Democrats At Odds With Themselves

I have written about the media debacle of the Nevada delegates meeting…..the media took a lie and ran with it…the DNC is pulling out all stops to try and neutralize Sanders and his supporters.  Even to the point of putting a majority on the fringe because they do not support the “chosen one”,  Clinton…….

This whole process that the DNC has set up will not make their candidate more attractive…..demonizing a candidate is not the way to unity.

But what can I say…..I expected nothing less from the corrupt system that we have……it is no longer what is best for the country…..rather what is best for the wealthy few….even when it comes to the party of the people….the Democrats.

There is a lot more going on here than people upset with not winning more delegates. The Democratic Party establishment, especially the party leadership at state levels, has witnessed supporters pass motions in an effort to end superdelegates, which have gone against the will of the people in multiple states where Sanders won landslide victories. They do not want Sanders delegates to organize effectively and wield the process to advance their agenda. So, leaders, who back Clinton, have decided to engage in manipulation and obstruction at conventions to diminish the influence of Sanders supporters.

Source: How Democrats Manipulated Nevada State Party Convention Then Blamed Sanders For Chaos | Common… –

This is a good piece…but it left out the lies spread by “reliable” journalists on what actually happened at this meeting……

On to Philadelphia…..oughta be a good convention……

Screen grab off of Twitter……

Moderate Democrat Versus Extremist Republican

If the two “presumptive” nominees are the two candidates that the American people will have to choose from this November then we have a repeat of the 1964 election…….when the moderate Dem, Johnson was facing off against the extremist Repub, Goldwater….

Larry Wines: “They told me if I voted for Goldwater in 1964 that there would be racial violence in the streets and a major war in Southeast Asia. And you know what? I did, and they were right!” Goldwater-Johnson Election

The popular perception of GOP nominee Barry Goldwater as a right-wing extremist who would drop nukes in Vietnam and undo the hard-fought gains of civil rights. LBJ, the ruthless political hack with every kind of insider connection, including big money, running as “the experienced moderate” who talks diplomacy but has a record favoring military incursion.

Trump, the internationally dangerous xenophobe who threatens to use nukes and courts violence at his rallies. Hillary, the ruthless political hack with every kind of insider connection including big money, running as “the experienced moderate” who talks diplomacy but has a record favoring military incursion.

Source: Moderate Democrat Versus Extremist Republican: 1964 All Over Again? – LA Progressive

As usual I have to give that damn historical perspective… can curse or thank me….but you did learn something from the experience.

You are welcome!

How To Gut Progressivism

Ever wonder just how the Democratic Party become the party of money?

Look NO further than the Clintons and their puppet masters of the now defunct Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)……these were the people that gave us the Blue Dog Dems…a wordless bunch of cowards that has ever been in Washington.

Finally the party has started coming to its senses and once again embracing progress over regress……

If you would like more on the Clinton tribe and the DLC the below article is a pretty good one……

Imagine there’s no Clintons. It’s easy if you try! Without pernicious DLC, liberalism is a stronger movement today

But Clinton is a skilled politician, so she’s artfully re-aligned herself to blur their differences, with overwhelming support from the elite punditocracy.  When the dark side of the Clinton record from 1990s is raised—NAFTA,  Defense Of Marriage Act, “welfare reform,” mass incarceration, Wall Street deregulation, etc.—two defenses come readily to mind: “Hillary didn’t do it!/Bill was president” and “times change/you’re forgetting what it was like.”

These are both effective narratives in the establishment echo chamber, which is designed and intended for horse-race politics at the expense of political understanding (as well as factual accuracy).  But Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t been aligned with those policies—and with helping to create the environment in which they came to pass.  Even before entering the White House with her husband, who had promised voters  “two for the price of one” during the 1992 campaign, the pair had cast their lot in with those who moved the party to the right, most notably when Bill Clinton became head of the DLC—the Democratic Leadership Council, or as Jesse Jackson called it, “Democrats for the Leisure Class.”

Source: Clintonism screwed the Democrats: How Bill, Hillary and the Democratic Leadership Council gutted progressivism –

America…..don’t look now….but you are about to make the same mistake…….. yet again……

The Myth of the Reagan Democrat

I am an old fart so I can remember the 1980 election when it was Carter versus Reagan……I also can recall some of the dirty tricks and some of the media slogans that accompanied the election……it was a vote for either a true statesman and a movie star hardliner that worked closely with HUAC to “uncover” Commies in Hollywood….

But the election was about Carter….all the events that took place under his guidance of the country…..the hostage thing was the most pronounced….but there were economics involved and of course the ever present energy crisis….back in those days the media had to explain the popularity of Reagan and his eventual win and in doing so they came up with the term “Reagan Democrats”…..

The easiest definition of a Reagan Democrat…….A media term referring to blue collar voters who are thought to vote for Democratic presidential candidates but who actually vote for Republicans due to their conservative social views.

The problem is that the media has never let the term die a natural death…..every election they attempt to resurrect the term to explain a candidates popularity…..but is the situation as simple as the MSM wants it to be?

Of course it is not as simple as the media would like it to be….and in most cases there is NO validity to the claim…….

Reagan Democrats originally described blue collar white men who left their traditional allegiance to the Democratic Party to back Reagan over Democrat Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election. The phenomenon was vastly overstated from the start, as many blue collar Democrats began voting Republican in presidential elections in 1968 when they backed Richard Nixon. These so-called Reagan Democrats supported Nixon again in 1972, and were Democrats in registration only by the time of Reagan’s 1980 election.

Source: The Myth of the Reagan Democrat – LA Progressive

Blue Dog Democrats were these same voters but since they voted for Bill Clinton a new term had to be found….it was Dems voting for Dems……and then in 2010 the Blue Dogs lost their butts in the mid-term and the media needed to find a way to explain it… re-enter the term “Reagan Democrats”……

The term is still in use today by the pundits in the MSM……

It is as silly now as it was in 1980……

Next time you are listening to the media analyze the vote….listen closely and you will find the “Reagan Democrats” are back……

Here’s another thought to keep in your mind……

Clinton’s the only candidate left who holds faith with the platform that’s guided the U.S. since WWII: classic liberal interventionism, more familiar as the globocop policy that fueled both Bush presidencies.

Source: Hillary Clinton Trumps the Republicans on Foreign Policy – Haaretz – Israeli News Source

It seems that Clinton is the only Republican left in the election race of 2016……

Please, Make Her Go!

I have never been a fan of Wasserman Schultz……from her beginning as the lead of the DNC I have said her whole function was a surrogate for Hillary…..and she has let Dems get beaten in election after election…..I have wanted her gone for a long time……she focused on the general election way to hard and let all state races go to the GOP almost unopposed…..

She has been a surrogate for Clinton for a long time….Just listen to her talk……..Dems will be better off without her “leadership”……and far more successful……

Finally, there seems to be those Dems that see it as I do…..the light bulb finally went on…….about damn time!

Source: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Challenger Has a Chance | New Republic

We can only hope that the rational wing of the Dems will win out……

Are You Voting In 2016?

If you are voting then do you know where your chosen candidate stands on the issues of the day?

This press has all the candidates and their stands on the issues….both GOP and Democratic…..don’t get your drawers in a twist…they are listed alphabetically….no pretense of listing by popularity or party affiliation….

If you are interested then pick your candidate and see if they truly represent your views on the issues….

The definitive guide of the 2016 presidential candidates’ positions on important issues.

Source: Where The 2016 Candidates Stand | National Journal

I will re-blog this in the days before the primaries so that my readers can do another comparison of the candidates…..

The Debate and the Myth of the Antiwar Democrat

Do you remember the election of 2008?  How about that young upstart Obama?  If you can recall he was billed as the anti-war candidate…..he used that to his advantage and it worked well for him…..he was elected and after that there is nothing in his policies that would point to him being anti-war…….

Now we are looking at another election and a possible anti-war Democrat……..sorry people that creature is a myth.  If you are part of one of the two parties you are pro-war….no matter how many times you deny it….

But there is more on this myth…….

Source: The Debate and the Myth of the Antiwar Democrat by —