Which Celebrity?

We are so far away from 2020 that it seems silly to even mention it….that was until the Dems are starting to look for the “special” person that will bring some energy to the party….a party that is dominated by old farts that have old farts ideas….they, Dems, are looking for that personality they can build cult around.

We could say Warren, since she has announced, is the front runner…..not a vote generator from me….she talks like a progressive but she has caved on too many issues for me.

Cory Booker is one name that pops up….personally I say no….he is a media whore meaning he is more concerned about being on the tube than the policies.

The one name that the Dems are looking to with the help of mainstream media is Beto O’Rourke….he does not excite me…..he is from Texas and is as conservative as a Democrat can be without changing parties….not progressive enough.

I could go on but I shall let someone else do the work….

Just before the new year, Steve Phillips, senior fellow at liberal think tank Center for American Progress, filed paperwork to launch a Super PAC to support New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s anticipated 2020 run. The announcement raises a number of red flags, including about the choice to rely on Super PACs at a time when voters are increasingly skeptical of large campaign donations. But perhaps the most concerning issue is that Phillips’s involvement with Booker’s campaign may represent the further deprioritization of ideology among Democratic politicians.

Let me explain.

The dominant lens through which Philips understands politics is demographic. He is the author of “Brown is the New White,” a New York Times best-seller about how America’s growing nonwhite population is the key to the Democratic Party’s success. Phillips believes that Democrats should prioritize mobilizing nonvoting Americans of color (which it should). But he also argues that Democrats should not “waste money” appealing to white swing voters, derisively rejecting “conventional wisdom” that advocates for “empathy for the anxiety of moderate white voters.” According to Philips, because there is a “ceiling” of white support, courting white voters offers diminishing returns.


All in all the old angry white guy in Congress is being replaced….the sooner the better…..


I hope the trend toward progressive ideas will continue and we can finally have programs that benefit the nation not the donors.

At the time of this draft there are 3 announced Dems and a bunch thinking it over…..more to come.

I think we have had enough of the stodgy old farts in the Dem Party….time we find some energy ……..we need candidates that look to the future and not be satisfied with the past.


1949–Revolt Of The Admirals

Yep that time again…..an IST history lesson…..I try to find cool stuff for my readers to help them become more informed and hopefully entertained…..

There were coups waiting to happen….Aaron Burr comes to mind and then in 1933 and those that did not appreciate the policies of FDR…..in this case it is the grandfather of Bush, Prescott Bush…..


World War Two has been won….now the country is trying to downsize from the massive war machine that is still around……1949 a step was taken that kinda pissed off a bunch of admirals……

The spark that set off the Revolt of the Admirals in 1949 was the cancellation of the Navy’s supercarrier, the CVA-58 United States, within a few days of the laying of the keel.

The situation was already primed to ignite. The Navy in the postwar period had become apprehensive, then alarmed, about the impending unification of the services under a single Department of Defense. The rise of the Air Force was a challenge to naval aviation.

No foreign nation posed a threat to the United States at sea. With its traditional role thus diminished in importance, the Navy feared that it might be relegated to minor functions.

The nation’s strategic focus was on atomic weapons, which were in the domain of the Air Force. At the Key West conference in 1948, the mission of strategic air warfare had been assigned to the Air Force. The Navy was determined to roll back that decision and gain at least part of the atomic mission.

To do so, it needed a “supercarrier” that could launch large bombers. It also had to discredit the Air Force’s B-36 bomber, which was performing the mission the Navy wanted. Cancellation of the CVA-58 in April 1949 sent the Navy to battle stations.


Now let’s take a look at the situation and the events that followed……

In the summer and fall of 1949, hearings of the House Armed Services Committee crackled with tension as U.S. Navy admirals went before Congress to defy their civilian leadership. America and its allies stood transfixed as a parade of famous admirals demonstrated fierce opposition to service unification, displayed hostility and contempt for the civilian leaders of the Defense Department, and condemned cuts made to the Navy budget. Unsettling headlines such as “The Navy Boils Over” and “Bradley Accuses Admirals of Open Rebellion” drifted through the nation’s newspapers for weeks.[1] Known as The Revolt of the Admirals, this episode has been described as “the most flagrant challenge ever hurled by top-ranking American military men at the civilian leadership of the United States.”


There you go……a bit of history that is not taught and is seldom remembered……and then the old professor came along……

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

Democrats Will Be A Major Disappointment

A new year so why not start it off with a bang?

In just a very few hours the new Congress will be sworn in today and the work will begin.

It is no secret that I have been a critic of the Dems since Bubba Clinton was president…..and then his wife with her fake progressive stands……Clinton and the Clintonites have always been good at covering their “conservatism” by generating faux progressive policies…..and letting big business take over the party.


Clintonites like MacCaskill, Webb, Kaine, etc…..they spout progressive but are no more progressive than Lindsey Graham….

2019 and one thing is for sure….The one thing a Dem can do is f*ck up a wet dream.

Dems already thumping their chest for 2020.

Like the hunt for the Dem to break out for 2020……who cares!


Dems claim to be “progressives” and I just do not see it….they talk a mean game but when it comes down to the nut cutting they limp away in search of their spines.

They thump their chest about health care….they thump their chest about minimum wage……they thump their chest over race issues….they thump and they thump….it has been so for 30 years and yet these toads cannot get a thing done without checking in with their donors, their masters.

Then there are those so-called “liberal” groups…the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc etc etc…….they are media whores…they choose the topics that will get them the most air time on the MSM propaganda machine……these people were approached to endorse the bill…none would sign on…..

Let’s take Yemen…….a couple of “progressives” floated a bill that would take the US out of that fray….this is a good thing only the floated legislation is about as useful as a flaccid wanker.

But read more about these “progressive” tools……

The Senate vote this month to end U.S. support for the war in Yemen marked a historic break from a bipartisan embrace of a pro-war foreign policy, yet it was accomplished without strong backing from Washington’s liberal foreign policy infrastructure.

The resolution, co-sponsored by Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., invokes the rights laid out in the War Powers Act of 1973 that assert Congress’s authority over war, and it was the result of many months of work by a coalition of progressive activists and anti-war lawmakers. The war is Saudi-led, but the U.S. has provided critical support, and an end to that support effectively means an end to the war.


There was a time when I considered voting Democrat….and then Hillary ran and that fanciful idea was cleansed from my mind…..

The Dems have a majority but they have had it before and f*cked up a wet dream….what about this time……will they, the Dems, truly be a party of the people or will they return to the neoliberal bullsh*t they have embraced with the Clintons?

Unfortunately, Pelosi, Schumer and Hoyer are doing everything in their power to keep the progressive insurgency in check, and keep their neoliberal/corporate money machine in power.  Beyond the many moral and ethical problems with this, it’s just plain stupid politics.  About the only way Democrats could lose their 2018 momentum in 2020 is to return to the same old neoliberal, corporate-friendly policies that lost them the election in 2016.

They’re being supported by most of the mainstream media, many of the pundits who’ve been the architects of the Democratic Party’s precipitous decline over the last few decades, and a robust and well-funded neoliberal infrastructure composed of not-for-profits, many unions, foundations, and public interest groups, who’ve gone into overdrive on their anti-Bernie campaign. It was this neoliberal mafia that helped deliver the nomination to Hillary Clinton in 2016, which in turn depressed turnout to the point that Trump was able to win the election with just over 26 percent of eligible voters.


Warren will run for president…..oh goody!  She is NO progressive….her rhetoric is good but actions say something different.  Not a good choice.

USS Liberty–Update 2019


It is always good to start a new year with some good news….and this report to me is excellent news that is about 50 years to late…..but better late than never, eh?

I have been writing about the USS Liberty incident since 2009…it was a brutal attack by Israel on a US signet ship during the 6 day war and the attack was swept under the carpet for 51years…..my post are usually on the anniversary of the deplorable attack.

My post from last year that covers many of the articles written about the attack…..


I have been calling for a more open investigation into this act of terrorism by Israel against an unarmed ship…and I am never alone in this desire…..finally someone has also picked up the mantle for an investigation…..

Due to the persistence of surviving crew members and the continual emergence of new revelations, the national veteran’s group American Legion has passed Resolution 40 calling for Congress to “publicly, impartially, and thoroughly” investigate the attack by Israel on an American ship in 1967, in which 34 American sailors were killed and hundreds of others were wounded. The resolution comes despite a veil of government secrecy which keeps key documents on the attack classified more than 50 years later. [NSA USS Liberty documents]

The attack, which surviving crew members to a man say was deliberate, as well as a stellar list of high-ranking officials, has never been officially investigated outside of a Navy Court of Inquiry and an NSA probe. Surviving crew members were not allowed to testify to key points which did not fit the official conclusion that it was an accident.


Now is the time for Israel to face charges for this brutal attack….their disregard for the lives of an ally…..

We will see what kind of courage this new batch of Reps has or if they are the spineless bunch I believe them to be.

Israel should be held accountable for the deaths of 34 US sailors….many of us have been calling for this action for decades….finally someone is listening.

Time for the truth to come to light and sweep all the Israeli bullshit under the rug.

Finally! Congress Grows A Spine!

Yet Another Closing Thought!  14Dec18

I have been watching the Congress for decades and have seen a serious lack of a spine from any of them regardless of the Party in power…..my writings have labeled them as spineless toads….that may have changed…at least for now…..

The Senate on Thursday sent what the Washington Post described as a historic rebuke to the White House over Saudi Arabia. Actually, it delivered two rebukes. First, senators voted 56-41 to invoke the War Powers Act and demand that the US end its military support of the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemen war, per the Hill. Neither the Senate nor the House has ever invoked the 1973 act previously. The Senate also voted—unanimously—to condemn Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and called on the Saudi government to “ensure appropriate accountability,” reports the AP. The details.

  • Only symbolic? Though historic, it’s unlikely the war resolution can pass the House this year. That chamber already has moved to effectively make passage impossible in 2018, reports the Weekly Standard. And even if it did pass, President Trump would likely veto it. Democrats could re-introduce it in 2019, however.
  • Why? Mounting reports of war atrocities and the killing of Khashoggi led to bipartisan anger among senators, per NPR. Seven Republicans bucked Trump on the war vote, including co-sponsor Mike Lee of Utah. Among other things, the legislation forbids the American refueling of Saudi jets and orders the US to scale back its military presence in the region, reports the Wall Street Journal.
  • Argument in favor: “It says to the country, it says to the world, the United States Senate … will not be part of this brutal, horrific war in Yemen led by an undemocratic, despotic regime,” said Bernie Sanders, another co-sponsor, before the vote. Particularly, he said the bombing of a bus filled with children in August, along with the murder of Khashoggi, gave the measure its necessary added support.
  • Argument against: Both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan made the same argument: that the War Powers Act doesn’t apply because the US isn’t directly involved in hostilities. “If the Senate wants to pick a constitutional fight with the executive branch over war powers, I would advise my colleagues to pick a better case,” said McConnell, per the Washington Examiner.
  • US help: The US has provided logistical support to the Saudis, though Ryan points out that the US already has stopped providing air-to-air refueling for Saudi jets. Lee, on the other hand, said the US is providing bombs and helping determine where to drop them. “That’s involvement in war, and that’s pretty direct,” he said, per USA Today.
  • Focus on the prince: For the first time, senators have suggested they want the Saudi regime to remove the prince from power, notes Al Jazeera. “The current construct” with Saudi Arabia “is not working,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is expected to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee next year. “You’re never going to have a relationship with the United States Senate unless things change.”

A bright spot: The Senate action came hours after opposing sides in the war met in Sweden and agreed to a cease-fire in the pivotal port city of Hodeidah, reports the Wall Street Journal. It’s a rare diplomatic breakthrough after four years of war.

Like I said….they finally grew a spine……but is it a permanent condition or just a passing fad?

More on the vote…..


I will be watching….and only time will tell.

But will this bill truly end the US role?

The bill, which will be voted on by the Senate this week, has been praised by many within the anti-war movement for its bid to “end” U.S. military involvement in Yemen. Passage of the bill would, however, do no such thing.

Yet, the text of the bill itself reveals that SJR 54 invokes the War Powers Resolution in name only. Indeed, while the bill claims to be aimed at achieving “the removal of United State Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress,” it contains a major loophole that will allow the majority of U.S. troops in Yemen – if not all – to stay.


Some think that the dynamic in the Middle East will change because of this vote…..

The six-page draft also holds Prince Mohammed accountable for the devastating war in Yemen that has sparked one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, the failure to end the 17-month-old Saudi-United Arab Emirates-led economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar, and the jailing and torture of Saudi dissidents and activists.

In doing so, the resolution confronts not only Prince Mohammed’s policies but also by implication those of his closest ally, UAE crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed. The UAE was the first country that Saudi leader visited after the Khashoggi killing.

By in effect challenging the position of king-in-waiting Prince Mohammed, the resolution raises the question whether some of his closest allies, including the UAE crown prince, will in future want to be identified that closely with him.


Just a game being played with people’s lives…..what we do best.

Don’t Be Fooled!

Closing Thought–07Nov18

Did your fav candidate win?  Are you looking forward to a new day in DC?  Is the country better off after this Midterm?

Let me answer all questions with one statement.

“Don’t be fooled, flattered or flummoxed by the election.”


NOTHING will change and we will have nothing but chaos for the next 2 years.

But hey….don’t take my word for it……

Let’s face it. Most politicians use the mass media to obfuscate. Voters who don’t do their homework, who don’t study records of the politicians, and who can’t separate the words from the deeds will easily fall into traps laid by wily politicians.


Whoever said that we Americans get the government we deserve was so damn right…..we deserve the shitty representation that we have now a days…..because we are too busy sucking up slogans and optics and not enough checking the accuracy of the candidates claims.

The American voters are suckers!  They proved it yet again yesterday during the 2018 midterms.

This country can not move forward until the population learns to move forward….as it is now they are stuck in the past and their voting habits prove it.

Are There Spines Being Grown?

I have complained many times about the lack of action and yes the lack of a spine by our elected officials when it comes to committing our troops in harm’s way.

They have allowed the president to go to war without any intervention from the Congress that is suppose to be the last word on war.

Their lack of action is driven by elections and not the rule of law….just like so much in our society the rule of law means NOTHING.

So I was surprised when I read of at least two attempts to limit the president’s reach when war is concerned……

A bipartisan resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives Wednesday under the War Powers Act. If the bill is passed, it would formally end US military involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

The war in Yemen was never authorized by Congress, and US participation has become increasingly controversial, as Saudi airstrikes kill staggering numbers of civilians. This has led to growing resistance within Congress, though Congressional leadership has often sought ways to circumvent the votes.

Last year, the House offered a very similar War Powers Act resolution. Such resolutions are legally required to come up for a vote, though the leadership managed to block that one, and bargain their way down to a non-binding resolution.

Indeed, that bill and a Senate version came with the Pentagon claiming there were no US ground operations in Yemen involved in the war, a claim which later proved to be a lie. That in particlar has added calls for a re-vote.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), the lead sponsor, says he is confident that the new version of the bill won’t suffer the same fate, noting that support for the bill has expanded since then.

The support for ending the war both reflects incidents like the Saudi attack on a school bus in August, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s overt circumvention of the 2019 NDAA clause which obliged the US to halt aid to the Saudis until they did more to reduce casualties. Pompeo immediately declared they’d done enough, though the death toll has continued to rise.


And the second attempt concerns a possible attack on Iran……..

With National Security Adviser John Bolton threatening to “come after” Iran this week and President Donald Trump accusing the country of sowing “chaos, death, and destruction,” Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) was joined Wednesday by several other members of the Democratic caucus in urging Congress to ensure that the U.S. avoids yet another prolonged war by passing legislation affirming that a preemptive attack on the country would be illegal.

The Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act of 2018 demands that the president obtain congressional approval for any military action in Iran. Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) signed on as co-sponsors.


These attempts may not meet with success but at least someone is trying to break the cycle of endless interventions that recent presidents have put this country in….we can only hope that sanity will soon return.

Could the election results in 2018 play into this narrative?