Back To Judeo-Christian Values

College of Political Knowledge

2010/2012 Election Series

Lecture #8

Once again I find myself trying to analyze the slogans and pitches of the politicians…..while I look at them a in wider definition…most people view them through the rose colored glasses of their own experience…..there is nothing wrong with that…..only that we are a country of many and not all of us look at an issue in the same light…….my training has taught me to look at these issues in a wider context and for that reason I look forward to hearing what others have to say…..

Before I begin this piece I want to tell anyone that is concerned that I am NOT making an atheistic point….I am asking questions with the hopes that someone has the answers….that is what a political philosopher does……I am not talking about what a single person thinks as the values….I mean the general ‘rules’ that make one a Christian…..

Okay, we are entering the silly season as it has been called…election time….and the slogans and the accusations and the finger pointing are all over the news….we hear lots about traditional values (a previous post) and the constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence….lots of people standing on our founding documents as political props to be wheeled out at election time to impress and confuse and convince the electorate.  And occasionally someone somewhere will use the saying “back to judeo-christian values” as a campaign prop or ad……

I have heard that we need to get back to the judeo-christian values of our founding fathers…..have you heard these things too?  But what are those values?  Which of these values did the founders see proper to put into the documents that started this country?

Is it the reference to God?  Well that is not exclusively Christian.  And the continued reference to the founding documents as Judeo-Christian in substance…..where are these written in the founding documents?  How about tolerance?  (that one is out)….Respect?  (that one is out)…….Hope?  (only if it agrees with a certain group)……Love….. (Only if it applies to self)…..Just what are the values that so many want us to return to?  Are we talking about the ‘values’ that a person holds?  Or is it a wider definition?

To the best of my knowledge the only reference to Christian is in the Mayflower Compact….not in the D of I or the Bill of Rights or the Constitution….what are these values that many go on about?

If we are talking about the Commandments…then that would be from the Torah and Christ had nothing to do with it.  So to be more accurate, if we are going to go by the rule of thumb here….then it would be more Jewish than Christian….hoping that the reader sees where this has gone.

Once again it appears that is just sensationalizing a concept for political advantage…values in question are subjective and for that reason it is used and used often knowing that the listeners will inject their personal belief into the slogan of what they want that slogan to mean.

So, I ask again….what are the Christian values that they elude to when they make their vague pitch?

Gays, God And Guns

College of Political Knowledge

2010 Election Series

Lecture  #7

Gays, God and Guns!  Damn!  I great title for a country song!  I can hear the chanting now!  They are there just muffled by the economy and the word….JOBS!

Now that the mid-terms are through, I expect to hear a lot more of the subjects that have been missing, though not completely, from the political discourse……2012 is approaching and these issues will probably make a huge comeback…Obama will be stealing our guns…he will be sinning for pursuing to legitimize homosexuality….and finally he will be coming for your guns…….it will once again be sad to hear this type of mental manipulation…..

For decades the GOP has used gays, God and guns to run their strategy in national and state elections…….and I look for them, if they are at all smart, to avoid these subjects and concentrate on the economy and jobs….these two are winners and the others are big time losers, at least in the country these days…..

I have watched some of the more…..vocal candidates (used a more polite term) show there asses in the waning days of the campaigns….some are reverting back to the “good ol’ days”………

Gays, God and Guns have been the corner stone of the ultra-conservs….but this time around they need to shut the Hell up if the GOP is too win a majority….Why?  These social issues will NOT play well with the electorate in this time of economic upheaval.

These issues will NOT go away…..they will just go into hibernation for the 2010 mid term elections….that is if they are smart enough to recognize their potential to scuttle their plans to regain Congress….

Gays, God and Guns will NOT go away……they are just side lined for a future roll out….nothing gets American political blood boiling like a good emotional issue…..and Gays, God and Guns is the best emotional issues they, the conservs, could have in the repertoire……..They will return….if you fear for these things…..never fear they WILL return!

UpDate:  In the closing days of the 2010 mid-terms…..they have RETURNED!  See nothing to fear…….questions about ones religion or God….referendums trying vigorously to demonize gays and of course the ever present…GUN issues and who will steal them from you….

Are Political Parties Really Necessary?

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  Government/Political Philosophy/2010 Election

Lecture #6

This is a re-post of an article from my idle blog called “Revolutionary Independent”….I thought that it was somehow appropriate in this season of party politics and elections and campaigns……

I was asked this in one of my lecture on political philosophy, these days it is called political theory, by a student who said that he did not know what or why we have them in the system……a good question in these times of political chaos in the US……there are movements and then there are what we call parties……most of these are just a meeting place for politicians….

Enough beating around the bush……political parties?

The origins of political parties in the United States of American can be traced to the debates about the ratification of the Constitution. The Federalists, who supported ratification, and the Antifederalists, who opposed ratification, became the first two major political parties in the United States.  Basically, it is two camps on a political issue.

One of the most common–and practical–definitions of a political party is “a team of political office seekers.” Securing elective office for its members is, in fact, one of the most important objectives of a political party. Toward this end, political parties actively recruit candidates to run for office, organize volunteers, hold party conventions and other meetings and raise and spend money to support the party and its candidates.

Parties also represent the broad values or goals stated in their party platforms. While not all of the members of a party adhere to every “plank” in their party’s platform, people who affiliate with a political party usually support most of the party’s positions–at least more than they support the positions of the other party.

But there is a rub here…..American political parties do NOT have an ideology or a set of “real” principles…..that is because of several issues within each of the major parties….1–wide array of opinions….trying to be all inclusive, 2–they are interests based….patronage and special interests control the parties, 3–there is an absence of any form of party government–there is no true leader but many spokespersons, and finally, there is NO third party that will help form a cohesion within the two major parties…….basically, both major parties suffer from massive internal strife, thus making these parties tend toward centrists thinking…….

The American political system has, with a few brief exceptions, always had two major political parties. Third parties, such as the Reform Party today, arise from time to time and win a few votes. Sometimes a third party member is even elected to a significant political office, such as Jesse Ventura, who was elected Governor of Minnesota in 1998. But the American system of elections tends to work against third parties. Because votes are cast for members of Congress in single-member districts on a winner-take-all basis, third party candidates are almost never elected to the House or Senate.

Before a third party can be considered a legitimate party, it must at least “contest” elections at every level, meaning it must field candidates for every office from President to city council (or at least Congress). More importantly, its candidates must win a handful of these elections. While it is not impossible for a third party to transform the political party system through its own electoral success, history is not on its side. More often than not, third parties that experience some initial success end up fading after one (or both) of the two major parties “steals” its issues.

Now with that under our belt….are political parties necessary?

The simplest answer is that….they are NOT necessary but that they are needed….why would I say that?  They are needed because most Americans use them to decide where to put their votes…..they do not attempt to focus their attention on the whole picture just on a single issue….like guns or marriage or yada yada……

Americans for the most part are independent politically….however with that said, they are single issue voters and because of that they look for the candidate that most is in line with their thinking….and that means political parties.  Americans seem to do very little research into the issues…they will check out a candidate but they are looking more at his/her personality and not specific stands on issues….the Political Wire had a good report on a recent poll that illustrates what I am saying……

A Bloomberg National Poll finds that by a two-to-one margin, likely voters in the midterm elections think taxes have gone up, the economy has shrunk, and the billions lent to banks as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program won’t be recovered.

The facts: The Obama administration cut taxes for middle-class Americans, has overseen an economy that has grown for the past four quarters and expects to make a profit on the hundreds of billions of dollars spent to rescue Wall Street banks.

Said pollster Ann Selzer: “The public view of the economy is at odds with the facts, and the blame has to go to the Democrats. It does not matter much if you make change, if you do not communicate change.”

The American people need to spend a little more time researching the issues so they can make a valid and accurate statement with their vote….this cannot be accomplished watching reality TV or the World of Poker contest or the UFC…I am probably talking to myself….but nothing ventured…nothing gained….

Note:  I would like to thank for excerpts in this post……

Jobs–Issue #1

2010 Election series

Lecture #5

In less than week we have our thrilling yet somehow moronic mid-terms–and we all have heard the boring ads…..that healthcare is killing America….tax cuts will create jobs….the unemployed are lazy……social security is killing the country…..that the car is in a ditch….and on and on……all in all it is all a mind f*ck….no matter which side of the spectrum you wish to stand……it is ALL a mind f*ck!

The only thing Americans and I mean real Americans…you know the type…they work for a living and scratch out a small existence month to month….are worried about is….JOBS!  Where are the job?  Will I have a job next month?  Will job market improve?  All in all….this mid-term is about JOBS and JOBS alone!

Now friends…ask yourself, which one of the babbling idiots will really have a plan to create jobs?

Tax cuts?  Let’s see how many have the tax cuts creating so far?  Will privatization of SS create jobs?  Tell me, oh great sage, which one of the “people” and I use the term loosely have a REAL plan for job creation?  Would like an answer?  Alrighty then……not one of the candidates has a real plan to create a single job…they do have a slick tongue to deceive the mindless…and this mid-term will illustrate just how gullible the American voter really is…..sorry guys….YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED!  Again!

You know an intelligent being would learn from their mistakes…not so with the American voter…..they just keep flushing their vote down the toilet….time after time……a pathetic indictment of the American political system….

A Liberal Gene?

For decades conservs have tried to say that liberals are some suffering from a mental disease or that it is a sickness or some such dribble……oops!  It seems someone has found a liberal gene…..

Appearing in the latest edition of The Journal of Politics published by Cambridge University Press, the research focused on 2,000 subjects from The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. By matching genetic information with maps of the subjects’ social networks, the researchers were able to show that people with a specific variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to be liberal as adults, but only if they had an active social life in adolescence.Lead researcher James H. Fowler of UC San Diego and his colleagues hypothesized that people with the novelty-seeking would be more interested in learning about their friends’ points of view. As a consequence, people with this genetic predisposition who have a greater-than-average number of friends would be exposed to a wider variety of social norms and lifestyles, which might make them more liberal than average. They reported that “it is the crucial interaction of two factors – the and the environmental condition of having many friends in adolescence – that is associated with being more liberal.” The research team also showed that this held true independent of ethnicity, culture, sex or age.

Fowler concludes that the social and institutional environment cannot entirely explain a person’s political attitudes and beliefs and that the role of must be taken into account. “These findings suggest that political affiliation is not based solely on the kind of social environment people experience,” said Fowler, professor of political science and medical genetics at the Univer. of San Diego.

Okay, I can just hear Limbaugh, Beck and the rest of Right Coast radio jerking off… liberals are born and conservs are made…is that about it?

Less Government = Less Taxes

2010 Mid-Term Election Series

Lecture #4

Hear that?  That is what we call bullsh*t in the analytical business……and that other sound is laughter coming from the backrooms of Washington….

The political atmosphere in the country nowadays, thanx in small part to the millionaires running the Tea Party, are convincing the people and the voters that less government equates to less taxes….may I see a show hands of those that believe this premise?

Cool!  Let us go with that shall we?  Let us say that the Tea Party gets their deluded dream of less government and less taxes….a dream of all Americans….Now think about the states, your state……..states depend on cash from the government for many of their most basic programs….your stuff like education, police, fire, infrastructure like roads,  etc….with that money drying up…where will they find the cash to keep the levels of proficiency that they have now?

A little secret……just for you…..TAXES……

Local and state taxes will go up, property taxes will go up…if not then your services that you DEMAND will cease to be offered…..crime will rise, roads will go to crap and education will suffer, except for one week a year when people talk a good plan and have NO idea how to make it work….they have NO workable plan…….

Less government equals less taxes is only a campaign slogan……it has not worked in 40 years…..and in this day and age it will not work now…..

By all means…listen to the babbling of politicians, and I use the term loosely…..give us less government and less taxes….then distribute lots of toilet paper because the results will make you just sh*t…….

Is There No Longer A Common Cause?

College of Political Knowledge

2010/2012 Election Series

Lecture #3

Well, is there a common cause in American politics?  Do we all want the same thing for the country?  There was a time when respect and debate meant something in this country……sad to say…those days are gone and may NEVER return!

I have been political for about 40 years and I have had many confrontations with others with different ideologies…..we argued and ranted and raved and…..but in the end we all respected each other for our beliefs…..that civility is GONE!

While I did not agree with their issues…I respected people like Buckley and Reagan and Clinton and others….we disagreed completely but there was a respect that has all but vanished in politics……it is a sad occurrence for American political discourse….

So my question still remains….is there a common cause in American politics?  Without respect and compromise there is NO common cause……just party BS….which in all cases is idle words, vague slogans and obscure policies…..for instance we have slogans like ‘fiscal conservative’ or ‘a socialist’ or ‘obama-care’ or….well pick one…you like me have probably heard them all……..these are cute and vague concepts…but who among the candidates has actually given you a plan to change things?  Please, if you have heard one share it with us….we would love to be proven wrong…..

To me….the idea of ‘common cause’ is a plan….a definite plan to help the country and its people to a better way of life……slogans are NOT it!  Quotes from the Bible…are NOT it!  If the people cannot find proper and efficient leadership..,.then this system is doomed…..

Back in the day there seem to be a common cause/good that we all were working for….it was for the entire American polity……we had to beat the Russians….we had to make a strong economy for the country…..we had a reconciliation of the races….and we were going to defeat poverty…..we had goals and we had hopes……

But all those pie in the sky ideals are gone….they died at the hands of repubs and Dems alike….it began with Reagan and has not slowed down since those days…..and it looks like the common goals will NEVER return….why?  We seem to be way too busy hating….we hate Muslims….we hate Dems…..We hate Repubs….we hate the Prez……we hate and we hate…….Now we have a Congress that has ceased to work……..we have an economy that only works for a select few…..we have a middle class that is disappearing….we have elections that divide us into ethnic camps……we hate….we lie……and we have representatives that are as about as sharp as a butter knife….and we have little hope for the future as long as we continue down this destructive path…….

Congrats!  You, the voter, has made this dismal scenario possible….and now you want to blame everybody for the country’s failures……IT WAS YOU!

The Pragmatic Approach

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  2010 election series

Lecture #2

“Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.”……Thomas Paine  (apologies to Quin of Quintessential Havoc…blogroll)

For some time now there has been a term in politics and it has been flying around and out of the mouths of the media pundits liberally……..Pragmatic……I recently read a piece that says ‘pragmatism’ was not a political ideology…but rather just a bit of pouting from some voters who feel that their personal interests were not addressed…so they just go off and turn to yet another bunch that will see their problems more clearly….of course…those others NEVER see your problems….why?  Governance is about the country,  not YOU!

And yet just about every election in a couple of decades has hinged on the ‘independent’ voter….those voters that cannot pick an ideology but rather pick and choose the stuff that they like… matter what the issues of the day are….these voters will find one issue that they personally have some connection to and that is where their loyalties lie…at least for the most recent election…..and when their concerns are ignored they swing back to the ones before….which by the way, did not address their concerns before….but somehow they will miraculously have a change of heart this time around….Bullsh*t!

And time and time again these voters NEVER look at the candidate…they prefer to to let one emotional issue after another get in the way of the country being governed in a positive way…..these voters after 6 months of Washington decide that they do NOT want these guys anymore and want them voted out……the problem is that NONE of the beggars we have in Washington have been doing the job of governing the country since about 1980…..rather it is all about the next election…NEVER the next generation….no matter what their lame campaign ads tell you….

The biggest problem is that these ‘pragmatic’ voters seldom search out the truth….they had rather listen to some babbling bag of hot air sling lies and misinformation at them until they find one that sticks and then that is the major issue of the campaign….ideals and principles mean NOTHING any more…they are a hindrance to one’s  election or re-election…..

What has the ‘moderate’ approach actually accomplished for the country?  As long as so-called independent voters pout and go about politics in a comatose state we will NEVER have an effective government…it sucks now….and it can only get WORSE….I am so proud of the American voter!

The Circle Is Unbroken

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  2010 Election Series

Lecture #1

This is the first in a week long series dealing with the 2010 mid-terms……..

As the mid-term elections of 2010 quickly approach (one week to be exact), there are a few things that voters need to know….(not that anyone will listen…but what the Hell!)

As we travel down the road to recovery or the road of destruction, depending on which side of the aisle that you stand, we see that NOTHING imaginable is anything new…..look at our situation…….

1–the economy of the country and especially the cities is in danger and chaos…

2–Average Americans struggle daily to make ends meet…

3–Legislators bought and sold by large corporations….

4–One misguided tax scheme after another….

5–Governmental bureaucrats catering to special interests….

6–Politicians mouthing empty slogans of concern for the country

7–A change of people in high places without any substantive change in policy…

Re-read the list….does that about sum up some of the problems we face as a country?  If so, then little has changed…for those symptoms of a wounded society were published by the People’s Bicentennial Commission on April of 1975…..

Merry Christmas….for all your concern…and all your hard work to elect this person or that and look….NOTHING has changed…..I do not care which one of the lame parties you choose….NONE are actually helping the American people….they only help themselves at the public trough…..

Why has nothing changed?  Your elected officials want to keep the status quo…it is their life’s blood…and it will NEVER change until the American people demand it and do it themselves…..they need to find and elect people that will truly work in their favor…find a way to take the money out of the political process and then we may find individuals that are really concerned with the direction of the country…..

If you approve of corporatism and favoritism and corruption and games…then by all means….sit back and take your whipping like a man….if this is not to your liking…. then get off your butt and help find the answers to return the US to its place in the world….After 35 years…what has been accomplished?  Not too damn much…granted one sector is making out like a bandit (pun intended)…….meanwhile the middle class is slowly circling the drain….all with the help of the people YOU have elected……elected?  Is that what you call the buying of representation?  You have NOTHING to do with the running of this country….if you did you would be much better off financially than you are today.

So by all means, keep voted for the endless line of idiots and thieves….I am talking about the ALL, Repub and Dem, and you can leave your children NOTHING as their inheritance when they run the country…..(now there is a scary thought…..people who think Jackass is entertainment will be running the country)

If not…then stick your head in the sand and allow your backside to be vulnerable……and they WILL take advantage!

Do We Have A Political Obligation?

Inkwell Institute

Professor’s Classroom

Subject:  Political Theory

Paper #8A

(this is a re-post from several months ago)

This begins my week or so of post that relate to the approaching mid-terms…..

As I write my posts, from time to time, one idea morphs into more ideas and so on….as I was writing my recent series on political theory I thought of another issue that compels me to write about….that is the political obligation of the people… the beginning of the debate along these lines, back in the 16th century, your political obligation meant that you will obey the rules and laws of the state, the political authority….. (a post in the making)…….but I think it has evolved since the original debate….now it is the so-called obligation that Americans have to vote…..

I knew this one would be a bitch and so far I am spot on……there are complicated parts of this issue that I will try to simplify….to me it is a fascinating debate but then I enjoy politics……everyone is not that lucky or maybe that should be that…… mentally ill…..

Let us go back to the classical definition, well as far back as Plato, at least, one of the earliest of the political philosophers, in his Crito, he addressed the subject of obligation…..basically, it is what the person must do for the protection of a political authority, the State…….men would obey laws and rules for which the State protects the man.  Most political philosophers were concerned with man’s relationship to the authority….but how do we come by this obligation?  First, we have it as part of our self-interest and then a forced obligation, which is basically that it is the law of the land and you WILL obey or face the consequences… I have said…political obligation is a complex idea that will keep us political philosophers busy for a millennium trying to find the answer…..hopefully, there is a little clarity here…..

Now what about a more modern definition–while political obligation will keep the philosophers busy, what about the common man…..the man on the street?  To Billy Bubba the political obligation is the one to vote….a person that does not vote is un-American….why?……it is the duty (obligation) of every Americans to cast his/her vote……simple huh?

Hate to say so, but the idea that it is an obligation to cast a vote is dumb….for lack of a more appropriate word……the truth of the matter is that voting is NOT a political obligation more like an exercise in futility…..okay, think it is an obligation, then let us look at the exercise of voting…..

First if voting is truly a political obligation then education on the issues is an obligation….in reality the average American voter is ignorant of the issues, with the exception of the one that means something to them, i.e.  guns, abortion, etc……beyond the single issue there is ignorance with the voter, for the most part….

In a representative democracy voting serves one purpose…….to legitimize…..the act of voting in this atmosphere is not the “magic wand” that the elites claim it is….they control who and what is the rule of law…in reality the people have little say….an occassional poll or questionnaire from the Rep is only to give the appearance that they care of the opinion of those ruled…the agenda was set when they decided what party and what issues were to be their main focus….

So do we have a political obligation?  In the classical sense, yes we do….we must and I emphasize the word MUST, give up some personal freedoms to secure protection by the State…..and in the more “modern” sense then the answer is NO!  We have no obligation to vote, especially under representative system of governance… is apparent that the American people do NOT feel they have a political obligation for on an average of 50% of us actually car enough to vote on any given issue…if Americans had more of an insight to political thought then they would also agree…..but the propaganda machine of both parties work overtime, especially close to an election, to try and force people to turn out and vote for them…..Do We Have A Political Obligation?