How Veterans Are Losing the War at Home

I have been writing about the plight of our veterans since I began this site…..the US is NOT a friend to the American vet…..

Vets make great campaign props or to soothe the conscience of those that pretend they care and by saying “thank you” then they can sleep at night.

Veterans get lots of lip service but NONE of it translate into action that they desperately need…..I read this article in Truthdig from TomDispatch and it tells the real story of the American people and the veterans…..

A Vietnam vet told me about a veteran of the Iraq War who, when some civilian said, “Thank you for your service,” replied: “I didn’t serve, I was used.” It got me thinking about the many ways today’s veterans are used, conned and exploited.

Near the end of his invaluable book cataloguing the long, slow disaster of America’s War for the Greater Middle East, historian Andrew Bacevich writes:

“Some individuals and institutions actually benefit from an armed conflict that drags on and on. Those benefits are immediate and tangible. They come in the form of profits, jobs, and campaign contributions.  For the military-industrial complex and its beneficiaries, perpetual war is not necessarily bad news.”

Source: How Veterans Are Losing the War at Home – Truthdig

I know first hand how much the American people care about their veterans….and it is NOTHING like the persona that they want to protract……all that is just so much BS to make themselves feel better.

I for one am sick of all this faux patriotism……it is time for this country to stand up for the veteran as they have done for the country.

The Many Purposes of War

Back in the 60’s there was a song by Edwin Starr that asked the question….”War, what is it go for?”

An excellent question and it will depend on who you talk to for the answer.

I found a good article that answers this question…..answered them for me…..I guess you decide if it answers your question.

Carl von Clausewitz, the Prussian military theorist who wrote at the end of the Napoleonic Era, is noted for saying that war is a continuation of politics.  That saying explains much of current U.S. military war-making, but only if you first and foremost focus on domestic politics – and economics.

Wars make money for weapons makers, and the U.S. dominates the world’s arms trade.  Wars require a large “defense” establishment, and the U.S. national security state has essentially become a fourth branch of government that threatens to eat the rest.  Wars tend to strengthen reactionary elements within society, shunting to the fringes those who argue for peace amid a climate of fear.  Wars, in short, have their purposes – it’s just that the salient ones often differ from the stated ones.  For clarity, it often helps to follow the money.  Who profits from war?  Addressing that question will explain many of the reasons why America’s wars have no promise of ending

Source: The Many Purposes of War – LA Progressive

I keep saying it….and usually at the top of my lungs….Americans need to get off their asses and demand that all the war come to a halt.  NOW!

I will do what I must to focus the people on the real problems with our society….WAR AND MORE WAR!



The American voter has a real choice this election….my friend and a blogger that respect has posted the Green Party’s “Green New Deal”…..basically the platform for the party….it has something for everyone and if you do not like either of the two major candidates then may I suggest….THINK GREEN!

The Militant Negro™




Summary of the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a four part program for moving America quickly out of crisis into a secure, sustainable future. Inspired by the New Deal programs that helped us out of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Green New Deal will provide similar relief and create an economy that makes our communities sustainable, healthy and just.



Our country cannot truly move forward until the roots of inequality are pulled up, and the seeds of a new, healthier economy are planted. Thus, the Green New Deal begins with an Economic Bill of Rights that ensures all citizens:

1. The right to employment through a Full Employment Program that will create 25 million jobs by implementing a nationally funded, but locally controlled direct employment…

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The Partition Of Syria

Back in the glorious year of 2003 and the invasion and the following occupation of Iraq there was an answer floating around to all the sectarian violence……partitioning.

The idea was first floated in the media by Sen. Joe Biden…..he stated that this would make all units or factions in the country happy….in essence a power sharing deal for all people.

Later others jumped on the bandwagon as the violence grew and grew..

Now the same type of idea is being floated about the violence in Syria…..

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama emerged from talks this week predictably far apart on the question of Bashar Al-Assad’s future. Russia wants him to remain as their client, recognising him as the country’s leader. Britain and the US say he will never be accepted by a majority of Syrians, who want him to go. What neither side will countenance is the only feasible option: dividing the country into separate ethno-sectarian cantons.Putin and Obama agree on the need to take on ISIL. But doing so now, when the war has come to be defined as Sunni versus Alawi – and other minorities – will only feed Sunni resentment and bolster the popularity of ISIL. A key first step is to create two arenas: one a coastal strip dominated by Alawis, Christians and sections of the urban middle classes; the other a Sunni zone, much of which is already controlled by opposition groups. Only with a safe and defensible canton will Alawis be willing to see Assad fall. Once the Sunni zone has been established, the West can assist ISIL’s opponents without bolstering Assad or conferring legitimacy on IS.In other words, intervention only becomes possible with the creation of a federal Syria operating under a power-sharing, or consociational, system.

Source: Partition: It’s time to recognise reality in Syria | USAPP

Image result for partition of syria


The Partition of Syria is a scenario to end the Syrian Civil War.  It would mean the division of the country along sectarian (religious) and ethnic lines.   The war is viewed of as largely a sectarian conflict.   Russia, the United States, Israel, and other UN representatives have suggested the idea of “federal division” (an effort deemed “Balkanization” President Bashar al-Assad has not ruled out the possibility of a federal democratic state of Syria. The opposition, however, has rejected the offer during negotiations; it has been stated that “dividing Syria is not acceptable at all”, and that a “non-central government” is the right direction. The Kurds, however, are open to the idea.  (wikipedia)

This idea will hold the same outcome as that in Iraq…..the violence will not end and the central government will be unable to govern.

Source: Iran’s Plan B: The Partition of Syria | Middle East Briefing

Then there is the US and their “Plan B…….

US secretary of State John Kerry called for Syria to be partitioned saying it was “Plan B” if negotiations fail.  But in reality this was always plan A. Plans to balkanize Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern states were laid out by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a 2006 trip to Tel Aviv. It was part of the so called “Project For a New Middle East”. This was a carbon copy of the Odid Yinon plan drawn up by Israel in 1982. The plan outlined the way in which Middle Eastern countries could be balkanized along sectarian lines. This would result in the creation of several weak landlocked micro-states that would be in perpetual war with each other and never united enough to resist Israeli expansionism.

“Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon, so that there will be a Shi’ite Alawi state along its coast, a Sunni state in the Aleppo area, another Sunni state in Damascus hostile to its northern neighbor, and the Druzes who will set up a state, maybe even in our Golan… ” Oded Yinon, “A strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”,

Source: John Kerry’s Plan to Balkanize Middle East Countries. The Partition of Syria “if Negotiations Fail” | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Personally I do not believe that this, the partitioning of Syria, is the answer to this problem……I think it will create more hard feelings than there exists today.

Lies Make The War

Lies are a large part of the political sphere here in the good old U.S. of A. but no more so than when it comes to war.  Most Americans do not like a history lesson for it usually bites their dicks off and they have to come up with some lame excuse for why it was done….

I recently helped a professor friend over the Summer by teaching a lesson on the first Gulf War….I was amazed at how little is known about a war people think we won.  About the only incident they remember is first that Saddam invaded Kuwait and second that his army raided a hospital and stripped it bear even leaving a baby behind after they stole its incubator…..this story was told by a young woman as an eye witnessed the problem was she was a diplomats daughter who had been in Kuwait only for her first five years and has never been back.

The war had its moments when it possibly could have been avoided….I wrote an article for my fiends at Ace News Room on this subject…..

I have been writing about the Middle East for decades….I hit my stride back in 1990 with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.  Most of my saved writings were lost in Katrina…the winds took out a window in the room where I did my research and writing, my office, if you will……I had files upon files of saved material that was lost to wet damage….or so I thought…..I was doing some spring cleaning and found 5 plastic storage bins that I had no idea what is within…after a thorough search I located all my saved articles and stuff from the Desert Storm days…..a eureka moment!

Source: 1991: Operation Desert Storm: A Look Back

Just a bit of negotiation could have saved lives….but nope war was on the bill and it was going to happen no matter what….

Now about the “incubator baby” thing……

Many Americans whose memories reach back to the Dark Ages of Gulf War 1 remember the “incubator babies” story: according to a weepy testimony of a Kuwaiti “nurse,” Saddam Hussein’s soldiers threw newborn babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital and left them to die. The “discovery” so outraged the American public, it helped generate public support for turning “Desert Shield” (originally sold as protection of Saudi Arabia from a phantom Iraqi attack) into “Desert Storm.”

There was only one problem with the story: none of it was true.

Source: Gray Falcon: The Real Incubator Baby

Ah the power of propaganda……is it possible that they would be lying to the people now?

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  George Orwell

Please Vote for the Lying Neoliberal Warmonger

The plea of the worthless Democrats…..they have caved on the idea of limited interventionism…..this will NOT make America safer!

Normally I do not pay much attention to the US elections….they are so boring and mundane that it is just a waste of my time….but this year, 2016, has been a completely different horse all together….as the general creeps closer and closer….there are a couple of things that need to be considered.

Our choices are a divisive candidate and a war hawk which is more neocon than Dem……fascinating choices indeed….

I have read many opinion pieces both pro and con….as an anti-war person I can safey say that neither of these two candidates will get my vote but beyond that many are seeing it as a necessity to elect the war hawk over the…..I’m not sure what to call the other…..

An explanation for why defeating Donald Trump—despite what we know about Hillary Clinton—should be the left’s primary national electoral objective this November

In 1991, former Klansman and American Nazi Party functionary David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana and made the runoff election against Democrat Edwin Edwards, the popular but scandal-plagued three-term former governor. Duke had made the runoff between the two top vote-getters since no one received a majority in the first primary. Duke had received just over 31% of the vote in the first primary, and Edwards had just over 33% in a twelve-person field.

Source: Vote for the Lying Neoliberal Warmonger: It’s Important | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

I do not agree…..that is just a long way of saying “vote for the best of two evils”…..I will not do that……She is not acceptable to me for one good reason……

The modern Democratic Party has had a potent anti-war wing since Eugene McCarthy called for a swift withdrawal from Vietnam during the 1968 primary. Democratic anti-war highlights in this millennium include California Rep. Barbara Lee’s opposition to the 2001 Afghanistan invasion, the 126 House Democratic votes against the Iraq War resolution in 2002 and Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton does not follow in this tradition, leaving Democrats who want to “give peace a chance” a difficult choice in November.

Source: Clinton’s Foreign Policy Would Be More Like Bush’s Than Obama’s | The Fiscal Times

Just what this country needs another GW war hawk running foreign policy.  (Sarcasm intended)

And to show where her, Clinton, mind will be if elected…..

In an interview, Paul Wolfowitz, 72, an advisor to former President Bush, discusses the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency, why he will likely vote for the Democrat’s candidate this year and mistakes made during the Iraq war.

Source: Paul Wolfowitz Says He Will Likely Vote for Clinton – SPIEGEL ONLINE

You should remember this warwonger for he and Cheney and Rumsfield were the cheerleaders that convinced GW into the 2003 Iraq invasion and we know that turned out….now don’t we?

I will NOT vote for this woman…….I will search for an alternative……….I’m thinking Green!

How Can Terrorism Be Stopped?

There has not been a media event in terrorism for some time now….so the subject has sort of gone the way of the Dodo that is until the next one and then all the bobble heads will start their usual ranting about refugees and such….that is until their sources dry up until the next attack…..and the cycle begins again….

An excellent question that has many answers……ranging from the ever popular “make the sand glow” to more realistic approaches…..some of which I shall attempt to record here in this post…..

I have been helping a professor friend with his class on national security….he needed someone to assist in the terrorism bloc of the course….he asked and I agreed…….

First from a white paper from the Center for the Research of Globalization…..

I. Stop Overthrowing the Moderates and Arming the Crazies

We know it’s a difficult concept to grasp, but if we want to stop terrorism we should – wait for it – stopsupporting terrorists.

Specifically, we’re arming the most violent radicals in the Middle East, as part of a really stupidgeopolitical strategy to overthrow leaders we don’t like (more details below). And see thisthisthisthisand this. And – strangely – we’re overthrowing the moderate Arabs who stabilized the region and deniedjihadis a foothold.

Source: Nine Ways to Stop Terrorism | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Second comes a post on the Washington Blog….

The 7 Ways to Stop Terrorism In the wake of the barbaric Paris terror attack, everyone is debating how to stop further terrorism. Some say we need more war against Islamic countries … or more…

Source: How to Beat Terrorism: Stop Making the Same 7 Mistakes

The act will always be with us….we can only try to stop those that intend to use the act to make whatever perverted point they choose…..the defeat of terrorism is only a dream…..for it is a tactic not an entity.