The Best Thing That Could Happen

Warning:  This post will have language that some readers may find offensive.  Read at your own risk!

I am sure that during this season of silly slogans and lying a/holes you have heard the buzz from the Right about the possibility of a raise in the retirement age to help offset the problems that some think the Social Security system has built into it.  The deficit is out of control, or so we are told daily by Repubs and their paid mouthpieces….and the only way to avoid a Greece like meltdown is for the American people to work longer and harder….this my friend is a piece of shit!

France is trying this and the result is anything but mild……this from a piece in written by Alex Lantier…..

Workers and students are protesting Sarkozy’s planned two-year increase in the retirement age, with a corresponding increase in the pay-in period, contained in a pension “reform” bill passed by lawmakers despite overwhelming popular opposition. Polls show 71 percent of the population support strike activity against the cuts.

The expansion of the strikes and protests, far from being spearheaded by the unions, is being carried out overwhelmingly at the initiative of the workers themselves. In the face of this rising confrontation, prominent union officials are indicating that, once the bill is passed by the Senate, they will scale back or seek to end the strikes and protests.  (shows whose side the unions are really on)

At least the French are not rolling over and playing dead for the government….okay this action may be extreme but at least they are doing something to show the pricks in office that they will not stand for the continuing fucking of the working people.

The US is serving the special interests…….special interests and big business get favor after favor and are treated like the Golden Child, while the middle class gets zilch!  And then the Tea Party, the movement of the people (not now!….where is their outrage over the mistreatment of the middle class?  Easy answer…it is controlled by big business and special interests…regardless of what the paid spokespeople say…you know those  like Beck and Palin and Limbaugh and FOX News…….if you work hard then be prepared for the fucking coming and it will hurt!

Have you bothered to notice that most conservs blame the working class for all the problems that the country is having….it is SS fault…it is the unemployment benefits….it is the roads….it is Medicare….it is…well you get the point…..ALWAYS it is those who actually work that are the drag on the economy….nothing about the dick suckers on Wall Street that have done NOTHING but destroy the industrial base in this country….but yet they are somehow held up as the creme de la creme of America… you smell something offensive…it is the massive pile of horseshit they are force feeding to the American people… does it taste, douche bag?

Americans need to grow nuts and do something similar.  Instead of waiting every couple of years and voting for the carbon copy asshole with some cute slogans and NO real plans……

Why should the American worker get fucked constantly while the pricks in the corporation get massive bonuses and the government holds their hands and assist their failing companies?  Why should Americans put there retirement on hold while those dickheads on Wall Street have to give up NOTHING to save the country from financial ruin?

Why not make the retirement age 85 or 90 that way the poor bastards can work until they drop dead…and the government gets to keep all the cash to help bail out the scum bags on Wall Street?

The French workers are pushing the envelope a bit, but at least they will go down fighting for their right to retire on their terms and will not let the government continuously fuck the working class out of their right to retire and enjoy what is left of their lives……

If the American people are stupid enough, and it appears they are, to elect these motherfuckers, then they deserve everything they get and all their bitching will just help me laugh a little louder………..go ahead….piss away your chance at a real good retirement…one that you can actually enjoy…..go ahead sit on your collective fat asses and lose all that you have worked for at the hands of the buttfuckers you elect…….if you want to call me a socialist or a communist then by all means shoot your wad….I have been called worse by much better people……

By all means……vote your anger!  Vote for the crop of mental midgets that have the media all a twitter…… for the goddamn boneheads that would not know good government if it bit them in the ass……By all means….vote your anger!  And sit back and watch how pissed up you can make this country… all means….vote your damn anger!

Let’s hear it for Martin Mull……..”It’s hard to decide if TV makes morons out of everyone, or if it mirrors Americans who really are morons to begin with.”  (could explain the popularity of  Jackass, Dancing with the stars and all other reality TV and the Tea Party)

Afterword:  If you were offended, then tough shit….you were warned!