It’s A Factory!

Continuing along the lines started with the first post….astronomy…..this science seems to adding to our knowledge of the universe daily…..the possibilities that some of the worlds circling distant stars are inhabited…..and then there is the search for dark matter, dark energy and those elusive black holes.

The science knows it is there just that we have not been able to find them….that may have changed…..

The center of our galaxy is teeming with black holes, sort of like a Times Square for strange super-gravity objects, astronomers have discovered. For decades, scientists theorized that circling in the center of galaxies, including ours, were lots of stellar black holes, collapsed giant stars where the gravity is so strong even light doesn’t get out. But they hadn’t seen evidence of them in the Milky Way core until now, the AP reports. Astronomers poring over old x-ray observations have found signs of a dozen black holes in the inner circle of the Milky Way. And since most black holes can’t even be spotted that way, they calculate that there are likely thousands of them there. They estimate it could be about 10,000, maybe more, according to a study in the journal Nature .

“There’s lots of action going on there,” says study lead author Chuck Hailey, a Columbia University astrophysicist. “The galactic center is a strange place. That’s why people like to study it.” The stellar black holes are in addition to—and essentially circling—the already known supermassive black hole, called Sagittarius A, that’s parked at the center of the Milky Way. There are good reasons the Milky Way’s black holes tend to be in the center of the galaxy, Hailey says. First, their mass tends to pull them to the center. But mostly the center of the galaxy is the perfect “hot house” for black hole formation, with lots of dust and gas. Hailey says it is “sort of like a little farm where you have all the right conditions to produce and hold on to a large number of black holes.” (Another galaxy mysteriously seems to have no dark matter.)

I find all this just fascinating……any thing you guys would like to add?

Us Coast residents are watching that small hurricane headed for the Gulf…..we are always watching these storms……I will not be caught with my pants down…..not by any storm.

I shall take my leave… whatever it is the better half has planned….I will be back to form tomorrow… well, be safe……chuq


They Are Stealing The Light

How many times in your life have you looked up in the evening skies and thought about the universe?  The expanse…..the wonder of it all.

Today is Sunday and I think that I have done enough history….so how about a little astronomy?

Have you watched the night skies and thought you saw a star twinkle and go out?  Is it possible that advanced civilizations are stealing starlight?

Watch out for stars moving across galaxies or losing power—it could be aliens gathering energy before the lights go out. Dan Hooper, an astronomy and astrophysics professor at the University of Chicago, posted a paper in the preprint journal arguing that aliens in far-off galaxies may be sucking energy from stars to offset risks posed by an expanding universe, LiveScience reports. “The presence of dark energy in our universe is causing space to expand at an accelerating rate,” writes Hooper. “As a result, over the next approximately 100 billion years, all stars residing beyond the Local Group [of galaxies including the Milky Way] will fall beyond the cosmic horizon and become not only unobservable, but entirely inaccessible, thus limiting how much energy could one day be extracted from them.”

Therefore, he argues, an advanced civilization may use something like “Dyson spheres”—an imagined solar-powered satellite dating back to 1930s science-fiction, notes LiveScience—to harvest a star’s energy or use that energy to move it closer to home. Hooper hinges his case on the work of Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev, who argued in 1962 that technologically advanced civilizations would expand via three steps: harvesting resources of their planet, then the nearest star, then all stars in the galaxy and nearby galaxies. So how to spot energy-grabbing aliens? Massive stars emanate certain light wavelengths, which will appear in galaxies’ light signatures if stars are drained energy—that is, when humans have powerful enough instruments to detect it.

This news should aid those “Ancient Alien” people smile with anticipation of upcoming TV documentaries…..and a hardy round of “I told you so”……any thoughts?

A bit cooler today but the humidity is still hovering around 90%……so the garden is out and A/C is called into action….

Is Terra Forming Possible?

I continue with my posts on space, the final frontier……we all have seen the old scifi movies about Mars, right?

It is a lifeless dead planet without atmosphere, water or life……is that about the extent of your knowledge?

Science is a wonderful thing…..looks like they may have found a way to terra form Mars to make in habitable….

The bacteria that 3.5 billion years ago were largely responsible for the creation of a breathable atmosphere on Earth could be press-ganged into terraforming other planets, research suggests.

A team of biologists and chemists from Australia, the UK, France and Italy has been investigating the ability of cyanobacteria – also known as blue-green algae – to photosynthesise in low-light conditions.

Cyanobacteria are some of the most ancient organisms around, and were responsible, though photosynthesis, for converting the Earth’s early atmosphere of methane, ammonia and other gases into the composition it sustains today.

The photochemistry used by the microbes is pretty much the same as that used by the legion of multicellular plants that subsequently evolved. The process involves the use of red light. Most plants are green because chlorophyll is bad at absorbing energy from that part of the visible light spectrum, and thus reflects it.

Gotta admit this is just damn interesting……changing the face of a “dead” world…..

Making Mars safe for our new breed of “Space Marines” we will have if Fearless Leader gets his wish……”Starship Troopers” comes to mind….a look into the future?

There is your look into the possibilities that science has offered mankind… that I have given hope then I suggest that you go out and enjoy your Saturday….I shall do what I can to enjoy mine…..see you guys tomorrow….chuq

Who Was That Masked Visitor?

Today is a Saturday and I have decided to give my readers some science and what-not….today it will be all about space (simply because that dude in the Ivory Tower (president) has decided that we need a space force)

First post is about a fly-by we had to planet earth last year …….

Last year’s visitor from another star system—a cigar-shaped object briefly tumbling through our cosmic neck of the woods—has now been identified as a comet. A European-led team makes the case in Wednesday’s edition of the journal Nature, the AP reports. Telescopes first spotted the mysterious red-tinged object last October as it zipped through the inner solar system. Since then, astronomers have flip-flopped between comet and asteroid for our first confirmed interstellar guest. Neither a coma nor tail was spotted, hallmarks of an icy comet. But Italian astronomer Marco Micheli and his team reported that the object’s path and acceleration are best explained not just by gravity, but also gases shedding from a comet.

The release of what’s believed to be gaseous carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water applied only a tiny force on the object known as Oumuamua—about 1,000 times smaller than the effect of the sun’s gravity—and barely altered its path, the researchers said. But the team’s measurements “were so precise that we could actually see the change in position caused by the outgassing,” said co-author Paul Chodas, manager of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Discovered by a telescope in Hawaii, Oumuamua is Hawaiian for messenger from afar arriving first, or scout. It’s long gone, as are the chances of knowing conclusively what it was.

As long as we are talking about space…how about a phenom known as “space grease”?

President Trump’s “Space Force” might need to carry some heavy-duty cleaning products. A team of astronomers has determined that the universe is a much greasier and dirtier place than once thought, with grease-like molecules known as aliphatic carbon thinly spread throughout interstellar space, the Guardian reports. As part of a project to calculate the amount of carbon—essential for the formation of planets and life—that exists between the stars, the astronomers recreated the interstellar dust generated by carbon stars and discovered that the Milky Way alone holds around 10 billion trillion trillion tons of “space grease.” Solar wind keeps much of it out of our solar system, but any spacecraft travelling between the stars is likely to arrive with a sticky, dirty coating of carbon.

“This space grease is not the kind of thing you’d want to spread on a slice of toast,” says study co-author Tim Schmidt of the University of New South Wales. “It’s dirty, likely toxic and only forms in the environment of interstellar space—and our laboratory.” Schmidt tells CNN that the substance is like greasy soot. “It’s not a pure substance, it’s not biological,” he says. “It would make things dirty like soot would.” About half the carbon in space is thought to be elemental carbon. The team, whose research is published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, now plans to calculate how much of the third form of interstellar carbon, aromatic “mothball” carbon, exists in our galaxy.

This is the type of intel that a space force will be needing if it is to be a success.

Uncle Sam Needs YOU!  Join the Space Marines!


Closing Thought–22Jun18

I was watching an episode of “Elementary” about a murder committed by a drone….there was even these nano drones that were used to spy on Holmes….as small as a mosquito…..made me think that drones are getting smaller but how small?

FLIR Systems Inc. will supply the Army with its next-generation nano drone, the company recently announced.

A $2.6 million order has been made for the first shipment of the Black Hornet 3 as part of the Soldier Borne Sensor program.

The drone took seven years to develop, Ole Aguirre, FLIR director of unmanned aerial systems strategy and government affairs, said June 7 in an interview.

The system weighs only 32 grams, and can fly at speeds up to 21 kilometers per hour for up to 2 kilometers, he said.

Was this art imitating life?

So if you are outside and hear a mosquito in your ear it might be Big Brother targeting you for some reason or another.

Time for me to start my weekend….going to live it up since I must go back to the hospital next week for yet another procedure…..

Planet Nine From Outer Space

This is not some SciFi flick from Bela Ligosi(?) back in the 30’s (?)….instead this Saturday I want to write about a recent astronomical discovery…..

An enormous planet containing 10 times the mass of the Earth could explain the unusual orbit of a newly discovered asteroid. If found, the giant world would represent the first discovery of a planet in our solar system since Pluto in 1930, and before that Neptune in 1846. (Pluto was subsequently downgraded from planet to “dwarf planet” in 2006.)

The asteroid in question is called 2015 BP519. It was discovered three years ago at fifty-five times the Earth’s distance to the sun. Since that time, a group of astronomers led by Juliette Becker of the University of Michigan have been tracking it.

They now conclude the space rock is following a highly unusual orbit that is most easily explained if the gravity of a large – as yet unseen – planet has pulled it into place.

Anybody remember a dude named Sitchin?

Followers and readers of Zecharia Sitchin will know that the information about Nibiru comes from the Sumerians and the writing and artifacts they, and other ancient people, left behind. The core premise he has made in his writings is that there is a 10th Planet (again, including Pluto) in our solar system with an elliptical orbit of about 3600 of our years. People from Nibiru came to Earth and discovered the gold they needed to help repair their atmosphere and they began mining it. Much of the knowledge of these ancient people, which they knew because the Anunnaki (those who from heaven to Earth came) told them, has come true, including the color and size of Neptune and Uranus, and the very existence of the outer planets, long before our telescopes could find them. Scientists even suspect another large object in the Kuiper Belt, which might be Nibiru. So let’s assume that the other writings also have merit.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, and discussed at length in his book, The End of Days, Nibiru is not due to come near Earth for at least several hundred more years. Although it is possible that celestial events have impacted Nibiru’s orbit and shortened its annual cycle from 3600 years to something less, we don’t need to worry about its presence near Earth for some time.

……..(Oh Hell read for yourself)

More fodder for the “Ancient Alien” crowd?  I mean these guys see shit everywhere….this could make their case for them….at least for awhile.

But what you guys feel about this….if anything.

My day has begun and I will make the most of it……please you guys do the same.

What Causes Your Bad Moods?

As the weekend begins let us talk about something that most of us consider from time to time…….the things we eat……

These days it seems that no matter what your ailment it can all come down to your diet or your choice of foods…..some people spend every waking minute searching for the perfect diet or foods…..

Ever have one of those days where no matter what you attempt your mood slides into a bad place….ever wonder what could cause such a slide?

There’s a reason our stomachs are sometimes called our second brains. Our gut produces about 90% of our serotonin, the chemical responsible for making us feel good. So in an effort to stay our calm, upbeat selves, we chatted with Rachel Kelly, mental health advocate and author of “The Happiness Diet” (in stores and online September 26), to find out which foods might be putting us in a bad mood. (Et tu, fries?)

They keep saying we are what we eat……in this case we are bad moods.

“Fast Foodies Know The Deal”

The Memorial Day festivities will be slow for we have a tropical depression dumping lots of rain on my region….I hope everyone has a good few days and please take a moment to remember those that died in service of their country.

Have a day…..chuq