Closing Thought–24May17

This Is Your Brain On Drugs!

In wartime the use, official use, of drugs goes up…..the Germans kept their soldiers high on meth so they would fight longer and stronger……during Vietnam War troops that were on long missions were given Black Mollies, if I need to explain them then you are too young, kept them alert and ready for the actions to come.

Apparently not much has changed over the years……

Tampa Bay is hosting the Special Operation Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) this week and the floor of the marketplace is an impressive place to see. Some of the best manufacturers of weapons and equipment are there with their latest wares and it is a maze of cool gear for the cool guys and a ton of other must-have items.  Walking around the market place I was searching for a pitchman that looked like Ivan Drago.

In an interview with Defense News, Ben Chitty, Senior Project Manager for Biomedical, Human Performance and Canine Portfolios in the Science and Technology office at USSOCOM said that the command is looking for ways to increase Special Operations troops performance with diet, nutritional supplements and even performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Source: Special Operations Forces and Performance Enhancing Drugs: A Slippery Slope | SOFREP

Is the military created “junkies” yet again…..and you thought the Vietnam days were behind us…….think again!

Time for me to go and take some time away from the keyboard…a nice cup of tea would be helpful…..see everyone tomorrow with more stuff…..chuq

Impeachment: How-To Manual

This is FYI… please all you ass backward thinking supporters just watch the vid and keep your insulting bullshit to yourselves.

Let’s say the unthinkable was about to happen….I am talking about the “I” word thing…….

To keep it simple, especially for Trump supporters, I have posted a couple of vids explaining the situation…..and how it will work.

That one is about 7 minutes long but if that is too much to muddle through….there is a more condensed one……of about 2 minutes that should hold the attention of Trump supporters for I realize their attention span is a bit limited.

Keep in mind that even if Trump is impeached he may not necessarily leave the office.

So don’t get your panties in a wad you Right wingers….you may be striking out for NO reason.

Have fun…learn something……

This should be the last post on this subject for awhile……any more and it will be speculation….I will leave that to the knuckle draggers.

A World War 1 “What If”

My class has been doing so well that I gave them an extra credit project if they wanted……a what if scenario.

I try to make the class fun and educational at the same time….not an easy task.

I gave them two examples that I had talked about in the past…..a Cuban what if and an Iranian what if…….

My best student knowing that I write a lot about war and have been trying to make Americans remember World War One found a great article and she did not have to do much research……

She did some research and found an article in BBC News……

One of the causes of the Great War was the assassination of Crown Prince Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914…..

World War One was a tragedy with particularly Austrian roots, sparked by the assassination of the heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914. But could the war have been avoided if he had not been killed? And would the Austro-Hungarian Empire have survived?

Source: What if Archduke Franz Ferdinand had lived in 1914? – BBC News

She has always shown initiative and she will get a grade that reflects her hard work…..I wish I had a classroom full of these people….it would make teaching so much more enlightening.

Promises In The Promise Land

Leg two of Trump’s first international trip and we find our fair-haired leader in Israel and Palestine….and he did what is expected of him…..he made a speech to Israelis and then he went to the Territories to make a speech to the Palestinians…….

His speech to the Israelis is the same speech that all Americans presidents give to Israel….you are our friend….we support you….yada, yada….then he went to the PNA for his speech and I ask why?

Optimism abounds…at least in some circles……

Recent events have left Palestinians in an odd position: The absence of a clear strategy by a U.S. administration to resolve the conflict with Israel may have become the best bet for statehood they’ve had in years. This, at least, seems to be the thinking of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority (PA), who met with U.S. President Donald Trump in the West Bank city of Bethlehem today.

Source: Could Trump Be Palestinians’ Best Hope? – The Atlantic

It, the speech, was as fucking generic as could be…..and guess what?

He promised a deal….a two state deal…..soon.

Can he deliver what so many other Americans presidents promised?

Source: Will Trump’s Middle East deal work?

And just like all his predecessors he offers NO details to the plans he says he has waiting in the wings……

President Trump arrived in Israel with big ambitions for the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, and as with many of his biggest ambitions since taking office,, he’s shown little real indication of having a plan, let alone being willing to articulate it.

“I have heard it is one of the toughest deals of all, but I have a feeling that we are going to get there eventually, I hope,” Trump insisted. This was the sum total of what he set out, a feeling that a deal could happen eventually, or at least so he hopes.

Source: Trump Talks Israel-Palestinian Peace, Offers No Details on Plan — News from

The same bullshit that is given about the situation since 1967……it is all a lie….Trump can find NO way to work the “deal” regardless of his promises.

After he leaves the region Israel will return to normal….destroying crops, stealing land and building illegal settlements……

Nothing new….the same lies and bullshit that Israel has pulled for 60 years.

A waste of time for the country and a waste of taxpayer cash.

The Hazards of Military Worship

This country seems to have this love affair with the military….we trust them way more than we tryst the president or the Congress…..

Our history illustrates just how deep our love affair goes with the military…

When it comes to war, less is more.

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey had genuine scholarly and combat bona fides. But consider him and a few others the exceptions that prove the rule. Which is why civilian control of the military, and of the policymaking process that goes with military action, is not just a constitutional imperative but desirable for thoroughly practical reasons. Which, in turn, is why the makeup of the current administration — with an unprecedented number of generals in key positions — raises some serious questions.

And yet the problem is so much bigger than that. Somehow — and this should be truly unnerving — Americans have gotten to a place where, it seems, they trust only soldiers. In June 2016, for instance, a Gallup poll found that 73% of Americans had “quite a lot” of confidence in the military, versus 36% for the presidency and 6% for Congress. Such disparities ought to inspire distress about the direction of our public institutions, but rarely do.

Source: The Hazards of Military Worship

A small dose of history can cure a lot of stupid.

Closing Thought–23May17

Roger Moore, the 3rd James Bond, has passed away at age 89 of cancer…R.I.P.

Does Anyone Care?

They are out there, blind Trump apologists, doing all they can to protect this yutz from the truth……

During the 2016 campaign Trump made many promises and since being elected has done very little to fulfill those promises.

I have pointed out where he has failed to deliver on several occasions and have never found a supporter that cares that they were lied too to get their vote.

Remember when Trump said he could shoot someone in the street and not be arrested? (a paraphrase)  Looks like that may be true.

It is very confusing because Trump predecessor was called out constantly over his promises and his failure to give those promises to his voters….so what is the difference between the two presidents?

If you were paying attention to what we learned about Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, then you know that the president of the United States was once the impresario of a student-swindling Trump University, the founder of a Trump Foundation designed for tax evasion and illegal self-dealing, and the chief executive of a Trump Organization that has long relied on various techniques of grifting, from rip-offs of workers and contractors to serial bankruptcies.

And if you know all that, then you cannot be surprised by the way that he and his family have conducted themselves during the first 100 days of his presidency, which is also the way they will behave until they leave or are removed from the White House. They have misused the office of the president to enrich themselves in ways that none of Trump’s predecessors, not even the most venal, could have imagined doing.

Source: Trump voters are willing to be conned as long as he deports immigrants and bombs the world –

His brain dead supporters will stand by him even when he may be endangering our national security… when he gave classified info to the Russians.  His pea brain supporters try to deflect his betrayal of the country by pointing to an Obama thing about the missile codes……the problem with that argument is Obama did not give the codes and Trump DID disclose classified into to the Russians….so they argument is as lame as the supporters choice for president.

Thanx everyone for your participation and I will see you guys tomorrow…….chuq

The Speech That Was

The speech is over and I shall move on after this post….

The president has made his big speech in Saudi Arabia and that was about it…he was suppose to make others but with that one speech he had shot his wad….it seems he was spent (but I thought it was Clinton that was low energy)….

The speech was to the Muslim World…….he went to the heart of the “Muslim World”….Saudi Arabia…..sadly Saudi is NOT the Muslim World….regardless what the president had to say……

“I chose to make my first foreign visit a trip to the heart of the Muslim world,” President Trump said in Riyadh on Sunday, in a speech billed as a call to Muslims to promote a peaceful understanding of Islam and to unite against terrorists.

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia, but it is not the capital of the Muslim world. In fact, it’s worth remembering that “the Muslim world” is not actually a place. It’s a Western idea built on the faulty racial logic that Muslims live in a world of their own—that Islam is an eastern, foreign religion that properly belongs in a distant, faraway, dusty place. (This is arguably the logic that underlies Trump’s Muslim travel ban, currently held up in the courts: Islam is foreign, “Islam hates us,” Islam cannot possibly be a real American religion and that is why we can ban its adherents. Stephen Miller, an architect of the travel ban, was also reportedly among the writers of Trump’s Islam speech.)

Source: Trump Addressed a ‘Muslim World’ That Does Not Exist – The Atlantic

The American Conservative posted that Trump should not make this speech, this was before the trip began…..

One of the possible pitfalls of Trump’s upcoming foreign trip is the speech he intends to give in Saudi Arabia on Islam:

A speech was added in Saudi Arabia to provide an “inspiring yet direct” message to the Islamic world, according to national security adviser H.R. McMaster. That’s an echo of Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, who addressed Muslims in Cairo in his first major speech on foreign soil.

A second address in Israel, which local newspapers reported would take place at the ancient archeological site of Masada, was moved indoors to a museum. Transporting Trump to the mountaintop overlooking the Dead Sea would have required the use of a cable car.

Both speeches were being drafted by Trump’s policy adviser Stephen Miller, who helped write Trump’s convention and inaugural addresses, with input from the large collection of advisers who are helping to plan the trip: son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, McMaster and deputy national security adviser Dina Powell.

Source: Trump’s Islam Speech Is a Mistake | The American Conservative

Well in all honesty this is a moot point because the speech he made was not about Islam at all…..but others did not seem to think much of this speech at all……

First is an op-ed from the NYT….and as one would think it is not very flattering…..

Two of our opinion writers, Mustafa Akyol in Istanbul and Wajahat Ali in the Washington, D.C. area, watched President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia this morning and discussed what they thought it means for the Middle East, American foreign policy and Muslims around the world.

Finally a piece written by Juan Cole……..again not very flattering……

Trump’s speech on Islam, written by notorious Islamophobe Stephen Miller, who used to organize Orwellian Two Minutes Hate sessions against Muslims at Duke, is just as bizarre as everything else Trump does.

Miller-Trump imply, as has become common in right wing American discourse, that Muslims have a peculiar problem inasmuch as they produce terrorists. What do they think the Ku Klux Klan is? I estimate that people of European Christian heritage polished off as many as 100 million persons in the 20th century and that Muslims may have killed 2-3 million.

Source: Trump on Islam: Neo-Orientalism and anti-Shi’ism

The speech on Islam was more about the divide and anti-Iran, which is a Shi’a sect within Islam, than it was about the religion per se….

Did Trump just declare an escalation in the situation between US and Iran?

Riddled with hypocrisy, clichés and absurdities, President Donald Trump’s speech Sunday before an assembly of monarchs and despots in Saudi Arabia spelled out an agenda of escalating US militarism throughout the Middle East and a buildup in particular toward war with Iran.

Hailed by a fawning American media as “presidential”–supposedly eclipsing for the moment the crises and factional struggles engulfing the administration–the speech was reportedly drafted by Stephen Miller, the extreme right-wing ideologue credited with being the chief architect of Trump’s abortive executive order banning people from seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the US.

Source: Trump’s Speech in Riyadh Signals US Escalation Against Iran | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Is this a good thing or is it a line being drawn on the backs of our military?

The speech lecture is over…..we can all go back to our regularly watched commentary.