Why Obama didn’t bomb Syria in 2013

Okay it is not ancient history….but still history and one of those perspectives that irritates so many……(they will get over it)……

There has been lots of speculation why Obama did not give the order to bomb Syria back in 2013….most of which is coming from the GOP side of the spectrum….they use his lack of action as a sign of his weakness in foreign policy….and now with the 2016 election creeping closer I am sure that we will hear even more of the accusations…..

I admit it….I also offered up my ideas of what the president was thinking and why he chose not to go through with the bombing of Syria…..

Source: Let’s Talk Syria – In Saner Thought

Does anyone have a good idea of why he hesitated in giving the order to “take out Assad”?

There is a pretty good analysis of the situation and a fairly good explanation from PressTV…….

US President Obama’s reasons for backpedaling from his 2013 threat to bomb Syria were based on pragmatic and political concerns, an analyst says.

Source: PressTV-Why Obama didn’t bomb Syria in 2013

Just in case you happen to like to know the truth or at least a good explanation into the actions of the president…..we may never know for sure until the president makes facts known after he leaves office…..by then NO one will care for the election will be over and the politicos will have moved on to a brand new issue from which to speculate…..

With  Russia pulling out of Syria and claiming success…..if they were truly successful then the question could be asked, would the US be able to claim success if they had started their campaign earlier?

The Obama Conspiracies

I close my posting day with a little humor….well humor for me…..but I am sure that there will be someone, somewhere that agrees with most of the stuff below……

Since the election of Obama in 2008 there have been a wealth of conspiracies pertaining to his presidency……hey, I love a good conspiracy like anyone else….but most of these from the Right are just plain moronic and pathetic……

But please go to the infograph below and pick your fave pathetic conspiracy…..or make up one of your own……there is always room for more of these types of waste of time…….after all….If there is something you do not like, then Obama did it!

If you had a hard time keeping up with all the accusations then I can help…..


Venn diagram of Obama conspiracy theories

A Contribution to the Debate on President Obama’s Mideast Policies

I admit it…I have been a dick when it comes to Obama’s foreign policy but to be truthful I have been a dick to every American president in the last 30 years over their foreign policy choices…..

The answer to every challenge has been a bigger bomb or a drone or as a last  resort….. troops……there seems to be no other options to consider these days……..

I have been especially critical of Obama’s policies…..none of them show the hope and change we were promised back in 2008……and his Middle East policies have been damn right abysmal……GW would be proud.

Did President Obama’s policy to refrain from plunging the US into the swamp of Syria’s civil war proved to be the right choice?

The problem with this question is that it focuses the attention on only one part of the issue. The issue here is the general strategy of the Obama administration in Syria. US military role, promoted or rejected, should only be one potential choice in the proposed components of any strategy. Discussing the prudence of policies related to one single part of an approach, torn out of its whole, is misleading and reveals a deep misconception about the role of military power.

Source: A Contribution to the Debate on President Obama’s Mideast Policies | Middle East Briefing

I would say that the next prez could do better….but with the crop we have now……change is highly unlikely……and will be more of the same…..

Any thoughts?

The Last SOTU

Alabama wins the national title….now that ought to bring peace and prosperity, huh?

We should be so lucky….nope it is the last State of the Union (SOTU) for Obama……

Tonight’s big event will nothing but a victory lap for the prez….he will pat himself on the back and probably not give mush of an agenda for his last year in office….I mean why?  He will NEVER get anything like a real issue through our Congress….so why bother?

But if you must know what will be said tonight then maybe this will help…..I was going list the topics that I thought Obama might touch upon in his speech……..but screw it!  Read what The Hill has to say on it instead…….

Source: What to watch for in Obama’s last State of the Union address | TheHill

May I suggest that if you do not want to be bored to death for about an hour and then the follow-up speeches from other wannabes….then watch “My 600 Lb Life” or “Axe Men” or that spiky haired freak on the Food network…..

Me?  I have 3000 books….I will be fine….but thanx for asking.

Obama Speaks (Yawn)

My readers know that I am a foreign policy wonk and I have not been kind to Pres. Obama on his issues in foreign policy…..and after every attack from whatever your little mind wants to called the perpetrators there is a speech and then there is the politicals running for the nearest microphone to make a statement….all of which is just BSA political posturing…..

But Obama had to make his statement….his reassuring comments to try and calm the massive unwashed (you)…..and he did as I had expected talked and said NOTHING!

On Sunday night, President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office for the third time in his presidency. What the pundits are saying about the rare event:

  • At Politico, Edward-Isaac Dovere has pretty much nothing positive to say about a speech that “said close to nothing” and did little to advance America’s understanding of how our leader and government plan to combat terrorism. It was a “not-so-peppy pep talk,” and seven years after his “cool, calm ‘I got this’ air helped get him elected … it’s clear that many Americans don’t want reassurance, but want him to convey the sense of urgency that they’re feeling.” He failed to do that, nor did he even manage to reassure.
  • In a Washington Post piece headlined “Obama’s Oval Office address reflects struggle to be heard, ” Greg Jaffe agrees that Obama said nothing new, but rather tried to get the American people to hear what he’s been saying for weeks: that he’s pursuing a strategy that is “strong and smart, resilient and relentless.” His goal was to reassure, and Jaffe doesn’t really weigh in on whether he did that. But he does note that “the absence of big new policy proposals from the president reflects the lack of any low-cost or tidy solutions to ease [America’s] concerns.”
  • At the New York Times, David E. Sanger argues that the purpose of Obama’s speech wasn’t to reveal new strategies against ISIS. Rather, he tried to “make the case that his administration was ahead of the problem, not playing catch-up.” But Sanger then goes on to recount recent criticism by some of Obama’s “closest former counterterrorism advisers” that he is moving “too incrementally.” One example, from former top Pentagon intelligence official Michael Vickers: “In the two months during which the United States drove al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan in 2001, after the Sept. 11 attacks, it conducted as many airstrikes as it has in the past 16 months in Iraq and Syria.”
  • But in Fred Kaplan’s view, Obama did a decent job of doing a fairly impossible task. Kaplan writes for Slate, “Will any of these remarks assuage widespread fears about terrorist attacks in the holiday season and beyond? Probably not. What could he or anyone else have said that might have had that effect? I don’t know, and neither does anyone else.” Obama may not have offered “dramatic answers,” but “he laid out a road. Critics who have never been dealt hard questions on the subject soon reveal that their road doesn’t look very different.”

First, why is the location of the speech “big” news?

It is sad that everyone feels compelled to run for the camera after each of these horrific episodes……what did he accomplish with his speech?  Not a damn thing except give all politically minded candidate something to talk about and avoid the real problems of this country…..

Well done!

The Riddle of Obama’s Foreign Policy | Consortiumnews

I enjoy reading the stuff by Robert Parry….he has a good grip on foreign policy and has some very insightful writings…..

It is no secret that I do not agree much with Obama and his team of lackeys on foreign policy…….he started off as the anti-war candidate and morphed into a neocon who seems to have imperialistic tendencies.

There are not many in Washington that I consider ‘experts’ at foreign policy or international relations…..they all seem to be stuck in the Cold War mindset…….which is not only outdated but extremely dangerous.

Obama’s foreign policy is a riddle that seems to have a very limited answer………


Source: The Riddle of Obama’s Foreign Policy | Consortiumnews


Is there an explanation for all this chaos in American foreign policy?

This piece in the World Affairs Journal does try to explain what is happening with our approach to world affairs…….we will soon make our choice for the next president and maybe now would be a good time to learn as much as possible about our foreign policy……that is if you truly care about this country and the future of your children…..but I may be a bit presumptuous.

Or you could just do what you have done for decades……just vote for the jerk with the best hair or the biggest mouth……and then bitch about what a slob he/she is……


Source: Fast Forward: US Diplomacy in an Untethered World | World Affairs Journal

“You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”

Ah….I can hear the Righteous Brothers wailing along as I type……and I can still feel that tingle running up my leg as a dance with Amy “Gypsy” Rosseau……the year is 1965……I had better stop there…..soon there will be TMI.

Since the formation of the state of Israel in 1948 America has had that “special feeling” toward Israel……first because of the run up after World War 2 and the suffering the Jews had endured……then there was the Cold War and the USSR was making great headway with the Arab nations in the Middle East…the US needed a “friend” to try and counter any progress made by the Soviets……..and then money became a big part of our election process and Israel made sure to win friends by passing it around like peanut butter…..do you realize that about 2/3 of the Congress is financed by Israel in one way or another?

Every president since Truman has had that “special feeling” for Israel although their motivations were somewhat different……then along came Obama and his opponents want to make it look like he has NO love for Israel…….read all about it here…….Does Obama Have the “Special Feeling”.

Americans have come to support Israel mainly because the media only covers positive news from the region as it applies to Israel…..and then there is the Christians that are always in full support of Israel…..no matter what the news is…..Israel is always right and will always get their support…..but why?

Now that is an easy question to answer…..the Bible!

You see according to the Bible and Christian beliefs there will be an “end of days” and a second coming……but all that is contingent on there being an Israel, a homeland for the Jews.  You see if there is NO Israel then there is No second coming or an end of days…..the predictions will be for naught……and they, Christians, cannot have that now can they?

America needs to wean itself off this blind allegiance to Israel……when that occurs then the possibilities of some sort of resolution in the Middle East will be at hand….lives will be saved and money will be made……could not ask for a better ending.