Back To Judeo-Christian Values

College of Political Knowledge

2010/2012 Election Series

Lecture #8

Once again I find myself trying to analyze the slogans and pitches of the politicians…..while I look at them a in wider definition…most people view them through the rose colored glasses of their own experience…..there is nothing wrong with that…..only that we are a country of many and not all of us look at an issue in the same light…….my training has taught me to look at these issues in a wider context and for that reason I look forward to hearing what others have to say…..

Before I begin this piece I want to tell anyone that is concerned that I am NOT making an atheistic point….I am asking questions with the hopes that someone has the answers….that is what a political philosopher does……I am not talking about what a single person thinks as the values….I mean the general ‘rules’ that make one a Christian…..

Okay, we are entering the silly season as it has been called…election time….and the slogans and the accusations and the finger pointing are all over the news….we hear lots about traditional values (a previous post) and the constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence….lots of people standing on our founding documents as political props to be wheeled out at election time to impress and confuse and convince the electorate.  And occasionally someone somewhere will use the saying “back to judeo-christian values” as a campaign prop or ad……

I have heard that we need to get back to the judeo-christian values of our founding fathers…..have you heard these things too?  But what are those values?  Which of these values did the founders see proper to put into the documents that started this country?

Is it the reference to God?  Well that is not exclusively Christian.  And the continued reference to the founding documents as Judeo-Christian in substance…..where are these written in the founding documents?  How about tolerance?  (that one is out)….Respect?  (that one is out)…….Hope?  (only if it agrees with a certain group)……Love….. (Only if it applies to self)…..Just what are the values that so many want us to return to?  Are we talking about the ‘values’ that a person holds?  Or is it a wider definition?

To the best of my knowledge the only reference to Christian is in the Mayflower Compact….not in the D of I or the Bill of Rights or the Constitution….what are these values that many go on about?

If we are talking about the Commandments…then that would be from the Torah and Christ had nothing to do with it.  So to be more accurate, if we are going to go by the rule of thumb here….then it would be more Jewish than Christian….hoping that the reader sees where this has gone.

Once again it appears that is just sensationalizing a concept for political advantage…values in question are subjective and for that reason it is used and used often knowing that the listeners will inject their personal belief into the slogan of what they want that slogan to mean.

So, I ask again….what are the Christian values that they elude to when they make their vague pitch?

2 thoughts on “Back To Judeo-Christian Values

  1. I think the values they refer to must be the Christian paractice of burning anyone they decide is a witch (watch out Christine O’Donnell) and torturing and then murdering heathens (particularly those who occupy lands they covet).

    Would that be about right, do you think? 👿

    1. I think you are on to something here……it is surely NOT the stuff that ios mentioned in their writing of what the dude said… it is whatever they want me to believe they are….

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