Closing Thought–09Apr21

Arkansas is about to become one of this country’s ‘national embarrassments’

How so?

The state could ban health care for some of its citizens.

It’s been a difficult week for transgender people in Arkansas, and Lisa Stuart is finding it hard to stay hopeful.

Last week, the state’s Republican governor, Asa Hutchinson, signed two anti-LGBTQ+ bills within 48 hours of each other: a proposal banning trans girls from playing women’s sports in school and another allowing doctors to turn away LGBTQ+ patients. The Arkansas legislature followed up the enactment of those laws on Monday by passing House Bill 1570, a bill that criminalizes gender-affirming care for transgender youth. It’s now one signature away from being the first law ever of its kind.

Stuart, who serves as president of the Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition, claimed the bills represent a “multipoint assault on the community,” in which lawmakers “come up with as many anti-trans bills as [they] can think of, throw them at the wall, and see what sticks.” When it comes to HB 1750, she admitted she is not optimistic about a veto.

HB 1570 is one of at least 21 bills introduced across the country this year seeking to limit the types of medical care that can be offered to trans youth. Under Arkansas’ version, doctors could face potential loss of licensure for offering gender-affirming care to minors under the age of 18. Sponsored by State Representative Robin Lundstrum (R-District 87), the bill text states that anyone who has received hormones or puberty blockers has the ability to bring a lawsuit against their former provider, while blocking insurance from being used for these treatments.


Make it legal to withhold medical care because of some lame ass gender thing… f*cking pathetic!

Not very Christian now is it?

Does it surprise me?


Not from a state that gave us Huckabee, Cotton and Clinton…..

NOTHING about this should be permitted.

To withhold medical care when in need is a damnable situation…..and comes with civil rights overtones.

Arkansas is not a one off situation…..several Red States are attempting to find ways to withhold medical care from trans kids…..

But why is this?

It’s become a transgender cliché at this point, but Amanda Dennis, a 41-year-old mom from Northwest Arkansas, always knew her middle child, B, was different.

So when B, now age 8, gravitated toward femininity, Dennis didn’t discourage it. “We have never raised our children in a manner of, ‘You’re a boy, you must do this. You must play with this. You’re a girl, you must do this, play with this,’” she told Vox. “I’ve allowed my children to self-direct and experience the world and life through however they choose to do that.”

That presented some challenges for B in kindergarten and first grade, where she was teased for her femininity by the boys in her class. But then the pandemic hit, and suddenly B was going to remote school, which gave her a chance to breathe and the family an opportunity to help her experiment with her gender in a safe space.

Dennis recalls a moment early in the pandemic when a friend was taking socially distant family pictures in their front yard. “She kept referring to B as ‘she,’ ‘her,’ ‘sweetheart,’ this and that,” said Dennis. “After that was done, I sat down with B and said, ‘How did that make you feel?’ And she said, ‘It doesn’t bother me. I actually prefer that.’”

Makes me think how moronic the GOP’s “compassionate conservatism” is nothing more than a useless silly slogan.

Be Smart!

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Closing Thought–06Apr21

WE get daily reports on the progress of our nation’s attempt to slow and possibly defeat the pandemic that is making its way through our society.

We learn daily how many shots have been given and we hear how many citizens have been jabbed and the pace of the virus has slowed down……all great news…..

But we need to be cautioned.

For a brief moment last week, it seemed as if the CDC was giving us the news we’ve been waiting for: In reference to the real-world study of nearly 4,000 vaccinated individuals, the agency’s director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, said Monday that “our data … suggests … that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick” and thus, as many headlines extrapolated, cannot transmit or spread COVID-19. But scientists quickly pushed back on that assertion to the New York Times, and the CDC itself later walked back Walensky’s comments. The bottom line? We simply don’t know yet, the experts say. While the data is clear that coronavirus vaccines, no matter what the brand, are great at preventing severe illness and death, it’s not clear how well they actually prevent infection—and if a vaccinated person can still get infected, they can still spread the virus.

Experts pointed out that none of the vaccines are 100% effective, and Walensky’s comments could lead some to think that they are. It’s important to get that statistic right, they say, because if people mistakenly believe the vaccines are 100% effective, they may stop engaging in public health measures like wearing masks. And then there’s the matter of variants, which are increasingly spreading around the globe—and, in the case of some of them, may be able to evade the vaccine. At 21 universities including the University of Colorado Boulder, a study aims to determine whether the Moderna vaccine prevents transmission of COVID. An epidemiologist told Quartz last month that he estimates an answer to the question in the “next few months,” and the site offers a rundown of a number of population-level vaccine studies currently ongoing.

Please use caution even if you have been vaccinated…..masks and distancing will help prevent any transmission.

Be well….Be Safe….

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Why Joe Why?

I have been writing about Medicare For All (M4A)….a program that is wildly popular with the people of this country. As an example of the the posts I have already written…..

Sadly our president does not support the idea of M4A…he prefers to enrich the health industry instead of thinking about the health and welfare of the American people….or to listen to the desires of the people.

The pandemic has helped make M4A more popular…..Biden taunts his accomplishments (almost daily) in fighting the pandemic and yet his attempts help the industry more than the overall health of Americans.

And the private Insurance industry smiles and counts their money…..

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives, President Joe Biden has been on a victory tour to promote the American Rescue Plan, a hefty $1.9 trillion spending package that not only sends direct stimulus payments to struggling Americans, but also greatly expands health care options through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). “We’re becoming a nation where health care is a right and not for the privileged few,” said Biden in his remarks at a hospital on the campus of Ohio State University. Eleven years after the ACA was first passed into law as President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform, it has survived relentless Republican attacks in the form of legal challenges and defunding attempts. Preserving and expanding it under Democratic leadership certainly constitutes a win against Republican obstructionism and a refusal to offer better alternatives. But this latest strengthening of the ACA is first and foremost a victory for the health insurance industry.

The American Rescue Plan includes tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to substantially lower premiums for insurance options purchased through the ACA health exchanges. Additionally, it covers 100 percent of the cost of COBRA coverage for those who have been laid off during the pandemic. Even the New York Times characterized it with the headline, “Private Insurance Wins in Democrats’ First Try at Expanding Health Coverage.”

Universal Health Care is a Popular Idea in America, So Why Does Biden Seem Intent on Enriching Private Insurance Companies?

46 million Americans say they cannot afford adequate healthcare…..

A new study released Wednesday morning shows that nearly 50 million Americans would be unable to afford quality healthcare should the need for treatment suddenly arise, a finding seen as further evidence of the immorality of a for-profit insurance system that grants or denies coverage based on a person’s ability to pay.

“People can’t afford their goddamn healthcare,” Tim Faust, a proponent of single-payer healthcare, tweeted in response to the new report. “Families spend less on food so they can make insurance payments. This problem is felt by all, but concentrated among poor people and black people. The American model of health reform—throwing money at private insurers—can not solve it.”

That is 46 million Americans.

That amount is unacceptable….or it should be.

You need to make your desires known….he probably will not listen but your health is not stake….do not accept the pittance that Joe is offering.

Be Smart!

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Those ‘Vaccine Passports’

All the news these days is about trials, chaos and the pandemic…..

So let me talk about the pandemic…..

Smoldering in the background of the conspiracy world is the tale of the possible introduction of ‘vaccine passports’.


A vaccine passport is proof that you’ve tested negative for or been protected against certain infections. It can be digital, like a phone app, or physical, such as a small paper card. You can carry it with you and show it if required, like before you go into the office, board an airplane, or visit a restaurant, movie theater, or gym.

Vaccine passports, which would allow people with immunity to Covid to prove they were at low risk of spreading the disease, are being investigated by companies and countries around the world. But the proposals have also raised fears among critics that they could underpin an oppressive digital ID system, and put sensitive medical records in the hands of authorities and employers.

Despite the name, a vaccine passport is not a piece of paper; instead, in the most developed versions of the idea, it is an app or similar system that can prove the bearer has been vaccinated, tested positive for Covid antibodies, or recently received a negative test. There would be no need to build and operate a privacy violating centralised database.

There is a push back to this idea…..mostly from the knuckle dragging Trumpites…..

Conservatives are outraged over reports that the Biden administration is considering the adoption of a nationwide “vaccine passport” program that would track one’s vaccination status and allow private companies to restrict entry into spaces from airplanes to restaurants if a person hasn’t been vaccinated. Right-wing pundits quickly reacted by calling the idea an infringement on the “freedom” they hold dear as Americans.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis blasted the idea and vowed to utilize an executive order to halt it from being implemented in his state. “It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society,” DeSantis stated. “You want the fox to guard the henhouse? I mean, give me a break,” the governor continued. “I think this is something that has huge privacy implications. It is not necessary to do.”

I think this argument does not hold water…..

The biggest opponent of the ‘passports’ is that idiot that Floridians elected as governor….

Beginning with an executive order while promising legislation soon, Gov. Ron Desantis moved Friday to block the use of “vaccine passports” in Florida. He said the order prohibits the use of such passports “or other standardized documentation for the purpose of certifying an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status to a third party,” NBC reports. Businesses are not allowed to require that customers show documentation that they’ve been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. And governments can’t issue such documentation, the order says. “Vaccine passports reduce individual freedom and will harm patient privacy,” says the governor’s order, which went into effect immediately.

DeSantis urged the Florida legislature on Monday to act against the passports, per the Hill. In a Friday tweet, he said state lawmakers are working to make “permanent these protections for Floridians and I look forward to signing them into law soon.” New York has launched a program through which a QR code is scanned to vouch for vacciation. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said this week that although the government will issue guidance, the administration expects vaccine passports to be developed and used in the private sector.

Like I stated…he is an idiot.

You have to have proof of vaccinations to enter school or to travel internationally….how is this any different?

But here is an article about the ‘passports’……

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that “there will be no centralized universal federal vaccinations database, and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential.” Instead, the Biden administration has decided to leave it to the states and the private sector to figure this out, with the federal government setting some baseline guidance. As Andy Slavitt, a senior adviser to the White House’s Covid-19 response, told CNBC earlier in March, “The public will be more reluctant to get vaccinated if they feel like the government, the federal government is playing too much of a role in that.” Meanwhile, at least one governor, Florida’s Ron DeSantis, has pledged to ban businesses and venues in his state from using any vaccine passport system.

How do you feel about this idea?

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Closing Thought–29Mar21

The pandemic hit and the drug companies went into high gear (with taxpayer money) to find a vaccine to protect the population from this killer…..

Behind the scenes the greed is starting to takeover….

Eager to capitalize on the lasting presence of the coronavirus, executives at Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer—the pharmaceutical corporations that supplied the Covid-19 vaccines approved for use in the U.S.—are quietly planning to hike prices on doses “in the near future,” once they decide the pandemic is over, The Intercept’s Lee Fang reported Thursday.

Although the rapid development of coronavirus vaccines—made possible by large infusions of public resources—has given Big Pharma companies “a boost in goodwill… the public is still sensitive to drug pricing and the reputational risk has, so far, curtailed their ability to reap large financial rewards,” Fang noted. “But that environment, they hope, will change once the pandemic ends: a date that drugmakers themselves reserve the right to declare.”

Many epidemiologists expect the coronavirus to become endemic, “and as Covid-19 mutations continue to spread and booster shots may be required on a regular basis, leaders from the three companies are enthusiastic about cashing in,” wrote Fang.

“As this shifts from pandemic to endemic, we think there’s an opportunity here for us,” Pfizer’s Chief Financial Officer Frank D’Amelio said during a recent healthcare conference sponsored by Barclays Bank. The potential need for booster shots, D’Amelio added, provides “a significant opportunity for our vaccine from a demand perspective, from a pricing perspective, given the clinical profile of our vaccine.”

This is unacceptable!

If taxpayer money was used to develop the vaccine there should be no profit….or if there is profit then the cash should go where the seed money originated…..the US treasury.

Time for the American people to see the fruits of their taxes.

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Medicare For All

By now most of us have hard about the proposal of Medicare For All, henceforth to be known as M4A, but in case you have been up the ass of some local cowardly politician then I can help you understand….

We have been fighting this pandemic for over a year and I feel that M4A could have been a positive influence on that fight if only it had been in place….

A new report released Tuesday morning by consumer advocacy group Public Citizen makes the case that the United States’ fragmented for-profit healthcare system hampered the nation’s coronavirus response “at every turn,” resulting in millions of Covid-19 infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths that likely would have been prevented under a Medicare for All system.

Titled Unprepared for Covid-19: How the Pandemic Makes the Case for Medicare for All, the white paper builds off a recent analysis showing that around 40% of U.S. Covid-19 infections and 33% of virus deaths are associated with uninsurance, which was high before the pandemic and soared last year as mass layoffs threw millions off their employer-provided coverage. The growing uninsured rate has hit frontline workers particularly hard.

“The reality is that our for-profit healthcare system put the U.S. at a dangerous disadvantage and hindered rapid response,” Public Citizen’s new report reads. “It has also meant millions of Americans have contracted Covid-19 unnecessarily and hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been prevented.”

“Under Medicare for All, everyone would have consistent coverage regardless of their employment status or employer,” the report continues. “And because Americans would have their choice of providers, instead of facing the narrow networks their employers choose for them, they would face fewer challenges getting care, especially during a pandemic where some hospitals and providers are overwhelmed by demand.”

It is time for the country to get something they have been expecting for decades…..adequate health care.

Medicare For All would suit that desire beautifully… it is heads above Obamacare.

For those too damn lazy to do their own research before they choose to support or oppose M4A…..let me help what is in the proposal…..

(1) Hospital services, including inpatient and outpatient hospital care, including 24-hour-a-day emergency services and inpatient prescription drugs.

(2) Ambulatory patient services.

(3) Primary and preventive services, including chronic disease management.

(4) Prescription drugs and medical devices, in- cluding outpatient prescription drugs, medical de- vices, and biological products.

(5) Mental health and substance use treatment services, including inpatient care.

(6) Laboratory and diagnostic services.

(7) Comprehensive reproductive, maternity, and newborn care.

(8) Dentistry/Oral health, audiology, and vision/opthamology services.

(9) Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices.

(10) Emergency services and transportation.

(11) Early and periodic screening, diagnostic, and treatment services.

(12) Necessary transportation to receive health care services for persons with disabilities, older indi- viduals with functional limitations, or low-income in- dividuals (as determined by the Secretary).

(14) Hospice care.

(15) Services provided by a licensed marriage and family therapist or a licensed mental health counselor.(In addition to psychiatrists, licensed clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses.)

Co-payments and deductibles paid at health professionals’ offices are ended because payment for health insurance is fully prepaid directly into Medicare, just like pre-payment into Social Security, and covered at first dollar amounts. This means the obsolete 80 percent/20 percent payment split between private health insurance companies and Medicare is eliminated, with Medicare for All 2021 covering 100 percent.

As a person who needs meds to continue to breathe….I would like to see something done to rein in the industry to make my meds more affordable…..

Ask and I get an answer…..Sen. Bernie. has a plan….

Sen. Bernie Sanders and dozens of his congressional allies on Tuesday introduced a trio of bills aimed at slashing U.S. prescription drug costs—which are by far the highest in the industrialized world—and reining in pharmaceutical companies whose profits depend on charging increasingly exorbitant prices.

“The time is now to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry and say enough is enough,” said the Vermont senator, who is pushing to include the three measures in an upcoming budget reconciliation package. “The greed of drug companies is out of control and the cost is human lives.”

Titled The Prescription Drug Price Relief Act, The Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act, and The Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act, the three new measures would dramatically alter a status quo under which pharmaceutical corporations have broad discretion to set prices as they please, with little government regulation standing in the way and minimal generic competition.

Under The Prescription Drug Price Relief Act, the head of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would be required to ensure that the U.S. public doesn’t pay more for prescription medicines than the people of Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. According to a RAND Corporation study released in January, U.S. prescription drug prices are more than two-and-a-half times higher on average than those of 32 OECD nations, including the five countries named in the new bill.

Go Bernie….you have my support.

Did that cover stuff for your uninformed mind?

Stop listen to BS spread liberally by people that care nothing for your well-being.

Be Smart!

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Mississippi’s First!

Closing Thought–22Mar21

My state of Mississippi s not first in many good things….and this is just yet another first in the bad column.

My state along with Texas were the first states to fully open….a decision I think was unwarranted for there was little good news around the pandemic…..and since the announcement my part of the state, the Gulf Coast has the state’s first South African variant……

State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said a resident of Harrison County on the Mississippi Coast contracted the strain, which is believed to be more infectious. There have been more than 140 cases of the variant detected in at least 25 states.

Dobbs says the discovery of the South African variant in Mississippi is “a strong reminder that we are not remotely out of this (pandemic) and we still need to exercise some basic caution.” He advised mask-wearing and not gathering in large groups.


Sound advice….but since Mississippi is a deep Red state scientific evidence means nothing to the politicians… is more important to change the news to take away from all the failings of the state government.


I continue to wear my mask and social distance…..I refuse to let someone moron with the IQ of a garden slug infect me with their stupidity.

Be well….Be safe….

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Those Covid Arrests

First there has been arrest warrants issued for the two bastards that attacked Officer Sicknick that caused his death…..don’t mince words….he would be alive today if these worthless lumps of manure had not attacked him…..

The circumstances surrounding the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick have been murky from the start, but authorities have made the first arrests linked to the officer. Coverage:

  • Bear spray: The Washington Post reports that two men have been charged with dousing the 42-year-old Sicknick with bear spray during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Julian Khater, 32, of State College, Pa., and George Tanios, 39, of Morgantown, W. Va., were arrested Sunday and charged with nine counts including assault with a deadly weapon.
  • What they don’t say: NBC News notes that while authorities charged the men with assaulting Sicknick, they stopped short of charging them with killing the officer. The charges do not allege that the spraying caused Sicknick’s death. The pair also are accused of dousing two other officers who were near Sicknick.
  • On video: Arrest papers allege that video shows Khater and Tanios walking together toward the Capitol building about 2pm, with Khater telling Tanios, “Give me that bear s—,” per the Wall Street Journal. Tanois responds, “Hold on, hold on, not yet, not yet…it’s still early.” About nine minutes later, Khater is seen on body camera footage discharging a canister into the officers’ faces, according to the arrest affidavit. One of the officers suffered scarring under her eyes that lasted for weeks, say authorities.
  • Sicknick’s death: Sicknick died at the hospital one day after the Capitol riot, but conflicting accounts about the cause emerged almost immediately. Last month, the first reports surfaced that investigators were looking into the possibility that he was hit with a chemical irritant. The official cause of death has not yet been determined, and toxicology results are pending, notes the AP.
  • Turned in: The arrests came after tipsters identified the men from video and photographs. Tanios was turned in by a former business partner who alleged that Tanios embezzled $435,000 from their business, per the Journal. Tanios runs a sandwich shop in Morgantown. Khater was identified by a former co-worker at a food establishment in State College, Pa.
  • Possible prison: If convicted of the current charges, the men could face 20 years in prison. They are scheduled to appear in federal court on Monday.

Throw the book at these human skid marks…they deserve nothing but a trial….these despicable Americans deserve no quarter.

 I am sure most people have heard of this report….if anyone needs arresting it is this bitch and her chuckling friends….

An Uber driver in San Francisco says that after he asked a passenger to put on a mask and pulled over at a gas station where she could buy one, he was insulted, racially abused, and pepper-sprayed by the woman and her two companions. Video of the Sunday attack shows the maskless woman loudly coughing on driver Subhakar Khadka before ripping off his mask, McClatchy reports. He says the three women pepper-sprayed him after leaving the vehicle. They also stole his cell phone, but one of them eventually gave it back, Khadka says. He says he was attacked after the women insulted him and he asked them to leave the car. “If I was another complexion, I would have not gotten that treatment from them,” says the driver, who moved to the US from Nepal eight years ago.

“I never said anything bad to them, I never cursed, I was not raised that way,” Khadka says. Uber and Lyft say they have permanently banned the woman seen coughing on Khadka. In a livestream recorded after the incident, the woman admits assaulting Khadka, the Washington Post reports. “All I did was smack—take his mask off and cough a little bit, but I don’t even have corona,” she says. The San Francisco Police Department is investigating. Khadka tells KPIX that after multiple requests, Uber gave him $120 to have the vehicle cleaned. After hearing his story, early Uber investor Cyan Banister started a GoFundMe fundraiser for Khadka that has now raised more than $38,000. “He shared his video simply because he wanted justice,” Banister says. “He didn’t expect any of us to step forward, but we did.”

I read where this cool hearted bitch has turned herself in to the authorities… throw the book at her…..jail plus a hefty fine for being a dumb ass bitch.

Now let’s move on to the establishments that require a mask…like it or not… is their business and their rules…..if you do not like them then go the Hell away…..

Of course the next report comes from the land of idiots, Texas…..

An arrest warrant was issued for a woman who refused to wear a mask at a Texas bank, saying to a police officer: “What are you going to do, arrest me?” Well, apparently, yes: Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Terry Wright, 65, of Grants Pass, Ore., the AP reports. The incident on Thursday at a Bank of America in Galveston was captured by the officer’s body camera, the Galveston County Daily News reported. Police say they’ve obtained an arrest warrant on resisting arrest and criminal trespassing charges. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday ended statewide orders requiring people to wear face masks in public places, declaring that businesses should decide for themselves what COVID-19 precautions to take on their properties. But many businesses have kept their own mask rules in place.

Police said a bank manager called police after Wright refused to wear a mask while inside, and then refused to leave the building when asked. The police department on Friday released the officer’s body camera video footage. In the video, Wright can be seen standing in the middle of the bank’s lobby, surrounded by other customers, all of whom were wearing masks. Wright told the officer she had come to the bank to make a withdrawal. The officer asked her to go outside or put on a mask. She refused. “What are you going to do, arrest me?” she asked. He replied: “Yes, for intruding on premises.” And then she said: “That’s hilarious.” Wright then told the officer the law said she didn’t have to wear a mask. As the officer took out handcuffs, she pulled away and began to walk toward the door. The officer stopped her and forced her to the ground. After she was handcuffed, she complained that her foot was injured. “Police brutality right here people,” she said to the other customers at the bank. Replies of “no” and “no, it’s not” could be heard.

This policeman needs a raise and a medal for doing the right thing.  And this screaming bitch needs 6 months in county jail and a $1000 fine…..

Next is Spring Break and Florida….another state with its degree of stupid……

Spring breakers have descended upon Miami Beach despite the coronavirus pandemic, and two police officers in the Florida city were hurt Friday night as they worked to disperse large crowds. Both were released Saturday morning, NBC News reports. About 100 partyers were arrested over the weekend, CNN reports, one of them a 19-year-old accused of inciting a riot. Police were trying to break up a 200-strong crowd blocking a roadway, and the teen is accused of yelling obscenities, pushing an officer to the ground, and grabbing an officer’s vest as he was being handcuffed, requiring two other officers to step in. Another person is accused of beating an elderly homeless man with a chair.

Photos and videos posted to social media show large throngs gathering, sans masks, throughout the city and on beaches. Florida does not have a statewide mask mandate, nor capacity limits or other restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19. Cases in the state have ticked up over the past five days after previously having been on a decline, and public health experts have warned that spring breakers ignoring social distancing recommendations could cause an increase in infections. Arrests have been made for charges ranging from drugs to weapons, per Local 10, to dancing on police cars and fighting in the streets. Police are working 12-hour shifts.

These asswads need a heavy fine and to miss the rest of Spring Break by a stay in county jail….

About time that these self-centered dullards learn about responsibility….

I do not care about your goddamn rights when you are violating mine…..when they show some respect for others I will change my mind….but I am not holding my breath….for morons will be morons…..

And you “can’t fix stupid”….

Enough said!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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Always A Naysayer

The checks will soon be issued and sent out to Americans that deserve a break from the problems this pandemic is creating.

As with any good news there is always a naysayer that has to rain on the parade…..

New COVID relief payments of $1,400 will be landing in Americans’ bank accounts soon, but Megan McArdle makes the case in a Washington Post op-ed that the checks are a bad idea. She’s all in favor of the government helping people and businesses in genuine need during the pandemic, but she has a problem with so many of these checks going to fully employed people who don’t need the money. It’s a needed stimulus, you say? Not quite in this case, she writes. We’re in the midst of a “supply shock,” not a “demand shock” marked by plunging consumer confidence. Stimulus can help the latter. But “giving money to someone who still has their job doesn’t make them more likely to go out to dinner if the reason they’ve stopped going out is that they’re afraid of the deadly virus.”

The relief money accounts for $420 billion of the relief package, roughly 20%, and it is the most “indefensible” part of the measure, writes McArdle. Small businesses, for example, could use a lot more help, but the stimulus bill delivers little on the front. Instead, most of this money will likely pile up in people’s bank accounts because they still don’t have a lot of ways to spend it. “It’s bad policy now and a dangerous precedent for the future,” writes McArdle. “And it may well do more to seed the next economic crisis than to fix the current one.” Read her full column.

There seems to always be a “Debbie Downer” with any good news…..someone just has to pee in our Post Toasties…..

Personally the bill does more than all of the “other guy” policies.

All indications are that this one bill will do more for the economy than anything since 1982… objections are just silly.

Then there is the “C**T of the Congress” (sorry if that is offense but it is the only word that comes to mind when her name is mentioned), Rep, Taylor-Greene……

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) repeatedly claimed on Wednesday that Americans have been “enslaved” by a COVID-19 relief bill that she claims provides “reparations” for Black farmers.

After Greene made her fourth motion to adjourn Congress, she retreated to her congressional office to record a 14-minute Facebook video for her followers. In the video, she blasted Republicans who are “annoyed” with her adjournment stunts.

“I hope you are not disappointed in your Republican representative,” she said. “And if you do find out that they voted no with the Democrats, I hope that you call them up or email them or call their office or send them a letter and let them know how you feel about them voting no.”

Just another worthless Repub with the IQ of a garden slug (that is being unfair to the slug)


I Read, I Write, You Know

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Your Check Is On The Way

It is official!

But first…..

75% of Americans support the American Rescue Plan. 0% of the GQP voted for it.   Remember!

The House passed the final version of the Covid-19 Rescue bill and now the president will sign it and make a speech.

A Congress riven along party lines approved a landmark $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill Wednesday, as President Biden and Democrats claimed a triumph on a bill that marshals the government’s spending might against twin pandemic and economic crises that have upended a nation. The House gave final congressional approval to the sweeping package by a near party line 220-211 vote precisely seven weeks after Biden entered the White House and four days after the Senate passed the bill without a single Republican vote, the AP reports. GOP lawmakers opposed the package as bloated, crammed with liberal policies, and heedless of signs the crises are easing.

Most noticeable to many Americans are provisions to provide up to $1,400 direct payments this year to most adults and extend $300 per week emergency unemployment benefits into early September. But the legislation goes far beyond that, with initiatives making it one of the biggest federal efforts in years to assist lower- and middle-income families. Included are expanded tax credits over the next year for children, child care, and family leave—some of them credits that Democrats have signaled they’d like to make permanent—plus spending for renters, feeding programs, and people’s utility bills. The measure also includes hundreds of billions for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, schools, state and local governments, and ailing industries from airlines to concert halls.

After the signing ceremony Biden will do what all presidents do….he will take a victory lap…..

The White House began highlighting the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill immediately after it gained final congressional approval on Wednesday, wasting no time in selling the public on President Biden’s first legislative victory. The West Wing began an ambitious campaign to showcase the bill’s contents while looking to build momentum for the next, perhaps thornier, parts of the president’s sweeping agenda. Biden will sign the bill into law on Friday, but the White House didn’t wait, turning the bill signing into a three-day event. The president tweeted moments after the House of Representatives passed the bill that “Help is here—and brighter days lie ahead.” The White House also released a slickly produced video touting the passage, and Democrats on Capitol Hill staged an elaborate signing ceremony.



Biden will make the first prime-time address of his presidency on Thursday to mark the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 lockdowns and will use the moment to pitch toward the future and how prospects will be improved by the aid package. Biden and other veterans of the Obama administration say they are determined to avoid repeating the mistakes from more than a decade earlier, when the administration did not fully educate the public about the benefits of its own economic recovery plan. “We didn’t adequately explain what we had done. Barack was so modest, he didn’t want to take, as he said, a ‘victory lap,’” Biden said last week. This time, Biden “will be hitting the road, the vice president will be hitting the road, the first lady will be hitting the road” to promote the bill, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday.

This should go a long way to establish Biden as a good president… least for a time.

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