Pres. Harding Could Not Keep It In His Pants!

Yep that time again!  A history lesson to keep you informed and educated…..I love some history………history makes everything fun………you are welcome.

Warren G. Harding the 29th president of the United States…..served as prez 19221-1923…….he has the dubious distinction as being one of the worse presidents (yes, even worse than Obama) in our short history.

His presidency was choke full of scandals from the Teapot Dome to the Veterans Department……..but his most ‘wicked’ scandal was that of an extramarital affair which produced a daughter……the affair came to light after his death in a biography…….of course most of the allegations were disputed….that is until recently…….

Her 1927 tell-all book describing an affair with America’s 29th president—and claiming him as the father of her child—propelled Nan Britton to the title of Warren G. Harding’s most famous mistress. But as Britton only revealed the relationship after Harding’s death and said she’d destroyed their correspondence according to his wishes, the love affair has remained only rumor for almost a century. Now, genealogists say rumor has finally been cemented into truth: President Harding was the father of Britton’s daughter, Elizabeth Ann Blaesing, reports the New York Times. The truth unraveled when Harding’s grandnephew and grandniece, Peter and Abigail Harding, contacted Blaesing’s son, James. They agreed to DNA testing through AncestryDNA, which returned what an executive calls a “definitive answer”: James Blaesing was the Hardings’ second cousin, meaning his mother must have been the president’s child.

“It’s sort of Shakespearean and operatic,” says Peter Harding. “This story hangs over the whole presidential history because it was an unsolved mystery.” But not all of Harding’s descendants are convinced by the new evidence. A grandnephew tells the Times “it’s still in my mind still to be proven”; Peter Harding notes his own father maintained the relationship was a lie as family members believed President Harding was sterile. James Blaesing, who notes people broke into his home as child looking for evidence to disprove the affair rumor, says the DNA tests finally verify his grandmother’s claims. “I wanted to prove who she was and prove everyone wrong,” he says, adding, “She loved (Harding) until the day she died.” Writing at the Washington Post, researcher James Robenalt says Harding’s reputation as a womanizer sadly overpowers his accomplishments as president, including overseeing the first arms limitation treaty. (Click for more on Harding’s many other mistresses.)

See Bubba Clinton was not an original….but Harding was a Republican I guess that is something……huh?

And now you know the rest of the story……AIN’T HISTORY GRAND?

That my friends ends another day of posting and ranting…..sleep well….study hard…..I will return!

Class Dismissed!

Ever Get “That Sinking Feeling”?

I know let’s lighten up the mood……God knows I would not want anyone to stroke out….well not before they comment that is……

Once again I made through another week without threatening to kill some dough head that has the mental capacity of pond scum…… to celebrate I will find some of my world famous unusual stuff to amuse my loyal readers……..

Ever use “that sinking feeling” when you are confronted with something that is uncomfortable?

If you live in DC you may be feeling an actual event……

It sounds like a metaphor but is geological reality: Washington, DC, is sinking. In fact, researchers led by a team at the University of Vermont predict that the ground will drop another six inches by the end of the century, reports UPI. The cause isn’t man-made: It’s the result of an age-old geologic process that will continue to unfold for thousands of years. But it’s presenting the DC region with a dangerous double-whammy—the ground is sinking at the same time that sea levels are rising because of warming temperatures, say the UV researchers. The study confirms a long-held theory on why sea levels around DC are rising faster than any other stretch along the coast, reports the Washington Post.

“Right now is the time to start making preparations,” says lead study author Ben DeJong. “Six extra inches of water really matters in this part of the world.” He and his team drilled dozens of boreholes around the Chesapeake Bay to figure out what’s happening. The culprit is an ancient ice sheet that covered much of North America, then retreated, and the land is oh-so-slowly settling back into place. DC was actually in an area just outside the sheet and “bulged upward,” as the Post puts it. “It’s a bit like sitting on one side of a water bed filled with very thick honey,” says DeJong. “Then the other side goes up. But when you stand, the bulge comes down again.”

About here we could debate whether this is a good thing or not…..some would say “good riddance”…..I would be one of them.  With any luck when it goes it will take all the lobbyists with it… can hope.

It was an unusual story and I thought it would make good fun of our nation’s capitol….then I read another piece……..

Researchers say that while there’s no need for residents of Phoenix to panic, parts of their city are slowly and unstoppably sinking into the ground. Land subsidence caused by the extraction of huge quantities of groundwater over the decades is to blame, and the Arizona State University researchers say it’s causing some parts of the metropolitan area to sink by roughly 0.75 inches a year, Sonoran News reports. Residents may not notice much change year to year, the researchers say, but over time, the problem will affect things like canals, utility lines, and sewers and, eventually, the foundations of buildings. The depletion of groundwater has changed the sediment under the area, so the drop is irreversible.

The lead researcher tells the Arizona Republic that the subsidence has “the potential to cause costly structural damages, and is something to keep an eye on.” The sinking is happening at an uneven rate—with some areas actually rising a little—meaning floodwaters could cause major problems in affected areas. Another problem, the lead researcher warns, is that the sediment changes have left the ground unable to store as much water as it used to. “We live in a desert, and our underground canteen is getting smaller,” she tells the News. The Republic notes that the problem is widespread across the US, with Denver, parts of California, and the New Jersey coast among the many areas starting to sink.

Interesting…….parts of the country are sinking…..but wait….it gets better.

After I saved this in draft for the weekend I ran upon yet another sinking story……..

Vast areas of California’s Central Valley are sinking faster than in the past as massive amounts of groundwater are pumped during the historic drought, state officials say, citing new research by NASA scientists. The data shows the ground is sinking nearly 2 inches each month in some places, putting roads, bridges, and vital canals that deliver water throughout the state at growing risk of damage. Sinking land has occurred for decades in California—and in cities like Phoenix—because of excessive groundwater pumping during dry years, but the new data shows it’s happening faster as the state endures its fourth year of drought.

The NASA data shows land near the city of Corcoran sank 13 inches in eight months, and part of the California Aqueduct dropped 8 inches in four months last year. The aqueduct spans hundreds of miles and provides water to millions of people and vast areas of farmland. “We are pumping at historic levels,” says Mark Cowin, the head of the California Department of Water Resources. He adds that groundwater levels are dropping to record levels—up to 100 feet lower than previously recorded. Gov. Jerry Brown signed historic legislation last year that requires monitoring of groundwater pumping, but local officials have until 2020 to write their management plans, so it could take another decade or two before California has a handle on groundwater use, Cowin says

Okay, what the hell is going on?  Can we somehow blame this phenomena on climate change? Maybe fracking?   All this is just a little unsettling don’t you think?  East coast, West Coast and middle America… the whole country slowly sinking?

Any explanations you would like to share?

Trump: Did I Miss Something?

Dammit!  I do wish there was more to write about than Trump…..unfortunately he is the only candidate that is making news these days……

I have been following the doings with the 2016 election and of course it would be difficult to follow it without having to be exposed to the ramblings of Donald Trump.

First, I see the FOX’s Megyn Kelly has returned to work and Trump had nothing good to say about her….the Roger Ailes speaks up and says that Trump owes her an apology…..and back and forth… me this is all just a ratings game….the more crap they throw the more some will tune in to follow the continuing saga….this I understand.  The popularity of Trump eludes me.

Back to the jest of this post…..

I see so many people that take what this person says as the gospel or something equally as sacred……and I have not paid mush attention to all that he has to say……but with all the excitement over him as a candidate I decided to watch one of his outings in Iowa to see if I could get an idea of his popularity.

I listened and all I heard was a person rambling on and on….kinda made me think of the rambling rant of Qaddafi at the UN about 10 years ago (please I am not equating Bush with the Middle East Mad Man just talking about a speech that made little sense)…..I learned the he loves Mexicans and the Chinese people and then belittles them……he is really smart……he knows people……all in all self-promotion.  I realize that all politicians are egotistical wankers but Mr. Trump is taking that egotism to new heights….

He bitches about many things, like most Americans, but he offers nothing in the process that resembles a solution to anything.  Eventually, once the election primaries begin for real, he will have to offer more as a solution then he is really smart, really rich and knows people.

Trump and Sanders are tapping into a populist trend among Americans……most of us are fed up with the idle promises of those we elect and once in Washington they play games and waste time…..Sanders unlike Trump at least talks about issues and even seem to have a few solutions up his sleeve.  I think if Trump wants to be as successful as he seems to think he is…..he will have to offer solutions other than build a really big wall and the people he knows……

For now he, Trump, is telling the conservative voter everything they want to hear……but how long will his ramblings be attractive to these people?  Eventually, I think, they will want to hear how he will achieve all the things he bitches about…….

Or is it possible that I may have missed something?

What the Hell is his problem with Oreos?

The empire strikes back:

The Political-Media Empire has lost all control over the news and they are striking back to regain the control over the process that they have lost in the first couple of months of the political cycle.

I mean Jeb has a ga-zillion bucks in his PACs waiting for the best time to strike……and then there is Bernie whose average donation is $31.00……

No modern candidate can run a legit campaign without help from a super PAC with deep pockets, yes? The New York Times reports that Bernie Sanders is providing a real test of that accepted wisdom. He’s managed to build a “formidable” sum of $15.2 million while eschewing super PACs, with the average donation to his campaign at $31.30. The vast majority of that total comes from small donations routed through the ActBlue website, which handles donations for Democrats. Sanders knows he will still be widely outspent, but thinks he’ll have plenty of money to run a smart, frugal, and “winning” campaign.

The MSM cannot stand the fact that Bernie is doing so well without the use of Super PACs….and then there is Trump who is using his own cash and does not bow to a Super PAC…….it is as if these candidates do not need the MSM…..and that cannot be tolerated.

The popularity of Sanders and Trump has the media scratching their heads…..they pushed Jeb and Hillary for over a year and yet the people do not seem to be interested in their choices given by the media….

The MSM has got to take back the control over the process…..


The empire strikes back: The media-political elite’s campaign to destroy Bernie (and Trump) and restore order –

How America’s political and economic elite gave birth to the Trump campaign

why don’t we take a break from the insanity of the international stage and try our hand at the insanity on the political stage?

I must admit that Donald Trump has gone further than I thought he would go….after watching him for a couple of election cycles pretend to be a candidate and at the last minute cut and run…….I did not think this time would be any different.

Apparently I was mistaken.

Now I ask how did Trump manage to get voters on his side of the equation for this election?

His popularity is going through the roof and the media is having a hard time keeping up with the unfolding story……

So just how did Trump manage to become the darling of the Right…..what made his rise possible?  And better yet…..the MSM scrambling to try and find a way to lessen Trump’s effectiveness……or explain his meteoric rise……


How America’s political and economic elite gave birth to the Trump campaign.