Katrina: 10 Years On

This past week the media has been focusing on remembering Hurricane Katrina (2005)……for those of us that lived through all 13 hours of that storm we do not need to remember or be reminded…..we live with that day everyday.

For me, I was working as soon as the winds died down and because of the damage Katrina did I was hurt on 26 December 2005 bad enough to be forced to retire.

All I ask is that everyone take a few moments of silence for those that did not make it out of the storm…..and pray that a storm that bad NEVER occurs again.

Thank you.


One thought on “Katrina: 10 Years On

  1. All I ask is that somebody find out what happened to the millions of dollars in Katrina Aid Funds that went missing with no explanation and why it is that there are still some survivors of that dreadful event who have yet to receive any assistance for repairing their properties or to address their fiscal losses.

    I too advocate continued prayers for those who lost loved ones.

    But I still want to know where all that missing aid money went.

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