Only In Mississippi

I have often said that the state where I live, Mississippi, is the asshole of the country… is a cultural wasteland…I have often thought that that “welcome” sign when you enter to state should read…”Welcome to Mississippi….stet your watch back 150 years”……

Today we celebrate the life of the civil rights activist, Martin Luther king, Jr, but a city in the South of Mississippi just had to try and hold on to outdated beliefs……

The city of Biloxi sparked a debate about the holiday honoring the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. after announcing on social media that city offices would be closed Monday for “Great Americans Day,” the AP reports. Monday is federally recognized as Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Sun Herald reports Great Americans Day doesn’t exist as a holiday and is not even recognized by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office. However, Biloxi City Council passed an ordinance in 1985 declaring the holiday “Great Americans Day.”

After the Mississippi city defended the holiday reference on Twitter and Facebook, dozens of comments were posted that criticized the move. Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich called for the city to repeal its ordinance and recognize the holiday with the King name. The backlash appears to have worked: On Saturday, the city’s Twitter account posted, “On Monday, before the city’s annual MLK parade, Biloxi will change a decades-old ordinance: It’s MLK Day.” The city’s website says the ordinance will be officially changed at a special meeting of the city council Monday.

So much for the con job of a “new South”…..looks pretty much the same as it has since the 1870’s…..

Will Racism End When Old Bigots Die?

Today of all days is a good day to address racism and bigotry….(more along this line in another post)… we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr…..

Angry old white guys….my late father who died at age of 93 was a huge bigot.  He and I would argue at length whenever he opened his mouth…..and many of his “friends” that were part of the coffee clutch at a local mall were pretty much in line with his thinking….

When I saw the title of this piece I thought of my father and his constant bitching about those “people”……

Do people still believe the age-old notion that the next generation will deliver us from racism? Code Switch asked young and old(er). They rarely agreed on the answer.

Shelly Fields is a 46-year-old white woman living in Richton Park, a racially diverse Chicago suburb. She says she’s raised her four daughters, who are biracial, to see people of all races as equal, just as her parents raised her. Fields doesn’t think that racism will ever disappear completely, but she’s hopeful that it lessens with each passing generation.

“The more biracial children there are, the more equality we see,” Fields said. “The more people of color we see in positions of power – it will help to change the way people see race.”

Source: Will Racism End When Old Bigots Die? : Code Switch : NPR

This piece asked a good question….and from my observations the answer is NO…..bigotry is passed down to off-spring…..(it is learned trait not inherited)…..not all buy into the stereotyping but then again many do….especially here in the South (there is NOTHING New about today’s South…they try and hide their bigotry).

Read my post about the incident in Biloxi, Mississippi(coming soon)….believe it or not…except in Mississippi….it is the 21st century.

Old habits die really hard in the Deep South….even in the New South.

Will They “Agree To Disagree”?

5 days and counting before the big day that so many are looking forward to…..Trump will become president instead of president-elect.  (Let the peasants dance)

He, Trump, has been putting together his cabinet and now these people are going though Congressional scrutiny to determine if they are the right people for their designated jobs…..

If you are a supporter of the new lord high ruler then you may be aware of his positions on certain issues (somehow I doubt this but there could be a miracle in there)….but there is a slight problem brewing….some of these appointees are not holding to the line that Trump laid forth during his campaign…..

One of the themes emerging from coverage of this week’s confirmation hearings is points on which Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees have disagreed with him on major issues. Examples from the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal:

  1. Retired Gen. James Mattis, the defense chief nominee, “classified Russia as the principal threat to the US and expressed little hope that Washington would develop a substantive partnership with Moscow, as Mr. Trump has suggested.” (The Journal)
  2. Mattis also said the US must abide by the “imperfect ­arms-control agreement” with Iran that Trump has threatened to dismantle because “when America gives her word, we have to live up to it and work with our allies.” (The Post)
  1. Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson’s comments on climate change didn’t sync with Trump’s prior statements that it is a hoax, saying America must “maintain its seat at the table on the conversations around how to address the threats of climate change, which do require a global response.” (The Post)
  2. Retired Marine Corps Gen. John F. Kelly, picked to lead Homeland Security, didn’t sound enthused about Trump’s plan for a border wall with Mexico. “A physical barrier in and of itself will not do the job,” he said, adding, “it has to be really a layered defense.” (The Times)
  3. Trump has said he would bring back waterboarding, but his pick to run the CIA, Mike Pompeo, is opposed. Pompeo said he would “absolutely not” follow orders from the president to use the interrogation technique. (The Journal)
  1. Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions also called waterboarding illegal, and, when asked about Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants (one he has since modified to refer to troubled nations, not religion) said, “I have no belief, and I do not support the idea that Muslims, as a religious group, should be denied admission to the United States.” (The Times)

On Friday morning, Trump himself didn’t sound concerned about the disagreements. “All of my Cabinet [nominees] are looking good and doing a great job,” he tweeted. “I want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine!”

The last line shows maturity….(if you believe that sort of con job)………but there is a problem with it….these people serve at the leisure of the president….basically that means to put it simply….do it my way or hit the highway.

Who will win this battle?

We will see who has principles and who is a spineless toad……my guess would be the later.

Is A Bipartisan Foreign Policy Possible?

This world, the one that Trump is about to inherit, is a confusing and dangerous one….what is needed by this country is a Bi-Partisan foreign policy….one that both sides of the coin can agree on and work at keeping the country and the world a safer place….(a pipe dream in the making I fear)

But with the atmosphere in DC these days is that a realistic dream?

This report was authored by none other than a Clinton appointee, Albright….she is a neocon no matter anything else and this is her take on the possibility….

With dangers growing around the world, it’s more urgent than ever.

Seventy years ago this week, as the Truman administration was defining its approach to the Cold War, Republican Senator Arthur Vandenberg coined a phrase and proclaimed a principle: “politics stops at the water’s edge.” Vandenberg acknowledged that Americans had “earnest, honest, even vehement” differences on foreign policy. But, he wrote, “so long as we can keep partisan politics out of foreign affairs, it is entirely obvious that we shall speak with infinitely greater authority abroad.”

Following the most divisive presidential campaign in our country’s modern history, calls for bipartisanship may seem old-fashioned and naïve. But a bipartisan approach to foreign policy is achievable and remains essential for our security at home and stability around the globe.

Source: Yes, a Bipartisan Foreign Policy Is Possible—Even Now – POLITICO Magazine

A very optimistic appraisal….I think personally that it is nothing more than wishful thinking….but to be fair we will not know for sure until 20Jan and the days after the coronation.

Whatsa “Selfie” Worth?

Smile it is the weekend and take a “selfie” of yourself…you made it through another week of mindless media rhetoric.

Speaking of a “selfie”… know that cute little thing that has become popular with the invention of the smart phone…. there are even “selfie” sticks so you can get some height and I even heard that there will be a “selfie” drone…..sorry I do not do these trendy things…..I do not like looking at myself in a mirror so I will not waste my time taking photos of myself…..

To answer the question…is a selfie worth losing everything you may have accumulated?  There is the possibility.

But there is something even creepier about a “selfie”……

Justin Bieber will need to watch his bank statements. Flashing the two- finger peace sign in photographs could soon be the equivalent of inking your account details on your forehead, experts have warned.

Isao Echizen, of the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, said that the quality of smartphone cameras had reached the level where fingerprints that can trick biometric security devices could be obtained from casual snaps posted on social media.

Source: Photos are a giveaway for fingerprint fraudsters | News | The Times & The Sunday Times

But will they heed the warning?  Nope, Americans are too smart to get caught in this trap.


Nothing huh?

Me?  I will use it as I use all my phones….make calls.

Then by George take some time and enjoy your day…see you guys tomorrow……Peace

The Library Of Chuq

The weekend begins and as usual I try to find something….anything….that is not related to the dismal week that is passing….I saw a photo on Twitter and made me think of something my daughter had said awhile back…..

There was the famous Library At Alexandria…now we have the Library of Chuq…..

I have always been a book fan and over the years have accumulated in the neighborhood of 3000 books….not one of them is a work of fiction.  My subjects range from politics, history, economics, Middle East and International relations…Hell I have more books on some subjects than my local library.

Chuq’s Rule

I think,


I write

A few years back I was considering selling my house and moving to a smaller one and my daughter got tickled….she said that it would take a separate semi just to move my books….(this is where the photo I mentioned earlier comes in)……

It is sort of accurate when you consider that the bulk of my books came from Amazon…..

My grandfather so many years ago told me that there was NO better way to learn something than from books….and by God the old guy was right.

When I finally go down I worry about my books…..the house and car and any cash I have left is not as important to me as these books.  Remember that you are NEVER too old to learn.

Thanx guys for letting me share that bit of Chuq with you and now go out and enjoy your Saturday…..

Closing Thought–13Jan17

“Seven Days In May”

I finished my course on Terrorism about mid-December….the students were a lot more informed than most give them credit….of course there is always one that wants to challenge everything one says….but that makes the course interesting….I was feeling a bit sad because I would not be lecturing this year….at least for now.

Then I got a bit of good news….a friend read an op-ed that I had written for Ace News Room….he contacted me and said that he thought it would make a good mini course….about 3-4 weeks long.

In case the reader would like to check out the op-ed……

Did you ever see the movie mentioned in the title? It was a movie from the 1960’s (more on that shortly)….with biggies of the day…Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster….an excellent novel and a good movie.

Source: “Seven Days In May” | Ace News Room

My friend and colleague has decide to approach the dean about a course on coup d’etat….we will see if anyone else is interested in the subject.

The course would include and intro to what a coup d’etat is and then a history of the act and then what goes into preparing and executing the coup…..there is more to this subject than just a label.

It would make for interesting course and one that the students could walk away from with more knowledge than they had when they walked in.  It should be a required course of study for anyone majoring in Conflict analysis and management…..

That is all for me today my friends….do as I do….try to enjoy your weekend….there will be time for more of this stuff next week.