ISIS: The Day After The Day After

An op-ed that I wrote for my friends over at Ace News Room……..they deserve your attention…..give’em a try!

The war on ISIS, the “degrade and destroy” message is not ringing clear…..the US is in the process of re-examining their strategy towards ISIS after a year of a basic stalemate….

I think that is a good idea but all the military action in the world is not going to effect their message and that is where they are winning this conflict……


Source: ISIS: The Day After The Day After


3 thoughts on “ISIS: The Day After The Day After

  1. The day after the day after: Confronting isil is going to last for a long time to come as the airstrikes are not enough in my own opinion (for now)

  2. Too much hate and intolerance in the world today. Everybody knows that the solution to the ISIS problem is to show them a little empathy and to do something to help them obtain a higher standard of living for themselves — and to stop offending them by referring to them as Islamic when everybody in their right mind knows they are not — even though they say the prayers and read the books and spout the rhetoric. I think the whole solution to the ISIS problem is to stop resisting them, to stop offending them, to stop mis-understanding them, to stop mis-branding them and to start understanding them and loving them. I think we can do these things up to the point, at least, when we are looking at our heads resting at our feet. After that the solutions will be up to the World Caliphate or somebody else.

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