It’s Those Damn Anarchists

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  Government/Anarchism

Paper #36

Recently in the news I heard a couple of media types mention that protesters were anarchists….and I began thinking about the comment or slur, depending on your thought process……

So you think you know what an anarchist is, right?  Believe me, what you think you know is wrong……the very mention of the word conjures up images of crazy eyed, bomb throwing, hairy, smelly social dissenters… I right?  The idea that an anarchist is somehow a ‘terrorist’, to use a 21st century word, is just wrong and came to be associated with acts of terror in the late 19th century by the media…that is right!  The media is the source of the lie….go figure……

The word Anarchy and Anarchism are NOT the same!  Anarchy conjures up those images of chaos, confusion and disorder…….few Anarchist actually support this and if anything believe that the elimination of government will incite the very things that they are accused of committing….Anarchists believe that humans have out grown the need for government….if they ever needed it in the first place.  Because they believe in human self-government, then they believe it is a pure form of democracy… in so they reject any trend that demands that the people submit to a government on what is accepted behavior.  In a more generalized way, Anarchists want to maximize human liberty.  For that reason, anarchists view freedom as an absolute and freedom to them means an achievement of personal autonomy.  So their view of democracy is that it should be direct participation of the people and a radical decentralization.

All forms of authority are unnecessary.  It is exploitative, oppressive and destructive.  And any so-called ‘checks and balances’ are nothing more than a bogus concept at best.

The entity known as ‘the nation’, to anarchists, is a tainted entity because of its association with the entity known as the state and in so also is equated with oppression.  They see the nation as designed to teach and enforce obedience to the ruling class.  Thus the state, is coercive, and compulsory and works for the benefit of the propertied, powerful and  privileged of any given society and they are ALL a like.

In the economic sphere…anarchist believe that any form of economic control should be rejected out right….while those on the Left believe in common ownership or self-management and those on the Right look for completely unregulated market economy……

For the most part, anarchists are individuals that feel that man has moved past the days for the necessity of government, especially large encumbered government….so those screaming the loudest about a smaller government of less intrusion into personal lives,  are in essence ‘anarchists’….like it or not YOU are an ANARCHIST!