What Is FGM?

Have you had enough gossipy shit yet?

Sunday and I am working in the orchard bringing in the Satsumas…….the tangerines will be ready next month…….yesterday my better half and I had breakfast at that place with the “arches”….2 bacon, egg and cheese biscuits, 1 sausage and egg biscuit, 2 hash browns and 2 small OJs…..price $17.49….later I picked up  my pain meds from a local druggist cost….$17.54….what does that tell you?

I was at a local coffee shop with my granddaughter….she was doing some ‘net surfing and I was enjoying a fine cup of Blue Mountain…..

In the table next to us were 3 older ladies…..60’s maybe 70’s….they were talking and laughing but then one brought up a subject that made me stop and look at the door (as not to let on that I was eavesdropping)……

This one lady said that her daughter asked her if she had heard of “female gentle mutilation”?  Apparently my granddaughter heard the comment also for she gave me her WTF? face……..I was about to smile when I realize that even though she had misspoke…how many people in this country are aware of what this procedure is all about?

FGM, or cutting, as it is also sometimes known, is the removal of the external female genitalia. The procedure has no health benefits, but can cause great harm and serious health complications for those who undergo the procedure. Besides causing severe pain, the practice has immediate and long-term consequences for the health of women and girls, including complications during childbirth, which could endanger the lives of both mother and child.

Source: Senegal: Breaking the cycle of FGM | Al Jazeera English

This is a horrible thing to do to a young woman…..while the older ladies term was a bit humorous….there is NOTHING humorous about this procedure……I hope this well give my reader a little knowledge about this despicable practice.

It is exhausting trying to be informative…..tee hee….

I hope everyone has a good Sunday and I will be back to form tomorrow….that is the internet provider is up to it…..

Well That Is Just Sick! (In Medical Terms)

Just when I thought that these last 60 days or so was going to be pretty mundane….and then…..BAM!

This election has something for everybody…that is almost everybody….if you are a voter that wants to hear about issues and solutions then this time around you are sorely disappointed.

That aside…..for about a month Mr. Trump and his minions have been passing the story that Clinton is seriously ill and because of that she is not capable of being the president.

It seems that a couple of days ago the lackeys prophecies have been strengthened……why is that?

Over last weekend Clinton had an episode……

Hillary Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 anniversary ceremony Sunday after feeling “overheated,” according to her campaign, and hours later her doctor disclosed that the Democratic presidential nominee had pneumonia, the AP reports. A video showed Clinton slumping and being held up by three people as she was helped into a van after the event, and her doctor said in a statement that Clinton had become overheated and dehydrated. “I have just examined her and she is now rehydrated and recovering nicely,” Dr. Lisa R. Bardack said in a statement. The physician said Clinton has had an allergy-related cough, and that during a follow-up examination Friday, the candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia, put on antibiotics, advised to rest and modify her schedule.

Less than two months from Election Day, it was an unwanted visual for Clinton as she tries to project the strength and vigor needed for one of the world’s most demanding jobs. Republican rival Donald Trump has spent months questioning Clinton’s health, saying she doesn’t have the stamina to be president. Trump, who attended the same event marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, was noticeably restrained. Asked by a reporter about Clinton’s health incident, Trump said, “I don’t know anything.” After Clinton’s departure from the event, spokesman Nick Merrill said Clinton had gone to her daughter’s nearby apartment. Clinton exited the apartment on her own shortly before noon. She waved to reporters and said, “I’m feeling great. It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

Even though she sez she is “feeling great”…..the story is there and the questions remain…….especially from the toads lurking behind the coattails of Trump……

Concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health have gone from conspiracy theory to what analysts are calling a major campaign issue. After she abruptly left a 9/11 memorial event early Sunday, her doctor disclosed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and was advised to rest. The campaign now says that Clinton has canceled a Monday and Tuesday trip to California that would have involved several fundraising appearances as well as a major economic speech and an appearance on Ellen, the Washington Post reports. In other coverage:

  • Clinton’s physician, Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, said Clinton was “overheated and dehydrated” at the 9/11 event but is now “rehydrated and recovering nicely,” the New York Times reports. Bardack didn’t say what kind of pneumonia Clinton has or whether she had a fever Sunday.
  • Politico reports that political journalists strongly criticized the campaign’s handling of Clinton’s illness, while Clinton allies downplayed the issue—and even praised her stamina. “‘Powering through’ illness is what women do: Stoically, every. single. day,” tweeted former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.
  • CNN spoke to a doctor about Clinton’s stumble and the subsequent news of pneumonia. Ford Vox says neither is at all unusual in somebody Clinton’s age, though there’s certainly a chance of other underlying health issues.
  • The Los Angeles Times reports that the incident has renewed calls for the release of detailed health records from Clinton, who is 68, and her 70-year-old rival. “This is the kind of thing that voters have a right to understand before they cast a vote,” says GOP strategist Katie Packer, who doesn’t support either candidate. “Both Trump and Hillary are elderly. They are obligated to release full medical records and full tax returns to the American people. And the media, party leaders, and American people should settle for nothing less.”
  • The Washington Post looks at the “intense privacy” that has long surrounded Clinton’s health after incidents like a 1998 blood clot in her leg that she later described as her “scariest moment.”
  • The Telegraph looks at what might happen if health issues force Clinton to quit the race.
  • Politico reports that some Trump supporters gleefully celebrated her illness on social media, though Trump himself has declined to comment. A lobbyist who raises money for Trump says he hopes the candidate will be able to remain “very careful and sensitive, and not reinforce the worse things people think about him.”

It will be interesting to see how her support staff tries to spin this….because we know that Trump and the boyz will NOT let this go, right?

Clinton is the nominee for the Dems….but let’s say that something goes horribly wrong and Clinton must drop out of the election race…..what will happen then? (This is a hypothetical thing)……. Will Trump automatically win the election?  (You just know that the Trump people, not being the sharpest pencils in the box will claim the win)……but really what would happen?

First off, please, please, please let us make abundantly clear that this article is not an endorsement of any alt-right conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health, nor are we trying to implicitly state that Hillary Clinton’s recent coughing fit or her apparent stumble outside the 9/11 memorial service were anything more than what her campaign says they were—seasonal allergies and a previously diagnosed case of pneumonia aggravated by dehydration. Seriously, we’re not. We fully expect her health issues to be resolved within a week, at which point none of this will matter.

Source: If Hillary Had to Drop Out, Here’s How a New Democratic Candidate Would be Chosen :: Politics :: News :: Hillary Clinton :: Paste

Could an election get any more screwed up?

Is this a great election or what?

Green is looking better and better………

Clinton and Obamacare Will Not Solve the Health Care Crisis

It is an election year so there will be lots of whining and bitching about Obamacare….mostly from the Right…..but they truth is that none of these options will not solve our health care problem…..and the ones that are offered by the Right are at best….laughable.

While it has done a lot of good, the Affordable Care Act is not a long-term solution to the US health care crisis.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign, which proposed replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with a Medicare for All system, has sparked a much-needed debate over the need for a single-payer health system. But this bold proposal didn’t win him the election. And now that Hillary Clinton has become the presumptive nominee against Donald Trump, the debate over health care reform is about to become extremely narrow.

With the media and candidates in full general election mode, Sanders’ argument that we must do better than Obamacare will soon be replaced by Trump’s insistence that we must do worse. Clinton will almost certainly respond by pushing the status quo, which remains broken. Critical dialogue, at least on the national stage, will likely be in short supply.

Source: Why Hillary Clinton and Obamacare Will Not Solve the Health Care Crisis – Linkis.com

The part I like best are the ones that are in the most opposition are the ones that have all the health care they need…..it feels like they want to horde health care for people like them….only.

How About A Cup Of Joe?

Another Saturday….the convention, GOP convention is in the history books and garden is winding down and my granddaughter had to get braces……I plan to kick back and do as little as possible….you?

I always start my day with a great cup of Joe….I prefer Blue Mountain but I will settle for any good dark roast…..as much as I like coffee I cannot understand the trend of all the flavored stuff that they try to pass off as coffee…..BTW do you visit a coffee shop regularly?  Then you visit a concept that began in the Syrian city of Aleppo….I digress…..

There is a big push for organic this or organic that……and coffee is no different…..but no matter how they try this will NEVER be coffee!

This is disgusting from the floor……

What on earth goes into a latte to make it blue? Ginger, lemon, coconut milk, agave and blue algae powder.

That sounds a bit experimental. It’s very popular. The blue latte was only introduced at Melbourne’s vegan Matcha Mylkbar last Saturday, and they’ve already sold more than 100 of them, at A$8 (£4.60) each.

Nearly a fiver for a coffee? Well, no, not exactly. Coffee is not among the listed ingredients of the blue latte.

Source: Blue latte: the vegan coffee that smells of seaweed and contains no caffeine | Life and style | The Guardian

Can you imagine starting your day with something as disgusting as this?

But it is vegan…..maybe so but it looks like it will taste like wallpaper paste…..or sucking on a sponge used to clean a fish market……


Me?  I am going to have a shot of “real” coffee and start my weekend in the sun….I hope all have a wonderful couple of days….enjoy life and family….

Peace Out

How Much More Disgusting Can Israel Become?

I have thought that the state of Israel is disgusting for decades….first they attack an American Naval vessel killing American sailors and gets away with it….next they destroy crops and demolish homes so they can steal the land for their illegal; settlements….all of which I find disgusting…but recently I heard a rumor that organs were being harvested from dead Palestinian protesters…..and then I read an article along those lines…..that confirmed the rumors……

Israel has admitted pathologists harvested organs from dead Palestinians, and others, without the consent of their families – a practice it said ended in the 1990s – it emerged at the weekend.

The admission, by the former head of the country’s forensic institute, followed a furious row prompted by a Swedish newspaper reporting that Israel was killing Palestinians in order to use their organs – a charge that Israel denied and called “antisemitic”.

Source: Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent | World news | The Guardian

This is reprehensible and then I read yet another piece about this situation……

Lawyers for a man who pleaded guilty Thursday in the first ever federal conviction for illegal organ trafficking say he was performing life-saving services for severely ill people.

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, from New York, admitted in a Trenton federal court to brokering three illegal kidney transplants for desperate New Jersey-based customers in exchange for payments of $120,000 or more.

He also pleaded guilty to a conspiracy count for brokering an illegal kidney sale.

Source: Organ trafficker admits buying Israeli kidneys for $10,000 and selling them in U.S. for $120,000… – Linkis.com

When will the Western world stop protecting these pigs from being held accountable for their actions…..

I think this state is more barbaric than people know…..so if calling these bastards out for their crimes makes me an anti-Semite then I am guilty.

One More Vietnam Problem

The veterans from the Vietnam War have suffered on so many levels and most of society could care less……many suffered from PTSD….some from Agent Orange…..many fro night sweats….and from memories that will not die……but they are having to deal with one more situation……SUICIDES!

On July 7, the Veterans Health Administration released new data about veterans’ suicides, based upon examination of over 55 million veteran records from 1979 to 2014 from every state in the nation and U.S. territories. While much of the buzz around veteran suicide has focused on veterans emerging out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this new report showed that 65% of all veterans who died from suicide in 2014 were 50 years of age or older. In fact, 45% of veteran suicides in 2014 were aged 60 and older.

These are deeply disturbing statistics, especially for those of us in the Vietnam cohort. As the executive director of the Veterans Health Council at Vietnam Veterans of America, veteran suicide is one of my professional and personal interests ever since losing a team member to suicide while on a mission together in northern I Corps Vietnam.

Source: Majority Of Veteran Suicides Are 50 And Older And We Don’t Know Why

Believe me…..Vietnam vets have suffered enough…..it is time for this country to actually care about these people and give them the help they richly deserve.

In closing….the VA has its problems also….

More than 70,000 veterans disability claims are currently backlogged in Veterans Affairs processing centers, seven months after department officials missed their public goal of getting the number down to zero.

VA Acting Under Secretary for Benefits Thomas Murphy said that figure includes a substantial number of claims left open longer than four months intentionally to ensure veterans are receiving all of the payouts they deserve. But he acknowledged his agency needs to drive that number down further.

Source: VA disability backlog tops 70,000 — 7 months after it was supposed to be zero

The news seldom improves…and that is truly sad.