front?

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More Diabetes News

As a suffer from the disease I am always on the lookout for ways that could help me control my sugar content….and as usual I want to pass on the info to any of my readers that may be fighting the disease as well….

The taste of sugar is one of the things that we diabetic miss the most…..well there may be an answer for us…..

If you have diabetes or are otherwise looking to keep your blood sugar levels under control, choosing the right sweetener can be tricky. There are so many options out there and between the different tastes and proclaimed side effects, it’s often difficult to determine which one to choose. However, a growing body of research suggests that using stevia for diabetes may be the best option.

Stevia comes from a shrub that is is native to North and South America. It’s considered a zero-calorie sweetener, even though it’s as much as 150–300 times sweeter than regular white sugar thanks to compounds in it called steviol glycosides.

In recent years, stevia has become rather popular among people with diabetes, and for good reason. Research shows that stevia may have beneficial effects on blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

This Sweetener Can Lower Blood Sugar and Improve Insulin Sensitivity

I enjoy fruit of almost all stripes….and a new study shows that some fruit could help those of us fighting diabetes….these 6 fruits could ease your mind….

If type 2 diabetes runs in your family, or if you have reason to be concerned about high blood sugar and insulin resistance, I have some exciting news for you.

Recent research has pinpointed a group of fruits that can lower your diabetes risk naturally.

These “superfoods” are already well known for their antioxidant content that protects against chronic inflammation and metabolic syndrome.

Now, scientists have discovered exactly how the natural compounds in these fruits work at the genetic level to shield us from insulin resistance and diabetes.

Researchers at Texas AgriLife Research, a state agriculture agency, have found that stone fruits — peaches, plums and nectarines — have bioactive compounds that can fight metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that precede diabetes and heart disease.

Each of these fruits contains a mixture of bioactive compounds known as phenols that fight obesity and inflammation, two of the major components of metabolic syndrome.

These phenols work together as a team to fight obesity, inflammation, high blood sugar and the oxidation of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol that causes heart disease.

6 fruits anyone with blood sugar problems should be eating

***Please before embarking on a regime of eating these fruits check with your medical professional so that he/she can help you design a plan***

If you suffer with this disease then I hope you find a plan that will help you and your battle with sugar..

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Fighting Type-2?

Disclaimer:  I am by no means advocating this advice nor am I being compensating for this post.  My sole purpose is FYI.  Please do not do anything health wise without talking with your medical profession.

For the past 3 years I have been dealing with my diabetes so I am always watching for any advice that could help me control my disease.

I read this piece over the weekend….

Type 2 diabetes stems from a dysfunction in the way the body processes insulin. The pancreas normally releases insulin to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. However, insulin production is hampered if you have type 2 diabetes, which causes blood sugar levels to rise. Unregulated blood sugar levels can wreak havoc on the body so you must find alternative means of policing it if you have type 2 diabetes.

The threat of rising blood sugar levels is most acute after eating because as you digest food in your stomach, blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels rise sharply.

Fortunately, some foods actually counter high blood sugar levels within minutes of consuming them.

Research suggests raisins produce this effect. That’s the conclusion of a study published in the journal The Physician and Sportsmedicine.

In this study, compared to alternative processed snacks, those who consumed raisins had a significant 23 percent reduction in postprandial glucose levels.

Postprandial means after a meal. This test is done to see how your body responds to sugar and starch after you eat a meal.

The test is conducted within two hours of eating, implying raisins lowered the blood sugar levels of participants within 120 minutes of consumption.

If you suffer with diabetes then this just may help you with blood control….but before you try this check with your doctor.

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Protect The ‘Winkie’

It is Sunday and it is Halloween….. I was looking for something unusual to post….and I found it…..and if you are young then it can be very scary.

When I was young and staring showing interests in girls my grandfather sat me down and told me to be careful in my choice of girls for there is a bug out there that would rot your ‘winkie’ off….as I got older I was amused at the horror story my grandfather spun….

Just found out that his story may not be as fanciful as he had painted…..

Doctors in the UK are warning about a rising number of cases of a sexually transmitted disease that can cause genitals to “rot away.” Donovanosis, caused by the bacterium Klebsiella granulomatis and spread through unprotected sex or other skin-to-skin contact, doesn’t eat the skin but is often described as “flesh-eating” due to the appearance of red and sometimes bloody sores on the genitals and anus that, if left untreated, can progressively damage body tissue, per the Washington Post. Cases usually pop up in tropical areas, including India, Papua New Guinea, Australia, the Caribbean, and southern Africa, per USA Today. But cases have also been appearing in the UK and US in recent years.

Some 19 cases were reported in the UK in 2016. That increased to 30 cases in 2019, followed by 18 cases in 2020, per the Post. Though the infection was eradicated in the US in the 1950s and ’60s, about 100 cases are now reported in this country each year, most in people who’ve spent time in areas where the disease is common, according to the National Library of Medicine. But Dr. Melinda Pettigrew of the Yale School of Public Health tells USA Today that cases could “theoretically” increase in the US as risk factors for unprotected sex are on the rise. “The worst thing we can do is shame people,” she adds. “Then they don’t talk to their partners, they don’t get diagnosed, and they don’t get treated.”

Donovanosis, which is a risk factor for the transmission of HIV, is treated with antibiotics. The CDC notes a relapse is possible six to 18 months following treatment. But without treatment, “extragenital infection can occur with infection extension to the pelvis, or it can disseminate to intra-abdominal organs, bones, or the mouth.” A pharmacist told the Liverpool Echo in 2018 that even a delay in treatment “could cause the flesh around the genitals to literally rot away.” Luckily, donovanosis cases represented just .004% of the 2,554,908 STD cases reported in the US in 2019. More than 1.8 million (72%) of those were chlamydia, and some 616,392 (24%) were gonorrhea, per USA Today.

That is just scary….I mean really…..I am so glad that I am an old fart and sex is not as important to me as it once was….dodged the bullet on this one.

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Covid Side Effect

Closing Thought–28Oct21

I know….I know…..there has been TMI on the pandemic….I mean ….really?

I decider that this side effect should be reported since the government spent decades convincing the public that this ‘addiction’ was ruining our health…..

The side effect I speak of is smoking.

The pandemic wasn’t good for America’s lungs in more ways than one. CNN reports that cigarette sales ticked up for the first time in two decades, per the FTC’s annual Cigarette Report. The increase was a nominal one—just 0.4%—but it marks a reversal in the downward trend we’ve been seeing since 2000. In 2020, some 203.7 billion cigarettes were sold to wholesalers and retailers in America, up by 8 million from 2019. Smokeless tobacco sales also inched up, from 126.0 million pounds in 2019 to 126.9 million pounds in 2020.

The FTC report didn’t provide any theories on the uptick, but CNN reports the rise aligns with other changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic, such as increased consumption of alcohol. NPR flags an April 2020 report from Bloomberg that noted Q1 sales for Marlboro-maker Altria were up due in part to “bulk purchases—what the company calls ‘pantry loading,'” suggesting consumers were stocking up on more than toilet paper. But NPR reports the trajectory isn’t likely to stay upward. Nielsen data suggests that is the case, with Bloomberg reporting that for the four-week period ending Oct. 9, cigarette volumes were down 9.4% as compared to the same time last year.

Booze and smokes are a side effect that for me is understandable.

Be Well……

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Why Would Anyone Take A Horse Pill?

That is the question that has plagued me since I heard bout those people that would prefer to take a horse laxative over being vaccinated…..those that ignore medical advice and do something stupid like a pill designed for animals.

How do I get into the head of such a person?

After trying to explain this stupidity I still had no grasp on the thinking of these people.

Then I read this piece…..

Some Americans who are reluctant to get vaccinated believe they are living through a very different pandemic — one where the approved Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective and dangerous, and where a long list of “miracle cures,” ivermectin among them, are critical to patients’ health and safety.

From the outside, these positions can seem not just dangerous but incoherent. What would lead a person to say they won’t take a vaccine approved by federal regulators, then take an off-label medication because they read about it online?

Of course, not all Americans who are reluctant to get vaccinated have embraced supposed miracle cures: The reasons that people give for not getting a Covid-19 vaccine are varied and complex. But over the past year, among some refusers, a community of intense vaccine denialism has developed and created a sort of psychological scaffolding to support their views. As a group, the most fervent vaccine deniers construct and perpetuate an alternative narrative of the pandemic. And when inconvenient facts — from a news report to a friend’s or relative’s decision to get vaccinated — challenge that narrative, they give them a place to take refuge.

This phenomenon has its origins in America’s political polarization. One of the best predictors of whether someone is resistant to getting the Covid-19 vaccine is whether they identify as a Republican, and we know those partisan bonds are powerful. But they are not sufficient to explain the intransigence. Most Republicans have gotten the vaccine by now, but about 12 percent of Americans say they will never get vaccinated under any circumstances. (Roughly six in 10 of those people are Republicans, but a small minority of Democrats also say they won’t get the vaccine.)

It’s this community of hardcore refusers that have closed ranks and created an insular world meant to perpetuate their beliefs.

An interesting article but it still did not help me to get my head around the ignorance that is running rampant in the country.

Any thoughts?

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