A SNL Skit?

I always appreciate good political humor…..and SNL does it about as good as there can be done…….and I really thought that a news report that I read was a story in “The Onion”……

There’s plenty of speculation in DC about whether President Trump might fire special counsel Robert Mueller. But Mike Allen of Axios reports on another strategy being explored by the president’s legal team: Appoint a second special counsel to investigate Mueller’s investigation. The story suggests that Trump’s attorneys trust Mueller himself but not others in the Justice Department. For example, they point to a Fox News story Monday detailing how the wife of a Justice Department official named Bruce Ohr worked for the company behind the infamous anti-Trump dossier that emerged during the election. Ohr was recently demoted for concealing his own meetings with the company, Fusion GPS.

“The Department of Justice and FBI cannot ignore the multiple problems that have been created by these obvious conflicts of interests,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow tells Axios.
“These new revelations require the appointment of a special counsel to investigate.” It’s not clear how likely this is to happen, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions has previously floated the idea of a second special counsel to cover a wide range of GOP concerns. Meanwhile, the Washington Post has a profile of Trump’s legal trio: Sekulow (the TV presence), Ty Cobb (a White House attorney), and John Dowd (Trump’s personal attorney). They “serve not only as Trump’s lawyers but also as his strategists, publicists, therapists—and, based on Dowd’s claim that he wrote a controversial presidential tweet, ghostwriters,” per the Post.

It is TRUE!  These people want an investigation of the investigation…..(that alone should make one smile)……

My question is who will run this investigation?  FBI?  But I thought they were all corrupt and partisan.  How about the Congress?  Same reasons.

House GOP are morons……they do not know how stupid they appear with this made up BS from FOX…….they cannot think beyond their daily talking points……

Just who will handle this in-depth investigation?


Closing Thought–20Jan17

Today is the the that so many have been yearning for for decades…..we will install our new president…..

Since some people dread this day I thought I would leave my loyal readers with a little humor….

The guys/gals at Bad Lip Reading……

Humor…….something that there will be little of in the coming years…..end your day with a smile….

I close out with this week in political cartoons…..

Source: The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics – POLITICO

you are welcome……chuq out!

Bad Lip Reading–Dem Convention Edition

I close out my posting day with a good thump on your funny bone…..

After I spent my time watching the Dem convention and found it not as entertaining as I had hoped….I found this vid from some geniuses at Bad Lip Reading……

Please watch and enjoy…..

Now was that not far better than the actual convention?

So much more informative than the actual convention…..Have a great day my friends and I shall return tomorrow in all my splendor…..

GOD this thing is funny!

See you guys tomorrow……..peace…out

Who’s Gonna Beat Trump?

I would like to apologize to my readers for my absence on Sunday….I was having a major internet problem that lasted most of the day……I normally only post one article on weekends so I can spend time with family….but I do check IST and respond to comments…..could not do so yesterday…..just wanted to let everyone know what was what…….now let’s get busy!

Who won the Oscars?  DON’T tell me I really could care less!

I see the media is gleeful that Clinton won big in South Carolina……today they will start their assault on Bernie…..they will be selling him short at every opportunity……

This is not something important……but a goddamn good cartoon….my readers know that I am supporter of Bernie…….I just felt that this was a humorous ‘toon and wanted to share it to start a new week……..


Tomorrow will be a big day for the media….Super Tuesday……prepare yourself for the puke-fest.

Free To Choose

DAMN!  The news has been as boring as boring can get…..

We are approaching the next “big” election and I will repeat what I am always saying…..there is NO difference between the two parties…they are just different sides of the same coin….

No matter who you vote for….the country will be worse off!

I saw this cartoon on Twitter and thought it was the perfect example of how this political system works…..


Enough said?

Political Debate: Bad Lip Reading Edition

Speaking of debates….how about a chuckle?

I know that I do not post many videos and such…..but from time to time there is one that needs to be seen……this is just such a video.

If you have never experienced these guys and their take on stuff then you are missing some of the best political humor around…..

This is their take on the first Democratic debate on CNN….



I do not want to discriminate against my GOP brethren……here is their take on the first GOP debate…..



I do hope you enjoyed these videos and appreciate the humor therein….