The 1st Pubic War

Not to be confused with the Punic Wars that Carthage fought with Rome…..(BAM!  Dropped some history on ya)…..

It is the weekend and as usual I try to find subjects that distract my readers from the terrible condition the world is becoming.  I think I found something unusual and strange enough to distract you…..

WE have had our War on Women and it is the time of year that we will be bombarded with the usual bullshit about this War on Christmas….but I found an even better war……



We have waxing(ouch!)……and special lotions to make bare…..and utensils that trim and beautify….but for what?  Is it vanity?  Maybe a “fad” or even for good reason(?).

People who groom their pubic hair regularly are more likely to have a sexually transmitted infection, say researchers in a new study. To be clear, the researchers aren’t saying that the grooming itself helps lead to the STI, reports Live Science. While it’s possible that’s the case—perhaps because shaving causes small tears that lead to vulnerability—it’s also possible that people who groom down there are more sexually active to begin with and thus more likely to pick up an infection. In scientist-speak, this is all about correlation, not causation. Still, the study in Sexually Transmitted Infections found that regular groomers were about four times more likely to report having had an STI. For the study, researchers surveyed 7,580 people ages 18 to 65 and learned that 84% of women and 66% of men had shaved or otherwise trimmed their nether regions.

Of those, 17% fell into the “extreme” category of removing all hair once a month and 22% were in the “high frequency” category of trimming daily or weekly. The greater the frequency, the greater the link to STIs. The upside for groomers: They had fewer reports of lice. For the record, electric razors were the most common method for women and manual razors for men, notes the BBC. Also of note: Of the 7,580 adults, 110 said they were virgins. Given the lack of a definitive link, how might the findings be put to use? “If a clinician were to see evidence of grooming upon physical examination, perhaps that physician should inquire about safer sex practices or a sexual history,” says lead author Charles Osterberg of the University of Texas Dell Medical School, per Time.

In other news…. for those who live the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” lifestyle…..gonorrhea is on track to defeat all known drugs in another five years…

Have a lovely days and for god sake… careful!

This is it for the day…I have a tangerine crop to get off the trees…..please go out and enjoy your day and your family…..I will return tomorrow.

Closing Thought–09Dec16

Clinton sez “Thank you”……..

It is a bit slow news these days…we get pundits whining about what Trump is doing….we get Right wingers whining about what others are doing….and then there are the crazies and the #pizzagate bullsh*t… I thought I would indulge myself with something that has nothing to do with the happenings in the world….other than to make me cringe.

FLASH!  the election is over and Hillary Clinton had her ass handed to her!  (Just in case Cheetos and Warcraft has had you busy)….

She feels bad about losing so she wanted to do something nice for her supporters…..not all supporters…just the ones with deep pockets…..

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are planning a thank-you party next week for those who donated millions to their presidential campaign.

The party at the Plaza Hotel’s Grand Ballroom on Dec. 15 is expected to feature fashion icon Anna Wintour, investor Alan Patricof, hedge fund manager Marc Lasry and more, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

“Hopefully there’s no balconies so nobody can jump,” an insider told Page Six.

Source: Clinton to throw thank-you party for millionaire donors | TheHill

Isn’t that just too sweet for words?

Instead of wearing knee pads at these functions she should go on live TV and apologize to the millions that were duped into thinking she was a good candidate….just a thought.

These people, the ones with ALL the money, will always be around to pay the next candidate…do not fear for them…they will find another candidate to own….but can the same be said for all those voters that were fooled into voting for her?

What About NAFTA?

During his run up to the victory….Mr. Trump was adamant that NAFTA and other trade agreements were bad deals and once he was elected they would be torn up and re-negotiated…..does anyone recall this?

Well once again…if anyone cares….we may have been played…..

After repeatedly referring to NAFTA as “the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere” during the presidential campaign, the Trump administration seems to be softening it’s protectionist rhetoric.  According to The Hill, in speaking to a group of concerned business leaders, Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci said that the new administration isn’t looking to “rip up NAFTA” but rather to “right-size it and make it fairer.” 

Source: Trump Advisor Says Administration Not Looking To “Rip Up NAFTA” Or Impose “Quote-Unquote Tariffs” | Zero Hedge

Another source for this statement…….

Members of the Trump transition team are trying to tamp down concerns among corporate leaders that the incoming administration may spark trade wars with Mexico, Canada and other major trading partners over the next four years.

Anthony Scaramucci, a senior advisor on the Trump transition team, told a group of business leaders convened at a bipartisan meeting by the group No Labels that President-elect Donald Trump is a free-trader who is looking to make trade deals more fair, not scrap them.

Source: Transition official: Trump will not rip up NAFTA | TheHill

Almost daily his promises are falling by the wayside….and yet NO one seems concerned that he is crapping on the deals that he campaigned on… if this had been Clinton it would indeed be a big deal….but as usual….Trump will get a free ride from those that he played….

It’s Time to End the Electoral College

NOTE:  Please forgive today’s posts…they may be few and short….for today is my day to be poked, probed, goosed et al by my doctors and you would think with all that abuse at least I could get a kiss….but NO!…..just a bill.

I intended to post this before the election but decided that if the conversation is going to move forward it will be after this election…but I am NOT optimistic….plus this is my final post on the subject of the EC.(and the peasants dance)

Without the electoral college then we might have a Pres. Clinton….for as of this writing appears to have won the popular vote….the very thought sends a chill up my spine…..

There is loads of rhetoric this election as it has been in ones before of a rigged system…..I will agree that the system is rigged but I see as the electoral college as the problem not some bullshit about voter fraud…..

Before I go any further let me help the reader understand how the Electoral College works…..before you can hate something it would be a good idea to know what it actually is…..

Source: The Economist explains: How does America’s electoral college work? | The Economist

I recently was contacted by a group that wanted me to write a short piece about the possibility of eliminating the electoral college which got me to thinking about something that I had not considered in a couple of years…..

Source: Can The Electoral College Be Killed? – In Saner Thought

I have been calling for the destruction of the electoral college for 40 years….maybe this election will make my voice amplify……

Gallup has asked the question since 1944, and a majority has always supported an end to the Electoral College, ranging from 80 percent in 1968 to 63 percent in 2013.

Raise your hand if you think that the president of the United States should be elected by the popular vote. Ah, it looks like most of you do. Hands down and know that you’re not alone.

In fact, poll after poll, for quite some time, has shown that most Americans would like to replace the Electoral College delegate system with the popular vote – one person, one vote and the candidate with the most votes wins. Gallup has asked the question since 1944, and a majority has always supported an end to the Electoral College, ranging from 80 percent in 1968 to 63 percent in 2013. And not surprisingly, 70 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds are anxious to end the undemocratic practice of voting for electors who, in turn, vote for the president.

Source: It’s Time to End the Electoral College – LA Progressive

Maybe after the disaster that is the 2016 election is over the American people will see the need to the elimination of the rigged electoral college….

Time for the voter to be put in charge of the circus we call elections.

But sadly the media and the 2 parties are in control…they will not allow the electoral college go away……the media needs it to drive the agenda of swing states that drives the media coverage and the parties will not allow it because they would lose control of the system and the people would once again be in charge….all of this does not bode well for the disappearance of the electoral college……

After this election, 2016, the conversation will once again arise about the electoral college…..a conversation we need but like most other conversations it will be mostly talk with little action.

Source: The Electoral College Is Hated by Many. So Why Does It Endure? – The New York Times

We can piss and moan forever about this……until the American people realize just how screwed they are it will continue to distort American democracy…….

The election commentary now filling the Internet seems distinctly out of touch. Many analysts are castigating Hillary Clinton for all the things she did wrong, her failure to connect with white workers in the Rust Belt, her inability to sufficiently rally blacks, and so on. Or they’re criticizing the American people for falling for a racist, sexist know-nothing like Donald Trump.

But these critics are ignoring the elephant in the parlor. The simple fact is that Americans didn’t elect Trump. An ancient relic known as the Electoral College did. For better or worse, a plurality of the people voted for Hillary Clinton.

Source: How Electoral College Cheats Democracy – Consortiumnews


Are Americans Too Stupid For Democracy?

This is a “Press” that ask a question….mental midgets direct your vile at the author……

The election of 2016 has started a whole bunch of debate….mostly about the American electorate….we hear they are ignorant and at the same time that they are finally awake …….but is the American voter really that self-aware?

This is an article from 2014 that answers some of those questions…..

How can we rationally pursue our self-interests when we don’t know what’s going on?

In 2011, Newsweek asked 1,000 Americans to take the standard U.S. Citizenship test, and 38 percent of them failed. One in three couldn’t name the vice-president. A 2009 study in the European Journal of Communications looked at how informed citizens of the U.S., UK, Denmark and Finland were of the international news of the day, and the results weren’t pretty (PDF).

“Overall,” the scholars wrote, “the Scandinavians emerged as the best informed, averaging 62–67 percent correct responses, the British were relatively close behind with 59 percent, and the Americans lagging in the rear with 40 percent.” We didn’t fare much better when it came to domestic stories.

Source: Are Americans Too Stupid For Democracy? | Alternet

The whole idea of democracy is in question….like it or not…..let Plato help you out……

Do not be angry with me for speaking the truth; no man will survive who genuinely opposes you or any other crowd and prevents the occurrence of many unjust and illegal happenings in the city. A man who really fights for justice must lead a private, not a public, life if he is to survive for even a short time. (Apology 31e-32a)

These are the words of Socrates, who spoke before the Athenian jury in the trial that would, ultimately, condemn him to his death. Through works such as the Apology and The Republic, we can see Plato’s distaste of the concept of democracy. Why does he consider democracy to be so flawed? Let us look through his own eyes and see what his individual criticisms are, and determine if the very concept of democracy is as flawed as he believes it to be.

And then there is those that say the system is corrupt or that millions of unauthorized people voted or……..this argument will continue on and on….no matter who wins this election or the next or the one after that…..

Americans do not accept losing graciously… the bullshit is NEVER ending….


Closing Thought–08Dec16

There Are No Facts!…….

I have had this conversation a couple of times…usually when I quote facts and then someone disputes their validity….by asking how do you know what are facts?  How do you know that these are truly facts?

It is easy….A Fact is just the a FACT!

For instance it is a FACT that the Golden Gate is a bridge…it is NOT a FACT that it is a taco…..see how that works?  Think that is silly?  NO more so than the slugs that argue against facts.

I revisit this issue because of something that I read…..a supporter of Donald Trump said in an interview….

“Well, I think it’s also an idea of an opinion. And that’s — on one hand I hear half the media saying that these are lies, but on the other half there are many people that go, no, it’s true,” Hughes said. “And so one thing that has been interesting this entire campaign season to watch is that people that say facts are facts, they’re not really facts.”

She went on, “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore of facts. And so Mr. Trump’s tweet amongst a certain crowd, a large — a large part of the population, are truth. When he says that millions of people illegally voted, he has some — in his — amongst him and his supporters, and people believe they have facts to back that up. Those that do not like Mr. Trump, they say that those are lies, and there’s no facts to back it up.”

Source: Trump booster Scottie Nell Hughes gets blasted on NPR after saying ‘there’s no such thing as facts’

People that do not comprehend the concept of a fact are people that will readily believe a lie to influence their nature.

I stand by my assertion that….a Fact Is A Fact!

My day is done…all have a great remainder of the day….

Burn Baby Burn

This is one of those stories that few will read or even care….but for me I feel I must set the record straight whether anyone reads or not…..I do not those that peddle bullshit.

Awhile back some fires were raging in Israel and some accused the Pals of setting them…and then AQ was responsible….so far NO one knows for sure who set these fores (according to Times of Israel)…….

I bring up this seemingly uninteresting story because of those fires in Tennessee….while reading some of the more lunatic BS artists sites like Infowars, Breibart or WND I read that there was a group of Muslims or should I say jihadist that could have set this fire…..well an arrest has been made…..

Authorities on Wednesday charged two juveniles in an East Tennessee wildfire that killed 14 people and destroyed or damaged more than 1,700 buildings in an iconic tourism spot at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, the AP reports. Officials offered few other specifics about how they think the two started a fire that leveled buildings into charred scraps, carving a deadly path through the Gatlinburg area. People scrambled in terror to try to flee on foot or drive out of the inferno that often cloaked them from all sides, shooting hot embers through the winds. Some spent days hoping for good news about their missing loved ones. Many learned they would soon be planning funerals. The juveniles face aggravated arson charges in the fire in the Chimney Tops area of Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Nov. 23.

That fire grew amid drought conditions and ultimately rode winds exceeding 87mph into the Gatlinburg area early last week. Authorities have not yet announced a dollar amount on the damage caused by the wildfire. The teens are being held in the Sevier County juvenile detention center. “Our promise is that we will do every effort to help bring closure to those who have lost so much,” said Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn. The juveniles are from Tennessee, but not Sevier County, where the fires spread. Otherwise, officials said state law prevents releasing more information about them. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Chief Ranger Steve Kloster said the public was “critical” in offering investigators information through a tip line. Previously, the National Park Service said it believed the fire was human caused and set up a tip line for people to call if they hiked that trail on Nov. 23, or knew anyone who did.

I know that few even care but I thought that maybe someone ought to call out the mindless crap spread on Right wing slugs, sites and blogs.

I decided that I would correct their accusation since I am certain that they will not….