A Conservative Take On Terrorism

In doing my research for a terrorism class I look at many different opinions…I like a balanced look at major issues of our day…..and this one comes from an unlikely source (at least for me).

I have been a bleeding heart (derogatory term used by some mental midgets) most of my life…..I always fought for liberal issues in any way that I felt would help….seldom did I appreciate anything a conservative had to say….that is until the big wasteland that the ultra-Right turned the political landscape into…..conservative thought (as it was) ceased to exist and was replace with the tacky thinking of neoliberalism (if you do not know the difference then f*cking look it up).

I have been encouraged lately that the conservatives may yet prove to be a real force in our political system…I have even taken to read sources like The American Conservative…..I admit that there is much that I do not agree with but they actually have thinking people writing for them not the mindless drones that regurgitate crap from Talk Radio.

Take the subject of Terrorism….It is a subject that makes me want to scream and throw a brick at the idiots that pretend to be “experts”…….I have read a couple of good articles on the subject published in TAC…….(no bricks were thrown)

The murderous attack earlier this month in Nice, France, prompted Jay Nordlinger, senior editor at the ostensibly conservative National Review, to propose a new approach to dealing with terrorism. His strategy is simplicity itself: “you have to kill these jihadists, and kill them, and kill them, until they simply tire of being killed and leave civilization alone.”

If by “civilization” Nordlinger is referring to Europe and the United States, then his proposal comes a couple of centuries too late. In their relations with the non-West—the peoples of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East—Western powers have rarely demonstrated a desire to be left alone. They have instead sought to subjugate and exploit populations classified as inferior. In pursuit of their objectives, they have relied not on suasion but on violence and intimidation.

Source: Kill All the Terrorists? | The American Conservative

That is the only answer to an ever growing problem in the world…..KILL THEM ALL.

The problem is it is oversimplified response to the horrendous attacks….and then there is the chance that the whole phenom is overestimated……

As the investigation of the massacre in Nice continues, authorities continue to find no evidence that killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had any ties to terrorist networks. So why have so many so quick to invoke ISIS? And more importantly, why do so many continue to conflate “ordered or planned by ISIS” with “ISIS-inspired”?

For all the speculation of real connections—and ISIS’ own attempt to claim “credit”—the evidence has pointed the other way from the start. Compare the awful expertise and professionalism shown by the ISIS killers in Paris the night of November 17 with Bouhlel’s awful wild ride. The Paris attack involved three coordinated attacks, suicide belts, shooting prowess, and slipping past security guards. In Nice, the perpetrator simply rented the biggest truck he could a couple of days beforehand and cased the location. Bouhlel didn’t even wear easily obtainable body armor that might have allowed him to kill far more people before being shot himself. The reports of the truck being packed with weapons including grenades proved false, although he did have one working gun.

Source: Don’t Overstate the Terrorist Threat | The American Conservative

What point does it make to thump the chest and demand the impossible?

The American Conservative makes some valid points…..it is an education if one decides to read and understand.

What About Trump And Democracy

Today is the day we vote in Indiana….or is it Idaho….or maybe…..the Hell with it……somebody is voting somewhere.

The 2016 election has brought a lot of opinions especially when it comes to one Donald Trump…..it depends where you stand on the political spectrum on which of those opinions you will embrace…..

Never let it be said that I am not fair in my condemnation of ALL candidates……

But I think that some are missing the concept of democracy…..or “the will of the People”….right or wrong……

I read an interesting op-ed about Mr. Trump and democracy…..

The “conservative intelligentsia” is anything but intelligent when it comes to Donald Trump, writes John Feehery at the Hill. Among those he calls out is David Brooks of the New York Times, who last week called Trump’s candidacy a “Joe McCarthy moment” for the party. But Feehery also cites comments of a similar nature from the likes of George Will (see here), Michael Gerson (here), and Ross Douthat (here), all of whom seem to think that Trump is the personification of evil who will do long-term damage to the GOP unless stopped. “To these so-called smart people, I say: Stop being so stupid,” writes Feehery.

This opposition to Trump reveals “their biases against democracy and the will of the people,” he argues. Instead of knocking him down, they should pay more attention to why Trump is so popular, writes Feehery, who provides some theories of his own: Trump is a “real outsider who represents real change,” he has explicitly denounced the Iraq War as a mistake, and his economic message (“the middle class is getting screwed by the political class”) is resonating. Most Trump supporters “are by no means stupid, irrational, racist or anti-democratic,” writes Feehery. They’re just tired of the status quo and see Trump as the only candidate who can destroy it. Click for his full column. (Or for Andrew Sullivan’s opposing view.)

This is by NO means my endorsement of Trump in this election…..I found the article a good one and bit of a thought making piece…..

Plato thought democracies were especially susceptible to “tyranny” the longer they lasted and the more democratic they became, and the US seems to be in exactly the kind of “late-stage democracy” ripe for such a thing.

In conclusion, it should be noted that, in modern times, a democracy is considered one of the more ideal forms of government, considering the value many people tend to place on individual liberty and the freedom to choose one’s own path in life. However, Plato’s criticisms should be kept in mind when determining the merit of a democratic government. Oh, would it not be great to have a democracy of philosophers, who would pursue truth and wisdom! Alas, we are only human, and susceptible to many evils and lies. The trick is to prevent such ignorant people from becoming the majority. At times, it seems nigh impossible to do so; curse our stupidity!

(Matt Brazil)

He Must BE Stopped!

I never thought that the 2016 election would be so damn fascinating to observe….no matter the party it is interesting to see how the American voting public is reacting to this candidate or that…..

Since one man in the race has won almost everything….the GOP “establishment”is pulling NO punches……they must find a way to stop the man from the prize, the nomination……

They are resorting to get a failed presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, to do an info-mercial to dissuade voters from his side……

Now an editor for Breitbart, Ben Shapirio,  has issued 3 reason that Trump is NO conservative……

First, the idolatry of a certain segment of his following. Trump has drawn some of the worst elements of American life to his campaign. To be sure, most of his supporters are decent Americans who find his approach to politics a revelation: He’s an outsider, someone who will “get things done.” Some of his followers identify with his hard-line position on illegal immigration and his dislike of free trade, even though Trump could flip those positions in a heartbeat if he felt the political necessity to do so.

Which leads to the second reason Trump should concern conservatives: his appeal to nasty causes. Trump desperately wants popularity. He gauges his success by the size of his crowds, his success in the polls, and the compliments he receives in the press. He’ll talk up Russian dictator thug Vladimir Putin so long as Putin calls him “brilliant.” And he’ll go easy on former KKK leader David Duke if Duke endorses him. Trump’s lack of moral principle makes him an easy mark for some of the worst people on the planet. Combine the fact that he is drawn to those who would manipulate him with the fact that he has a worshipful crowd following him, and it’s not difficult to see how the Trump movement ends in tragedy.

Finally, conservatives should oppose Trump full-throatedly because he’s perverting conservatism. Even as he cultivates idolatry and massages white supremacists and global tyrants, Trump proclaims that he’s a conservative. Many of us who have spent a lifetime fighting against the false notion that conservatism is a toxic brew of secret racism and fascism; Trump’s rise provides easy fodder for the opposition. And his followers refuse to acknowledge that Trump has little to do with conservatism. Instead, they allow him to use the mantle of Lincoln and Reagan and the founders to shield his own egocentric rise from criticism.

But wait  I thought the Breitbart group was a cheer leader for Trump….what’s up with this?

I find it interesting that the GOP would try to sabotage the candidate that about 30% of their party supports….this is a story to watch, I believe…..


The Hawkish Cult of ‘Leadership”

By now most of my regular readers are not surprised that I often quote or press the American Conservative…..they have gotten over the fact that I am an Uber-liberal that sometimes find wisdom in some conservative thought…..

I have found that some in the conservative movement do have a good grasp on foreign policy and international situations…..I may not always agree but that will not preclude me from offering up their thoughts where I see fit….

It is no secret that I think the neocons are just flipping crazy in their approach to international situations….not every problem can be fised by armed invasion or occupation…..

This is one such article that challenges the total BS of the neocons and their false dichotomy of leadership…..

Sens. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) repeated some boilerplate hawkish nostrums on foreign policy in a recent op-ed. They concluded:We say this delicately, as we work hard to respect

Source: The Hawkish Cult of ‘Leadership’ | The American Conservative

Even the great tactician Sun Tzu knew that war was not always necessary…..but yet some refuse to see the value of thought before action…..

Ever seen the movie “Mad Max”?

As I listen to the GOP candidates, those that are still standing, I am reminded of that movie and the road warrior stuff…….

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz are hurtling toward a chaotic crash as their three-lane road narrows to one.

Source: The GOP Has a Mad Max Problem | Mother Jones

Jeb: Time For An Obit?

Once again the presumptive nominee a couple of months ago is having a horrible time trying to win over the voters…..and the last debate that all said he had to crunch did NOTHING to help his cause….I hear people mock Carson for being too sedate….apparently they have not witnessed the performance of Jeb Bush in the past 3 months….Carson is like a dude on meth next to Jeb…..

After his dismal performance at the CNBC debate there are many in the political world calling him a dead candidate….or at least should consider going home and playing with his wife….for he is DONE as a GOP candidate…

Please do not take my for for it only…there are plenty of critics……

Think Wednesday night was a rough one for Jeb Bush’s candidacy? Consider these assessments:

  • Politico: “It will also likely be remembered as the night the Jeb Bush 2016 deathwatch began,” writes Glenn Thrush. Candidates can recover from the various missteps Bush has previously suffered, “but you can’t do all those things, and then lay an egg in the most important debate of your political career.”
  • Matt Drudge: “Jeb Bush can eat carbs now… #GOPDebate.”
  • Weekly Standard: “Rubio ended Jeb Bush’s campaign with the kind of body shot that buckles your knees,” writes Jonathan V. Last. “That’s on Bush, who never should have come after Rubio in that spot for a host of strategic and tactical reasons.”
  • New Republic: “The whole [Rubio] exchange exemplified my point that Bush just isn’t very good at this, and would help his party by suspending his campaign,” writes Brian Beutler.
  • Five Thirty Eight: “Yeah, Jeb Bush Is Probably Toast,” reads the headline on a Nate Silver post. The “conventional wisdom” is that he’s in trouble, which is a problem in this case because “Bush is running a conventional campaign.” He “maybe” can recover, “but his problem isn’t a mere lack of ‘momentum,'” writes Silver. “Bush has never looked all that electable or all that conservative.”
  • Slate: “It was do or die,” writes Jamelle Bouie. “And Bush died. … Bush might have cash reserves and support from family backers, but after tonight, he’s slipped to the second tier. He may not leave the race, but he’ll struggle to get traction.”
  • Washington Post: “Oh, Jeb. This was a really bad night for someone who needed a good-to-really-good night,” writes Chris Cillizza. “The buzz about whether Jeb is up to this race, which was at a relatively low level before tonight, is going to start getting a lot louder.”
  • And a counterpoint: “Be patient,” says a GOP strategist quoted in Mike Allen’s Playbook blog at Politico. “He has the cash to stay in until he can retool. Let the new frontrunners tear each other apart. Trust his abilities and résumé will give him a path back. Don’t stop fighting.”

Personally, I do not think all the money that he supposedly squirreled away will do any good…..he is on life support….and rich donors are looking for the plug…..he could make it to Iowa….but is there not a city named Waterloo in Iowa?  That would be poetic!

Please let me have your thoughts on the Bush candidacy……

GOP Debates: The Proof Is In The Pudding

There was so much bullshit spread last night that it is hard to know where to start…..so I did the logical thing…..I found someone that did the fact checking for me……the Associated Press……(I know I am lazy)……

The last debate had a lot of stuff said…..very little of it had anything to do with the running of this country properly…..I have quips, slogans, taglines and just plain lies…..but NOTHING that would lead me to vote for any of them……my two dogs have better plans than this pack of losers……

But do not let me influence you…..check out the facts about their words…..

Source: Associated Press

If you feel that you will be voting GOP then please take a look at the words they uttered and the facts…..they may be a bit non-aligned….LOL

Tonight’s The Night……..

“Everything’s gonna be alright”…..(Rod Stewart reference)…..

I see by the clock on the wall….it is time to end my posting day……..I leave my readers with one last thought…….BACON! (Sorry must be on-set Touret’s)….

Yes we have a GOP debate to night…..there will be a “kiddie” table one first and then the Big Event….the Trump Show will commence…..

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I will go on record as saying that there will be NOTHING new here…Trump will perform…all others will try to play catch up….

But I guess if you must amuse yourself with silliness….then what you need to watch for in tonite’s matinee……

The Republicans debate again Wednesday night, with a field still big enough to require two events. The undercard is at 6pm Eastern on CNBC (Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham), followed by the main event at 8pm on the same network with the remaining 10. (Their rankings, according to cumulative polls: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Rand Paul.) Given that CNBC is a business news network, expect a heavy focus on economic issues, notes USA Today. Some things to watch:

  • Trump vs. Carson: Trump has lost his lead to Carson in the latest polls (though he still leads cumulatively), which means “the Donald will be looking to tear him down,” notes Slate. Will Carson’s cool demeanor crack now that he’s a bigger target as a frontrunner?
  • Which Bush? He has the “most at stake by far,” says Mike Allen of Politico, and he needs a strong night to convince backers he’s still their guy. The question is whether the Bush who shows up will be the relatively subdued Bush of the first two debates or more forceful.
  • Rubio vs. Bush: Rubio has skillfully become the No. 1 establishment candidate in part with smart debate performances. One wrinkle Wednesday night: “Bush may be looking for a fight” to reclaim that establishment crown, notes Yahoo.
  • Christie as Trump alternative? “This is a debate where Christie needs to come out and show that if you like the Trump swagger, but you have concerns about the Trump electability, I can be your guy,” according to Jonathan Martin in the New York Times.
  • Wild cards: Fiorina “needs a shot of momentum” and has gotten one after the first two debates, observes Real Clear Politics. But she and the rest of the pack will likely be struggling to get noticed. Kasich in particular has been signaling that he’s going to get aggressive, while Carson’s rise in the polls is putting pressure on Cruz to stake his claim as the anti-establishment candidate.

Me?  I have a really excellent bottle of Spanish Sherry…..I will sleep like a baby.