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The buzz after New Hampshire is the rising stars of Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar…..and things need to be said about them both……plus another debate is just days away….

I will start with Mayor Pete……

I am a foreign policy wonk and want my candidate to answer some hard policy questions and so far Pete has ducked all of them to the point of looking like he is running scared…..why is that?

Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is emerging as a Democratic frontrunner, which naturally will increase scrutiny on his domestic and foreign policy positions. But he’s creating a problem for himself on the latter: His campaign is no longer providing fresh answers to foreign policy questions from interested parties like the media.

A fixture of the presidential campaign cycle is that organizations — from interest groups to think tanks to news outlets — ask candidates questions, often via surveys, to better grasp where the candidates stand on key issues. This is particularly true on foreign policy, since a president has almost unilateral authority to run global affairs, and it’s good for voters to know how a candidate would wield such power.

But the Buttigieg campaign has a new stance: If it’s a question the candidate has answered before, anywhere, he’s not going to give a fresh response on a questionnaire. Instead, he’ll merely point back to a previous statement he’s made on the issue

After the first two votes Pete is doing well….some call it winning but can he he keep it up?

The weight of his presidential campaign hung on one week in February. He needed to win in Iowa — the kind of stunning, historic victory that would validate his name across the country. Then he needed to go to New Hampshire and prove himself there, too.

Pete Buttigieg did both of those things. But an extraordinary two weeks have left the 38-year-old former mayor without a clear path to the presidency.

After raising tens of millions of dollars last year, his campaign is facing unusual financial pressures having spent much of that money in and on Iowa, leaving some of his organizing staff uncertain if they still have jobs. And in the contests ahead, he will compete against two well-funded opponents, a steady Bernie Sanders and a strengthening Michael Bloomberg, as he faces an imminent test of his greatest vulnerability: support from voters of color.

It takes lots of cash….so far many donors are holding their funds to see where the Dem wind blows….will it be to Pete or maybe to Amy……

Many have said the “Klobmentum”….the “Big Mo” in Amy-land.

Is she for real or just another flash of popularity that soon disappears when the media chooses elsewhere to focus?

The Klobmentum is real.

At least, that’s one narrative coming out of the New Hampshire primary, where the senator made an impressive showing, coming in third behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg — and beating onetime frontrunners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

The result capped a week of good news for the Minnesota senator, including a post-debate fundraising haul of $2.5 million in just two days. Klobuchar’s path to the nomination is still uncertain, and her dismal support among black voters is likely to hurt her in other early primary states, like South Carolina. But her rise — and the ways she’s been able to point out gender bias without triggering backlash — may say something about what it takes to win favor as a woman running for president in America today.

According to the MSM Amy is the best choice for those “moderates” (those Dems that want the status quo to remain entrenched)……but is she?

“Hello, America. I’m Amy Klobuchar and I will beat Donald Trump.”

With those words, the newly surging contender for the Democratic presidential nomination greeted supporters in New Hampshire after a surprise third place finish. The senator from Minnesota not only managed to beat heir presumptive Joe Biden in the Granite State, Klobuchar more than doubled his vote count — and did the same to Elizabeth Warren, who needed to show she could compete in her home region. Thanks to a strong debate performance last week — and despite a fifth-place finish in Iowa, a state in her own home region — Klobuchar’s fortunes are on the rise as a potential new option in the moderate lane of the Democratic primaries.

Right now these two Dem candidates are the talk of the town….and that shall continue until the media does not want it so.

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What Is The Fourth Estate?

I know you have heard the term “Fourth Estate”, right?

In case you are ignorant of the term…..let me assist you…..

The term “fourth estate” is used to describe the press. Describing journalists and the news outlets for which they work as members of the fourth estate is an acknowledgment of their influence and status among the greatest powers of a nation, the author William Safire once wrote.

The term goes back centuries when it applied to any unofficial group that wielded public influence, including a mob.

Now that you have the background on the term “Fourth Estate”….that is NOT what this post is about.

The Fourth Estate is a term used within the Pentagon to mean any thing other than military ……..

The term “Fourth Estate” — first popularized as a way to describe the press as a non-governmental actor in society — has in recent decades been appropriated as shorthand for the Defense Department’s agencies and activities that are not part of the military branches: the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The distinction between these “DOD Components” and the “military components” is laid out in DoD Instruction 7730.64. As a 2018 GAO report put it, the “DOD has defined Fourth Estate organizations as DOD organizations, other than the
military services, that have DOD manpower resources.”

These organizations include the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, DOD field activities, and the combatant commands. The list also includes more than two dozen defense agencies, including the: Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Defense Contract Management Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Missile Defense Agency, and more.

Now you know something that does not mean a damn thing to you….but at least you can say you learned something thanx to the old professor….

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There Is An Afghan Deal!

Could his be the beginning of something good?

The 7-day “reduction in violence” negotiated between the United States and the Taliban is set to begin on Feb. 22, an Afghan government official who spoke on condition of anonymity told Task & Purpose on Monday.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen reported on Monday that the US and Taliban have finalized the language of the Afghanistan peace deal. The US has not confirmed this yet, but had indicated in recent days that such a deal was imminent.

Afghan CEO Abdullah Abdullah confirmed the deal is finalized, saying that his understanding is that the signature depends on the success of the reduction of violence. If all goes well, the deal should be signed by all sides by the end of February.

The exact language of the deal has never been public, though indications are that it was effectively finalized in October of last year and has not substantially changed. The deal sees the US commit to a withdrawal from Afghanistan, negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban, and a commitment by the Taliban to fight al-Qaeda and ISIS to keep them out of the country.

The deal should end a 19-year US occupation of Afghanistan, and bring American troops home. It is expected that NATO forces will be withdrawing with the US, and the Afghan factions will reach a power-sharing deal.

This is a good start….and I hope that it can be expanded and the US troops can finally come home for that much needed rest.

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Southern Strike 2020

Closing Thought–17Feb20

This may not be of much interest to most of my readers……I just want to point out the training that our troops must go through……….

I am a student of conflict and these days we fight terrorists not so much grand armies…..and my area has been part of the training to fight our enemies…….

Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center CRTC

Special Tactics Airmen and Green Berets from the 3rd and 20th Special Forces Group participated in Southern Strike 2020. The event was a large-scale, joint multinational combat exercise hosted by the Mississippi Air National Guard. This exercise provided special operators a unique training opportunity that provided tactical level training for the full spectrum conflict.

This rundown is from……

Exercise Scope. The time frame of the exercise was from January 30 to February 13, 2020. The Southern Strike exercise is a National Guard Bureau (NGB), Title 32 funded, tactical exercise program. The Joint Exercise Control Group (JECG) is comprised of military and civilian personnel with extensive SOF experience. The Mississippi National Guard hosts and supports this annual event.

Training Areas. The large-scale exercise took place in Mississippi at several military installations. Many of the primary (C2) events took place at the Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC) in Gulfport, Mississippi. Outlying locations provided many of the field training opportunities. These included Camp Shelby, Fort Morgan (AL), Camp McCain Training Center, and Naval Air Station Meridian.

Participating Units. More than 2,000 service members from 22 states – and some international participants as well – conducted missions designed to enhance their effectiveness. The participating air units came from diverse fields to include ISR, close air support, airlift (fixed and rotary), and Aeromedical Evacuation. Active duty, National Guard, Reserve units were all represented. The countries of Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, and the Netherlands all provided military personnel.

List of Units:

  • 3rd Special Forces Group
  • 20th Special Forces Group
  • Dutch SOF
  • Air Force Special Operations Surgical Team (SOST)
  • 125th Special Tactics Squadron (STS) (ANG)
  • 183rd Airlift Squadron
  • 1st Battalion, 185th Aviation Regiment
  • Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 (Seabees)
  • Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 60
  • 49th Fighter Training Squadron
  • 119th Wing
  • 266th Range Squadron
  • And many more . . .

Exercise Features. The Southern Strike 2020 event featured counterinsurgency, air supremacy, close air support, en route casualty care, non-combatant evacuations, maritime and riverine special operations. In addition, staffs were provided the opportunity to further develop staff functions and procedures.

SOF Ground Unit Training. Ground units from Special Tactics, 3rd Special Forces Group, and the 20th Special Forces Group conducted a variety of missions supported by air assets. COIN, Direct Action, Close Air Support, and other missions were exercised. There was a lot of air activity due to the huge role played by the air units. This afforded the SOF ground elements plenty of opportunities to conduct air infils, exfils, close air support calls for fire, helicopter hoist operations, and more.

Our military is prepared for the wars to come…..

Personally I would prefer that we worry about the failure of our infrastructure….we have always had a superior military….

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A Brokered Convention?

We are only two votes into the season and the media is already trying to generate chaos…..they are trying to lessen Bernie’s impact….but they are now trying to float the idea of a brokered convention…..

The magic number is 1,990. But as New Hampshire prepares to vote on Tuesday, an analysis at the Hill suggests it’s increasingly possible none of the Democratic candidates will collect the necessary number of delegates over the next several months to clinch the party nomination. Which means one thing: a brokered, or contested, convention in which the nominee will have to be sorted out in unconventional fashion. The Iowa caucuses, for example, typically winnow the field, but nobody has dropped out after this year’s fiasco. The story by Jonathan Easley notes that Michael Bloomberg’s entry into the race has raised the chances of a brokered convention. “It’s possible, it’s quite possible,” says Chris Spirou, former New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman.

“I think Bloomberg entering into this thing provides a much greater possibility of a brokered convention,” he adds. Another Democratic strategist in the state, Jim Demers, points out an irony: If candidates dropped out, that would help avoid such an outcome, but nobody is doing that amid the uncertainty. “There’s a real possibility of a brokered convention and that in itself may be enough to serve as motivation for some who might have otherwise dropped out, to hang around longer to see if they can’t have a place in this thing and play a part in determining the nominee.” At least one candidate may be swayed by what happens in New Hampshire, however: The AP reports that Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet says he needs at least a fourth-place finish to go on.

Personally I think there is the possibility but at this point in them campaigns I feel it is a bit too early for such predictions.

The MSM would like to see this happen for it would make the Dem convention a more interesting coverage….without it it will be boring and nothing to write about for the media….at least the MSM would not have to make sh*t up.

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A ‘What If’ For 2020

Over the weekend I heard a disgusting proposal……

A Horror Scenario for 2020!

The talk of the media world is Bloomberg and his purchase of the candidacy in the Dem field…..personally I just think he is a rich guy that is afraid that if Bernie wins he will have to finally pay taxes….but that is just me.

I read that an idea is being floated around the internet for a running mate for Bloomberg if he spends enough to pay the nomination…..Hillary Clinton.

Matt Drudge is running a red headline across his Drudge Report on Saturday about a provocative, but unconfirmed, political scoop: He says Mike Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate. The blurb (see this Drudge tweet) quotes sources close to the Bloomberg campaign as saying that “polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be formidable force.” In addition, Drudge reports that Bloomberg is weighing the possibility of changing his official residence to Florida or Colorado, where he owns homes, to avoid the issue of having two New Yorkers on the same ticket. Neither Bloomberg nor Clinton has confirmed or denied the story yet.

Drudge is also linking to coverage of his reporting, including a New York Post story that notes Clinton and Bloomberg were spotted having dinner together in December. Mediaite reports that former Clinton aide Zerlina Maxwell said she was “highly skeptical” Saturday when asked about the report on MSNBC. She also referred to Bloomberg as a “deeply flawed candidate” and tore into his mayoral record, with criticism of the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policies and more.

Is this possible?  Or just Drudge trying to control the news cycle for awhile?

Besides Clinton is a proven loser….so why choose her that could command all that hatred and make the man a loser as well?

Are the Dems that pathetic and desperate?

Clinton will just not go away….she lost and she should f*cking get over it and spend some quality time with her grandchildren.

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Professor’s Classroom

A simple quiz from IST in 2007….enjoy…learn stuff! chuq

In Saner Thought

OSIM! Since this has become less popular over the weeks, I will make it as simple as possible, but still it will require thought.

Which American President is a National Hero In South America? Which country and why?

OK class! The word has been spoken, the question awaits. Keep answer simple and to the point and when finished DO NOT AWAKE ME!

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