Jobs–Issue #1

2010 Election series

Lecture #5

In less than week we have our thrilling yet somehow moronic mid-terms–and we all have heard the boring ads…..that healthcare is killing America….tax cuts will create jobs….the unemployed are lazy……social security is killing the country…..that the car is in a ditch….and on and on……all in all it is all a mind f*ck….no matter which side of the spectrum you wish to stand……it is ALL a mind f*ck!

The only thing Americans and I mean real Americans…you know the type…they work for a living and scratch out a small existence month to month….are worried about is….JOBS!  Where are the job?  Will I have a job next month?  Will job market improve?  All in all….this mid-term is about JOBS and JOBS alone!

Now friends…ask yourself, which one of the babbling idiots will really have a plan to create jobs?

Tax cuts?  Let’s see how many have the tax cuts creating so far?  Will privatization of SS create jobs?  Tell me, oh great sage, which one of the “people” and I use the term loosely have a REAL plan for job creation?  Would like an answer?  Alrighty then……not one of the candidates has a real plan to create a single job…they do have a slick tongue to deceive the mindless…and this mid-term will illustrate just how gullible the American voter really is…..sorry guys….YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED!  Again!

You know an intelligent being would learn from their mistakes…not so with the American voter…..they just keep flushing their vote down the toilet….time after time……a pathetic indictment of the American political system….

12 thoughts on “Jobs–Issue #1

  1. Sorry, this is one of those instances when we disagree – it’s more fun like that anyway…

    I agree with the broad tone of the post and it is indeed, as you so eloquently put it, a mind f*ck. Also, many of the voters in many democracies are naive to be polite, do little to remedy that and, to be more forthright, can be downright politically lazy or stupid.

    However, before you criticise the voter, it’s necessary to give them something worthwhile to vote FOR, isn’t it? I mean, to use a more colourful type of expression – they are being asked to choose between being dumped on by sh*t or p*ss – SOME CHOICE! NOT! So, you can hardly blame them from going along with the crap they’re fed, knowing in their hearts that it won’t work, but hoping against reason and all too desperately that this time it somehow will – well, you never know, do you? Yeah, right!

    To look at some of the detail you mention, take for instance tax cuts – they CAN work, but it depends on the tax, how it’s cut (or not) and what the economy is doing at the time. Tax cuts ONLY provide stimulus if the economy is stable and growing, or about to do so. It also, as I said, depends on what taxes you cut and how. As you know, I’m never a fan of taxes and regard them at best as a necessary evil. However, what cutting them in the right way at the right time CAN add impetus to a ready to boom economy and THAT is what makes ANYTHING work economically – for MOST people!

    If the economy is strong and vibrant, all things are possible. If not, then little is possible at all and all these promises are just so much BS. THAT is why I say the the first, foremost and indeed often the ONLY major thing that a government has to do is create a strong and healthy economy – EVERYTHING else follows… you need a healthy and well educated workforce to keep that economy going – and you can afford it because the economy is good. You need good law and order, but you can afford to pay good police and judges well to do the job properly – because the economy is strong.

    With a weak economy these assholes know full well there is damn all they can do about it and all their rhetoric is only about getting elected and paying their dues to their backers. Money men, bankers, financiers and the rest CAN make HUGE fortunes in a failing market – IF they are good and insightful enough, but that does nOTHING for the vast majority of citizens and it doesn’t increase the intrinsic value of the country one cent! Cutting taxes only to the rich and to corporations in A WEAK economy SOLELY gives more to those who already have. Cutting taxes to the small guy, the entrepreneur, the small employer who works his tail off at a good idea can make one helluva difference, but cutting the bullshit red-tape that the big guys actually designed to keep the small guy out of their hood… now THAT makes more difference than all the rest of it put together! Trust me on that one – I DO know!

    1. There is NO way we should disagree…..HA! sorry could not resist

      We have tax cuts now….and NO one is hiring or even producing anything other than more profits for the corporations….Obama has done a small part to try and stop outsourcing….Repubs put the cabash on it…Obama tried to stimulate small business with some tax incentives….Repubs whack that one down too…..

      When you and I speak of small business we are usually talking about a mom and pop operation, right? In Washington it has another meaning…it is a pretty good read….

      1. Yeah, well, I’ve seen that before. Your tax system is plainly different from ours – but it’s also clearly a case where Americans are disorting the English language – in this instance totally beyond reason 😆

      2. Did your like the link? This is why the wealthy get away with murder in taxes…..the code is over a thousand pages and chock full of loopholes….the average person does not qualify for many deductions… myself…….again this is how we get screwed without a little regulation….

      3. Yes, I’ve seen that story before – very good. But that’s endlessly my point… it doesn’t matter how clever these idiots are supposed to be, there are ALWAYS going to be thousands of loopholes the size of a Sherman tank.

        Legislation simply doesn’t work and the more complicated you make it the less it does what it is supposedly designed to do.

        Flat rate tax for all and NO exceptions except for those earning a mere pittance. Forget all this sh*t about tax cuts – if EVERYONE pays the same percentage then most of the arguments go away. Or swap as I’ve said before, over to a VAT based tax system. Either way, it would, of course, put tens of thousands of accountants and lawyers out of work – so, it’s a win/win situation as far as normal people are concerned – even a cloud has a silver lining, eh?

        K.I.S.S. 😈

      4. We agree on this issue…I am for the flat tax or the VAT…..but unfortunately the corporations will spend billions to prevent it from happening here….

      5. The corporate world does not want it simple… profit in that…..but I get your point and as usual we agree on this matter…..

      6. The really sad thing is that those who have a good heart cling endlessly to legislation to solve these things – it mostly doesn’t. THAT’S why I believe a new start i required, We need to begin again building from the ground up. There are a lot of decent, if sometimes misguided, people out there – THEY are the foundation.

        NOW probably we need to build a new, strong and dependable democracy on that foundation – one that serves ALL. Your constitution is a good place to start (in its literal form), but that is a constitution for the people, What we need is a different one – a political constitution for government – one that says, you WILL do this and you WON’T do that – period! THAT constitution should be drawn up solely by the people – ALL the people.

      7. Well, you named it – and of course you’re right. Unfortunately, I can’t see that coming about without an armed uprising, can you? And, incidentally, I would NOT ever advocate that in any democracy.

        Catch 22, huh? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

        In any event, the only people with the likely power and access to do anything physical about this is the hard and the loony right – and all THEY want is more of the status quo, but biased considerably more in their favour.

      8. Sorry to say…insurrection is the only way to change this crappy system….there is a possibility that it could come from other actions but not in the context of today’s political BS…….I am sure with the success of the Teabaggers it can only get worse…but we will know for sure next Tuesday…..

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