American crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the devil down south

Last night was the big Dem debate…..and it was what I expected….total crap!  If you are looking for more than that….buy a newspaper!

After the Civil Rights thing the Dems lost the South to the Repubs……ever since those days the GOP has used a wide variety of dog whistle slogans and campaigns to be sure that the South stays in their column……with each election the covert bigotry gets worse and worse…..the people change but the song remains the same.

How the Republican party’s dog-whistle appeal to racism, refined by Richard Nixon and perfected by Ronald Reagan, led inexorably to Donald Trump

Source: American crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the devil down south | US news | The Guardian

All this rhetoric smacks of racist overtones…..whether intentional or not……and this type of thinking plays well….especially in the South….please NO one tell me I am wrong….all you have to do is take a trip South and see for yourself……regardless of what you think….reality will surprise you.

The Ryan Fantasy

The big news of the week is that Paul Ryan will not seek nor accept the GOP nomination in 2016.  It has the pundits on the MSM stage jerking off at the prospects of speculation that they excel at during these times.

I personally, do not think that his denial is at all the final word….but I have been mistaken before and there is a possibility that may be the case with this situation.

The magazine, The American Conservative, does not agree with me and has cobered the fantasy of Ryan becoming the nominee….

Politico reports that Paul Ryan isn’t running a phantom campaign for president despite some appearances to the contrary:Ryan’s orbit firmly believes that, in a few months, everyone will look at him.

Speculation about Ryan’s intentions strikes me as little more than this year’s version of the 2012 fantasy candidate gossip that a few pundits indulged in last time. During the 2012 cycle, we kept hearing from Bill Kristol et al. that it wasn’t too late for the field to include more candidates, and one name after another was floated to stave off the boredom of Romney’s inevitable victory. This year the outcome is much less certain, but the desire to find a new candidate late in the process is still there. Ryan was the subject of such speculation in 2011 and again in 2014 and 2015, so it was probably bound to start up again now that it looks as if there really could be a contested convention. But it still doesn’t make sense, not least because Ryan seems genuinely unwilling to fill the role that is being created for him.

Source: The Ryan Fantasy | The American Conservative

I can see why he might decline the nomination…..I mean if he accepted and was beat in 2016 then his chances for a later run might be sadly limited…..after all anyone self-centered enough to spend that much time body building would take a massive hit to his ego…..

Make NO mistake…Ryan wants to be president…he may not want to admit to it….but he wants it more than a bacon cheeseburger.

Drudge Report Emerges as Factor in GOP Race

One of my biggest bitches about the American voting public is that they do not try to learn all aspects of an issue before voting….instead they find sites that will do nothing to enhance their knowledge but rather just reinforce their particular stands……

Take the Drudge Report, many Righties use this site as some sort of prophetic site….I am not one of those….I feel that Drudge like Infowars and others are nothing but rags not suitable for toilet paper………..but it appears that the Drudge is becoming very influential in the GOP race….

Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report have become a big focus of the Republican race this week. Things really took off Monday when Ted Cruz told a conservative radio host that Drudge’s website “has basically become the attack site for the Trump campaign,” reports BuzzFeed. Cruz took exception to several headlines on the site suggesting that he had won in Colorado over the weekend thanks only to insider politics by party leaders bent on defeating Donald Trump. “And most days, they have six-month-old article that is some attack on me, and it’s whatever the Trump campaign is pushing that day will be the banner headline on Drudge,” said Cruz. He added that “they no longer cover news.” As the Hill reports, Drudge has responded by linking to a January story in which Cruz sounded pleased with the site: “We have got the Internet, we have got the Drudge Report,” he said at the time.

Drudge also linked to an analysis in the Washington Post headlined, “Ted Cruz’s war with Matt Drudge could become a huge problem for his campaign.” In that piece, James Hohmann writes that a “word cloud” from social media shows that Drudge is making an impact, with the words “cheating” and “drudge” showing up among mentions of Cruz’s Colorado win. This should worry Cruz because it could make his victories seem illegitimate to conservatives. “If Cruz wins the nomination at a contested convention in Cleveland, he will need these grass-roots activists to rally around him,” writes Hohmann. “If regular Drudge readers believe he did not win fair and square, they will be less inclined to do so.” A blogger at the American Spectator, meanwhile, dismisses the “reprehensible” coverage on Drudge as “cheap tabloid tricks.” Trump is looking for a “distraction” from the reality that he was beaten soundly in Colorado, where the rules were clear, writes Ross Kaminsky.

Sites like this are not for information and education….they serve only as an ideology portal.

So will Drudge work as a paid agent for the Trump campaign?  That would eliminate the “fair and balanced” bullsh*t that most of the Right push almost daily.

What say you?

The Donald Predicts

I see Trump has jumped on the Glen Beck bandwagon and is predicting doom and gloom for the economy…..the difference is that Beck wants you to buy gold from his sponsors and Trump wants you to vote for him.

Donald is saying that we will be sucking if we do not vote for him…..

In a wide-ranging interview this week, Donald Trump said the US economy is headed for disaster—unless, it seems, he takes the reins. He also compared himself to the Lone Ranger and predicted the American people will “be falling asleep” if he becomes president. Among the highlights of his Washington Post interview with Bob Woodward and Robert Costa:

  • The economy is going into a “very massive recession,” says Trump, despite popular economic forecasts to the contrary. “It’s a terrible time right now” to invest in stocks, he adds. Will his words hurt financial markets? “I know the Wall Street people probably better than anybody knows them. I don’t need them.”
  • “I’m pessimistic,” he says about the economy. “Unless changes are made. Changes could be made. I can fix it. I can fix it pretty quickly.”
  • Trump says he can wipe away $19 trillion in US debt without gouging the nation’s $4 trillion annual budget. “I’m renegotiating all of our deals, the big trade deals that we’re doing so badly on,” he explains. (Barry Bennett, a senior Trump advisor, also says Trump could sell off $16 trillion in government assets—although NBC News notes that the US government values its own assets at just $3.2 trillion.)
  • “I bring rage out,” Trump says of his combative style. “And after it’s all over, [my opponents] end up being my friends. And I see that happening here.” But maybe not his GOP rivals: “I’m not sure they can ever go back to me. I was very rough on Jeb.” He used phrases like “Jeb: Low energy. Little Marco,” Trump recalls. “Names that were devastating.”
  • With his go-it-alone style, is he the Lone Ranger? “I am,” he says. “Because I understand life. And I understand how life works. I’m the Lone Ranger.”
  • “And after I win, I will be so presidential that you won’t even recognize me. You’ll be falling asleep, you’ll be so bored.”

I think he is right….the economy is headed to some treacherous waters but for me it is more the games being played by the financial institutions than who we vote for……

Are we headed for a problem?

The Trump Challenge

So much as happened with this election……so much that the media has missed completely until it was too late…..there is a wave of populism that few saw coming…..

I am not a Trump supporter by any stretch of the imagination…..but he has done a few things that I can appreciate.  He has challenged the powers that be on foreign policy and the war hawks are running scared,,,,his ideas may seem like isolationism but they are something else…..what?  I am not too sure just yet.

What is the hardest thing for me because I am a devotee of international relations, is to try and figure out what is it that Trump is proposing for the US foreign policy if he is elected……

A great article….but was little help for me but it could help my readers understand the foreign policy of Donald Trump…..

The candidacy of Donald J. Trump has upended American politics, and, indeed, has changed the political landscape in ways our liberal and conservative elites never expected and clearly abhor. He talks like an ordinary person, for one thing – a rarity in a realm where politicians routinely speak as if they are giving a speech […]

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What Is In A Pledge Anyway?

Remember a lifetime ago when all the GOP candidates took the pledge to support the GOP  nominee whoever it was?

Those days of compromise and loyalty are GONE!

This election season has delivered yet another oddity: a CNN town hall event featuring three Republicans who won’t commit to supporting the Republican nominee. Donald Trump was the most direct when asked by Anderson Cooper whether he was sticking to his pledge “to support whoever the Republican nominee is.” “No, I don’t anymore,” Trump said. It was harder for Cooper to get a straight answer out of Ted Cruz, reports Reuters, though he eventually said he is “not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family.” Trump “is not going to be the GOP nominee,” Cruz said. “We’re going to beat him.”

John Kasich also wouldn’t commit to honoring the pledge. He said he was “disturbed” by some of what he’s seen on the campaign trail and that the GOP candidates “shouldn’t even have answered that question” last year when they were asked to rule out third-party bids. “I have to think about what my word and endorsement would mean,” he said. “[I’ve] got to see what happens.” Trump didn’t seem perturbed by the prospect of not getting Cruz’s vote. He “doesn’t need to support me, I have tremendous support right now from the people,” Trump told Cooper. “I don’t really want him to do something he’s not comfortable with.”

The media ought to eat this up…..if the convention is not a circus enough then MR. Trump may go off on his own and run as a 3rd party….

I know there are Trump supporters out there… this a good thing or just a way to put that final nail in the GOP coffin?