The Art Of Blogging: Consistency

An observation from the taxing mind of Chuq

It is the weekend and I would like to pass on my thoughts about blogging……..This will be my 5th post on my thoughts on blogging.

These posts are just my small attempt to explain what I have learned after about 8 years of blogging

All of us bloggers want our stats to be through the roof….but unfortunately unless you have a much recognized name then you are wishing down a dry well.

To me the amount of readers is not as important as the quality of my readers…….I am not breaking any number of hits records by any means but I do draw a continuing amount of readers that turn to me because they like what I have to say or they are interested in my subject matter…..I think that my readers continue to come day after day is …..consistency.

I find that too many of my fellow bloggers are concerned with their stats and yer they do not help other bloggers with theirs……..I make it a habit to try and visit every site on my reader…… me the key is the old saying….”you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”……..

My regular readers know that I write mostly on International situations, the Middle east to be more exact, and delve into political stuff, especially during an election.  For those that are concerned with the world situation that is a good thing for they know that I will write about what I see and read and do all I can to help them understand a complex situation……..

When I began my blogging experience I was on another site, will not mention the name for I did not like their format, my blog was entitled “Studies and Observations” and after about 3 months I went to another site that was popular at the time, now not so much, but after a couple of months there it just was not working out and I went back to the original site…..then I came upon WordPress and switched over and have never looked back.

My problem back in the early days was that people that liked my stuff (not many in those days) were having a hard time finding me for a visit… was then that I settled down and decided to choose one and stick with it…..and here I am about 7 years later.

That decision of consistency has paid off…….I now have a great bunch of regulars that have NO problem finding me and reading what I have to say and for that I am very grateful.

I also wish that more bloggers were interested in truth and justice…….instead many excellent writers are worried about their popularity standing.  To me they are waswting their minds by worrying about popularity where they should be concerned is let their readers know what is out there and why justice is elusive…….and why truth is so important.

I am NO expert by any stretch of the imagination…….I am just letting you know what I found that works for me in this experience.  Blogging like so much else in life needs consistency……without it the blogger is just spin his/her wheels in search of the ultimate ego boost……..