Stephen Hawking–R.I.P.

Sad news Stephen Hawking has died at age 76……

One of the world’s greatest scientific minds has now left this dimension. British cosmologist and physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76, some 55 years after he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at 21 and given two years to live. Family members say Hawking died peacefully early Wednesday at his home in Cambridge, England, the BBC reports. “We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today. He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years,” children Lucy, Robert, and Tim said in a statement, per Sky. “He once said: ‘It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love’. We will miss him forever.”

Hawking, born in 1942, was known for his groundbreaking research on black holes and the origins of the universe. Books like best-seller A Brief History of Time made him what the AP calls “one of science’s biggest celebrities since Albert Einstein,” appearing on shows including The Simpsons and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Signs of his illness—also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease—appeared during his first year of graduate school. He lost what remained of his voice in 1985. “I have lived with the prospect of an early death for the last 49 years,” he told the Guardian in a 2010 interview. “I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first.”

He will be missed……..


Diabetics–1 Or 2

Sunday and the sun is shining and the garden is starting to bud out….my radishes are all up….looks like it will be a good year for a yield from the garden……so onward…..

I live in Mississippi the state with the highest concentration of Diabetics in nation…..we are also the most obese state…in short the least healthy state of the 50…..

Everyone knows that Diabetes has two types….type one and type two…..but could that be wrong?

More than 30 million Americans have diabetes, but a study published Thursday in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology concludes we’ve been thinking about the disease all wrong. The BBC reports diabetes is typically separated into type 1—an immune system disease—and type 2—mostly seen as the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. About 90% to 95% of diabetics are classified as type 2, according to Medical News Today. But: “Diabetes is not the grey mass we have been calling type 2,” researcher Leif Groop tells the Guardian. “There are really subsets of the disease that require different treatment.” Groop’s team studied 14,775 diabetics and determined diabetes should actually be broken into five “genetically distinct” clusters. They are:

  • Cluster 1: Severe autoimmune diabetes. Essentially the same as type 1.
  • Cluster 2: Severe insulin-deficient diabetes. As in cluster 1, strikes young and healthy people, but the immune system isn’t at fault.
  • Cluster 3: Severe insulin-resistant diabetes. Bodies of largely overweight people no longer respond to insulin being produced.
  • Cluster 4: Mild obesity-related diabetes. Patients are very overweight but have metabolisms closer to normal than patients in cluster 3.
  • Cluster 5: Mild age-related diabetes. Mild form of diabetes developed by older people. The most common cluster.

Each cluster has different risks associated with it, and patients could respond better to different treatments, researchers say. “I think it will mean a more individualized therapy [and] a better quality of life,” Groop says. (A study found moderate drinking may lower the risk of diabetes.)

What does this actually do?  Will it matter when treatment is called for?  Is this a good thing or was it just a waste of time and energy?

Time for me to sit in the garden and sip a bourbon and enjoy the sunshine on my old body… well, be safe……chuq

Closing Thought–01Mar18

Closing thought today is early….I have two doctors to see today and they are terrible at being prompt…….hopefully I can get back to normal soon…thanx for bearing with me.

We all read about the future and the use of AI…..but could terrorists make use of this science to attack targets here in the “Free World”?

This report was in the Russian backed…….

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ripe for exploitation by criminal gangs and terrorists, a stark new report has claimed with experts calling for restrictions to be introduced immediately — before it is too late.

Governments could already be plotting to make use of brand new tech, including drones adapted into missiles, fake videos and auto-hacking tools, the Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence report warns.

Within five years AI could “go rogue” and be utilized by criminals. Lifelike videos and speech impersonation could be used to target individuals, while drones could be launched to physically attack a person, the report says.

Oh great….not only will AI be used to replace us mere workers but now there is the possibility that terrorists will use it to attack the civilized world.

Time to step back and enjoy the first day of March……the weather here is sort of nice but if you do not like the weather down here just wait 10 minutes it will change.

Peace out….my friends…..chuq

Closing Thought–15Feb18

No surprise that I am an OLD FART!  I remember when NASA was an institution that brought great pride to most Americans…..we celebrated our 1st dude in space and our first to circle the globe and the first space walk and finally our walk on the moon…..and then as quickly as we fell in love with space we fell out of love.

Those were the days of fiscal responsibility and NASA lost all its allure…..maybe to never have it again.

Well it looks like billionaire and Tesla owner Elon Musk, an immigrant,  may be trying to revive our space enthusiasm…..

SpaceX’s big new rocket has blasted off on its first test flight, carrying a red sports car on an endless road trip past Mars. The Falcon Heavy rocket rose Tuesday from the same Florida launch pad used by NASA nearly 50 years ago to send men to the moon, per the AP. With liftoff, the Heavy became the most powerful rocket in use today. The three boosters and 27 engines roared to life at Kennedy Space Center, as thousands jammed surrounding beaches, bridges, and roads to watch the rocket soar, delayed more than two hours by high wind.

Two of the boosters were recycled and programmed to return for a simultaneous touchdown at Cape Canaveral, while the third, brand new, set its sights on an ocean platform some 300 miles offshore. SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk owns the rocketing Tesla Roadster, which is shooting for a solar orbit that will reach all the way to Mars. As head of the electric carmaker Tesla, he combined his passions to add a dramatic flair to the Heavy’s long-awaited inaugural flight. Musk previously said the auto would be in “deep space for a billion years or so.” The Heavy is intended for massive satellites, like those used by the US military and major-league communication companies. Even before the test flight, customers were signed up.

A screenshot of the "Starman" mannequin in the Telsa Roadster orbiting Earth.

Too cool……

My day is finished thanx for stopping by…….. hope to see you guys tomorrow…..chuq

Archeology Today

My Sunday begins the taste of wine is amazing after having to lay off the grape for 4 months… is the simple things in life, right?

I am a member of “Global Explorer” it is a program where us mere mortals help archeologist find historic sites by review satellite photos….so needless to say I enjoy archeology….and that brings me to the meat of today’s post……

First let’s go to the sands of Egypt…….

Archaeologists in Egypt say they have discovered a 4,400-year-old tomb near the pyramids outside Cairo.

Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry announced the discovery on Saturday and said the tomb likely belonged to a high-ranking official known as Hetpet during the 5th Dynasty of ancient Egypt.

The tomb includes wall paintings depicting Hetpet observing different hunting and fishing scenes.

Mostafa Al-Waziri, leader of the archaeological mission, says the scenes depict a monkey – at the time commonly kept as domestic animals – reaping fruit and another dancing before an orchestra.

He believes Hetpet, a woman thought to be close to ancient Egyptian royals, had another tomb in Giza’s western necropolis, which is home to the tombs of top officials of Egypt’s Old Kingdom.

Most America is familiar with the Maya if for no other reason than the prediction of the end of the world from a couple of years ago…..thanx to satellites and a science known as LiDAR…….

Only a handful of ancient Mayan temples rise above a dense jungle of trees in Guatemala. But what’s obscured by the thick foliage, revealed for the first time, is evidence of a sprawling civilization to rival ancient Greece or China. Using LiDAR technology (Light Detection And Ranging), which measures wavelengths from laser pulses aimed at the ground, scientists digitally removed the jungle to reveal more than 60,000 previously unknown Mayan structures like palaces, fortifications, farms, irrigation systems, and raised highways connecting nearly all ancient cities across 800 square miles in northern Guatemala, report Live Science and National Geographic. “We’ll need 100 years to go through all [the data] and really understand what we’re seeing,” says researcher Francisco Estrada-Belli. But already it’s apparent that the civilization has been “grossly underestimated,” says archaeologist Thomas Garrison.

The new data show a civilization twice the size of medieval England at its peak 1,200 years ago. And though population estimates previously hovered around 5 million, expansive irrigation and terracing systems and wide highways indicate there might’ve been “10 to 15 million people there—including many living in low-lying, swampy areas that many of us had thought uninhabitable,” Estrada-Belli says. Walls, fortresses, and ramparts also suggest war was “large-scale and systematic” and “endured over many years” not just “toward the end of the civilization,” says Garrison. One of the coolest discoveries, however, was a 100-foot pyramid in the heart of the city of Tikal, which was previously assumed to be a small mountain, reports Reuters. More discoveries are likely to be made as scientists plan to map 5,000 square miles of Guatemala’s lowlands during the ongoing project. (The Maya parried one collapse before the fatal blow.)

Some really cool stuff……I will be getting on the site to search the Middle East for undiscovered sites…..Southern Algeria will be my first stop.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I will return Monday with lots more stuff……chuq

Your Colon Is Calling

Back when I was growing up if I got sick my grandmother made sure that the colon was working…..she believed that a healthy colon was the key to good health….

After reading this report on some medical research may bear her belief out…..

It seems that there is a pill, an electronic pill, that can be swallowed and the research can be sent to your mobile phone….interesting….I can get all kinds of things on my mobile phone weather, stocks, news…..but info on my colon…now there is a new twist….excuse me I need to take this, my colon is calling.

An electronic gas-detecting pill could help in diagnosing gastrointestinal ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome.

Scientists from Melbourne’s RMIT University first unveiled their swallowable capsule early in 2015 in the hope it would it would help doctors work out what foods were problematic for their patients by detecting and measuring intestinal gases produced by gut bacteria.

Now they have released results from the first human trials of the capsule, which collects information about the gases and transmits it to a hand-held device and mobile phone for doctors to read.

At least it can be swallowed and not shoved up your butt…that is something……

Sunday and a good day for some wine and cheese….have a safe day and I will return tomorrow with lots more stuff….chuq

Brain Imbalance

Keeping with the Smart phone subject……..

Sunday and a bit cooler here in Mississippi…….everyone here seems o have some variation of the flu…….but this health story is not related to the weather per se……this”illness” is from the use of your mobile device……

Researchers have found an imbalance in the brain chemistry of young people addicted to smartphones and the internet, according to a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 46 percent of Americans say they could not live without their smartphones. While this sentiment is clearly hyperbole, more and more people are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones and other portable electronic devices for news, information, games, and even the occasional phone call.

I know we have all heard the stories of the damage that a mobile device can do to your brain…..

I post them as FYI……use at your own peril.

Backing out now and going to enjoy my Sunday and I hope you do to…..until tomorrow be well and be safe…..chuq